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10-19-2005, 04:58 PM
Hey, i was wondering if I was the only one who relized what an interesting character Kreia is. From her training Lord Revan, to her fall as Darth Traya she is one of the most interesting Star Wars characters created (at least in my opinion). I was also thinking, if anyone wanted to, that we could create a MOD about her past up until where she meets the Exile on Peragus 2 Mining Facility. The reason I ask this is because I don't have the Kotor Tool and my internet is too slow to download it. If this appeals or intrests you please send me an email at:


Please make the subject "Kreia/Traya MOD" so I don't delete it as trash.

Thanks 4 your time.


Sorry, but no email addies. Members can still PM you however :)
I'm going to move this to the Mod's Request Forum so it might have a better chance of getting done ;) - ChAiNz.2da

10-20-2005, 12:32 PM
The main problem is that we actually don't know very much about Kreia before we see her at Peragus.

We do know however (after she "supposedly" trained Revan)

She went to fight in the Mandalorian wars, presumably since Master kavar near the end of the game says "I thought you died in the Mandalorian Wars!"
After "dying" in the Mandalorian wars she stays on Malachor V and trains 2 apprentices (Sion, and Nihilius)
She is overthrown by her apprentices and sent into an "exile" of sorts
We find her on the Ebon Hawk

Not a lot of real info =/