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05-13-2001, 07:34 AM
I got this game quite some time ago but got bored of it
Just lately I desided to try again, but I found out that it doesn't support my 3D accelerator (Riva TNT2 M64) that I got scence I stopped playying
Is there any way I can get it to run with my 3D accelerator?

05-13-2001, 04:25 PM
Did you switch the 3d acceration option in the options menu?

05-14-2001, 06:09 AM
It doesn't let me

05-14-2001, 08:19 AM
Mojo, this problem have occured with many of my games (NFS IV, Force Commander, and recently UT) Reinstalling helped in UT's case, but not so with the others. After a time I had to format my HDD, and hey presto, problem solved. It might be a clash somewhere on your HDD, so try to run ScanDisk, and if you have it an AnitVirus program.
***EDIT*** It should have been ANTI virus not anit. DOH'

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05-15-2001, 06:36 AM
I'm thinking that it's a problem with the drivers