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11-02-2005, 07:37 PM
This is where we can say how did we feel about the characters I mentioned and talk about the impressions gained from their sight, I was thinking of talking about Revan, Ry'ghol and the other party members whom you have encountered. Also you can say what is your overall impression about the characters if you want. I'll start first:


Luke Saben (Main Character [Revan]): I really liked the way this character was the developed: as a very convincing and resistant character who fights his way to the end. Tall, smart, cunning has all the atributes of a great hero. Revan is the best; he really shows heroic effort despite hte hatred from both sides...

Carth Onasi : I liked Carth, really did. He was one of my favourite characters from all games that I have encountered. During my first playthrough, I had really hard time trying to find the best way to approach him, but it always ended with him getting upset...

Bastila Shan : When I first saw Bastila (not knowing about her character), I was stunned and I couldn't move for 5 seconds, looking at how beautiful she was, and I thought: She is the best! Sadly, the moment of light turn into a bang in the head when she first spoke to me; instead of thanking me, she immediatley began the story of how she freed herself, and I thought: Oh, no! Not another arrogant witch! My opinion of her, turned into hatred when she started to bash Carth like a beyotch. I tried to behave as normal as possible, but she kept behaving like Vrook (if not worse). But when she said that her helping me was her test and a way for her to gain glory... Oh, I SNAPPED so hard and told her to piss off. Later at the end, I really liked her because she was so well developed and not so boring to talk with.

Mission Vao : I liked Mission because she knew how to be fun to talk with and annoy by giving lectures. My first impression was that she won't be a party member, and that she will leave sooner or later. Later I started to like her because she was so happy, and cheerful.

Zaalbar : I don't know what to think of him besides that I was sorry because he didn't have anyomre to say.

Juhani : For Juhani, all I have to say is that I felt really sorry for her, and that talking to her was really a thing that requires real ammount of understanding. When I first saw her, I only thought of her as a corrupt Sith that should be killed... But when she surrendered, I couldn't do anything to her. My worst and saddest moments with her was when she blamed me for Taris... I was so ashamed that I didn't talk to her for 3 hours of gameplay.

Canderous Ordo " Canderous was a pretty satisfying character to have, I liked the way he told he war stories that were very interesting. Whtn I first saw him, I thought of him as a random merceneary. But then I saw that he had honor, like a Chinese or Japanese soldier. That is where I started to like him.

Jolee Bindo : I don't think that it is neceseary to say what I think of him, but OK: He was the best! When I first saw him, I thought: Oh great! Another guy to use me for his ends. What do you want? But then later I was lauging for ages when I talked to him, and to think he seems like that he is the one who has the wisest opinion about things.

T3-M4 : I liked him, but he didn't have much to talk about... :(

HK-47 : He rocks, and I love the droid. Enough said...

Overall impression : I loved all of the characters from KOTOR 1, I would never want to change any of them. :D

I'll post my opinions for KOTOR 2 tomorrow...

P.S. This thread involves YOUR inpressions and opinions, so please don't quote others.

P.P.S. By Main Charaters, you can also consider other improtant characters that you meet (bad guys and so)...

11-02-2005, 08:23 PM
I thought that T3 and HK should have had a sidquest, though.
Bastila: Loved her. She was probably the best party member in the whole group. As far as giving you lectures, she was terrible, but if you talk to her as often as you can she will stop. I liked the romance with her.

Carth: Another great character. He was really the one that I reacted to, he ticked me off at the beginning with his "no trust" thing. I thought he had a good backstory, and was a perfect male character.

Mission: One of the best characters. She was the one character in the group that I thought was devoted to the light side, even if she wasn't a Jedi. After you learn that you are Revan, she was pretty much the one who stood up for me and got the others to follow. It is so hard for me to kill her when I sometimes go dark side. She was really well developed, and was a interesting character, especially with all the "child" or "kid" banter between her and someone else.

Canderous: He was ok, I liked him, although he didn't have much in his character except war stories. I liked his fighting skills. I dunno, he wasn't the best. But he was definitely interesting to a point.

Jolee: Now that was a well-developed character. He was very interesting, especially with the secrets he has, and all the stories of what he is doing on Kashyyyk. I thought he was one of the best. I wish though that he would have said something if you take him to Dantooine, no one noticed him even though his not so good dealings with the council...

Zaalbar: Probably the least interesting of the non-droid characters. He was nice, but he really had nothing to say.

Darth Bandon: Personally, I think that they should have had WAY more on him. You only see him on the Endar Spire, and then in a cutscene, and then you fight him. When he showed up, I didn't even recognize that he was the one from the Endar Spire. I thought he should look more like a dark lord, and should have had some backstory.

The three colored dark Jedi: These guys you fought at the end in place of Bastila if you are DS. They felt like they were just kind of thrown in there to fill a gap. Pretty much the same thing as Darth Bandon. They are supposed to be so powerful, but you never see them anywhere or hear of them, and were a poor fight.

That is it for now.

Clone L68362
11-02-2005, 09:25 PM
Gee, maybe Bandon and the three colored DJ weren't that great because they weren't important characters? o_0

Snotty, I know. Sorry. Couldn't help it.

I liked pretty much all the characters in K1 for pretty much the same reasons.

In TSL, the characters I didn't like were G0-T0...(duh) and Visas, mostly because she was kinda...boring. I never used her much, there wasn't much to talk to her about, and even though she hits LS in about two influence gains if you're LS, she still likes DS stuff...kinda dumb.

11-02-2005, 09:37 PM
I want to keep these characters:

Jolee Bindo: because he is black and kick ass,

Atton Rand: I don't know if he dies, but I like him

Revan: DUH!! Revan is the coolest PC ever!

Carth Onasi: Ummm.. I don't know, he's just cool.

11-02-2005, 10:32 PM
^This is about what you think of the party members, not who you want to keep.

And Clone, actually they should have been important characters. At least I think, they were big, bad, and supposedly tough, yet there is nothing about them. Maybe it is just me :D. I like to know more about my enemies :dev7:.

11-21-2005, 07:26 PM
Revan: WAY COOL!! HMM Powerful Jedi
Carth: FemalePC-cute romance, MalePC-Good guy maybe a juma juice drinking buddy
Bastilla: Much like Vrook but a kind heart, gotta like her
Canderous: Too warhungry
HK & T3: Best duo next to C3PO and R2, should have a sidequest with both of them
Jolee: Good grouch to have around
Juhani: ehh
Mission: little punky but good kid
Zaalbar: nothing much
Atton: my kind of guy
Mira: reminds me of me
Goto: Ahhhh!!
Kreia: dump her off at the next spaceport

Well that's all for now :vsd:

Axe Windu
11-22-2005, 03:51 AM
I get annoyed reading long posts even though at the end its usually worth it, however I am doing a long post, so you may get annoyed if you read it. But first I gotta say something. Count Chocula (Vlada Vladikins or whatever) your a cool dude and no offense but listen heres what you gotta do. Get up throw on some jeans, maybe a cool hoodie, who knows, and open your front door. Now take a step... and hang out with people. Seriously dude you gotta get out more and develope some more relationships. You were stunned by Bastillas beauty?!? Bastilla is an animation... and not even a hot one. Eikarumba. And being a good roleplayer is cool and all but if you take your shame of Juhani to actually feeling ashamed in real life you might need to seek professional help. No seriously though Im just bustin your balls your a cool dude lemmi give you my list.

Revan: Obviously totally awesome, though I found him cooler canonically or whatever.

Malak: Defenitly did the trick as the stereotypical Sith Lord and provided an awesome motive for your character. I really didnt like Malak that much until I actually talked to him in person... that made him so much cooler especially when you kill him as LS...

Darth Bandon: Totally frieken awesome. His robes, his Saber, everything was awesome. I agree he defenitly shouldve had more of a role but I think he was the Darth Maul of KOTOR. I mean he just shows up in the first game and is a Sith Paradox. Thats it...

Calo Nord: The whole 1 2 3 thing was awesome. Couldve been a slightly cooler bounty hunter though, shouldve put up more of a chalange too.

HK-47: Seriously hours could exist of this. HK is the coolest character in the game. He is totally awesome. His blatent evil and disregaurd for emotion is so cool and you dont mind at all because its simply programming. The fact that Revan made him is awesome... the fact that he fills 3P0s slot but is the complete and total opposite of gay gay 3P0 is awesome, the fact that he is an awesome fighter with assassin protocaul is awesome. I listened to the cut content of him from TSL and I was just thrilled at what he shouldve said. I mean seriously when he talks about killing Jedi its like the coolest 15 seconds in TSL. The dude loves assassinating meatbags and everytime he speaks I love it. A must for K3.

T3-M4: Worthless pile of scrap in K1, cool and useful R2 unit in TSL. Seriously after you unlock the one door with T3 you mine as well sell him because every other party member is just better. But in TSL when he starts acting like R2 hes awesome. The whole shock arm thing is real cool too and makes him better in combat. I was hanging out at a friends house and his brother is playing TSL before I finished it and he just yells T3 IS EVIL... T3 IS EVIL. He said this based on T3 shooting HK when questioned... though that doesnt mean hes evil hes still cool.

Canderous Ordo aka Mandalore: A classic character. As opposed to HKs kill everything evil Canderous isnt really evil, hes just a quintesential warrior. He doesnt like a good wanton slaughter he likes an honorable battle. Murder and Honor go hand in hand with this Mandalorian and even though hes gonna fail its awesome hes rebuilding the Mandalorians. I loved using him on the Star Forge in K1 in full Mandalorian armor with the helmet and I was thrilled when I got to see him again in TSL.

Mission: Seriously you can tell if I was a Jedi and you guys were Jedi which one of us would be seduced to the dark side. Screw Mission Vao... screw her. She was whiny, she was annoying, I found her useless in combat (besides T3 who was she better then?) she was just this stupid Twilek. Seriously she has 5 seconds of cool when she sticks up for you as Revan and its wayyy more awesome to have Zalbar kill her. That was one of the most awesome points in K1. Seriously only one thing couldve made me happier which brings me to my next point.

Admiral Carth Onasi: Screw Carth Onasi, the only thing I wanted more then to kill Mission was to kill Carth. I understand it is possible at one point but you gotta become a LS chick and then there is one option... and so help me when my brother finds K1 I am doing that because I will get great amounts of joy from watching his death. Maybe I will take force choke with my LS chick just to watch him get strangled to death. Seriously guys sorry from the second he opened his mouth I hated him. His not trusting you was dumb... you were so trustable... I mean sure I might be missing the point but I just wanted to be like shut up Carth! There was even an NPC in this D&D session I played who followed around our leader who was a soldier who would do anything to advance his career (including making pacts with devils) and this NPC soldier would just follow us around and complain. He was amazingly good with his crossbow... after one session of him not trusting and annoying us but being a great marksman I was like holy crap hes Carth! I forget his real name but he was totally Carth. My DM got mad and yanked XP everytime I said it. But I couldnt help it he was Carth... and he eventually died thankfully. All that being said Carth has some redeeming qualities. He has a very good character concept, he is good in combat, and he is good in small doses like in TSL. Ughh I really wouldnt even mind if he was in your party in K3 seriously. I mean if Bastilla is still alive he most defenitly is. But Id be happy if you go DS and kill him once and for all. Oh and hes an Admiral... anyone who is an Admiral is just cool.

Jolee Bindo: The 2nd coolest character ever. Ok maybe he beats HK it depends what mood Im in. Seriously hes just so awesome. Ex Jedi Old Cook Grumpy remembering the glory days. Hes full of cool stories and wisdom and his nuetrality is awesome. Hes also amazing in combat with his versitility to use both sides of the force. I mean the dude got so many force powers it was ridiculous. And he was black and that means purple lightsabor which is also amazingly cool. He might be mine and everyones favorate KOTOR character. Even though I knew it was impossible to put him in TSL without using the canonical storyline I wish there was more then some headset and someone saying pulling a Bindo. Though that was cool. Also Kreia is so much worse then him. Seriously there similar both ex Jedi Old Gray Jedi. Except Kreia is so not cool and Jolee is the man. Seriously combine awesome awesome character development and personality with amazing combat ability and you got something great that everyone loves. I think HK and Jolee are by far the best examples of this. Though I made fun of Chokula up there I honostly was upset when I had to kill Jolee. I mean I didnt cry or actually mourn his loss but there was a moment when it was just like damn this sucks.

Zaalbar: Screw Zaalbar. Seriously screw him. Ill leave him on Kashyyk. Hes good at Melee fighting until you get some Jed in your party. Then your like peace. Seriously why is he remotly cool? Hanharr was sooo much cooler. "Big Z" did two cool things: he could say my real name and he strangled Mission to death. For that I envy him. Once against coolest 15 seconds in KOTOR history. If Anakin force persuaded Jar Jar Binks to choke padme to death and then slaughterd him episode 3 wouldve won academy awards.

Bastilla Shan: Cool cool cool. Except when she talked she was a cool cat. I liked her image the double yellows, I liked her battle meditation, I like that she took down Revan, I loved when she got turned to the dark side. I mean that was just classic Star Wars. The whole scene and dialogue and everything from uptop the temple was incredibly cool. She was defenitly a must for the game and I hope to see more of her Light or Dark.

Juhani: Seriously do I have to adress this. What the heck... she was like this cat drone. Maybe I didnt work hard enough but I wouldve rather played through manaan again then talk to her for a second. And incase you dont get that manaan sucked. Seriously a trial where if you dont select the right options you die, and slow motion underwater moving that takes forever to complete, and stupid laws. And Im still confused as what I was supposed to do with Sunny or whoever who actually strait killed the chick. Screw manaan it sucks almost as much as Juhani. Killing her brought me no remourse.

Atton Rand: Hon Solo if Hon Solo was an evil Jedi killing assassin. Yes! Totally awesome. Wanna see more, wish I saw more, 3rd coolest character in KOTOR. His Jacket was cool so was his mind shield thing and his openeing speach about Jedi Knight outcast! Yes!

Kreia: Ughh Im sick of typing. I hated her. I dont care if there are so many Kreia lovers, I hated her. There was virtually no point where I liked her in my many playing through the games. She fealt like she filled the spot of Bastilla and Jolee except she totally sucked. She is annoying when she talks to you, her cryptic ness is not cool at all. No matter what I do/say she hates me. Sometimes I insult her and shes upset, sometimes I be nice to her and shes upset, its ridiculous. She just bugs me. Now I know Im once again not understanding her character yada yada I dont care shes stupid. Its cool to see her get exiled and its cool to learn her history, and shes useful. But I didnt wanna use her even with the XP boost cause she sucked. The only time I really used her and the only thing that made her cool was I made Anakin Skywalker, made him good at repairing, played through with him being extreme lightside and fixing T3 up and all that. Then through Kreia constantly complaining he gets corrupted to the dark side of the force and totally gives into her will. He then switches to using HK and Kreia instead of T3 and Kreia. It worked out pretty good I was impressed and ended with Anakin throwing her into a giant whole and then flashes emerging... vaguely familiar... The one very cool thing was surpringly my Anakings transition to the Dark Side was soo much better then that of the actual Anakin. I mean Anakin Skywalker turned to the dark side in less time then it takes to finish reading this sentence. Screw Kreia though seroiusly.

GoTo: Stupid... but I didnt give him a chance yet, I will. I dont wanna bring him anywhere hes dumb. Whats cool about him? He looks like the turtore driod in New Hope, hes evil. Whats not cool? The cut storyline that hes totally involved in. After he jions your ship he feals empty... thats cause you dont find out hes making all the HK 50s find there factory or see what happens between him and remote. But ive talked about that enough.

BaoDur: I liked him a lot. I liked seeing a Zabrack and I liked seeing a Teche. I think it wouldve been better if you could corrupt him easier and he could wear robes. Mostly cause I was obsessed with making him Darth Maul. Its so cool to see his tats change. Also I think being a Teche he shouldve been a counselor because it fits him better. But he cant where robes so that sucks. I also liked his remote. I think he was a very good character for TSL I mean he couldve had more involvement but he has such awesome potentual. Go Baodur Go Zabraks!

Handmaiden: Silver Saber with White Robes... reaks of awesomeness. A lil too spartin for my likes but what are yah gonna do. Shouldve been a better conclusion to the lovescene. Shes cool though.

Disciple: Never played as a girl... Id imagine hed be cool especially cause hes a counselor. Counsolers are soo good.

Visas: I liked her a lot. Sith Sentinal in your party is just cool. Main complaint Visas Mar can pull an Anakin. I will restate Maddox's cool sentence. Visas Mar can turn to the light side of the force in less time then it takes to finish reading this sentence. But shes real cool. The whole force site things cool but useless. I wish you could fix her lightsaber too. But shes defenitly a cool member of your group. A lil too all over you though.

Mira Cast: Is it Cast? Shes cool. Like the wrist launcher and attitude and bounty hunter thing. Kinda wanted to know a little more about her and develope the storyline a little. And I didnt know what to do with her development wise thus I didnt use her too much. But she was very cool and the short conversations I did have with her I enjoyed.

Hanharr: As awesome as a wookie as you can get. Just totally evil melee combat machine. The rage thing is awesome. Though Seldom used sooo much cooler then Big Z soo much.

Darth Scion: Totally awesome

Darth Nihlis: I really really wish I knew more about him... or knew what he was saying. Seriously I want a backstory and to see him more.

Ok yeah that was a lot. What I wanna see next? A Force Adept like the Ithorian in TSL. Except not an Ithorian... just someone in your party whose amazing at using the force but has no ties to any order or side. Gimmi feadback.

11-22-2005, 07:23 AM
Some thoughts.

Reven: I like the way the character developes, the sense of humour and compassion on the one hand with the barely supressed violence and impatience on the other. He's a real tragic hero who get corrupted but them returns to the light.

Carth: In the beggining the attitude grates but the more you know about him the easier he gets. His moral stance is good for when you feel like going off the rails and if you treat him right he's fairly understanding about the whole dark lord thing.

Mission: I'm sorry but the voice, the attitude and the lack of utility just grated, most of the time I left her on the ship.

Bastila: Well aside from being smoking hot she's British, which is always good. Winding her up is fun and the emotional issues are really quite well developed. The love plot is interesting and duality of her character with her privilaged Jedi ubringing make her very complex.

Jolee: The best thing about Jolee is that he gets put in the master slot and then fights his way out of it. Part of him sees you as a pupil, part just wants to be left alone.

I suppose the best thing about K1 characters is that they all start out as stereotypes and then fight their way out to become full characters with depth.

11-22-2005, 03:42 PM
More on Characters:

Bao-dur: Okay but found him almost worthless except for the restoration zone part- still can't turn him into a Jedi AGggH!

HK-50: Cheap imitation of HK-47 nothing beats the original!! (except for his mocking query)

Handmaiden: Spartan like, like Canderous but not to the extreme, tough gal-more like Xena

Visas: Ok, just couldn't find much to do with her since her influence is done after like two words.

Twilek Sun Twins: BADDEST gals I've seen, Deceptively evil and takes a sadistic pleasure in killing

Darth Bandon: Totally forgot about him, Thought he was another Sith that you see, Would like to see a backstory

Davik: Sounded like mob boss but looked like an old man

To all who say they want to kill Carth: Better not say that around me. He's a good buddy to have (play mostly malePC)

Malak: Thought he was like an earlier edition of Darth Vader, bad to the bone, the voice through the device, big and imposing, will kill you if you question him, Yep.

11-22-2005, 04:59 PM
Get up throw on some jeans, maybe a cool hoodie, who knows, and open your front door. Now take a step... and hang out with people.
I have work to do. And if I intend to finish 4 college degrees, I don't have time for chit-chat.
You were stunned by Bastillas beauty?!? Bastilla is an animation...
So? You can get aroused by simply glancing at the statue of Venus and no one would have a problem with it. She is a work of art, not an actual person.
[QUOTE=but if you take your shame of Juhani to actually feeling ashamed in real life you might need to seek professional help.]
I never said nor thought that. I feel ashamed of my life for MUCH bigger problems than a stupid game character whining. I feel ashamed because I can't change anything in the world, I am useless and so on.

Now... KOTOR 2 characters:

Ryan Pano (Main Character [Ry'ghol]): NOTE: Ryghol means Exile This main character seemed to be... more eveloped than the last one, if not utterly developed. The Main Character in KOTOR 2 had more personality and more background, so it's easier to imagine and create this character when it comes to making fan fiction. And sometimes I liked the Ry'ghol more than Revan, since he was so developed.

Atton Rand: Truthfully, I was extremely angry and disappointed at how they left his character to be so little developed. Atton was this close to take the title of the best Male Party Member. Atton was funny, interesting and he was powerful. I always took him as a party member... Never left him behind (except when I felt that I wanted some female characters). I want to say that this could have been one of the best party members that you could wish for in an RPG. But what the heck.

Bao-Dur: He was all right in my opinion. A little too monotone for my tastes, but still good.

Handmaiden: She is one of the most interesting characters in the game. I really enjoyed talking with her. So lightsided and so pleasant. I never got bored talking to her and I mostly spent my time with her.

Mira: He He He He... I really don't think that it is neceseary to say my opinion here, but here I go: She is funny, enjoyable to talk with; she could have had more dialogue, but it's fine as far as I am concerned.

Visas: She creeped me out... I swear, her monotone voice and her statements make my bones shiver. And whenever I she says her 'sad' story again; I just say: "I see... Oh! Look over there! I think I just saw myself." and I go to the Handmaiden.

Kreia: I hate her. I hated her from the first moment I saw her. She is proud, arrogant, pompous, manipulative, evil and selfish. I swear I wanted to kill her since Telos. Why didn't they insert that capability earlier?

Mandalore: Interesting, Strong, Useful. Even with that small dialogue he is still a great character.

T3-M4: He is better in KOTOR 2. A little useful tike. He can be funny and interesting as well.

HK-47: Amusing and great as always. Seems to me like that they dedicate most of their effort on him.

Overall impressions: The KOTOR 2 characters were... less developed than the KOTOR 1 characters (except Ry'ghol who even surpasses Revan at times). But they seemed at times more convinsing. I hope that Lucas Arts will give more time to those that develop...

Eagle Racer
11-22-2005, 05:49 PM
Boa-Dur has maybe my favorite line in either game, "I'll take the stupid one who decided the threaten us instead of shooting use when he had the chance."

Jolee is probably the wisest Jedi out of all of the Jedi/Sith in either game. The Jedi council could stand to learn a great deal from him.

I loved Visa, don't know why exactly. She just kind of struck a chord or something I guess. I just thought she was hot too. I just liked the "creepiness" too...

I hated Carth's constant complaining that never ended, Atton was way way better and far more enjoyable, and actually funny even. Kreia, Vrook, and Atris where all extremely pompus and totally arogant and hard to deal with. My favorite part of TSL right now is killing Vrook in the Battle Arena.

I wish the Handmaiden was more of her own person and less of Atris's brainwashed servant early in the game. Other than that she was enjoyable.

Bastila was great when she wasn't being stodgey wanna-be Jedi Master. Just plain hot too when she wasn't being like that.

Main charchters and the stories where really great. I really enjoy playing both games over and over again.

11-23-2005, 12:17 AM
Count Chocula (Vlada Vladikins or whatever) your a cool dude and no offense but listen heres what you gotta do. Get up throw on some jeans, maybe a cool hoodie, who knows, and open your front door. Now take a step... and hang out with people. Seriously dude you gotta get out more and develope some more relationships.

Come on, man, lighten up. We're talking about a computer game here. And besides, I doubt you know enough of Vlad's personal life to say that he "needs to get a life", so to speak; Especially when it is based on a single comment on a game character. What he said doesn't mean that he is in love with pixels, you know.

TSL T3-M3: I always loved him in KotOR I, but in TSL he kicks butt. Especially with that cool droid shock arm with infinite uses- I just rack that up in the action queue. He is so cool now, especially with all the new ways I can use him (creating items) and with the new stuff I can equip him with.

Kreia: I haven't really gotten into TSL that far yet, so I haven't really gotten far into her character. She reminds me so much of Jolee Bindo, especially with all her comments when you try and compliment her; I could swear she took her lines from Jolee himself. Other than that, she seems like an interesting character.

Atton: Just as good, if not a bit better than Carth (Yes, I like Carth actually. He was a great character, both in story and in combat). I already like him even though I have barely had him as a party member, and I like his special abilities. I loved it the first time he went down fighting a bunch of droids, and then two seconds later got back up and killed them.

11-23-2005, 01:29 AM
Bah!!! I could write an essay on this (I hate writing, and english, grammer, etc. where my weakest subjects) but...

Mira: Favorite SW character ever, nuff said.

Handmaiden: Great that she can take care of herself, but she needs to get an honorable discharge from the SEALs and let her hair grow out.

Visas: Self respecting, but still more loyalty than any other character in the series.

Bastila: Without the Order programming, she's an intelligent beautiful woman trapped in a spoiled brat's body, what's not to like?

Mission: If she keeps her personality and grows up, she'll be a great addition to KIII

Juhani: Intriguing in the beginning, but disapointing in the end (only likes female PC)
Good in a fight though.

Lashowe: Wish she couldv'e been recruitable with more backstory.

and some others not chosen by the lightsaber...

Jolee: Best mentor in canon or EU, the dude, Imagine the dialogue if he and HK got stuck on an uncharted planet:D

HK-47: quite possibly the funniest character ever to live in a galaxy far far away.

11-23-2005, 02:11 PM
Jolee: Best mentor in canon or EU, the dude, Imagine the dialogue if he and HK got stuck on an uncharted planet:D

HK-47: quite possibly the funniest character ever to live in a galaxy far far away.

I can just imagine. HK would call Jolee what "bald meatbag" and Jolee would just stun droid him. Ah interesting picture.

*Thinking about it* :coffee:

11-23-2005, 06:17 PM

11-24-2005, 10:58 AM
One thing I'm disappointed about with the K2 characters is that getting them to be Jedi pretty much completes their "quest". I had Atton become a Jedi on my second planet, so the rest of the game there really wasn't much to do with him. The Jedi characters would be much stronger if there was more progression after they had become Jedi.

11-24-2005, 12:33 PM
What's a qupte?

11-24-2005, 02:14 PM
Revan: Really nicely done. Way better than exile.

Exile: Nice, but seriously things can be more developed.

Carth: Whines too much. Worse if you play Femme. The kind of emo guy who would cut himself when drunk.

Bastilla: Seems uptight but is actually lots of fun (play a couple of times and you see her force tripping party members and such) Could still be better though. And, the whole "I got Tortured so I go Darkside" thing is bad, could have been done better. (Like I kill blahblah in front of you who is actually your sister/highschool-sweetheart)

Canderous: Nice war stories. Nice continuous story line. Too bad he is kinda quiet in k2

HK47: He rocks! If you think IG88 is ambicious HK47 is 100 times more. Too bad his side story got cut, though good to know it may be placed in k3. Seeing HK47 still exist in a way into SWG means that his plan is somewhat realized. He is THE cool Droid Gangsta. Too bad his story is kinda short in k2, hope there is more.

T3: HK+T3 is like R2+3PO but wayyy different. T3 is more like R2, but with less brain. HK47? Need I say more? :p I hope he is more well developed though.

Jolee: Ok, first I see him as a whiney old guy, then I realized that he is soooo cool. He is like one of those retired super hero type.

Juhani: I usually like cathars, but her model/skin is just really ugly, and the voice is not done nicely either. she is Supposed to be the honorable Amazon woman, as her story suggested. BUT her story is not shown that way... the Xor thing is a bit short, and does not end with a good de-briefing. Though I kinda like that she is a lesbie :) I hope you can do romance as a femme PC though.

Mission: Like her, like her, and like her. A bit spoiled, a bit funky, sdded with a doze of cuteness. I kinda like to see more of her. A nice amount of side quests, which makes you hate her brother( and rightfully so) Nicely developed, and fun :)

Zaalbar: He could be more vocal and friendly after you helping him out with his tribe though. Basically he is a sidekick for Mission, thats bout it.

Hanharr: ANGRY CARPET that is a masokist. Its a nicely done evil character, and an original one. I love how you gain influence by being mean to him!

Atton: Ok. Interesting character with a background, and the character do not do the background justice. As said, he is a cast off from the JK series. He is a wannabe Han Solo without the style. Great story and bad dialogue. He is ok.

Mira: Needs to be more well developed. Though her info in Mandalorian is nice. Too bad flirting with her leads to nowhere.

Goto: Reminds me of Battlestar Galatica for a reason. First Droid tyrant and accountant turned evil. Other than that, he is pretty empty to me.

Kreia: dump her off at the next spaceport. Yes, maybe cause of the rush/change of script her ending is kinda crappy, too bad.

Visas: I like visas actually. Nicely done submissive servent. I like her sequence thingy, but I also hope there is more to it. Oh, the constant force-seeing thingy when you play her as 1st person mode is a nice touch.

Handmaiden: Ok, cute spartan girl with a love of poetry. I wish there is more rivalry between her and Visas, as was planned. Overall she is nice.

Atris: She could have been much much much more. Afain, I blame the rush / script change.

Desciple: Ok, Onasi whines, but he plays a mallow guy well. This guy... He is just... *ejects him out in hyperspace please* He is the MAIN REASON I don't want canon Exile to be Female. Anyone even trying to be close to him is out of her mind, and that includes his own left palm.

11-24-2005, 05:16 PM
I hope you can do romance as a femme PC though.

You can. You just have to choose carefully.

11-24-2005, 05:39 PM
People who think female characters in video games worry me...

That being said: I hated Bastilla's 'head up my ass' attitude and I killed her without a second thought.

11-24-2005, 08:35 PM
turned into hatred when she started to bash Carth like a beyotch

Please keep character bashing to a min. I like Bastilla.

I'm only doing the droids here and maybe a few others.

The Droids: I agree with the person who said that they should have had a side mission.

But I do think it is interesting how you could see as much or as little of HK's past depending on how great your robotic aspect of your skills were. Not to mention that they were hilarious and great to listen to.

T3 I liked. Hey I really did. Some people didn't like it that he had no past to reveal and that did annoy me at first but he's a droid who's been living in a shop for his whole life what are you going to do?

More conflict between the two droids would have been funny though.

Loved him! He's probably my favorite character in the game. Hated him at first but he had such an interesting past. I wanted to listen to his stories and did. So pretty interesting stuff there.

Didn't get what was so great about him. I really did think they could do more at the ending with him. Well, I think everyone should have had a bigger impact at the ending. I did like how he stayed with you no matter which path you chose.

Time has not been nice to Carth. I loved him when I first played but that has been slowly fading away. Still, it's fun to run around the sewers in the beggining of the game with him.

Alright, so that was more than just the droids so sue me.

11-26-2005, 08:09 PM
Please keep character bashing to a min. I like Bastilla.
Hey, I like her too. But I don't like when someone bashes everyone in a group...

11-26-2005, 08:42 PM
Hey, I like her too. But I don't like when someone bashes everyone in a group...

It seemed to be more out of frustration with herself. She's probably thinking "How the hell did I get caught?" Not to mention battling the darkside, which judging by the storyline she had trouble with it, she was about to snap.

So no, it probably wasn't the best thing to do but we all snap under stress.

11-26-2005, 09:04 PM
So no, it probably wasn't the best thing to do but we all snap under stress.
Stress? If that's stress, then Carth is insane. Carth was the one under stress; he lost his family, his homeworld and his friends and he didn't snap. Sounds like Bastila had a really bad temper (Well she did, didn't she?).

11-26-2005, 11:19 PM
Stress? If that's stress, then Carth is insane. Carth was the one under stress; he lost his family, his homeworld and his friends and he didn't snap. Sounds like Bastila had a really bad temper (Well she did, didn't she?).

He was snapping, constantly complaining and not wanting to talk to the main character. His way was angrier while I felt Bastilla was trying to hide her weaknesses by putting the others down.

The way I see it Carth was letting out his with anger, while Bastilla was hiding her weaknesses with words.

Bastilla did have a bad temper, but I think Carth did too...just different. Augh, I should have had analyzed this before hand.

Bastilla was under stress too.It wasn't so much of what life had dumped onto her as to what she dumped onto herself. It may not seem as drastic but self-loathing or confusion can run just as deep.

11-27-2005, 12:33 AM
Well, I have time to lose, so I guess I'll do one too :)

Starting with KotOR 1

Bastilla Shan- She's the typical arrogant spoiled rich kid full of talent that everyone finds annoying but is so darn hot so she's forgiven :p Seriously though, her fall to the Dark Side wasn't that much of a surprise or anything really special. I expected something like that. She was too arrogant for her own good.
She lacks anything that would make me want to feel bad for her...

Carth Onasi- I liked Carth. I find his rant sometime annoying, but he's a very complete character, very 3 dimensional. He serves the Republic but also seeks vegeance. He's a good man with a dark side.

Juhani- She's boring. She never seems to have anything very interesting to say. To me, she sounds more like an angry teenager then anything else.

Jolee Bindo- The most hilarious old man in the galaxy. He's the one questioning the entire belief of the Jedi but isn't a Sith or Dark Sider. His philosophical stories are very entertaining.

Canderous Ordo- Awesome Mandalorian. He brings a nice vision and different vision of the world. He isn't inherently bad, it's just his culture. We see Mandalorians in a whole new light, they aren't brutes but rather strong warriors who find honor in battle. I must say I love his warrior like attitude.

Mission Vao- The little child in the group. She's really amusing. I can't wait for her to grow up.

Oh..and that body...

Zaalbar- Emo Wookiee :p I like his conflict with his father and brother. He's the archetype of the strong yet silent warrior.

T3-M4- Didn't have much to do in KotOR 1.

HK-47- Best. Story. Ever.
HK-47's life is hilarious. No one has ever made a droid like him. His homocidal tendencies are among the funniest dialogues ever. No droid ever comes close to him.

Darth Malak- Vader on steroids and with more limbs. He's very similar to Vader in his rampaging ways. He also kills incompetent officers like Vader and hired a bounty hunter to get the heroes, like Vader. He was just mean to be mean though, brutal to the finish. Thanks to mods, we can make his suit black, which should be the proper color for a Sith.
I can't stand his red armor.

Calo Nord- Dany DeVito with goggles and blasters. He's just a cool character, but no one can really pinpoint why he's cool. He's like Boba Fett with a bit more lines.

Admiral Saul Karath- The traitor, a good side villain. We don't know much about him other then he bombed Telos and betrayed the Republic.

Darth Bandon- What, two, three lines? He's the lesser Darth Maul.

KoTOR II: The Sith Lords

Kreia- Weird old woman. Interesting character but rather annoying. She pushes you to do Dark Sided things. Didn't like her very much but she's the best Sith up to now in both KotOR games.

Atton Rand- I really liked Atton. The way he is, the way he talks, the way he cares about nobody. He's just like Han Solo.

Visas- I don't like her that much. She does have Kelly Hu's sensual voice though. Other then that, she's just Nihilus' slave. Nothing much.

Handmaiden (Brianna)- Hot, but slightly boring. She's almost childlike in her devotion to Atris but she really isn't a child, if you know what I mean :naughty:

T3-M4- Awesome ancestor to R2-D2. He's totally like R2. K2 gave him a personality and very well succeeded in doing so.

Bao-Dur- I love his creepy voice. He's not much of fighter and I think his anger backstory isn't very well done.

Disciple (Mical)- People usually really hate him, but I don't. He doesn't have much to say and serves only as a source of information about the story. Nothing very interesting.

Mandalore- Ain't as cool as Canderous, but still the good old Mandalorian we know and love. I would like him to remove his helmet once in a while though. I know he's not supposed too, but it would be cool.

Hanharr- Angry Wookiee. I think they tried too hard to make him the opposite of Chewie, like how HK-47 is the opposite of C-3PO. I find him rather uninteresting.

Mira- Hottest clothing in the whole game. She's an ex-Mandalorian who becomes a Bounty Hunter who hates killing. That's not right and that's what I think killed her character for me. She should have been this baddass chick with an attitude, who doesn't care about anyone, a bit like a female Atton. Instead, she doesn't like killing...

HK-47- More info on his background. Knowing that he was a Jedi Killer made me feel weird. He just doesn't seem to be a Jedi Killer. Some of his lines are funny, but most aren't that great.

G0-T0- WHY? The thing is so useless. He's just a droid with too much love for economics. That's it. They could have made him a better evil overlord. If only they weren't dozens of clones of G0-T0 on his yacht.

Darth Sion- He looks awesome, has an awesome voice and is brutal. A nice counter-balance to Kreia. I wished he did more though.

Darth Nihilus- What did he do again? Nothing. He's this "world eater" Sith Lord. I don't really like the concept and he simply didn't have much to do during the whole game.

Emperor Devon
11-27-2005, 01:47 AM
Well, I'll list my opinions as well.


Darth Malak: A classic STAR WARS villain. A vicious brute who simply wants to crush everything in his path and has no idea what subtlety means. He was also a very well-writen, very interesting character, and the confrontation with him was very meaningful and more epic than in the movies. In other words, he was simply perfect for KOTOR I.

Bastila: Every hero/villain needs a romantic interest, and Bastila is Revan's. She's a nice character with some interesting dialogue, and has meaningful role in the game. For best results, complete the romance sidequest and never talk to her again. You'll get some great lines at the Rakatan temple. ;)

Carth: He's a good addition to KOTOR, and a nice, permanent member of the crew of the Ebon Hawk...

...but I still hate him.

Jolee: What can I say? Great stories, great dialogue, great voice, great humor... great in about every way, except for hom you have to kill him :(

Canderous: Very interesting stories, and useful in combat. Excellent character.


T3-M4: Absolutely nothing to say, but I still like him.

Mission: I thought she was a great character, but she didn't have enough to say.

Zaalbar: A strong, silent warrior. Not my favorite party member, but a good member of the Ebon Hawk's crew.

Juhani: In my opnion, she's not a real party member. More like a bonus character who's fn to have a couple times, but feels very out of place. Now, I always kill her at the grove.

Darth Bandon: He had so much potential, and could've had such a good role in the game. A pity it was all wasted.

Saul Karath: A good character, although his main purpose was to be Carth's nemisis. I thought he was a good addition to the game.


Kreia: What can I say? Best party member in both games. She has some of the most unique views on the Force I've seen yet, and was one of the most well-writen characters in both games. She was especially fitting for TSL's darker story, and was basically a female Sidious.

Darth Sion: A smaller Darth Malak that's gone through a meat grinder and is addicted to steroids. Awesome character with great dialogue, especially if your PC is female. I thought that was a nice touch. I especially liked it how he was more than a match for the Exile, and how in order for him to die, he had to be defeated mentally. He's very fitting to that loadscreen hint in Jade Empire: "Doubt can cripple the mightiest warrior." The only flaw is how you don't see enough of him.

Darth Nihilus: The big bad Lord of Hunger was a great character, but you just didn't see enough of him. He had so much potential, and only some of it was used up.

Atton: He had potential, but just didn't have enough dialogue.

Mira: She had potential, but just didn't have enough dialogue.

Visas: She had potential, but just didn't have enough dialogue.

Bao-Dur: He had potential, but just didn't have enough dialogue. I hated his voice.

GO-TO: I thought he was actually a good character. He could've used more dialogue, though.

Handmaiden: The most hideous thing to ever exist. The hairdo added to the effect.

Disciple: The most bland and useless character I've ever seen. I never use him.

HK-47: He had a better voice than in KOTOR I, but he just didn't have nough to say.

Mandalore: Not quite as good as he was in KOTOR I, but I liked him. He needed more dialogue, though.

T3-M4: He's been improved in about every way. Great character.

Hanharr: An interesting character, especially for a wookiee. The lesson of strength was very interesting. He could've used a little more dialogue, but otherwise, he's fine.

Aayla Secura
11-27-2005, 06:08 PM
What's a qupte?

They mis-spelled 'quote'. The 'p' is too close to the 'o'.

11-29-2005, 04:28 PM
I think it is unamous: everyone likes HK-47 and T3-M4. Who wouldn't they are a funny pair especially in TSL where T3 actually does something to HK. HK homicidial tendencies create and interesting and funny dialogue and T3 has become the ancestor of R2. :aobi:

01-17-2006, 05:12 PM
1.CALO NORD: Most awesome bounty hunter EVER would like to see him as a party member in KOTOR 3
2.Carth Onasi: Cool character liked his cameo in KOTOR 2 love to see him in KOTOR 3
3.Bastila Shaan: Awesome character must see in #3
4.Revan: SWEEET all time coolest PC would be cool trying to track down in #3
5.Jolee Bindo: coolest jedi ever it would be a cool cameo in #3
6.Kreia/Darth Tyra: Boooo annoying nagging witch of a character... ya cant go three feet without hearing her evil idiotic quips.
7.Darth Nihilus: coolest Sith lord of all time they dont tell u anything about him though
8. Darth Sion: Pretty sweet character awesome idea for a character held together by hate
9. HK-47: too creepy and annoying
10. T3M4: that droid is boss
11. Atton Rand: Cool character sort of carth cloned but more jedi like
12. Mira: she should get in like a bounty hunter battle with calo nord and loose defending others(killing her)

Clone L68362
01-17-2006, 05:31 PM
It seems like I was the only one that thought Kreia was the greatest charcter in the KOTOR series. She was interesting, comlicated, vile and caring at the same time...just really well done.

01-18-2006, 02:11 AM
Revan: Best PC character in the history of gaming!!! Yep, he/she's that cool! It's your classic tragic hero who has once fallen to the darkside and now has to painfuly crawl back to redemption. The only negative thing I have to say is that after the Leviathan I would've liked to see a bigger emotional impact on our character, you know, you should be pretty shaken up but it doesn't really happen. We just go on our merry way completely unphased by that event. More dialogs there would have been nice.

Carth: Hehe just read my name, it says it all! Definitely one of my favorite character of KotOR. He's a bit frustrating at the beginning but after you talk with him a bit he opens up and he's real nice after that. It's so funny to tease him and insult him when playing a LSF, and he likes it! :P Oh and he's got the charm and the looks. :)

Bastila: My first impression was I hated her. She was this uptight and snotty Jedi that you just knew was too arrogant for her own good. But her character development was actually pretty good and she grew on me after a while. Her fall to the darkside was very predictable tho... and it seemed a bit too easy. But nothing really surprised me at that point. Heck, you can almost change Korriban's entire population back to the lightside using just a few words so... yeah.

T3-M4: Kinda bland. Has nothing to say and really isn't all that useful except to open one door... :/ He's far better in TSL, no doubt about it.

Mission: I like that gal, I really do. She's the only one who instantely stood up for us after the Leviathan without a single thought! That says a lot about her. She's cheerful and nice to have around, tho they could've made here a tad bit more useful. Her background story is interesting enough too. God I seriously wanted to kick her brother in the groin so much I hated him! :firemad:

Zaalbar: He's your typical silent hero. The downside of that is that he really has nothing to say (no d'ah!). It's kinda hard to connect with a character that doesn't talk all that much. His story on Kashyyyk was nice, but I just wish there had been more than that.

HK-47: OMG, simply the best! The most original thing I've seen in a video game in a long time. When you have him in your party you have some of the funniest moments of the whole game...

HK-47: Can I break his neck now master? It's been a long time fantasy of mine...
Revan: Maybe later...
HK-47: Did you hear that meatbag? "I'LL BE BACK!"
Yuka Laka: Err, well... ah...

Jolee: Another gem of KotOR. I dunno who came up with all these cool characters but, man, whoever they are they're pure genuises! Anyways, Jolee is wicked cool, no doubt about it. Funny thing is, even tho I usually play a fully lightsided PC, I agree with just about every thing Jolee says about love and about the Jedi tenets not being necesseraly right. The Jedi's could certainly learn a thing or two from him that's for sure.

Juhani: Errr.. Hate her gut. Her looks and her voice are just plain terrible... And her life story is just... bleh. Could've been better overall.

Canderous: He looks so badass! I wished he had more than just war stories to talk about tho but, oh well, he's cool still.

Darth Malak: Oh yeah, nice villain indeed. I like the missing jaw and the metallic voice. I don't like is clothes all that much tho, but I have a mod installed that makes him look fully metallic, he's a lot cooler that way.

Calo Nord: Leaves me completely indifferent. I dunno why so many people seem to like him so much. I really didn't think he was anything special. His appearances were simply too brief for me to make a real opinion of him.

Darth Bandon: Could've used a background story, most will agree.

Yuthara Ban: For some reason I really liked that character. I liked her looks, her tatooed face especially. In my first playthrough, I thought for sure she was gonna join my party after I had turned her away from the darkside, but she didn't... :( She sure would've made a better party member than Juhani, that's for sure!!

Well I'm tired now... I'll continue tomorrow if you guys don't mind.

01-19-2006, 11:37 AM
Calo Nord I crossed with the crazy Rodian Twitch, too trigger happy. I do imagine what it would have been like if he and the Sun Twins got together.

*sitting back and thinking, and thinking, and thinking*