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10-11-2005, 08:17 PM
Opening Text Crawl:


Even though it has been several years since the death
of the JEDI EXILE, Tysyacha, and her Master, the Dark
Lord ELRON, their legacy continues to live on. In the
fragile body of their granddaughter TYSY, the power
and the passion of the Lawful Sith still lie dormant...

Still, the JEDI COUNCIL needs her now--and anyone it
can get. A hidden and unknown Sith Lord, they believe,
has created an insidious plague that preys upon Force
Sensitives. It draws their will and their desire to serve
towards its Master's, and no one has found a cure yet.

What purpose does this Sith Lord have, and what work
will he or she have for the slaves who come so willingly?


On Dantooine

The young girl stood humbly in the center courtyard,
raising her eyes to the three most powerful members
of the Jedi Council. None of them, she thought, were
there to praise her, and yet none would punish
her either. Tysy was unsure what to make of them,
these tall, robed men who surrounded a short alien.

"Do you know why we have called you here?" asked
the man on the left, his skin as smooth and dark as
Dantooine sod. He wore a terra-cotta-colored robe.

"Yes," said Tysy, scared. Her voice was no more than
a whisper. "I've been learning basic lessons in how to use
the Force from my father, Kilian, who is a custodian here."

"Such things are forbidden by the Jedi Council," said the
gray-robed man on the alien's right, bald and imposing, with
a port-wine birthmark on his forehead. "Did you know that?"

"Yes, Master Vorn," rasped Tysy, still half-whispering. "I
accepted the lessons because I love the Force. It's the
power that flows through my veins and through all of life.
I do not seek to control it, but to use its power wisely."

"High words from you, a servant's girl," smiled the alien
in the middle, "but in my opinion, good, this is. In fantastic
danger are we Jedi!" He furrowed a pensive green brow.

"What kind of danger, Master Prada?" asked Tysy.

"A new plague, there rages, within the galaxy. Only
those who are sensitive to the Force contract it.
You are in peril, young one, but so is everyone on
the Council. Not natural is this plague, we think,
but rather a weapon wielded by a Sith Lord."

"Master Prada," interjected Master Vorn, "should
we really ask this girl to help us? She knows the
Force, and that means she, too, could become
sick. We don't want to risk her life, do we?"

"Also," added Master Lerv, the dark-skinned man
in the robe of flowerpot hue, "she knows it through
disobedience. Her father taught her some rudimentary
concepts, even though he's never been a Jedi Knight."

"I know this," said Master Prada. "However, Lerv, if
someone is sensitive to the Force, disobedience it
would be to try and suppress it. Let this girl be trained,
our young Tysy, so that she can help us if desired."

Tysy nodded emphatically. "I want to help you.
Even if I become sick with this plague, that doesn't
mean I won't do anything to try and stop it. If I just
sit by and do nothing, the plague might as well have
ravaged the galaxy already. Am I right, Masters?"

"I believe," said Master Vorn, "that you should go
toward the Training Room for your first challenge.
Someone is waiting for you there, come what may."

Though his face was stern, Master Vorn's eyes were smiling.

10-11-2005, 09:15 PM
Nal Hutta
The young Mandalorian stood on the airspeeder as it slowly weaved its way through the air traffic above Nar Shaddaa. Letting the airspeeder go on automatic he watched the Hutt Barges and other assortments of ships go past him. He did not like the hutts, much less their government, much less the whole planet. Unfortunately, it was the only one he remembered. As the airspeeder stopped he got out and went into the spaceport. Most did little more than merely glanced at him in his Battle Armor with his heavy blaster protruding from his holster.

This is where that fat slug said I would find the twi-lek, Coryn thought. He better be right. Walking through the crowd he spotted him. The reddish colored twi-lek spotted him and ran. Kwerdan was a terrorist who had comitted many crimes against the Republic, and was wanted by most local authorities. Of course, that was the only kind of bounty Coryn took. Ones set by the local policemen or authorities.

Chasing Kwerdan through the streets Coryn drew his blaster and shot at his several times, all missing. Kwerdan ran through the door into the scum-filled spaceport. Looking for him, Coryn stopped at each of the shady ticket sellers looking for him. Finally he spotted him, and ran toward him. Kwerdan hurriedly got in the space ship and dissappeared in the crowd. Looking at his credits Coryn realized that there was no way he would get enough money to get in a ship also to follow him. Unless he could get some from his hutt employer.

The image of Solda the Hutt appeared on the datapad.
"What do you want, Coryn?" he asked.
"My target just headed into the spaceport and took off-I am going to need some credits." Coryn replied.
"Oh, so you want for me to give you 2000 credits after you have done a grand total of three bounties of for me! You were supposed to catch him before he got to the spaceport! That is it, I will not tolerate failure. You no longer work under me, and I do not want to see your face again!"

Coryn looked into the datapad as Solda's image faded. He had no way to earn money anymore... He hated Nal Hutta. He only barely remembered living with his father on Dxun, and other bases, but the memories were a lot better. Some way or another he was going to find a way off this planet, even if he had to stow away in the ships. Looking at the guards heading into the space ship Kwerdan had just entered, he realized that this would be the perfect chance, as the guards had left there posts to see what was going on. Buying a stealth field generator from a nearby alien, he headed into the cargo hold, and knelt there, waiting as the ship took off and blasted
off into space, somewhere...

10-12-2005, 12:05 AM
Silently stalking the man known as Kryn Diro, Kharne Vyarn watched as his prey stepped into one of the apartments of Coruscont. He had been hunting his target for days, waiting quietly in the shadows until the cautious civilian made a slip that would give away his position. His patience had been worth it for within days of landing on Coruscont the hunted had made contact with a rich noble's family.
Smiling maliciously at the tall, white and technologically advanced building, he switched on his stealth generator, climbed the wall and shinnied into the courtyard. Stepping past a servant he slowly made his way around the unfamiliar building, glaring at everything remotely alive.
Ahh... I hear voices so this ought to be the meeting room...
Stepping towards the door, he crouch, and plugged his modified comlink's over end into the door and listened.

"Kryn, I cannot shelter you from everything that you upset!"
"But father I'm your son --!"
"Son, yes, Obeidient son, no. You have been bringing your troubles to me ever since you started this smuggler ring."
"Father I'm making money now I ---!"
"You said that last year, and within a week of saying that you asked for 50,000 credits!"
"Well if you had only given it to me I wouldn't be in this mess."
"You corrupted, hutt slave brat! I will ---!"
I've heard enough I think...

Opening the door, the two conversing adults looked at the sudden movement and the distortion field. Shutting the door and turning off his stealth generator, Kharne smiled at the open-mouthed astonished persons.
"i've got a bounty to collect on your simpering head, Kryn, and for helping him prieviously you'll go with him, daddy."
"Now wait a minute! I didn't do anything!" Shouted the older man.
"Well that's too bad you helped him, because I'm in a bad mood and your life is worth less to me then my mood."
As they spoke Kryn had been edging towards a heavy blaster on the wall, just as he reached it, Kharne popped a shot which disconnected Kryn's head from his body.
"No!" Screamed the dead man's father, he threw open his Noble's robe to reeveal a hidden blaster, before his hand even touched the holster, Kharne placed two shots in his chest. Reeling the dying man staggered towards the window, crashe dthrough it and fell to the Coruscont streets. Screams echoed up into the room and Kharne silently cursed himself.
Now it'll be harder to get out of this hell hole with the authorities looking for a stealthed killer after the servants report no sightings of anyone coming inside... better get out quick.
He switched on his stealth generator and left the way he came, and wrapping a cloak around himself he slipped into the alleyways of Coruscont.

Stepping into the port he looked around for his Single Seat Ship. He was surprised to find the hatch open and when he looked inside he snarled in fury at the sight of so many parts of the controls removed. He saw the tracks leading into the alleyways of Coruscont where it would be impossible to track through all the beggars, hitmen and gang members.

My fault for not finding a secure port...

He climbed out of the cockpit, sat on the ladder seat, put his head in his hands and started worrying.

(Someone had better get me outta this mess! **Looks at rob**)

10-12-2005, 11:26 AM
In a dark loomy cave on dantooine, 6 giantic spiders ganged up on a tiny, green alien. They had him surronded. They raised there front legs and tried to stabbed the alien. But this alien was very quick. He jumped out of the circle and picked up a rock as he landed on the ground. He threw it at such force it went straight into a monster spiders skull, killing it. They turned around and charged at the swift huminoid. For his next move he dashed under one of the spiders and launched a number of fast punches, beating the beast to death.

The last 4 turned and jumped atop of the alien however he was prepared. The alien drew a lightsaber,reviling the identity and the gaint spiders foolishly jumped ontop of the blade of the jedis traditonal weapon.

After the "training exerise" the small green jedi alien returned to the enclave. He was greeted by a young man wearing a jedi padawan uniform.

"Hello Master Solidus" Greeted the padawan.

"Good afternoon padawan." Replied the jedi master as he opened the gates into the jedi enclave.

"The jedi council wishes to see. They've been waiting a few hours" Said the padawan as if that had just come back to his mind.

"Ahh. Thank you for informing me padawan" The jedi master Solidus entered the enclave and went to the council.

10-12-2005, 11:38 AM
Coryn crouched in the cargo hold. He had been in there for about three hours, so he thought that the ship was almost there. He really hoped that he would be able to get a good bounty hunting job there. After he was "fired" by Solda, he knew he would never get another job there. Knowing Solda, he probably had a bouny on him already, partly to show what happened to people like him, and partly to look for more bounty hunting material.

Suddenly the cargo hatch opened and voices came drifting around the corner. Turning on his stealth generator he looked around the corner. It was Kwerdan and one of his guards. It was too low to here what they were saying, but Coryn heard something about a "ticket" Coryn realized that he could get his ticket from him, he could walk around in the ship unharmed. Drawing his blaster, he shot the guard. Kwerdan dived for the crates and got behind them. After getting a heavy blaster from his guard, Coryn charged Kwerdan after uncloaking. They fought for a few minutes, but Coryn easily defeated him.

"You beat me! No one has ever beat me," Kwerdan gasped.
"Well, there is always a first time. Now, I just want your ticket and anything else you have on you." He handed over the ticket, a prototype vibroblade, a Echani shield, and 13000 credits, an impressive sum.

Leaving Kwerdan in the cargo hold, Coryn walked through the ship. He was only stopped once, and once he showed his ticket the guards left him alone. Whispering something to one of them Coryn headed off to the viewport. The guard he had talked to sped off to the cargo hold, Hey Kwerdan, sorry, I forgot to tell you something after I promised not to tip anybody off about
you down there - I lied!

Chuckling to himself, he looked out the viewport. The ship was almost about to land. As it turned, Coryn was able to see the planet. It was Coruscant.

(Sorry if this looked wierd for a while, although it might have just been my computer that was doing something. All I know is no matter what I would do it kept making the lines and paragraphs messed up)

10-12-2005, 02:10 PM
Dammit, since when did i not notice my target's been marked... I needed that money off that fellow and now this guy with a stealth generator's got it all. guess I've got a new target now...

Watching the swiftly departing figure, Kharne slowly made his way through the crowd towards the Port's exit. Leaning against a wall on top of a dumpster overlooking the port he checked his blasters were clear from their holsters, turned on his stealth generator and waited for the fellow Mandalorian.

10-12-2005, 03:03 PM
"Graothar, get back to work!" a man shouted to a sleeping Wookie. Groathar stood up. "I hate my mechanic job." he thought. Soon, he was back to repairing ships as usual. Hours later, he went to his next job as a pilot for a shipping company. He boarded his delivery ship and went off towards a family on Dantooine.

10-12-2005, 04:44 PM
The strange laugh echoed around the walls of a small, hidden academy on the Outer Rim. The students looked around...but the voice wasn't anywhere near here...in fact...it was inside their heads!
Come to me...
Again, they looked around, but saw nothing. Some of the students began to feel sluggish...
Come to me...
One student shrugged it off, but immediatly fell to the ground, cracking his head on a table.
Come to me...

10-12-2005, 05:09 PM
On Dantooine

"Wait," said Tysy humbly to Master Vorn. "I have some more
questions about the Force Plague we're trying to fight. Where did
it come from, and how do you know you've got it? What does it do?"

Master Lerv shifted his weight to his other foot rather impatiently,
but Master Prada, in the middle, silenced him with his own response.

"Where it comes from, we know not. However, we do know that
it weakens a person's will. When someone sensitive to the Force
contracts it, they find themselves more and more unable to resist
the pull of the Dark Side. Not only that, but very hot, their bodies
become. Fever sets in, because the afflicted are trying to fight it.
Delirium sometimes comes. Be careful, Tysy. Your mind, you must
guard well. An airborne plague this is, or rather Force-borne!"

"Thank you, Master Prada," replied Tysy sincerely. "I will."

"Now go, go!" insisted Prada happily. "Await, your challenges do."

10-12-2005, 05:28 PM

Coryn walked through the Coruscant shops, looking around the city. So far he had spent 600 of his 15000 credits buying food, supplies, and a few sheilds, along with upgrades for his blaster and prototype Vibro-Sword. So far he had only been directed to one Exchange leader, who apparently was looking for new bounty hunters. Walking in his "office", Coryn was taken to him, with trandoshan guards surrounding him.

"What is it you want," the leader, a Gran named Trussq demanded.
"I'm a bounty hunter, looking for work." Coryn replied.
"What is your background?"
"I am a Mandalorian. And I got that thug Kwerdan, the terrorrist. Need anything more be said?" Coryn showed him the I.D. card he had pulled out of Kwerdan's pocket.
"Hmm...Someone finally took him down. Well, take a background check on him...."

A few hours later his guards came back.

"Well, he checks out all right. He was fired by that hutt on Nal Hutta, Solda, and made his way here."

He nodded to the two guards, and Coryn found his feet knocked out from under him. Rolling backwards, he socked one of the guards in the jaw and threw him against the wall. The other one managed to get his pistols, but Coryn tripped him and threw him down on the ground, flinging his arm backwards into the other guards face, who went back into the ground. At the sound of security systems powering up he pulled out his holdout pistol and shot at the defense turret. The shots hit a invisible force feild.

"Very good, very good, that was impressive." the Gran took a big drink out of the glass near him.
"That was a demonstration?" Coryn asked.
"Yes, I find it necessary to see how good the bounty hunters I get are, especially if they have no background. But you have made your point, and I think you have a bright future with our organization." Trussq smiled and took another drink.

"A few beginning bountys are already here for you." Trussq began, "A troublemaker who has frequented a section of Coruscant and recently stole a great deal of money from us. 200 credits for him. Then there is a air taxi driver who recently tipped off the local authorities as to one of our own men, who was ironically helping them with catching a criminal, 200 credits for him. The last one is actually the criminal that I just mentioned, he was last sighted near Dantooine."

Jedi Atomic
10-12-2005, 05:46 PM
(((can Taris be a planet rebuilt and lively with people?)))

(((well rebuilt since it was KOTOR I and this is KOTOR V, 4 chapters after it bombarded)))

10-12-2005, 06:02 PM

Coryn walked out of Trussq's office. He had just collected the 200 credits from taking care of the thief, and decided to head to Dantooine. He really didn't have to right away, but he wanted some more action, and most of all wanted to get into space.

A small snub fighter shot out of the hangar in Trussq's private estate, and made the jump to hyperspace. Coryn sat in the cockpit, thinking. Things seemed to be going his way finally, and a bounty hunter job with the exchange wasn't so bad either. A few hours passed, and then the small ship came out of hyperspace near Dantooine. A small yacht was near, so he hailed it and asked them if they had seen a small, reddish-brown ship around here. They replied that they had, and had thought it landed on the planet. I think he did too, Coryn thought. Probably would hide near the Jedi Enclave, thinking the Jedi would unwittingly protect him

His ship landing in a small docking bay, and a few hours later, he was in a speeder flying across the plains, heading for the Jedi Enclave.

10-12-2005, 06:25 PM
Graothar landed near the family's home. "Thank you for the package." a man said behind the door. "Anytime." Graothar moaned. He thought to himself "I have some free time." Graothar decided to drive his delivery swoop around the plains. Later, he dectected another swoop on radar and actually saw it. "Looks like a Bounty Hunter." he thought. He decided to follow it.

10-12-2005, 06:27 PM
High in orbit above the forest world of Kashyyyk, a massive Sith Battleship loomed, casting a terrible shadow on the planetscape below. The stars glistened and reflected off of its hull like thousands of little lights.

Standing on the observation deck staring into the great darkness that is space, was a dark lord of the sith, one who was not so well known in the republic. He liked it that way, it made the jedi more and more like lambs to the slaughter, for how could they fight an enemy that did not exist. He was a large man, with a powerful physique, shorts straight dark hair, and eyes as red as the blood of his freshly killed victims. His flesh had gone a ghostly grey, from years of powerful Dark side corruption. This mysterious figure was known only as Darth Sinister.

The doors from his elevator shaft slid open, two trandoshan warriors entered the main observation chamber cautiously and spoke to the shadowy Sith Lord. "Lord Sinister....the operation on Kashyyyk goes well, we have taken 10,000 wookies into controlled slavery, as you have commanded, they are being loaded onto our transporter vessels as we speak.....what is to their destination?" Hissed the Larger of the two Trandoshans....obviously the leader. Sinister remained silent, just staring intently into the void of space. The two Lizards looked at one another, then the larger stepped a little closer and spoke again. "My lord where is the shipment of wookies to be......". The deep grovelly tone of Darth Sinister's voice cut the Trandoshans question short. "Take the beast shipment to Thule, and await my arrival."

The two Trandoshans stared at one another with puzzled looks on their faces. "But lord Sinister....Thule is an ancient Sith graveyard....it has no..." Again the lizard is cut off by Darth Sinister. "Foolish reptiles, do not question me, just do as you are commanded." Sinister snarled impatiently. "As you command Lord Sinsiter."

Darth Sinister whirled around to face the two Trandoshans, his black cape flowing behind him as he faced them. The slavers felt a chill of pure terror trickle up and down their spines. "Now leave me, and go to thule as I have commanded, there you will be among to bear witness to the coming darkness." Sinister exclaims. The two Trandoshans bow, and make their way off of the observation deck. Sinister Turns to stare once again into space, all his thought focusing on his plans.

Again the elevator door slides open, this time the ships Admiral made his way to Sinsiter's presence. He kneeled accordingly. "My lord, the Engines are primed and ready, all troops have enterred the bays, and the Trandoshan fleet has just jumped for Thule, what are your orders? Shall we follow? The admiral asked.

Sinister smirked at the admirals question, and replied. "Kashyyyk, is an uncivilized world inhabitted by beasts, born to serve my purposes. It is covered with trees, and should burn well. We leave no evidence behind. Bombard the entire Forest. Show these beasts true wrath."

"It will be done my lord"

"Then plot a course for Thule, our experiments and augmentation of our new pets must begin immediately." Sinister responded.

"As you wish m'lord." The admiral responded.
.................................................. .................................................. ................

In orbit of Kashyyyk, The mammoth vessel known as The Kracken, began to fire is deadly barrage onto the unsuspecting forest below. Red bolts of energy whizzed and fell from the sky, in a terrible display, that would have put Darth Malak's bombing of Taris years earlier to shame.

The Kracken ceased its firing, only after the fires from below could be seen in space. Charged its engines and made the jump to THULE.

10-12-2005, 06:28 PM
Cronus glancing around at the weakling Jedi padawans in the Coruscant Academy. Wearing the usual Light Master Jedi Robes, he started to walk and see who he may spare and who he may kill. Finding the perfect padawan to be his aprentice. Walking around still he gave an evil glance at a Master. Cronus smirked and then smiled at him as if he was going to die, which was what the Master felt. He felt the coldness in Cronus's heart and kept an eye on him.

Cronus still looking around, spotted a padawan who looked bold and for the challenge, not like these other scrawny Jedi wanabees. This one stuck out from the crowd, something was different about this one. Cronus thinking, thought "Only one thing could be self evident..... He was force sensitive!" Cronus started to walk and soon enough he was in the middle of a bunch of jedi ranks. Again thinking, he thought, "I will kill off these Jedi except for that one padawan over there."

Giving another smirk he ripped off the Master Jedi Robe which he was wearing and out came out his Black Lightsaber gleeming and taking all light in the room and filling it with the cold hearted darkness that powered Cronus. The Master Jedi that Cronus had given a smirk ignited his lightsaber and started to run towards the unknown intruder. He then saw other ranks of the order ignite their lightsabers also. Cronus thought "Well this is going to be fun!"
The Master Jedi was striking upon Cronus, One to the right then left then middle. Cronus blocked these easily defended hits.

"Bye bye Master Jedi!"
Striking with one blow, he sliced the hilt of the lightsaber sparking a small very small explosion, almost like a little spark. The Jedi stood defenseless, as Cronus took off his head with one swift move. More Jedi ran at him, one after one Cronus took these Jedi's lives and used them as a source of energy to increase his powers and sense. Then the Padawans ran at Cronus. Cronus walked through the crowd of them holding out his lightsaber and swinging left and right and foward, taking them out with one blow each. One padawan jumped on his back thinking that Cronus didnt have a chance. Cronus had thought to himself, "Lets see what he does now, will he try and kill me or will he fall to the darkside because of the amazing power of Myself" The small Padawan instead took swing at Cronus's head. Cronus blocked it and used his lightsaber and threw the Padawans across the room dead center into a Jedi Knight's forehead. Then Cronus threw the little one off his back onto a padawans saber. He kept fending them off until there was only one left. The force sensitive.
He said to the Padawan

"You cannot kill me, but i wish not to kill you for the sake that you have a chance. Not like these other padawans, you possess powers far greater than any Jedi here, You just have to unleash those powers. I can help you do this, but I need you. Follow me back to my ship and we can be ones with remarkably great powers! There is more to the force than just light. To become a powerful Jedi you must know both sides of the force!"

"Padawan:You killed my friends!"

"Ahh, yes indeed i have, but with your help, we can revive them the same as they were when they died'

Padawan: "Really? Can we do this?"

"Yes we can, Together, we can do many things once thought not possible, so what is your choice?"

Padawan: "I....I....I will go, i want to be as powerful as you!'

"Yes, now you see, follow me back to the ship"

Padawan: "Yes"

*The two went to the ship and headed out to the sith academy on Thule (Is that ok if theres a sith academy there?*

*Inside the Destroyer(thats my ship)*

"My young aprentice, we are going to Thule, an ancient sith planet, we will be meeting Darth Sinister there, He does not know we are coming but im sure he will be glad to see you"

Padawan:"Yes Darth Cronus"

10-12-2005, 07:35 PM
(OOC: Yes, Taris can be rebuilt and lively again, but maybe not on the
same scale as the former Taris was. Let's say that the inhabitants living
there now are still scared of another Sith attack, since it hasn't even been
5 years since Darth Malak razed the planet originally.

Also, I am going to post Tysy's current location before I start writing
in-character prose. Would all of you please do that for me, too?
Sometimes, I get mixed-up and lost as to where everyone is at
the moment. Right now, Tysy's on Dantooine, but that's about
to change. :))

10-12-2005, 08:08 PM
The remaining students at the far-off academy felt tingles going down their spine, as if something...or someone...was watching them from the shadows.
Come to me...
Padawans fell to their knees, clutching their heads, others were knocked unconcious by the sheer force of the mental blow.
Come to me...
One man howled out in anguish.
Come to me...
The man's body loosened and he said, "I will come."

10-12-2005, 09:12 PM

When Tysy entered the Training Room of the Jedi Enclave,
she found, to her surprise, Master Prada standing in the middle
of its large white sparring mat. His face was enigmatic, unreadable
except for the deep wisdom in his eyes. Prada beckoned to her.
The young girl stepped forward, unsure what all of this meant.

"Master Prada?", she asked. "What is my first challenge? I had assumed
that someone else would be giving it to me. I thought you'd--um--watch."

"Watch I do," replied Prada, "but assume I do not. The Jedi are in
jeopardy, young one, and this is why you won't be part of them.
Ruthless are the Sith, and they will stop at nothing to murder or
recruit the members of the Jedi Order to serve their evil cause.
Prefer it, the Council would, if you would travel undercover to
seek the epicenter of the Plague. A lightsaber makes one a target.
For your own safety while hidden, you shall not carry one, Tysy."

The young girl was dumbfounded. "Not carry a--not become a Jedi?
How can I not? Is this because of my disobedience, because of the
basic Force-wielding lessons I learned from my father?"

Master Prada shook his head, but Tysy quailed on, unsure. "I can't
believe it. You can't do this to me--dangle the possibility and the hope
of becoming a Jedi in front of me, and then withhold it because you believe
I won't be safe! Master Prada, how can I hope to stop the Sith and the Force
Plague if I'm not even a Jedi?" Her face flushed hot with anger, and with fear.

"Imagine, young one, if only Jedi could help to stop the Sith," replied Prada.
"Those on the Dark Side of the Force would conquer. So many would be
helpless in the face of great danger. We need everyone on our side. Tysy,
you are Light-sided in heart, but wish I do that you would work as a neutral.
Kill you on sight, the Sith might not, as they almost always would a Jedi.
Now, do you understand why part of the Order you won't be, my child?"

Sadly, Tysyacha nodded. "I know you're right, but what about power?
What about the Force?" She felt a hard lump in her throat. "Can I keep
growing stronger in it if I'm not a Jedi?"

"What do you think?", asked Prada. "Deep within yourself, search now."

Tysy closed her soft blue eyes and felt the warmth of energy surround
her. She could also feel a peaceful, spiritual connection with the world.
So what if she was not one of the Jedi Knights? Master Prada thought
'outside of the plasteel cylinder', so to speak. If he needed her to go
undercover, then go undercover she would. She bowed to her Master.

Force Power Gained: Energy Resistance
Feat Gained: Force Sensitive

"Go outside now, to the docking pad near the Enclave. There is a merchant
freighter, the Myriad, waiting for you. Board it and meet its pilot."

Tysy bowed again and did as Master Prada commanded. Who was the pilot?

10-12-2005, 09:24 PM

The Kracken slithered throughout it's orbit, like some type of enormous serpent, casting its shadow on the operations of the Trandoshan and Sith forces.

Dozens of transport craft made their way from the Trandoshan fleet to the planet below. The surface of the planet was dotted with ancient Sith ruins, monuments and massive palace like structures. The Slaver craft were landing on a platform in front of what appeared to be the largest of the ancient temples. Sith soldiers came pouring out to meet the Trandoshan slavers. "Where you Sith want these wookie beasts?" questioned a large scaly Trandoshan. "Begin loading them into this structure", pointing directly behind them to the massive monolithic temple. "What? In there, its an abandoned wreck?" The Lizard rasped. "Appearances, are decieving my reptilian friend." spoke the sith officer. "Deep within this temple is our genetic enhancement, and augmentation laboratory and experimentation center. A perfect disguise wouldn't you say?" spoke the captain. "Hmmph......you paid your fees, we care not what you do with thses slaves.May these wookies suffer an eternity of pain." rasped the Trandoshan. "O I assure you, Lord Sinister has something special planned for them." The Sith captain retorted.

Hundreds of Sith Troopers and Trandoshan Slavers began unloading the Slave cargo of 10,000 wookies. They forced the proud beasts at gunpoint, with restraint collars and shockstaffs up the ramp and into the Lab facilities.

The Sith captain stood at the entrance with his hands crossed arrogantly behind his back. "Load those primitive beasts into the augmentation chambers, for testing and processing." He spoke. "Yes sir, right away." replied the sergeant on duty. Trandoshan Slavers were beating several rebellious wookies into line with shockstaffs, gleefully singeing the fur on their bodies, and joyfully hearing the beasts howl in painful agony, as they made their way to certain torment, at the hands of Darth Sinister's scientists.

.................................................. .................................................. ................

THULE (The Kracken in orbit)

Darth Sinister stood on his bridge, observing the activites of the Trandoshan fleet, watching as loading craft took off and scurried to and from the planetscape, ferrying their live cargo. An arrogant smile crosses his evil lips.

The ships admiral Kirill stands behind Sinister, staring at his master's dark menacing form. "My lord, we have word from the laboratories." the admiral stated confidently.

Sinister spoke without even turning. "You may continue Admiral, I am eager to hear of the progress."

"The last of the Wookie subjects are being forced into the genetic augmentation chambers. Captain Grann has just contacted us from the lab, he awaits your approval to begin genetic altering treatments." Admiral Kirill said.

"Tell him to begin immediately, I look forward to seeing how these animals hold up, and if they indeed can serve my purposes. Have my shuttle ready, I go to the labs myself to oversee my plan in action." Sinister evily stated.
Darth Sinsiter turned sharply, his black cape flowing about his shoulders like it had a life of its own. "Admiral, have the lab prepared for my arrival."

""I will inform them m'lord."

Sinister walked quickly down the hall to the hangar, his destination......The mutations, and genetics labs.

Jedi Atomic
10-12-2005, 09:59 PM


Scur Jal' Daan, a restoration expert, walked along the paths of the Upper City.
He noticed the military base, which was the Sith base when occupied before the bombardment, was forming into the its original self again. Scur was off duty so he went to the cantina, which was mainly fixed first. While in the cantina some men in robes started taunting some other guys and started to fight. The guy that was being taunted immediately pulled out a lightsaber it ignited with a glossy black. The Sith Lord sliced the head off the guy and used the Force Plague on anyone force sensitive but Scur didn't know what he did. The Sitth Lord started killing anyone uneffected by it and Scur ran out before the Sith Lord could kill him.

Scur ran to the military base, panting he exclaimed "Theres... ..Theres a Sith or a jedi killing everybody in the Cantina."
The Captain hurried to the next room and some Jedis ran through him almost knocking him over and rushed out the blast door. The Captain immediately announced on the military com, "Everyone report to the Cantina and Kill the Sith. He is dressed in a blackish brown robe."
Scur ran outside seeing the Sith Lord running towards his escape ship. He races towards the ship and tries to grab on to the landing gear but slips and lands on the ground and the Sith Lord escapes into space.

10-12-2005, 10:30 PM
(((So Tysyacha, can we give ourselves force powers and feats after events in the story by ourselves?)))

Coryn went as fast as he could to the Jedi Enclave. The man he was chasing would probably hide there, due to all the Jedi. This was not going to be easy, as the Jedi would probably sense anything he was trying to do and come running. But then again, nothing really was easy.

Looking behind him, he spotted nothing, but was still uneasy.Too bad there isn't a radar on this hunk of tin. He passed a small estate and then came to the Enclave. He got off, and searched through most of the estates with no result. He had to be in the enclave, with the Jedi. Sighing, Coryn went inside. There were Jedi walking around everywhere. Some padawans training, and some other Jedi talking. Perhaps he should ask one of the protocol droids.

"Hello, sir, welcome to the Jedi Enclave. My primary function is to provide information about Dantooine. Is there something you would like to know?" the protocol droid asked.
"Yes, I am looking for a certain man, " Coryn described the man, and the protocol droid replied,
"There was a man here who matches that description, he went to the Jedi Masters to find an apartment. If you speak with them, they might be able to give you more information."

Coryn sighed. It appeared he would have to go talk to them, maybe they might help him. After all, the person he was chasing was a criminal. He headed to the Jedi council.

10-12-2005, 10:59 PM
(((Yes, or as a happy surprise, others may grant them to you. Like now. ;) )

Coryn: Feat Gain: Stealth Cross-Class Skill is now a Class Skill, since you
did all that sneaking around to try and find the criminal. Hope you like that. :)

As Coryn approached the three Masters, he came upon two of them
murmuring under their breaths. One was a small, green, and wrinkled
extraterrestrial. The other, a foreboding figure, had a forehead with
a port-wine birthmark. It was almost red, like the blood of the Sith.

"Master Prada," said the birthmarked man gruffly. "Do you really think
sending this girl out against the Sith with no training and no Jedi feats
is a wise idea? I think your plan's a good one, but she's not prepared for the
forces of the Dark Side. I'm sure one lightsaber battle will cut her down!"

"Do not fear," said the extraterrestrial. "She will be in good hands, for the
Dark Side's lords and those in league with them will think her valuable. Force
Sensitive is this one, young Tysy, and fools are they who ignore her
future power. Want to use her, the Sith will, and not to murder her."

"I hope you're sure," grumbled Vorn, "because I'm not. I don't want to be
the one to tell her family that she died if she gets killed on some planet,
or else if she succumbs to the Plague. I'm as concerned about her as you
are, and I really think someone else, one of the other Padawans, should go
aboard the Myriad in her place. I'm sure Lerv would agree. Right, Lerv?"

"Uh, excuse me," said the dark-skinned man, "but it seems we have a visitor.
Hello," he said to Coryn with a smile, "and welcome to Dantooine. Can we Jedi
help you, or have you come to find out more about our hallowed order?"

10-12-2005, 11:53 PM
THULE (Sinister's Labs)

Darth Sinister, accompanied by the commander Grann, walked down through the main observation hallway, of his testing labs. The long white floored corridor seemed to go on forever, with forcefield walls on each side.

Sinister smiled as he stopped at one of the first test rooms. This first room had countless wookies strapped down to tables with energy restraints, howling, and screaming, as hundreds of medical droids poked and prodded them. "Ah and here is our firest chamber, this is where we test their stamina and pain threshold, to see if they can survive the treatments and genetic mutations." Spoke the commander. Darth Sinister stepped forward, and stared smiling at the wookies howls of agony.

The continued on further down the hall, until they came to another chamber, with hundreds of wookies encased in medical tanks, hooked up to all kinds of tubes and needles. "And here is where we begin pumping our gene mutating chemicals, and brain washing serums. when they come out of here, they have no knowledge of anything, and will be ours to program as we see fit." The Commander stated confidently.
"Excellent" Replied Sinister.

Next they came to a very large room, filled with even more medical tanks, the wookies in these tanks looked different, larger, bulkier, their fur had started to fall out from various parts of their bodies. "Now this room is where the real fun begins.....these wookies have been injected with a most powerful, and irreversible genetic amplifying serum. It causes them to grow, and increases their strength, yet keeps their minds clean of tampering. Sinsiter looked closer, some of the wookies, had spikes growing out of their shoulders, others out of their knuckles, and feet, some had sprouted fangs, and powerful jaws.

They continued further into their twisted labyrinth of evil. Finally they had come to a room which seemed to go on forever, filled with flat exam tables, and strapped unconscious onto the tables with energy restraints, were fully mutated, and augmented wookie, if they could truly be called wookies anymore, subjects. Their eyes closed tightly, with small electronic attatchments an their heads. "This room is where the magic of mental control is established." Spoke the Commander. "Those tiny devices on their heads are filling their blank minds, with a code, which matches with their genetic programming, making them completely obedient to you Lord Sinister."
"Good,Good......Everything is going as I have planned, these monsters will serve as perfect implements of terror throughout the galaxy, whenever we strike these beasts will strike down everything in their way, with no concern for their own lives."

"Precisely Lord Sinsiter." replied Grann
"The first batch, will be done in 72 hours, which meets our deadline perfectly. The Trandoshans are bringing the second shipment, just as the first is ready to ship out. Every week, more of these savages will be ours to control"

"NO" shouted Sinister, startling the commander Grann. "not ours......MINE."
"Of course master."

"All life in this galaxy now serves my purpose." Sinister arrogantly stated.

"If the republic and the jedi should find out about our projects, they would surely strike." Grann stated cautiously.

Sinister laughs a dark and evil cackle. and folds his arms accross his chest. "Soon enough, these bestial abominations will be seen throughout, the galaxy wreaking havoc everywhere they are sent. should the jedi, or the republic catch on, it will already be to late. These mutations will usher in a new age, they will strike terror into the hearts of the galaxy. They will be deployed en masse soon enough."

"Most effective planning sire, we do after all have an unlimited supply, with a planet full of these creatures, for our taking." Grann responded.

"Yes, and the Trandoshans make a most agreeable trading partner, they have no morals, no ethics, as long as they make their credits, they care nothing for what happens. If ever their was a species, that was the mirror of the dark side, its the Trandoshans." Sinister claimed. "I go now to the academy. contact me when the monsters are complete, I will have a little demonstration, we will see how the a beast stands up to several of my apprentices, if they can kill it they graduate, if not....well they die....either way, it'll be an interesting test."

Sinister turned and exited the labs for The Sith academy.

10-13-2005, 01:06 AM

Coryn was suprised by the mans honest and open answer. He stuttered and then asked him about the criminal.

"Hmm, you seek this person? We have seen him, but he asked not to be revealed. Is there some reason you want to find him?"
"He is a criminal, and I am hunting him" Coryn replied.
"Ah, yes, so we found out, and arrested him. It seems you are a bounty hunter, yes?" The Jedi Master frowned.
"Well, yes, I am," Coryn replied. "It seems you beat me to him."

10-13-2005, 11:20 AM
Solidus walked up to Tysy who had just exitted the jedi enclave "Exuse me young padawan. A word with you, can I have a word with you?" asked the small green alien. He jumped onto a ledge so he would be the same height as Tysy head.
'she looks familar.. could she be? Nah.' He thought and shook his head.
"Im jedi master Solidus. The council has sent you to find the origins of this new threat, the force plague. Am I right?"

10-13-2005, 02:40 PM
((eh, sorry for missing basically a whole page, my internet went down >_>
Now where was I...))

Kharne spat on the ground of Coruscant, snarling at his misfortune of the dumpster's rotting metal dropping him in it as soonas the Mandalorian Bounty Hunter was close enough. Climbing out, he looked around and let off a stream of curse words even a Hutt would quail at.
Legitimate Work for me then... damn...

Stepping into the Exchange Office he noted a Gran sitting behind a desk with a pair of Trandoshans flanking him. As soon as he stepped in he noticed anothe rpair of Trandoshan guards holding blasters to his head.

"Point that thing somewhere else Snake-Breath."
"What is it you want fool?" Asked the Gran.
"A job."
"Ahh... another Bounty Hunter I assume, just like that Coryn fellow. Well he's off on a job on Dantooine, so you won't meet him for now. Now lets -"
Kharne flipped out his ID.
"So, you've obviously been through this process... Guards, check the ID.
Now we will wait."

The guards stepped back into the room and announced the their visitor's history (read my profile... too lazy to type it up again.)
"Mmm... alright fine, there's a mercenary not paying his dues to the Exchange after borrowing a large sum of money. Find him somewhere on this planet and bring those credits back. If he has none, shoot him."

Kharne stepped back into the office with a feel of minor annoyance, the mercenary had not put up much of a fight other then yell and pull out a broken blaster rifle.
The Gran seemed pleased about the demise of the late Mercenary and shuffled through some papers.

"Hmm... I Suppose we can trust your skills and record. Alright. There is a little Jedi, I mean literally little, on Dantooine known as Solidus. He ruined the attempts of four of our Bounty Hunters claims over a settler who had owned us money. Neutralise him, I don't care if you hit him over the head with a hammer just make him disappear."
"Wait, you want me to hunt a Jedi!? Thats insane!"
"So your skills are not up to the task currently - employed Mercenary?"
"Uhh... ahh... No... I was just... Startled."
"Good. Now get out of my office. Take the first ship to your right in the hangar."

As the ship dropped out of hyperspace above the planet of Dantooine, Kharne mused about how to handle a Jedi.
Adhesive Grenade then lots of Frag Grenades I think I'm stuck with...

The ship landed in the port and Kharne stepped out into the fresh air of Dantooine.
"Nice. No wonder people like to settle here."

10-13-2005, 04:11 PM
A man dressed in black robes strode through the halls of the academy. He cackled softly at the scene before him. All of those young, pathetic students lying on the ground, either unconcious or worse. He smiled.

10-13-2005, 04:32 PM
On Thule
Landing down on this almost deserted planet, Cronus spots the Sith Academy. There was endless terrain, it looked like it went on forever. Then Cronus look upon the ruins. I see Darth Sinister has been up to some experiements, alot of them.

Ghastro(The padawan):"They are wookies!" "Why would they steal them?"

Cronus: "I have no idea, but I had overheard a while back that Sinister was planning on doing some mutating experiements for his army." We will go see in the Academy, you must meet him, he his just as powerful as me, if not more." "You will feel it once your inside, more then you can feel mine"

Loading up on speeders, they turn them on.
"Alright lets go"

They blasted across the surface as the sand sifted over their face. They had stopped and arrived at the Sith Academy.

"Ahh, we are here" "lets go"

*They soon met up with Darth Sinister*

Cronus: "There he is, hes something aint he?"
Ghastro:"Yes he is alot more powerful than i had expected"

Cronus: "Darth Sinister, nice to meet up with you again, look at my new aprentice" "May i have a word with you for a second?"

"I have an idea, This padawan is force sensitive, maybe we could incorporate him into an ultimate expeirment with a mutated wookie, or unmuted wookie"

10-13-2005, 04:47 PM
Graothar saw the speeder at the house."Hmm..." he thought. He decided to keep his speeder there and walk up to the door. He hid behind the door and waited for someone to come out.

Jedi Atomic
10-13-2005, 04:55 PM


After slipping and falling to the ground shaken he shook his head and forgot all about it. He started going to the Medical Lab, started putting the bacta tanks into order along the wall. When in place he started hooking up the tubes and cords into the pipe in the wall to the bacta tank top, took the cords and put them into the controller in the middle of the room.

Later, after his break he headed to the military base, looking for a job. They said that Scur can work on the malfunctioned control panel in the security room which blew up after a hit from the bombardment. A protocal droid lead him to the security room and when he walked in, he could tell which one was malfunctioned. Scur started repairing the sparking wire and hanging cords and he eventually had it paneled and functional. Now, he only needed to put the programs into it, if only he knew what needed to go into it. He headed down to the main control room and asked the leader what needed to go on the malfunctioned control panel. He told him and Scur hurried back to the security room and punched in the things needed.

He headed down to the receptionist and she wasn't there. He looked around and soon the Sith Lord from earlier barged in and looked at Scur. The Sith Lord must have thought he was force sensitive and used force Plaque, but it just made a tingle in Scur's body. The Sith Lord thought it worked because Scur fell to the ground, so he ran through the next door and disappeared behind the corner. Scur eventually got up and called the leader, "Sir, there seems to be a Sith running rampid in the base using a force move that tingles, but it didn't do anything to me." The leader immediately called the barracks to go to the front door of his room and guard. "Thank you, you might have managed to keep mostly everyone from dying unnoticed." thanked the Military leader.

Scur Jal' Daan: skill gain: +1 intelligence:
fixing the malfunctioned control panel

10-13-2005, 06:52 PM

Coryn walked around the Enclave, looking at the multitude of Jedi-Padawans training and going back and forth on some errand of there own, Knights loitering around the Training rooms, and Masters offering assisstance and advice. He had seen Jedi before, a long time ago, when he was 11, and had almost idolized them for a while; especially since the greatest of all the Mandalores had even joined a Jedi's party, the Jedi Exile-someone named Tyac-Tysyacha, something like that.

He went over to one of the computers, and looked into the database files, just wondering over the history of the Jedi Order. Logging out, he went and explored most of the Enclave, and even had a small game of Pazaak with a merchant and bought a few more items from the money he won. Heading to the exit of the Jedi Enclave, Coryn noticed the training rooms and took a look inside before exitting the Enclave, heading to his ship on the docking pad. I better not spend too long here, or Trussq will cross me off as dead.

As he stepped outside, he still got that sensation he was being watched, but something was telling him that it was out of curiosity; At least that is what he thought. Walking forward he was using all his senses to try and discover who it was, but although he knew someone was there, he couldn't tell anything. Heading off to his speeder, he zoomed off toward the docking pad going off the regular routes into a grove as fast as he could. Lets see him follow me now.

Coryn: Skill Gain: 1+ Awareness

10-13-2005, 07:18 PM
THULE (academy interior)

Darth Sinister stood in the center of the academy floor, surrounded by his eager Sith Apprentice's. He cracked his neck, and began delivering his speech to the students. "Those of you priviledged enough, and whom I deem ready to become full members of the Sith, will be faced with one final test of skill. IT is simple really, you will be placed in the arena against a single adversary, a lone wookie. All you have to do is survive. Should........" Sinister's attention was disrupted as the doors to the academy slid open, and he heard a familiar voice address him. He spun around, and saw Cronus, and a young boy standing before him. "Ah Cronus, how good of you to join us, I was just telling my students of their graduation trial, and how unique it will be." His eyes darted to the young man with Cronus. " And what have you brought me.....more meat for the grinder." He smiled evily.

10-13-2005, 08:35 PM
"Yes, and i must say, he was fisty at first at the Coruscant Jedi Academy but he turned into a nice canidate" Cronus chuckled
He looked around, oh well um, looks like you have business to attend to, ill show this one to his room and training and everything else he needs!

10-13-2005, 08:39 PM
Sinister nodded, and gestured with his hand for Cronus to depart. "Oh cronus?"

Cronus turned to face Sinister.

"Do join me in the arena tonite, I have something special in store for my eager apprentices, and I don't think you want to miss it." Sinister laughed coldly.

.................................................. .................................................. ....

Later that evening Sinister made his way into his spectators box in the ancient arena. He glanced nonchalantly at the stands, which were filled with eager cheering troops, officers, and potential sith lords in the making.
He stood and motioned with his arms for the crowd to become silent.

Very quickly the became silent. "Fellow sith, I do thank you for joining me here, to be among the first to bear witness, of the dawn of a new era, and era that will be ushered in with terror, and blood. An era where the Sith rule, and the jedi cease to exist." Sinister turned to the first gate on the sandy coliseum floor, send out the three potential's. The gate slid open, and three sith apprentices made their way onto the game floor, they proceeded out in front of Sinister's box, and kneeled. "This will be the test my friends, to deem you worthy of service as Sith Lords. All you have to do is survive, thats not to difficult is it." Sinister slyly stated. "We will not fail you master." Spoke the students.

Sinister chuckled. "REALEASE THE WILD BEAST" Shouted Sinister.
On the opposite side of the arena, a large gate opened slowly, and what came into sight silenced the crowds. It appeared to be a wookie, but it's size had doubled, its fur had fallen off in multiple places, and its muscles bulged from areas that were still fur covered. Its flesh was dotted with all kinds of mechanical gizmos, and amplifiers. The beasts eyes had gone a blood red, and large bonelike spikes protruded from its spine and shoulders, the animal's teeth had turned into large dripping fangs, and its jaw had grown in size. The beast stepped towards the three terrified students, and roared a defeaning sound that shook the arena.

Sinister rose, and gave his command to the beast. "Tear them apart". The beast roared and charged toward the students, who had now ignited their sabers.

Behind Darth Sinister sat commander Grann, "The beasts have shown to be exceptionally resilient, and are now mindless servants, programmed to serve you Lord Sinister. Our new chemicals are ready for alpha phase testing. Which means the Omega project is ready to begin. Our serums are now compatible to be used on humans, just as you predicted my lord."

Sinister watched as the students attempted to fight the mammoth beast.
"Excellent work commander Grann, begin Omega project immediately, human enhancement and augmentation.HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Sinister laughed coldly.

"It will be done master."

Sinsiter smiled as the wookie grabbed one of the three students and bit him in half. The other two charged and began slicing at the animal with their sabers, which seemed to do little to affect it.

"Master Sinister, it almost slipped my mind, but your new pets have been coated with a new invisible cortosis alloy, making them lightsaber resistant."

"You have done well commander."

The enormous beast took one swipe with its massive paw, and sent one of the two remaining apprentices careening of the wall in front of Sinister's observation box. The second sith charged the beast from behind, and lept onto the beast's shoulders and began chooping at its neck and head, with his saber. The beast pulled the young man off of its shoulders with ease, and slammed him down on the floor. It then proceeded to crush his skull under its gigantic foot, his gurgling scream lasted only a second.

"HAHAHAHAHAH, It popped his head like teenager would pop a pimple" Sinister found this to be supremely amusing.

The third boy struggled to his feet, but it was to late, as the beast grabbed him with both hands,lifeted him off the ground, the boys feet kicked and dangled, as the beast tore both of his arms from their sockets. His bloody armless form fell to the sandy coliseum floor. His shrieks of agony, only seemed to add to Darth Sinister's enjoyment of the event. The beast looked up at Sinister, as if waiting for the masters command. The young sith pleaded with Darth Sinister. "Master...ughhh....help...me...please.........HELP ME PLEASE."
Sinister just found this all the more enjoyable. "My young foolish friend, why should I help one as weak as you, to be brought down by a beast. Did you truly believe your final test would be so easy. I used you and the others as guinea pigs for my new pets." Sinsiter stated coldly.

In that moment, the last of his life, the young sith realized that Sinsiter knew they would be killed, and if Sinsiter would do this to his own, what mercy would he have for the rest of the galaxy. The boy regretted ever leaving his jedi masters, and closed his eyes as the Giant snarling beast approached. He could feel its hot foul smelling breath on his face. He felt a sharp pain in his skull, a dull crunching, then blackness......

Sinister watched joyfully as the wookie bent down over the boys trembling form, and crushed his skull between its jaws.
"Get this beast back inits pen with the rest, and prepare them for the battle to come." Sinister stood up and exited the arena.

10-13-2005, 09:12 PM
Cronus chuckled under his breath so only Sinister could hear, alright Ghastro my soon to be aprentice, follow me.

*A few minutes later*

"here is where you will sleep, down the hall and the first right is a giant circle, if your coming out of here, to your right is the library, straight ahead is the training room and prisoner capture, then to you left is the way out to the desert, then if we turn back around and walk that way, that is the ceremony hall and also another exit to the port.

Ghastro: "Yes, Darth Cronus"

Cronus: You are on your own now, explore the rest of the place and you'll find the eating hall and such

Cronus went to his room, went to his meditation chamber and gathered much energy, using all his power he learned to master the power, Plague, he practiced it on a few wookies that had gone wrong in the experiements, after almost an hour of work he did it! He perfected this power

*Power gained: Master Plague Level gained: 1 (now level 2) 500 more exp until nect level*

Later, Cronus went into the Arena.....

10-13-2005, 09:28 PM
Still Upon Dantooine

As per her instructions from Master Prada, Tysy strolled toward the
docking pad on Dantooine. The Myriad awaited her, a bulky
merchant freighter. Sleek and streamlined, this ship was not. It
had so many protrusions and observation windows that it looked
like a giant insect with too many eyes. Sighing, she boarded the
ship. No sound awaited her except the beeps and boops of the
Myriad's active security system. Suddenly, a robot spoke:

"Greetings. I am D-452, a protocol and piloting droid assigned to
this vessel by my masters at the Jedi Enclave mercantile exchange."

"My name's Tysy," the girl said, "and I'm supposed to find the source
of the Force Plague the Jedi are worried about. One of the Council
members, Master Prada, thinks the plague is not a natural disease,
but rather an invention of the Sith. Do you know anything about it?"

"Negative. I only know space coordinates, and how much inventory
this ship should rightfully be carrying. Right now, there should be no
cargo aboard, as the Mercantile Exchange has not loaded any for
export." D-452 stared at Tysy with its placid, metallic eyes.

I've never heard anything more boring in all my life, mused Tysy,
not even a protocol droid. Surely he knows something relevant...

"Mistress?" asked D-452. "Is something the matter?"

"D-452...why would the Jedi Council send me out on a mission, ANY mission,
without companions other than a droid? No offense, but I might need someone
else with firepower. My combat skills are weaker than an elder Hutt's! Are you
sure there's no one else on board, not even a stowaway or two hidden among
the survival supplies?" Heck, I'd even welcome a few gizka, she thought.

"There are no other organics aboard the vessel," replied the droid matter-
of-factly. "However, I shall wait for the space of fifteen minutes, or nine
hundred seconds, to make sure that no one else is to accompany you."

That was reassuring, although Tysy was not sure if someone knew of her...

10-13-2005, 09:35 PM
THULE (labs)

Sinister made his way beack into the lab, as he strolled down the hallway he noticed that Phase Omega had begun, as hundreds of kidnapped people from throughout the galaxy, were hooked up to various tubes, and machines, with all kinds of serums and growth enhancer pumping through their bodies. Some had already begun to change he noticed. The features had begun to broaden, and their flesh turn a strange color of metallic grey.

"The changing of their skin tone is caused by cortosis alloy we have pumped into their bloodstream, making them resistant to lightsabers and many conventional weapons. But human DNA is more complicated, and the first divisions of your new super soldiers my lord will not be ready as quickly as the barbaric and primitive wookies." Stated commander Grann from behind Sinister.

"Good, everything is proceeding as I had forseen. Soon enought the Jedi will die, and the republic crumble in fear at the sight of the first mutations."

10-13-2005, 09:55 PM
Dantooine-Docking Bay

Coryn rode fast, but he still had the feeling that someone was there. Oh well, he was just about to the spaceport. And besides, there was no one that could attack him succesfully if he knew the attack was coming.

Looking around at the Dantooine landscape, he slowed his speeder down to see more of the area he was riding through. Not a bad planet, he thought. Nice quiet place, with some nice people. Slowing his speeder down, he glided to a stop right outside the Hangars. Let me see...Docking bay 13. Unlucky number...

He got off and walked into the docking area. Being such a small planet, he only saw a few people, some Jedi and some visitors, a few Dantooine guards. Not a very large planet, in size or in population. Passing by the docking bays, he glanced into them. Nothing much was there, just a few private yachts, and some family transports. Merely glancing at a sign by the side of a docking bay, he walked in, looking down at his datapad before looking up and coming upon a young female Jedi Padawan and a protocol droid. Coryn suddenly realized that he was in docking bay 12 instead of 13.

"Oh, sorry, I must be-" He started. The protocol droid cut him off.
"Ah, here is one of them now. Greetings, I am D-452. Welcome to the Myriad. I trust you have come all prepared?"
"Huh, What?" Coryn replied, rather confused.

10-13-2005, 10:39 PM
Dantooine: Docking Bay

"I'm sorry if this droid has you all discombobulated," said Tysy with a short laugh.
"My name is Tysy, and I've been commissioned by the Jedi Council to find the
source of a sudden plague that preys upon all Force Sensitives. Would you be
one of my companions?" Judging from the blank look on his face, she thought not.

"Eh, pardon me. Please, make yourself comfortable." She motioned to a ledge.

"Excuse me," said D-452, "but you say your combat skills are worse than those
of an elderly Hutt. I beg to differ with you, Mistress. Surely you realize that no
organic life form can be that deficient in basic self-defense techniques."

"I assure you, I am," replied Tysy hotly. "In fact, I'd like to challenge
you to a fighter simulation, D-452, if I may. You'll see just how weak I
am in melee, and if you were a fully functional droid, you would seek to
protect me instead of patronize me." Tysy dropped into a fighting stance.

The battle began, and the confused Mandalorian stood by and watched for
an utterly surreal moment. The golden droid quickly prevailed, using his blaster
power and hand-to-hand combat techniques to overpower Tysy. Leaving her
bruised, bashed, and breathless, D-452 said, "I see now that your previous
assessment of your abilities was correct, Mistress. I apologize for my error."

"It's all right," said Tysy, nursing a bruised ankle. "You did your best, D-452,
and so did I. Even though my best is nowhere near good enough in real life."

The Mandalorian felt something odd occur--he felt strengthened, heightened,
more agile, more aware. What was happening to him? Was his innate disgust
at the girl's weakness filling him with anger and thus, power? No. It was
something else. No weak human being would have the guts to admit
that he or she had been beaten, and beaten soundly, by a mere machine.

Ability: Dvukhsotnaya (Tysy is called a 'dvukhsotnaya', or one who
gives 200% to whatever task that he or she is doing. Even though Tysy
sucks at combat, she increases her party members' damage output by
200%. This damage can be done by lightsabers, blasters, even the Force!)

(Note: I forgot to tell all of you to give your characters a special
ability, as per KOTOR I and II. Mira had Mine Immunity. Bastila had
Battle Meditation. What will your unique contribution to the group be?)

10-13-2005, 10:55 PM
Coryn stood watching the droid and the Jedi, Tysy. He shook his head and rubbed his head. Tysy was maybe weak to be defeated at the hands of the droid, but she was strong enough to admit that defeat, he knew that. And that he respected, he always had, and gave him a bit more respect for the bruised Jedi Padawan. Even so, that was pretty much all he knew. Her companion? Sent by the Jedi Masters to find a force plague? Discombobulated? I have no clue what that means. Was he dreaming? No, he wasn't, and he wasn't dead either. He looked up at the two who were watching him, Tysy smiling at what she probably knew was going through his mind. "I haven't introduced myself, I am Coryn Tevor, a former Mandalorian. Um, could somebody explain what you are talking about? I don't mean to be rude, but to tell you the truth, I have no idea what is going on, " He said laughing. "I was just trying to get to my docking bay, and, well, you know..."

Looking up, he saw a Wookie coming in on a speeder bike. Strange, something is telling me that is the person that was following me. Glancing back at Tysy and
D-452, and the Myriad, Coryn thought about all that had happened to him; quite a sudden difference. One moment I'm working for Solda on Nal Hutta, then I get fired and sneak aboard a ship, then I defeat a dangerous terrorrist and go to Coruscant, then I end up working for a Exchange leader, then I head here and find that the Jedi Masters already got my target, and then I come to this...

(((If your coming here is ok with you, ExtreamJedi)))

10-13-2005, 11:17 PM
(OOC: Feat Gain: Tiredness +10. Good night, everyone! :))

10-13-2005, 11:26 PM
(((Yeah, me too. And by the way, my special ability is: I don't have a name for it, perhaps someone could come up with one. This kind of replaces the Survival skill on my character sheet, and is very similar, it is just that the more enemies there are and the tougher the odds are, Coryn's damage, attack, defense, and attributes all get bonuses. Pretty close to Survival, but a little bit different)))

10-13-2005, 11:52 PM
((you people have been busy...^_-))

Kharne smiled at the feel of fresh air.It has been too long since one feels the warmth of a true sun and the atmosphere of an unpolluted planet... bah... perhaps i am getting old... such sentimental thoughts.
Shaking his head Kharne headed towards the Jedi Enclave, twirling his blaster with a finger in the trigger guard, he noticed a few settlers he passed, glance his way and quickly disappear.
Humm... Perhaps they have gone to warn the fellow with a price on his head. Doubtless they have seen my likes before. If so I had better pick up the pace, I Don't want no Jedi asking questions about me. Though it would be a glorious end to die in battle and not old age.

Looking up he saw the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave in all its glory, turning on his stealth generator he made his way to the hangars and noticed a Mandalorian coversing with a young Jedi.
Hmm... not surprising a Mandalorian would take up work here, with the pretty faces and the fact the Jedi smacked us around during the Mandalore Wars.

Stepping into the shadows, and watched.

10-14-2005, 11:43 AM
((Mine is Fists of Fury. When Solidus has no weapons he unleashes a fury of meele attacks and kicks and throws))

Solidus was having a conversation with a jedi counciler.
"You are aware of what this padawan is doing?" asked the counciler
"Am I. Althought you have negleted(sp) her for training. Why?" replied Solidus with a question of his own.
"Think about it. If the sith find out a jedi they will kill her." said the counciler
"Dont be a idiot. They will turn her. Espically if they found out who was her ansisters!" said Solidus.
"Tru... Hey!? How do you know who she is!?" questioned the counciler
"Because I do. I'm going with her." said solidus
"No you shall not! You will blow her cover." Counciler
"Your sending a young women into a battle feild. I intead to follow her and protect her." And with that Soldius left the enclave and headed to the feighter

"Exuse he mistress Tysy. I am jedi master Solidus. I shall be going with you in your mission." He said to her. Solidus knew he may regret this. He'd never disobyed the council before.

10-14-2005, 12:18 PM
Sighing in mild annoyance at the fact that the Jedi would be leaving with the Padawan, Kharne switched off his stealth generator, tossed a Not-triggered Thermal Detonator between the Mandalorian, Padawan and the Jedi Master.

Stepping out of the shadows he raised his blasters, one aiming at the Thermal Detonator and one aiming at the small jedi.

"Alright Jedis, don't try to use any of your Jedi Tricks, I've got a Thermal Detonator between you three and I'm not within range. My target's the midget, if either of you two intervene I'll fry you all with a single shot to the thermal detonator."

Jedi Master Solidus slowly faced the new comer, he sensed a large amount of hostility running off the Mandalorian.
Typical Mercenary, shouldn't be much of a problem except this one's smart enough not to charge at us and hold us with a thermal detonator.
Suddenly grasping his lightsaber and pulling it clear, Kharne fired 6 rapid shots towards the thermal detonator which in turn were deflected in all directions by a green lightsaber held by what he started thinking of as 'The Midget'.

Cursing with unbridled fury, Kharne threw his blaster at Solidus's hand which caused the small Jedi to flinch, Kharne twirled his Vibro Doubleblade and charged.

Coryn leapt back from a particularly violent arc from Kharne's Vibro Doubleblade, dragging Tysy with him and drew his blaster waiting for a chance to fire.

Feeling the adrenaline he felt during the Mandalore Wars, Kharne Vyarn felt the rush of blood and the heat of battle once more, he swung his blade in an arc which the small jedi leapt above nad swung towards his exposed back, twirling the Vibro Doubleblade vertically behind him, Kharne blocked and spun it towards Solidus. Solidus leapt to the side and Kharne foot lashed out catching Solidus in the arm, Kharne pressed his assault, using the lower blade he swung the blade in an upward arc towards the retreating jedi who in turn flipped back, caught his feet against the wall and used the wall to propel himself towards the Hostile Mandalorian. kharne's eyes widened as he saw the lightsaber speeding towards his chest, stepping back just in time, Solidus wizzed by, where he flipped in the air and caught the ground skidding. Kharne looked at the smoking sears in his Felenar armour and looked at the small Jedi with more respect then he had before. Charging at the Nimble Jedi once again, as he raised his blade for an overhand blow, Solidus Force Pushed his Kharne's Vibro Doubleblade causing it to be forced up and through Kharne's hands causing minor flesh wounds and leaving a deep scar in Kharne's shielding visor, leaping up Solidus landed on Kharne's shoulder and held his lightsaber to his throat.

((Heh. I got bored with the goody goody so I just gave a small scrap ^_^, me thinks its best if Coryn or Tysy starts some questioning on Kharne XD))

10-14-2005, 12:41 PM
Coryn watched as the Mandalorian and Soludis fought, waiting for a chance to fire. Since he probably wasn't going to get one, he put his blaster away and drew his prototype vibro-blade, but didn't get a chance to use it either, as Soludis lept up on the other's shoulder and put his lightsaber next to his throat. Still extremely confused at what all was going on, he leveled his blade at the Mandalorians chest. Seemed to be another bounty hunter.

"Who are you?" Coryn asked.
"My name's Kharne. A bounty hunter like yourself- Coryn, isn't it?" Kharne replied.
"How did you know my name? And why did you attack the Jedi?" Coryn demanded.
"Why should I tell you that, or anything else for that matter to a pathetic group- a little Jedi Midget, a padawan, a Mandalorian, and a protocol droid?"

10-14-2005, 01:02 PM
"See this glowing thing infront of your neck. Thats your reason." said Solidus
"You jedi dont kill prisoners!" said Kharne.
"Far as we're concerned you died during the fight. Theres no one else here. Now speak dirtbag!" Ordered Solidus

10-14-2005, 01:28 PM
Kharne spat on the ground by COryn's boot.

"Dirtbag, nice, I've heard a worse name called by a Jawa. Threatening me with a lightsaber won't get you any information, I've seen and shot enough of your kind during the Mandalorian Wars. Though... I do not see why I should protect a bunch of cowardly Exchange thugs... pah."
The lightsaber began singeing at Kharne neck and he rolled his eyes.
"You Jedi really need to learn quick interrogation tecniques. Alright I'll tell you. A Gran representitive of the Exchange told me there was a bounty on this ugly green mugg's head," Indicating Solidus with a nod "I need money, a Jedi is normally worth a bit more then the average settler so I thought I'd try my luck. Was worth it too, I haven't felt the rush of battle so well since Malachor V."

10-14-2005, 01:48 PM
Zarlak slammed Kharne to the ground "If you want to feel the rush of battle, go into a crowd bar and get drunk. It makes you feel important and you usually end up in a bar fight. Or you could steal from the exchange"

10-14-2005, 02:23 PM
Tysy stepped forward quickly. "Hang on. If this bounty hunter is after
Solidus, who is a Jedi, then he may be working for the Sith. If the Sith
hired him, then maybe he could help us." She turned her eyes to Kharne.

"How about it, bounty hunter? I admire your skills. You're almost as good
at Stealth as the legendary assassin Calo Nord, but Solidus fought you
well. Are you employed by the Sith? If so, then I think there's something
you should know. Maybe all of us, if some of you haven't heard the news."

10-14-2005, 02:52 PM
Solidus used the force to float up to Tysys ear and wispered into her ear so that the bount hunter couldnt hear them"He wasnt hired by the sith. He was hired by the exchange. The exchange are the biggest, the most rufeless collection of slime balls in the galaxy. The bountys on jedi are not a rare thing. However he may have his uses."

10-14-2005, 04:41 PM
((Me have an idea. First a question. Can Solidus be Tysy jedi master/trainer? Number two, if yes, say some time later in the rpg Solidus dies but comes back a ghost/spirit and he guides Tysy to the becoming a Jedi Counciler(Lightside) or a sith lord(darkside) ))

10-14-2005, 04:56 PM
(OOC: Sure, steven, that would be fantastic!)

10-14-2005, 05:14 PM
Graothar arrived where Coryn, Solidus, Tysy, and Kharne were. He saw everyone and thought "What a crowd." He decided to introduce himself. "Hello, I'm Graothar." he said. "I'm so stupid. Why did I introduce myself to these guys?"

10-14-2005, 05:59 PM
Solidus turned towards Graothar, while he was still floating in fin air "Good for you." Solidus returned his itention towards Tysy "We cant trust him unless he can prove this worth."

10-14-2005, 06:07 PM
Tysy nodded. "I agree, but if he tries to turn his back on us or turn
us in for credit bounties, we'll either have to kill him or kick him off
of the Myriad." She turned to Graothar. "Hello. My name is
Tysy. I'm a young Force Sensitive, and these are the people who
might accompany me on a long journey. It won't be a picnic."

"May I ask what this journey entails?" howled Graothar meekly.

"Before I do, I'd like to ask all of you this question: How many
of you are sensitive to the Force besides me and Master Solidus?"

10-14-2005, 06:37 PM
"Not many know if they're Force Sensitive. Trained in the force is a better term." said Solidus as he dropped to the ground. "We should set off. This plague isnt going to destroy itself. Or could it?" He wondered as he entered the feighter.

10-14-2005, 08:04 PM
Hnnh... This ought to be fun. Where these people go there ought to be a large bunch of battles. These battles will indeed be a glorious end for Kharne Vyarn of Clan Marr. Meanwhile I got to get this Midget off my shoulder.

"Hnnh. Indeed I may have my uses, trust me or hound me is your choice but I'd prefer not to have to shoot men who want to kill you with a Midget waving a lightsaber on my shoulder."
He picked up his other blaster and holstered it then picked up the Vibro Doubleblade.
"Perhaps you should fill me in on why a Mandalorian, a Midget, a Wookiee, droid and Padawan seem to be leaving for a destination where they most likely will be shot at. Especially that I can not see any lightsaber on the Padawan. Unless you had have Force Deflect or Force Redirection abilities, you'd be screwed in a fire fight. Now you wonder how I knew about Jedi capabilities? I fought for the Republic during the Jedi Civil War. Mandalorians tend to be useful meatshields."
If they accept me into this small party I, indeed I would be delighted...

Feats Added:
Weapon Proficiency: Melee Weapons
Melee Weapon Finesse

10-14-2005, 08:18 PM
((Humm... Joshua, there's already a thread for characters at http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=153437, you might wanna noticed the In-game RPG style bit. Meaning ethere are kotor feats, force powers, skills attributes and etc.))

10-14-2005, 09:32 PM
Graothar thought to himself."I might learn a thing or 2 if I join in." "I'm in. What am I piloting?" "I'm going in a little over my head." he thought to himself.

10-14-2005, 10:00 PM
((Humm... Joshua, there's already a thread for characters at http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=153437, you might wanna noticed the In-game RPG style bit. Meaning ethere are kotor feats, force powers, skills attributes and etc.))

((Agreed. Not to mention your characters are rather overpowering... "more powerful than Master Vandar himself. Can use lightside and darkside powers without problems."... you might want to tone that down... quite a bit. :) ))

10-14-2005, 10:04 PM

Darth Sinister once again stood on the bridge of his massive battleship, The Kracken. He gazed his evil eyes accross the starscape, to see hundreds of transports making their way from the planet to his ship. He smiled, for he knew those ships carried his new mutated wookie warriors, he was eager to release them upon an unsuspecting planet. A smile curled over his lips as thoughts of destruction, panic, terror, death, and screams of agony filled his head.

Admiral Kirill approached his master Darth Sinister cautiously. "My Lord, the abominations are on board, and ready to go." Spoke the admiral.

"Ah yes excellent, tell me admiral, is the entire legion on board?." Sinister queried.

"Yes master, and they await your orders."

Sinister smiled again in eager anticipation. The admiral spoke again "We have just recieved word, that your human supersoldiers, are undergoing the final phase of this process, and will be ready for combat programming by weeks end, which means they will be fully deployable within one standard week."

"It is as I expected admiral. This galaxy will fall, and all accross the stars, they will bow beneath the shadow of Darth Sinister,HAHAHAHAHAHAHA." Sinister smugly stated. "and I have just the system to test my new pets on. Set a course for.......TARIS, lets make them remeber the days when Malak razed their beautiful cityscape. Set a course now."

"Right away Lord Sinsiter." The admiral gestures to several bridge officers, who promptly punch the coordinates into the nav-i-computer.

The Kracken zoomes into hyperspace, destination.........TARIS.

10-14-2005, 10:31 PM
"Graothar, you can pilot, if D-452 doesn't mind." She winked at the
perplexed brass protocol droid. "D-452, I don't know how often the
Jedi or the employees at Aratech Mercantile repair their ships, but
this one could use some work. Quite a bit, in fact," mentioned Tysy.

D-452 replied, "Yes, Mistress," and scuttled to analyze the hyperdrive.

"I'd like you to set a course for Korriban, Graothar, if you don't mind.
That planet may be a desolate graveyard world, but if the Sith need
a planet on which to create and spread their plague, Korriban would be it."
Suddenly, young Tysy paused. "Do the rest of you think it's a bad idea?
Knowing Korriban, which I don't very well, it could be a suicide mission.
Nevertheless, where else would the Sith hide, if this plague is indeed
a Sith weapon?" She turned to the others, awaiting their responses.

10-14-2005, 10:46 PM
((Time for my entrance... you'll run into me on Korriban :) ))

A small, rusty ship creaked and rattled to a stop on Korriban and a female Twi'lek left it. By the size of her ship, it wasn't hard to tell that she was alone. She was stopped by a Czerka employee and asked to pay the docking fee. She stared at him for a moment before agreeing and handing him what he asked for.

"What news of the Sith?" she then asked.

"They're still reeling from the deaths of so many of their recent leaders," the Czerka man answered. "But there are still some left here at the old Sith Academy. They tend to hide in the ruins more often than not now."

"How much will it take to get repairs done to my ship?" she asked.

"We'll need a name and a ship designation," the Czerka man answered. "And then it'll be... 4000 credits."

"My name is Taa'la Vel," the Twi'lek answered. "The ship is the Creaker, and here's 4000 credits." She handed over the proper amount of money and started to walk away. "Oh, and ignore the AI. It'll pester you with questions, but nothing more."

With that, she headed into the little village of Dreshdae.

10-14-2005, 10:48 PM
Kharne lips curved up into a thin smile.
"Suicide missions are exactly what mandalorians are known for little lady. Though I do not think it would be too dangerous as your face is unknown among the Sith population, as you were non too important during the course of your life till now. Me, I have a few contacts within the Czerka Corporation as I spent a bit of time there myself looking for artifacts to sell. Perhaps Coryn may have had the same fortune. My main concern would be the Midget, his kind have been banes upon the Sith for as long as I know, I mean look at Vandar. His kind would be recognised and in the middle of a SIth settlement... We might as well press a blaster to our heads and pull the trigger now. Though we could disguise him as a child or a very short jawa... Either way I can tell this trip's gonna be fun. Wouldn't miss this for a trip around Dxun."

((EDIT: Oh yeah and Wildjedi's right, Joshua your characters are WAY over powered. More powerful then Vandar would probably mean more powerful then the Jedi Exile. -_- And I do get a little irritated when some dude comes along as a one man army.

Oh yeah. I'll also mention Kharne Vyarn is an offensive prick so don't be surprised if he says things designed to hurt feelings XD))

10-15-2005, 12:49 AM
Coryn watched as the small group talked. Well, it looks like I am going with them. Doesn't seem like I have much choice, but something is telling me to go with them. Besides, looks like some action is heading my way.

"Well, from what I have gathered, I think it would be a good idea to go to Korriban. I am not much of an authority on 'force plagues', but that is what I would thing of first. It would be dangerous, though. Then again, what isn't?"

As Coryn looked around in the ship, he thought, well, this is a nice situation I have here. Not sure how I am going to explain this one to Trussq. Of course this might end up with me working for someone else other than the Exchange, which wouldn't be bad . He looked at the others, a wookie, a little green alien, a bounty hunter, and a padawan. Not exactly what he thought of when he thought "Sith stopping-force plague discovering heroes."

(((Not to be repetitious Joshua, but I agree with all the others. In case you hadn't noticed, we didn't make a character sheet in the thread, we did that in the ''In-game style RPG planning" or whatever it is called. You might want to delete your posts if you are going to join, it kind up disrupts the whole flow if you know what I mean. And also, I think you better go look at the "no godmoding" rule; you pretty much went over the line on your Katrina character)))

10-15-2005, 01:00 AM
((Heh. Let the Tysy (that name is too long T_T) use Coryn, afterall they're the two mainEST characters.))

Kharne sat down on the bunk he quickly claimed and stared up at the ceiling. He lay back on the bunk, placed his backpack on his stomach and rummaged around, smiling at a few memories they brought. He finally found what he was looking for lifted up the silvar, bar shaped lump, it was about 35 cm long and even though it was made long ago it still gleamed and reflected teh light as if it was made yesterday. He gently fingered the igniting button then thought better of it and put it back into the backpack.

Life has just got interesting. He thought before removing his armour and went to sleep.

10-15-2005, 06:09 AM
"I can handel a few sith punks. But they will tare through you lot like christmas paper. I cannot let that happen so I should dress up as a jawa. All we need is a dirty cloak." Solidus looked in the storage area and found one "Okay. What the heck is a Jawa's cloack doing back here? It dosnt matter. Tysy. I noticed you arnt trained in combat aswell as you should be. On the way there I would like to teach you some combat stances and a form of attack."

10-15-2005, 07:04 AM
Kharne snorted in his sleep, tossing and turning in the bunk.

"Hold the line! The Republic Forces WILL fall this day!!! For Mandalore!!!"
Blaster bolts rained around him, ships engaged in the sky, bombardments rained around Malachor V. Kharne shouldered a Republic soldier and blasted him in the face, a blaster bolt hit his shoulder, denting his armour, Kharne twisted around and placed to shots in the republic soldier's face.

Glaring around he noticed a small group of Mandalorians being pushed back from a regiment of Republic troops, bounding towards them he tossed his thermal detonators, which erupted within the Republic ranks, sending arms, legs and body parts everywhere. He noticed a zabrak repairing a Republic speeder then step on his ship and fly back towards his Capital Class ship.

There was a sudden searing pain in his back and Kharne stumbled forward, turning around as he fell he saw a Jedi with a purple lightsaber step purposefully towards him, firing one blaster at the Jedi's head the Jedi deflected those and Kharne fired off another volley towards the Jedi's unprotected mid-section, the jedi fell in screams and gurgles.Getting up he narrowed his eyes on a Republic Regiment going up the path towards him led by a female Jedi wielding a silver double bladed lightsaber. Kharne stepped up on the plateau to join the line holding the Republic troops back. The Republic troops swarmed up towards the Mandalorians, falling to blaster fire and mines, suddenly the Mandalorian lines had been engaged by the female Jedi who had been leading the regiment. Mandalorians fell to her lightsaber as she cleaved her way around.

Dropping his blasters, Kharne pulled out his Vibro Doubleblade and engaged her in combat, twirling the blade high above his head he brought it crashing into her lightsaber blade. She stumbled back and Kharne pressed his attack twirling it towards her legs she leapt up and kicked his jaw, Kharne fell back as the Jedi switched to a more appropriate form for a single opponent, a form Kharne recognised, Ataru, suddenly another Jedi wielding also double bladed saber though orange this time appeared, this time a male. Kharne was pushed back as he sweated, deflecting the blades with all his skill, knocking the new comer's blade away he assaulted the female kicking her in the stomach he twirled his blade around horizontally up to block an overhand blow from the male Jedi, The male jedi kept pushing and Kharne saw his chance, grabbing a short dagger from his boot he plunged it between the ribs of the Jedi, In a gurgled scream the Jedi fell to the floor writhing.

However the female jedi had recovered and assaulted Kharne with renewed fury, Kharne was pushed back and he retreated in an arc, moving back to the now still corpse of the Jedi, the female Jedi knocked his blade high twisted around and used the back blade to impale Kharne, pulling her blade out she began to walk away. Kharne dropped to his knees and fell forward on his face, his slowly numbing hands touched something cold, that had recently been warm, he pulled it towards him and curled around into a ball, groaning in pain. He slowly raised his head, his abdomenin wracked in pain he looked at the female Jedi's retreating steps and the last thing he heard was the cry of a Republic soldier "General Tysyacha!"

Snapping awake Kharne stared at the wall, thinking about the General's name and the girl's name.
Could they be related? they must be, the Padawan looks uncannily like her. Though much younger... Beaten by a relative, gives me a reason to protect this one. By a mandalorian's Honour, this one will not come to harm while I still breath...

Kharne put his feet flat on the floor and then wondered how even being skewered he managed to crawl to a ship and crash it on Taris, shaking his head he looked down at the back of his hands, and felt the scar in his stomach, he put on his armour, stood up and in his private thoughts began his daily exercises.

10-15-2005, 09:40 AM
"ALL ABOARD!" Graothar shouted. He got inside the cockpit(sp?)and brought up 2 comm screens."Boss, I quit my mechanic job."You can't quit! You signed a contract!" said the Boss angerly."Tell it to someone who cares." Graothar said to him ashe closed the comm screen."I also quit my delivery job." he said in the other comm screen."To quit, you have to return my ship." said the other Boss. "Get it yourself." Graothar said into the other comm screen as he closed it."Next stop, Korriban." he thought to himself.

Jedi Atomic
10-15-2005, 11:40 AM
Scur walked to the military base to be trained just in case something still lived and attacked him in the lowercity or undercity. When he walked out, there seemed to be panic everywhere, people running around screaming. He eventually looked up and suprisingly some capitol ships were everywhere above Taris. He noticed Soldiers running to the military base, and some soldiers ran up tall tower with from what he saw a anti-air gun. Amazed he looked around and for once noticed all kinds of tall tower defense systems. Scur, being a restoration expert wasn't told of them.

Scur rushed to the military base he asked if they needed help with defending and they said if he was sword capable, and he said that he was trained a couple minutes ago. They told him to report to guarding the doors to a defense tower. Scur hurried out of the base and rushed straight to a defense tower without a guard and waited. He looked up and watched to see what would happen. Everything was still and quiet after the people's screams ended since they were in bomb shelters, so the streets were quiet.

Scur Jal' Daan- Feat gain- Melee and blaster rifle profeciency- training at military base

(((i'm not sure what my guy's special is yet maybe some examples might help, if you would be nice and say something for my guy. anybody, please :) )))

(((Darth Sion, since the defense tower are tall you noticed them already.)))

10-15-2005, 02:12 PM
Darth Sinister stood on his bridge, overlooking Taris, he gestured for the admiral.

"Yes m'lord." Replied the admiral.

"Drop all mutations down upon the surface, let us see how the galaxy fears my new pets." Sinister commanded.

"Right away my lord." The admiral walked to the nearest command console. "Attention, all hands, release the mutation drop ships, for surface assault."

Sinister smiled, as he saw from his bridge hundreds of dropships falling from his cavernous hangar onto the planet below, filled with thousands of his mutated wookie beasts.

10-15-2005, 09:02 PM
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Coryn thrashed around in his sleep in a nightmare. He fell, down and down a endless void, crashing through something and tumbling down into a large dark room. Someone was there, a dark figure who looked at him and then signaled someone. Suddenly huge monsters came out of the shadows toward him. He reached for his blaster, but it was not there, nor was anything else. The only thing was the broken hilt of a lightsaber in his hand... The monsters came on, getting into the light. The had spikes projecting from them and were covered in equipment and armor. They...were wookiees? They came at him, while he backed up, and looking around saw Soludis crushed by one of them, while Kharne was knocked unconscious and the wookiee was thrown off the edge. And Tysy was surrounded by huge shapes who were impervious to her force powers. They rushed at her, and Coryn grabbed a blaster off the ground, only to find it was an illusion. He was no longer able to see Tysy, she was being crushed by the monsters. Suddenly the wookiees next to him stopped, while the dark figure laughed and drew out a lightsaber, and sliced through him again and again...

Coryn awoke, gasping. Man, what kind of a dream was that? Never had one that bad before. Puzzling over it some more, he shrugged and went to sleep again, still confused over the dream.

10-15-2005, 09:55 PM
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10-16-2005, 12:54 AM
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10-16-2005, 05:53 AM
((Somewhere in the ship))

Solidus was meditating in the cargo hull when he had a bad memory. 'Ormond! You fool!' Solidus was locked in a due, with his old padawan Ormond. He had been his great student. But he lacked controll of his anger. He attacked Solidus when he didnt grant him knightship after 3 years of training. Ormond had joined the Lawfull sith and was it's demise. He killed the leaders wife, helping Elon see the light.' Solidus was awoken to see Tysy infront of him "Ahh, Tysy, what can I do for you?"

10-16-2005, 06:06 AM
Twirling his blade in an arc around his body, Kharne swept the blade at knee height, spinning a 360 arc. Sweeping it left and right Kharne slinged it over his shoulder, spinning, and still spinning he swept it back up over his shoulder and gripped it still and thrust forward stepping to the right with his left foot he made a back stab and twirled it up and back holding the vibro double blade horizontally behind him.

He went back into a casual position, stabbed the blade into the ground and leaned on it, breathing heavily.
This exercise never used to tire me out like this... Perhaps I am getting older. Time to settle down and put away my blasters. After this last ... trip .. I think I'll head to Dantooine and retire.

He propped his vibroblade against the wall, sat on the bunk and leaned back, remembering the days whenlife was simple. Shoot the target and stay alive was all he needed, now he needed to deal with the politics of the target's allies and friends, his employer's enemies and malevolent figures. He looked at the door to make sure it was shut and then pulled out the metal object and looked at it with a wry smile. He ignited it and admired the orange blade, he hit another button and one of the blades disappeared, he twirled the single blade around a bit and remembered when he got this. He sighed deactivated it, pulled out his blasters and started modifying them with what he remembered of the schematics of the Mandalorian Disintigrator.

((Think a bit and you'd find I just showed you what his special ability is ^_-))

10-16-2005, 09:09 AM
Graothar launched the Myriad."Just to let you all know, I can't go to Kashyyyk." Graothar said on an intercom. "This is the moment where I have become useful." he thought to himself. He started thinking about his younger days on Kashyyyk. He was a special Wookie until he attacked his own kind with his claws. They put him inside an escape pod and sent him to Tatooine as a punishment. "I will never forget that day. I can never go back." Graothar thought to himself. He activated the hyperspace module and set a course for Korriban."Let's see what this thing can do." he thought. The Myriad jumped to hyperspace in the direction of Korriban.

Jedi Atomic
10-16-2005, 02:19 PM

When Scur suddenly heard the anti-air guns start to fire he looked up. Suprisingly, instead of a bombardment, dropships were falling from the hangar of the capitol ship. Scur decided to takea few steps out from the doors of the tower and suddenly he became terrified. Dropships were everywhere turning the sky into a large dark cloud. One of the dropships landed maybe 100 feet from him and some guys hurried over to it and surrounded it. The soldiers waited.

The dropships burst open and a huge fierce looking beast about the size of 2 1/2 guys grabbed two guys and threw them over the edge before they could react. The guys started backing away quickly and started shooting them, which just deflected off them. Once the guys noticed it they started running away. Scur started heading to a hangar and he tried to find something that might do damage to them.

When Scur ran into the hangar, Several beasts were already in there destroying everything. Scur quickly ran up to the control room without the beasts seeing him, and hotwired into the hangar controls. He noticed a huge crane looking beam hanging from the ceiling of the hangar, so he tried to find the control for it and soon found it. He set it to the crane and took the control stick and started lowering the magnetic crane to a beam and turned the magnetism on the beam hooked onto the magnet and Scur raised it above the beasts and dropped it. The bewast let a blood gurgling scream and soon fainted but Scur knew that the beast would wake up eventually so he picked the beam up again and lifted it straight up and down. He dropped it and it went straight into the beasts neck/heart area.

He decided to knocked them beasts over by swinging the beam, so he started swinging the beam and eventually the beast was knocked over and before the beast could get up, the beam went right through him.

The hangar was clear and only one ship remained hanging on some hooks so Scur lowered the starfighter to the ground and unhooked the hook from the starfighter. Scur started climbing down the steps when another dropship landing on the edge of the hangar door. Scur noticed a switch on the wall next to him and it remembered that it was the hangar door switch. He quickly switched it and the door started closing. When the beasts finally broke free of the dropship they were crushed by the hangar doors.

Scur switched the hangar doors to open and jumped into the starfighter and started it up. He started floating when yet another dropship landed on the edge of the hangar. He searched and found the missile shot and fired the missile only dented the dropship, so Scur fired another missile at the ship this time it barely missed and hit the edge of the ship sending it spinning to the edfge of the hangar and falling.

By then, the starfighter was speeding out of the hangar and he started going upwards when he remembered that he wouldn't be able to get past the blockade above him. Scur decided to fly along the top of the buildings and get out of view of the Capitol Ships.

10-16-2005, 03:59 PM
Darth Sinister stood at the bridge observation window, high in orbit above the besieged TARIS. He had his large arms folded accross his powerful chest, as he waited in anticipation news of his frenzeid terror campaign on the planet below.

The admiral sprinted from the command console, and kneeled behind Lord Sinister.
"Master" he exclaimed. "The wookie mutants have wreaked havoc on the streets below, the population is in chaos."

Sinister smiled coldly. "Ah, so my pets passed their test. Admiral, have our men on the surface begin rounding up and capturing as many people as possible. So more human subjects can be placed in my Project Omega." Sinister commanded. "And have all prisoners, troops, and beasts rounded up, and back on this ship within the hour. That will give us enough time just to keep the republic guessing. HAHAHAHAH"

"All will be done as you command Lord Sinister." The admiral stood, turned on his heel, and went to the comm to make his Lord's announcement.

Sinister just continued staring into the blackness that is space, eager contemplating his rise into greatness. "Soon I will have an army of genetically enhanced warriors, not only wookie, but soon human as well. It will be an army bread for a single purpose, to bring about an end to the age of the Republic, and the death of the Jedi Order. It will be an age where I reign supreme, and bring about the new era, where only the strong survive. The age of the Sith is upon them." Sinister gleefully thought to himself. His plans were in motion, his genetic mutantswere already wreaking havoc on a planetary scale, but soon with the addition of Project Omega, human mutations would make up his core, fearless, painless, mindless servants to his will.

The First of the transports he could see from his viewport were returning to his vessel The Kracken.

10-16-2005, 06:04 PM
Tysy, of course, was still aboard the Myriad. However, she had
crawled into one of the bunks in the upper-level dormitory for a quick nap.
It would take a good, long while to reach Korriban, so Tysy decided she
might as well take advantage of all the down-time she had at her disposal.

Even though she was not that strong of a Jedi Padawan, or even as the
neutral Force Sensitive female she was, she knew her nightmare. It was
no mere re-enactment of the destruction of Taris by Darth Malak. This
bad dream was of a new attack, an assault that was happening now!

Hundreds were screaming and running, trying to outrace the mutated giants
headed for them. Some had spikes coming out of their heads, some had thick
and almost impenetrable fur, and yet others were grossly, completely bald.
These hairless ones were the worst creatures--they howled with a bestial
rage that could come from nothing Force-sentient. What in Dxun were they?!

Tysy sat bolt upright, climbed down from her bunk, and headed for Graothar
in the cockpit. She wasn't sure if the Wookiee would believe her story, but
she had to try. Tysy had heard tales of shared visions between Dark Lord
Revan and his companion and lover, Bastila. Maybe this was a vision...

"Graothar," she said quickly. "I just had a nightmare, but it may be more
than that. The nightmare was of hundreds of people on Taris running
and fleeing these foul creatures who--looked like Wookiees, but there's
no way anyone would call them by that name once they saw them!
What do you think? Should we still stay on course for Korriban? I just
may have been having a bad dream due to my emotional stress." She paused.

10-16-2005, 06:52 PM
"I heard of this kind of thing." Graothar said to Tysy. "It happened to Revan and Bastila." he added. "I'll reset the course to Taris." he said. He stopped and by chance he stopped at Taris."Oh !@#$." he thought to himself. 'SOMEONE GET TO THE TURRETS! WE'VE GOT COMPANY!" Groathar shouted at the top of his voice.

10-16-2005, 07:34 PM
Sinister Watched comfortably from the command deck as the final transports carrying his pets, prisoners, and sith troopers, enterred the hangar bay. He smiled confidently to himself, and folded his hands behind his back.

"My lord Sinister all ships are accounted for." Stated the admiral.

Sinsiter turned and faced his ships commander. "Excellent. Then I suggest its time to leave this pathetic world behind. Set a course for Thule, it is time to pick up the first wave of Project Omega. Order all ships to make the jump for Thule."

"As you command my lord." the admiral replied, as he gestured for his men to punch in the coordinates.

"I feel an echo through the force, I'll be in my chambers, contact me when we have returned to THULE, admiral." Sinister turned and headed off of the bridge, and to his personal quarters. The elevator doors slid silently shut, as his cape flowed behind his imposing form.

The Kracken's engines rumbled and hissed, as the hyperdrive kicked in, and left Taris in its wake.

10-16-2005, 07:36 PM
Coryn ran as fast as he could to the gun turrets. Climbing up the ladder to the turrets, he got in and got the systems up and running. Looking out the window, he saw about eight fighters coming in. Laying down a volley of fire, he destroyed one and damaged one of them. More fire was coming from the bottom turret and a few more went down.

Looking at the planet he saw that it was Taris. Except there were Sith ships attacking it, with dropships landing and burning Taris up. I thought we were going to Korriban, he thought. I guess we had a change of plans.

Jedi Atomic
10-16-2005, 08:38 PM
(((Darth Sion, I crushed some dropships up, so how can all ships be accounted for?)))

Scur headed into space and wondered where to now and why the Sith would attack Taris, and what were these beasts that seemed like mutated wookies? He decided to wait then head back to Taris as soon as the Sith left to examine the beasts he killed in the hangar.

10-16-2005, 09:39 PM
(((All the ships that werent destroyed)))
On The Kraken
Gazing at Taris as it was destroyed, Cronus was impressed by what Sion had accomplished and he had not, yet he felt good for him. Almost like a lightsider but still a space cold heart. Cronus walked into Sinisters chamber

Cronus: What you have done to Taris will rip the Republic in half since they will be in shock and awe after just rebuilding it and having it destroyed again. Except more to the point where it would take a century to rebuild it then what Malak had done and they rebuilt it in a few years. I must congradulate you on what you have achieved. I remember us padawans clawing through the ranks killing everyone that stood in our path. It seems like we share a bond, but we are not a Jedi, we are sith, and the force is giving us an unlimited amount of power. Everything you destroy, all that energy goes to both of us. It would seem that if one died, the other would too. We must be weary of our surroundings.
Now that I have said that. I have an idea for your army. We take a Sith jedi and mutate him with half of the wookie mutation and a force sensitive. I can supply the force sensitive. Hes my aprentice. Then after that, we will clone that man into 2 then 4 then 8 then to thousands! All under our control!

10-16-2005, 10:36 PM
Tysy had to stuff the edge of her Padawan cloak in her mouth to keep
from rupturing the eardrums of those around her. No sooner had they
entered Taris space than the fleets of the Sith bombarded the planet
for the second time in the course of five years! Tears sprang to her eyes.

"Why?" she wailed when Tysy thought the impulse to scream had
finally passed. "Why would the Sith destroy Taris when it has barely begun
to regain its former glory? Why not Dantooine, where the Light Side is strong,
or perhaps Manaan, for its serenity and beauty? Taris had--" She shuddered.
"Taris had a chance, or so I thought. Some Sith-squelching hero I am! Why
in the galaxy didn't I have that nightmare before it could really happen?"

Silence. That is, until D-452 spoke up. "Mistress," it chided her gently,
"perhaps we should reset our course from the planet of Korriban. If we
venture there, we might destroy the plague, and thus partially vanquish
the meatbags--I mean organics--that you call the Sith. Shall I proceed?"

"Da," moaned Tysy. "Konyeshna. Of course. The sooner
we get to the source of the plague, to its heart, the better."

D-452 nodded and reprogrammed the Myriad's hyperspace coordinates
for a graveyard world. But, what better place for a disease to lie dormant?

10-17-2005, 12:18 AM
Unknown to the others aboard the [Myriad, Kharne's modified comlink also communicated with a Kel Dor currently on Taris. The Kel Dor was a Gray Jedi who had helped Kharne escape and later allowed Kharne to borrow credits to start up his career, and then set up a shop, hanging up his lightsaber. The Kel Dor's name was Aegis Valheru.

Aegis with quite a bit of effort force pushed the raging beast into a wall where he picked up a sith tremor sword from his rack and removed the beast's head. He picke dup his lightsaber which lay a distance away and looked out his shop window to see many other shops were being destroyed the same way with those.. beasts ripping and tearing apart soldiers and civilian alike.
Gah, wish Kharne was visiting, I could have used his help. Lightsabers won't work... damn thing shorted out on me against the beast... most likely they have some sort of cortosis weaved into their armour, I had best -
Aegis grunted when a squeeling suddenly came through his comlink lying on the table, picking it up he listened anddisbelievingly heard Kharne's voice.
"Aegis, Aegis! You still alive?"
Aegis spread his mind across and looked for the familiar mind and found him aboard a small freighter. Indeed. These beasts are ransacking Taris, once they're done with it, it'll be Malak all over again.
"Ick, that mind speech always freaked me out, listen, get on your snub fighter and get out, the Sith Blockade has a small gap in it while our freighter's dusting a few ships, get out now!"
Without replying Aegis leapt over the counter and ran to his hangar.

As Aegis flew past the debris of the Sith fighters he went into hyperspace and stopped by Manaan. Kharne was too far away to contact and since he couldn't speak Aegis has lost Kharne. But to his relief Kharne had expected this and spoke through his comlink again.
"Aegis... Me and... Sith Plague... to... Korriban... there... Out."
Damn static.

Turning his ship around Aegis knocked in the hyperspace coordinates and leaned back in the fighter seat.
Korriban. Wonder what Kharne is doing there....

Kharne leaned back on his bunk again and hoped Aegis got the message.
He'd better have or else he'd most likely find two dead Mandalorians,. a midget, half-trained jedi, wookie and a broken droid.

10-17-2005, 12:19 AM
The man sat meditating in the ancient temple, the bodies of many students lying around him. Some had saber wounds on their bodies, others had had the life snuffed out of them before they had even known who or what had assulted them. It made no difference to the man. A dead opponent does not rise to fight another day. The manner of their death mattered little.
The entire time, the man had been watching several events play out before him. He wasn't sure how, but he had found a ship with a Mandalorian and a frightened Force Sensative aboard. And he somehow knew...call it a hunch, that these two would be major pawns in this game of Dejarik that was beginning to unfold across the galaxy...

Special Ability Gained: Foresight

10-17-2005, 12:56 AM
Coryn leaned back as the ship jumped into hyperspace and left Taris. I wonder why that Sith ship was assaulting Taris. Kinda seems like Taris has this big neon sign saying "bomb me"! First Malak, then rebuilt, then this.

He slid down out of the turret and headed toward the cockpit. Huge monsters closing in on them... The strange figure in black who attacked him...The strange beings that looked like wookies, crushing and killing them. The vision came back to him as he walked through the ship.

Coryn climbed down into the cockpit and found Tysy, Graothar, and D-452 in the cockpit. "What happened there? And why did we go to Taris instead of Korriban, did something happen?"

10-17-2005, 01:56 AM
"Just what I was thinking kiddo," Walking in and putting his hand on Coryn's head, looking at Tysy "He narrowed his eyes, "You got a bit of explaining to do lil lady, the worst thing a Mandalorian can do is charge at the enemy with a blindfold on."
As he spoke, his other hand had been fingering the blaster at his belt...

10-17-2005, 11:14 AM
"She had a vision." said Solidus as he walked towards them. Not trusting Kharne he used the force to pull the blaster from Kharnes. Solidus slided the blaster behind him. "Darth Sinister is behind this attack. He is a fool. He's attacked Taris without thinkinf of the consiquencs."

10-17-2005, 11:53 AM
"Darth Sinister... Never heard of him. Some new Sith goon that has come up?" Coryn and Kharne both asked.
"Darth Sinister is dangerous. Even if he is a fool he is dangerous-we are going to have to be careful." Soludis replied.

The Myriad sped through space toward the planet called Korriban. Coryn watched out the viewport as the ship got closer to the planet. Something... There was something he sensed... Something that he couldn't recognize. Something was going to happen - soon.

Looking down at his hand, he thought about his dream. Falling down into a room with large monsters of wookiees. His friends falling beside him. And no weapons he could use except for a broken one...A lightsaber - In his hand.

10-17-2005, 12:22 PM
Solidus walked up to Coryn. He pulled the trouser leg of the mandalorian. Touching him he had a quick vision of him and Tysy, sleeping together. But Coryn pulled out a knife and stabbed volient at Tysy's chest, but Solidus knew it was just the dark aura from the planet. "Mandalorian. May I have quick word with you ?"

10-17-2005, 01:06 PM
Coryn's trouser leg had to be tugged twice before he noticed someone was there. Jumping and looking around, he saw nothing, then looked at his feet. It was Soludis, the little green alien. Soludis repeated his question.
"Mandalorian, may I have a word with you?"
"Um, sure, what is it?'' Coryn replied, sitting back down. He looked back out the viewport.

10-17-2005, 02:20 PM
"It's about the padawan." Solidus changed his tone to a quiet one"Do you know about the lawfull sith that once rivaled the republic?"

10-17-2005, 02:30 PM
Kharne picked up his blaster and looked out onto Korriban's starport, smiling maliciously, he continued to finger the blaster. Suddenly he heard a small *pat*, spinning around he pulle dhis blaster out and looked around. Frowning he replaced his blaster and looked out onto Korriban.

Aegis slowly exited his ship.
"Hello, there, off-worlder." Looking down he saw a Czerka Employee, the payment for landing is 2000 credits. Pay up."
"I do not need to pay the 2000 credits. Go on your way."
"You do not need to pay the 2000 credits. I will go on my way."
Aegis hopped down to the ground and slowly made his way towards the cantina. Several men and women attempted to accost him, who were either persuaded to leave or lost their heads.

He watched as men and women bussled back and forth, No sign of Kharne and his crew. But knowing Kharne he'll be here some time. I'll just sit and wait.
Pulling up a stool by a table, he waved the bartender away and simply watched.

10-17-2005, 06:00 PM
"The Lawful Sith? Yes, I know about them. Commanded by the Jedi Exile, Tysyacha, who made new Sith Order. From what I heard, assualted Coruscant but then was killed by one of her own Sith under her command. Her husband helped the Jedi defeat that Sith Lord, Sion, then dissappeared. What about Tysy?"

Jedi Atomic
10-17-2005, 06:01 PM
Scur soon orbited around Taris looking for the Sith Fleet, and when he spotted the destruction, some defence tower crushed, he quickly landed the starfighter in the hangar which he came out of before the invasion. To his suprise he wondered why the Sith Fleet only attacked for a short time, and not destroying everything.

When he flew into the hangar an officer and his guards waited for him to land. They pulled out a ladder for him and asked him for his passcard. When he Jumped off the last step he heard them and pulled out his passcard showing that he was part of the restoration crew and a replacement soldier in the military base. They approved asked who killed these beasts, and Scur told them he did. "Well, thank you, because none were killed outside and we need to send them to the Experimental Lab for study." thanked the Officer. "Oh, and also, go to the base and tell them I sent you they'll know why."

10-17-2005, 06:22 PM

Sinister had returned to his hidden facilities on the ancient world of Thule. His dark spirit was twisted with a sickening glee, as his new experiments had indeed passed their test. Taris served as a perfect labrat for his new genetic mutations.

Darth Sinister strutted through hidden lab facility, overlooking his nearly complete wave one from Project Omega. The human subjects, like the wookies had doubled in size, their skin had changed to a steel colored grey, from the cortosis that was injected into their bloodstream, turning their flesh into a nearly impenetrable armor. Their eyes now glowed a neon green, and their heads bald. He had an interesting idea, could these meta-humans be infused with the force, was it possible? All he knew for sure was, that he would need one that was exceptionally strong in the force, and whose blood was pure.

His thoughts were interupted, as a large cranking noise stung through the air. He looked to his left, and saw inside the phase one chamber of the Omega project, as Sith troopers forced captured Tarisian prisoners into the large incubation chambers.
"Ah the new volunteers" he smugly muttered. He walked up to the glass and pressed the comm. Commander Gran who was overseeing the induction of the new prisoners into the program, turned to face Darth Sinister. "Commander Grann, get our new specimens into the program as quickly as possible, and begin genetic amplifying immediately." Sinister commanded. "My lord, the children that have been captured, are not sufficient to serve as test subjects, they will die, proving of little value. What should I have done with them?" Grann questioned. Sinister smiled darkly. "The same thing we have done to all of the slaves we have captured who have not proven effective for immediate testing, put them to use in the crystal mines beneath the academy. Im sure the trandoshan will put them to the most efficient use that he sees fit."

"It will be done my lord.Might I add that the Trandoshan, Tretiak is most merciless, and has done an exemplary job of maximizing the output of the slaves we capture, these human children will be no different I'm sure. " Grann turned back to his officers, and began gesturing towards the frightened children, who stood huddled accross the room, being guarded by several Sith troopers, and Several of the Trandoshan guards from the lord Tretiak's crystal mines. Sinister watched as the Trandoshans hissed their commands and trained their heavy blasters on the children, and forced them out of the lab, and into the mines where they would spend the rest of their short lives under the whip and cortosis claw of Tretiak.

Sinister was quite amused, and headed out of the labs, and into the command center, to meet with his top scientists, to discuss the possiblity of infusing some of his new Meta-soldiers with the force. He walked quickly out of the lab, his footseps echoing off the ground,his cape flowing about him, he could feel the eyes of many of the prisoners on him as he left, it would be the last sight they would ever see, as soon they would be nothing more than beasts under his command.

.................................................. .................................................. ................

Tretiak sat in the heart of his mine, in the command center, overseeing the operation of his resource management. He could see Several sith guards joined by some of his trandoshan mercs, taking time out of their routine to whip several of his slave laborers, looks like a their victims were a couple of ithorians, and a twi'lek. Sights accross the mine were similar to this one, every so often a worker would collapse from exhaustion, and his men would revive the being, only punish it with a beating or two.

Tretiak was a large Trandoshan, standing at 2.02 metres or (6'6). His scales which were a dark metallic green color. His eyes were a deep scarlett red, except for the black slit, which formed his pupil. He had a mouth full of white razor sharp fangs. He wore a the standard Black uniform of a Sith General. Unlike many trandoshans he wore black boots, customized, to fit his clawed feet. His hands were large, and he kept his claws perfectly cared for, leaving them razor sharp. At his hip, in a holster, was his customized repeating pistol, next to that was a black whip, made from cortosis, rolled up on his belt.

Tretiak looked down at the entrance to his mine, where the bodies of two aqualish who attemted an escape, hung, as a warning to any who would attempt the same.
Two of his guards entered followed by a row of what looked to be about 100 human children. His eyes lit up with a dark joy. "Ah what is this, Darth Sinister has sent me new permanent residents for my mines." He hissed gleefully.

Tretiak made his way down to the entrance, where the children awaited. He approached he saw several sith troopers, and his men, who brought in the kids, stand at attention and salute. HE stared menacingly at the chilren as he walked closer, some of the "mini-humans" began to cry in fear at his rather large and imposing form.
"Silence you vile little sacks of rotting flesh."He hissed loudly. Many did become silent, however one child, a little boy cried for his mother, and would not be silent, despite urging from the other children. Tretiak silently stepped forward, grabbed the child by the throat lifted him into the air, and snapped his spine with one hand. He dropped the boys lifeless form to the floor, as the other horrified children watched on. Several of his guards laughed as he performed his typical cruelty. "Does any one else want their mommies?" He snarled. The children remained wide eyed and silent. "Without further adieu, let me be the first to welcome you, to where you will spend the rest of your short pathetic existences. I am Tretiak, and I run this fine establishment for Darth Sinister, and he has entrusted me with your care and welfare. Let me go over my rules, so that there will be no confusion. No talking, no crying, no sleeping or resting during work hours. Hard work, and adherence to the code, will result in your being fed, and your survival. Those who don't conform to my code, will be severly punished, as you can see." points towards the two hanging corpses of the aqualish above their heads. "Without wasting anymore of my time, Krewwel, introduce them to their chains."
"Gladly Lord Tretiak" Krewwel, his chief Trandoshan guard, hissed. "Lets move you maggotts" Snarled Krewwel, as he and several other sith and Trandoshans shoved the Children deeper into the mine, and likely to their doom.

Tretiak stood with his arms folded accross his chest, watching happily as the children were put quickly to work. His thoughts were sharply interrupted by his comlink, beepin at his waist. He pulled it out and responded. "Tretiak here". "Ah, Tretiak, my fine Trandoshan friend, how are our miniscule little annoyances adapting to your ways?" Sinister questioned in a maniacal tone. "they'll learn quickly, or they'll die." Tretiak responded with dark humor. "I request your presence in the command center at the labs Tretiak, to discuss my plans for final victory." Sinister commanded. "I'm already there" Responded the brutish Trandoshan, as he boarded a small tunnel speeder, and made his way towards the Lab complex.

10-17-2005, 11:13 PM
Tysy nodded at Coryn. "Everything you say is true. Tysyacha Dvukhsotnaya,
Dark Lady of the Lawful Sith, was my grandmother. However, shortly after
giving birth to my father, Kilian, and his twin brother Zoltan, she died of
asphyxiation by one of the other members of her star-crossed order. I do
not intend to follow her former path, but she was turned back towards
the Light by one of the Jedi Masters who helped to rescue her and
defeat Darth Sion. I have a dark past, but that does not mean I have
a dark future by default." She gazed into Coryn's eyes pensively.

"Excuse me, Master and Mistress," interrupted a certain nervous
protocol droid, "but it seems we have made our landing upon the
surface of Korriban. I suggest we disembark from aboard the
Myriad and explore our barren environmental surroundings."

"Good idea, D-452," replied Tysy, "but you're coming with us.
Someone needs to stay here and guard the ship. If there are
any organic--um, I mean living and sentient beings--here on
Korriban, whether they be Sith or not, they might try to steal
this vessel. As far as I know, Korriban is not very famous for its
easily-accessible exits. And--we need someone more than a droid..."

"How about you?" said a sly, smirking voice. "Tysy, you yourself admit
that your combat skills are very weak. Who's to say that you won't
get tricked or ambushed upon the surface of this Force-forsaken
planet? If you guard the Myriad, perhaps you will be in less
danger than you would be if you ventured to discover the source of
the plague. If we have no ship, then we have no lifeline, no salvation,
no portal into hyperspace or onto other worlds. What do you think?"

(OOC: I'm thinking that if Tysy stays with the ship, perhaps Lord
Vereck or Darth Sinister could capture her. Otherwise, she will go
onto the surface of Korriban looking for the plague, and thus meet
our new female Twi'lek companion. Also, feel free to take possession
of "the sly, smirking voice." It sure wasn't Tysy who said that! :)
What do you think of this idea, Tysy getting captured so early on?)

10-17-2005, 11:47 PM
(((That is an ok idea of her getting captured early on. The rest of us would try and discover the plague and find Tysy. But you could wait and go through Korriban and meet the Twi-Lek companion, then after we leave get captured. And is the "sly smirking voice" a new character on our ship, or is it somebody specific?)))

10-17-2005, 11:49 PM
((Na, I dont think so, currently Tysy's character is a bit raw, and to play in tune we'd have a psychotic Coryn, maybe get captured later on in the story but certainly not now. Star Characters gotta stay on for a bit before getting bumped ^_- and the voice shall be Kharne.. afterall none of you lot like him... yet))

10-17-2005, 11:57 PM
Sinister sat in a room, filled with his top officers, and scientists. They chattered eagerly amongst themselves, until the shadowy dark lord rose to his feet. The room grew silent as his staff waited for him to speak. "My Dear friends" He spoke in his familiarand cold tone. As he began his speech, the monster of a Trandoshan, Tretiak entered the meeting room, and took his place at his masters side, and folded his reptilian arms accross his chest. Sinister continued." As you all are well aware, my mutant wookies passed their test on Taris. They exceeded even my expectations. But they were just an experimental group. The true prize, is Project Omega, which is in its final stage. But I say why stop there, when we can infuse my Meta-human brutes with the force. imagine that an army of unstoppable drones, who wield the force, and bow to my will. A new supersoldier, to usher in a new order."

"But sir, it is impossible to infuse the force into beings who do not already possess it." A scientist spoke.

Sinister regarded this man with a cold calm. "All life is touched by the force, all I need is a sample of pure untainted blood, from a force user, from a powerful line, one who is strong in the force, but yet has not been tainted by either side of the force. Then and only then can the sample be converted into a serum, infusing the brutes with the darkside of the force. Search the galaxy, bring the one I require. Dispatch assassins throughout the galaxy, find me my specimen."

10-18-2005, 12:00 AM
Kharne suddenly shivered, one hand clutching his blaster while he thought of the burning Taris caused by the Sith fleet. Without waiting for an answer he spun on his heel and left towards the exit.

10-18-2005, 12:04 AM
Coryn angrily looked at the retreating Kharne. "Yes, perhaps she would be in less danger, but she was the one sent on the mission, and so I think that it is best that she comes with us. I doubt any of us - with the exception of Soludis - would know how to discover a force plague. But that still leaves us with the question: Who is going to stay and guard the ship?"

"We will probably need Tysy, and Soludis, they are Jedi and would sense the dark side here. As for Graothar, he would be helpful too, and I am not sure that he would want too stay. Of course, then Kharne might stay here for his fighting skills, which I am sure are so superior to ours. But I think that he would be helpful on this planet too."

Kharne smiled, "So, that just leaves you Coryn. Are you good enough to come with us, kiddo? Of course, I suppose so, since you are the important one." He said sarcastically.

Coryn managed to control himself and retorted, "As for me, now, I will let you decide. I am not arrogant enough to believe I am the best here."

10-18-2005, 12:20 AM
"Mmm... You think I believe I'm so ignorant as to believe I'm the best in the group?" Kharne smiled thinly, "Perhaps the most expierience but hardly the best, the strong survive and the weak suffer, that is life's cycle, you never see the cannok eat the zakkeg, why? Because the zakkeg is stronger. Even if she was appointed for this mission, she is still the weakest link. Though perhaps, she should not guard the vessel... I would rather not have a dead girl lying next to where the Myriad "Should be".
Frowning suddenly his eyebrows furrowed together and he scratched his jaw.
"This... Force Plague... Does it aim specifically for Force Sensitives or those who use the Force regularly? If it is the latter Soludis and Tysy need to keep an eye on their force abilities, if I'm right this Plague would strike like the plague on Derson II, ripping apart the males before they realise they have the plague. Pah, I worry too much, you lot keep discussing if you wish I'm heading down for a look." Kharne turned his back on the murderous gaze of Coryn and headed down the cargo ramp, twirling his blasters in each hand.

10-18-2005, 01:48 PM
"Accutaly I have seen a cannok eat a zakkeg. But I shall stay here. The force plauge only attacks the ones who use the force of light. They objectives are pretty simple. Dont use any force power and Find information on the force plauge. I would check the Valley of the dark lords."

10-18-2005, 01:56 PM
"Well, then-what are we waiting for? Lets head out." Coryn got up and grabbed his weapons from a nearby footlocker. He looked at the rest of them. "Is D-452 coming with us too, or is he staying with Soludis? We might need some of his sensors, but then again he might be better at guarding the Myriad," he asked.

10-18-2005, 02:14 PM
"He can go with you. Protical droids bore me." Solidus threw a com-link at Tysy. "Take this. If you need to contact me, use it. Using the force at this point is too risky"

10-18-2005, 03:12 PM
Tysy, Coryn, D-452 and the others set out upon the surface of what was
supposedly a barren planet. However, what the group discovered as soon
as they disembarked from the Myriad was a Czerka Corporation
outpost, complete with customs officers roaming around collecting fees!

"Excuse me," said one of these same customs officers matter-of-factly,
"but there is a docking fee of 2,000 credits per vessel for landing rights.
If you cannot afford this fee, please contact Mira Handarr, a bounty
hunter over at the Czerka Cantina, for debtor's work at that facility. Do
any of you have any questions?" he asked. He didn't seem like a bad sort.

"For starters, I don't have 2,000 credits," said Tysy meekly, "and, no
offense to any of you in this group, but I don't think we do, either. If
I'm wrong, however, please feel free to pay up!" A short, sheepish laugh.
No one did. Tysy backtracked. "Um, I thought that Korriban was a barren
world, covered with nothing but tombs of the Ancient Sith." She coughed.

"That used to be true," said the customs officer, "but since we discovered
the valuable artifacts in those tombs, Czerka Corp. stood to make a killing.
Pardon the pun, miss, but we have. See Mira Handarr over at the cantina
if you're looking to make credits in a hurry. You don't have to hunt. Dancers
make twice as much in an hour, and there's not all that searching to do!"

"Speaking of searching, we're searching for information on a mmm-mmgh!"
Coryn gently slipped his hand over Tysy's mouth. This Czerka man could be trouble.

"Sorry, I only know about the credits I'm supposed to collect," said the officer.
"Good day, and I hope all of you can earn the requisite landing rights fee soon."
He turned to leave, and Coryn and his party strolled toward the Czerka Cantina.

10-18-2005, 03:33 PM
Solidus used the com-link to talk to the Tysy and her party. She explained the situation. "A landing toll, heh? I would take the ship and fly it around for a while. That way you dont having to pay a toll. How about it?"

10-18-2005, 04:03 PM
Taa'la was in the middle of a rather strange conversation with a pilot. Two Czerka men stood by and listened.

"So then they told me I'd have to pay them a rather large sum of money or I'd suffer public humiliation," he told her. "And I don't know what to do."

"They're bluffing," Taa'la told him. "Keep your credits. There will be no humiliation. Your reputation as a good pilot is too solid. Nothing Czerka could say about you would change that."

"Oh, we can change things, Twi'lek," one of the Czerka men growled. "In fact, we could have your docking permit revoked. Don't push us or we'll do just that. It'd be better for you if you just left Korriban and took up a career of dancing!"

Taa'la laughed. "Is that so?" She waved a hand in their faces. "Go back to your jobs... there's nothing to be gained from this verbal confrontation."

The Czerka men backed off and Taa'la shrugged. The other man turned to her.

"You're a Jedi?" he gasped.

"Was," Taa'la answered. "Now go on. Your reputation will never be ruined by Czerka."

The pilot thanked her and ran off to his ship.

10-18-2005, 04:31 PM
There was darkness all around...the man could hardly tell floor from wall from ceiling. There was a hiss of a lightsaber behind him and he turned towards the noise. There, before him, was a girl and a Mandalorian. He thought he could discern shapes behind them, but the darkness shrouded around them. The man smiled cockily, igniting his own blood red blades. Crossing them in front of him, he spoke. "So, you have come." He didn't even try to attack, and instead gathered the Force around him. "A pity that one so young will have to die in a place like this." He fired the gathered power, using the Plauge, and it enveloped around the woman. The man beside her howled and jumped at him with a sword drawn. The man sneered and put up a lightsaber, stopping the Mandalorian's blow easily. "Pitiful." The man struck again, and again his blade was stopped, this time by the other lightsaber. "I thought that Mandalorians were supposed to be able to fight." Once again, the vibroblade whistled through the air, but the man stopped it with one saber, knocked it from his hands with the other, then blasted a kick into the Mandalorian's gut. The warrior was sent sailing through the air, landing hard on his back a few feet away. The man walked over, standing above the Mandalorian, and put a humming blade just beneath his neck. "And so ends the great Mandalorian protector."

((By the way, that was a vision. Just a little FYI. :D))

10-18-2005, 04:51 PM
Graothar approached the Czerka guy."I have 2000 credits. I will pay the mantanence fee." he said to him. He took the credits. "Very well. It has been payed." the Czerka guy said to Tysy."There goes the last of my paycheck." he thought.

Jedi Atomic
10-18-2005, 04:56 PM
Scur hurried over to the base and the receptionist asked, "Excuse me, do you have permission to enter?"
"Yes, an officer told me to tell you that i killed the beasts in the hangar." said Scur.
"Oh, well go down this hallway to the end and he is in that room." told the receptionist as the door next to her opened.

Scur walked down the hallway to the end and pressed the switch to open the door. When Scur walked in, the commander was standing waiting. Both greet each other, "So, your the man who killed the beast/wookies?"
"Why, yes I am."
"Well, thank you for killing them, because we need to research on what the Sith used to attack us with. Oh, and here's some credits to thank what you did for us."
"You didn't......."
The commander turns around and walks to the control panel.

Scur walked out and thought. If the Sith are going to keep invading planets, what's the use restoring them?

He decided to back inside and asked, "Could I get a piloting job and train here?"
"Of course, just head to the barracks and ask the officer."
"O.K. thank you."
Scur heads down to the barracks and asked the Officer if Scur could learn to be a pilot. The Officer agrees and brings him to a hangar. When Scur walks in there are many young men sitting down and learning how to be a pilot. The Officer stops and says, "O.K., here is the ship you'll start with."

Scur jumps in and waits for the officer's command. The Officer tells him the controls and says "Once I get into that ship over there launch whenver and shoot the targets. Scur wais for him to get in his starfighter and he launches out of the hangar, followed by the officer.

10-18-2005, 06:21 PM
Darth Sinister Entered the mines, what he saw, was the typically familair sight, of his men and the trandoshans beating, and abusing the poor fools forced to work there. He continued up the stairs, to the main watch center in the mine, as he approached the guards snapped at attention, and saluted their dark master.

Tretiak turned from the observation window to greet his master. "Lord sinister we are honored by your presence, what brings you to my little slice of paradise." The trandoshan hissed sarcastically.

Sinister smugly smiled." I have an important job for you my fine reptillian comrade."
Tretiak nodded in agreement. Sinister continued "Several spies working in the cezerka outpost on Korriban, have claimed that s rather unique band of spacer has arrived. Asking all kinds of fascinating questions about the ruins, adn the academy. Also I have felt a strong force presence there during my meditation, like beacon calling for me. Your task is simple, find the source, track it, get a sample of its Dna for me, and return here, So I may complete the final stage of Project Omega."

"I will leave immediately" Tretiak turns to Krewell "You are in charge until I return"
The second lizard nods in approval.

"You have trained me well master, I will not fail you." Tretiak proclaimed. "of course not, I have forseen your victory" replied sinsiter confidently.

10-18-2005, 08:01 PM
Coryn looked at Groathar. "Thanks, but I had enough credits to get through that. I will pay you back; I have a lot more."
Graothar replied, "No, keep it."
Coryn pulled out the credits and gave them to Graothar anyways, "You might need it."

LS Points Gained: 20

Coryn, Tysy, and Graothar walked through the Czerka outpost. There were a few spacers here, a lot of Czerka employees hounding people for fees -Just like them, he thought- and a few aliens. Looking out of the outpost he could see some of the ruins and the academey. "I think that we will have to get outside and into the Valley of the Sith Lords. I doubt there is anything here in this outpost. Besides, I can't stand the Czerka anyways." D-452 chimed in, "I agree with him, mistress. The exit is over there, shall we make our way there."

They attempted to head outside, but, yet again, they were stopped by a Czerka employee. "Hold it there, I don't think you would be wanting to go out there. We have men working out there, but it is not safe. Unless, of course, you can-"

"Hand over 2000 credits, I know." Coryn scowled at the Czerka. "Everything is about money, isn't it."

"This outpost is Czerka's, and is in control of Korriban (here Coryn tried very hard from laughing in his face). We are excavating - "stealing you mean, " Coryn cut in - this area here. I must insist that you pay, if you die out there, it is not our fault. I cannot let you go otherwise."

"Oh really- don't worry, if I die out there, I make sure you don't get blamed for it. Now out of my way." Graothar growled at the guard, and the Czerka started to protest, but then thought the better of it, and opened the door.

Skill Gain: Persuade +1
DS Points Gain: 5

They headed outside and came up to the door of the Sith Academy. "Well, somehow we are going to have to get through their and into the valley. What do you think we should do, Tysy?"

10-18-2005, 08:28 PM
"Coryn, something is bothering me." Groathar said to the Mandalorian. "What?" Coryn responded. "It was that attack over Taris." the Wookie said to him."It seemed too small to be a full scale attack. Plus, Tysy said there were mutated Wookies on the surface. I have never heard of mutated Wookies in the Sith army." Graothar told Coryn.(sry about the charecter control RobQel-Droma)

10-18-2005, 09:08 PM
"Maybe Darth Sinister wasn't trying to assualt the city completely. It might have been a test attack; Those mutated wookiees are some new edition to his army, he might have been trying them out. I only wish we knew where his base was." Coryn replied as they headed threw the old academy

10-18-2005, 09:29 PM
"I think," replied Tysy, "that we should all watch our steps very carefully.
This academy is, in fact, deserted. My grandmother Tysyacha, the Jedi
Exile, also had to explore this place in her quest against Darth Traya.
Perhaps if we masquerade as new trainees, new students, the ruins
of this school of the Dark Side will let us pass. Hopefully, the Dark
Side presence here will mask the Force sensitivities of myself and
Solidus." Tysy squared her shoulders and prepared to advance.

10-18-2005, 11:11 PM
Taa'la watched as Tysy and co. walked past the cantina and frowned. They were headed toward the deserted Sith Academy. As she watched them, she forgot the drink in her hand. It slipped and shattered on the floor, startling her out of her concentration. Interested, she paid for the drink and slipped out of the cantina.

"I wouldn't enter there if I were you," Taa'la called, hurrying up to the group, one hand on her lightsaber to prevent it from coming loose from her belt. "Though deserted, it is still dangerous. Creatures from the Shyrack caves and the Valley of the Sith Lords have entered through the broken doors. For this reason, the gates of Dreshdae remain shut unless fools decide to pass through."

She examined the group. "Most of you are not fools, I think," she went on. "Therefore you must understand that you are in need of a being who has entered this place... and come out of it alive." She gave a short bow. "I am Taa'la Vel."

10-18-2005, 11:22 PM
A small Sith shuttle came out of hyperspace just above korriban. It flew in low, and landed in the small docking area of Dreshdae. The ramp extended, and four heavily armed Trandoshan guards exited, and stood at full attention. They were soon followed by a huge hulking monster of a Trandoshan, as Tretiak made his way down the ramp and into the settlement, he was in his typical full Sith uniform. He approached the docking bay customs agent, who whispered information into his ear about thecrew of They Myriad. He smiled a cold smile, bearing his mouthful of razor sharp fangs. He gestured to his troops to guard the bay, as he exited the landing zone, and made his way through the czerka settlement. As he struuted quickly through the colony, he recieved his usual reaction, sentient beings quickly scurrying from his path, he always found this to be supremely amusing. HE passed by what was the cantina, and stared at the bouncer guarding the door, the Rodian simply gestured towards the academy, as if already knowing that which he pursued. Tretiak pulled his Black Lightsaber hilt from the belt of his Sith uniform, and held it in his left claw, as he prepared to stalk his prey.

10-18-2005, 11:57 PM
The door suddenly opened and through them stepped a Mandaloriuan and a Kel Dor, Kharne and Aegis. " You are not the only one who managed that Twilek Jedi, I had to scramble aorund that pit to find this ole ugly looking pal!" Said Kharne, punching Aegis's arm as he said so.
Indeed? Thought Aegis to the groupWhen I came I found you, you were having the time of your life shooting up the creatures!

Tysy warily approached the robed and masked Kel Dor, "Hello, my name is Tysy, who are you?"
I am Aegis Valheru, someone you do not want to cross and also a friend, mainly because you managed to temporarily cow this brute standing next to me.
Tysy distinctly got the impression that if his eyes showed Aegis would have rolled them then suddenly worked out that the sentient before them had spoke in her mind!
"What? Did you just siddle in my mind?"
No. And if I wished to I would have harme dyou and left you a pathetic gibbering mass... Then he seems to be considering, Or perhaps not... You are more powerful then you look... much more powerful... Perhaps I should explain why I speak to you like this. Unlike Malak I was not a wealthy figure to have my throat replaced, even though Malak had his jaw lopped off. I was part of bastila's strike team against revan all those years ago, I was captured when during our escape a Sith got lucky and a blaster hit my side, I was captured, during torture my overzeolous overseer struck my throat with a vibroblade, you can see what the result was... Aegis raised his chin showing a thick ugly scar from the left of his throat running to the right. I will explain my relationship with Kharne later, he has filled me in with what you plan to do and for the sake of alleviating my boredom, I wish to join you, if you will have me I will help guide you if you wish.

((Sorry for borrowing your characters ppl ^_- next time I gotta look at the coversations more... just didnt want to drag this out like on the damn ship -_-))

10-19-2005, 12:23 AM
((TreeX, my suggestion would be to do less 'borrowing'. Let other people answer for themselves. Taa'la would not have been surprised at being called a Jedi. She openly wears her lightsaber at her belt.))

10-19-2005, 12:37 AM
((Irritation me are. Silly moi. Counts his fingers for stupidness today, that makes 8 >_>))

Jedi Atomic
10-19-2005, 08:14 AM

When Scur came back from training they got out and and the officer said, "Wow, you amazed me out there."
"Thank you."
"Next time you will try flying a two man starfighter."
See you tomorrow."

They both walk out and the officer heads back to the base while Scur heads to the cantina. When he walks in the cantina some girl almost knocks Scur over running out the door. Then a drunk man running, trying to keep his balance, past him knocking many people over including him. Scur forgot about and went to get a drink at the bar, with the credits. When he finished he went back to his apartment and went to sleep.

The next day he felt wierd but went back to the base and waited for the officer to come with him to the hangar. The officer came out with a man in a pilot suit.
"Meet, Rayce Farelle, he the best pilot and fighter we have and he will be flying with you in the starfighter. After they greeted each other they walked to the hangar.

They geared up and jumped into the starfighter. They started hovering then flew out of the hangar.

10-19-2005, 11:16 AM
Coryn came up with Tysy, "Who is this Kel Dor; Is he a friend of yours?"

Kharne nodded and the Kel Dor said, "I am Aegis Balheru, a former Jedi and somehow, I'm not sure, a friend of this Mandalorian brute." Aegis added chuckling.

"I could believe that," Coryn answered sarcastically, as Kharne glared at him. "I'm not sure either."

10-19-2005, 12:23 PM
The door suddenly opened and through them stepped a Mandaloriuan and a Kel Dor, Kharne and Aegis. " You are not the only one who managed that Twilek Jedi, I had to scramble aorund that pit to find this ole ugly looking pal!" Said Kharne, punching Aegis's arm as he said so.

"You have completely missed my point," Taa'la snapped. Her lekku twitched angrily. "I made no mentions to being the only one who managed to come out of the ruins alive. All I said was that I had and that this group would need a companion who had."

She shrugged. "If you don't want me here, just say so and be done with it. Don't go correcting me on something I didn't even suggest." Her lekku twitched again. "Besides, I wasn't talking to you. I was speaking to this youngster." She turned again to Tysy. "My offer of aid is still open to you."

10-19-2005, 02:28 PM
((No using 'said' for the Kel Dor, I Explained! ^_^ @_@))

Aegis tilted his head to the left looking at the Twilek and suddenly chuckled, a deep, odd chuckle, My dear, noone has dismissed Kharne and I like that since Revan's time, its about time someone's not intimidated by a Grey Jedi and a bloodthirsty Mandalorian.
Kharne yawned and stretched, and leaned against the wall, frowning, "Well?" He said, looking at Tysy.
Aegis slapped him in the back of the head, You have the patience of a tukata who smells blood.
Kharne cuffed him back and said "And you have the patience of a overgrown Krayt Dragon so that evens out." Kharne rolled his eyes.

Within the presence of Aegis, Kharne seemed a lot less angry and arrogant, something many of the other members noticed. In fact Kharne seemed entirely relaxed around the others, something they had never seen before and also his personality seemd nicer too.

<Kharne gained 20 lightside points>
<Aegis gained 10 lightside points>

10-19-2005, 03:06 PM
Tysy glanced toward the Twi'lek, Taa'la, with a generous smile. "I
would be glad for your help," she replied, "because I think you're right.
Just because I'm the granddaughter of the original Jedi Exile does not
mean that I have her power, or am even close to having such a thing."

Light Side Points Gained: 20

Then, with a savage glare, she turned to Aegis and Kharne. "As for
having the patience of an overgrown Krayt Dragon, that describes
neither one of you. That describes me. I'm not one for members of
our group fighting or acting superior to one another, and if we start
to self-destruct, I'm going to have to work hard to control my anger."

Dark Side Points Gained: 10
Net Light Side Shift

"That said, would you like to lead us through the Sith Academy?
We're not here for the precious artifacts so sought by the Czerka
Corporation. We're here for clues about the insidious Force Plague
that seems to target all Force Sensitives. Have you heard of it, Taa'la?"

10-19-2005, 03:16 PM
Taa'la took a deep breath and let it out in a hissing noise through her teeth. "I've heard of it..." She fell silent for a moment. "You're looking for clues of it? Why? What can you, a Force sensitive possibly hope to gain by seeking out that which preys on Force sensitives?"

10-19-2005, 04:31 PM
"We are trying to find it and destroy it," Coryn replied, rather annoyed, "Not that we can gain anything, except maybe a little safety from it. Would you want it to just stay here and have more Jedi be taken by it? What about you, Taa'la, you carry a lightsaber, so you must be a Jedi."

10-19-2005, 04:55 PM
"Glad to meet you, Taa'la." Graothar said to her. He started thinking to himself. "Let's see, we have a Mandalorian, a Twi'lek Jedi, a Human Jedi, a green midgit(no offence if your reading my mind),Aegis, and Kharne." "I'm going to stay with the ship. I'm not much of a fighter. he said to the group.

10-19-2005, 05:52 PM
Tysyacha took a meek step back. "I did not mean to offend you," she said
softly. "I know I'm putting my life at risk by seeking out signs of the Plague,
and also the lives of others. However, the Jedi Council asked me to help
them, and I said yes. You may wonder why we haven't asked more non-
Force Sensitives to help us if the plague only affects those who are.

"'It's about time you became like normal human beings,' I've heard
some have said, 'and normal creatures. We don't have the Force,
and neither should you.' Most of these people are jealous of our
powers, and they couldn't or wouldn't understand. This Plague is
not about depleting a Force Sensitive's reserves of power. It's a
weakening of the will, a breaking of one's spirit, before the Sith
turn the Force Sensitive to the Dark Side. At least, that's what
the Jedi Council believes may be happening."

Jedi Atomic
10-19-2005, 06:13 PM
(((Tysyacha, maybe if your in trouble and need help maybe I could help you in a starfighter bombing, with Rayce Farelle. You could make contact with a base to help you out like the Taris base and then I could or meet your charaters in the story. If i am allowed to meet your characters, maybe i could head over to Korriban on a mission and you spot me or something like that? You don't have to if you don't want to.)))

10-19-2005, 06:30 PM
"You didn't offend me," Taa'la said quietly to Tysy. Then to Coryn, she said, "Was. I was a Jedi." She smirked slightly. "But they do not find favor with me any longer and so I wander the galaxy..." a small chuckle escaped her. "... looking for trouble."

10-19-2005, 08:13 PM
"The Trandoshan" Tretiak crouched as low as he could get his massive form, as he continued stalking this crew from the ship called MYRIAD. He heard voices, like a group of people chatting. He crept ever closer, and ducked behind a broken down stone column. He remained there, and listened very carefully to the conversation. That was when he heard a rather sheepish looking little human girl mention something of a force plague, and stopping the sith. He knew immediately that he had found what he was looking for. HE had his saber ready in one claw, and his cortosis whip in the other, as he waited patiently, preparing to do what Lord Sinister had commanded.

10-19-2005, 09:11 PM
Graotahr turned and walked up the hallway. He passed a broken stone column and saw Tretiak. He saw the lightsaber and yelled at the top of his lungs "SITH!". Graothar was struck with the whip and passed out.

(I'm gonna die if someone doesn't help me.)

10-19-2005, 09:21 PM
Tretiak, "The Trandoshan" came out, and stood over the unconscious form of Graothar. He sneered full of contempt at the wookie. "Fur covered animal" he thought to himself. He continued down the path to where the crew of The Myriad stood in awe at his massive, and rather intimidating form. HE stopped about ten feet from them, and smiled a razor sharp grin, his white fangs glistening, his red merciless eyes piercing through the party like cold daggers. "Hello scum" he spoke in a cold calculating hiss. "Allow me to introduce myself, I am tretiak, Sith Assassin, and servant to the Dark lord Sinister. I give you a simple choice, throw down your weapons and give me the girl (referring to TYSY) and perhaps I'll spare your despicable lives." HE held his saber in one claw, ready to ignite, and his whip in the other.

10-19-2005, 09:56 PM
Taa'la drew her blue saber with eyes blazing and showed her teeth in a feral growl. "You'll have to go through me first, Sith Scum!" The growl turned into a half-grin. "That's right... You're the scum!"

She twirled her lightsaber, as if daring him to attack.

10-19-2005, 10:21 PM
Tysy, at first, gaped at Tretiak open-mouthed. Then, quickly using what
she learned in secret from her father, Kilian, she performed a primitive
version of Force Push, hoping to knock the massive Trandoshan to the
ground, at least for the moment.

Force Power Gained: Force Push

10-19-2005, 11:22 PM
Coryn drew his vibroblades and twirled them, faster and faster, boldly stepping closer to the trandoshan. "Ok then, you will get her - Over my cold, dead body, lizard." He held one vibroblade up and got ready for Tretiak to attack, with Taa'la next to him.

Tretiak snarled in contempt, flourishing his wip and his lightsaber.

10-19-2005, 11:53 PM
Tretiak had now ignited his weapon, and let his whip extend fully. "Good, so you have chosen death." He hissed as he stared at his enemies through his cold red eyes. "You fools, I have learned the Sith arts from Darth Sinister himself, you are no match for me." In the blink of an eye, he lashed out with his cortosis whip, striking a vibroblade from Coryn's right hand, the mandalorian looked fairly shocked, but gripped the second all the tighter. The massive beats then lept into the air with an unlikely agility, for Trandoshan of his size. He landed behind The Twi'lek jedi, and engaged her with his saber, they both displayed an impressive mastery of the blade, but Tretiak, did not seak a fair play, he sought only to obey his master, and used his whip aggressively along with his aber, Taa'laa, defended the first several strikes with ease. "Rarely am I impressed by a species with two worms growing out of the back of their head" he snorted mockingly. As he locked sbaers with the twi'lek, he used the whip in his free hand to wrap around TYSY's legs, dropping her to the floor quickly. Coryn had now circled behind him, attacking ferociously with his vibroblade, to avoid a prolonged conflict Tertiak lept into the air again, avoiding the well targetd blows of his opponents, and lept in behind Tysy, who had been incapacitated by his whip. "your mine girl" he snarled as he through her over his shoulder, and lept back into the air.

He landed back over the unconcious form of the wookie, and threw his saber at the cieling, dropping several heavy rocks onto the floor, distracting the mandalorian, and the Twi'lek female, long enough for him to dissappear.

Tretiak made his way back into the hangar, he ordered his guards back onto the shuttle. He boarded, and placed his "precious" cargo on a bed in the small medbay.
He quickly drew a small sample of her blood, and tucked the vile of DNA into his front flap on his uniform.

The small shuttle docked with the Trandoshan Slavers vessel in orbit, just long enough for the Trandoshan guards to put TySy on board. Tretiak meanwhile left on his shuttle and made the return jump to THULE, with sample, just as his master commanded. He smirked arrogantly as his shuttle jumped to lightspped.

The large Trandoshan vessel which held TySy waited in orbit, for a shipment of Czerka workers from the planet below.............

Jedi Atomic
10-20-2005, 08:03 AM
(((Tysyacha, well can I be sent on a mision to find the shuttle that your in, or something? It's gettting boring on Taris. :( )))

10-20-2005, 09:54 AM
(Jedi Atomic, The Trandohan slave ship is still in orbit around Korriban, its waiting for Czerka supplies. They are holding TySy there, although Tretiak is long gone, and already enroute back to Thule, I have no more control over the Slave ship, and TYSY's fate, rescuing her is totally up to you guys. :D )

10-20-2005, 10:27 AM
Coryn looked up at the retreating shuttle. Pounding his fists against a large chunk of rock, he cursed under his breath at his inability to stop Tretiak. Tretiak, I will kill you someday, you slimy garbage filled lizard. If we can get to the Myriad in time; Before that ship goes into hyperspace...

Running over to Graothar, he saw that he was being pinned down by a large boulder. Using all his strength, and partly from his rage, he tossed the rock off of him.

Attribute Gain: 1+ Strength

Coryn shouted at the unconscious wookiee, "Graothar, wake up! That trandoshan captured Tysy, we have to get to the Myriad!"

10-20-2005, 11:52 AM
Solidus jumped out of the MyriAD. He knew somthing was going on. He saw Graothar and Coryn running towards him "What in the name of force is going on!?"

10-20-2005, 02:08 PM
Kharne and Aegis slowly strode towards the rest of the crew, Calm yourself Coryn, you in a rage will not help Tysy's curent condition. The Sith may have captured Tysy however all hope is not lost. I had... probed Tysy's mind during our conversation and I have a firm 'latch' upon it. I can still feel her, she is not far away, perhaps in orbit around this barren wasteland, however they will not stay like that for long.
"Yep. So right now we need a plan to get to that ship and infiltrate it. I hardly think charging in guns blazing's gonna work so... anyone think of a plan?" asked Kharne.
Indeed. Didn't you say you know where they are? I can feel her but I cannot pinpoint her from the corruption of this planet.
"Oh,yeah, during the chat in the cockpit I slapped a marker on her back, just in case. SO I say we hit orbit and start looking."

10-20-2005, 02:21 PM
"And just run off without a plan?" Taa'la demanded. "That's a surefire way to get killed." She looked up into the sky. "We may be able to pinpoint where she is, but we don't know what's waiting for us there. Send a scout first. Then, we'll have a better picture of what we're up against and we can form a plan of getting to her."

10-20-2005, 03:15 PM
The man looked up from his meditations as he heard a door open and close. Three students, two male and one female, stood before him. Their faces were pale and their eyes...their eyes were empty. It was almost as if their soul and will to live had been sucked clean from their bodies. The man smiled. Perhaps the Plauge had worked after all.
In unison, all three spoke, "What would you have us do," they knelt simultaniously, "Lord Verack?"
The man smiled.
He turned away from the three for a moment, casting about with his mind, until he found a conciousness that was so tainted by the Dark Side, he could feel it burn his mind like fire.
Sinister. It is time.

10-20-2005, 04:14 PM

Tretiak had just landed on the planet suface, with the DNA strand that his master commanded. He descended the ramp, and was greeted by Darth Sinister himself.
"My lord" Tretiak announced excitedly. "I have done you asked, here" he pulled the vile of blood from the flap on his uniform. Sinister grabbed it, and held it in his hand, he could feel the force flowing through it, raw, untapped, and untainted. "You have done well Lord Tretiak, as always you have served me with great distinction." "Grann!" Sinister shouted, and the commander came running. "Get this sample into production immediately, I want our legions of Meta-Humans, fully infused with force capabilities by tomorrow night!" "As you command Lord Sinister, with the sample, it will be all the easier." Grann responded, and took the blood DNA to his lab for immediate augmenation.

Sinister and Tretiak soon followed. "Master The Jedi have sent a team to search out and destroy the Plague"

"Yes I know" Responded Sinister Confidently. HE suddenly felt a small tingling within his head. HE stopped, Tretiak turned, "what is it Master". Sinister gestured for him to be silent.
through the force{Yes Verack, The time has come indeed.}

Tretiak stared at his master, slightly confounded. "Ah Tretiak, the time has come for our final victory, with an army of mutant force users, there will be noone to stand against us now." The two vicious Sith Lords continued into the labs to oversee the final phase of Project Omega.

10-20-2005, 04:49 PM
"I can't pilot the Myriad. I am too weak." Graothar groaned. "Someone else has got to do it." He looked at his arm. "It's broken." he thought. "Look at yourself, Graothar. You already made one mistake. That mistake got Tysy kidnapped." His broken arm started to bleed."I don't even have any medpacks. I'm a failure." he thought.

10-20-2005, 04:58 PM
Solidus floated up to the wookiees arm and used force heal "The bleeding should stop but the arm will have to wait atleast a day before I can fully heal it." He dropped to the floor. "Sinster is going to interogate Tysy. She is the weakest out of the party. And clues on where she is going kept?"

10-20-2005, 05:30 PM
Tysy's mind was a fog, a thick haze. She did not know where she was,
other than another vessel. Someone had kidnapped her. The Trandoshan.
His massive, scaly green face was the last thing she remembered seeing
before a whip curled around her legs and she was taken down with a thump...

"Where am I?" Silence echoed throughout the medical bay. Tysy was lying
on a cot, kept warm, and it was not uncomfortable. Her arm ached with a
dull pain, as if someone had recently drawn blood from it. The Plague!

"So!" she whispered to herself. "Either they've given me the Plague, the
Trandoshan and whoever he works for, or they've drawn my blood to
create new samples of its germs. What am I going to do now? Surely
I can't leave the ship, except through a long walk out the airlock." The
girl shuddered. Tysy was sure that her captors were going to kill her,
now that they had what they came for. She closed her eyes and wept.

10-20-2005, 08:53 PM

Darth Sinister stood on the balcony, overlooking the labs main chamber, he watched as thousands of his new Meta-Human warriors were being infused with a force signature, by injecting traces of Tysy's replicated Dna Strand into their bloodstreams, which had already been enhanced with all kinds of goodies, like cortosis, darkside energies, growth hormones, mind wipe drugs, and mind control serum's. He smiled, as he knew that these warriors would be nearly unstoppable, and completely loyal to him.

Tretiak, enterred the balcony and stood by his master's side. "Ah my fine Trandoshan friend, soon my legions will swarm through the galaxy like a dark cloud of locust to a crop. They will wreak havok, and rain down destruction on the Republic. With the jedi solely focused on the plague, and Lord Verack, we will drive a vibrosword into the heart of the republic. Coruscant will fall under our might, the jedi Temple will burn, the senate will be abolished, and palace will be erected for the Sith to rule the galaxy."

"Your planssssss sssseeeem to be coming to fruition my massssster." Hissed Tretiak. "All people will be come expendable slaves to your will."

"yes, indeed. The galaxy shall no longer be a place where the Jedi shield the weak. A new Order will rise, an order where only the strong survive. Those to weak to share in the glory, those to wretched to elevate themselves, and become stronger for it, will be swept away, in a magnificent wave of glorious death and destruction. And I Darth Sinister, will stand above all, as the compounded weakness of the Republic and The Jedi crumble at my feet. The galaxy and all of its life, will exist to serve my power. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Sinister cackled evily.

"What of the crew the girl traveled with? They already know to much master, They have seen me, no enemy I have ever fought has survived me, I wish to continue that legacy." Tretiak arrogantly snorted.

"They are of no consequence. They know nothing of our plans, of my true existence, they are merely pawns the Jedi use foolishly, in this soo to be ending game of Dejarik. No, they can cause us no trouble, even should they find out about us, it will be to late, my little experiments will have turned half the galaxy into my domain by then. It is unavoidable, the republic will fall, and the jedi will die, it has been a long time coming my ever so vengeful apprentice. But trouble yourself not over this, the pawns will come to us, and when they do you will have your chance to wipe them from this galaxy Tretiak, if they survive. Your anger, and rage will fuel your powers, hold on to it, use it, never let it go, it will make you invincible." Sinister declared.

Power gained: Dark Fury, Tretiak.

"I will do as you wish my master." Tretiak responded.

"My master believed that all life in this galaxy existed for the sole purpose, so that it could end, he viewed it as corrupt, and unnatural. He used his powers to feed upon the force, and life throughout the galaxy. I watched as he consumed whole worlds. His powers were great, but his view was narrow. I have come to realize, that while all life inevitably ends, while it exists, it must serve my purposes. Had Lord Nihilus realized this, he may have truly been unstoppable. I have surpassed him, and will not make his mistakes. Power is not just what we wield through the force Tretiak, it is oour ability to command, to influence, to persuade others to do as we wish. For instance a Lightsaber is indeed a powerful weapon, but what is it without the hand that wields it? It becomes nothing more than metal tube. But when that tube joins with the hand, it becomes deadly." Sinister explained, as he and Tretiak continued watching the final stage of Project Omega.

Skills gain : Persuade + 3, Tretiak.
Skills gain : Persuade + 3 Sinister.

10-20-2005, 09:13 PM
Verack could sense the growing amount of Force Signatures emminating from Sinister's location, and knew that the armies of Darkness were beginning to form. So then, he has captured one of the pawns. Verack sneered, and turned back to the three students that kneeled before him.
"Sit." he ordered, and they obidiently sat cross-legged on the floor.
"You," he pointed to one of the men, "Over here. And you," this time pointing to the girl, "Over there."
He had positioned the three so that they formed a sort of triangle, which he then sat down inside of. By tapping into their Force reserves, the Dark Lord could use the three, litterally, as human batteries to sustain his power.
It is time to begin.
He gathered his power about him, then cast out across the galaxy until he found a group of strong, defined Force signatures. These were Jedi, alright. About twenty, he counted, and around four or five apprentices. But on Manaan? Odd, but not unheard of. He quickly channeled his power into a tendril of strength that shot across the gap.
Come to me.

10-20-2005, 09:45 PM
Coryn ran up to Soludis, breathless, "A trandoshan captured Tysy. One of Darth Sinisters minions, name Tretiak. If we can take off we might be able to track them, but where is Kharne and Aegis? We have to take off now, otherwise we will never find them!"

10-20-2005, 09:50 PM
"Before we even think about finding this girl, Tysy, we have to come up with a plan of what to do when we find her," Taa'la protested. With a deep breath, she shrugged. "But fine... if you want to run off and die, I won't stop you. I'll wait here, come up with a more organized plan and wait for a good time to slip in and slip out with Tysy."

She paused. "Please... listen to my wisdom." She noticed Solidus. "You're a Jedi Master. Please tell me you see the wisdom in coming up with a plan before blindly rushing into a situation we don't fully understand."

10-20-2005, 10:53 PM
(OOC: I know what this story needs--an HK droid for comic relief! ;))

Tysy had, apparently, cried herself to sleep in Darth Sinister's medical bay.
When she awoke, a tall bronze assassination and protocol droid towered
over her. From whispered rumors of old, in the time of her grandmother,
Tysy had learned that these kinds of droids were not to be trifled with.

"Greetings," announced the droid. "I am HK-53, the most recent prototype
of HK-47, a series of assassination and protocol droids. You are a meatbag."

"I guess I am," answered Tysy miserably, "since that's what you call sentient
beings. Other droids call them 'organics', but you seem to be a bit more crude."

"Crude? I prefer the term 'blunt', prisoner. Master Sinister is quite
pleased with the sample that you have provided for us."

"Sample? I assume you mean my blood. You drew it from my arm, didn't you?"

"Negative. It was not I who drew your blood, nor Master Sinister. That
task belonged to a Trandoshan called Tretiak. He is also a Sith employee,
and his contribution to our objectives has been immeasurable. As is yours."

"Huh? I thought you already had what you wanted. Are you going to kill me?"

"Chiding Answer: Oh, prisoner, you have far too low an estimate of Darth
Sinister and Tretiak. Both of my masters think you are too valuable to be
terminated simply because your blood sample has already been taken. Do
you know how much time it takes to create a plague, to wage war, or to
incubate the next generation of the Sith? Far more than you can think."

"Oh, really? I thought Darth Sinister was able to take the Wookiees and
mutate them into bloodthirsty monsters in the blink of an eye. Isn't that
what Sith do?" Something about this droid made her mood turn feisty.

"Intimidating Retort: I do not admire your flippant attitude, prisoner. Arrogance
becomes those of the Sith who have earned the right to behave arrogantly.
However, I digress. Simply turning the Wookiees into mutants is not a simple
task. Anything could go wrong, as has been proven with some of our more
feral experiments. Uncontrollability is a critical variable in any Wookiee mutations."

"So they'll turn on you? I mean--they could turn on you?"

"That, meatbag, is an infinitesimal but distinct possibility. Remember,
according to the laws of quantum physics, nothing is impossible, only
highly improbable. You'd best change your manner of comportment,
prisoner, or I shall have to tell my Masters the command of the Jedi Exile
when she sought to terminate the residual apparition of Darth Traya. Nyv'takht."

"No!" Tysy suddenly leapt up and lay flat to the ground before HK-53.
"Pozhaluysta, not nyv'takht! Nyv'takht rips one out of the Force, banishing
and eliminating their spirit forever. Please, don't let them do that to me!"

"Coaxing Answer: There, there, prisoner. What good would it do the Sith
if you and your residual apparition after expiration were both permanently
detached from the Force? It would be a great detriment to our objectives."

Objectives. Such a clinical term for a war, mutants, and a Force Plague.

10-20-2005, 11:38 PM
Coryn ran up to Soludis, breathless, "A trandoshan captured Tysy. One of Darth Sinisters minions, name Tretiak. If we can take off we might be able to track them, but where is Kharne and Aegis? We have to take off now, otherwise we will never find them!"

(( Eh? Read my posts before -_-... but since I seem to have disappeared let's just say Kharne and Aegis are on Aegis's two sentient cockpit.))

You have found them Kharne?
"Yep, that ugly ship we're looking at is it."
Any plan to rescue the child?
"My friend, I'm a Mandalorian, you know what my plan would be."
True. However that will not do at all... Let me contact this... Solidus...
Within a few seconds Aegis's movement suddenly stilled and even his breathing became more quiet and much less heavy.

Master Solidus if I am not mistaken... During my years as Zhar's Padawan I believe I met you on a series of events, and I greet you on this grim day... You can pinpoint my location using this bond which I have temporarily created, tell the Mandalorian, Twilek and Wookiee, we have found Tysy.

Jedi Atomic
10-21-2005, 08:18 AM

Scur finished training and went to his apartment for the night.

Early in the morning, The officer rang into Scur's comlink, "we have a mission for you, so come as soon as possible, to the base."

10-21-2005, 10:09 AM
(((You hadn't posted for a while, and no one seemed to mention you were there during the fight with Tretiak, that is why I asked where you were)))

10-21-2005, 11:17 AM
Solidus smiled "Seems that the mandalorian fool has good contacts. His new partner has found Tysy's location."

'What is your stratigy Kel Dor?' Solidus couldnt reckonis this jedi that had contacted him so he named by his species

Jedi Atomic
10-21-2005, 05:23 PM
Scur walked to the base wondering what the mission would be like. A test? Maybe it would be a real mission.

When Scur walked into the base the receptionist told Scur to report to the Breifing room. Scur hurried down the hall and into the room. When he walked in many pilots were sitting down talking amongst each other.
"OK, sit and listen everyone. We the Republic need some Jedi to help some of our troubles, so my point is, a well known jedi was captured earlier this morning. We need to rescue her....."
"Her?!" interrupted a man standing up.
"Yes," continued the captain, "like I said, you will rescue her and bring her back here or somewhere safe. You will all be going on the 2-man cockpit T-wings escorting some soldier transports to invade the ship and find her. After the invading group has secured and found the jedi, you will defend the transports leaving the area."

Everyone got up and walked out to their T-wings. Scur jumped in and waited for his partner to get there. While he waited he seen the guy that accompanied him during his training, jumping into a T-wing and noticed Scur looking at him. He yelled to Scur, "Hope to see your real combat skills in battle." he said grinning, while his partner arrived and walked up the ladder and jumped into the backseat. Scur closed his cockpit window and started up the engines and waited for the others to leave.

10-21-2005, 05:33 PM
Thule Labs

Cronus walks up to Sinister, "I see you have taken my advice and fused a jedi with other humans and wookies. This army you have created, will soon not even be under your control by yours, mine, or Tretiak. I know this may sound wierd to you but you have created something that cannot be stopped. I have another suggestion though. I have been in my lab working on a device that can control people. Here it is, ill demonstrate.
"You, sith student, come here"
Sith Student: Yes Darth Cronus
"Put this on, its a new strength gauntlet, it will make you twice as strong than you already are."

*Cronus turns on the device*

Now look, i can conrtol all of his motor functions, talking and all, though you do not need to talk, it was just a feature that was put in so you have more control.It brings them to their full potential, and unleash all of their anger and everything. Ill give the blue prints and the band to your scientists and they will duplicate it. It will not take long Sinister. This is yet another adition to your army. A very nice one, might i add.

"I also have an idea"
"If i may take 2 battalions of your wookies. Only a small portion of your army.I want to destroy the Corus**** academy. I have inflicted pain upon the academy already but i want to crush it into my hands. I want the Jedi to feel the wrath of the Sith. They will cripple under our control, we will rule, i mean, you will rule. Though together we can accomplish many things thought not possible. But i will leave you to that and i will give these bands to your scientists

10-21-2005, 05:44 PM
Verack, who had heard the conversation through Sion, said I can aid as well. With the combined forces of your army and the Plauge, the Jedi will not be able to do a thing. With your genetcally enhanced soldiers and with the source of the Plauge-- me --on a different planet, they will crumble. Although you should wait until your army has grown before moving against our enemies.

10-21-2005, 06:16 PM
Darth Sinister seemed almost amused with Cronus's request. "Very well, take all of the remaining wookie mutations, they were but the first of a greater experiment. The meta human force users are the only ones of any value to me now. Take the wookies that assaulted Taris, dispose of them as you see fit Cronus. Now leave me." He turned and walked into the main assembly area of the lab, where the last of his augmented humans were being infused with the force. He approached Commander Grann, who was overseeing all operations. "how long till my new toys are ready for full service?" Sinister questioned. "Shortly m'lord, the last battalion is just being retrofitted with equipment."

Sinister laughed a cold laugh "everything is proceeding as I have forseen."

Tretiak stepped out of the shadows behind Sinister. "Masssster issss it wissssse to allow that human, Cronusssss to attack the jedi, before our main forcesssss." Tretiak hissed.

Sinister smiled arrogantly. "It fits my plans. If he attacks, with the wave of 10,000 wookies, he will throw the Republic into disarray. They will no doubt believe it to be my main invasion force, and will exhaust themselves trying to stop the abhored beasts. Cronus will weaken them for my main attack forces, which will be 10 times the size of Cronus's task force. Tretiak, by morning I will have over 100,000 amplified human super soldiers, all infused with force powers, and their minds linked to me, so that they are under my direct control, not to mention the entire fleet, and Sith troopers who compliment it. Victory is all but assured,you will have your revenge, and I will have my new order."

10-21-2005, 06:54 PM
Aegis inclined his head as he spoke mentally to Solidus My ship is by far more manouverable then the Myriad, I suggest I draw away the enemy fire and bust a few holes in the enemy ship while you dock somewhere, on it, I do not sense any force-sensitives aboard but that could change, I suggest you hurry. Tell me when to commence operation 'Annoying Fly'

"'Annoying Fly?'"Asked Kharne, "Jeez mate, if I was still a honourable Mandalorian I would have had to kill you right here for implying I am a fly."
Hnnh... But you're a mercenary now who's gone along for the ride so you won't... Man the turrets and start blasting as soon as the Myriad is within sensor tracking, I'll do the flying.

10-22-2005, 06:22 AM
"Okay. Lets hope this works." Solidus turned his itention to the crew of the Myriad and explained Aegis' plan. "The wookiee cant seem to piolt. So we need a new piolt. Due to my size I cant really piolt but I can create a sheild around us using the force."

Jedi Atomic
10-22-2005, 03:22 PM
(I'm trying to get to the ship when you guys do so plz launch or something)

10-22-2005, 03:30 PM
"I've had enough piloting experience for this," Taa'a said. "Let's get going."

She headed for the cockpit.

10-22-2005, 03:46 PM
Graothar ran to the co-pilot seat. "This will be my first time co-piloting" he thought. "but I can't let Tysy stay captured. I'll do whatever it takes to get her back. Something tells me the galaxy depends on her." he looked back on what happened to him in his life. "I already lost my father to the Sith because of a Trandoshan. I won't let that happen to Tysy." he said to himself.

10-22-2005, 03:54 PM
Solidus stood behind them. "Go. I will dont loose another padawan to the darkside. If sinister is smart he'll try and turn her before killing her. Lets just hope her will power is strong."

10-22-2005, 04:25 PM
Taa'la lifted the ship off the ground and directed it up into space. From there, she started looking for the ship holding Aegis and Kharne.

"Found them," she said. "Time to play."

She directed the Myriad toward the slave ship and watched as Aegis and Kharne worked at distracting the fighters. Despite their efforts, a few fighters got past.

"Somebody get to the guns!" Taa'la shouted as the ship rocked under the first round of fire. She pushed the ship into evasive manouvers as one of their crew ran to the turrets.

10-22-2005, 04:43 PM
SIth spit! What the hell are you doing Kharne!?
"What ya mean what I'm doing? You're the one who wont let me get a decent lock on those damn snub fighters!"
Oh yeah have ya noticed the enormous amount of firepower coming our way?
"Sure thats why you have to roll instead of going in a straight line when the blast shots weren't going anywhere near you anyway!"
Damn ya son of a murklak! Fine, keep blasting at the fighters i'm dropping of few pellets on the main ship!

Leaning forward, Aegis targetted one of the larger turrets and launched the minor proton torpedoes at it, punching a hole roughly the size of the Myriad in the slave ship's hull, turning around he headed for the snub fighters poking holes in the Myriad.

10-22-2005, 06:59 PM
Coryn blasted away at the incoming fighters shooting out of the Sith ship ahead of them. It had an ugly appearance, and was clearly Sith. He just hoped that they could get to Tysy in time, before Sinister decided she wasn't worth the trouble.

Jedi Atomic
10-22-2005, 08:06 PM
Taris Military Base Hangar

Soon, Starfighters started taking off one by one each flew into space, escorting the transport of soldiers that were left after the invasion of Taris days ago. Soon Scur's row came up, and his T-wing started hovering then launched out of the hangar following the starfighter in front of him. Scur soon heard people taking attendance over the comlink.
"Red one, over." "Red two, over." .......etc. until Scur's turn. Then, he proudly announced, "Blue six, over and out."
Soon the attendance was over and all ships made it. The escorted the transport to the navpoint buoy, and everyone hyperspaced to Korriban.(that's where you guys are, right?)

10-22-2005, 08:58 PM
((Yep Jedi Atomic))

Kharne watched with grim satisfaction as the Myriad landed in the gap made by the proton torpedoes. The fighters won't shoot at it now in fear of accidentally causing damage to the main ship... Good.
"Board them boys and gals, find the girl and get out, you're outnumbered 30 to 1 inside so nobody be a hero! We'll head to -" The comlink was suddenly cut off from the Myriad's crew.

We're hit, port stabilizers are all down and one of our own proton torpedoes exploded, I'm trying to manouvere half a ship here!
"Then land!" Spinning around in the turret Kharne fired a series of rapid bursts to open up an area as the quickly descending ship headed towards it.
Rough landing, better belt yourself in!
The two man fighter smashed through the small hole Kharne had made and descended into the Sith ship smashing everything in their wake, finally the ship grinded to a halt inside the in the Maintenance Bay.

Jedi Atomic
10-22-2005, 10:09 PM
The fleet came out of hyperspace and the fleet noticed a couple of ships enter the Sith Frigate straight ahead of them.
All t-wings seperated into small groups into attack formation and attacked all Sith ships defending the area. As Scur dodged incoming fire and fighters, his partner fired at a Sith fighter chasing them. Soon the area became small in defense, the transport headed to the Sith Frigate. Soon sfter docking the doors opened and let all the soldiers out.

((You guys can control the soldiers if you want.))

After watching the transport safely dock he scanned for the remaining Sith fighters. Few remained but none would leave. Scur made sure of it. Scur chased the last one remaining and 2 seconds before it hyperspaced he fired. The missile hit the engine, damaging the hyperspace control and the Sith fighter starting to go to hyperspace it sped up then started spinning in circle and exploded. Scur headed to the hangar of the Sith Frigate and landed inside of it next to the Myriad.

10-22-2005, 10:50 PM
(((There is just one problem, Jedi Atomic, our ships our already in the enemy ship, none of us crashed. The Myriad got safely in there, it was Aegis's and Kharne's ship that got hit, and they still landed inside the enemy ship, so you might want to change that)))

Leaping out of the Myriad with his vibroblade in hand, Coryn cut down two Sith Troopers about to fire on him. One more came, a captain who pulled out his own vibro-staff. Fight furiously for a few moments, Coryn shrank back and then brought his blade up, crashing it into his helmet and rattling the captain. Swinging back and forth, he knocked the Sith down and killed him.

Feat Gain: Improved Power Attack

More blaster shots came from down the corridor, and several Sith were laying down a large field of fire. Ducking behind a canister, he pulled out both of his blasters, shooting at them and causing them to have to get behind some cover. Shouting at the rest of them inside the ship, Soludis, Taa'la, and Graothar, he shot a trooper in the chest. They better hurry up, I could use some help here with these guys, especially with two Jedi.

10-22-2005, 10:50 PM
((hey Jedi Atomic, you're a bit mistaken I think, it was my ship, whichso far has been unnamed got shot down and landed in the Sith Frigate while the Myriad landed in a hole in the SIth Frigate. Let's just call the SIth Frigate... the Azrael.))

The cockpit hatch popped open and a Aqua lightsaber ignited deflecting the sudden array of enemy fire, Kharne leaped out with blasters in hand, ducked behind the wreckage and tossed a plasma grenade at the gathered Sith Troops. Needless to say all taht was left was one puddle of blood.

"The tracker I put on Tysy is still active that means it has not been discovered. My comlink's broken so I can't contact the rest of the crew." Growled Kharne.
Hmmm... My mental bond with you is strongest... Do you think you can track down Tysy while I search out the rest of the crew?
"Easily, the Sith troops here are green and rather pathetic, I could blast my way through but just to be safe I'll keep up with stealth."
Right. I'll contact Solidus and find him, you go ahead and look for Tysy...
Kharne walked towards a series of broken Sith Assault Droids and smiled, reprogramming each one to open fire on Sith troops he switched on his stealth generator and headed down the corridor while Aegis stepped turned to teh corridor to the right.

10-23-2005, 06:27 AM
Solidus rolled out without his lightsaber. He deflected the shots of one trooper and sent back, the shots him in the head. He then leaped to the air and landed in the middile of 5 troopers who were in a box formation. The jedi master did in spin attack. Slicing them all of have.

A HK assassin droid entered the hanger and began shooting at Solidus. The small green jedi midget threw his lightsaber, it got lodged in the droids chest. He jumped onto the droid and pulled out his lightsaber. As soon as the saber was removed from the droids chest, it blew up.

Force power gained: Throw Lightsaber

10-23-2005, 08:34 AM
Solidus rolled out without his lightsaber. He deflected the shots of one trooper and sent back, the shots him in the head. He then leaped to the air and landed in the middile of 5 troopers who were in a box formation. The jedi master did in spin attack. Slicing them all of have.

A HK assassin droid entered the hanger and began shooting at Solidus. The small green jedi midget threw his lightsaber, it got lodged in the droids chest. He jumped onto the droid and pulled out his lightsaber. As soon as the saber was removed from the droids chest, it blew up.

Force power gained: Throw Lightsaber

((wdf.... I thought we got to keep that HK....))

10-23-2005, 09:04 AM
((Its a different HK unit))

10-23-2005, 11:41 AM

(AH what the hell it doesn't matter, it fits the storyline either way......just ignore me......i've had to much coffee today))

10-23-2005, 12:36 PM
Graothar ran from the cockpit(sp?) and as he ran out a droid ambushed him."Prepare to die, meatbag." it said in a cold metalic voice. "I won't die today." Graothar said to the droid. He jumped as high as he could and landed behind it. Graothar then proceeded to reprogram the droid. "OK, let's see." he said to himself. Soon, he sucessfully reprogramed the droid. "Smash through that door." Graothar ordered. "As you wish." the droid stated. It ran into the door and broke through.

10-23-2005, 05:42 PM

(AH what the hell it doesn't matter, it fits the storyline either way......just ignore me......i've had to much coffee today))

((NOW YOU TELL US! Technically I already knew that, I just went along with COryn when he said it was 'obviously' a sith vessel @_@.))

Aegis strode through the corridor in his force camoflage stepping round a corner he noticed 6 sith soldiers barricading a door, cocking his head to the side he revealed himself between all of them and used Force Scream, each one of the soldiers collapsed to the ground with blood running out of their ears, nose and eyes.
Using Force Camoflage again he was just about to open the door when a droid rammed through it, revealing himself his lightsaber came out, ignited and he posed himself in the Shien Form before seeing a wookiee behind the droid.
I see it is the wookiee... Graothar... Where is the rest of your crew?

Kharne ducked around the engine room expecting resistance to find none, frowning, he switched on his stealth generator, twirled his blasters into his hands and slowly made his way through. Jabbing a security spike into a locked down blast door, the door opened to reveal a long corridor, at the end of the corridor stood 8 Mandalorians and along the corridor were 6 heavy turrets.
Looking around, Kharne didn't notice any security measures he could use against them, cursing his bad luck, in stealth Kharne began to sneak towards them, finally noticing the mines lining the corridor. Cursing silently, Kharne snuck behind a pillar, disarmed two mines around it, holstered a blaster and pulled out a flash grenade.
Tossing the flash grenade at the unaware Mandalorians, it exploded temporarily blinding all but two who were facing the other way, pulling out his blaster Kharne stepped out of his hiding spot and fired, downing one Mandalorian before stepping back into cover from fire from turrets. Sliding down on his knees, Kharne rolled an ion grenade into the mines, it exploded, destroying the mines and one of the nearby turrets with it.
He switched on his Echani Dueling Shield and rolled out both blasters blazing, downing two Mandalorians and he continuied the roll to the other pillar.

"Warrior!" Shouted what appeared to be the Mandalorian Leader, "You strike at us off guard and you down three of my men whilst destroying the mines and a turret! Why are you doing this?"
Kharne smiled at the Mandalorian pure personality he felt from the leader Too few of men liek him these days...
"I do this because of obligation and honour! I need to get at something and your blocking my way!"
Without Kharne seeing the captain had nodded at one of his men, who entered the doorway and yanked a disheveled Tysy out.
"You mean this girl?" Shouted the leader down the corridor.
"Bah, I thought you had honour, and yet you hide behind a girl barely a quarter your age."
The gagged Tysy looked up at the enemy Mandalorian and she saw a smile curve up the sides of his lips.
"Indeed. So you are a Mandalorian, so may I ask for the Merchant's Duel?"
Kharne's eyes widened and his left eye brow twitched.
"You may, what are the terms?"
"Me against you, single combat, your life for the girl's.
"Why are you doing this?"
"I hate my employers, not worth working for, they have no honour, but you work forthe Jedi who do have honour, should I be defeated but survive I can work for them instead without staining my honour. If I defeat you... well I'm still stuck here."
"Then let me win in the duel."
"That would still stain my honour."
Shrugging Kharne stood up and stepped out from the pillar his hands raised, the Mandalorian Captain strode towards him dropping his Zabrak Carbine.

The two Mandalorian Veterans stood 8 feet from each other.
"Single Combat, close quarter weapons only. Winner is the one who eitehr kills the opponent or the opponent yields."
Whirling into action both Mandalorian pulled out vibro-double blades. KHarne swept at the man's knees, and Captain leapt up, coming down with an overhand blow from which Kharne rolled to the left from. The Captain followed it up with an upper cut, which was locked to the supine Kharne's blade, the Mandalorian yanked his blade away and Kharne flipped to his feet before doing a backflip to dodge a disembowling blow. The Captain spun his blade to the right while Kharne did the same, both blades got locked, yanking them apart both men circled warily. Using one hand Kharne twirled it over his shoulder with the same move he used on Solidus, the Captain moved to parry and riposte but unexpectedly Kharne's other hand came up and smashed the Captain's jaw. Stumbling back the Captain attempted to get his footing, Kharne pressed his attack, causing the captain to retreat farther down the corridor. Finally The Captain rammed Kharne ad in his offensive position, Kharne lost his footing and fell on his back, the Captain raised his blade for the killing blow, Kharne raised his foot and rammed it into the Captain's exposed knee. The Captain screamed and fell on good knee, the blade slammed to the grund inches from Kharne's head and Kharne twirled his blade to the captain's neck still on his back.
"I... yield..." Rasped the Captain.
Propping himself up on the vibro doubleblade he looked at the kneeling captain. "You have great skill, warrior, you deserve your rank though not among the ranks of this Sith scum. Head to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine and serve them."
'Yes, and thank you, warrior." Answered the still kneeling Captain.

Kharne led Tysy around the corridor and yanked the gag out of her mouth.
"Well... That was a close call."

Jedi Atomic
10-23-2005, 09:09 PM
Scur jumped out of the T-wing and waited for Rayce, Red one, to land in the hangar. His partner grabbed his gun and jumped out, while Rayce landed in the hangar. Both men jumped out of their T-wing and walked over to Scur and his co-pilot.
"Ready?" questioned Rayce.
"Yep," quickly added Scur.
The four men started into the hall where the Republic Soldiers were running down. They followed the group of soldiers and went with a small group that divided and went into a different hallway. Scur and Rayce took the lead and ran down the hallway. Before going around the corner they heard a door break from something crushing through it. Scur peeked around the corner and a droid was coming from the broken door. Soon a wookie walked through the door, and a jedi unignited his lightsaber standing before the wookie.
Before the jedi unignited his saber Scur noriced it was a light side color. So he commanded the group to follow. He walked around the corner and rushed down the hallway towards Aegis and Groather.

10-23-2005, 09:21 PM
Aegis spun around at the sound of rattling boots on the metal, his lightsaber igniting once more, positioning himself between Graothar in the Soresu form, his first action was to forc epull all the blasters out of the hands of the frontline troops.
You are no Sith, state your business before I get hostile.

Jedi Atomic
10-23-2005, 10:22 PM
"We are republic soldiers here to rescue a jedi girl on a mission to stop a......a plague." answered Scur waving at Aegis not to kill them. "Many are looking for her right now, somewhere else on the ship." added Rayce. "If you aren't going to kill us, what do we do?" questioned Rayce. "We are under your command." added Scur willingly wanting to hurry up and save the jedi girl. Scur and Rayce waited for a response.

10-23-2005, 11:02 PM
Tysy, her mouth now free to speak, rasped her thanks. The inside of her
mouth still felt cottony, and her legs felt like petroleum jelly. After all she'd
been through, the young girl wasn't much of a "self-sustaining unit," as that
cold and flippant HK droid might have called her. However, that didn't mean
she lacked some good ideas about how to get out of this perilous debacle.

"Psst," she told her rescuers with a smile and sly wink. "My father, Kilian,
told me that only exiles and their descendants know of this power. He
says my grandmother, when she was Darth Dvukhsotnaya, knew the
Force Power of Bradymancy. She slowed her heart rate and brain waves
down to the bare minimum possible for the tiniest semblance of life, and
that was how she was able to take the Jedi by surprise. Sorry."

She blushed. "If you can find any uniforms that the slavers and/or Sith
wore, see if you can disguise yourselves in them. I will use Bradymancy
upon myself, and you can say that you're carrying a dead hostage out
to the disposal grounds near us. I, of course, will still be very much alive!

"It's a risk, but I'm willing to take it. What about you?" She paused.

Force Power Gained: Bradymancy/Feign Death

10-23-2005, 11:02 PM
Warily Aegis kept his lightsaber in front of him, raising his left hand to his temple he sent a mental message to Kharne.

You got the girl?
Yeah. She's a bit shaken up and bruised but she's fine.
Good. You might wanna prepare, Republic troops somehow got on board this frigate.
What the hell...? Damn, republic troops don't take well to mandalorians.
Yep. Be careful.

Aegis lowered his hand from his temple,You're a bit late. My colleague has already neutralised all resistance defending the girl. He's heading toward the Myriad, we'd do better to guard the ship then head towards his position. Kharne can take care of himself and Tysy just fine.

Kharne's jaw twitched, spinning around he headed towards the Mandalorians leaving, they had left the three dead Mandalorians behind. Stripping the Mandalorian Corpse, he wore his full cover head to toe armour.
"This OK?"

((Odd, how the republic troops aren't the least bit fazed from having mental conversations...))

10-24-2005, 04:59 AM
After the fight Solidus jumped into an airvent and ran to the location of Tysy and Karne. He exitted the airvent and rushed to Tysy "Good work mandalorian. Maybe I was wrong about you. Now its time we destroyed this hidious vessel!"

10-24-2005, 05:59 AM
Dan and his 8 Republic soldiers strode through the ship's corridors, they had killed abhout 16 Sith troops with only one casualty but this will not last. The squad stopped by a Blast door being sliced open by their tech, Zendar. Suddenly the door exploded towards the Republic men, Zendar was vaporised immediately and two others were caught in the blast, causing fatal wounds.

Dan and his remaining 5 men stepped back raised their blasters and opened fire into the smoke, blaster bolts whizzed into the smoke... and came whizzing back out. Hitting 3 more men Dan and his last remaing Republic soldier, Truller, retreated down the corridor, blasters at the ready, backtracking. Stepping through the smoke, four men in dark robes stepped out, in their hands, lightsabers. Dan cursed and drew his vibroblade, as did Truller, the Sith approached calmly striding between the corpses of the Republic men, stepping on some of them. Truller charged first, but before meeting the SIth in combat he was lifted off the ground and a lightsaber flew up to him, cleaving the poor man in two. Dan swore in a rage and charged at the four figures, bringing his vibroblade down, the Sith blocked it and another Sith slashed open Dan's chest. Dan fell to his knees staring at the blood bursting forth from where should be his heart. He wanted to say something, but all that came out was a gurgle, he looked up at the Sith who raised his lightsaber, and Dan knew no more.

Aegis raised his head and cocked it to the side as if listening.
A disturbance in the Force. I will investigate, clear a path for Kharne, Tysy and Solidus.

Aegis deactivated his lightsaber and used Force Camoflage, stepping quietly down the corridor he followed what only he would consider a 'noise'.

Jedi Atomic
10-24-2005, 07:58 AM
((Am i still with Aegis and Graother? So should I follow?))

10-24-2005, 10:45 AM
I haven't left the Myriad, Taa'la told Aegis. Her lightsaber was in hand, but not ignited. I'll be here when the girl arrives.

She moved down the ramp of the ship and stood there, waiting...

10-24-2005, 11:20 AM
Coryn listened on his comlink. Good, they got Tysy back safe. Now, to find a way out of this dump. He walked through two more doors, blasting through two Sith, and finally walking right into three Sith spider droids. Oops, wrong way. He tossed a thermal det toward them, blowing up one and injuring the other. Turning on one of his Echani Shields, he blasted away at them. One flamed into a pile of debris seconds later, and the other moved behing a pillar. Jumping to the other side, Coryn ran across the room and rolled. Still firing, a lucky shot hit a vital component, disabling it.

Walking over to the droid, he pulled out some repair parts and repaired the droid, setting it to attack Trandoshans and other droids, along with Sith. The droid crawled through the corridor, and seconds later Coryn heard shouts and sounds of blasters. Laughing to himself, he headed on.

Feat Gain: Sniper Shot
Skill Gain: 2+ Repair

Several Trandoshans burst out of the door ahead of him. Turning on his stealth field generator, he crept up behind them. The stealth field shorted out, from a peice of shrapnel. Oh brother, what a time for this. Startled, the Trandoshans looked around and spotted him. Drawing his Vibro-blade, he threw it at the leader, sticking it right in his back, and drew his dual pistols. Throwing a flash grenade, he lept the the side, nailing a Trandoshan in the head. He soon gained respect for their weapons - even though they were ugly, they didn't have any slack in firepower. Tossing another grenade, he ran out and blasted at the Trandoshans, rapidly firing and taking down that last one.

After opening the door, he went up a corridor, and headed toward the hangar. Going through a couple of doors and looting the contents, he came face to face with a Sith commander, a Sith Trooper with his armor a shining red. Coryn grabbed him and flung him across the room, bashing him into the side of the wall. Grabbing his Vibroblade, he brought it across his face, and then drew his blaster and let him have it. After looking through the security cameras, Coryn realized that there was no way he could get through there. Looking around, he wondered what he could do.

Seconds later, a red Sith Commander walked through the other side of the door. Several Sith saluted him, and he walked through, going to the next door and opening it. The Sith Commander pulled off his helmet and went over to the security console. Well, Coryn thought, That went well. I just hope that the other Sith are like those. Looking through the cameras, he saw the rest of his party dressing in Sith uniforms, with Tysy. Smiling, he headed off, and in a few seconds was in the hangar in one of the Republic's small snub fighters. Wondering what the Republic was doing here, and why they had landed on the ship, he blasted off, waiting for the Myriad and Aegis's ship.

10-24-2005, 02:39 PM
Aegis was a bit reassured to the fact that 3 Jedi guarded Tysy however he was a bit anxious about the 'disturbance' in the Force. Aegis suddenly felt a little bit more then just a 'disturbance'.

Kharne, take the corridor to your left at the next crossroad, no matter what you do do not take the corridor to your right!
Kharne was surprised at the desperation in the usually calm Kel Dor's 'voice'. Uhh... Understood.

Aegis continued down the corridor turned around, uncloaked himself and waited.

The four Dark Jedi made their way around, turning around a corridor they were surprised to find a Jedi standing over several corpses. His aqua coloured lightsaber erupted from its hilt and the Jedi stood in the Makashi Form.

3 Dark Jedi ignited their single red lightsabers and advanced while the last one waited behind, his double bladed lightsaber hidden from view.

Aegis Force Jumped over the head of two of them, landing in between 2 and 1 he did a 360 turn his lightsaber coming out and crashing into theirs which just blocked it. Spinning his lightsaber in his grip he parried an overhand blow coming from behind, stepping to the right he dodged a thrust forward, slid his cyan lightsaber beneath the two nearly touching crimson blades, and heaved up. The two Dark Jedi arms were lifted above thewir heads while the third Dark Jedi thrust iin between them, Aegis twirled to the right, disembowling a Dark Jedi as he did so. Catching a Dark Jedi's blade in an uppercut, the remaining Sith swung his blade towards Aegis' face, twisting around the blade grazed his chest.

Aegis stumbled back, his labored breathing apparent over the din of combat in other parts of the ship. The two Dark Jedi advanced, one suddenly leapt forward and the other Force pushed Aegis, which resulted in the leaping Dark Jedi, surprised thrown over Aegis's head, Aegis took this opportunity to stab straight up, carving open the surprised Jedi.

The last Sith, struck out aain, this time narrowly missing Aegis' arm, Aegis used his momentum of dodging to the right to make a one handed arc towards the Sith's legs, the Sith blocked, the momentum of the swing forced the saber to the Jedi's legs, and the SIth's own Blood-red lightsaber removed his legs.

Spinning around, Aegis spun his lightsaber left and right, facing the last Dark Adept. The ... woman? Pulled her hands out form her cloak, a doublebladed crimson lightsaber igniting horizontally in her hands. Aegis stepped back, the first tastes of fear creeping up on him.

Jedi Atomic
10-24-2005, 09:04 PM
((Well, i guess Scur isn't with you?))

Scur, Rayce , and the other men headed down the hall behind Aegis he waved for us to halt. They men stopped and waited. Aegis turned on his stealth generator and walked down the hallway. Scur decided to move another way and let Aegis fight by himself.
The men ran down the hallway from where they came from and they ran around the corner from where they met Aegis and Sith troopers were standing there examining the crushed door. Once Scur and his men ran around the corner the Sith noticed them and started shooting at them. Scur and his men ran behind the corner and started shooting back at them. Soon 2 men lie injured on the ground when the guy stopped shooting around the corner and said, "Well that's the last of them." Everyone hurried over to the rubble and searched for anymore soldiers and none were left.
"We need a medical lab here shortly before these two guys die." They hurried down the lab and searched the rooms for medical supplies finding none. Soon they heard men screaming and blasters firing down the hall. "That can't be good," said a soldier guarding the entrance, while everyone else scavenged for medical supplies. They ran down the hallway and finally found a medical room and again scavenged for medical supplies. They only found enough for healing the two soldiers and they wondered down the hallway where the blaster firing and screaming came from.

10-25-2005, 12:10 AM
Kharne feat Gain: Master Two Weapon FIghting
Weapon Proficiency: Lightsaber
Jedi Defence

Kharne, with Tysy on his shoulder like a rag doll and holding Solidus by the leg upside down made his way past 3 Sith checkpoints. Making his way past the Engine Room a Sith Patrol Leader stepped towards Kharne.
"You! Mandalorian! Shouldn't you be guarding the girl?"
"Yeah, these two fools attacked us so we toasted them," Replied Kharne, "Now will you let me past?"
"Why? Where are you off to?"
"The Dumpster to get rid of these bodies."
"The dumpster's the other way... Wait a second you're not -!"
Kharne's eyes narrowed, leaving Tysy slung over his shoulder he let go, pulled out a plasma grenade and tossed it at the squad while his left foot whirled out and crushed the Sith Captain's nose, jabbing the bone into the man's brain.

"Too close that was." Said Solidus still hanging upside down from Kharne's grip.
"I know. The Captain's are getting smarter. Let's hurry, I'll bet -"

The alarm went off and a female voice sounded all around, "Attention all personal. The target has escaped. One or more of the assailants wear the Mandalorian armour as a disguise. Hunt them down." Within moments of hearing this, twenty Sith soldiers rounded the corner and stopped in surprise.

"Well... We're screwed now." Kharne dropped Tysy on her feet and tossed her the Mandalorian Assault Rifle, dropping Solidus from his other hand he pulled out his blasters, his face a grim mask.

Aegis class gain: Jedi Bladesmaster
Feat gains: Inner Strength I
Weapon Specialization: Lightsaber
Master Jedi Defence
Increase melee damage

Aegis twirled his lightsaber, circling around the immobile Sith woman wielding the red double blade. Stepping over a dead Dark Jedi Aegis whirled into action, closing in on the Dark jedi in Ataru form, Aegis feinted to the right, bringing his left foot crashing into the woman's lower ribs, she stumbled back, Aegis pressed his assault whirled his blade up, down, right, left, thrust, parry he forced the Sith woman back. She brought the double blade down with a crushing blow, Aegis wasready, falling onto one knee, his right leg snapped out tripping her, but instead of being dumped to the ground she used one hand to press against the floor propelling herself back and nimbly onto her feet. Her hood fell back and revealed a mature woman with long brown flowing hair, green eyes and high cheekbones. Looking at her one would think she'd be a harmless, gentle woman however it had a profound effect on Aegis.

Is - Islena!?
"I am surprised you recognise me Aegis after all you have put me through."
It... I... It wasn't my fault! I had no way to reach you!
"So, aboard the Mauler during the War of the Lawful Sith you left me to die?" She said calmly.
I could not reach you! The Sith had barricaded the door, I had a mission to destroy the ship befopre it reached Coruscont with its plasma generator!
"And you leave me, in the midst of a Sith battalion to die? No, not die, to be captured. Do you have any idea what they did to me Aegis? Any idea at all?" Her voice rising.
No, I...
"Shut up! You no longer have the right to speak! they tortured me for six months! I cannot even describe what it was like for me! Every day I would think my master would come to save me, every day, and yet you never came. What did you do? Forget about me?"
"Do not speak! I had to use my own abilities which the Sith used on me to escape! I killed my way out of the Oregon! Do you know what it is like, having the blood of hundreds on your hands? And I had to use dark powers! You lied to me all these years! What evil is the darkside besides the description of what the fool Jedi give them?"
"No more words! Today you will feel the pain of which I felt ten fold!"

Screaming in fury, Islena assaulted Aegis, pushing him back, her blade whirled to the left, Aegis made to parry, but she suddenly changed direction, jerking the other blade towards Aegis. Aegis ducked and she brought her knee up smashing Aegis down the corridor and cracking the glass covering Aegis's eyes. Aegis rolled over on his stomach, got on one knee and stood up, parrying another blow towards his head, Islena kicked him square in the stomach, slamming him against the wall, as Islena approached the rasping Aegis, he gripped his lightsaber backhanded and brought it up to her chest, she easily parried and slammed her gauntlet fist into Aegis face, cracking the left glass even more. Gripping him by the robe she threw him into the other wall and tossed him to the ground. Aegis got up, and wobbly stood in the form of Juyo, twirling his lightsaber expertly (if a bit slowly) he assaulted Islena, after trading a series of blows, Aegis swung an arc designed to cleave her in two, she bent backward, drawing her fist back and slammed it into his stomach, as he doubled over her lightsaber came up searing his saber arm off entirely. Aegis screamed and stumbled back, falling against the wall his lightsaber clattering down the coridor. Falling onto his back, Aegis stared up with his remaining eye as Islena stepped towards him. Lifting him up by the throat she sneered, "And so the Grey Jedi Aegis Valheru falls to the hands of his former Padawan, Dark Jedi Islena Hlervu." She raised her lightsaber for a decapitating swing but stopped, looking at the pitiful form of her former master. Snorting in disgust she deactivated her lightsaber and tossed him to the ground. "Pathetic." She said as she walked back to her snub fighter.

Aegis moaned. The oxygen stung his left eye, he screamed as he felt its fire burn. Getting up and leaning on his remaining arm he crawled towards the broken wall where he knew was the hangar. temporarily using the Force to block his pain he crawled on hand and knees to the door. He saw the Sith soldiers assaulting the Twilek Jedi as she deflected shots. He used what was left of his strength to use Force Camoflage and climbed through onto the Myriad's cargo ramp. Crawling just past the ramp he collapsed and fell into sweet, sweet oblivion.

Islena Hlervu hopped in her snub fighter and escaped the corpse of a ship the frigate was becoming and jumped to hyper space back to Darth Sinister.

10-25-2005, 06:05 AM
"This is where it gets interesting mandalorian." Solidus soon got a bad head ache "Arrg, Aegisk has been hurt. I'm going to have to ruin our connection before I fall unconious." Solidus canceled his and Aegisk mental connection and used force heal. "I couris. Where are we going? The hanger or main rector?"

10-25-2005, 06:12 AM
Kharne's mental connection with Aegis suddenly fizzled out, snorting in surprise he dragged Solidus and Tysy behind a pillar under the fire from the Sith battalion.

"Head back to the ship, Aegis's ship has a Cranium Detonator placed inside just in case for situations like this. Its explosion alone will rip this ship apart. Get out first." shoving Tysy towards the corridor Kharne stepped out from behind the pillar with his shield on, going toe to toe with the battalion Kharne slowly retreated down the corridor, his blasters blazing, and Sith troops falling, he stepped past the blast door and jammed it closed and ran to follow SOlidus and Tysy.

((Before I forget: Can anyone here actually picture my fight scenes?))

Jedi Atomic
10-25-2005, 08:07 AM
((I could give it a try TreeX. You want KOTOR design, right?))

Here's Aegis meeting up with Islena. The fact that your battling one of her droids before her. :whtsmile: Also that might not work as Aegis for you but i looked and that one was on a ship 2 jedi and one girl with red staff unless Islena didn't have a red staff lightsaber.

10-25-2005, 11:00 AM
Coryn sat in the cockpit of the Republic snub fighter. He was growing uneasy, partly because of the quiet in the hangar, and partly because Kharne, Soludis, and the rest had not showed up yet. Jumping out of the cockpit he looked around the hangar, looking for a comlink. Unfortunately, as he had lost his, and there was none here, he couldn't contact them to find out what was taking them so long. Hope everything is going well with them. A dark Jedi came out of the door next to him. Cause it sure isn't going well for me.

Leaping to the side, he rolled and came up with his blasters facing the dark Jedi. The Sith's two red and purple sabers ignited, and the Sith lept at him. Dodging the sabers, he blasted at the Sith, but the shots were all deflected or dodged. Grabbing his vibroblade, he swung at the Sith's head. The Sith raised his hand, and Coryn found himself flying through the air, victim of a "force push." Rolling to the side, Coryn tossed a plasma grenade, which exploded harmlessly off to the side of them. Getting up, he charged the Sith, swinging his blade as fast as he could. Letting his blade lock with the Sith's saber, he let it be forced down, and then punched the Sith in the face.

Feat Gain: Flurry
Coryn Class Skill: Dual Ranged-Melee (This feat allows Coryn to carry both a melee weapon and a ranged weapon at the same time)

The Sith stunned him, and as he stumbled back, the Sith raised his blade. Bringing his hand up to block it, Coryn fell back. The Sith came for him, and as Coryn brought up his hand, the Sith went flying back and fell to the ground. The Sith stumbled back, and Coryn pulled out his blaster and shot several times. Bringing his blade down again, he fought with the Sith, forcing him back, while shooting his blaster. Finally, a shot caught the Sith in the chest and he died.

What the... What in the galaxy did I just do? It was almost like I used the.. No, that Sith must have tripped. Still in amazement at what had happened, he Headed over to the door. Coryn looked out. He should probably wait there for them, and offer help if they needed. Waiting for 15 minutes, Coryn paced impatiently up and down. Blast it! Where are they?

10-25-2005, 12:17 PM

A beeping at the comm console had caught Darth Sinister's attention. He stood up and pressed the activation button. "Why have you disturbed me?" He spoke in an eerie tone. Commander Grann responded quickly "Master....your Meta_human mutations are now fully infused with the force, their mental inhibitors have renedered them complete slaves to your service."

Darth Sinister smiled evily. "Excellent." Commander Grann continued. "Sir, The girl has been rescued from the firgate near Korriban. Our enemies have revealed themselves as you predicted they would."

"Of course they did, the Jedi are nothing, if not predictable. They took my bait, and showed themselves. So tell me Grann what fledgling force have they sent to find us this time?" Sinister asked cockily.

"Well reports indicate, the girl, two mandalorians, a republic officer, a wookie, and 3 jedi, a twilek female, a kel dor male, and a tiny alien......not sure of his species." The commander responded. "That is all commander." as Sinister turns off the comm. He turns to face his vicious servant Tretiak, who had quietly been listening to the reports.

"Massster, thessse foolssss, will be of no concern, I engaged them all quite easily, had I not been on a mission to capture the child, I would have made them all beg for mercy, before I slew them. The wookie, is familiar to me, and I would very much like to add his pelt to my wall." Hissed Tretiak.

"Yes, the next time we encounter them, will be the day the republic dies, the day my abominations run wild accross the galaxy, bringing death and panic. With the plague striking at the heart of the force, limiting the Jedi, our victory will be so much simpler.
Ah yes the wookie, why should it concern you, there are greater challenges within that pitiful band i'm sure." Sinister declared

"I remember the sound of his growl, his essence, he is the child of a family I once enslaved, and slaughtered, they shielded him from me when he was young, I seek to put an end to him, I detest loose ends." Tretiak snarled.

"Patience Tretiak, Patience, In time he will seek you out, and when he does do what you will with him. Do what you will with all of them, wipe them from the face of the Galaxy."

10-25-2005, 12:36 PM
Tysy, now rescued, definitely had some "splaining" to do. To Kharne and
Aegis, and the others with her, she bowed her head modestly.

"I don't know what I was thinking, imagining that a primitive version
of Force Push would somehow hinder that Trandoshan from capturing
me. I put all of your lives at risk with that foolish act, and I'm sorry.
What kind of a Padawan am I, getting captured when our first mission
had barely started?! Something tells me I'd better reach out to the
Council through the Force and tell them they've got the wrong girl."

10-25-2005, 01:11 PM
"You'll do no such thing," Taa'la hissed. "I don't fail well and I'm not about to have this mission fall apart simply because you think you caused your own capture. We press on."

Dark Side points gained

((Is everybody close to or on the ship?))

10-25-2005, 02:41 PM
((I'm assuming they are but wut da bleep wy hasnt anyone noticed a half dead Aegis @_@? And Jedi Atomic i was wondeirng if you understood it not if you could make a pic of it lol))

Lying folded up in his cloak by the cargo ramp, Aegis groaned in pain, his left hand tenderly touching the stump which had been his arm. Moaning a bit he curled up into a ball and felt the embrace of unconsciousness.

"better think we should fly off," said Kharne, he borrowed Coryn's comlink and had a chat with Scur, "get off the ship unless you want to be fried meat. I give you 5 minutes starting now. 300...299...298..."

10-25-2005, 02:50 PM
"With your capturing it has revealed an enemy. I have a contact on Yavin station who knows more about trandosian than trandosians do. And finding out who these trandosains are we will find there sith alleys"

Jedi Atomic
10-25-2005, 07:02 PM
((TreeX what do you mean by pics? drawings? or custom battles while your playing KOTOR? explain, and i might understand better.))

Scur grabbed his comlink, "Hello, anyone come in, hello?" yelled Scur into the comlink.

Some random Republic soldier picked it up and Spoke into it. "Hello?"
"Hey, wheres your captain?"
"he's dead. Many of us found jedi dead on the ground and some dark jedi jumped at us while we were examing them and started killing everyone at the same time almost." wimpered the soldier. " Hurry and come over to the South hallway. Few of us are left don't know if we survive." Suddenly the remaining soldiers started yelling at the soldier talking to Scur. In the background Scur hears the comlink hit the ground and then there's blaster sounds through the comlink. Scur commmanded his comrades to folow him. They ran out of the medical room and down to the South hallway. When they got to the South hallway they seen republic soldiers lined along the wall.
"We can't hold them off come help us." Said the leading soldier of the group. Scur and his men ran over to the wall next to the soldiers and waited. Rayce walked to the corner and grabbed a grenade from his belt and through it at the group of Sith troopers after a pause in the firing. He leaped back yelling at the soldiers to get back, and it exploded seconds after a chain reaction occured and yelling came from down the hall, of the Sith troopers dieing. Scur and the rest of the Republic soldier run through the smoke of the grenade and hurry to the hangar.
When the gate opens, a mandalorian, Coryn, pulls out his blaster and is shocked but notices it's republic soldiers. The men walk into the hangar and they stop. Scur walks up to the Mandalorian, "Wheres the Jedi girl, Aegis told me she was saved through the force?" he questioned Coryn, wondering if he knew.

10-25-2005, 07:20 PM
"I don't know, I heard that she was rescued, but that is all I know. I am waiting for them to take off. What are you, Republic Soldiers doing here? And what do you have to do with us, or the Sith" Coryn replied.

Jedi Atomic
10-25-2005, 07:26 PM
"We were on Taris when the Officer sent us on a mission to save a jedi girl needing to fight the source of something called a plague." replied Scur. "I think we are few of the remaining loyal Republic left in the universe." Rayce added from the crowd of soldiers waiting for the dropship to retreive them.

10-25-2005, 11:44 PM
Another Hangar door suddenly opened, Tysy ran forth towards the Myriad and what she recognised as the Mandalorian, Coryn.
Moments later Solidus leapt out from the same door, deflecting a few blaster shots as he did so, and bounded towards the gathered party.

After a few more moments, Kharne backed out into the hangar blasting down the few remaining Sith still following. Smiling at the tattered remnants of the SIth battalion, he hit the blast door activator and the door jamed itself shut. Kharne proceeded to turn on all the mines he left on the way back. The explosions and screams were like sweet music to the Mandalorian's ears.

Dark Side Points gained: 5

Scur looked around at the remaining three crew members of the Myriad and cursed. "Men, get your ships and get out of here. Return to the Republic and notify them of what we have found."
Alexer, the highest ranking of them saluted crisply, started heading towards the way they came and saw the advancing Sith Troops. Looking around he saw the multitude of docked Sith Fighters.
"Get in the Sith ships men, do not engage! Retreat!"

Tysy, Coryn, Taa'la and Solidus immediately boarded the Myriad, Scur started heading to a Sith Ship but noticed a few dozen SIth rifles pointing his way, he gulped and got dragged into the freighter by the Kharne before the blasters pinged against the ship's closing doors.

Kharne looked at his timer, 24...23...22... Kharne snarled, rammed the rest of the crew out of the way,dropped his blasters and headed to the cockpit. He fired up the ship engines and just as the Myriad exited the Sith Ship, Aegis's Kamikaze Ship exploded, turning the Sith into one big fireball.

He got off the seat and sighing headed back to the cargo ramp to grab the blasters he dropped and noticed Taa'la standing over a cloaked figure.
Kharne made his way to the unconscious form.

10-26-2005, 12:15 AM
Taa'la sensed Kharne behind her and turned. "Your friend seems to have had an encounter he will not easily forget."

She turned again and knelt by Aegis using Force Heal on him.

Light Side points gained

10-26-2005, 12:49 AM
Kharne stared down at his old friend in shock. Getting on one knee he noticed the damage to Aegis's glasses, pulling the spares from Aegis's robes he placed it carefully over the exposed eye. Hauling him up he dragged Aegis to the medbay.

Jedi Atomic
10-26-2005, 08:07 AM
Scur fell to the ground after being dragged into the Myriad. Scur quickly stood up, "Did Rayce make it off safely?" "Yes," replied Kharne walking towards Aegis.((sorry))

Scur walked followed Kharne to the medbay and watched. He wondered if Rayce and the other men are alright, but he remembered that escorts were outside yet defending.

10-26-2005, 10:44 AM
Startled by Kharne's movement in taking Aegis to the med bay, Taa'la stood. She followed him slowly and stood at the head of the bed Aegis had been placed on.

"I'll do everything I can for him," she told Kharne. With that, she used Force Heal on Aegis again.

10-26-2005, 12:28 PM
"Thats nice but we still need to get a piolt!" shouted solidus from the middle of the ship "Somebody needs to get us out of here and take us to Yavin station. NOW!"

10-26-2005, 12:42 PM
Taa'la felt torn. She could pilot the ship, but Aegis needed help. With an exasperated sigh, she yelled to Solidus, "Get back here. Help the Kel Dor. I'll fly the ship."

She hurried out of the med bay and into the cockpit.

"Away we go," she whispered.

10-26-2005, 12:53 PM
Solidus jumped on the side of the side and put his hand on Aegis. They both began to glow and Aegis wounds began to slowly heal. Several minutes later the wounds were healed. "I have heal his physical wounds. I dont know how much blood he's lost or how much life was drianed. Only time will tell."

(This might be my last post for several days. Because Im going to bristol. I'll be coming back on Sunday. You may use my character as an NPC but dont get him killed. I want to do that. But Noone is to use my characters untill thursday. Understood? Good)

Jedi Atomic
10-26-2005, 05:49 PM
Scur followed Taa'la to the cockpit, "I'll pilot this ship or atleast help. I've been trained." he said trying to convince her.

10-26-2005, 06:51 PM
"Thanks," Taa'la said. "It's always helpful to have a copilot." She sat down in the pilot's seat and directed the ship away from the mess they were leaving behind. She half turned to Scur and said, "Start plugging in the coordinates for Yavin station. It sounds like that's where we're headed next."

Jedi Atomic
10-26-2005, 09:22 PM
"Right away," Scur punched in the coordinates to the Yavin station stationary above the gas giant. The stars became lines of light streaming past them and soon the lines became a bluish glow around them and they waited.

The buish glow ended and the lines of stars came back and soon back to pitch black with stars around them with a Orange planet straight ahead of them. Scur was amazed by this and looked everywhere soaking everything he was looking at, since this was his first time out of the Taris sector. He then focused on a small station just a little below them and then directed the Myriad towards that station.

Feat gained: Small star ship intermediate co-pilot.

10-27-2005, 02:18 AM
Kharne twirled the orange bladed lightsaber around. Admiring the twin blades as they circled past each other,twisting, thrusting, parrying at imaginary foes he would seem outwardly calm, determined and simply practising. However if one were to have access to his thoughts, the term, One is not all it seems would be ironically fitting.

Who could have defeated Aegis so utterly? I know Aegis is by far not the most powerful of Force Users, but what could so utterly maul him?

Frowning with such thoughts repeating over and over in his head Kharne twirled his orange saber to the right, making 3 rapid jabs, he transferred the blade to his left hand, idly spinning the saber in front of him and watche dthe blade humm.

The warrior who defeated Aegis either was proficient at bladesmastery or was powerful with the Force to get in close and beat Aegis. Sith are animals, however even they wouldn't use such crude ways to inflict pain. Judging from Aegis's wounds that person had a personal vendetta against Aegis. But how... Aegis was captured during Bastila's Strike Force against Revan and before that he was busy with other parts of the war as a Padawan... He never made any enemies as a tradesman... He attacked the Lawful Sith ship... It's a shame about that girl he had with him... Pretty Lass, would have made a fine Jedi...

Kharne head snapped up, Islena? Impossible. She died during the assault. But at 14 she nearly beat me with a sword... And the wounds on Aegis were all physical.. No Force damage... Could it be... She must be very twisted though... The darkside of the Force can do that....

Kharne deactivated his lightsaber tossed it to the ground where it rolled and stopped by the door. He sat on the bunk, his feet flat against the ground, his elbows on his knees and he put his head in his hands, pondering his discovery...

+1 Intelligence

Aegis' memories of the confrontation flashed through his sleeping mind, he then began questioning himself whether he could have saved her or was a coward. Slipping into the healing trance he began to ponder such sudden Impacting events on his life.

I watched as Islena was overrun by Sith troops. I could do nothing! I had to stop the ship before it blasted a chunk out of Coruscant!
Are you sure?Asked an insidious voice in the back of his mind, Or were you just a coward, saving your own neck, where you could simply have to cut down two men where as the poor girl was being beaten by an entire battalion?
I had no choice! It is either a choice of whether I stop the ship and save all our lives!
Our lives? Do you mean your life? Your honour? You stopped it because it would have scrapped the vows you ahd taken all those years ago, was Islena as important to you as the empty words of a Jedi? No she was not. You can still save her you know. Teach her the power to break free of the hold this Darth Sinister has on her, teach her to destroy the fool and teach her what true power is!
Yes, I could, but will she listen? She is already more powerful then me -
Oh really? So you admit you do not have the power to bind this child? This wench that you trained? That you are an utter failure?
No... I can stop her..
Then do it! Teach her the meaning of pain! Show her how the power can be wielded by a master! Destroy her resistance and use her as a slave to carry out your bidding! Destroy her will and you will have yourself a vassal of death!
And there shall be no stopping us! I will lay waste to the Sith! The Sith will fall to me and then we shall use the resources of the Sith to build an Empire, an Empire of Aegis the First!

Dark side points gained 40

Aegis's eyes opened and looked up at Solidus, getting up, Solidus grunted "Getting up already? You should not. Do not tire yourself, I-"
Silence Jedi. I do not need lectures on you for my own limits. I will ask when I wish for your opinion.
Solidus watched silently as Aegis Valheru passed a hand over the bleeding stump where his arm connected to his shoulder. The blood stopped bleeding and it healed utterly simply leaving a stump covered in skin.

Aegis made his way to the workbench to create a lightsaber from the one he lost. Pulling out his purple crystal, his head twitched violently from side to side as he viewed what could be in thefuture...

10-27-2005, 10:23 AM
(TREEX I'm gonna do some brief Dialog with Islena in this upcoming sequence, nothing to big, just a status report to Sinister.)

THULE (Labs)

Darth Sinister made his way into shuttle bay, along with his Trandoshan student. He approaced the small shuttle that had just docked. The ramp extended, and an attractive young girl, draped in black robes made her way down the ramp. He could sense the spoils of victory flowing from her being. "Ah Islena my dear, I trust your battle went well?". Sinister chided coldly.

Islena kneeled in front of Darth Sinister. " I.....confronted several of them my master. One imparticular, my old mentor Aegis. I dueled with him, he has become weak. I made him feel my pain, pain that you showed would make me stronger."

Sinister smiled, and replied. "Did you destroy him, did you wipe his essense from the galaxy?" Islena looked up into Sinister's cold red eyes. "NO master I did not, I let him live..." Tretiak Snarles and interupts her. "WEAKNESSSSSS, you alwaysssss displayed weaknesssss ISlena, your skillssssss are uselesss, if you cannot do what I would have done." Islena looks at Tretiak, straing g into his evil red reptilian eyes, and a half smile crossed her face. "Tretiak, you overgrown brute, tell me if i'm wrong, but didn't you fail to kill this roup earlier." She taunted. Tretiak nearly explodes into a force rage" I HAD MY ORDERSSSSSS, THE GIRL CAME FIRSSSST. I NEVER FAIL A MISSSSSION." He ignites his own saber, and extends his whip. "You have never bested me in a duel Islena, but if your skills are as big as your mouth, please I urge you to tesssst them." He hissed.

Sinister rolled his eyes. "ENOUGH" The dark lord shouted. "All grudges, and tests of strength will have to wait. As much as it would please me to see the two of you engage in mortal combat, we have more pressing things to attend to. This party of fools, and the death of the republic are all that matter now, so save your rage, and your hatred, ignite it against the Jedi."

Both apprentices deactivate their weapons, and salute the dark lord. Sinister turns to exit the lab followed by Tretiak." Oh Islena" Sinister spoke as he walked away. "Yes master?" "Do not fail me again, a Sith sees their oppoortunity to strike, and they take it without question, but you shall have another chance." As the continue out of the hangar bay, Tretiak glances hatefully over his shoulder into Islena's eyes, a gaze which she returns.......................

10-27-2005, 11:52 AM
(((Interesting, Treex)))

Coryn sat at the workbench, tinkering with his weapons. The ship lurched through hyperspace, and then came out near Yavin IV. Looking out a viewport at the big red planet, he thought So this is Yavin. This must have been the place that Exar Kun fled to. With the Massassi, or whatever they were called. Turning back to the workbench, he fitted in the energy projector into his vibroblade. This thing took that fight with the fight with the dark Jedi hard, maybe I ought to get another one to go with the prototype vibro. A Baragwin one, maybe- I wonder if a merchant is here.

After fitting an mesh underlay into his battle armor, he got up and put his blaster in his holster. Walking to the cockpit he looked as Taa'la and Scur piloted the ship toward the planet. He wondered what Yavin IV was like; He had heard that there were several temples of the dark side there. Are we landing on a space station, or on one of the planets? I wonder, if since Yavin IV is supposed to be strong in the dark side, if the plague might be coming from there? He said nothing, however.

He remembered his Sith encounter. If that dark Jedi had been any more skilled... He shook his head and walked over to the med bay, to check up on Aegis. Seeing Kharne, he asked, "Is Aegis alright?"

Kharne nodded, then went back to twirling the lightsaber.

"What is the matter- you look like something is troubling you. " Coryn asked.

Attribute Gain: 1+ Intelligence
Skill Gain: 1+ Awareness

10-27-2005, 02:29 PM
Still twirling his lightsaber he spoke, "I know who defeated Aegis. A woman named Islena. She used to be Aegis' Padawan after the Jedi Civil War. But she disappeared when we struck out at at a Lawful Sith suicide ship. You were not born when such events happened. But we on the other hand were very much alive. During our assault on the Sith Warship, Islena fell to mobbing from Sith troops. We had no choice but to destroy the ship. We believed that Islena died with it, apparently we were wrong..."

"How would you know Kharne? Aegis has not spoken to you sinc ethe battle."

"The wounds boy. When you've been in battle as much as me you can tell the difference between an indifferent kill, a bestial arrogant kill or the vengeful kill. Aegis would have died had she not had mercy.Leave me now. And do not approach Aegis least you suffer his wrath."

+2 Wisdom

10-27-2005, 04:23 PM

Sinsiter and Tretiak walked down the long observation corridor. Sinister watched happily as his new force bred mutations were being organized into their respective legions, he watched as they were given their armor, and their weaponery. An eager, and arrogant smile curled accross his lips. He thought to himslef about how soon the republic would fall, and how quickly the jedi would die. His attack would be perfect, there was no way he could be defeated. Sinister knew in his darkest heart of hearts, that the republic and the jedi were symbiotic. Should one fall, the other would surely follow. That is why Verack had devised the force plague. It would strike at the heart of the force, and therefore the heart of the jedi. With the Jedi focused on the plague, his dark armies would sweep accross the galaxy and topple a decrepit Republic. After the republic fell, the jedi would have nowhere to hide, and they would be hunted down like the animals that they are. His thoughts were disturbed however, by Tretiaks abismal hiss. "Masssssster, isss it wisssse to trussst her? She ssspared hisss life, she showed weaknesssss, and mersssssy. Let me kill her, I do not trusssst her, she issss not one of usssssss."

"Patience Tretiak, Patience, in time our enemies will all reveal themselves,. She still has some part to play in this tale, and I do not mean to dispose of her......yet." Sinister snickered. "Be ever mindful Tretiak, and be prepared, a sith never lets their guard down. Never trust, and never lower your guard." Sinister turned on a dime, his black cape swirling behind him. He ignited his blood red weapon, and brought it crashing down upon Tretiak, who had already ignited his weapon, and parried the blow. "Good my reptilian apprentice, you have done well." Sinister again lashed out with a series of lightning quick blows with his saber, which tretiak deflected. The lizard at this point lashe out at his master with his whip, which Sinister dodged with relative ease, Tretiak then charged forward, and attacked with a flurry of his own. Sinister parried all of the blows, with one hand, lept up over Tretiak's head landing behind him. He calmly deactivated his weapon, and clapped his hands in approval. "Good, good" He cackled. "You did not hesitate, and used you rage. You aggressive nature, trandoshan is your greatest weapon, use it, and you will find that few can stand in your way."

Tretiak bows before Darth Sinister as a form of great respect. "Thank you Massssster"

Tretiak Awawreness + 2

Jedi Atomic
10-27-2005, 05:28 PM
The space station became bigger and bigger and soon the hangar began to take shape. Soon The the Myriad flew into the hangar and slowly landed onto the metal hangar floor. Scur stood up and noticed a turret turn slowly towards the walking ramp, and then walked back to the main room and Kharne was practicing with his lightsaber.

Skill increased: Awareness +2

"OK, we're here." Scur told Kharne. "But they turrets look like they will fire on us once we walk down the ramp so i would keep guard." Scur called for everyone to the main lobby room over the com.

10-27-2005, 08:55 PM
Even though Tysy was still partly kicking herself for being captured by the
Sith, she knew something else was wrong. She felt a deeper pain within
her soul, a deeper wound, a yearning for revenge that made her grind
her teeth. Something was wrong with this whole mission, the entire
scenario of the Force Plague, but what was it? What was Tysy
overlooking? Sighing sadly, she closed her eyes and let her mind

She saw herself as she first boarded the Myriad, a scared young
girl with not even a lightsaber to her name. She was frightened of
what she was being told to do, and yet even more frightened at
her naivety and inexperience. Why hadn't a Council member
volunteered to go with her? Master Prada surely would have.

Then a cold chill ran up and down her spine. "Of course," she
whispered softly. "What better person to send on a mission to
find the source of a Force Plague than someone who is barely
sensitive to it--untrained?" She stopped herself, but then sighed.
"The Council would never use anyone in this way. That's what the
Sith would do, not the Jedi." All the same, Tysy was not so sure.

"What would happen if I caught the Plague? I wouldn't be much of
a threat. Sure, I'm learning Force Powers, but the fact that I can't
wield a lightsaber or any of the famous ancient combat stances
makes me the perfect mark to send into the lion's den. No one
would think me a Jedi, unless they knew whom I worked for..."

Tysy didn't want to believe it. She couldn't believe it. All
she knew at that moment was that she wanted to take the Myriad
and pilot it straight back to Dantooine to get some answers. The only
thing stopping her, she thought, was her commitment to life and justice.
And the others. She wouldn't let them get the Plague while she went AWOL!

Why don't you? said a soft voice inside her mind. Expose
Masters Vrook and Prada and Lerv for whom they really are--frauds who
hide behind the Enclave's walls while they send others weaker than
themselves into the danger zone. You were not meant for this mission,
Tysyacha. I call you by your true name, for you are your grandmother's girl.

"Hey, Jedi." Tysy sent out a gentle message through the Force. "Prada?
Lerv? Can you hear me? If so, then tell me why you sent me, before I die."

Tysy knew, yet she resisted knowing. She had caught the Force Plague.

Attribute Gained: Wisdom +5

Quickly sending a stream of hypospray into her body, Tysy took a deep
breath and strode into the main lobby of the space station on Yavin.
At least the poison-counteracting ingredients would keep her temperature
normal. How long will I last, she wondered, before I die, or I turn?

10-28-2005, 04:53 AM
"And so you understand child," Tysy started and turned around looking down at Solidus, "Us Jedi are not the wise and all powerful beings people are led to believe. Those who trust the Jedi are fools, only in name does the Jedi uphold the light but in truth many Jedi have a sense of arrogance that a Hutt would be hard pressed to match. The Council manipulated you as they manipulated Revan, indeed they believe they are doing this out of the good for all, yet they send the least expierienced of them. They sent you out here to test the waters as it were, it is this cowardess and seperateness from other Jedi that allow the insidious Darkside to overpower someone. Though in other cases it is the trauma that can be caused from the Jedi Council's stiffness to tradition of the loss of family, friends, love." Tysy's heart jumped at that last word and her mind wandered to the young mandalorian before she concentrated again on what the Master spoke of. "The Jedi claim wisdom and power yet they have not the mind to see past these traditions of old which only a fool would recognise. In this, perhaps your grandmother was right." A silence followed before Solidus spoke again, "You have listened child,"
"Yes Master." Replied Tysy.
"Take these words to heart, with all their faults though, the Jedi do have their moments, keep true to the light and you will see your salvation."
Tysy bowed, "Yes Master."
"Good. Now we have matters to attend to. Let us do the job we were sent to do."

Aegis stepped out onto the Yavin station and saw the conversing Apprentice and Master. Looking at them for a moment he continued his slow walk where a pair of Trandoshan Mercenaries decided to hassle him, "Ahh... Another off worlder, you here for a job? If you are we have no more space! Unless..." The Trandoshan's hand came out suggestively for credits.

Taa'la stepped out of the Myriad noticed and shifted her attention from Tysy and Solidus to Aegis who conversed with a pair of Trandoshans.
He seems darker somehow... More fearless... And ... Evil...
Listening to Aegis' one sided conversation with the Trandoshans she stepped forward to use Force Persuade on the Mercenaries however, before she could speak in her eyes she saw a darkness suddenly gather around Aegis. Both Trandoshans were lifted into the air without him lifting a finger, and both Mercenaries slowly choked. A third Trandoshan saw them and realising it was Aegis' doing he charged with a Vibrosword, a purple lightsaber activated in Aegis' remaining hand and the blade sheard the screaming Trandoshan into 4 pieces. Looking up he realised the two Trandoshans had stopped struggling, dropping them to the floor he looked impassively at the sudden loss of life and the darkness and power he felt grew just a little bit stronger.

Darkside points gained, 10
Force Power gained: Kill (Thats the uber choke)

Solidus, Tysy and Taa'la stared at the former Grey Knight. Solidus and Taa'la both slowly reached for their lightsabers...

10-28-2005, 10:55 AM
As Aegis choked the two Trandoshans, Coryn came running out. Looking at Aegis, he thought What has happened to him? Was he really affected by that person he met in the slaver ship? He saw Soludis and Taa'la pull out their lightsabers, and he laid a hand on his vibroblade. Walking up Aegis, he stopped as he saw the darkness grow even more around him.

Coryn went back in the Myriad, looking for Kharne. Finally he found him in one of the bunks, twirling his vibroblade yet again.

10-28-2005, 01:46 PM
"Nice..." Taal'a muttered, placing a hand on her lightsaber. She addresed Aegis. "Impressive... it shows me you are no longer on the edge. You have fallen to the darkness." She paused thoughtfully. "Whatever your attacker did you you, know that you are not without hope... you can defeat your anger. Though it seems to strengthen you, hear from one who has experienced, it will leave you weakened beyond belief."

"There is nothing to be gained in this violence," she went on. "Will you trust the words of one who has been where you are now?"

Lightside points gained

10-28-2005, 04:24 PM
Hope...Aegis stared at Taa'la Hope... Heh... Haha... HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Taa'la looked at Aegis in confusion.

Aegis tilted his head to the side, Hope is no longer what I need Twi'lek I need power. And power I have gotten. There is no hope for me now. The darkness is my master and my master has turned me into a slave. I know this. And yet I do not care, for all I need is power, power for revenge, strength to win and this is what I shall have. It was my failure on Islena's part, I will rectify that mistake.

Laughing maniacally Aegis turned to the rest of the party, And will you draw your sabers on me now? A Twilek guardian who has yet to learn the Master's forms, a Consular whose power is being dimininished, a Mandalorian whose Force Abilities equal that of a 6 Year Old Apprentice and a Girl with the Force Plague. Do you wish to test your abilities against me now?

Drawing their weapons the others advanced on Aegis, Aegis took to the Form of Juyo...

"Enough!" Roared Kharne, "We will not survive this mission if all we do is turn against each other! Put away your weapons!"
Striding towards Aegis he snarled "And so my old friend has finally fallen, something I have expected for a long time... Even in your darkness you will not harm the crew of the Myriad. Remain if you wish, but you will be in isolation."

Aegis looked at Kharne Indeed, you have grown wise Kharne. But who are you to command me?
"The man you owe your life to, fool!"
There was a silence before Aegis answered Indeed... I will stay to myself for your sake. Not theirs. But once this debt is over...
"Once this debt is over, but that is not now!"
Snarling Aegis spun around his robes flowing, deactivated his saber and strode into Yavin Station.

Taa'la, Solidus and Coryn looked at Tysy " Force Plague?" They said simultaneously.

10-28-2005, 04:32 PM
Taa'la winced as she turned her gaze to Tysy. Even as she echoed the words of the others, she could feel the Plague beginning its work on the girl.

"This, then is the fate of our companionship," she whispered. "The Plague will overcome the Force users... but there must be a way to counter it. All elements have an opposite. We merely need to find the Plague's opposite... before the Plague destroys us."

10-28-2005, 04:51 PM
Verack sensed a new spike in his control. His interest piqued, he followed a thread of the Plauge, hardly a trickle, to the one it inhabited. Isn't this...he thought, Yes, it is her. Sidious will surely be interested in this.
The Plauge Master went over to console, activating its comm. channels and establishing a link to his partner's flagship.
As the holoscanner whirred to life, he said, "This is Lord Verack transmitting to Darth Sidious..."
As he awaited a response, his thoughts wandered back to the young one that had caught his blight. She was young and hardly trained in the Force. In fact, he doubted that she was trained at all. However, he also sensed three others with her. Two were penticles of light, a Knight and a Master, he assumed, and the last...the last one had fallen. The Plauge would soon be contracted by the girl's Jedi companions, and the dark Jedi with them would only be further tainted from the Plauge's effects. Things were beginning to take shape...

10-28-2005, 10:28 PM
Tysy nodded resolutely toward the group. "Even now, I sense I've put
all of your lives at risk, being Force Sensitive. I'm going back to the
ship, which is right up that ramp, and I will put myself under critical
quarantine. D-452, I've discovered, has a special kolto tank stored
in the medical bay which prevents the spread of disease. Whether
it can hold the Force Plague, I do not know, but the kolto is highly
charged with midichlorian antigens. If the kolto doesn't cure me,
it will at least keep the spread of this terrible Plague at bay."

She bowed to the others and did exactly what she said she'd do.

In watery exile, she drifted off into a deep, restful sleep.

Light Side Points Gained: 10, Alignment: 70

10-28-2005, 11:00 PM
Kharne looked up where Tysy had gone, shrugging he turned to the rest of the group, "You Jedi picked this place so I am assuming that there is some evidence of the Force pLague here. I suggest you hurry before Aegis finds it and destroys it."

Aegis strode past the scum that filed in and out of the corridor.
A beggar gripped his arm "Master perhaps you could spare -"
Without answering Aegis gripped the beggar's arm lifted him to his feet and swung him, bashing and breaking the bones of the beggar against the wall. Looking at the mercenaries and bounty hunters staring at them, he defiantly pulled his robe back to reveal the lightsaber. Hardened men shied away from this malovelent figure.
Cowards... Thought Aegis. He continued down the hall, hunting down the Extreme Dark Side signature.

10-29-2005, 11:45 AM
(sry i haven't been posting. I have been working on other stuff and didn't have time to get on. and i have no idea where we are.)

10-29-2005, 01:47 PM
(((Yavin IV)))

Jedi Atomic
10-29-2005, 02:02 PM
Scur watched Tysy ready herself for the bacta tank and walked away. He decided to go to the cockpit and sleep, so he walked into the cockpit, sat down in the chair, put his feet on the dashboard thing, and fell asleep.

Rayce walked off the dropship and wondered if Scur was alive. He then remebered a soldier saying one of the other soldiers was last seen being dragged onto a small star ship. Rayce thought while walking though the hangar to his bunkroom. He remembered Scur saying, "The Myriad flew into the Sith Frigate, we must follow it." He hurried over to the Leader and asked, "Sir, does Scur Jal' Daan have a comlink number for me to contact him with?"
"Umm," the Leader started thinking, " Let me check." The Leader walks over to a binder and scans the names of all soldiers, "Ah, here it is." Rayce then comlinks Scur while walking out of the military base. "Scur you there? Hello?" Rayce yelled yelling into the comlink.

Scur wakes up from the yelling from the comlink. He recognizes the voice and quickly replies, "Yes, this is Scur. Is this Rayce?"
"Scur! Hey, where are you?" Rayce questions.
"In the Myriad."
"I'm helping piloting it. Do you need something?"
"No, I thought you died in the battle on the Sith Frigate."
Scur pauses for a second. "Why do you say that?"
"Well you weren't on the return list from the battle, after we got back."
Just then some one walks in the cockpit and stares at Scur. Scur has the feeling he being watched and turns around.

10-29-2005, 03:43 PM
Ulkus the Twilek Jedi, Ulkus the Bearer of Darkness, Ulkus the Betrayer.

Ulkus smiled as he kneeled in the centre of the Meditation Chamber. Turning on his comlink he contacted Verack. "Master, they have found me. Perhaps I shall send their heads to you as a gift?"
"Haha..."Ulkus could just see his Master's lips curling in contempt, "Yes, if you can manage it my Death Bearer."
"Do you believe I do not have the power Master, to wipe this pathetic party from the face of the galaxy?" Snarled Ulkus in a moment of rage.
"We shall see.."
"I am one of the four bearers of your creation! The Plague! I Am one of the most powerful Force Wielders in the galaxy, with this Plague I have destroyed countless Jedi! No weaklings such as these shall defeat me!"
Verack chuckled, "As I said, we shall see. Words do not act, actions do."
Ulkus roared and switched off the comlink. Returning to his kneeling position in the middle of the Meditation Chamber he faced the great doors, placed his gnarled lightsaber in front of him horizontally and waited.

Islena strode past the poor citizens of Tattooine. She was focused on only one goal, the Jedi which had eluded the fool of a Death Bearer, Valkresh. As she walked down another alleyway she heard voices, leaping up and hiding behind a dumpster she watched a figure in a brown robe and a boy not much older then ten in a similar robe walked down the alley.

Smiling maliciously Islena leapt out of hiding as they passed beneath the dumpster, he crimson saber erupting out of the metal tube. Swinging towards the Jedi's head, his green saber appeared in his hands, blocking the blow. Parrying a second blow from the other end of Islena's saber he looked over at his frozen Padawan, "Run!". The boy took a step back as he watched his master be forced back step by step from a ruthless onslaught of manouvres from the Dark Jedi.
Looking back at his still frozen apprentice, the Jedi snarled, "Run you fool! RUN!"
The boy heeded his words and started back down the alley, but speaking with the boy the Jedi made a mistake, moving in and taking advantage of that mistake, Islena skewered the Jedi in the side. As the body toppled Islena looked at the fleeing figure, her hand went to her belt, pulling out a blaster, the dying Jedi watched as his Padawan ran only to be shot in the back, his eyes widened and he seemed to be about to speak, as he looked up at the Sith, all he saw was the red blade streaming to his neck.

Islena smiled as she threaded her way back to her ship. This Jedi has been causing trouble by smuggling Sith equipment into the Republic. His loss will be effective. Master will be pleased.

10-29-2005, 04:55 PM
Verack smiled to himself. Ulkus had always been one of his proudest Death Bearers, but he was strong in both body and will, which is one of the reasons he granted him the power of the Plauge. As they learned, he charged them with the creation and spreading of his power, and sent them off to different areas of space, where his four minions spread the blight across the stars. Very soon, their powers would be tested to their limits as he brought the sickness out to its full power, crossing from one side of the galaxy to the other, and infecting all and every Jedi. The end of the Order was near. Prepare Order 66.

10-29-2005, 08:51 PM
(((Sorry that i havent been posting, i lost intrest for a little while, i was playing socom3 and cant stop playing so i finally got to get around to catching up)))(Sion, or someone else, plz if you can, pm me a brief summary on what has happened on the 6th page, i had a hard time keeping up with that one)

On a Transport heading to Coruscant

Overwatching his battalion of mutated humans jedi and wookies, Cronus decided to rally them.
"My fellow Sith!"

*Under his breath*
"Mutated Scum"

"We are here for one reason, and one reason only, to conquer this galaxy and everything in it. We will walk on the faces of the jedi! Cripple the forces of the Republic and Destroy everything else that stands in my way. You will be feasting upon the souls of Jedi today! You will show no mercy, not a single bit of mercy. If they beg, crush them even harder, if they dont! Just crush them!

*The ship landed on Coruscant*


The expierments started to rally as the walkway lowered down to let them run wild.
"This is going better than I had predicted, maybe we can bury the city also"

Igniting his lightsaber, Cronus said
"Im going to have some fun"
He ran out of the ship with the other some 200 expieriments

Jedi stood out in front of the academy, blue, green, yellow lightsabers popping up from the different weaklings. Sprinting about 50 feet in front of his army. Clashing into the jedi he had already slashed 4 heads off and blood had been splattered on his face. Cronus spits on a corpse as he attacks yet more jedi. Finally his battalion started having battle with the rest of the jedi. Whilst using one hand to use his saber and crush his opponents and with his other he creates a shield around him. Jedi run and bounce off it then fall to the ground stunned from this new unknown attack he had achieved. Cronus kneeled down than unignited his lightsaber curled into a ball then sprawled out. A massive energy force had emerged and wiped out a 1/2 of the jedi.
Not showing tiredness and weakness, Cronus walks off and signals to his army to finish the rest of the jedi off. He walked off the battlfield and back into his ship.Walking up to the pilot of the ship.

"Round up the rest of the mutated expieriments when they have finished, take the bands off the dead ones and store them.....then blow the academy up"

10-29-2005, 10:06 PM
Verack spoke to Islena mentally You felt that did you not? The fool, Cronus has alerted the Republic of our presence. We must act quickly, for the Republic shall rally and we will have a much harder time about it.
Yes, Master.

Islena's eyes unfocused as she sat in the cockpit of her ship, her mind wandering to the disturbances in the Force, she saw the mutilated corpses of dead Jedi littering the Coruscant Academy.
The foolish, immature child! For a simple display of power he has ruined our advantage of surprise. Should I ever meet him I will end his pathetic life but not before correcting him of his stupidity!

Travelling to the barren planet of Katarr she met up with the third Death Bearer, Generis.
"I assume you have received your orders."
"Correct. The dark aura here has indeed enhanced my abilities -"
"But not your saber skills I see." Sneered Islena.
"I do not need skill with such a crude weapon as the lightsaber when I have all this power at my disposal. Leave me wench, go find the fourth Death Bearer and we shall set the plan in motion."

((Oh yeah, who wants first dibs on Death Bearer Ulkus?))

10-30-2005, 11:18 AM
((OOC: Er...KillWithHonor, I find it kinda hard to believe that a bunch of mutants and a single Dark Jedi could wipe out most of the Jedi so easily...))

The orders were given. His servants were gathering. The Plauge would spread.
But that idiot of a man blew their cover by attacking the very heart of the Republic! Things would most likely be rather difficult now. Sinister, you fool, you should never have let him go.

10-30-2005, 11:41 AM
The viewing screen flashed to life on Yavin Station. Coryn looked up from his drink as the news came through. Coruscant attacked by the Sith. Several transports of dark Jedi and mutants, not unlike the ones that attacked Taris, raided the Jedi Temple leaving bodies in their wake. Only a little bit after their attack, the enemies retreated back into space..

Pounding his fist on the table, Coryn backed away from the table. I can't believe it... Why would the Sith attack the Jedi Temple and just raid it? I would think that they would be a little bit more cautious than that. Whatever they were thinking, we're running out of time.

He headed back to the Myriad, running until he caught sight of Aegis, stalking through the corridors. He watched him for a moment, then headed off to the ship.

10-30-2005, 01:29 PM
Aegis stopped before two enormous doors, but he felt darknes and pain gathering beyond them. Centering himself, he built a shield of Force around him, activated his purple blade and pressed his hand against the door and slammed it open.

Ulkus smiled as he watched the great doors fly off their hinges slamming against walls, and furniture. Gathering the power of the plague around him he picked up his lightsaber, igniting it revealing another purple blade and he stood up.

The first Death Bearer will feel the taste of death today.
"Is that so Kel Dor? Well you are mistaken, alone you will never defeat me."
You overestimate your abilities fool.
"Enough speech! Even in your darkness you will not defeat me! You will die by the hand in Ulkus!"

Aegis readied himself in the Ataru stance whilst Ulkus struck the pose of Makashi...

10-30-2005, 03:27 PM
...and in Tysy's tormented mind, a vision swirled...

Four people in particular were the cause of her sickness. Four
Dark Jedi (or were they fully Sith now, cloaked in the mantle
of prestige?) in particular were strong enough to bear the
Plague and spread it to the farthest corners of the galaxy.

One was a male Twi'lek, but not Aegis. One who was farther
along in the treacherous path toward Dark Mastery, more cruel
and more driven by hatred. What was his name--Ulkus? Yes...

The second had been a fine Jedi before she had undergone
torture and inhumane interrogations under the Sith. Islena
was her name, and she was beautiful, even in her darkness.
Her hair flows like the waves of the ocean on Manaan, and
her eyes are green and piercing. Like Prada's lightsaber...

The third plague bearer: this one was harder to notice, harder
to track down. Tysy could not decide who the other two
carriers were, nor could she even guess by the power she
had through the Force. How had she caught the disease?
Most definitely during her capture, but who had been the
one to handle her unconscious frame and thus infect her?

Tysy's body jerked. She sensed trouble all over the ship,
and trouble within all its passengers. She focused her mind...

"By the power I've gained from my grandmother, the notorious
Tysyacha, the Jedi Exile, and my father Kilian, I now purify the
essence of Dvukhsotnaya. All of you who are allied with me in
accord and will shall be strengthened by two hundred percent!
No one will catch the Plague, for this is a power born of passion,
not mere midichlorians! The Exile, who is now one with the Force,
taught me that. This is the only way I can help you, comrades..."

The kolto relaxed her again, and Tysy fell into uneasy unconsciousness.