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10-29-2000, 02:32 AM
I've had this problem for quite awhile and even had several lengthy discussions with LucasArts Tech Support.

The problem is this: One of my computers has trouble sending and receiving packets during XWA multiplayer gaming. All the computers are running the same version and have the latest DirectX installed. I've tried gaming over the LAN with TCP/IP and IPX, over the modem and over the internet. I've tried all the different multiplayer settings. I've tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling the game. I've tried going back to version 2.01 on all the computers. I even sacrified a chicken to the god of multiplayer gaming. The same thing happens during multiplayer, whether it's over a modem, over the LAN or over the internet: During gameplay I get those annoying windows that tell me I'm having trouble sending or receiving packets. (BTW, I have no problems with any other game.) All the computers are pretty much the same, hardware-wise, with a few exceptions, but in the hope of finding a solution, I'll list the hardware of the offender:

Win 98
Celeron 366 o/c'd to 550
128 megs PC-100 RAM
Aopen PG 128
2 12-meg Diamond Monster 3D II's in SLI
AWE 64 sound card
Realtek 100/10 PCI Fast Ethernet
Courier v.Everything 56K modem
Hauppauge WinGo TV
Iiyama 21-inch monitor
Other junk that probably doesn't matter...



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10-29-2000, 12:35 PM
YOu have to realize that XWA is more laggy then other games you are used to.

Just make sure that both comps have the same XWA game, with no patches, except the 2.02.

Also, when you are playing Via internet, you shouldn't use Missiles or warheads (inluding flares) this will cause packet loss or those "little blue boxes"

Turn deatail down to a reasonble level, normallyi run with detail to the lowest setting, 800x600 res, 3-D acccel on, and engine glow. That is enuf detail for me, and it makes it easier on the comp.

Try to refrain from having big large face count battles, that is having 48 ships on a side, or Captial ships slugging it out.

cant say much else.. jsut make sure you got the lastest drivers for your vid card... thats all i can say really.... hope it helps

10-31-2000, 06:05 AM
There is one thing I cannot understand. You say that you had problems playing the game over a LAN ? I can understand the internet lag, especially with a 56k modem, but over a LAN ?

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