View Full Version : Lost Cause 2, part 3 online!

11-14-2005, 06:21 PM
Here you go, guys. Lost Cause 2, part 3 is now online, and I apologise for it being delayed. There's been behind the scenes issues what with Lost Cause being reproduced for on-air (don't get me started with that!) and I had to decide whether to go with another guy's efforts, or to produce these myself.

I chose to go it myself.

At least that way the end product is what I want it to be.

11-19-2005, 09:03 PM
Sorry for being so slow to listen to this again, but I finally got around to it just now...

It's a really great episode, I enjoyed it a lot. Quite a few laugh out loud moments and the plot twist gets two thumbs up for me.

The only niggle I have with the series so far are the voices for, er, camp Han Solo (I think) and Leia. They just irratate me, though all the other voices are brilliant (as always).

The music when number 2 was speaking was another lovely touch.

Keep up the awesome work, man!