View Full Version : Kill The Disciple

11-01-2005, 05:11 PM
Can someone who downloaded my Kill the Disciple mod tell be whether or not it works?

11-01-2005, 05:57 PM
Why do you post mods before even testing them yourself? I did not tried your mod but I had a look at the file and I can already say that your mod cannot work. You need a script to turn the Disciple hostile and a few globals need to be set too or he will reappear in Khoonda.

The dialogue file is also completely messed up. You have tons of conditional scripts that are supposed to check for certain conditions , such as the value of some globals per example, and the conditions are not specified anywhere (there is nothing in the parameter fields).

I would definitely suggest you delete the mod from PCGM, restart from scratch (your .dlg file is unusable - you need tk102 dlgeditor- ) and test it before re-uploading it. It is your responsibility to test your mod first and ensure that it is in a reasonable working state not to the people who download the mod. It's very annoying for someone who is not familiar with modding to download a mod that doesn't even work and messes the game because the modder didn't take the time to test it. It also gives modding a bad name and people with little knowledge of modding are less inclined in trying other mods afterwards.

Edit: sorry if this sounds harsh but there is no excuse for not testing a mod before uploading it. However, if you want to learn modding kotor, I'll still be happy to help.