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09-13-2000, 09:57 AM
XWA worked fine on my old system, i recently bought a new PC, Athlon Tbird 1000, Voodoo 5, 256 megs RAM etc. and i can get into it fine, i reach the main screen and can view my missions or go into the simulator. But when i choose to go to the hangar or run a simulator mission, it closes down XWA when the loading screen should come up!! i dont know what is going on!
Any help would be appreciated!

09-14-2000, 12:41 PM
I've had that same problem only it started AFTER I installed the 2.02 patch. Before installing that, the only major
problem I had was that the mission loading screen would sometimes go blank, but after done loading, I can play it
just fine. After installing the patch, however, every time I load up a mission, the screen goes blank, then quits to
Windows. Anybody have any advice or tips on combating this rather annoying dilemma?

I e-mailed Lucasarts and they responded with a lot of junk, such as quitting and disabling programs in the startup
toolbar. The thing is, I shouldn't even be having this problem seeing how I own a 700 mhz, 128 RAM, 20 gig HD,
AND an 32 meg NVIDIA Riva TNT2 video/3D accelerator card. Any thoughts anyone? Please?

Muchas gracias