View Full Version : putting the wars while up with the stars back in Star Wars

11-01-2005, 02:48 AM
from what i once posted in a thread where i was commenting on the monotonous nature of the random space fighter battles, though i might as well post here as an idea for a mod, though i am not sure if it can be done at all...

its exactly the same fight against exactly the same ships with exactly the same number of ships with exactly the same attacks with exactly the same defense with exactly the same strategy with exactly the same difficulty

i wouldn't mind it, and heck possible enjoy it, if there was a little variety in something, anything.

even if it was just the difficulty and the number of ships. its so easy its not even worth my time to chase them down. maybe each time the battle occurs, it could be more difficult and more fighters, or even better fighters. it would make sense for the story too, the more you travel and the more you defeat them, the more the enemy should know learn the pattern of your travel / mission and the more ships / tough ships they should send.

now if you want to get really ridiculous and put more variety in everything i stated above, also add possible upgrades to ships weapon systems and defense. it would be more enjoyable if it was less of a mini game and more of a part of the story.

after all, Star Wars isn't just Jedi fighting, its also star...... wars.