View Full Version : uhh, set design?

11-14-2005, 01:08 AM
I'm working on a ship, and I'm reusing some modules several times at different locations on the ship, modules like the ravager bridge have a wide field of view, in my ship, I use the bridge several times, in a stairstep pattern starting at the front of the ship ending with the last module being where the original bridge was...
***************B_____________________________***** *
****B_____________________________________________ ***
*****_____________________________________________ ***
*************__________________________*********** *
Kinda star destroyerish, the B's are the modules in question...
If you are in either of the higher modules and looks down, out the front window (or side, the ship is fairly wide), you don't see anything, So I was wondering what I can add below and in front of the windows to give the feel of a ship beneath the player,
Would it be possible to remodel something into a really big placeable with a hull-like reskin or something?