View Full Version : Game Controls

11-02-2005, 09:31 PM
Does anyone know what the controls for the game may be? For example: is there a command that tells your fleet to blockade the planet. And this there a way to mark a planet for retreats like say send all hyperspace retreats to this planet and not a random friendly planet. And what are the formations in the game and is there a feature that tells all units in a group to stay in formation, while moving, and attack anyone they see, at the same time. One more thing, can rebel fighters and bombers dock in friendly captial ships. One more thing how does the galaxy map work. One more thing, can imperial ground units be transported in SD for protection. One more thing, if so is there a limit. One more thing, are you tired of me saying one more thing. One more thing, can a transport land on a planet until you let it leave. One more thing, can troops attack while moving. One more thing, how is the DS destroyed.