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10-26-2005, 11:43 AM
Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who posted a question. Below, are the ones selected from our forums. I of course, can't guarantee a response to them.

Those who have been selected, please make sure that you login to the chat using your forum name, so it makes it easier for us to find you - so you can ask your question.

The questions:
Jan Gaarni
We've heard rumours that the tech tree ends at A New Hope. Is this true?

How will heroes be controlled? Will they have to be researched, or will they make
an appearance during a certain time?

How will multiplayer skirmishes be handled when theres more than 2 player battles?
Can you have rebels vs rebels for example and will teams be able to have one of each
faction on their side (reb+imperial vs rebel/rebel)

Darth Alec
How do you research technologies?

Can the deathstar take out capitol ships during combat?

How are formations done in the game? Can they be adaptable like AOE or are there
no formations at all?

Darth Windu
Why aren't the Republic and Seperatisits included in the game?

Will units gain veterancy over time? If so, how will this be applied
to both ground and space forces?

Youve said in an interview that planets can be 'rebel'. How does this work exactly?
Do all planets have a population loyalty measure for each faction? If so, how will this work
on netural planets?

Do you think EaW will counter balance between casual gamers and hardcore RTS players?


Jan Gaarni
10-27-2005, 03:10 PM
My questions actually was, is it true the game will end at ANH. :)

We know the tech tree ends at ANH. ;)