View Full Version : Made a hilt, now what?

11-11-2005, 01:52 PM
God I hope I posted this in the right spot

New here, and it's sometimes hard to figure out here to post what and here.. I'll get the hang of it soon I'm sure.

Just made a hilt with gmax. Got one of the hilts from KOTOR1 as a reference for size etc. Deleted the original hilt and replaced it with my own.
It's a pretty simple hilt, using the basic forms and some twisting.
Now that I've got this odd looking hilt, I guess putting color on it would be the next step. If it is, here's the problem... I'm not color blind, but my imagination when it comes to color schemes is a bit... lacking..
I'm more of a black/white kind of person.
Guess what I'm asking is some help to put some life into it... color and the like. Is there anybody out there that would have the time and try and make something nice for it? And download the .gmax?
During this time, I'll look for a tut and exactly this subject... then again, tuts don't realy teach you how to use color... :(
So just PM me if anyone is interested... thx :grnbounc:

Another question.
How big is too big? Taking my hilt example, the file is 286k. Is this too large once converted to be applied to the game (KOTOR1 or 2)?

So I guess it ends here. I like asking questions, since it's the only way to get results. I'm flipping thru lots of tuts also... With time...ahh with time... lol


p.s: Like the forum, lots of nice people by what I can see... :D