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11-16-2005, 10:01 PM
alright... I have seen sever threads about who you wnat to start as, and if this should be the end of the trilogy, But what about the story?? the first two are losely connected to each other. What does everybody think about KoTOR3 starting off where TSL left off... the Exile taking off in the Ebon Hawk??

Axe Windu
11-17-2005, 01:30 AM
I got this idea based on the Matrix. The first Matrix was a stand alone movie that left room for a sequal at the end. The first Knights of the Old Republic was a stand alone game that didnt really have to do with a sequal at all but yah know it was possible. The second and third Matrix were more or less one big movie cut in half. So what if it was the same with the second and third Knighty Olds. The crappy ending and cut content kinda made this game feel like a cliffhanger, there is lotsa unresolved content. Lemmi show you what I mean.

The training level can be remote/hk dealing with Goto and the shadow thinger... or Mira/Hanharr or something that was never concluded on Malachor.

Then your on the Ebon Hawk. Canderous Ordo is very hurt and knocked out due to the crash. T3 is broken and in need of severe repair. HK-47 is lightly damaged and can be easily repaired. The rest are dead or there whereabouts unknown. You could say there kidnapped/killed by Sith Assassins that attacked and looted the ship after it crashed. The only one alive and well in the hawk is Atton. Atton will be a lv 1 Jedi Sentinal. You can reveal whether he recently discovered his force sensitivity or if you gave it to him in the last game through diologue options. This also can teach you if you were good or evil in the last game which can lead you down your dark or light path. Like I killed Kreia to try to claim the dark thrown but now I realize the bigger threat... DSP. Your on your way to find Revan so you can find the unknown sith threat. However before you do that you gotta repair T3 because he is the only one with access to the navicomputer to retrace Revans steps. You can reveal Revan stuff when you reactivate HK-47 with a simple repair check. You can ask him something like what do you know of Revan? Inquery: Who is Revan? Then you could respond: She is dark Sith Empress. Hes an Evil Lord of the Sith. He is a powerful Jedi. She is a great master of the light side of the force. Then HKs memory would be restored yada yada and wed get that stuff out of the way. Your lightsabor is broken from the battle on Malachor and you need a crystal to fix it. So your first task is to get to the closest planet to fix T3, get Canderous medical help, and try to repair your lightsabor and start your quest to find Revan. Your not gonna go looking for Star Maps or anything like that your gonna find Revan and fight this Sith threat. Also I dont thinK Canderous should be in your party again, after he gets healed I think he should leave to assemble Clan Ordo incase this threat emerges in known space.

Ok the other party members dont all have to be dead. One could appear later and have gotten off Malachor through other means. You couldve told mira/handmaiden/visas to stay and guard Treyas academy and train Jedi for the comming fight and have cutscenes relating to that. Kreia could come back via force ghost similar to Obi Won which would be very very cool. Like you struggly and all the sudden you hear her talking to you and shes like I told you we had a bond Exile... apparantly that bond extends beyond death. Lucky your still alive with me gone but then I guess the force had other intentions for you.

Seriously come on this is a cool idea. This will cause the end of the last game to be better it was kinda lacking, and it will save you from having to answer tons of contingincy questions about the Exile. You can put Revan in dark or light robes you cant really do that with the exile. He didnt have a defined look.

I understand Im prolly not the first one to come up with a similar idea but this is super cool. What do you guys think?

11-17-2005, 05:57 PM
Sounds like a good base for the story. of the party members you mentioned, I would have to say I would like Visas to have survived and be playable again at some point in the game. :slsaber: