View Full Version : SWBF1 the best selling SW game of all time? i don't think so

11-02-2005, 10:35 PM
well you seen all the comercials SWBF1 is the best selling SW game of all time?
will SWBF2 top the record?
or will it fall in disgrace?!?!?!?!?
discusse it here!!!!

11-03-2005, 06:45 AM
Best selling means all platforms within 8 months. So how many SW all platform games has LA already released?
This also means that a PC or console only games (think about Kotor2 for PC or EPIII for consoles) only might got more sells in numbers of their specific platform.
At the end itīs all about marketing.

11-04-2005, 01:27 AM
$ is all it's about, that's ok becsaue guess what?
i love $!!! yay!!!!