View Full Version : g200 again different problem (patch..)

10-26-2000, 09:39 AM
I've discouvered that the problem of wich i've spoken 2 days ago is caused by the patch.
If i install the game from original cd all works perfect.
If i apply the patch FIRST the game doesn't start, i must press play button about 10 times to make it works, if you press the button the HD starts to load the game but 10 sec after it return to desktop without no messages.
After 10 times the game run but dynamic lights doesn't work.
But all this if i apply the last patch, with version 1.0 all works.
WHY the patch cause all this problems??????
i've tryied to reinstall on different HD but nothing changed...
And i have all latest driver and dirctx.
Fu****g patch!!!