View Full Version : Music is all my life! But...

Dark Verdure
09-17-2000, 09:20 AM
Well, someone told me on the forum of forcecommander.com, that there was on xwingalliance.com a .imu converter.
Yes, I must be blind, 'cause I didn't find it. This site is really excellent, but it is far too huge for someone who has got a small autonomy of time on the Net. After several hours on this site, and about as much liters of Corellian coffee, I didn't find it: I am sure that the site is too big to see everything and I know I have been missing several things. So, please, could you be kind enough to tell me where is the * .imu converter I am searching? PLEASE!
May the Brtsch be with you and with all pilots, sure!