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obi webb
11-03-2005, 08:32 AM
His name used to be Darth Revan. He was a powerful lord of the Sith. So powerful in fact that it would not have been betrayed by his apprentice Malak, the Republic could have been his to command.
In a different life he led the Republic Fleet to victory against the Mandolorians in a war that by all accounts the the Republic was soundly losing. It was his strategic brilliance and natural charisma that led the Republic to it's ultimate victory agiainst the combined strengths of the
Mandolorian Clans.
The cost of the victory was high however. Revan had went to war without the approval of the High Council of the Jedi. Though to the Republic his victory had made him a hero, to the Jedi Order to which Revan belonged he was traitor to their cause along with the many others who followed
him to war.
But Revan did not face the Council.
After the final battle of the Mandolorian Wars was done, Revan, along with his closest friend, the Jedi Malak, diaappeared.
When they returned they did so with a vast fleet of warships. And they had both fully embraced the Dark Side. The Jedi Revan was now Darth Revan, dark lord of the Sith. And his closest friend Malak was his apprentice.
Revan, who was once so quick to act to stop the Mandolorian threat from taking over the Republic, had now made his bid to take over the Republic himself. And like in the war previous, Revan proved to be a more then effective leader. He had planned for every aspect of the war he was to start. His victory was assured save for one thing that Revan, perhaps in his newfound arrogance had forgot.
The way of the Sith, ultimately always ends in betrayal.
The details are unimportant. It is essentially the same story that every Sith must go through. The important facts were it happened, and when it did, the one that was Darth Revan, the Sith Lord who eventually seemed destined to have the Republic in the palm of his hand, was no more. His body and mind broken.
It is somewhat ironic, but not suprising that one Revan fell apart, it was the Jedi Order that picked up his pieces. They put his body and mind back together. And when they were done the person that emerged was Revan no more.
He became Gando Star. He had no knowledge of his former life. The Jedi did their best to erase all aspects of the person that was Darth Revan. They started him on the path of the Jedi again and set him on a quest that eventually ended with Gando defeating Malak and ending the Sith War that he
had originally started.
Along the way he met many worthy friends and companions that were instrumental in helping Gando defeat Darth Malak. He also through Malak, learned of his former identity. His former life as Revan, that the Jedi had tried so hard to completly erase.
The opportunity was there for him to reclaim his old life and once again turn to the Dark Side.
He refused it. He stayed on the path of Light.
And now he lies awake in his bed, unable to sleep. When he does sleep, he dreams. Dreams of the life he wishes he could forget. He dreams of darkness. A darkness that once consumed him. A darkness that he knows, no matter what he does, or how hard he tries to rid himself of
it, is still there.
He dreams of it every night. And every night, when he wakes up afraid, he does what he always does.
He thinks of her. He thinks of Bastila. From her he draws his strength.
She is much like him. She was a Jedi, who fell to the Dark Side, and then came back to the Light again.
She was Gando Star's first real teacher. She was the one who brought Gando to the Jedi again. She is also know the woman that Gando Star loves.
Gando gets out of bed wearily.
He looks down at Bastila, still sleeping soundly. His heart aches. He is about to do something that he wishes with all of his being that he didn't have to do.
He cannot ignore his visions any longer. He has to leave. Right now.
He quietly moves through the bedroom toward Bastila's datapad. He wants to wake her so badly.
She deserves to be told of this face to face. After all they've been through together, they at least deserve a final farewell to eachother.
But if he wakes her now, she would convince him to stay. It wouldn't be very hard for her to do it. And staying here is not an option anymore. He has to leave now while he has the strength.
He goes to her datapad, logs in to leave her his final message, and then begins to explain everything.

11-04-2005, 06:11 AM
um, is this Gando Star revan's name after the mind wipe? the story sounds good. good idea, though i wish people would write about something other than the kotor timeline. like me. none of my fanfics are set in the kotor storyline. but thats my opinion. keep it coming bro, and good work.

EDIT: And welcome to the Forums :D

obi webb
11-04-2005, 07:06 AM
yes, gando is the name of revan after the mind wipe. thank you for the welcome and i certainly will keep more coming! (i wasn't sure if i should REPLY to the thread.. or quick reply.... so i guess i'll find out!)

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you can use either.

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