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11-14-2005, 03:40 PM
A more open story.

A story Buried in your explorations in the KOTOR universe. Meaning that you start out just exploring the KOTOR universe then slowly as you play things start happening that bring in the plot. (ie. a fight breaks out in the part of space you are passing through after you've been playing for 3 weeks game time not real time maybe 24 hours real time or less.) None of the standard trouble has already found you when you just start the game. Start out just exploring or trying to make some money or something. Then have trouble find you at some other point and that leads to a plot that you can ignore if you want til you reach a point that everywhere you go you find trouble. Then you can pick up the plot and play the story part of the game.

Multiple endings Light/Grey/Dark. So that the choises you make REALLY do effect the outcome. Have the Sith win. Have the standard good guys win. Have it end with both sides agreeing to a truce that you help arange. Or a massive war you refuse to have anything to do with.

A Build your own Character setup. Meaning pick eye color, hair color, skin color, race, ect.



Start out as the Sith.

Start out as the Jedi.

Start out as a Grey Jedi.

Start out as some poor trader trying to make some money.

Start out as some alien wanting to learn the ways of the force.

Start out as a kid...literally. Start out as just some seemingly normal kid of 6 or so trying to survive after his/her parents die and with no one to take care of him/her, meeting a jedi/sith and learning the ways of the force ect.

Literally have to build your own lightsaber from different peices ect. a sort of mini game. Even come back later and play it again to make changes or upgrades.

Include areas that you have to come back to after you have played through once/or more times in order to open them. Like have the password or key to a door be given at the end of the game maybe hide it in the background or something.

Can we please have better dialog choices?!? Some of the dialog in the first and the second KOTOR's was rather boring and/or pointless. Yeah I know some of it lead to better things that helped you gain influence or light or dark side but it still could have been better right?

Well I think that about covers it. Anyone else think of some good stuff to add to this?

Did I think up to much? Or was anything here like in SW Galaxies? I don't play games like Everquest and Galaxies so I wouldn't know. TTFN= Ta Ta For Now.

The Doctor
11-14-2005, 05:14 PM
I agree that we should be able to customize our characters more. That might make head or recruit mods a little more difficult to make (but I'm not sure), but it would be worth the sacrifice.

Running around aimlessly for 24 hours playtime? That's 1/3 of the game! I don't think so.


KotOR SHOULD NOT COME OUT FOR THE PS2! I would give reasons, but it would most surely start a console vs console vs PC war, so I won't give reasons.

Revan most likely will not come back as a living character, though you might see his dead body (with a face mangled beyond recognition, of course).

You should not start out as a Jedi or Sith. YOu should start out as you did in KotOR, in that you start as a common soldier who later becomes a Jedi (but does not have a hidden history or anythin like that).


The lightsaber idea is a good one. It was already done in TSL, but they should do it more in-depth. Just as long as they let you get one sooner.

I like the idea about having to go back to worlds later to finish the story, not just to finish side-quests.

I loved the dialogue in both games (KotOR more than TSL, but maybe that's just me). I really don't see where you're going with that.

Some of your ideas are good, but others... not so much, IMO. But, as I say on a regular basis: My opinion doesn't matter that much.


Clone L68362
11-14-2005, 05:31 PM
Heh, the only idea of yours I like is being Revan (which I assume you mean.)

Somethings I want, besides being Revan are:

Mostly new party members, with returning characters being an older tougher Mission, HK-47, T3, and the Handmaiden (Disciple was lame, so they can just say even if your Exile was female the Handmaiden came along and the Exile fell in love with Atton.)

For romance, since I hope you will be Revan, he/she will be in love with Bastila/Carth, so my idea was, for a change, a party member falls in love with you. As you go through the game he/she begins to look up to you and respect you. Towards the end, (I'll just say she from now on) she confesses that she loves you and you can either tell her that you don't love her but be nice and try not to upset her, or if you wanna be dark side, be cruel and tell her to leave your party. If you go light side she runs away because she's so unhappy (she's had a bad life as you'll find out throughout the game.) At the end there could be some tie in with the plot and her being a uber Dark Jedi or something. I dunno. But that's my idea.

Axe Windu
11-14-2005, 05:43 PM
Sith and Jedi at peace no, Sith and Jedi temporarily teaming up against True Sith... YES!

11-19-2005, 04:10 PM
not really sure you will ever see the jedi and sith fighting together, but one thing i would like personally, is to start out as you did in kotor I and have the option to become a jedi, thus changing the storyline, after becoming a jedi then you can fall to the darkside or follow the ways of the jedi. if you choose not to become a jedi then it has a whole different story. not that i dont like being a jedi but this way it would give more in depth gameplay instead of just playing the same game over and over.

11-21-2005, 06:38 PM
The Sith and the Jedi at peace? When pigs fly!
To be able to customize the PC that is good though there are disagreements as to having Revan as the PC.