View Full Version : How to make a new lightsabre type?

10-23-2005, 09:27 PM
This was kind of a hard question to search for so hopefully someone knows the answer. I've a slightly longer than normal lightsabre model which I wish to create an entirely new item type for in baseitems.2da so that I can make it "one handed" (for the dueling feat) but not dual wieldable.

If I do that though how do I make it act like a lightsabre in other regards (ie. make it act like an upgradeable lightsabre at the workbench and make it work with lightsabre feats such as blaster defense)?

It this just not possible due to it being mostly hardcoded?

10-24-2005, 01:16 AM
You will need to open up the baseitems.2da with kotor tool and find the lightsaber lines. Find the one coresponding to lightsaber you want to have as the base item for damage levels (short, long or double) then copy that line and paste it back down at the bottom of the file. When it is pasted you can change the amount of damage it can do (damage without any upgrades). Not sure how to make it a item you can not weild with anything else but it should be easy to find by looking at the electric proding stick item line and seeing what is different to that compared to a single handed lightsaber.

Point your uti file for the saber at this new line instead of the old one and leave everything else the same and it should work fine.