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11-04-2005, 03:47 PM
was bored these past few days so I decided to write a Fan-Fic. This is an idea of what Kotor3 might be like, story wise.

Knights of the Old Republic
The Corrupted Republic

It has been 10 years since the second battle of Telos
and the mysterious destruction of Malachor IV.
The republic has rebuilt itself with more power and
support of the public. However there is also a rise in
Pirate activity.

Spy have discovered that the pirates are being aided
by the Hutts on the planet Genonsis. The republic has
sent several Spire-Class ships there to meet the hutts
and negotiate a treaty or destroy any hostile ships or

One of witch is the Yavin Spire. It is force to drop
out of hyperspace when they engage pirate ship.
They destroy they ships but they have too much
damage to carry on. But while during repairs they
notice something interesting...

11-04-2005, 05:16 PM
I slowly opened my eyes but my vision was blurry. It was several minutes before my eye sight was fully functional, expect there was no color. Just black, white and grey. Even without color I looked around the room and tried to find out where the hell I was. I saw bancta-tanks, beds and a droid floating up and down from the beds to the bancta-tanks to a computer terminal. After I watched it going to routes three or four times it released that I was awake and rushed over to me.
"I'm glad your awake sir. How are you feeling?" It asked as it hovered close to me.
"Fine. But I'm colour blind. I don't think I was color blind before." I told him.
"Hmmm, interesting. I will get the captain and inform him of you being awake."Said the droid zooming across the room to the terminal.
"Don't get the station captain down here because of me." I said as I leaned up."Just give me an hour and I'll get back to work. Whatever that is."
"Station? Sir you are one the Yavin Spire. We found you at the edge of an asteroid field in an escape pod.
My draw dropped open "Get the captain.." I leaned back and I had a vision.

I was in a meeting room. There were several seats and a long table. I was sat down with my feet on the table. I was alone until I heard the door behind me. [I]"Took you long enough!"I said rudely.
"I'm sorry master. We had a hard time getting her due to the asteroids and.."replied a female voice.
"I don't want exuses!" I butted in "I just want those codes!"
Rooarr (Okay. Just clam down.) replied a wookiee. A blue twi'lek sat at the opposite side of the table. The wookiee sat in the middle.
"You try having the RSSF on your pack" My eyes looked at the twi'lek arm. It was covered in black metal. "Why do you have that thing on your hand?"
"This thing is my hand. It was cut off when I was betrayed by someone a looked up too." She answered and I saw the wookiee had a patch of hair missing and scars there.
"Im sorry. Now can I have my code?" I said and turned my tone back into a harsh one.
"Yes sir." She slided over a data pad. I picked it up and looked at the code.
'X296KS-8UI55DSZ' I read and as i finished alarms went off. And then.. i woke up and saw the door med-bay open

The Doctor
11-04-2005, 05:32 PM
Just so you know, it was Malachor V, not IV.
Anyway, it looks pretty good. Keep it up:D

John Skywalker
11-04-2005, 06:34 PM
yes very good i like this story(check out adventures of John Skywalker)

11-05-2005, 05:01 AM
The captain rushed in and came to my bed. "Sir how are feeling?"He asked
"Been better, I think. I can't remember a thing about my past."I replied.
"Mind telling us about your vision?" A strange voice asked. I turned around a see a female jedi. She was very beatifull but I wasn't interested in her.
"What vision?" I lied however it was more of a memory than a vision. But mainly I did want to talk about it to complete strangers.
"Hmm, you don't want to about it. Captain?" Said the jedi looking at the captain.
"Go ahead Niomi. We'll get the information out of her one way or another." Said the captain. The jedi got closer and said "Sorry." I could feel her trying to get inside my head. Than I suddenly got in an angry rage "Get the hell out of my head". I jumped out of my bed and smacked the jedi in the face, knocking her out cold. But my rage wasn't over, I kept kicking her in the stomach until I heard the captain shout "STOP!". I looked up to see him holding a blaster at me.

I held up hand towards him. The blaster began to shake in the captains hand. Soon it was pulled out of the captains hand and thrown to my side of the room. I was able to catch it and pointed it at the captain.
"Oh crap." said the captain he looked at the droid "Droid, activate code 2B qu..." I shot the droid before it could activate the code. "Any way we can work this out?"

11-06-2005, 06:27 AM
"Sir are you allright?" Asked a strange male voice and the room went ditch black. "Sir, Im captain of this ship." It was just a dream. My rage, me beating a jedi, it was just a nightmare. I opened my eyes to see a man leaned over me. "I'm captain Dustin Onasi. Can you tell me your name?"
"No. I cant remember it. Sorry" A said as I looked down.
"That's okay. Until you can we'll call you John Doe. Your in the ship Yavin Spire. We found you in a escape pod on the outside of an asteroid field. It appears its been there for quite a while. It's a miracle that your still alive. The droid told me you lost your colour site. Can you walk allright?" Asked the captain.
"I think so." I got out of bed and stood in front of the captain. He smiled and said "We should get you some more comfortable place to sleep. There is a room next to the ambassadors quarters. I'll take you there."
We walked outside to the wall way. It was pretty empty. We began to walk up when I got another vision. The captain disappeared. Men appeared next to me.
"Commander! We have the jedi coming this way!" Said one of the men. Guns then appeared in our hands. We all raised the guns, pointing them at the end of the hallway. Then I felt like I was wearing Armour and sure enough, I found myself wering silver Armour. "They're coming! For the sith!" And as two humans came from around the corner, they were wearing jedi robes with lightsabers in hands, I helmet appeared over my head. I heard blaster fire and then everything faded away and I was back in the hallway with the captain. 'I was a sith!? This can't be'

11-06-2005, 11:28 PM
Good twist, I like it :) But sometimes its kinda hard to follow your story, but I like it :)

11-07-2005, 11:40 AM
The captain took me to a vistor quater. Next door I could hear female voices. I sat on the end of the bed. I had to find out who I was. I had to remenber. The same question circled my mind "Who am I? What was that station I was on? Who are the RSSF? Was I really a sith?"I knew one way to find out who were the RSSF were. I walked over to computer concel and pressed the on bottem, nothing happened. I pressed it again, nothing. I was that it was broken so I open a small hatch on the sand of it. Wires were scrambled about but that was it. I fixed the thing with no problem. It made me thing if I used to be a tech or a hacker. I pressed the botten again and it activated.

Welcome user 10D8.You may:
[1] View cameras.
[2] Use com-system
[3] Play Music
[4] Browse the Holo-net
[5] Log off

A pressed on number two

Activate Coms
[1] Engineering
[2] Med-bay
[3] Captains Quaters
[4] Bridge

I pressed on number three. A picture of the captain appeared the screen "Yes John?"
"Captain, what dose the RSSF stand for?"I asked him
"Republic Senate Secriut Forces. They disbanned two years ago however there are rumors there still around"
"Why were they disbanned?"
"The public found out about them and cause of the big coruption rumors they ordered for it to be disbanned. Why?"
"No reason" I quickly switched off the terminal and sat on the bed. I worked for the Republic at one point. Thats a sigh of releaf"

11-07-2005, 12:00 PM
Nice story. It is kind of hard to follow sometimes, every once in a while there will be a mispelled word, but I like it.

11-08-2005, 01:11 PM
I was requested to come to the communications room by the captain. I was happy the captain trusted me but I didnt think it would be a wise thing for a captain to do, to put so much faith in a stranger.
In the room was four holograms of captains, a female jedi;different to the one in my dream, a women wearing a long red and purple dress, Dustin and myself. The middle hologram captain spoke first "Captain Onasi. The hutts wish to make an allaince. For an exchange of corse."
"What do they want?" Asked the non-jedi women.
"Not what but who ammbasidor."said the hologram on the right.
"Who do they want then?" asked the jedi women. It was only then I noticed who the two women looked alike, I guessed they were sisters.
"Captain Tobin, master jedi. He commandedan operation to steal the supplies of a hutt supply center. They want to feed him to there rancors."
"You going to give them a living human!?" shouted the ambassador.
"Yes. He wasn't going anywhere and he disverses worse!" replied the middle hologram.
"No one is beyond redemtion. This trade is unfair and immoral"said the jedi.
"So is killing innocent people and commanding a fleet to destroy Telos station. And he may be not beyond redemtion but he is way beyond a life prison sentence. We are making the trade. One scums life is worth less than 100s abon 100s of lifes. This meeting is over" The holograms disappeared.
After the jedi left the captain came to me and explained about the war.
"Why are you telling me? Why are you trusting me so much? How do you know I can be trusted?" I asked him.
"Because I know. Everyone on this ship will be informed of what went on in the meeting so its not Top secrete." said the captain and then his com went off. "Sir we have finished all repairs. We are now jumping to hyperspace. Please report to the bridge."
"You should get back to your quaters." said captain "I've got work to do."

11-08-2005, 09:56 PM
This is good. Keep it up :).
P.S. English isn't your first language is it?

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