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10-14-2005, 08:10 PM
Since, my attempt at comedies didn't acctuely work out as good as I thought, I decieded to try with Epics.

Wonder what was going on while Revan sticked around? Well, this is my version of the story (not connected or realated at any rate with "The Plight of Darkness" made by ForceFightWMe13, even though it is the same period). It starts 1 day after the destruction of the Star Forge/

I only had time to make the Prologue to the story because of high-school, but I will post the first chapter tomorrow. IMHO.

NOTE: Before you atart reading, I must say that the chapters will be very, very, very, very long. So don't expect short versions.

P.S. Please don't post any comments just yet, I want to start the story at least.

************************************************** ********

The death of Lord Malak the Lustful one, ended the dark reign of terror with which he swept the Galaxy using the Star Forge, the ultimate dark weapon. But Malak’s reign wasn’t ended by a great Jedi, or a skilled officer. But by the redemption of Malak’s former master: Revan. Revan, along with his new identity, did good deeds to defeat the dark reign. Now the main Sith force has been defeated and the rest of the Sith disorganized.

But as much as it sounds like a victory, the war is far from over… For the real war between the Jedi and the Sith and the Republic and the Empire was about to commence, without doubt by any person in the Galaxy, of what there is to come…

10-15-2005, 12:22 PM
12! not 13.
im sorry about this but i must ask you how revan is going to manage what he did in ForceFight's and your fanfics?

10-15-2005, 01:26 PM
Um he said that its not connected in any way to Forcefight's excellent work.

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