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07-07-2001, 02:07 AM
Hi there all,

I bought Alliance a few weeks ago and was enjoying this game alot, then it happened. I installed directx 8.0a and now, whenever I try to play the campaign with 3d acceleration enabled I get booted or hungup at the loading screen. In software mode it works fine but going from 1024x768 to 640x480 hurts. :( THIS SUX!!! I am TRYING to talk to LucasArts about this so who knows. Anyone else notice this too???

My system= P3 450, 128ram, Voodoo 3000. I reinstalled several video driver versions, as well reintalled Alliance. I just bought it so it was already updated to version 2.02.

Any help or insight would be helpfull. Oh, has anyone ever managed to uninstall directx8??? Stupid Microsoft never thought to include anyway to uninstall it. I checked at their website and tey said so. Boy, with their history of buggy software you would think an uninstaller for ANY of their software would just be automatic.

Thanks to anyone who reads this and an even greater thank-you to anyone who responds. Happy gaming and remember, do NOT install directx8 if you are playing Alliance and it is working fine like mine was with directx7. Live and learn.

Bye all

Darth Massacator
08-08-2001, 01:26 AM
Good gawd, is the game *that* dead where a simple problem isn't getting responded to?

Are you sure it's only due to running DX8a? Reason I ask is because I haven't heard of any compatibility issues with X-Wing: Alliance and DX8a. You've got a good card for the game.

Since you've installed several drivers for you V3, here's what I would do:

1.) Remove all drivers to your V3 card.
2.) Reinstall the latest drivers (yes, I know 3dfx closed shop, I have a V5).

Another thing you *might* want to try and do is download Wicked GL's latest beta patch for your Voodoo card. But don't try that option until you completed the above steps.

09-14-2001, 03:23 PM
I'm having the same problem. I have Windows ME, and a VooDoo3 card. I've experienced this problem with a number of older games using Windows ME. I'll try your suggestions. Also I had this problem before I updated to Directx8a. When I do a system analysis its says there are files missing related to Directx6?? Hope I can get this fixed. I have no problems on my other system with Windows 98 SE and VooDoo2.
I'll let you know what happens

09-14-2001, 03:27 PM
Do you know where I can get the latest drivers for the VooDoo3? apparently the 3dfx homepage no longer exists when I looked.

09-15-2001, 08:51 PM
www.3dfiles.com (http://www.3dfiles.com)

Good place for anything 3d related. I used to have that same problem after i installed 8.0. I have a Voodoo 3 2000, and all i did to fix it was uninstall the card, then used the drivers that came with it. I dunno, it works now.

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09-18-2001, 04:37 AM
I downloaded the latest update drivers for my VooDoo3 and this fixed the problem you should not have to uninstall directx8. Go here to 3DFX homepage and download the latest drivers for your 3d card http://www.3dfx.com/index.html

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