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11-07-2005, 10:20 PM
Hey just to try and get everyones mind off the game's issues.... What do you think that Lucasforums needs to the site?? Have you had any issues with links?? Please state your opinion here... You may also give comments about the site!!!! Heres mine
I love how the site is layed out and the top banner!!! I also love how you can state your opinion without having a strict Moderator on your butt 24/7... Everything else about the website I love!! There are only a couple of things that get on my nerves... One is that when I try to edit my signature I cant put in an image (link will not pop up) and also when I try to put a smilie and the smilie will not go on the page without me copy and pasteing it... Some advice I have is to advertise more because I randomly came apon this site on Google but I still think they should put banners on other websites (Tho it does cost money to do that). Besides that I never see any spelling errors (those that are not from other members) unlike the one I saw today when I was play SWG when a Sand Trooper spelled really reaallyy lol.... Again I am not trying to be mean lol just trying to take a topic off of the whole NGE thing because it stresses most of us out lol..:giveup:

P.S. I love all the new smilies that you put on the site!!!

11-17-2005, 11:00 AM
I just had an Idea! Lucasforums should have a toolbar for peoples computers so like if we wanna go find our thread fast we click recent threads or a quick link to the site!