View Full Version : My X-Wing Alliance Game Crashes!!!!!!HELP ME SOON

11-11-2000, 09:24 PM
I have a great problem with my x-wing alliance and also i think with my shadows of the empire game.It didnt happen before but i dont know what the heck has happened to my PC that it now happens everytime.The problem is that when i load up a mission or play a skirmish i could play well lets say 30 seconds or less and then the game just freezes and i have to reboot.Ive tried defragmenting disk and checking windows and everything but i dont know if it is the Direct X or whatsoever.So if you can help me please answer me and ill be very grateful.
For aditional information my system setting is:
Celeron 366 MHZ
Ram:64 Megabytes
Sound Card:Sound Blaster Live X-Gamer
Video Card http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/biggrin.gifIamond Viper 770 Ultra
MotherBoard:Abit BF6
Operating System:Windows 98
DVD Rom:6x(24X CD)

Keyan Farlander
11-11-2000, 10:34 PM
Maybe try re-installing DirectX. (8 just came out - maybe try that.) Did you actually try to re-install Windows? That might help. Did you maybe change your video or sound card drivers?

Keyan Farlander

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11-12-2000, 12:32 AM
okay.. here is a checklist

Check CD.. is it clean?
Does the CD-ROM work?
Have you updated all your drivers? vid card, cd-rom, sound card?
do you ahve diretX 8?

elts see what you got afterwords

11-24-2000, 12:10 PM
Hi I had the same problem. Actually I still have but it doesn't matter.
I think that the core of the problem lies somewhere amongh your VIDEOCARD drivers or settings. I have Voodoo 3 2000 and when I set the software video support the game stucks and I must reboot. Perhaps this is similar with your problem. When I set acceleration everything goes nicely. Try to play wit drivers and setting there. Good Luck.


11-24-2000, 11:58 PM
Mess around with your video card settings inside and outside of the game.

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