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08-25-2000, 07:05 AM
Disclaimer :
<font color="white">This thread is not intented for posting what kind of joystick you had, have or want to buy, unless it was or is Saitek's X36 combo (x36F+X36T).</font>

I 'm experiencing severe calibration problems with my X36 combo (Gameport Version). Windows calibration cannot overcome it, no matter how often I apply it. I had alredy sent the combo to Saitek's technical support Dep. and they found that there is no harware failure.

They also said that they had no "drifting" problems themselves. They assumed that the problem could be caused by my sound card's gameport , a Soundblaster 16 (ISA slot).

Owners of X36, help me ! Has anyone got the formentioned stick & throttle and experienced the same problems ?

What I really want to know is if I get a SB Live , would that solve my problem? Further more, should I need a dedicated gameport card ?

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08-25-2000, 07:38 AM
had the same problem with my Saitek Cyborg 3D... cannot use the rudder in XWA and need to calibrate it before I use it in a game... have a Soundblaster AWE 64... my CH Flightstick never had these problems...

---no solution---

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