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The Punisher
11-17-2005, 08:54 PM
I placed a handful of valueable items in my ship, but upon returning, it was all missing! Can you not decorate the interior of your spacecraft? I realize that compared to the havok at hand, it's a small issue. But hearken, SOE! For it is in the little things that manifests a great game! Not a skill and combat system overhaul! You cannot shower the elders with gifts and hope that glittery holograms will keep them quelled! Yes we have jobs, but what about the economy?!?! Millions of credits do no good in a galaxy without product. You think our Universe is expanding? Not comparred to this Galactic Inflation.
Common players shall refer to this time as the embarrasment of SOE; and to the rpg elite it shall be known as The Depression.

-Concerned Citizen,
Martigan Nimbus.

Trahern Valley
11-17-2005, 09:41 PM
Sounds like a bug. Que the surprise, the shock, the horror...

The... structure maintainance console, or whatever it's called, might be able to bring lost items to you. I think they can in actual structures.

...Why yes, I am depressed.

06-01-2006, 12:23 AM

Wraith 8
06-06-2006, 04:17 AM
ok... i gues you are VERY bored.... resurecting ancient threads and all.... so im gonna close this.

stop bumping old threads and remove the exploit sites from your sig.