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11-02-2005, 09:48 AM
We arrived at Mohegan around 5. Walking around, we were trying to find a place to eat. Not too much. Quite a bit of stores, some cool memorbilia.

The line started entering around 7. I got in line, and they said that audio and video recording cevices were not allowed, along with professional cameras with removable lenses. "Cool," I think, "MY DIGI-Cam will be all right." Halfway in the line, they announce that again, except this time adding digital cameras to the list of banned contraband. "Uh-oh" I think. I try to stuff the camera in my crotch..... well, that didn't work out. I had a huge square bulging out of my pants. So, I decide to take my chances and just hold it. The man pats me down, and the lady checks my camera and asks if it can take video. I lie, saying no, and she lets me by...

In the arena now, I check out the souvenir stand. They had a few things. They had light up Aero pins, the wings and a guitar, a few tour T-Shirts: 2 black ones with the band, one white one with the band, and a Live Bootleg one. All had dates on the back. They also had sweatshirts and baby/girl tees. They had two hats and some pins. However, I did NOT see an official program.

I had seats in section 8, row A, seats 7 and 8. This was great. Were were like 5 rows behind the catwalk, and had a decent view of the stage.

Lenny took the stage around 7:30. He was pretty great, but his voice got drained out by the instruments. I don't know much Lenny, but I enjoyed the set. For the last song, he went all through the audience, leaving the stage, and walking through the crowd. I was RIGHT next to him! It was great! After Lenny, yhere was a 30 minute intermission.

Get back in, sit on down. The intro was pretty cool, it showed band pics while doing Sweet Emotion, Seasons, Dream On, Walk This Way, and Just Push Play. The band kicks into Walk This Way.

Now, this is my first Aerosmith concert. I did NOT reconize Steven's voice at first, but it is his usual live voice. Steven was screamin away!

The set, again, was basically 80s/90s material. We had a few goodies, a great version of Cryin, Crazy.... Joe was playing with this magnetic pole in Sweet Emotion, and whenever he touched it, it made this cool noice. He went crazy with it towards the end!

Steven was on my side of the catwalk most of the time. He came our way probably 5 times during the concert, and stayed for about 2 minutes each. Joe was on the other catwalk, and one or two times he went into the audience.

We got a great Lord Of The Thighs, too! In No More No More, the whole place was rockin. The whole band came on the catwalk, and Joe was on the other side playin away! This was the highlight of the show.

Shakin My Cage was a HUGE disapointment. I was looking forward to this. Admitedly, Joe is not the best vocalist, but this performance sucked. His voice was too low, I couldn't understand a thing he was saying, the band was way too loud, and the instrumental part just sounded like ****.

Joey stepped down for two songs - Jaded and Shakin My Cage. When his son came on, Steven introduced him, and they started playing Jaded. Jesse did a pretty good job of taking his place, and after Cage, Joey gave him a big hug and Joey went back to drumming for the rest of the show.

The show ended with Back In The Saddle and Draw The Line. These were great! In Back In The Saddle, Tyler perfectly belted out "I'm BACCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!" without screwing up at all. It was incredible. In Draw The Line, at the end, Joe threw his guitar on the ground, ripped of his shirt, and started playing the guitar WITH his shirt! Then he picked up his guitar, walked back to the main stage, and played a mean solo! This is how the show ended, with Steven wishing the crowd a good night and telling them he'd love to see them again. Well, we'd love to see YOU again Steven! In fact, we will, in Boston later this month.

The sound in Mohegan was a bit distorted. However, it was expected since this was a small indoor arena. Sometimes the guitars overpowered Steven's vocals, but it was only for a short period of time.

This was an incredible performance. It took me WTW to get used to the "Live Tyler" voice. But, it was defiinetly the best concert I've been to, beating out an incredible Rolling Stones show.

11-02-2005, 10:36 AM
Sounds like it was a crap load of fun! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v123/Tie23/11crazy_smilie.gif

11-04-2005, 04:38 PM

A pic I took.... yes I was THIS far away from Steven!

11-04-2005, 04:58 PM
That's awesome :D Sounds like you had a good time

11-08-2005, 03:59 PM
Joe Perry's double neck guitar for the ****ing win