View Full Version : Racial??

10-29-2005, 12:39 AM
I noticed that some saber crystals have a bonus versus racial. What I want to know is, what does that mean? A bonus versus racists? A bonus versus other races (species)? Or what?

10-29-2005, 12:54 AM
What you said. It has bonus verse otehr species eg. Bith, Tusken, Twilek, Droids etc.

Though I think the only racial bonus for the crystal is Droids.

The Doctor
10-29-2005, 01:02 AM
The only to racial groups that can be affected differently by items and thing are Human and Droid. At least, those are the only ones KotOR Tool lets you use.

10-29-2005, 10:44 AM
Well, that makes sense. Now I think what I said first was funny:

"A bonus versus racists?"