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Star Ghost
10-31-2005, 01:55 AM
Hi guys I was gone for a very long time but now I'm back!!!

I was looking over the threads, and some of them are to serious for the mood i'm in now so i decided to start this.
Welcome one, welcome all to the Nar Shaddaa cantina.
Sit down, play some pazzak, dance, have a drink, enter the dueling arena.

*i walk in and tell the bartender to give me a corelian ale*

*spelling edited*

Jedi Atomic
10-31-2005, 06:06 PM
A weak, but strong in the mind, tall, skinny man walks into the Cantina and walks straight to the Dueling Arena desk. When he stops in front of the desk a Rodian looks up from his control panel and asks, "Would you like to sign up for the dueling arena?" Nom Carver stares at the Rodian and replies, "Yes."
"Tell me your Dueling name and real name and ill type it in for you." Nom thinks and then says, "My name is Nom Carver and my duelist name is Dark Shadow."
The Rodian types his name's and then asks, "Would you like to take a practice round with someone?" Nom quickly snaps, "No, but i would like to fight into the ranks now."
The Rodian looks at the man, "OK, if you say so. Would you like to battle now?"
"No," he replies. "I'll be back later."

History of Nom Carver: ???? (last seen leaving Onderon on a passenger liner making it way towards Nar Shaddaa)

Spelling: Nar Shaddaa

10-31-2005, 06:22 PM
One of the local bounty hunters walks in the bar to order a drink. Realizing he is almost out of credits he looks at what work they have. Hmmm... the dueling ring, eh?. He walked over to the rodian. "I would like to sign up for the dueling ring."
The Rodian answered, "I need your name and your dueling name."
The man answered, "My name is Vadrin Kel-Yaan, and my dueling name- I will think of one."

11-01-2005, 05:46 AM
He walked in, taking a cautious look around. One of the local bounty hunters stood to one side speaking with the dueling coordinator. As long as he kept his head down the bounty hunter would probably overlook him. Captain Starhawk adjusted his black jacket and the two holsters under it. He walked down to the back end of the cantina opposite the duel coordinator and took a seat across from a short, chubby, male twi'lek. "You play pazaak?"

The twi'lek quickly inspected Jaykke. Black boots, black work pants, black short-sleeved jacket, black gloves with a good grip, a pale green armor vest, a backpack, and the silhouette of a pair of custom firearms under his jacket. About the same as every other shady gambler he'd bested that day. Nodding, the twi'lek smiled at him and responded "Naturally, have a seat! I could use a new challenge."

11-01-2005, 11:10 AM
A dark figure caresses the shadows of the corner table, he slides his hand across the table and reaches for his tipple. Grabbed with a sense of authority he swallows the liquid whole and meanders back to the shadow, a lost soul is beckoning upon the cantina. Maybe he wants help, guidance or someone to talk with, but ultimately he wants no trouble.

"Bartender, another."

The shadow decieves the crowd...

11-01-2005, 11:24 AM
A jawa entered the base and jumped onto a seat. Waitor! A droid approched the jawa "Yes sir. What can I get for you"
Drink. I want a drink. A correlian Ahle(sp). I want a correlian Ahle
"Yes sir. That'll be 5 credits"
Add it to my tab.

11-01-2005, 03:23 PM
"That's five games in a row. You sure you don't want to call it quits?"

The twi'lek looked up at Jaykke irritatedly. My luck will turn around soon enou--" He caught a glimpse of Captain Starhawk adjusting the glove on his left hand. "What is that?!" He grabbed the gloved hand and several +/- pazaak cards fell out. The twi'lek looked up. "You CHEATED!!"

Starhawk pushed his chair back a few inches, "Cheat is such a harsh word, I prefer... advanced rules?" The twi'lek unsheathed his knife and lunged for his throat. Starhawk leapt out of his chair to the right at the last instant and watched the twi'lek slam his skull into the metal chair which tipped over and slammed him into the floor where he lay unconscious. Taking a few glances around to assure no one had seen, he casually walked to the bar and had a seat to recount the 5,000 credits he had won and buy himself a drink.

Jedi Atomic
11-01-2005, 03:27 PM
Nom started to leave the room and what he thought was a bounty hunter walked towards the dueling coordinator. He wonders that he might have a little trouble beating this hunter, since he looks to be experienced. Nom continues on and sits at the bar. He looks around and notices two guys starting to play pazaak and he starts watching from the bar. Suddenly, Nom is startled by the bartender asking if he wanted a drink since he was into the pazaak game. "Yes, i would like the special drink for today."
"Coming up," the bartender opens a freezer and mixes some drink together including a little Correlian Ahle. He then sees a jawa walk in and sit at the bar. The bartender gives Nom his drink and walks over to the jawa. Isn't it weird for a jawa to come into a cantina? he thought. "Oh well" he murmured, and started sipping his drink.

(((This happened before you were caught cheating:D)))

11-01-2005, 04:05 PM
Jark the new bartender waltzes in and takes the position of the old one, serves a couple drinks and decides to start a conversation with Starhawk, who he had just seen win a pazzak game.

"Like pazzak much? I saw what you did to that the guy over there, dont worry ill keep it hush, i dont want anything to happen on my first day. Have a drink, on the house. Does a correlian ahle sound fine?"

11-01-2005, 05:18 PM
"I play a few hands now and again." Clearing his throat a bit, Starhawk glanced around. "Corellian ale sounds great... So... no one else saw that... right?"

11-01-2005, 05:29 PM
"Yea im definatley sure, but you never know, you gotta be careful, but i do have a policy, take a look at the sign to my left"

"It says" *Whatever happens here stays here! That means everything*

11-02-2005, 02:39 AM
"Now that's a nice sign." Captain Starhawk leaned back in his bar stool, stretching a bit before taking a swig of his ale. "I do what I have to." Leaning forward, he ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. "it's not always pleasant. Name's Starhawk by the way. Captain Jaykke Starhawk."

Jedi Atomic
11-02-2005, 08:09 AM
Nom finshed his drink and stood up and walked to the Rodian dueling cooridinator.
"Would you like to start?" the Rodian asks before Nom could speak. "Um... yes"
"Hold on just a sec..." the door opens next to him, "There. Now just walk and take your position." He walks down the dark hallway hearing screams of excitement, and cheers, and chants. When he got to the end of the tunnel hallway everyone screamed even louder knowing who the challenger was. Nom looked around half-grinning at the crowd cheering.

(((I'm not good with battles so can anyone write it for me? Nom was trained by a master duelist so hopefully its closly related to the Deadeye Duncan battle where Nom wins but a little harder than that.)))

11-02-2005, 01:10 PM
The grain of a figure, moves to the front of the crowd. He quietly waits as the crowd begin to cheer, either the fighters are hero's or he they are jokes upon themselves, he decides to pull a chair to a table with a view of the dueling ring. The shadows began to slowly draw up his tall figure. A robe is then unearthed and a shattering flash of a weapon, to some of the ever watchful crowd.

Someone approaches, the decision is a clear one, don't let him or any information about yourself leave this cantina, he has seen too much, the entity grows ever closer and begans to reach for his pocket.

The figure in dark, misty robes, slowly backs away into the darkness of the rowdy crowd. The fight is about to begin, but there is another...

11-02-2005, 05:00 PM
A Wookie walked in. He had a scar on his face which made him seem ugly. He walked up to the Rodian and he said "I'd like to sign up for this...dualing thing." "Your n-name s-sir?" the Rodian stuttered. "I have no name." the Wookie said. "They call me the The Stranger." he said. "OK, so I'll put you down as the The Stranger." said the Rodian. The The Stranger sat down and called a waiter.

Jedi Atomic
11-02-2005, 07:24 PM
(((Never mind, I have a good idea)))

Nom's competitor walks in putting some suspense on Nom making him wonder if this guy was better than him. If he was harder to beat, then the rest of the higher ranked duelists would be even harder. Nom stares at the man in robes with a hood walk in and stand relaxed like another normal duel for him. None of his skin could be seen made Nom wonder what he looked without the robe. Soon the Announcer started counting down after he stated their names.

"....2....1 Fight!!" the announcer yelled into the speaker. The man quickly grabbed two of his pistols out from under his robe and took a shoot from each one. Nom quickly darted to the left dodging the bullets while reaching for his Prototype custom-sword designed himself.

After taking two shoots at Nom he realized that he missed. Quickly, he stuffed his pistols in their holders and grabbed his dual swords, a little shorter than long swords.

Huh, he must like dual weapons, which means he must be powerful with them thought Nom as he ran closer and closer. Right before Nom made contact he grabbed his custom asassin pistol and took two shots at ((What's his name. Anyone think of a good name for him?)). One bullet missed just over his shoulder and the other went through the robe and hit his left arm. He dropped his blaster, since no use putting it away, and made contact with ((what's his name. *)). ((*)) dropped his sword and couldn't pick it up since he would lose by bending down to grab it. Nom slowly pushed his sword down low with ((*'s)) sword and then Nom swung his sword up going across his chest making him fall.

"The Fight is over. Dark Shadow has finally changed the ranks and has put pressure on ((*)). Will Dark Shadow soon be the leader of the Nar Shaddaa Cantina? Keep watching to find out where he will might stop climbing the ranks!!"

While walking down the hallway he heard screaming even louder than walking in. He grinned and continued walking down the hallway to collect his money.

11-03-2005, 01:35 AM
An armoured soldier strode into the cantina, his boots making a dull clank with every step. His face was shrouded in the helmet and his body was covered in armour. The armour was a dull orange, with many scratches and scars on its surface, the figure grinned inside his helmet as he remembere dthe days with which he gained them.

Sitting by one of the screens he ordered quite a lot of everything they had. Grinning at the alcoholic feast inf ront of him he rmeove dhis helmet, revealing a would-be stern faced man if he didn't have all the smile creases. His brown hair was tied in a ponytail going down to the nape of his neck witha band surrounding hsi forehead. His brown eyes danced as they glowered at the alcoholic beverages and to the disgust of several other customers he began glugging the lot down.

11-03-2005, 05:14 AM
The figure has know came to within a few feet of the man in robes, he is still foraging in his right pocket for something of value. As the happens the robed entity starts to withdraw a glimmering object from beneath his robe. But as this begins to happen the weapon is unearthed from the pocket and is shown to be a datapad of some sort.

"Keep this, I will be back later"

The datapad is thrusted into the pelvis of the robed man, and he surrenders his arm to grab the pad and retracts it beneath his robe.

Nobody has seen these events, everyone is fixated on a duel between Dark Shadow and another figure shrouded in stealth. The man in robes moves back to his plush view of the ring, and sits down to some more Corellian Ale...

11-03-2005, 11:14 AM
Vadrin walked up to the duel organizer. "I would like a duel right now. My dueling name is Magma."
The Rodian nodded and replied, "Well, we have the lowest contestant ready, would you like to fight him now?"
Vadrin nodded.
"I will go and see, " the Rodian replied.

11-03-2005, 07:00 PM
"What would you like, sir?" asked a waiter."I want a nice, tall glass of Tatooine Sunburn." said the The Stranger sternly. "Coming right up, sir." replied the waiter. The The Stranger leaned back and waited for his beverage. An Aqualish bounty hunter approached him."You have a bouny on your head. I'm here to collect it." said the Aqualish said to him."Am I worth more dead or alive?" asked the The Stranger." "Dead." said the bounty hunter. The The Starnger roared and threw him onto the table. The bounty hunter pulled out his blaster. It was pulled from his hand. The The Stranger Pulled as hard on his arms as he could. The Aqualish screamed in pain. The The Stranger succeded in ripping of the bounty hunters arms. Everyone stared. Finally, the The Stranger twisted his neck untl it broke."Sorry about the mess." The The Stranger said to the bartender. He tossed him some credits and walked over to another table. Everyone resumed what they were doing.

Renegade Angel
11-03-2005, 07:03 PM
Star Ghost!? it's me, Chains! whatsup!?

Samurai DD
11-03-2005, 08:00 PM
A tall man enters the bar in a slow, tranquil manner. Just a few notice him, with his strange clothes and appearance. He is wearing a long black cloak, and what seems to be gray jedi garments underneath. He seems to carry no weapons, but if inspected closely, the silvery glint of a lightsaber handle can be seen. But what really catches the attention is his face; not his long, silky, pitch black hair, or his cybernetic implants, not even his pale gray skin. It's his fierce looking, full red eyes.

He gets a drink and sits for a while, getting some looks here and there. His stance and actions make it almost impossible to know what he feels or thinks.

After some while, a tough looking bounty hunter enters the cantina, seems he's looking for something. The shady guy on the corner seems nervous now, and pulls up the hood on his cloak. The bounty hunter seems to calm down after a quick search, and asks for a juma juice cocktail.

11-03-2005, 11:15 PM
Captain Starhawk took another sip of his ale, grinning at the results of the last duel (and the hefty profit from his wager on it) when the hairs on the back of his neck stood up stiffly as if struck by a spark. Glancing across to the opposite side of the bar his eyes were drawn to the new arrival: a tall man wearing a black cloak and gray Jedi robes.

Dropping his glass, Jaykke quickly dropped off his stool with his back flat against the bar. "Don't panic... it might just be a Jedi..." Creeping up the side of the bar, Captain Starhawk snuck another glance at the newcomer and dropped to the floor soundlessly. "Right... a Jedi with blood red eyes...

Staying in a crouch, Captain Starhawk stealthily snuck towards the rear exit, his hands on his blasters the whole way...

Jedi Atomic
11-04-2005, 05:03 PM
He slowly lowered his grin and stepped out into the duelist room. He walked over to the Rodian, "That was an outstanding fight. You finally messed with the ranks. None of the other higher ranked duelists will like you and will train harder now. Now, Would you like your credits?"
"Yes," as the Rodian passed Nom his 300 credits. He walked out the duelist room and walked to the bar and he sat down. He noticed a man quickly barge through a back door. but he ignored him and sat there meaningless. He waved the bartender off and watched others around the bar. As Nom's eyes looked around he noticed a man with fiery red eyes taking a drink. He studied him and then continued looking at the rest.

When he finished looking around the bar, Nom's eues quickly were fixed on the robed fiery red eyed man. As Nom wondered who he was the man moved his waist area and a ray from the light ficture blinded Nom's eyes. Was that a lightsaber? Could it be? Could that be a jedi? he thought before shaking unnoticeably. As he slowly and casually stood up from his chair, he made is way to his apartment for the night.

11-04-2005, 05:25 PM
Captain Starhawk dove through the back door, took a corner too quickly and crashed to a halt against the chest of a large, muscular, bouncer. Before he could fall to the floor, the bouncer grabbed him by the arm and back of his jacket, and threw him out the back door. The bouncer shouted "AND STAY OUT!!!" before slamming the door.

>>Out of Char: << I intend to continue my char's story from here at a later date...

Samurai DD
11-04-2005, 05:38 PM
Suddenly catching the sudden movements of Cpt. Starhawk, for the first time an expression came the face of Karsk Draug. It was one of fear, suddenly and strangely changing to a victorious grin.

"I must not fail. I shall have my revenge. Starhawk will pay."

Taking the hunter by surprise in the middle of a sip, choking him while getting up from his table. Bounty hunter Celek falls, drowning in his own fluids.


"You cannot hide! I can see you, Starhawk."

His voice was like thunder, and struck the watching crowd like one. Calmly he dropped his cloak and pulled his lightsaber, switching it on with an acute sound. It's humming was curiously strong. The central blade was crimson, but the glow became gradually red towards the outside.

"Show yourself, coward!"

11-04-2005, 05:39 PM
The mercenary burped after downing his eleventh Corellian Ale, stood up wobbly and paid the bartender. Looking arund he noticed teh figure in the gray robe's lightsaber, his drunk yellowed eyes opening in shock he pulled out his blaster and took 3 wobbly steps to him yelling "Tish Jedish! Tish Jedish! I villll kilsh yas!!" Where he promptly tripper ove rhis own feet and knocked himself out.

Samurai DD
11-04-2005, 05:44 PM
OOC- I am currently fixing the situation with Dark (Starhawk) through PM's.

Jedi Atomic
11-04-2005, 08:36 PM
Nom quickly awoke to some loud chatter outside his door. He grabbed his clothes and weapons then opened his door.

Two guys were threatening some poor alien, so Nom silently grabbed his sword and closed in on the guy yelling at the alien. The alien glanced behind the yeller and seen Nom walking up to th guy. The man noticed in the eyes of the alien that he wasn't paying attention. Right before he turned around he stopped when pain went right threw his stomach and he looked down. Coming out of his stomach was a bloody sword. He looked up and fell to the ground. {ulling the sword out while the man was falling he noticed the other man charge at Nom with his sword raised high. Nom stabbed him in the stomach and the man looked at the impalement and fell to the ground. The alien thanked Nom, and before Nom could welcome him he ran off.

11-05-2005, 05:43 AM
"Show yourself, coward!"

OOC: Ask and you shall receive... I was going to exit this post, but... *cue bad movie cliche* now it's personal...

As Captain Starhawk lifted himself off the pavement, the bouncer swung the back door open rapidly and glared at Jaykke. He grumbled, "Barkeep says you forgot to pay for all the booze you drank." The bouncer glared at him as Starhawk stared back expressionlessly. "He wants a word with you..." The bouncer sighed in frustration, "In! NOW!!!"

As Jaykke was harshly shoved back into the cantina, he noticed the Dark Jedi, Karsk Draug. He looked enraged... even more so than Captain Starhawk had remembered. He needed a distraction... and fast.

"HEY!!!" Jaykke shouted, then pointed towards Karsk. "He rigged that last duel!" The entire cantina fell silent and looked towards Jaykke, who nodded. Only someone with absolutely no class, a considerable deficiency of it even for this crowd, would lie about duels. That or a complete idiot. Dueling coordinators don't much enjoy the bad reputation that brings, and they tend to have the money to hire bounty hunters... Good ones...

The toughest of the crowd stood, the sound of chairs scraping across the floor echoed as they reached for their weapons.

OOC: Have fun with your new friends, samuraidd *evil smirk*

Samurai DD
11-05-2005, 11:07 AM
Karsk's face was illuminated by an evil grin.

"Do you really believe these pitiful drunks are a match for me!? Stop playing. It won't be as easy this time!"

Blaster shots ricocheted everywhere as Karsk twirled his lightsaber using his custom style. A powerful force jump combined with a slash, and various limbs fall. In a short time, the cantina is all but completely destroyed, and Karsk Draug exits in the pursuit of Starhawk.


OOC: Don't take it personal. You started it in an earlier post. We're just having fun, right?

11-05-2005, 12:30 PM
The Stranger looked around. He saw his waiter dead on the ground and his glass of Tatooine Sunburn shattered. He felt himself get angrier with every second."That guy just P***** ME OFF!" shouted The Stranger. He grabbed the vibroblade he kept hidden and ran in persuit of Karsk.

11-05-2005, 02:12 PM
Karsk's face was illuminated by an evil grin.

"Do you really believe these pitiful drunks are a match for me!? Stop playing. It won't be as easy this time!"

Captain Starhawk chuckled at the thought of a menagerie of drunks defeating a Dark Jedi. With the time their defeats bought him, he ran up to the bartender, tossed him a pile of credits and ran past the very irritated bouncer.

OOC: Don't take it personal. You started it in an earlier post. We're just having fun, right?

OOC: Definitely having fun. I was just running cause dark jedi = deadly, but this works.

11-05-2005, 02:37 PM
In the wake of the decimated remains of a cantina, the figure was still stuck in the shadows, in an arboreal state. He slipped his hands to where the datapad was, but before reaching, was challenged by a thug. The petty criminal was just outside the cantina when the ruckuss had started, and slithered in to pick up any items of value from the remains of some of the staff and patrons. When challenged, the figure finally de-robed himself and revealed a sharp, tall and built man with a datapad in his left hand and a smirk across his face.

As the thug started to threaten the man, and withdraw his pistol, the man, with immense precision and speed, brought his Green fliailing saber to the thug's neck and give him an ultimatum. "Either, you go now, or you don't".

The thug left with what he had. The man sat back at his seat waiting for the figure who handed him the datapad earlier, daring to venture into the knowledge stored within it.

He sat alone in a cantina filled with charred corpses and remains, and burning complimentary furniture.

This person who ghave the datapad had to return. But he knew staying here was a problem, atleast as sson as the Authorities and Republic Officers gained knowledge of the events.

Samurai DD
11-05-2005, 06:16 PM
Karsk runs out of the cantina, catching the bouncer by surprise. Unfortunately, when he notices the lightsaber, it's too late. His head is already on the floor. :dev11: Draug deftly maneuvered through the crowded streets, his robes flowing through the air. He sees Starhawk turn in a corner, and inmediately changes his direction toward him.

Suddenly, he feels the closeness of the Stranger's vibroblade, and quickly reacts, turning on his lightsaber and blocking the cortosis blade.

"You really don't want to challenge me."

Jedi Atomic
11-05-2005, 06:54 PM
Nom started walking towards the cantina when a man ran past him knocking him to the side, making Nom fall. He ignored Nom and continued running. Nom stared at the man then turned around. Nom reacted to a lightsaber swing at his neck, by ducking onto the ground. He realized that the jedi was the man in the cantina, earlier.

He walked to the door of the cantina and the bouncer's head lay close to his body on the ground several feet from the door. He walked in and some men and the bartender sat and/or stood there quietly drinking or looking at who walked just walked in. He walked over to a drunk man ((TreeX)) and asked, "What the hell happened here?" The man drunkenly stared at him.

11-05-2005, 08:14 PM
Staggering to his feet, Danver, burped again, the distinct smell of alcoholic breath filling his nostrils. Smiling with his eyes half closed he spoke, "Jedish, Jedish cut and hack and kill, dat Jedi no like Bounta Huntas, especially not guy Starhawk..." Rolling his eyes up to his head Danver promptly fainted on top of Nom.

Jedi Atomic
11-06-2005, 06:53 PM
Nom caught the falling man, holding him up, Nom carried the man back to his seat. He sat down and ordered a drink. The bartender gave him his drink and Nom sipped some of it wondering Why would the Jedi be chasing that man. He soon forgot about it and continued his drink.

Star Ghost
11-07-2005, 12:08 AM
I go on a vacation for four days and i can't keep up!!! not fair.
After having my correlian ale before, i got up and went into the back of the cantina where I had a small room. I slept there for the time this was going on, then I wake up and come out again.

"Man, this place is a wreck, what happened???" i ask the bartender.
"The usal, bounty hunter get's his arm ripped off, epic duel, Jedi and Sith, nothing out of the ordinary today." the bartender replies.

I go back to my room and get out my Heavy Assault Rifle that I had costum made with wooden handle, dura-titanium allow barrel, and plasma projectile secondary fire. It fires 30 rounds per sencond.

As I walk back into the bar, a couple people stare at me, but I ignore them. I ask the duel co-ordinator for a duel.

"You haven't dueled in a long time, so I had to set you back at the bottom. Your real name is John and your duel name is Star Ghost, yes?" he askes.

"Yes, call me if someone wants a duel in the extra large ring."

11-07-2005, 04:49 AM
Suddenly hearing the words "extra Large Ring" Danver awoke, and staggered to his feet, grinning psychotically he stepped to the duel coordinbator and grinend down at him. The duel cooordinator pulled back as he smelt the cheap alcohol on Danverr's breath.

"Don't worry about my real name, boy, duel name, Fishstick, extra large ring and I want to make someone hurt..."

11-07-2005, 05:52 AM
He finally dared to look at the datapad, as the dueling ring was being prepared and a new fight was being coordinated, it contained some peculiar information.

It gave a very detailed and recent sighting, plus location of a one Aja Animi, Jedi Consular. The location he kept to himself, why did the figure previously hand this to him. He needed to find Aja, maybe she could help the man's cause. The bar had began to settle down as it filled once again, luckily the aesthetics of the cantina had been replaced bizarrely straight after the incident, and now any Republic Officers, or any onlookers would be hard pushed to gain anything about the attack.

He rose, with his robes filling his silhouette again. The datapad he took with and questioned the person who gave it to him. Who was he, could he have been a friend of his or Aja's. Only time could find the answers. He began to walk towards the exit, but something was afoot...

Jeremia Skywalk
02-04-2006, 06:29 PM
A causualy dressed guy, still with a blaster by his side walked in the cantina. "Bartender! Give me a double juma juice! This have been the roughest week i have ever had. Darn crime lords with their darn loans. Propably has bounty hunters all over the galaxy. And i missed one supply. ONE!"
"Yes, sir, this is an interesting story. here is your drink, don't you want to get some credits in dueling ring?"
"I could use some spare credits. Alright were do i sign up?"
"Just go to that rodian and ask about dueling."