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Manny C
10-17-2005, 12:43 AM
Like any other KOTOR fan, I'm looking forward to a possible sequel to what I think are the best Star Wars games ever released, and like all the rest of you, I enjoy filling the mundane horror that is "waiting for kotor3" with speculation as to what the next installment in the KOTOR series may include.

I've mentioned adjustments to the mortality system, influence system and combat system b4, but this time im referring to the characters.

While im sure this post has been done before, my intention is slightly different. As a big roleplaying fan, I like to look out for things in an RPG game that makes it a more immersive, convincing experience, and one of the best things that developers can do (in my opinion) to acheive this in sequels is to create a sense of continuity from the previous games. I think this is best done when it is a transition of subtleties from one installment in the series to the next, such as the "pulling a Bindo" line when talking with Handmaiden in KOTOR 2.

And this, my friends is where characters come in. When playing kotor 1&2, there are all sorts of much smaller, less involved people that you meet that I've found interesting or likeable (or likeably nasty), especially in kotor 1. What I think would make the next kotor great (should it be made) is to reintroduce some characters who played minor parts in the first 2 games, and possibly even make them party members.

The minor characters id most like to see return would be:

Yuthura Bann, the apprentice instructor at the Korriban sith academy. She has more background than most, which makes her appealing, plus shes a force user and could be either light or dark. The only problem is that you had the option to kill her, but quite frankly i dont think this is as big a deal in most cases than people make it out to be. If she'd make a good character, i say stick her in, who cares if some pple said "oh but i killed her", they'll get over it (yes, im aware of the confliction to my initial statements about continuity, but when a game is as variable as kotor, small sacrifices are unavoidable)

Dustil Onasi, carth's son. He's a force adept, and he's related to carth. To be honest i thought he would be in kotor 2, i found it quite dissapointing that we had little to no contact with the onasis in kotor 2. Dustil would be a cool character to have in your party imo, because you could create all sorts of conflictions with the way you're influencing his alignment and Carth's parental opinion, should carth also be in the game.

There are others but those are probably my top 2. If there's anyone you found interesting and worthy of expansion in a sequel, please suggest them. Id be interested to see some KOTOR 2 ones because i dont really remember any of the small characters, except possibly the second in command mandalorian guy, i thought he was cool.

10-17-2005, 01:51 AM
Just for the main characters, here are the two poll links if you wanna vote for the characters you want back:

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For smaller role characters...there's bunches that would be neat, but most of the ones I can think of (like Yuthera, Dustil or Dak Vasser) could have been killed in one of the paths, so it'd be hard to bring 'em back, since I ain't in the 'who cares' category in that regard. How about Suvam Tan, though? Or Davik? If Calo Nord could survive, maybe Davik had one up his sleeve, too? In either case, I'd love to see 'em back, but it'd definitely have to add something to the new story. Suvam, I could see, given he was hanging around all those artefacts on Yavin for so long. Not sure on Davik...but maybe?

Manny C
10-17-2005, 03:18 AM
im not really a 'who cares' guy either, but when its someone small like yuthura or one of the renegade students, people arent going to mind too much. They are pretty vague in kotor 2 about what happened at the sith academy.

Thanks for mentioning Suvam, now that you mention it he's probably my no. 1, he was a champ.

10-17-2005, 08:51 AM
If you choose or the game assumes a light path for Revan and Exile, then it might be cool to see some of the characters that were turned from the sith at the academy as jedi...i.e. Thalia May, Mekel, Dak Vesser, and Yuthura Ban. Adum Larp, the "noble" rodian sales-sentient on Dantooine has made an appearance in both I & II. It would be nice to see him in III. Also it might be interesting to see one of the two (rodian and duros) sales-sentients from Nar Shadaa, dependant on what you or the game chooses as Exile's alignment (DS you get the duros, LS you get the rodian...sorry forgot their names).

The Doctor
10-18-2005, 08:51 PM
I would like to see Bastila again, and maybe Mission and/or Zalbaar. Anyone from KotOR 1 would be awesome.

10-19-2005, 01:07 AM
I dont want to have characters return to your party i'd just stick to cameo appearences and maybe some descendants of origanal characters

10-19-2005, 09:23 AM
This thread is more or less a duplicate of the ones mentioned above. Please put your comments in those. Thanks. :)