View Full Version : Handmaiden Jedi, Golbal question.

10-11-2005, 10:53 PM
Searched thru the Spoiler and Holowan sections without any results.

I was able to compile the c_003handfight.nss with Darkkender's suggestion of replacing the level variable with the numeric value of "10", which successfully elemenated the level check for Handmaiden Duels.

Where I need help to expand this once step further which I believe/hope will eleminate many of the bugs associated with Handmaiden's Jedi quest.
I read in one of the threads that even if you have the correct influence, dialogues and duels, you still cant make her a Jedi till you have completed a couple of main quest (ie speaking with Jedi Masters) on 2 to 3 planets.

Anyone know which global controls Handmaiden's ability to become a Jedi, in reguards to Planet/Jedi Master completion?

I am currently playing in the Ebon Hawk after Secret Academy.
I have completed all duels/lessons, talk to Keria and 100 influence, yet I get dialogue failure on the dialogue tree, "I want to talk about your mother" at the point of "The Force runs strong in families".
I can offer to teach her once she says "I have nothing left to teach you", but that ends with Keria and Atris saying Betrayer, which really didnt feel right playing Lightside.

Thanks for any help :)