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10-09-2005, 06:57 PM
Im playing a heavily modded game in general, for some reason this is my first game playing as a female and I had to try the handmaiden in my group mod by stoffe (prolly the only mod by her i didnt already have) and no the only reason I played this way wasn't to wrestle with handmaiden in our undies, well it wasn't the only, and of course im playing as a female Bastila, mmmm Bastila. Not only is this really cool and different game, I never realized all the diferent cut scene movies that were from female pov.

But is it due to the mod that handmaiden hates me? Or something totally odd whacky that i have missed in all my other games?

I got the Visa cut scene rather early this time I think I was still on Telos station and was level 10 or so, knowing what to do I just went through Telos pretty fast and grabbed down to grab Bao and Handmainden. Flew to a planet, and just went grabbed Visa seemingly maxed her influence, but I did that before even talking to handmaiden once she was on the ship. Is that where I made such a huge change? Or in a sense a huge mistake?

Near this point I saw something else that I had never seen before, a cut scene and as I had never seen it before ill try to use spoiler tags ive never used them before so going to try and use them.
let me see if i can get the spoiler thingy working right nope did that wrong dunno how atm,
but the cut scene not to spoil anything had a few conversations with the girls, after that I went to talk to Handmaiden and got a new dialog option again i had never seen before and then she hated me. I got all sad almost cried real tears and then got over it.

My last question is this part of the handmaiden for girlie's mod or is this part of the game that was always there and just an influence thing that perhaps my way of playing through i always missed?

Or if none the above why does she hate me, if i talk to her the only thing she says in her oh so sultry, lovely way is "we have nothing to talk about" I dunno even if ill be able to train her as a jedi.

BTW, dont get me wrong this game has turned out alot of fun even if i cant wrestle with handmaiden ), i will finish through no matter what. Be like my 89th game anyway, and the mods make it so much fun.
thank you

Ps how do you spoiler tags??

10-09-2005, 07:04 PM
But is it due to the mod that handmaiden hates me? Or something totally odd whacky that i have missed in all my other games?

If Visas at any point has 30 or more higher influence than the Handmaiden has with you, the Handmaiden will be easily manipulated by Kreia into becoming very jealous. She will think that Visas has corrupted you and will refuse to talk to you ever again for the rest of the game. Rather annoying if you don't know about it.

Thus you'll need to be careful to get some influence with the Handmaiden before you get too much with Visas. It doesn't matter if you eventually max out your influence with Visas as long as the Handmaiden isn't lagging too far behind in influence.

The only way around this is to either reload an older savegame and make sure Visas don't get 30+ more influence than the Handmaiden, or to hack the savegame and reset a few variables.

If you don't have a savegame to fall back to, you should be able to fix this with KSE (http://www.starwarsknights.com/tools.php#kse). Change the Global Numbers 000_Hand_Finale, 003EBO_Visas_Hand and 000_Hand_Angry to 0, and boost the Handmaiden's influence to prevent it from happening again.

Archon II
10-09-2005, 07:05 PM
Nope. This is supposed to happen. On my first play-through, me and the Handmaiden (without mods) we all cool. Second play-though, I got on her nerves somehow, probably talking to Visas too much, and she would never talk to me again. So, it happens.

Bob Lion54
10-09-2005, 07:12 PM
Yep, what Stoffe -mkb- and Archon II said.

You can download KSE and you edit your influences, among other things.

You can get it at www.starwarsknights.com
Direct link here - http://www.starwarsknights.com/tools.php
Its the first one listed. (and very usefull)

..........Ps how do you spoiler tags??

[spoiler] super secret spoiler here!!![/spoile r] (there should be no space between the "e" and "r" in the end spoiler command.)

10-09-2005, 07:45 PM
oh doh so i could have wrestled with her in her undies! lordie!
but this was always there, wow this is soo cool, Aye, I always as due to handmaiden being my favorite would talk to her first and do the things with her that i do :)
So I had never seen this before and it was really cool to see, the first thing i thought after i spit out my drink was WOW stoffe you really made some great kinda mod!


thank you again, one for great mod and 2 for telling me a fix aye i do have a save from right before, cause she wont become a jedi this way will she? and 3 thank you for your combat sim i just play that alot, the 50 gang fight is great them guys are tough!! even in games where i kill sion kreia and darth wussy your sim kills me all the time!

@Archon II
thank you aye i didnt know what it was! i was lost and all sad, but you keep up the great work on your project i cant wait to play it !

10-10-2005, 04:43 PM
you gotta talk dirty to her
stoffe's mod allows for lesbian action
try it out :hearteye:

10-10-2005, 04:48 PM
you gotta talk dirty to her
stoffe's mod allows for lesbian action
try it out :hearteye:

Huh? I take it you have some other mod than the one I made installed.

IMHO, the Handmaiden is one of the most unromantic, asexual characters in the game. She's just one step up from a droid in that respect. :) None of the Handmaiden mods I made does anything to change that fact.

10-11-2005, 09:26 AM
heh mrock might be teasing me stoffe, thinking how much i might like that.

But maybe due to my RP'ing or reading into handmaiden, or if you will a want on my part that they did more like kotor and had a type romance. But I just found handmaiden to be yummy, maybe alot to do with the voice actress too.

As an example and again TSL imho has alot of bad writing, and i have posted in other places i dont think they quite get DS/LS, so perhaps my example is one of th ebad writers but I liked this one, the dance for Vogga, where she says she would for You, the exile, showing it was something only then and i think from her character she dances knowing the exile would see her dance was well.
Like i agree with stoffe, that Atris trained her girlies to be that way but this was a way to stand out and get attention from the exile.