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10-18-2005, 06:47 PM
Ohoy lads !

Another adventure freak with old-days willies - played every single "point n' click" LucasArt adventure game as far as I can remember and all of the "loose" ends as well: GF, Fullthrottle etc. Everything marvelous, top of the cake ! A grand candybox of game delights consisting of top material, a unique humor so characteristic for LucasArts and some undefinable extra ingredient which mixed with the rest creates an explosive and marvelous cocktail ! Originality ! Bueno !

But, it saddens me to see how far they've drifted away from this starting point. Every second day I'm on the edge of spamming LucasArts with reminders and mails containing irritating little one-liners from some Threepwood swordduel - which they've probably forgotten how to respond too - so they'll remember what they used as fundament when the company was created.

Current state:

Me: "You fight like a dairy farmer!"
LucasArts: "S o r r y - we don't understand? Could you please write it with sabers or maybe pull a Skywalker out of that lovely hat you got there?"

As said: LucasArts has become an all Star Wars oriented machine. Spitting out games we've seen before with a single alteration - the gameplay has been covered nicely with the good ol' Star Wars carpet.

Their official homepage drips with the Force - when first entering you're presented to a fine palette consisting of 6 Star Wars games and a design which states quite clearly; "We only produce raw actionpacked games - preferably with a Star Wars twist to it". All this running along the mainstream secure line like a dog is pathetic and it's not the right path for a great company as LucasArts with all their heavyweight milestones in the backpack.

I'm tired of seeing only Star Wars based freaking games on their production list instead of becoming the experimental company they originally was. I'm tired of a company which neglect anything risky and only follows the money flow. I'm tired of seeing the same games out on the market just given another title by another company following a different theme. I think you get the picture !

Who on EARTH would make a game like Grim Fandango unless you were seeking out new fields and experimenting with new exciting sub-genres ! Same with Day of the Tentacle, not to mention Sam and Max ! Where did those game concepts vanish to ? Monkey Island ? Etc. ? They were all HUGE successes and LucasArts did 'em.

Well, just had alot of annoyance on my heart I needed to get rid of ! Hehe..

Oh, and hallelujah for the International House of Mojo not to mention all the other great fansites out there who are trying to keep the adventure spirit alive and well ! You're doing a great job ! Viva la revolution ! ;)

10-19-2005, 01:59 AM

I feel your pain.

It's not only that LucasArts only makes Star Wars games, but I find it disturbing how they seem to cater to what the masses want. Command & Conquer and *Craft are going strong? Let's make an RTS of our own! With Star Wars! People are playing a lot of Battlefield games? Let's make a multiplayer shooter with classes! And Star Wars! All the other companies seem to think MMOGs have a future? We'll have our own! In the Star Wars universe!

A lot of people have suggested to completely abandon LucasArts. Not care about people pirating their games (come on, what other company cashes in on century old games?), not expect them to make a good MI5 or any other adventure...
I see their point. LucasArts is not what it used to be anymore. The people who made "our" games have long left the company (some to create adventures of their own with A Vampyre Story and Sam & Max 2), other developers make the better Star Wars games anyways (BioWare and Raven... and yes, I'm still a SW fan, kinda)... But at the same time I feel a certain attachment to them. The hope that they will swing around still lingers in the back of my brain, I think.

10-19-2005, 05:47 PM
Right now they're making mass-market garbage because the company burned all of their money on all the original games that flopped or were cancelled. At this point they probably need to make the no-risk moves they're making but the actions they made that brought them to this point were completely stupid. In a few years they'll probably start making original games again, and maybe even make good games again, but they probably won't be adventures and it will definitely be with a clean slate, because as mentioned the people behind the classics are long gone.

10-20-2005, 05:29 AM
Agreed...I'd say more but it was pretty much said up there.