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Renegade Angel
10-10-2005, 04:15 PM
This fiction is an anime / manga based story.

The once great warriors, The Twilgiht Guardians, have mysteriously dissapeared. The Guardians protected villagers and stopped any evil that may harm good citizens. They dispseard after taking a rest in a huge forest irronicly named Twilight Forest. They were taking a drink from a creek when a scream came from the area. A group offourteen year olds were lost inb the woods that very same day and heard the screams themselves. This story is about their bravery to find the missing warriors and save everyone from the danger of the darkness.


Name: Gus
Weapon: Long Sword, Firey designs on the blade and a golden hilt
Skills: Strong sense of hearing, strong warrior
Weakness: The heavy sword weighs him down
Apperance: Firey red blue hair, blue, long sleeve sweatshirt (I'll psot a picture soon of each character)

Name: Kaitlyn
Weapon: Bow and arrows
Skills: Excellent Aim, Very fast, great agillity
Weakness: her left arm is very weak
Apperance: Red hair down to her shoulders, blue eyes, black tee shirt

Name: Jax
Weapon: Theif's Knife, Ninja throwing stars
Skills: Very, Very, fast, also very "stealthy"
Weakness: Easily worn out
Apperance: Long brown hair with black and blond hilights, grey sweatshirt

Name: Matt
Weapon: Bowstaff
Skills: Quiet, Good survival skills
Weakness: Small attention span :animelol:
Apperance: Short Brown hair (Comes down to his ears)

That's all for now, I'll start the story tommorow or today.


Renegade Angel
10-11-2005, 06:41 PM
Chapter 1

The kids sat down on a log. They were soaked in rain water and their faces were burnt from the sun. It was dusk now, and the sun was just starting to fall below the horizon. It was their third day of being... lost. It was too hard to use such a word. He didn't want to use it anyways, he just didn't like the sound of it. It scared him. Matt sat in silence as usual. He took out his notepad ferom his backpack and clicked downm on the eraser of his mechanical pencil. A smaal stub of led popped out and he started to sketch their surroundings. Matt was a great artist, but he had a small attention span. Gus looked around. His stomach growled, roared and rumbled and it finally came to him that he was hungry. They were in a very samll clearing, with trees all around them and a lake flowing down from a steep drop off above infront of them. To keep his mind of the hungetr, he picked up a wet leaf and used it to polish the blade of his sword. Matt was still drawing, Kaitlyn was mending to some broken arrows, and Jax was staring up at the sky in silence. He sheathed (sp?) his sword and dropped the now torn leaf on the ground. He gave a deep sigh as he looked at their crude makeshift camp. Just a couple lean to's with a wall of dirt andtwigs around it. It was good enough to protect them from bears and such... His ears had extremly good hearing and he stood up and used them to find a family of racoons behind them, devouring berries from a bush. Perfect. He shewed (sp?) them away and took out his old pouch wich he used to keep his marbles in. There wasn't anything in iot at the time, so he picked the... razzberries (sp?) by the look of them... and dropped handfulls into his mouth. He noticed some seepage at the bottom from some juice and he held it over his mouth, drinking the razzberry syrup. He stopped and threw in some more berries. He turned around and walked a little bit until he found the camp. He ran over to his friends and yelled "I found food! Berries!" They all looked up and smiled in joy. They ran up to him, taking fistfulls of berries from the pouch. He grabbed a few and popped them into his mouth. The first food in three days. Unless you count that rabbit Kaitlyn and he had killed. Yuck... it tasted horrible. He put those thoguhts into the back of his mind and kneeled downm to the lake to take a drink. he poured it into a bottle and tried to boil it over his fire. It had taken them at least five hours to get it started. They had the right fuel, but they needed to feed the fire oxygen. He took a sip of the water and wiped his mouth on hsi sleeve. He was so tired... and the sun was now gone over the hills and mountains and trees, and he could hear crickets chirping and frogs croaking. He went back to find that every one else was already sleeping. He lay down next to Kait- He ''like liked'' her and she probrably did too. He just didn't know yet. In minutes, he found himself doing off to sleep.

Renegade Angel
10-11-2005, 07:20 PM
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