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11-13-2005, 11:16 PM
Heya guys ... got a little problem that has me kinda annoyed and its probably because I am a newb when it comes to using mods. I've done searches on the forum and it doesn't seem that someone else has posted this issue ... but its possible I didn't use the right keywords, if so my apologies in advance. Anyhow on with the story ...

Decided the other day, since SWG was gonna be getting a total redo on its system (and not sure I'm going to like it), I'd take some time off and go play some KOTOR again ... heard about the Plugin and such before so I reinstalled KOTOR (the original, not TSL) updated it all via the updater (think that brings it to v1.03) and then downloaded the Holowan Plugin v0.5 (as well as the quikfix from T7's site) and installed it.

This is what I am running into and/or noticed ...

First there was a file/dir placed outside the KOTOR lips subdir into the main LucasArts dir that looked like it belonged in the lips subdir, so I played the file there. I'm assuming it was a typo in the installer.

I thought these combos of mods were supposed to skip the whole intro deal with the Endar Spire, but that all played normally. No biggie really, just kinda surprised me. Maybe I misread the info in the plugin. Really didn't mind doing it again anyhow.

Got all the way through Taris, on to Dantooine, and met with the Council and after they adjourn to talk in private, you are supposed to zip back to the Hawk. Well it transitions me back to the Ebon Hawk, but I am inside one of the side rooms with no way out and a clickable target on the floor called CutScene (if I am remembering correctly) that when you click it doesn't do anything. Can't do anything else from here.

Curious about this ... I went back to previous save, and instead of talking to the council I turned around and went back into the Hawk alone. Got in fine, saw the downstairs and the trainer droid, the arena module add on and so forth, all of that seemed to work fine ... left the Hawk again, no issues, talked to the Council and then ended up right back in the CutScene room stuck.

I am assuming there is a bad flag or something akin to it set somewhere but I'll be arsed if I am sure just what it might be.


11-14-2005, 02:53 PM
I had this problem once there is a patch file here:


drop these in your override folder

11-14-2005, 03:58 PM

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