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11-24-2005, 03:09 PM
Right, you all know the rules, here we go again, yadda yadda yadda. I think it's upto BD to set the scene.

11-24-2005, 03:12 PM
((Oh, man. This title...

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11-24-2005, 05:49 PM

A long time ago in a galaxey far, far away....

The year long REPUBLIC CIVIL WAR is over! Now
the work of truly bringing peace to the galaxy can
begin. However, all is not as it seems, the Emperor,
LORD CRACKEN PALPATINE, has dissapeared.
As one government is restored another threatens
to slide into CHAOS! Meanwhile a new EVIL has
appeared on the edge of IMPERIAL SPACE. The
JEDI COUNCIL has sensed a disturbance in the
FORCE. Now the REPUBLIC must uncover the
ancient SECRETS of the JEDI or all will be
consumed in darkness.

*The Planet of Coruscant turned slowly on its celestial axis, the Jedi Temple had passed the terminator into night several hours ago, yet the masters still sat in session. The attention of the twelve Jedi Masters was focused on the man in the grey and blue robes of the ancient Jedi Guardians standing defiantly in the centre of the circle and on the decision they had to make.*

Luke: Jammes Windrider, you are charged with aiding the agents of the dark side of the Force and the Sith in particular, how do you answer these charges?

Jammes: Guilty.

*That caused a stir, even amongst these Jedi, Kyp Durron scowled openly, while Kam Solusar steepled his fingers and leaned back in his chair. Taklin Flax was studying his brother in-law intently.*

Streen: I sense no evil in him, only defiance.

Kam: Defiance? I sense also pride, but not hate, and not the darkside.

Luke: Explain Yourself, Master Windrider.

Jammes: When the Republic split, I chose to follow the law, I did not learn until later that the Senate was being controlled by Reletha Darkstar.

Corran: But when you did learn you stayed. Why?

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11-25-2005, 05:07 AM
((I'm gonna be playing around with time a bit here. ...For the foreseeable future. ^_^

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Coruscant Airspace, Two Weeks Ago

Aren: *via Kioet's comm* Kioet, do you hear me? *A burst of static interrupts* -transmitting coordinates. I have a new target for you. And - congratulations. You just survived your first encounter with a Blade. There are many who don't.

*Another burst of static*

Aren: Stand by for data.


Coruscant, Present Day

*A glass shatters on the floor of a Coruscanti apartment. A fuming woman sends another glass hurtling after it. She has long ears and a mostly humanoid appearance, marking her as an elf to anyone who could recognize such a thing, pale skin and dark hair. She is wearing a rumpled outfit that looked like someone would make an appearance in at a Coruscanti nightclub*

Elven Woman: *shouting to no one in particular* You bastard, Cracken! What does you think you're doing? Dammit!

*She storms about her apartment in a fury, breaking other innocent household objects*

Elven Woman: Where are you? Where are you hiding? How are you hiding from me, godsdammit?

*She starts striding around the room, muttering to herself*

Elven Woman: And you just had to kill your second, too...

*She rolls up her sleeve and stares at her arm. It has a black mark running up and down it, set in the pale skin*

Elven Woman: You stay down... stay down...

*A male voice comes from behind her, sounding curious, affectedly innocent*

Voice: Why, what's that? How unusual!

*The woman whirls, holding arm. Standing in her kitchen, having appeared out of nowhere, are two other elves. Both were dressed in overly ornate and unusually tailored versions of what she recognized as Blade outfits. The one who'd spoken had blonde, spiky hair and skin as pale than hers, and an outfit in lighter colors set off by black. He had sharp eyes. The second, taller one was a dark elf, with skin the color of ash. His outfit was black. Both carried blades.*

Elven Woman: What are you doing here? Get out! I paid for this apartment!

Blonde Elf: You did! Good job. Pity we're not from the debt collector's guild.

*The elven woman hesitates for a moment, then whirls around, reaching out her arm. A light blue halo of light surrounds her hand*

Blonde Elf: *hand shooting out as well, sending a streak of red light across the room* Naughty!

*The red light hits the gun that's heading towards the elven woman's hand in midair, and knocks it across the room. As he does so, the woman dives under a table*

Blonde Elf: Oh, come now. We just want to ask you a couple questions. We're not even here to deport you. Now, introductions. I'm called Slythe. My companion here is called Nereli. You one of Rwos' little friends?

*Blaster bolts shoot out from under the table. The elves deflect them away with protective spells that appear in the air*

Slythe: Guess not.

*Slythe closes his hand. When he opens it a blinding light uncoils from it. He flicks his hand, and the light smashes into the table, splitting it into dozens of different pieces that fly across the room.

Revealed under the table is the translucent image of the elven woman, holding a blaster. As Slythe and Nereli watch, the image collapses in on itself and the gun drops to the ground. Outside, the sound of a speeder receding rapidly away is heard*

Slythe: ...Clever.

Nereli: You said you would handle this. Now you do it. I'm being commed.

Slythe: Certainly, Sai.

*Nereli reaches to his belt and twists a silver disk attached there, then disappears in a flash of blue light. Slythe runs to the window and leaps out without pause. His figure, cloak fluttering, is illuminated clearly in the night lights before plummeting down into the shadows*

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11-25-2005, 01:33 PM
((Lots has happened in two weeks... as you'll see here.))

Alyssa Renolin sat in silence, watching Jammes Windrider, waiting to see how he would answer Corran's question. Off to the side, Riebe Sothe stood watching with Nom and Tarila Vilnov. Though Riebe was not on the Council, she was still allowed to watch their gatherings for two reasons. First, Alyssa was her apprentice (though it may seem strange to say so as Alyssa is in her 30s and Riebe appears to be around 19). Second, Riebe was respected because of her age (in reality around 2500 years). The Vilnovs were there as guests of Riebe.

"So who's that?" Tarila whispered pointing at Jammes. Riebe shushed her.

"Less talking more listening," she whispered back. "Listen now. I'll explain later."

11-25-2005, 01:36 PM
((i like mega-posts))

*Coruscant, Jedi Temple*

*Irvine remained in the temple after he father disappeared. He desided to stay dispite his sister and Starr taking their leave.*

((only guessing here red, i mean, would Starr really want to stick around? ;)))

*Irvine was still in the temple, studing the true Jedi and thier ways. He's only grew up with a medicore version compared to these Jedi.

He treked up towards the council chambers, expecting them to be departed for the evening, but then he noticed the doors were shut, and he could hear discussion inside...*

11-25-2005, 05:06 PM
((Scar, I would say that the Council chamber is sealed. Ivrine can't hear anything, its not like its an mfi door! I also have issues with non Council members being at a trial, still they're already there so I'll let it slide. The Council is going to want to talk to the Vilnovs anyway.))

Jammes: Why did you all run? If we had all stayed then the war might not have happened.

((Anyone want to jump in and help me beat on my character, in a Jedi way.))

11-25-2005, 06:02 PM
"I cannot speak for the others on the Council," Alyssa said quietly. "But I speak for myself; I was not here when the war started. Would I have left at its outbreak? I don't know. I know next to nothing of what happened and why."

She shook her head slowly. "You claim that if we had all been here, perhaps the war might not have occurred. Are you suggesting that we might have seen what you did not?"

11-25-2005, 06:06 PM
Coruscant, Jedi Temple

Jack, alias Jokemaster stood outside the council room. The room was too small, and if he went in he'd risk Riebe sensing him. He was, however curious to the result of the trial, and from there tapped into what everyone was sensing, giving him an idea of what was going on. He noticed Irvine attempting to overhear the conversation.

Jack: Don't bother. It's soundproofed.

Coruscant, NRI
Greer had remained stationed on Coruscant, back in the NRI watching for any suspicious activity. So far it had been a boring day for him. He sighed and put his legs up on his desk. He supposed after fighting a war, every day would seem boring for a while.

11-25-2005, 08:19 PM
((BD: edited.
he can 'hear discussion' but not anything that can be 'distingushed' :D

whats an mfi door anyway?? :D))

11-26-2005, 12:28 AM
Kioet: *over comm* I'm glad they're not on our side. *static** next, please.

11-26-2005, 03:16 AM
Jedi Temple: Council Chambers

*Godwyn raised his head and looked at Jammes for a moment, he had only been half listening to the trial, the other half of his mind thinking of the mission he had just returned from and the next step he needed to take*

Godwyn: This is irrelevant, the war could still have occured if every living Jedi was here. We can spend the rest of our lives discussing all the possibilities and the could have beens. Instead let us keep to the actual facts. There was a war and you sided with the government controlled by the Sith. As Master Horn asked you, when you learned that the government was thus controlled why did you stay?


Godsheim Station

*Vidar looks up from a report he was reading as the door to his spacious office slides open and Valda enters*

Vidar: What brings you all the way up here?

Valda: Some updates and news.

Vidar: Oh?

Valda: A squadron of hunters will arrive early in the morning. The olympians are finally sending a delegation from Elysium, they should arrive in five standard days. Svafa will also be returning tomorrow afternoon, she says she has some good news.

Vidar: I see, and whats the news?

Valda: Since you like knowing about the Jedi, they are holding a trial on Coruscant, I'll inform you on how it turns out. More importantly though the Jotuns made a stronger then normal attempt to break the containment. I'll update you when we know more about what happened.

Vidar: Thank you.

11-27-2005, 08:48 AM
Council Chambers.

*Jammes stiffens.*

Jammes: I did not trust the leadership of the Rebellion.

Kam: Less than the Leadership of the Republic?

Jammes: Yes?

Flax: Ahh. *It was the first time he had said anything.* Now we come to the root of it. You did not trust me and when presented with two sides you could not bring yourself to choose mine. Anger, then.

*Jammes says nothing.*

Flax: You blame me for your sister's death, my wife's death. You have allowed this prejudice to cloud your judgement. I think that is the root of it.

*Jammes looks Flax directly in the eyes.* Yes.

Flax: I do not believe this is guilt, nor do I believe this is innocence. As I am clearly the cause of this I defer to the other Masters, what sentance will you pass down?

11-27-2005, 06:23 PM
Godwyn: I have a few more questions since I was not here when these events took place. What actions did you take to oppose the rebellion? Rather in your opposition to the rebellion did you remain true to our code?

((BD: Just need to know what is Jammes' rank within the order?))

11-27-2005, 07:34 PM
((Jedi Master. Oh, and Deac I can see you lurking.))

Jammes: I upheld the law, when the war came to Coruscant I opposed the Rebellious Jedi.

Kyp: You call us Rebellious!?

11-28-2005, 12:48 AM
"Our anger or annoyance at being called rebellious solves nothing," Alyssa said, staring pointedly at Kyp. Then, she turned to Jammes. "Rebellious how?"

11-28-2005, 01:09 AM
Godwyn: Rebellious in the fact that they rebelled against the lawful government. What I want to know Jammes is how did you oppose them, for example did you kill, or maim them or did you simply block them.

Cmdr. Cracken
11-28-2005, 10:19 AM
Bilbringi, the New Imperial Center

*The massive Imperial Fleet hung in high orbit over Bilbringi, the new core of the Empire. The fleet and her starfighters were in all out parade formations, and across the Imperial controled space, which covered half the galaxy, celebrated the return of the Imperial Family, and the victory over the enemies of the Empire.

A shuttle departed from the Super Star Destroyer Executor with TIE-Defenders in parade escort, and headed to the capital city. The shuttle landed on a shuttle platform that was attached to the Imperial Palace, whichw as still being built. The 501st Stormtrooper battalion was in parade formation, tradition when high ranking or royalty arrived on world.

The shuttle bay opened, and the battalion snapped to attenion. Down the ramp, walked down the rightful hier to the Empire... Emperor Cracken Hideki Palpatine. At his side, his apprentice, Starr Hailfire, and his daughter, Princess Alysara Palpatine, the hier to the throne.

Cracken saluted the battalion, and did the usual political dance of waving to the Holocams. He continued to walk to the palace, and once inside, made a bee line to his office chambers. The three entered his office, and the soundproof door shut quietly.*

Cracken: Starr, disperse the fleet, standard patrols on the boarders of our space. Have them watch out for... rogue elements of the Empire. I sense a great disturbance in the Force....

*Cracken took his seat, and qued up the latest Holonet feed. The Holonet said he had dissapeared back to the Empire to hide, defeated. Farthest from the truth. He walked away from the meeting with Skywalker semi-pleased. The Jedi were no longer activly in pursuit of the Sith, and he no longer had to fear the Jedi Assassinating him anytime soon, because he stuck a cease-fire agreement that put on hold the ancient fued between the Sith and the Jedi. *

Cracken: Alysara, go to Yaga Minor, take the Vengence and her support fleet, and the 501st Battalion....

Alysara: Yaga Minor? Father, that's a backwater planet...

Cracken: I know, I just think.... *he appeared distant* Someone is coming.... *He smiled at Alysara* Go, if you need the rest of the fleet, it is at your command.

*She noded, and began to walk out the room. She stopped, and hugged Starr, and smiled. She continued out the door, and headed out to the shuttle bay.

Cracken picked through various datacards, long disorganized during his absence on the Imperial Center, and found the one he was looking for. He put it in his datapad, and a hologram popped up, relaying various numbers and technical descriptions. A single location was pointed out, and above all, the words CLASSIFIED, Royal Family Eyes ONLY permiated the holo.*

Cracken: Now, my apprentice, there is a certain... project that I started during the Crimson Star War so long ago, that I wish to be completed at all speed. Go to the Maw Military Instalation, and hurry it along. Make sure nobody follows you.

*He took out the datacard, and handed it to Starr.*

Cracken: While we cannot strike at the Jedi or the Republic any longer, we can still strike fear into the enemies we have. And fear us, the will.

11-28-2005, 02:25 PM
Atredis, Hospital

*Deac enters a small private room, containing a comfortable looking bed and adjacent bathroom. A young dark haired man in a wheelchair sits staring through the large glass window that overlooks the farmlands of Atredis.*

Deac: Orthos?

*Orthos does not answer. Deac walks up and sits by Orthos*

Deac: The doctors said part of you was still in there...I don't know if you can hear me...but I'm sorry...I'm sorry I left you for dead.

Orthos: ........

Deac: I've taken a leave of abscence Orthos. I'm going to be on Atredis, and I'm going to come see you every day.


Deac: Well...*frustratedly* Forget it. See you later.

Orthos: *Quietly, to himself*Time...Choice...

11-28-2005, 03:25 PM
Alyssa smiled slightly, but said nothing as she thought of how little she truly knew of the recent events nearer the center of the galaxy. Yes, she felt she'd been away far too long and now she thought it best to remain silent. There was nothing further she had to say without making herself look ignorant rather than just uninformed.

11-28-2005, 05:06 PM

Jammes: Jedi died by my hand and I watched other jedi fall by the hands of other master. *He looks pointedly at Flax.*

Yaga Minor.

*Agric's Black Fleet of forty ships dropped out of hyperspace in close formation. On the Bridge Agric turned to his come officer, a middle aged major.*

Agric: Open a channel, inform them we come from Bilbringi and are here to recieve a new compliment of TIE Defenders, you will occupy them until our commandos have completed their task.

Major: Yes, My Lord.

*As the major opens a comm channel a cloaked assault transport drops from the hanger of Agric's own ship. Within the transport were thirty commandos, Fett Clones, each wearing black flexi-armour and armed with E-11B carbines, similar transports dropped from the other eleven ships.*

Cmdr. Cracken
11-29-2005, 02:08 PM
Yaga Minor

*On Yaga Minor, the commanding officer reviews the fleet.*
Cmdr.: Ask for thier IFF codes, and have them transmit them at once. I've recieved word that her Highness is arriving soon, and only she can give the go ahead for the transfer.

Comm. Officer: Yessir. *The tech keys the comm* Unknown fleet, transmit your IFF codes for verification, and hold position. Her Highness Palpatine is arriving soon and will verify transfer of equipment. Non-Compliance will be meet with military action, do you copy?


*The countdown clock continued to tick away until time to reversion. The Vengence and it's support contigent of 9 Imperial Mark II Star Destroyers streaked through hyperspace. 3 hours left... A twinge in the Force caught Alysara's attention. She keyed her comm.*
Alysara: Admiral, prepare the fighters for immediate launch after reversion. have reinforcements on standby for hyperspace into the region.

Admiral: Yes m'lady, thoughr einforcements will take at least 6 hours to get her after we call for them.

Alysara: Understood Admiral.

*She shut off the comm, and thought.... something was beginning....*

11-29-2005, 04:09 PM
Yaga Minor

Major: Understood, transmitting IFF codes.

*He transmits the IFF codes of 12 ships in addition to Agric's personnal identification code. Deep in the vaults of Yaga Minor's computer core a twenty five year old file is retrieved from digital storage and sent zipping into the CPU. From there it arrives at the comm-officer's screen.*

Imperial Ident: *****-****-****-***-*

Clearence Level: 1A-Special

Originator: ******** ******* ******** ******

Date Stamp: **/**/****/

Addendum: Comply immediately, by order of the Emperor.

Cmdr. Cracken
11-30-2005, 09:23 AM
Yaga Minor
Cmdr: Well?

Comm. Officer: It's an older code, but it checks out... though this is not the Emperors usual method of equipment transfer... *The tech swivled in his chair* Sir, I don't mean to be insubordinate, but I know it says by order of the Emperor, but... Didn't Emperor Palpatine say her Highness was coming, and all matters reguarding military in the region were up to her?

Cmdr: Repeat the message. Offer the usual officer quaters planet side. We will wait until her Highness arrives. *The commander lossened his collar a bit. He knew the price of failure on his part, and he hoped Alysara would be more forgiving that Lord Vader ever was.*

Comm. Officer: Aye sir. *he keyed the comm again* We have recieved your IFF codes, and acknowledge friendlies. However, her Highness is now in charge of military affairs in the region. ETA is 2 hours, 55 minutes, galactic standard time, all transfers are to be put on hold until her specific approval has been given. Until such time, your officers are welcome planetside.

Transmitting Imperial Decree 100982.87.
*the decree reads as follows....*
By Order of Emperor Cracken Hideki Palpatine, Imperial Center
Her Highness Princess Alysara Amerian Palpatine, daughter of the Emperor, hier to the throne, is now commander of all Imperial Naval and Armed Forces. She is to reorganize, restructure and streamline the military as she see's fit, and all questions reguarding all matters within the military are to be answered at her discretion. All conflicts or concerns reguarding equipment, personel, or methods, are to be forwarded to her. Non-Compliance will result in prosecution under Imperial Law.

11-30-2005, 11:28 AM
Bilbringi, Imperial Capital Building

*Stormbaltz sits in a prison cell. It is spartan, but not overly inhospitable. A small second room holds a bathroom, while he has access to a limited computer terminal. He sits, still in his uniform, atop the hard bunk left out for him, while a lawyer sits opposite him, flanked by two stormtroopers.*

Lawyer: You've recieved summons from the Emperor. He wishes you to explain yourself.

Stormbaltz: I have been trying to do that since I reached Coruscant.

Lawyer: The emperor is a busy man. He does have to manage the entire empire and cannot drop everything for one wayward officer.

Stormbaltz: You'd be easily decieved too if you spent the better part of a decade in cryogenic stasis.

Lawyer: Save it for His Majesty. Come with me.*Turns to Aide* Signal the Emperor. Admiral Stormbaltz has answered his summons.

Cmdr. Cracken
11-30-2005, 01:00 PM
**OOS: deac, Cracken is on the Imperial Center of Bilbringi, in his palace under construction.**

Imperial Center at Bilbringi, Imperial Palace

*Cracken shuffled through the data cards on his desk, organizing them into a coherent order. The mess on his desk was less clutterd than when he first walked in whith his daughter and his apprentice. He had several piles, one which had financial reports and economic matters, military matters, and social matters in one, and several smaller piles which he was going to look at later. His desk comm beeped, and he answered it*

Cracken: What is it?

Secretary: My lord, Stormbaltz is here as requested for questioning and sentencing.

Cracken: Excellent. Send him in.

*Two Stormtroopers and a lawyers entered his office, with Stormbaltz in tow. Cracken motioned for Stormbaltz to sit before him in a chair provided, and motioned for the lawyers and the two stormtroopers to leave. The troopers gave a salute and walked out. The lawyers mearly bowed, knowing his duty was done, and left, leaving the Emperor and Stormbaltz alone.*

Cracken: Now, former Admiral Stormbaltz.... You are incarcerated for treason against the Empire. You plead... not guilty, I assume? Please.... explain to me why I shouldn't either execute you now, or save you to be executed by my apprentice, who would be far more cruel than I....

11-30-2005, 03:58 PM
Coruscant: Jedi Temple

Godwyn: Hmm...If no other master has questions for you then you can wait outside, as we deliberate. The Vilnovs, if you would also wait outside as we deliberate, we shall call you back in when we are through.

11-30-2005, 04:02 PM
Nom and Tarila glanced at Riebe, who nodded that they should do as they were told. They exited the room and Riebe followed them out. She'd heard enough until the Vilnovs were called back in.

12-07-2005, 06:06 PM
*Irvine was still outside, patiently waiting til the council was done with the hearing, he had is own appointment scheduled....*

((I think you got 3 ppl wiating on ya deac :D))

12-07-2005, 09:29 PM
((Okay, sorry about the wait guys, I've been writing an essay on Pan Hellenic festivals for the past three days, before that I was writing one on Herodotus.))


Corran: I think we know all we need to know.

Kam: Do you have anything more to say?

Jammes: No.

Luke: Then we are ready to make a decision?

*The other masters nod.*

Luke: You can wait outside, Master Windrider.

*Jammes leaves, when he passes into the anti chamber two Jedi Guardians flank him, as though guarding a rabid dog that might attack them at any momment.*

Yaga Minor

Major: Message recieved, we will await the arrival of the Princess.

*Even as the major is speaking the cloaked transports dock to long unused airlocks and deliver their cargo of clone commandos.*

12-10-2005, 04:43 PM
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12-12-2005, 02:59 PM
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Imperial Centre

Stormbaltz:My Lord, it begins ten years ago. After I was promoted to Admiral, Lord Syrnl Darkstar approached me and told me that me and my crew had been selected to participate in the Dragon's Teeth program. We were to enter stasis to be awoken if the empire had dire need of us, a backup if you will. We slept, and were awoken by Lokpihet Darkstar, who told us that he was the last surviving person on our command structure.

12-12-2005, 02:59 PM
OOS: Seems I can only post a certain number of characters. B*llcks.

Stormbaltz: We had little contact with the clone of your son. I did not know who he was, his existence was not widely know. After Lokpihet's death he proved he had the DNA of the heir to the empire, and told us that you had been killed. We had no knowledge of the events that took place in our slumber. However, I suspected something was amiss due to the clone's involvement with cloning and some bizarre cult, and we faced off and I was forced to back down. During the battle of coruscant, we intercepted information that proved he was a traitor, but he escaped before we could aprehend him. I have only further to say, my lord, that we willingly surrendered after the battle, something real traitors would not have done, and that during your father's reign, I was in the Inner Circle of the Secret Order. I would not betray the Imperial Family.

12-12-2005, 07:57 PM
((*likes where this is going* :D))

12-13-2005, 03:23 PM
Kioet: Now, I am ready for another battle. *over comm* Aren, the data download is complete, I think.

*Kioet sets the hyperspace coordinates for Dantooine*

Kioet over comm: I'll be at a cantina on a mining outpost in Dantooine for a bit.

*Kioet's missile boat jumps into hyperspace*

12-13-2005, 03:51 PM
Character: Saurat Seerdon
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Skills: Expert Marksman and Scout
Weapons: silenced sniper concussion rifle, scout blaster with stun ability
Bio: Seerdon was the son of the late Moff Kohl Seerdon, whom was shot down by Jedi Luke Skywalker on the planet of Thyferra. His mother was killed by rebel forces when he was only 10, which is one of the reasons that he joined the Imperial Army. He trained to be a scout/sniper, and made sergeant by the time the rebels destroyed the 2nd death star. The squad he was in was killed by ewoks, he managed to flee to Dantooine with one of the landing craft used to deploy speeder bikes down to the planet, once there, he traded his shuttle for a beautiful mansion, not too far from the mining outpost that he frequents.

Location: Mining Outpost's Cantina

*Saurat sits back in his chair, enjoying the entertainment of a Twi'lek dancer, while sipping his corellian ale*

12-18-2005, 01:24 AM
*Saurat was just beginning to doze off when he caught a giant trandoshan shoving someone through the doorway of the cantina and into the wall next to the dancer*


*Kioet thrusts the barrel of his pistol into the calamari's throat*

Mon Calamari: I-I'm I fix things! Perhaps-we-could work out some arrangements? You are the owner of a missile boat, correct? I can get you a deal on some parts and upgrades, yes?

Kioet: Missle Boat? What the hell?

*Kioet edges closer*

Kioet, in a low growl: Are you a spy?

Mon Calamari: No! of course not. I'm the...property of Seerdon, he's right over there.

Seerdon: Geez, Garstan, you could have comm'd me.

Garstan: I would have, but....

*Kioet crushes the commlink in his hands, and points his rifle at Saurat*

Kioet: Who the hell is this? Your bodyguard or your slave?

Saurat: He's my slave and my bodyguard.

Garstan: I've been in service to the Empire my whole life, I used to do work for his father, Moff Kohl Seerdon. Then he died, and I was the only thing on the will.

Saurat: Yeah. Good times. Long live the Empire!

Kioet: Do I know you?

Saurat: Of course not. hahaha. You were part of the resistance on Jolek.

(( read: the unfinished resistance RPG (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=79804&page=1&pp=40)))

12-22-2005, 04:23 AM
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01-01-2006, 06:47 PM
[Waiting on Cracken for judgement of Stormbaltz]


*Deac recieves a call on his communicator*

Comm: Colonel, you're wanted on Coruscant. Urgently.

Deac: Any more to the message.

Comm: New Republic Army didn't say...

Deac: Right. Tell them I'm on my way. *Heads toward ship and sets a course*

Cmdr. Cracken
01-02-2006, 08:39 PM

*Cracken paused, then closed his eyes, and reached out through the Force. Stormbaltz, as misguided as his actions were, was telling the truth. He opened his eyes, and scoffed slightly. Honesty in face of death. A trait he admired.

He stood up, and with out moving his hands, reached out through the Force and began to constrict the Admirals organs, then he spoke*

Cracken: While your actions and statement is truthful, Admiral, I cannot allow such actions to go unpunished. It is your duty as a loyal officer to the Empire to act on such hunches to ensure the Imperial Family and holdings are not threatened by mear.... Demigauges and power hungery beurocrates.

More over, Admiral, your place in the Inner Circle places you in a position where should have this happened under my father, your hearing would never have happened. In short, Stormbaltz....

You should have known better.

*Cracken released the pain striken man, and watched in contempt as he fell from his seat, gasping and writhing in pain. He walked from behind his desk, and stood infront of Stormbaltz.*

Cracken: However, I am not like my father, and realize the quality of your character. After all, good officers are getting rather.... hard to come by these days.

As punishment, you are hereby demoted to the rank of Captain, and are to serve under my daughter. Effective immediatly. She has been sent to Yaga Minor. Take two Star Destroyers and rendevoux with her immediatly.

01-03-2006, 04:22 PM
Imperial Centre
*Stormbaltz, racked in pain, fell gasping to the ground. The ignominy of it. Doing what he thought was his duty, demoted for following what appeared to be his superior officer. Still, acting on the urge to resign his commission would likely leave him dead. Without speaking, he nodded, saluted, and left the chamber. *

ISD Damocles

*Stormbaltz arrives aboard, and the ISD hyper-jumps out to join up with the fleet*
Before the Battle of Yavin, Coruscant
*Stormbaltz stands in a shady corner, a man in black on the wall behind him*
Stormbaltz: I won't do it. I won't betray the emperor. I guess you're going to kill me.
Man: On the contrary, you have no remote proof, no idea of who we are or what we are planning to do.
*Some time later, Stormbaltz informs his superior and is informed of his appointment to the lowest rank of the Secret Order.*
*Stormbaltz looks at the tatoo on his arm*

Stormbaltz: And for what?

01-03-2006, 05:28 PM
*After what appears an eternity Jammes is called back into the Council chamber.*

Luke: Master Windrider, we have reached a decision. We do not believe you have fallen to the darkside but your actions were.... willfully misguided.

Kam: We have decided that you cannot be allowed to teach here, if you had a Padawan be assured they would be placed with another Master.

Corran: A task will be found for you, until then you will remain on Coruscant, we place to other restrictions on you.

Luke: You may go now.

*Jammes bows.*

Jammes: As you wish, masters.

*He turns and leaves, closing the door on his exit. One of the Ante Room Jedi enters and bows.*

Jedi: Masters?

Flax: Send in the Vilinovs.

((Cracken, I'm waiting on you to arrive at Yaga Minor.))

01-03-2006, 05:38 PM
Nom and Tarila entered the room with Riebe, who remained standing off to one side of the door while the Vilnovs, after a wordless disagreement, moved more toward the center.

01-04-2006, 05:38 PM
*Flax looks from one to the other.*

Flax: We have granted this audiance out of curiosity. What buisness do you have with us.

Cmdr. Cracken
01-04-2006, 07:29 PM
Yaga Minor

*The Vengence and her support fleet of nine Imperial Star Destroyers Mark II's jumped back into real space in high orbit over the planet. As ordered, the starfighters empited from the fighter bays, and launched into a strong defensive position. Alysara was on the bridge, and turned as her communictaions officer came up to her.*

Comm. Officer: M'lady, the base planet side has requested your approval of an equipment transfer, one compliment of TIE Defenders.

Alysara: To the fleet before me?

Comm. Officer: Yes, ma'm.

Alysara: No, I'm taking those TIE Defenders. Contact that fleet's leader, get him on the comm to me, so I can find out who he is and what he's doing outside the ranks of the Imperial Navy.

01-05-2006, 02:03 AM
The siblings exchanged loooks and Nom stepped slightly forward.

"I suspect something of our previous business is known to the Council," he said cautiously, glancing at Alyssa. "Assassinations mainly... but of no man that didn't deserve death anyway." Tarila winced, but said nothing, allowing her brother to continue. Clearing his throat slightly, he did so.

"But we're growing tired of slipping about in plain sight," he went on. "We grow tired of our old profession. While I doubt we'll find anything quite so highly paying as assassinations, we're looking for other work."

"We're tired of killing people," Tarila said, stepping up next to her brother. "We want legal work."

"Not honest work?" Alyssa asked, amused and on cue.

"Honest work is what we currently do," Nom replied. "Killing people that need killing. It's honest because it does something a year of political debate won't solve. Legal work's different. There may be more obstacles, but you don't run the risk of prison."

"We're tired of sneaking around," Tarila said. "The reason we came to you for this is simple. Anywhere else we suspect would sooner take our heads than listen to us."

01-05-2006, 06:02 PM

*Flax leaned foward in his seat. He took the time to fix both assassins*

Flax: I shall be honest with you, I do not like assassins and I do not like liars.You were hired to kill me, were you not? Tell me, do I deserve to die?

Yaga Minor.

*Aboard Agric's ship the comm bleeped, the Major turned to his master.*

Major: My Lord, the Commander of the Executor-Class Command Ship wishes to speak with you personnally, she identified herself as the daughter of the Emperor.

*Agric's lip twitched in amusement.*

Agric: Really? Inform her I will recieve her in the communications sweet, and signal Colonel Cody.

Major: Yes, My Lord!

*Agric left the bridge and stepped into the communications field, settling his cloak so as to cover his body he stepped into the holo-field and nodded to the technician.*

*Allysara's image appeared and Agric favoured her with a dazzling smile.*

Agric: Princess! Even as we speak my Commandos have taken control of Yaga Minor station, do not worry, no one will be harmed; unless they resist unduly, of course. I am your Uncle Agric Palpatine. I trust I have your attention.

*Just then Cody arrived in the control centre with 30 Clones.*

Cody: You will surrender unconditionally.

Admiral: This is my command, I will not....*He is drawing his sidearm.*

*Cody's E-11 comes up and he shoots the Admiral in the face.*

Cody: As I said, unconditionally.

Commander: Yes, absolutley!

01-06-2006, 12:41 AM
Tarila stifled laughter, but Nom threw her the glance that silenced her entirely. Then, he turned his eyes back to Flax. "There is one thing we do that occasionally puts us against our clients, much to their unpleasant surprise. We'll take a job, but we like to research the mark before the actual assassination takes place. On occasion, as we did with Greer, Tarila will 'mess up' and get captured. Through that, we learn who we're really dealing with and if they really deserve death."

A small smile found its way to his face. "You do not." He eyed the rest of the Council. "So we turned on the man that hired us, captured him, and gave him to Greer. For money, but had you been unwilling to give us any, we would have simply returned what we'd been given and moved on."

01-06-2006, 09:32 AM
Flax: I suggest you treat your current situation with due gravity. You will not be allowed to leave this Temple without our permission and we have the power to detain you awaiting trial. Currently you are free beings, you may not remain so.

Corran: I sense no deception in you. What can you do, aside from assassination.

01-06-2006, 10:44 AM
"Cargo hauling is easy and we have a lot of room on our ship for it," Nom answered. "I'd also think sentient being transport, but I don't want any lead-ins to assassin jobs... sentients have a way of providing that. I'd rather stick to cargo." He shrugged. "Other than that, I'm not sure. We've spent so long doing this we haven't had time to see what else there might be."

Cmdr. Cracken
01-07-2006, 12:43 AM
*Alysara's eyes narrowed. She had no uncles. Father was a single child... well, as far as she knew and Mother had no siblings whatsoever. Despite this, this... "uncle" would now have the ire of her father.... and he would be most unhappy at his bretheren about this.*

Alysara: Well, "Uncle", you certainly have a flair for the dramatic, and quite the fleet you have there. A shame, really, that my father will have to pick it apart one ship at a time. If you are truely my uncle, then you know that father was was favored and has rightful rule. Submit before me, hier to the Empire, or face the consequences....

*She shut off the comm, and turned to her communications officer, shuddering with anger.*

Alysara: Re-enforcements. NOW. And let my father know immediatly to what is happening out here.

Comm. Officer: Aye, m'am. Nearest fleet group is 5 hours away, next farthest out is 5 and one half hours. Total of 15 Star Destroyers, 20 VSD, 30 Cruisers.

Alysara: High Alert, raise shields, have star fighter command be ready for incoming. Oh, *she waved towards the planet* If things get hot, slag that station. It is in the hands of our "enemy".

*She sat on her command chair, and gave herself to the Force. Every pilot, ship, and gun was soon under her influence that was within her fleet. If she could not win this battle with numbers, then the Force would guide her forces to victory...*

01-07-2006, 06:43 AM
((Clones? Commander Cody? wtf?

BD, I like this plot - actually I am extremely fascinated with it - but that detail is really bad. What happened to originality? At least change the bloody name :p

Will post later when getting home at 2 AM and needing to wake up at 9 AM (this being 3 AM) is not befuddling my mind.))

01-07-2006, 12:33 PM
((Clones? Well we now know that many Stormies were clones and the 501st Legion were completely Jango Clones. If I was the Emperor and I was sending my second son off into the Unkown Regions I'd send Jango Clones. Cody? Well maybe there's method to my madness.))

Yaga Minor

*Agric's voice sounds in Alysara's mind.*

Agric: You should not be so rude, and you should not let anger govern you. You must rule the dark side, it must not rule you. Had I simply returned to my brother I would have been summerarly exicuted. However I have something of great value, which will benefit the Empire in ways you cannot now imagine.

Cmdr. Cracken
01-07-2006, 12:49 PM
Yaga Minor

*She smirked. So he knew the ways of the Force also. Interesting. Perhaps a more diplomatic route should be pursued. Though father would see taking this station away from him as an act of war, she no doubt could try to bring him before her father.*

Alysara: *Via the Force* If you had something so important to the Empire, then you should have brought it to Bilbringi, along with yourself, as so my father could assertain it's importance, as well as your well being. Now that you've started a war, I cannot guarentee you will survive to see the end of it, however.... Submit before me as your superior, and leave your fleet behind and board the Vengence, I can at least grant you parle before my father, and possibly diffuse this situation.

01-07-2006, 04:25 PM
Agric: I am not a fool, only one man has been killed, he is your only casualty and he was a fool. Had I presented myself to your father I believe he would have had me killed. Now he must come here, once he discovers what I have in my possession I am sure he will be most forgiving.

01-07-2006, 09:35 PM
((Let me guess, you've brought back THE Commander Cody of Episode Three fame, right? (and I wasn't referring to the fact that they were Fett clones.)))

01-08-2006, 01:02 AM
((BD, the Vilnovs answered Flax and Corran. :) I suppose this little friendly alert can go for anyone who's on the Council... except me... Alyssa's spent time with the Vilnovs between the last thread and now, so she's staying silent... all the questions she may have had for them have been answered already :) ))

01-08-2006, 08:24 PM

*As Irvine awaits his turn to speak with the council, he opens himself to the force, stretching out search for his father.
He sends a message, but sent as feelings rather then with words:

I'm about to ask the council about becoming a Jedi, are you sure I won't affend you this with decision?

01-08-2006, 08:29 PM
((Let me guess, you've brought back THE Commander Cody of Episode Three fame, right? (and I wasn't referring to the fact that they were Fett clones.)))

((You make that sound so very bad. Can you gues why, smart alec?

01-19-2006, 06:39 PM
((Muffins red. The answer is "Muffins".))

Coruscant: Jedi Temple

*Irvine waits still staring at the double doors into the council chambers. From behind, a small child wearing a cloak with the hood donned walks up to Irvine and tugs on Irvine's pant-leg.

Irvine takes quick notice and turns around and kneels down to the child.*

Irvine *smiling* "What's matter?"

Child "I can't sleep Mr. Jedi-man."

*Irvine nods his head.* "Okay, I'm just waiting til the master's are finished. I can take ya."

*Irvine stands and holds out his hand, the child reaches up and takes hold. They start down the hall and away from the Council Chambers...

After they went down a few levels, Irvine took notice that other then a few 'oil-burners' the passageways were empty.*

Irvine "So, wheres you're room at, um.. I didn't get your name..."

*The child stops and lowers his head.*

Irvine "Whats w.."

*Suddenly the grip from the child increases like Irvine's hand was placed within a set of vice-grips. The child twists his hand forcing Irvine to kneel down, then effortlessly the child uses the same strength to throw Irvine up agenst a passageway wall...

Irvine smacks the wall and an imprint of his body is left on the durasteel wall, or at least Irvine thougth it was.

... The wall crumbled under his own weight.

Irvine quickly took notice that the lights that brightly lit the passageways were completely absent, even so that it appeared that the lights didn't even function. Parts of the walls were crumbled like the wall he was 'thrown' into, he saw a dark dismayful view of coruscant. Dark. Silent. ...And absent of life and of the Force.

The child was missing, instead he was replaced by a man Irvine's age. A man with tathered clothing and frayed gray hair. The man turns around and stares at Irvine...*

F. Irvine "Welcome to the Shadow Realm brother..."

01-19-2006, 06:50 PM
((You make that sound so very bad. Can you gues why, smart alec?

((Oh, I could think of plenty of ways to explain that bit. My point is that it's vastly unoriginal. :)))

01-20-2006, 07:02 PM
((Great, I'm unoriginal. You want to post, maybe have your member of the Council say something? Or shall I just go and read up on Latin Historians?))

01-20-2006, 10:59 PM
((i'm waiting for ppl.))

01-21-2006, 01:47 AM
((As am I.))

01-23-2006, 04:37 PM
*in dantooine cantina*

Kioet: Well, well, well.....you must have been in the AT-PT patrol my squad took out.

Saurat: Correct. Now, where were we? Ah yes, I have a request of you.

Kioet: What's in it for me?

Saurat: Imperial Hardware. I needn't say more.

Kioet: Sounds like a deal. My orders?

Saurat: You are to go to Thyferra and locate the ruins of where my father's ship crashed after his faceoff with Skywalker. Once there, you are to report back via comm.

Kioet: Sounds easy.

Saurat: I hope so, for your sake. Before you leave, I'll have Garstan upgrade and outfit your ship.

*Saurat motions for Garstan*

Saurat: Garstan, do the necessary modifications to his ship, make it fast, I'm afraid we haven't much time.

*Garstan follows Kioet out the door of the Cantina, leaving Saurat by himself*

01-23-2006, 06:06 PM
((I'm sure red would have problems with that 15, didnt aren give kioet that ship???

just a note: if the council was paying any attention, they could have (and prolly couldnt have ignored either) sensed F. Irvine right before he pulled Irvine into the other realm... (and besides the fact that now that Irivne cant be sensed))

Shadow Realm, Coruscant

*Irvine scrambles backward.*

Irvine "No! You were killed! Father destoyed you, I saw it!"

*Irvine's dark clone let's out a gut-busting laugh*

F. Irvine "You fool you think that if I killed Cracken, that he'd have a contingency plan too?"

Irvine "The child... But wait. How are you...?"

F. Irvine "I'll keep it simple, stupid. What your physical self is, isn't in this realm. What you appear to be in this realm is what your soul, your spirit, your essence, reveals itself your true self." *laughs again* "I'm mean, look at yourself! You honestly think you can convince everyone that your hair color is actually red??"

*Irvine stands up and let's his hair fall infront of his face. Jet black.*

F. irvine *laughing* "I think you do it so often that you confuse yourself as just as much as everyone!"

*Irvine grits his teeth, beginning to feel insulted.*

F. Irvine *Stops laughing taking a breath* "You,... you know, with that black hair, you are a splitting image of Cracken!"

*Irvine jerks his head up, with surprise on his face. And F. Irvine walks up to Irvine.*

F. Irvine "The sad thing is, is that it's not your fault. Brother."

Irvine "You call me brother, yet you stopped calling Cracken your father."

F. Irvine "Ha! I have reasons. But the fact is that I'm here to help you..."

01-24-2006, 06:49 PM
Luke: I sense a great disturbance in the Force.

Corran: I have a bad feeling about this.

01-24-2006, 07:21 PM

01-24-2006, 07:23 PM
"Who doesn't?" Alyssa murmured.

Nom and Tarila exchanged glances and Tarila shook her head, saying, "Jedi stuff..."

"We'll stick around if you need to run off and save somebody's day," Nom offered helpfully.

01-25-2006, 06:31 PM
Flax: Err....sure. I expect Kyle can use you for covert data collection. No go, we must discuss this disturbance.

*Makes shooing motion.*

Go on, dissapear, and next time don't go thinking so loud, its rude.

01-25-2006, 07:51 PM
Nom and Tarila exchanged another glance and left the room. Riebe stayed.

"With all due respect, I would like to stay," she said. "Most if not all of you know I am older than I look. Perhaps my experience could be useful."

Alyssa glanced at the others on the Council, wondering their thoughts on Riebe's suggestion. Her feelings on the matter prompted her to immediately agree that her former master should be allowed to stay. Would the other Council members feel the same way? Though she usually followed the commands of the Council, Riebe Sothe was a Sith Hunter first, a Jedi second.

((Sith Hunters are one of my little additions to the SW universe. They were kidnapped by the Sith as children and basically turned into fighting machines. Then, the Jedi captured Riebe and showed her the truth. After that, the children started calling themselves Sith Hunters. All but three of them have been killed since then. They are all more than 2000 years old. Riebe is somewhere around 2200, I think, though most people wouldn't know that, not even on the Council. They'd just know she's older than she appears (19 or 20). ))

01-25-2006, 09:19 PM
((WJ, sounds very Admiral's-Valkyries-ish. :)))

Amarante Kaya: Oh? Tell us then, Riebe Sothe, how old are you and how do you predict your experience would be of use to us?

01-25-2006, 09:31 PM
((I wouldn't know :) ... the Sith Hunters' molecular structure was altered by the Sith. That's why they've lived so long and look so young.))

Riebe raised an eyebrow. "Old enough to know something's wrong with the galaxy, but young enough to do something about it," she quipped. Then, she shook her head. "Sorry. An old friend of mine used to say that."

Again, she shook her head. "But I've had plenty of experience with disturbances of many kinds, Force and otherwise."

01-25-2006, 10:03 PM
*Coruscant, Shadow Realm*

Irvine "Help? Me?? With what?"

F. Irvine *lunging forward at Irvine* "Ask your Master..."

*F. Irvine plunges his right hand into Irvine's chest. A rippling effect is seen instead of blood and gore. Then F. Irvine pulls back his hand and pulls out a man, which F. Irvine tosses aside.*

F. Irvine "The thing about ghosts is, is that in the shadow realm, even they feel as real is if they were flesh and bone! HA!"

*The man stands up and turns to see the two.*

Irvine *surprised* "Master Chi!"

F. Irvine "Hahahaha! Stupid Jedi! How long do you think you can keep in there! In your poor pupils heart! Not even Cracken sensed you!"

Chi "You found out about me didn't you, when you tried to absorb Irvine into you!"

Irvine "Master..."

F. Irvine *laughs again* "... You don't need to manipulate him no further."

*Suddenly the three are surrounded by black, shadowy, beast-like creatures that walked on all fours, like a pack of obsidian, rabid wolverines.

Irvine pulls out a lightsaber and attempts to ignite it, but it fails. Only a short sputter, then nothing.*

F. Irvine "Stupid, there's no force here, I told you that."

*F. Irvine raises his hand and the beasts pounce on the Jedi Master and begins to drag him away into the forever night.

Irvine tries to save his master, but F. Irvine gets in the way.*

F. Irvine "There is no saving him..." *begins advancing on Irvine* "... There is no hope for him to survive... You have to learn..."

*Unknown to Irvine, F. Irvine was 'pushing' Irvine to a cliff...*

F. Irvine "... to live on YOUR OWN!!"

*F. Irvine pushes Irvine off the cliff, sending Irvine plummiting down.

A few seconds later, and several stories later as well, F. Irvine 'catches' Irvine by grabing Irvine by the collar, and spins him, and lauches him into a wall, where he crashes through, and right into the adjacent wall where he collapses onto the solid floor.

After a few moments later, Irvine picks himself up, his black hair draped over his face, he sets it aside. He notices that there are lights now, and the wall he 'crashed' through wasn't there. The floor felt solid and there was a small bunch of observer's watching him wondering what was going on. He turned to look at them stright, and most of them backed off immedately...*

Observer "It's Cracken! The Dark Lord! He's here to kill us all!"

*The crowd let out a scream and ran off. Leaving Irvine puzzled.*

01-26-2006, 12:08 AM
Kaya: Impressive words, Riebe Sothe, yet you did not answer. The Jedi have been betrayed many times by the keeping of secrets. Vader, Palpatine and Cracken were all once counted as friends and nearly destroyed us when we did not expect it. You have power and you shroud yourself in secrecy, yet you also ask our trust.

01-26-2006, 01:00 AM
Riebe was silent for a long moment. Then, she nodded slowly. "You want me to trust you that you might trust me."

Alyssa opened her mouth, but before she could say anything, Riebe silenced her with, "Don't object, young one. It is perhaps time they knew."

Alyssa settled back uneasily in her seat, watching nervously as Riebe began to pace the floor.

"I am 2,219 years old," she admitted quietly. Alyssa was taken by surprise. She'd always assumed Riebe's age was more between ninety and a hundred.

"You..." she stammered. Riebe paused in her pacing long enough to glare at Alyssa, who promptly shut up. The pacing started again.

"When I was sixteen or seventeen, the Sith kidnapped me," Riebe went on. "And not only me. When I awoke, I was in a room with nine others. There were five girls and five boys. They wanted warriors. They knew they were falling apart and felt that the death of all Jedi would reunite them. They changed us, both physically and mentally and turned us loose on the Jedi."

She shuddered, but her pacing continued along with her story. "Three years later, the Jedi captured me. I'd been injured in a fight and they took me, healed me physically. When I was well, they set to work at healing me mentally, showing me the lie I'd been living in. It took a lot of doing, but they helped me see how wrong I'd been. I returned to my companions and told them the story. They thought I'd been brainwashed. I challenged them to help me break into the Sith records rooms and find out for themselves."

Riebe fell silent for a moment before continuing with, "We turned on the Sith, destroyed the facility we had been trained in. Two of us fell in battle there, but the rest of us escaped to the relative safety of the Jedi. We underwent extensive training and became known as Sith Hunters."

Alyssa now understood that, when she'd heard Riebe refer to herself as a Sith Hunter, she truly was referring to the legends of the ancient warriors.

"We aided the Jedi in hunting the Sith to extinction," Riebe went on. "When we thought they were gone, we started to die off. One by one, the Sith Hunters were killed, in our sleep, in our everyday tasks. We scattered. The one known as Jokemaster and I stayed together. Even in our exile, we heard that the others were being killed."

Tears began forming in her eyes. "Soon it was only Craig, Jokemaster, and me left. Then, Jokemaster told me he'd heard Craig had also been killed, that his ship had exploded."

She paused and it was clear she truly cared about these people. "It was just Jokemaster and me, then... if I hadn't..." Another pause. "If I hadn't needed fresh air..." She wiped her eyes. "Maybe I could've helped him... but I wasn't there."

She swallowed hard. "I got back too late. He was dead and his attackers turned on me. I barely held them off and was able to escape." She took a deep breath. "After that, I wandered the galaxy for a thousand years before crashing on a little-known planet on the outer rim. Jedi were sent to it to discover the source of a disturbance and I aided them. They thought I was just a teenager, but they soon became some of the few who knew who I truly am. They brought me back to Coruscant, back to the Jedi."

"Then, the Empire came," she said with a shudder. "I went along with Palpatine long enough to escape his notice and begin wandering again. Almost twenty years later, I found myself on Tatooine. From there, I chased an old man almost to the Death Star and then I followed his young companion," here, she nodded to Luke, "to the Rebellion."

"I didn't play much of a part in the success of the Rebellion and the establishment of the New Republic," she finished. "But I've always helped where help was needed... on the fringes of knowledge."

A heavy silence fell over the Council and Riebe stopped pacing. "Have I answered your question to your satisfaction?"

01-26-2006, 08:04 AM
Flax: Thats quite some story.

Corran: Yeah, one for the Holovids.

Luke: I think that the Council must deliberate this disturbance in private, nevertheless, if you have anything to offer please do so now.

*He gestures to the centre of the floor.*

01-26-2006, 12:08 PM
((felt like posting this here, jsut so that BD knows too ;)

*** WJ sent me this via PM***

I don't know what you have planned in there and I don't want to step on anybody's plans.

So the Council is feeling a disturbance in the Force and I'm sorta guessing it has something to do with what's happening in your posts. Given that assumption, how much do you want known? Is it too much for Riebe to say that Irvine's 'true self' has been displaced, taken to another realm?

If anything, F. Irvine's presence suddenly appeared near Irvine's, and then they disappeared.
and jsut now, Irvine reappeared somewhere else, he's still himself, just his presence is a little different. Not in a bad way right now, its just that in a few moments, reality is going to catch up and he'll be kinda scared out of his wits.

eh, what the heck, ill post it now...))

* Irvine stands himself up, and begins to observe his surroundings more. He gets a sharp pain in his abdomen, he clings onto the wall, and grabs at his belly. He leans up agenst the wall and grits his teeth, and stares off in the distence, thinking 'Why? Why did this suddenly happen?' He thought how that F. Irvine was able to walk right up to him, and to the Jedi council chamber with a presence, but not of the one he knew of...

The image of F. Irvine snearing at Irvine in the shadow realm, flickers in his mind.

'How? How was he able to get that close with out anyone knowing??'

Irvine looks around, no one is there, but could F. irvine be right around the corner? Where? His clone self could walk up to him for all he knows as a completely different being, a random passerby.

Irvine pushes off of the wall, and begins walking. It feels like to him that this was the first day he's walked on them as he stumbles. The building that he's in looks like a hangar, with the commercal ships awaiting to be loaded. Including a Lambda-class shuttle. Irvine walked over to that one. Boxes of peotential cargo was dropped with Irvine's presence. Irvine kicks a few off of the loading ramp and climbs in...*

01-26-2006, 02:21 PM
((FYI the masters would have to be aware of what happened up to the point where the two vanished, at that point they just don't know where they are.

01-26-2006, 04:00 PM
((*shrugs* yeah.))

01-26-2006, 04:18 PM
Riebe shook her head slowly. "Irvine was visited and taken. I expect all of us know that much."

She frowned. "I've heard of things like this happening, but never been close enough to feel someone taken like that..." Her voice trailed off thoughtfully. Then, she said, "Usually, the stories I heard ended with the one that was taken being returned, though the time in which that happens varies greatly, a difference of minutes to months."

"So there is nothing for us to do but wait?" Alyssa wondered. Riebe shook her head.

"In some cases, I've heard of people never returning," she said. "I don't think waiting is what you want to do."

01-26-2006, 05:26 PM
((hmm, WJ, i dont think i really like that, it sounds like your jedi knows what F. Irvine is able to do. I planned on whats going on with Irvine and f. Irvine for a while now, and, um. What F. Irvine is doing isnt force related. (if it was then how could F. Irvine consentrate the force to allow him, or anyone else for that matter to exit the realm, where the force isnt presant)

01-26-2006, 05:53 PM
((No, she doesn't know what he can do... she's just explained that what happened reminds her of a few things she heard happening before. And I don't recall saying anything about Force related or not.))

01-26-2006, 06:13 PM

01-26-2006, 07:22 PM
Luke: Thankyou, as I said we need to discuss this privately.

((Red, Cracken, Deac, JM, POST! Admiral is ill, he has an excuse.)

01-26-2006, 07:26 PM
((JM hasn't been on since... *goes to check* Jan 11... wonder what's up...))

Riebe nodded and bowed. "Of course."

She turned and left the room, joining the Vilnov siblings just outside.

01-26-2006, 07:56 PM
((I'd get on AIM and yell at crackles, but since AOL done something horribly new with their softrware, i dont want to install AOL when i download AIM :evil3: ))

01-27-2006, 03:48 AM
((Cracken IMed me after I last posted and told me to "POST SOMETHING IN CHARACTER", and then signed off before explaining what he meant. I think he's misremembering the conversation we had about this RPG, which took place when he was slightly drunk. As I see it, I'm waiting on him for that plot. >_>

I'll post as Kaya once I'm awake enough to wade through these mega posts and understand them, i.e. tomorrow. :)))

01-27-2006, 04:32 AM
((So you waited for him to get drunk before twisting his arm into agreeing to rp? As you can see, the mega posts are Scar's fault, due his need to create his own seperate plot line. Speaking of lines does anyone actually know where the great originato is?))

01-27-2006, 11:57 AM
((Hey now, i create my own plots cus if i dont, everyone ignores the thread and doesnt post a thing, due to their reliance on others to post before them, so i create a plot where at this current time, i dont have to rely on anyone unless they bring a character to mine (which they'd have to act fast cus Irvine's about to leave the planet very soon)))

01-28-2006, 07:16 AM
((Yay, I'm awake.

Okay, time to say all the things I should have said over the past couple weeks:

((I'm sure red would have problems with that 15, didnt aren give kioet that ship???))

Saurat could modify it; he won't understand some of the mechanics inside the ship - i.e. the systems Aren added. That's all.

R15: I keep missing you on AIM, or talking to you when I'm on my last brain cell of the night/morning. So PM me for plot things XD

WJ: What's going on with your assassins? Could you PM me? I'm a little lost, sad to say.

BD: Deac does have something planned, if only he would post to start it off. :)

Scar: Your wish is my command. Also, check your PMs))


*The Elven Woman, face hidden under a cloak that completely wrapped around her body but for her eyes, watches Irvine as he boards the shuttle. She had been following him ever since he reappeared from the Shadow Realm.

As Irvine disappears into the shuttle, she slips through the crowd towards him, breaking into a run as he goes out of sight. She crouches behind a bale of cargo*

((Scar - up to you whether Irvine sees/senses her or not.

Will reply with Rwos/Kaya tomorrow. [Waiting on R15/WJ for Aren + assassins, waiting on Cracken for Starr.] Somehow my PtH-evaluating took me until 4 AM... well, that's what I get for spending a whole semester flaking. Make me happy, go read it (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2004771#post2004771).))

01-28-2006, 07:49 AM


*Deac enters the penthouse office of Beler Jil, who stands watching the skyline*

Jil: We have a situation.
*A galactic map appears*
Jil: We've found an old research base in neutral territory. We want you to perform housekeeping.

Deac: What about Cracken and the Empire?
Jil: We're hoping they don't know about it. Your mission is simple. We've set up a team. Take it there, clean out anything that's left, download and wipe the databanks, then destroy the place. I don't know what's there, but command wants it bad.

01-28-2006, 08:56 AM
*Deac's comlink beeps.*

Kal: Master Starkiller, the Jedi Council wants to speak with you as soon as you arrive at the Temple.

01-28-2006, 10:32 AM
((I like how that message from kal isnt a 'requesting one', like Deac is going to be at the temple :P

Red: okay, i wish for some of those Niner tapes, or at least a 'sit down' to review them.

... With popcorn. :D))


*As Irvine gets to the top of the ramp, he spins around looking out, but sees nothing. He continues into the craft. His head begins to ache, then eventually pound. Walking towards the cockpit he leans onto a handrail, and grabs at his forehead.

Why am I running? I could go to the Jedi Council, they could help. No, if he'd could show up right at the door, whats to stop him from coming in, even worse... What about father? Father beat him before. But who knows how powerful he's now! No, I can't bring him to father, I don't want... Father to...'

Suddenly his head gives out one hard 'pound' and a flash of the place where Cracken took him for the first time...*

Irvine "The v...!!"

*Irvine regains his composure and continues to the cockpit, he sits down and presses the buttons to raise the ramp. Then he takes off.*

01-28-2006, 03:37 PM
Deac: Great. Is that all, Commander?

Jil: It's General now. And I have a feeling you won't be a Colonel much longer. Good luck, Starkiller. *Salutes*

*Half an hour later. Deac has arrived at the Jedi temple*

Deac: What the hell do they want with me, I wonder?

[BD, do they want Deac to go straight in or wait?]

Cmdr. Cracken
01-28-2006, 03:52 PM
Maw Installation
*Research Executor Herod was a middle aged man, in about his late 40's. Short, but slim, grey hair had already taken over his head, which his hair was cut short. A pair of saftey goggles were hung around his neck, and his lab coat was open. Underneith, his standerd Imperial Uniform was on. He was looking over the latest diagnostics checks from the mornings test. Outpreforming by all imaginable standards and theory. He chuckled. Emperor Palpatine though this was a fools errand, but Cracken knew better. His work could finally be finished.

A tech came up to him, and handed him a datapad. He looked at it, and looks a bit surprised. Cracken sent his lapdog out here to investigate the progress of "Starscream"? Good. He gazed outside the window to his lab and looked out on what he had helped create.

On the surface, it was a regular Super Star Destroyer. However, he saw the second test beginning. the top surface of the Destroyer began to move apart, an idea that came from the old Venerator Class Star Destroyers from the Clone Wars. The now empty space was bristled with turbo laser cannons, and hire powered projectile cannons. In the middle, moved up a superlaser. It fired, 3 times in rapid succession, blowing apart 3 Star Destroyers. He smiled. It worked. "Starscream" worked.

Yaga Minor

*Alysara mused. Her diplomacy skills were signifigantly lacking. Most of her life was spend either retrieving object A, or killing person B, or delivering object C to person B, then killing Person B. None of this fancy let's talk.

A junior officer came up to her, giving her a small data pad. She looked at it. Her father recieved the report, and was enroute. She hit a button on her command chair, hailing her "uncle".*

Alysara: Well, your "brother is on his way. He is most displeased about your apparent open hostilities....



The name brought hate from the deepest recesses of Cracken's being. Loathing, all out driven disgust. His "adoptive" brother, one of Father's disciples during the Jedi Purge, and he quickly became of of his favorites. Oh how overjoyed Cracken was when Agric was sent to the Unknown Regions.

But he was back. Why? The Empire was his, as Father always dictated. His eyes narrowed on the bridge of the SSD Executor, and looked at the clock holo. 15 minutes to reversion. a compliment of 15 Star Destroyers followed, in a hyperspace lane only known to him, bypassing all the reversion jumps that take so long. He knew at least 2 Star Destroyers would not make the voyage, but he didn't mind. He would find out what his brother wanted, and if nothing has changed since.... possibly kill him.

Besides, he was physically far younger now. Old Agric must be in his 50's. Cracken was physically in his mid 30's. He remembered that, his unfortunate first run in with Deac and his merry band. ANother task, for another time....

14 minutes....*

01-28-2006, 05:12 PM
((Deac, I was going to combine the NRI and Council missions by having it be an Old Republic base.

Cracken: Thanks for hijacking my character. I was going to have him by Cracken's half brother, different mothers. Although Cracken wouldn't have to know that.))

Agric: Don't worry my dear, your father will find me indecspensible.

01-28-2006, 05:46 PM
((imho, i had to convince cracken alot jsut to make Irvine. with you having Skywalker and pretty much a good portion of the Jedi council, and of most of its 'doings' Cracken i believe is jsut the opposite, he gots the Sith, and there of the 'family' of which

again, in my humble opinion
although, id rather see cracken himself retort to that ^_^;;

speaking of, cracken, nothing about Irvine yet? :D))

01-28-2006, 06:51 PM
[Take it to the discussion thread]
Yaga Minor

*The ISD Damocles drops out of hyperspace*

Comm: Sir! We have hostille IFF! They're targeting her highness' ship.

*Stormbaltz makes a snap descision*

Stormbaltz: Shields up! Arm weapons! Get the crews to their fighters. We're not letting ANY harm come to the Imperial family on my watch!

01-28-2006, 10:33 PM
Mon Calamari Shipyard

The lights flickered on revealing a shinny, sterile command bridge. Each computer and system flickered on for its very first time. The blast doors at the back of the bridge opened and officers and technicians walked in. Each moved and sat at their specific post leaving just two individuals standing.

"She's a beautiful ship," said a tall man in a New Republic Admiral's Uniform. "They keep making these things better and better."

The second individual was a Mon Calamarian. He wore a standard orange jumsuit and held a helmate at his side. "Mon Calamari is the best in the galaxy," he said as he ran his hand along the bulkhead.

"Are all the fighters onboard?"

"Scythe and Phase Squadrons just finished loading so yes. I think we are ready to launch Admiral."

The Admiral, who's full name was Jaron Syno, smiled and faced the Mon Calamari Captain. "That's good to hear. We have a long way to go before we reach Coruscant so you better get some rest."

"Very well Admiral," he said, saluted and walked out of the bridge.

The Mediator Battle Cruiser, Anteares moved away from the Shipyards and into open space. It's engines ignited and the Massive warship dissapeared into hyperspace.

01-29-2006, 12:40 AM
*Kioet walks into the docking bay, towards his missile boat, and stops abruptly*

Kioet: Leave me.

Garstan: But I was told to make some modifications to your ship.

Kioet: It's already modified and upgraded, and it's just been fueled, which is the reason why I came here to begin with, no do not continue to annoy me or I will mount your head on the nose of it. Go tell your master that I'm on my way there right now.

Garstan: whatever you say.

*Garstan turns and walks away, Kioet opens the hatch to his missile boat, hops in and sets the coordinates while grumbling under his breath*

Kioet: annoying calamarians.

*The missile boat lifts off the dockingbay platform and disappears into the clouds*

Cmdr. Cracken
01-29-2006, 02:41 AM
((Sorry, BD, we could still do that, with Cracken very nebulous on his brothers birth rights. After all, sibling jelousy would be interesting. :D

again, apologies.... ;_; ))

01-29-2006, 08:39 AM
Delete me! :D (cus bd dont want me to play with him)

01-29-2006, 11:50 AM
((Red Flag!

Yaga Minor is a station and the only guys on guard duty are elite commandos. Hop it.))

01-29-2006, 03:32 PM
delete me! :D

01-29-2006, 05:28 PM
((Yaga Minor (http://starwars.wikicities.com/wiki/Yaga_Minor), found via Google.))

01-29-2006, 06:22 PM
((Hop it = go away, i.e. move your characters somewhere else. See, shipyard, i.e. orbital station, which is what Agric has taken control of. Case closed.))

01-29-2006, 06:42 PM
((BD: What are you doing with the Council, anyway?

Scar: Final Fantasy, Advent Children?))

The Blade Ship Silver, Companion to Inquiry, Present Day

*K'Warra K'laar, gargoyle, sits cross legged on a metal floor - with markings in a complex gridlike pattern etched in it - inside a square formed by four posts. The area between the four posts shimmers a bit. Besides that, no restraints are visible. The elf Slythe, the gargoyle Rwos, and a few other Blades are sitting outside the square*

K'Warra: Not that I'm ungrateful... or that I'm not flattered you chose your nicest cage to hold me... but as I've told you, this is pointless. I made a bargain. When Sejhan needs me to fulfill it, he can snap his fingers and summon me. Keeping me in custody only delays the inevitable.

Slythe: In case you didn't notice, you aren't a mind-controlled zombie anymore. I'd say whatever power Sejhan has over you is permanently broken... as long as you're safely behind bars. Dimensionally speaking, of course.

K'Warra: There are older and more powerful laws in play here than you understand. Sejhan got physical control over me because of a loophole in our bargain. By the way, that was very clever of you, using the dying burst of the... Sleeper, did you call it? to disrupt the enchantment.

Slythe: Why thank you.

K'Warra: A mage with an understanding of his art as well as yours should know how pointless keeping me here is.

Slythe: Au contraire, my dear gargoyle. Keeping you here stops your demon friend from controlling you until he decides to summon you to perform the one task that you agreed on, the one task that will fulfill your bargain. If I released you, you'd get to be his zombie until he gets around to throwing you at that final task.

K'Warra: Only if he was close enough to me to allow physical contact, and I had no protective spells up, and I was asleep. Now that I know the risk, I'm hardly likely to take that chance. I'm familiar with these old bargain laws and how to deal with them...

Slythe: You certainly did an exception job dealing with this one so far! This Sejhan can pass through solid matter as if it was air, travel by portal and has a hundred-thousand-year-old mercenary at his beck and call. You'll understand why we prefer this level of precaution to trusting that you won't make yet another mistake.

*Slythe turns to Rwos*

Slythe: You're going to need to tell your friends the Aesir what we've learned. You know, I really wish you would be more clear on...

Rwos: I told you, I made a promise not to discuss certain things they told me.

Slythe: If you insist. Contact the Aesir, and hurry up about it. We're going to need you on our next piece of business...

01-29-2006, 07:40 PM
((Oh poopie. well, my mode of transportation for F Irvine is out :P))

01-29-2006, 07:49 PM
*Kioet's ship drops out of hyperspace, above the planet Thyferra, and launches a probe droid down to the surface*

01-29-2006, 11:16 PM
((I'll try and post as much as I can, thats all I can promise right now))

Coruscant: Jedi Temple: Council chambers

*Godwyn listened to everything Riebe said with interest. He then pressed entered a few commands upon a wrist control*

*Outside the council chambers a silver protocol droid approaches Riebe*

J5: Jedi Riebe, Master Godwyn would like to speak with you as soon as this session is over. He believes you can be of great help in his mission.


Elysium: Blackwald

*It is the middle of autumn, Skadi and Gerd left the capital three days ago to go camping in Blackwald a large mountainous forest. Currently Gerd was at a nearby watching a small deer like creature drinking.*

01-30-2006, 12:51 AM
Riebe nodded. "Of course I will speak with him."

"Getting back into the swing of things, eh?" Nom asked her. Riebe turned to look at him.

"What do you mean?" she demanded.

"Well, you've told us a little of your story," he said. "Enough that we know you've helped the Jedi before. Sounds like you're pretty interested in helping again."

"Perhaps," Riebe said thoughtfully. "Or perhaps I simply need something to take my mind off myself."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Tarila laughed.

"To put it very simply, I've had a very long life," Riebe said, "and there are things in my life I'm not proud of. There are also things I wish to forget, things I can never forget. It helps to take the mind off them, even for a little while. Something to do helps with that... not so much of this sitting around and doing nothing."

01-30-2006, 05:25 AM
Jedi Council Tower.


*The same protocol droid now turns to Deac.*

J5: Master Starkiller, if you would be patient the Council will see you shortly.

*Kal arrives.*

Kal: Master Deac, do you know why we've been summoned?

((Will post inside the Council later.))

01-30-2006, 06:00 PM
Jedi Council

*Deac shakes his head*

Deac: I have no idea. Probably not something good, me and the council have never really gotten along that well.

01-30-2006, 07:29 PM
Jedi Council Tower


Kal: They just told me to contact you and tell you it was urgant.

*Council Chamber.*

Luke: It is time we addressed the buisness which has brought us together. We have all felt the great disturbance in the Force, the dark side is moving. Now Master Flax believes he has a way to counter the threat before it manifests. Taklin?

Flax: During the recent battle the Temple suffered some minor damage. As you know the foundations of the Temple were built on a great vergance in the Force and many of the lower levels were never interfered with. During the clean up following the battle we found something.

*Flax produces an ancient holocron. He steps foward and places it in the centre of the room, then returns to his seat.

The Holocron activates, displaying a dark skinned human with green eyes and thinning hair.*

Dorac: Greating, Jedi, I am Master Dorac, gatekeeper of this holocron.

Flax: Please, Master Dorac, explain to the Council about the Light Ray project.

Dorac: The Light Ray project is intended to allow the Jedi to gain a tactical advantage over the Sith Lord Darth Revan. 1,000 Jedi have agreed to be placed in suspened animation and will be reawakened once the world on which they are hidden has been conquered by the Sith.

Flax: Master, please give us a moment.

Dorac: Certainly. *The Hologram deactivates.*

Flax: This Holocron was last updated during what has come to be known as the Jedi Civil War, nearly four thousand years ago. After I stumbled upon this information I began searching the Galactic archives. I have found several references to the Light Ray Project at planning and inception phases and numerous corrupted entries that seem to refer to the same operation but no references to the activation phase.

As far as I can gather the Jedi were placed in suspened animation and never awakened.

*Flax pauses to allow this to sink in.*

01-30-2006, 09:56 PM
*The Anteares exited hyperspace over the bustling planet of Coruscant. It lumbered its way into a low orbit and several shuttles and fighter squadrons left the hanger bay.

At the head of the pack was a crimson XJ3-Wing, the latest model in the X-wing series. In the small cockpit sat the same Calamarian from the bridge.*

Scythe Leader: Scythe Leader to Coruscant ground control, requesting docking permission for several squadrons and transports from the battleship Anteares. Clearence code and identification are being sent now.

Comm Officer: Request accepted, please proceed to Naval docking bay 13A.

Scythe Leader: Understood.

*The powerful Coruscant shields opened for a brief moment and the ships moved in. The ships slowed down as they neared docking bay 13A and quietly sat down on the sterile durasteel. From the transports and fighters spilled many men, all looking to make the best of their short time on Coruscant.*

Admiral Syno: Don't you just love Coruscant, smell that Air!

Scythe Leader: It makes me gag. I hate the city.

*The Admiral chuckled and slapped the Calamarian on the back*

Admiral Syno: You'll grow to love it. Besides you better make the best of your time here. We only have about a week before we take control of the 3rd Fleet and head back to the outherim."

*A comlink bleeps and the Calamarian fumbles for it.*

Comlink: Please report to the Jedi Temple as soon as possible.

Scythe Leader: Looks like your going to have to go drink by yourself captain.

Admiral Syno: Ha! You think your so special don't you. Oh well, all the more for me!

*The two walked off in different directions.*

01-30-2006, 10:01 PM
((Hey Antilles - post in the discussion thread (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=159503) so your character can be more easily integrated. :D

i.e. posting bios would help alot (I think the rest of us still need to repost bios from last thread :P) and why the Calamarian is being summoned to the Jedi Council :D

Will post briefly assuming I can stay awake long enough... >_>))

01-30-2006, 10:04 PM
Coruscant: Orbit

*As Admiral Syno's craft enters Corucant, Irvine's shuttle speeds past in the opposite direction.*

Coruscant: docking bay

*As the two New Republic officers begin walking out of the hanger, they can see several 'shaken' individuals. Some murmering about their 'close encounter' with death. And their exagerated encounter with the Dark Lord of the Sith 'Cracken', moments ago.*

01-30-2006, 10:05 PM
Above the planet, Thyferra

*Kioet is awaken from his nap by a repetitive beeping tone, the probe droid has found the shuttle, and begins transmitting live data to a holomonitor in the missile boat's cockpit*

Kioet: Aren, are you watching this?

*The probe hovers around the crashed shuttle, covered in moss and ferns, but barely visible is the cockpit and about a hundred meters away, the cargo hold. The probe droid reported no life onboard, however there is a dead body, the probe droid matched its dna and profile to a Moff Kohl Seerdon*

Kioet: Guess I better get a closer look...

*Kioet punches in the coordinates listed on the holodisplay, then straps himself in and activates the cloaking device, and begins his descent to the crash site*

01-30-2006, 10:30 PM
Council Chamber

Alyssa stared out the window, her mind completely blown away at the fact that, somewhere, there were 1000 Jedi just laying around with no knowledge of how much time had passed.

"Revan?" she whispered. Then, she looked up. "If I'm not mistaken, Revan lived nearly 4000 years ago. And these Jedi have not yet been awakened, you say?"

Her eyes widened slightly, but she said nothing more.

01-30-2006, 10:45 PM

Aren: *over comm* We're in luck, no one scavenged the ship. Try not to damage the body anymore than it already is, though... Saurat might like you better if you return it fairly intact. Watch out for the indigenous life forms... not that they're exactly a danger to you.


Coruscant Space, Irvine's Shuttle

*The elf woman crouches in the cargo hold, situating herself between cargo bales, close to an easy path to the cockpit at a moment's notice*


Blade Ship Inquiry

*Rwos places a message to the Aesir through his comlink*

Rwos: I've come into possession of some information you might want to hear about. There's an investigation going on here that involves what we discussed regarding the Blood Scrolls some time ago. Please contact me as soon as you can.

01-30-2006, 11:44 PM
Coruscant: Jedi Temple

Godwyn: You bring us a very interesting problem Master Flax. Putting aside all the possible ways for these Jedi to have been killed over the thousands of years of hibernation. Lets assume that they are still alive in hibernation and we are able to find them.

What will happen when we wake them? Consider this, the hibernation for such a prolonged period well passed what was planed could damage them mentally. There are other issues as well, they were abandoned essentially who will they deal with that? It is forseeable some, maybe all could hate the order for doing this to them and instead of joining us they want to destroy us.

Even putting that aside, thousands of years have passed. It will take a while for them to be acclimated to society. This is a dangerous path, I think necessary but still very dangerous.

Gladsheim station: Com center

Valkyrie to Rwos: Do you wish to speak in person or just send the data?

01-31-2006, 01:30 AM
Blade Ship Inquiry

Rwos: *on comm* In person would be preferable, with Odin himself would be ideal. We have contained the gargoyle K'Warra here. He is temporarily out from under control of the shifter demon Sejhan, who you might recall stole some of my memories some time ago. He has information that you should probably hear. Regarding the girl... and the Scrolls... you know of whom I speak. I have convinced my companions to offer you the opportunity to interrogate him.

01-31-2006, 09:28 AM
Flax: I agree with you Master Godwyn, this is dangerous, but I think you under estimate the ancient Jedi. What I have uncovered indicates these Jedi were chosen for their relyability and loyalty. Consider how we would react in a similar situation. They are still Jedi and the Republic is still in danger. Sadly I think the galaxey has changed less than we would like.

((Deac, Red, you have Council members, post so we can have a debate on this for a bit.))

01-31-2006, 01:11 PM
Coruscant: Orbit

*Irvine sits in his seat in the cockpit, slouched and holding his head up by his left hand.
He sat there in a daze until he got annoyed at the console beeping at him. He sat up and pressed the buttons and activated the Hyperdrive...*


Korriban: Valley of the Sith

*On a tall ledge leading into the main temple. A small hooded figure fades into exsistence hovering just above the ground. The figure slowly sets down on the ground, and throws off its cloak.

F. Irvine.

He takes a quick look at the surroundings. Dispite being in the body of a child, he speaks to himself in an adult voice.*

F. Irvine "So, this is the valley that Cracken keeps from the universe..."

*F Irvine takes a step outward to face the world. He then feels a shock race through his body, unlike what he felt before. A surge of the darkside of the force only he felt with Cracken. Not even himself held this amount.

He instantly feel to his knees.*

F. Irvine "The ground... Even it self is tainted by this place!"

*F. Irvine struggles to climb to his feet. Then he walks inside...*

01-31-2006, 01:56 PM
Jedi Council

*Master Gavaan rises*

Gavaan: I feel we must try to bring them out. These people gave their lives to protect our galaxy from the sith, and we would do well to bolster the order's ranks...

01-31-2006, 02:02 PM
Kam: I agree, our Order has been decimated. Many techniques for using the Force have been lost. 1,000 Jedi from the Old Republic would be invaluable, to say nothing of what we owe these people.

Luke: Does anyone else have anything to say?

01-31-2006, 05:02 PM
"We don't know how they'd react to being awakened now," Alyssa said quietly. "The Holocron states this project was created to give an advantage over Revan four thousand years ago. How would they react now, four thousand years later when they find that, not only is Revan dead, but he returned to the Jedi?"

She frowned thoughtfully. "The thought concerns me... wouldn't they have trouble adjusting to new circumstances?"

01-31-2006, 05:35 PM
Jedi Knight ((random)) "And what about Cracken? We have a truce with him. Telling the Jedi that we have a truce with the lord of the sith. They might think we're incompident of our titles. Not to mention, and I mean by all due respect Master Skywalker, but this order isn't built by the same standards that we follow aren't the same when these Jedi were trained. You siad it yourself when Cracken was in this very room."

01-31-2006, 11:48 PM
((Scar: The council is in a private session. So there wouldn't be a Random Knight there.

BD: You realize you did godmode a little by taking control of J5.))

Coruscant: Jedi Temple

Godwyn: Underestimate them? No, I just warn this council to take prudent caution, there are many unknowns that could prove to very dangerous to the galaxy.

Master Kam says they are invaluable because of all the knowledge they have of the force that we have lost. What impression will they have of this council? Perhaps in their eyes we are just Knights and not Masters...

We must make proper preparations and have emergency plans to fall back on. Still we must seek these Jedi out, even if only one is still alive we are duty bound to rescue that knight.

Does anyone disagree?

Gladsheim Station

Valkyrie: I'm transmitting coordinates, you may speak with the Lord Vidar and Lady Svafa.

02-01-2006, 12:17 AM
*Kioet's ship touches down on the surface, Kioet opens the hatch, slings his laser rifle over his back, and hops out. He then walks towards the cockpit of the downed shuttle, pushing the annoying amounts of ferns and briars aside, Kioet makes it to the cockpit.*

Kioet: He's dead alright...looks like he broke his skull on the controls. But who cares, what the hell's he got in the pockets?

*Kioet crawls into the cockpit, and carefully drags Moff Seerdon's corpse outside and begins searching*

Kioet: Nothing so far. Maybe I should check the cargo hold. Wait. What's this?

*Kioet reaches down in one of the boots and pulls out a small datapad, Kioet presses one of the buttons on it and a holographic projection of an unknown system appears, followed by an encryption*

Kioet: Aren, I think I've found what he was looking for. Should I take the time to check the cargo hold?

02-01-2006, 03:06 AM
((What is J5? Did I miss something?

Scar: Not only was that random, but it didn't make any sense. Why would the Masters be worrying about What Other People Think, as well as state the extreme obvious that these Jedi were of an order built under different standards without offering any insight on the subject? It doesn't seem appropriate for high-ranked Jedi to talk to hear themselves talk ;)))

Council Chambers

Amarante Kaya: Remember, Masters, that the Jedi Order that came before the Galactic Civil War had all the knowledge of the millennia at their disposal, yet terrible was their fall. I agree that our duty is clear, yet I share the concerns of Masters Godwyn and Alyssa. We are few, terribly few, and these old Jedi are many. What are we to them? What shall we do if these Jedi wish to resume the war they were put in hibernation to wait for, and take it upon themselves to destroy the peace we have worked and sacrificed so much to create?


Blade Ship Inquiry

Rwos: Very well. But I would like to speak to Lord Odin as well as soon as he is willing.

*Rwos receives the coordinates and translates them to the Inquiry's nav-computer. The Inquiry and the Silver slide simultaneously into warp*



Aren: *comm* Better, just to be safe. Hook up a connection to the datapad, if you would? Let's see what's on there.

((Would post more but need to be awake in a few hours. x_X))

02-01-2006, 06:39 AM
Corran: Thats the thing that worries me most. These Jedi may not see us as Jedi at all.

Luke: That is possible, but as Master Godwyn says we must rescue them, if we can. Master Flax has drawn up a plan for effecting the rescue.

Flax: Thankyou Master Skywalker.

*The holoprojector in the ceiling activates, showing the galactic map. Flax hits a button and four systems are highlighted and magnified.*

Flax: We have been able to narrow down the installation to one of these four systems, that still leaves twenty planatary bodies which need to be searched. We have a problem, as you can see, three of these systems are in Imperial space.

I propose we send a single light Crusier and search the systems one by one, with the farthest first. That way as the search progresses our team will be closer, rather than further away, from friendly space. We'll use light scout ships for searching the systems and operations teams to go down to the surface and secure the installation. Once the Instalation has been secured the Crusier will be called in and will begin recovery.

02-01-2006, 09:45 AM
*Kioet carries the corpse back to his ship and stuffs it in the small cargo space. He then takes a seat in the cockpit and connects the datapad to a port inside the cockpit.*

02-01-2006, 12:47 PM
((well, i could have gone thoguht that again. i kinda posted that real quick (with an obviously not important character), to remind about how Cracken made a truce with the Jedi at hte end of the last Cantina ep.

now what would these Jedi do, whom sworn to protect the galaxy and defeat the Sith, think about a Jedi order that dont follow the old ways (IE its not the same order before the Jedi Purge) made a truce with the current Lord of the Sith?))

02-01-2006, 12:57 PM
((J5 is a Jedi droid. Admiral, even if he is an Aesir plant he needs a cover story.

Scar: I have tried to portray the Jedi as very uneasy about the Truce, see disscussion thread.))

02-01-2006, 07:01 PM
((BD: Shame, shame, shame. Now that is Godmodding to a much higher degree. I never said J5 had anything to do with the Aesir. J5 is the personal protocol droid of Godwyn...

I'm bringing this up because you 1. should have asked and 2 don't make assumptions

Red: J5 is a protocol droid.))

Coruscant: Jedi Temple

Godwyn: Is there anything else? If not then I have some matters I must attend to.


Godsheim Station

Valkyrie: I will forward your request....

02-01-2006, 07:56 PM
((I'm just guessing. If it really bothers you I'll edit.))

02-01-2006, 08:09 PM
((I dont think it matters anymore...))


*F. Irvine wanders the twisting tunnels of the dark temple. Remnants of untold battles he saw while he walked... And as he walked his facination with this place grew.*



*Irvine still sits at the console, in thought...

What's his motive. Why!? The valley. The valley of the Sith. Where Father took me the first time I was with him. Why am I going there. I feel compelled to. Why.'

Irvine let's out a deep sigh and leans back in his chair...*

Irvine "Why do I feel like I can have solace in that place that made me even attack father?"

*Irvine remembers of the one time Chi's influence was outwieghted by the influence of the valley's power and Irvine struck out agenst Cracken for keeping the knowledge of having a sibling to him. But that was behind him now. All that he worried about was his clone, who was out to get him...*

02-01-2006, 08:25 PM
((It no longer matters. I'm just making a point))

02-01-2006, 08:33 PM
((ah. just make sure you put that knife away after you do so, ok? :D))

02-01-2006, 08:56 PM
((Thats fine, I would make the counterpoint that you could have specified ownership.))

02-02-2006, 07:38 AM
((I missed the J5 thing because Admiral took so long to point it out. ;P

Will reply tomorrow night, but you can still read this (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=159796).))

02-02-2006, 06:15 PM
((BD: Ownership was implied, and specifing ownership of a droid isn't necessary since droids can be much more then just machines.

Now back to the RPG: I take it there is no other business for the Jedi Council))

02-02-2006, 07:51 PM
((I would disagree but it matters less than the colour of my underwear.))

Flax: With the Council's permission I will oversee the this operation. I have chosen one of our most emminant Masters to lead the Operation, Deac Starkiller. I thought it proper the Council give him his instructions, he is waiting outside.

02-03-2006, 09:04 PM
*Kioet hops out of the cockpit and closes the hatch*

Kioet: Think I'll check out his cargo...

*Kioet walks on over to the downed ship's cargo hold, walks inside, his helmet's infrared activates instantly, their appears to be nothing there, but Kioet trips over something...*

Kioet: What the hell was that?

*Kioet touches the object he just tripped over, it's cloaked.*

Kioet: I found something. It's box-shaped, what the hell is it though?

02-05-2006, 12:56 AM
(BD: I know it's part of the plotline, but who gave Flax the power to take control of this without discussing it with anyone? Seems pretty brazen. You'd think Luke or another 'Old Guard' Council member would say something.

Also, BD, check your PMs.

R15: ...I'm confused. What is the box supposed to be? PM me (or IM if we get on at the same time) :D))


Rwos: *on comm* Thank you. We are on our way.


Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine: One Week, Five Days Ago

*Aren smacked her near-empty glass of blue ale down on the bar table. She glanced backwards just as the air shivered and a cloaked, demonic man with a severely scarred face materializes from thin air in a dark corner, unnoticed by the general population of the cantina*

Aren: Hello, Sejhan. Hell's bell's, I love the intoxicants they make in this 'verse. Care for a glass of blue ale? *She pauses* Oh, right... it'd go right through you, wouldn't it?

Sejhan: I've lost K'Warra.

Aren: *raising the glass to her lips* So I heard. Sloppy, sloppy. You know, you could take a few strategic tips from my organization. Don't play with blades unless you're planning to get cut. There's never been a weapon made that could cut a shadow, you know...

Sejahn: I'm tired of this bull****. I'm running out of time. You know I've got till this Jotun's adulthood to kill her. Well, do you know anything about the life cycle of a Jotun? Seven ****ing hells, how long is their adolescence? Five years? Ten? She could be an adult by now. Your masters and I had a deal! If you don't---

Aren: *cutting him off* So why don't we go find her?

Sejhan: What?

Aren: Actually, we've had the locating system ready for a while, if you'd bothered to drop in more often. All we're missing is the subject to locate. Which is where we need you. *She sips more of her ale* Unless you still think it would be more fun to bait the Blades...

Sejhan: Oh, no, no, no... not at all.

02-05-2006, 09:57 AM
((k check your pm, red))

*Kioet carries the box back to his ship*

Kioet: hm.

*Kioet finds a button on the box, presses it, and the box becomes visible, it is locked however.*

Kioet: It's locked.

*Kioet climbs into his ship, and sets the box down beside him*

Kioet: I'm getting off this world. Where will I meet you?

02-05-2006, 04:58 PM
Coruscant: Jedi Temple

Godwyn: I have no problem with you overseeing this operation, however aren't you being a little presumptuous by appointing Master Starkiller before you have the council's approval to oversee the recovery?

Also are you sure Master Starkiller is the best choice for such a delicate operation?

02-05-2006, 07:49 PM
Flax: forgive me, but I feel time is of the essence, had the Council been able to meet sooner then I would have waited for your approval but I felt the need to begin planning was paramount. I have every faith in Deac Starkiller, our primary concern must be to recover the Jedi and I can think of no one better for that task.

Does the Council have an alternative candidate in mind?

02-06-2006, 04:44 PM
Coruscant: Jedi Temple

Godwyn: No, if you have complete faith in Master Starkiller that is fine. Since you are to oversee this operation I think it only prudent you give Deac instructions. Currently you are the most knowledgeable about this...situation. Just be sure he understands we do not want to go to war with the Empire again especially if it is over a small misunderstanding.

02-06-2006, 06:25 PM

*A Foreigner (http://cantinaverse.pbwiki.com/Foreigner)-class ship touches down on a landing pad several kilometers from the Jedi Council.

The cargo bay door opens and five cloaked individuals walk out. Two of them wear a set of black robes, each follow another with tan robes. The fifth one whom walks out in the center wears robes that resembled worn by Jedi in the old order before the purge.

The center one removes his hood. The man appeared to be in his sixties, his hair was well into its graying, he had a thin bread.

Old Jedi "Begin your search for him. I hope he's not gotten himself into trouble."

*the Others* "Yes Master Volmount."

*Each bow and then depart, splitting into twos, respectfully Jedi and Padawan. The Jedi Master stood there in silence.*

Volmount "Chi, I wished you listened before..."


Planet Horris: 25 years before

*A Llamada-class shuttle touches down on the strip. A Jedi in his mid twenties walks out holding a child.

The Jedi walks to the large fortress-like building nearby and is greated by a younger Jedi Knight Volmount. And they begin to walk inside...*

Volmount *with a smile* "Are we all of a sudden picking up strays, Chi?"

Chi "He was on the Imperial transport ship when we attacked it. It appeared that the care takers of the child died during the assault."

Volmount "Who was on the transport??"

*They enter the large building via two section durasteel blastdoors. Inside a command center with people scurring about passing intel reports and comunications recordings collected and sent via remote listening stations.*

Chi "I think we got some bad information. Well I mean that we did get those 'reps that were bound for Coruscant from Corellia. But it info that we got siad nothing about civilians. Fortunately not to meny got hurt. Only this little guy's, whom I think is his care takers."

Volmount "You sure it wasn't his parents?"

Chi "They were,... Let's say the wrong ethnic background..."

*Volmount raises an eyebrow* "Oookay."

Chi "Anyway, the manifest already labeled him a priority, and he was being cared by those two, and was only kept but a name: Irvine."

Volmount "Well I could check the hospital registeries that are relitively close to where that ship departed from, and see if any names popup, given that he was given that he was named when he was born."

Chi "I could get a blood sample from him, and see if that helps as well."

Volmount "Sounds good."


*Master Volmount presses a button on a remote, and the cargo door on his ship closes. He then walks out of the hanger donning his hood and going to a nearby speeder rental.*

02-06-2006, 06:44 PM
Flax: As you say Master, I shall make sure he understands.

*Luke looks around the room.*

Luke: Then we are all agreed? Taklin will oversee the operation to recover our ancient friends.

*One by one the masters voice their accent, the meeting breaks up and the masters exit the Council Chamber.*

*As Flax leaves he waves Deac over.*

Flax: We need to talk, I'm sorry you were kept waiting but I had though the Council might like to address you. Walk with me.

*The two men decend several levels until they come to Flax' office. There was an outer reception area and an inner work room with a refesher.*

Flax: Take a seat. Let me explain why you have been called here. *He explains about the lost Jedi.* I want you to lead the rescue mission. You'll be working with an Admiral from Third Fleet, he'll handle the technical and logistical side but I want someone I know I can trust running this thing.

Obviously you'll be going into Imperial and that is, techically illegal. We don't want an incident so we're doing this very quietly.

Flax: Deac, I can't force you to do this.

02-06-2006, 10:17 PM

*After Volmount gets his speeder, he begins pilotting his rented speeder down the endless streets of the planet-wide city...*


Horris: 25 years ago...

*In an enclosed chamber sat five robed Jedi, and in a small carrage was the infant Irvine which stood next to Chi.

Among the Jedi were 3 Jedi Knights, Chi, Volmount, Na'tach a male zabrak, and two Master Jedi, Master Sa'nar a female human, and the eldest Master Ki'malor.

Volmount was giving a briefing with several holocrons active.*

Volmount "...Yes Master Sa'nar, dispite the fact that the Rebellian was able to destory the Empire's Death Star, it seems it could have been in vain, due to Darth Sidious undergoing the construction of a second Death Star. We've reason to believe that the construction..."

*Volmount touches one of the holographs and the image changes to what the Moddell system.*

Volmount "... is based off of one of the system's planets in the Moddell sector. This is a rough guess what the system's got, becuase intel is very limited. Planets here are kept moonless, for the most we know that the system has a few planets anyway."

*Volmount points to various points in the sector*

Volmount "Its also known that there are several Hyperspace eddies and sinkholes what would leave anyone hopeless to leave the Sector. Probably the reason why Darth Sidious would choose such a place."

Na'tach "It's a place where most people wouldn't want to go. Unless of course properly navigated. But isn't that system far out? And what about the Alliance?"

Chi "From what I've heard is that the Alliance is going to plan out an all out attack on the station."

Volmount *motioning to Chi for his comment* "Yes, this of course puts us at an unfortunate position."

Na'Tach "Indeed, our supplies and ships aren't ready to fully ally with the Alliance nor make our presence a factor with their efforts."

Ka'Malor "It's not about how much we have built ourselves, it's the fact that we've kept ourselves out of this war to eventually join in for a massive counter offencive on the Empire. Keeping an isolationist method of foreign affairs proves nothing but two facts. We keep ourselves hidden and protected while our forces do nothing but get larger, however it leaves our poetental allies to not only suffer in their numbers but also have little faith in us for we could have helped at any time."

Sa'Nar "Unfortunately this, Moddell sector, is on the complete opposite side of this galaxy. From this standpoint, it would take our ships forever it could seem to the Alliance. For all we know due to the speed of some of our intelligence gets collected, the Alliance have already formulated a plan to attack the Death Star."

*Chi and Volmount's eyes connect then look back at the others. Volmount turns off the Holoprojections.*

Volmount "In anycase from my predictions the best we could do, if we deploy now, we'd only help the inner rim asistance from any Imperial uprising, especally on Coruscant." *looks at Chi again.*

Ka'Molar *noting the two looking at one another* "Fine then. I suppose we should discuss a bit more on this later, shall we. On to another place of business. Jedi Knight Chi, I see you picked up something from the pound?"

Chi *not amused, he stands up* "Master, it seems that it has become appearent that this youngling is a very important individual."

Na'Tach "He is?" *smiling* "Now how would a little one like that be so important?"

Volmount "It's not who he is, it's whom he's related to."

*Chi activates a holocron with an image of the transport ship that Chi found Irvine.*

Chi "I found this youngling on a ship on my recent mission with the alliance, what was named operation 'Warm welcome'. The mission was entitled that I were to asist the Alliance with intelligence about a transport of Imperials en route to Coruscant for their inevitable capture and interrogation."

*Chi touches the holocron again, this time the 'onfile' images of the two whom were 'caretakers' for Irvine.*

Chi "On the ship's manifest these two were not one of the Imperials that were mentioned on the Intel that I received for the mission. They were takin care of the youngling there. On the same manifest, only a first name was given for him: Irvine."

Volmount "I and Chi were puzzled, why did an infant and two people whom werent supposed to be on that transport, were on their way to Coruscant."

Chi "We taken blood samples from the boy, and crossed referenced any hospitals that had births with an approximate date to when the boy was born for a possible Mother."

*Volmount touches another holocron, and it shows an image of a woman named "Aseria" and her DNA and two more sets of DNA, both imageless.*

Volmount "We found a close match. This woman and her DNA taken at the time matches with DNA in the boy. However..." *pointing to one of the other DNA structures* "This DNA was also found when we found the mother."

Sa'Nar "The boy's and that other one are nearly identical..."

Chi "Yes, twins. The other is a female. We have no data on the boy's sibling. All we know that it was given a name: Alysara Armenia Hideki. So it was assumed that the Mother's name is Aseria Hideki. We tired to cross reference anything we can find on a Hideki, found nothing, not even her."

Ka'Malor *whom is found this interesting* "After all this and resources spent you found the father?" *mentioning towards the last string of unnamed DNA*

Volmount "Yes. This is were it gets troubling. We managed to find a Cracken Hideki among a list of old Manifests to Corusant from Corellia months before the mother had the children. Only by word of mouth intelligence we were informed that this Cracken and this Aseria had a real hush-hush marrage. From what it mentioned after some more digging that his 'Cracken' was an admiral in the Imperial Navy. However nothing on what fleet he was in, what ship was his. Or even an outpost."

Sa'Nar "It's not nothing new, Darth Sidious has his various of secret projects, like those Death Stars he's built. But why would he abandon his own wife, and soon-to-be children! Even if its for the Empire, that's his children."

Ka'Malor "Easy now Sa'Nar, the Dark Lord had his servants work sometimes to the bone if he sees fit to it."

Volmount "Master Ka'Malor, thats not it! We tried to continue the search on the DNA results to find a sort of family tree, and we came up with one result for this Cracken's father!"

*Volmount touches the screen and then shows, what was then, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. The other three whom remained sitting suddenly sat up even strighter then they were.*

Na'Tach "Are you saying that we have the grandson of the Dark Lord of the Sith in our chambers?!"

Chi "Yes. What worries me isn't the Emperior, it is this Cracken Hideki Palpatine. If he's proficient with the force, no doubt that the Emperior has trained him in the ways of the Dark Side, even made him a Sith at that. This child must to remain dead to the universe, or else everything that we worked for will be lost..."


Coruscant, presant day

*Thoughts of the past riddle through Master Volmount's mind as he races towards the Jedi Temple...*

02-06-2006, 10:19 PM
((SORRY for the mega-ultra post!!! ^_^;;;; ))

02-06-2006, 10:31 PM
Coruscant: Jedi Temple

*Godwyn leaves the council chambers and walks over to Reibe*

Godwyn: Thank you for waiting. I'll get to right to the point, I think you can help me in a task I've been undertaking. But before I get to that let me ask, what do you know anything about the Aesir?

02-06-2006, 11:47 PM
Riebe frowned thoughtfully. "As much as anyone else, I suppose," she answered. "Nothing more than what's common knowledge." She paused. "Why do you ask?"

Cmdr. Cracken
02-07-2006, 09:31 PM
Yaga Minor
*The Executor screams from hyperspace, along with her now 13 Star Destroyers. Cracken surveys the situation, and nods to Tojo. No verbal communication between the two were necessary anymore.

From the new fleet, squadrons of fighters poured out, all in a defensive formation, between his brothers fleet and his own. Alysara nudged Cracken through the Force witha subtle thank you. Cracken smiled, and keyed the comm on his chair. The holocam pulled down, and the holoprojecter warmed up, He wanted his brother to see him, now again in his prime, and laugh at his brothers age.*

Cracken: Good day, dear.... *tearsly* brother. What brings you back from the Unknown Regions?

02-07-2006, 10:52 PM
Coruscant: Jedi Temple

Godwyn: From what I've gathered the Aesir are very long lived, I'm fairly sure they might even see you as a child. I am also pretty sure that they may posses many lost Jedi teachings.

No one knows where their home worlds are but they have recently revealed the location of a station that galatic powers can go to if they need to contact them. I will be heading there shortly and would like you to accompany me. I think your age and experience will be of great help in dealing with the Aesir.

Interested in taking a little trip?

02-08-2006, 12:03 AM
Prisoner Cell

*Zey wakes up in the corner of a dark empty cell and looks around, she is still in her brown flightsuit and all that she can remember is bits and pieces...flying to Argonia in Kioet's shuttle, waving goodbye to Kioet as he got on the hovertrain to be transported to the training field, and checking into a hotel with some of the credits Kioet gave her before they landed. Her eyes adjust to the lighting, and she notices a slab of carbonite with a shape not unlike hers carved out.*

Zey: NO!!!

*Zey drops to the floor, unconscious*

02-08-2006, 12:12 AM
Riebe seemed amused. "An ambassador from an older era... yes, I'd love to 'take a little trip'."

"Where are you going?" Alyssa asked, approaching them. Instead of answering, Riebe turned to Godwyn.

"As Alyssa was once my apprentice, would it bother you if I brought her along?" she asked. Alyssa laughed.

"I don't mind going," she said, "but I should like to know what exactly it is we are doing."

"We're going to pay a visit to the Aesir, if we can," Riebe answered. Alyssa frowned.

"I wasn't made aware that we knew where to find them," she said, surprised.

"Godwyn here says the Aesir have given up the location of a station to contact them," Riebe answered. She turned to Godwyn. "It is alright if Alyssa joins us, is it not?"

02-08-2006, 01:14 AM
Godwyn: Of course. How soon can you be ready to leave?

02-08-2006, 01:51 AM
Riebe looked over at Alyssa.

"I'm ready now," Riebe answered. "And Alyssa?"

"I can be ready within a half an hour," Alyssa said.

02-08-2006, 09:18 AM
Yaga Minor

*Agric shows no reaction to Cracken's age, he himself seems only a little over forty, except for the white at his temples. He bows deeply.*

Agric: My Emperor, I was sent to the Unkown Regions by our father to acomplish a mission of vital importance to the Empire. I only recently learned of our father's death or I would have returned earlier to assist you.

Forgive my actions here but I have recieved....disturbing reports about a treaty with the Rebels but nevertheless I have returned, and completed my mission. Can you not sense them brother? They await the commands of their Emperor, you.

((i.e. the 3,000 trained Sith))

02-08-2006, 12:35 PM
((um, if Agric was older to Cracken, and Cracken being like in his 60's,...))

02-08-2006, 02:36 PM
((Wrong, Scar, just wrong.))

02-08-2006, 05:19 PM
((crackie's bio (http://cantinaverse.pbwiki.com/Palpatine%2C%20Cracken%20Hideki)

Cracken put down in there that Agric was first born, so logically, if Cracken lost his first body which was in its 50's, and transfered himself into a body that was aged to 27, and now looks in its early 30's, and you put Agric in his 40's... *starts the trend*))

02-08-2006, 06:03 PM
Coruscant: Jedi Temple

Godwyn: Wonderful, my ship is in hanger A2. As soon as your set just go there and we will head out.

02-08-2006, 06:11 PM
((Cracken would only be around 55 now, Agric is a couple of years older, say 57. The fact that Agric is older than he looks just means he's very healthy. Either way he wouldn't be sixty.))

02-08-2006, 06:29 PM
((which ever. *shrug* just reminding))

02-08-2006, 10:16 PM
Prisoner Cell

*Zey regains consciousness and opens her eyes, and looks in wonder at the carbonite slab. She then remembers why it shocked her. It was the day Darth Vader turned Cloud City upside down. She used to be in a Cloud Car patrol, she hated it, but it payed and she felt very lucky to be off that day. She had a nice view of the docking platform that the Bounty Hunter landed on, she watched the suited figure depart his ship and wondered what he was up to. Later on that day while she was having some bantha stew at one of the cantinas, she heard rumors that Darth Vader himself, stopped by, and the Milennium Falcon had docked for repairs, and a Bounty Hunter was there to collect. She remembers going back to her room and watching out the window, and then shortly after sunset the Bounty Hunter and some security guards putting a slab of carbonite in the cargo hold, the ship taking off and shots being fired at it...after that day, nothing was the same.*

Zey to herself: Damn it, might as well check the door.

*Zey gets up slowly and walks over to the door, nothing happens*

Zey: oh come on!

02-09-2006, 07:19 PM
((Sorry for lack of replies - had to complete transfer application updates and other stuff. Have work now - will reply tonight.))

02-09-2006, 11:39 PM
Coruscant Jedi Temple

"Come on, Alyssa," Riebe chuckled. "I thought you were packing light!"

"I am," Alyssa retorted, emerging from her room with one small bag.

"Very well," Riebe said, shaking her head. "We'd best get going."

They headed off to hangar A2, where they would meet up with Godwyn. As they walked, Alyssa chuckled.

"What is it?" Riebe asked.

"Hangar A2," Alyssa answered. Riebe laughed. When Alyssa was younger, she'd been captured by cloners and brainwashed into thinking she was a clone of herself. They called her A2.

"I'm sure it was unintentional," Riebe told her former apprentice. Alyssa nodded and they entered the hangar together.

02-10-2006, 04:52 AM
((I'm pretty sure y'all have awful timeline discrepancies anyway, which I will be accosting you all with in the near future once I figure out what they are, so I wouldn't worry about small things like that now. ;)

Scar: Speaking of discrepancies, IIRC the Jedi had no blood samples from Palpatine. If they had, they would have discovered his midichlorian count. This was a plot point in a Clone Wars EU story.

R15: Sorry about missing your Zey PM. I'd opened it, had a browser crash, rebooted and forgot to go back and read it.

Admiral: Assuming you want the Blades to arrive at wherever they're meeting Vidar and Svafa roughly concurrently with Godwyn, Riebe and Alyssa arriving at Gladsheim Station?

*Wonders when Deac is going to reply to BD's post*

BTW: If anyone wants a Jedi Master in a specific place in the plot, I don't have anything for Kaya to do right now. XD))


Aren: *over comm* I'm at the cantina in Mos Eisley, Tatooine again. Bring the box here. I have a specially-charted hyperspace route to Tatooine plotted into your nav-computer - I'll send you the sequence to activate it. It should get you here considerably quicker.

02-10-2006, 08:58 AM
((that's ok, she's going to be in her cell for a bit anyway. I have some other things to discuss tho when you get on AIM...if i'm not around, just check your pm box))


Kioet over comm: Got it boss.

*Kioet's ship, still cloaked, lifts off the surface of Thyferra and heads towards the hyperspace nav beacon shown on the cockpit's display.*

Kioet grumbles to himself: Just a little faster maybe?

*Kioet activates the SLAM drive and gets to the beacon within seconds, then activates the hyperspace drive, the ship enters hyperspace, leaving the jungle-world of Thyferra behind*

02-10-2006, 12:50 PM
((Red: considering the when, which isnt the clone wars, it was near the end of the galactic civil war...

wait, who works in the intelligence field here?
oh thats right, i do. XP

Sometimes the higher ups dont ask 'where'd you get this intell from??'))

02-10-2006, 08:45 PM
Prisoner Cell

Zey, loudly with a hint of anger in her voice: Just going to let me starve?

*Zey walks up to the door and begins pounding on it with her fist, which sends off a series of alarms for about thirty seconds*

Zey: Who's there?

*Suddenly a loud and horrid shrieking sound echoes off the walls of the cell, Zey's ears begin to ring as she keels over and begins to cough and vomit uncontrollably. She nearly blacked out before regaining control of her breath. The shrieking sound continues to echo off the cell walls. Zey sinks into a corner of the cell, rests her chin on her knees, and tries to fall asleep, but she can't, the pitch of the noise keeps changing and she can't think clearly.*

02-10-2006, 10:17 PM
((I HATE noises that change when i try to sleep
IE: annoying snoring roomates!! ARGH! >.< ))

02-10-2006, 11:57 PM
((i tried to sleep with some good music on once, and forgot to turn the subwoofer off, that's impossible, even with it on just enough to almost not notice it, then a part where the music hits a high note it's like 'WTF' and shut the damn thing off and fall asleep))

02-11-2006, 04:35 AM
Flax's Office

Deac: There's a problem. I have already been given an assignment from the NRI of utmost urgency. I'm not sure I can discuss the details, but I'm going to be away for a couple of weeks or so.

02-11-2006, 07:12 AM
Flax: Ah, curses. I'll have to find someone else then. I was going to break open a bottle of Correlian brandy and everything. Oh well, I suppose I'll do it myself. In which case we can still have the brandy.

*Gets two glasses and a bottle, fills the glasses and passes one to Deac.*

Flax: Cheers.

02-11-2006, 09:51 AM

*Kioet's Missile Boat exits hyperspace over Tatooine, then activates his SLAM drive and speeds towards the surface, the ship rocks through the atmosphere and Kioet pulls up and the bottom of his ship skims the sand, Kioet deactivates the SLAM drive and cruises to Mos Eisely, once in range, he activates the repulsors and lands the ship in Docking Bay 87. Kioet puts the square box in a satchel, hanging off his hip, slings his repeater rifle and closes the ship's hatch. He then walks to the cantina*

02-11-2006, 02:24 PM

*F. Irvine amerges from the caverns, the dark side of the Force consentrated, his eyes glow a vibrant yellow. He glares outward into the horizon of the dead planet as if trying to imprint his will on the future.

He drops his right hand, sparks of force lightning shoot out, each bolt not emanating light, but seemingly absorbing it. He clutches the hand and the bolts begin to dance along his palm and wrist. He reels as he focases his energies, his eyes change, beginning to glow white. He then brings up his hand pulling it backwards. Suddenly he thrusts his hand forward, and a stream of force destruction launches stright into the sky.*


Korriban: Orbit

*The wave of destructive force rockets into space aimed stright for one of meny Cracken's gravity well generators.The Generator is riped apart and instantly torn a sunder.

...Leaving a hole for someone to enter the system on a ship...*

02-11-2006, 11:37 PM
((scar, just out of curiousity, which irvine did Kioet meet when he joined cantina?))

02-12-2006, 08:36 AM
((hmm, to be honest it was so long ago, i cant remember... O.o

which cantina did you join in?))

02-12-2006, 11:06 AM
((cantina 8))

02-12-2006, 11:20 AM
((Discussion thread please.))

02-12-2006, 08:54 PM
((I'm tired so this is going to be a little rough))

Coruscant: Jedi Temple

*Godwyn is standing before a slightly batter nubian transport when Alyssa and Reibe enter the hanger bay. He turns and smiles as he sees them.*

Godwyn: Right on time. If you will follow me I will show you where you can store your gear. I already have our clearance so once that is done we can set out immediatly.

*Godwyn walks up the ramp followed by Alyssa and Reibe. A few minutes later the transport is speeding out of Coruscant atmosphere and once its free it quickly enters hyperspace.*

Two days later:
Gladsheim Station

*The nubian transport drops out of hyperspace, in the distance looms the giant sword station of the Aesir. Around the curved cross guard are 3 Disen class destroyers and a number of smaller ships. Godwyn press the internal com. Switch*

Godwyn: Ladies, we're here, and you may want to come up here and see this. That station they built is massive...

02-13-2006, 12:07 AM
Riebe and Alyssa joined Godwyn in looking out at the station. Alyssa was struck speechless; all Riebe could manage was, "Oh, wow!"

She shook her head slowly. "In my life, I've seen a lot of things... nothing compares to this."

02-13-2006, 05:31 PM
Gladsheim Station

*Shortly after Alyssa and Reibe joined Godwyn in the bridge, a flight of Viking II fighters decloaked around the transport and the comm crackled to life*

Aesirian Pilot: Jedi Transport welcome to Gladsheim Station. We will escort you into the station, do not deviate from the flight path.

*Godwyn flips the comm switch to talk to the pilot*

Godwyn: Thank you...how do you know this is a Jedi Transport?

Pilot: Just follow our lead.

Godwyn: Ok...

*Godwyn turned off the com, and followed the fighters, wondering what other surprises were in store for them at the station.

The fighters lead the transport on a relatively straight path to the massive station. On their way to the station they passed an out going Disen Destroyer, that had blue lightning arcs racing along its hull.

Eventually they were able to see numerous windows that ran along the grip of the sword station. Shortly after that the comm came to life again*

Pilot: Follow the beacon into the Hanger bay. your escort is waiting for you inside.

*Without another words the fighter peeled off activating their cloaking shields and disappeared. Godwyn meanwhile piloted the transport into a massive hanger bay situatated, along the cross guard. Once the transport entered the bay, large bay doors closed with a resounding bang.

Godwyn set gently set the ship down upon the deck and lowered the ramp. Outside the ship stood ten einherjar in complete cerimonial armor, as well as a valkyrie.*

Godwyn letting out a big breath: Ready to go meet the Aesir?

02-13-2006, 05:45 PM
Riebe nodded and turned to Alyssa, who also nodded. They were ready.

02-15-2006, 09:35 PM
((WJ: I'm just going to assume Alyssa and Reibe also follow Valda))

Gladsheim Station

*Godwyn, Alyssa, and Reibe walked down the ramp and were greeted by the Valkyrie*

Valda: Jedi Master Godwyn and Alyssa, Hunter Reibe welcome to Gladsheim Station. If you would follow me I'll show you to your suite where you can rest from you journey.

*Valda turns on her heals and begins to walk out of the hanger bay. Godwyn looks briefly at Reibe and Alyssa before following Valda.

The Einherjar walk on either side of the Jedi, the clap of their boots echoing in the bay. Valda lead them through curving corridor that had dark wood trims with gold knotwork embedded in them. Eventually she lead them to a turbolift and through another ornate corridor before coming to a wooden door lined with knot work. Opening the door Valda lead them into a lounge are*

Valda: This is your suite, those three doors *motioning to the right* are your bedrooms for your stay. There is a map on the computer terminal that shows were you are allowed to go unescorted, such as places to dine.

Do you have any questions?

02-15-2006, 11:21 PM
Riebe looked at their escort for a long moment, a look of confusion quickly replaced by surprise and understanding.

"Kiyala?" she asked after a long silence. Then, she shook her head in amazement. "That is you."

Alyssa glanced from one to the other in surprise.

"You know each other?" she asked.

02-15-2006, 11:50 PM
Gladsheim Station

Valda: Ah, so you remember the name I used back then.

*Valda turned her head to regard Alyssa*

Valda: In a manner of speaking we did.

02-16-2006, 02:06 AM
"Brushes of contact within the Jedi Order," Riebe told Alyssa. She turned back to Valda. "Yes, I remember. It took a minute, but if given enough time, I have a very good memory of names and faces."

02-16-2006, 05:01 AM
Gladsheim Station

*A ripple in the fabric of space, and a black ship, slim, sleek, sharp and black with blue-white-glowing engines, slides into the orbit of Gladsheim Station out of nowhere.

After a moment, another ship, slightly less streamlined, slightly shorter and slightly larger, and plated in silver as well as black, slides into existence behind it.

Gladsheim Station receives a communication link*

Comm: Blade ships Inquiry and Silver hailing Gladsheim Station, requesting audience with the Lord Vidar and the Lady Svafa.


Silver, Containment Chambers

*Rwos enters the chambers, where K'Warra still sits contained in the center square of the room*

K'Warra: *rising from his crosslegged postion* So, the Aesir, eh? Suspicious resemblence to the ruling clan of gods in Old Norse myth. They got an Odin, do they? Or maybe a mighty Thor?

Rwos: Odin, yes. Thor, I don't know.

K'Warra: You're serious?

Rwos: It's not very surprising. Instances of psychic reverberations between universes are well documented. And these Aesir are godlike in their own fashion.

K'Warra: So are we, from the point of view of anyone with less understanding.

Rwos: True. The Aesir don't truly understand us and we don't truly understand them...

K'Warra: Clearly, with your mental block on explaining to me who these people actually are.

Rwos: They're major players in this---

K'Warra: I'm sure they are. But that doesn't really mean much, does it?

Rwos: The Blood Scrolls refer quite clearly to---

K'Warra: The Blood Scrolls. Prophecy. A Blade, of all people, should know that prophecy is nothing but a tool to manipulate. Anyone who says otherwise is either deluded - or a prophet.

Rwos: The Blood Scrolls predicted much of this. The Sleepers. The apocalypses. The... well, the Aesir can tell you more, when they question you. I'm bound not to speak too much on this.

K'Warra: Oh, please, Termand Rwos. How do you know that any of this would be happening if those prophecies hadn't been written?

02-16-2006, 12:31 PM
*Deac takes a sip*

Deac: Cheers old friend. I hope whatever you find there's good. I have a bad feeling about this one. Then again it may be because of my little history with Imperial Research bases.

02-16-2006, 03:05 PM
Flax: With us it seems when we don't have a bad feeling is when we need to worry. So long as we feel like the sky is going to fall on our heads everything is fine.

02-16-2006, 07:20 PM
((BD: I think you mean "Flax: With us..." and not Deac :) ))

Gladsheim Station: Jedi quarters

Valda: Yes you do. Now are there any questions?

Gladsheim Station

Valkyrie *over comm*: Follow the landing beacon into the Hangar bay. You will then be taken before Lord Vidar and Lady Svafa.

02-16-2006, 08:06 PM
Gladsheim Station

*A New Republic Shuttle drops out of hyperspace escorted by two A4 X-Wings.*

Shuttle Pilot: This is the Diplomatic Shuttle Halycon hailing Gladshiem Station. We are carrying General Tarnac Dralsson, the general requests permission to land in order to discuss the Helloki problem, with Lord Odin if possible.

((Boy, you open a station and suddenly everyone wants to visit! Admiral, I edited, btw, when did the station's name change?))

02-16-2006, 08:14 PM
((As far as i knew it was always that... imho))

02-16-2006, 09:21 PM
((BD: It changed when I made a typo in the begining of the thread. No one noticed, and I was gone for a while so I decided to keep it to minimize confusion. Next thread it will return to Godsheim Station :P Also If I'm correct isn't Flax's daughter still on the station?

Scar: Original name was Godsheim Station))

Gladsheim Station (or Godsheim Station)

Valkyrie: Shuttle Halycon, permission granted. Follow this beacon, do not deviate from the flight. Escorts are inbound.

*Four Viking II fighters decloak around the Halycon and lead it into the station, pealing off and cloaking when they were clost to the hanger bay.

A valkyrie flanked by two Einherjar waits for the general to disembark*

02-16-2006, 10:18 PM
(( :D Admiral, Elella and Mierra went home shortly after the Battle over Coruscant.))

*The Shuttle ramp lowers and a single figure decends. He is over six feet tall and powerfully built in the form of a warrior, he wears Agamarian armour, a scale coat with elbow length sleeves with a scale mantle to protect his neck. His shins are protected by greeves and his forarms by bracers, he wears crossed bauldrics with a short stabbing sword on his right hip and a longer blade on his left. A full face helm hangs from the pommel of his left right hand sword while he carries a black hilted longsword in his left like a sceptre. His armour is black but his under tunic and cloak are a dark green. The broach on his cloak is bronze, formed in the shape of a Dragon's head. His blond hair is braided with iron rings, as is his beard. His eyes are a piecing blue, cold enough to give even an Aesir pause.*

*He measures the Valkyrie and the two Einherjar.*

Drago: I am General Tarnac, son of Dral. I come from the New Republic to discuss the problem of the Helloki.

02-16-2006, 11:28 PM
((BD: I highly doubt that. Blue eyes are nothing new for the Aesir especially piercing cold blue eyes :P))

Galdsheim Station

Valkyrie: Yes, we know as much. Follow me.

*The Valkyrie leads Drago through a couple corridors, up a turbolift and finally to an office. The office has little decoration except for a large wood desk and a couple of chairs, right behind the desk is a large window with a view of the nebula.*

Valkyrie: You can wait here, the Lady Idona will be with you shortly.

*The Valkyrie leaves and the two Einherjar take up positions on either side of the door. A few minutes later Idona enters and takes a seat at the desk*

Idona: Good Evening General. What is it that you would like to discuss about the Heloki?

02-17-2006, 04:39 AM
((So basically Drago has the eyes of a Frost Jotun, BD?))

Gladsheim Station

*The Inquiry and the Silver land in the station's hangar bays. The Inquiry's main hatch opens and a contingent of Blades are lowered on a platform to the ground. Rwos and Nereli stand foremost.

Rwos, who is tall (especially with the boost given by his large dinosaurian feet), with dark brown skin and a beaked, inhuman if expressive face, and the typical gargoyle features like pointed ears, small brow horns, large batlike wings (hooked on his shoulders and flowing behind him like twin halves of a cape), clawed hands, and a long tail, wears his familiar armor suit: a partial body suit of black leathery material and dark gray strip-armor, rounded off with a silver-colored plate chest piece, red silver-lined shoulder pauldrons, a blue waistcloth, and hair in a long, thin ponytail arching up from his head. Like all the others, he wears a Blade's axe-shaped mask, eyes covered with white contacts, and a belt with a silver teleporter at the waist.

Unfamiliar to the Aesir, Nereli stands next to him. He isn't short, but next to Rwos he appears smaller than he really is. He looks mostly human, but with ash-colored skin, pale white hair and long, stiffly pointed ears. He is muscular but thin, again contrasting with Rwos' natural size. He looks particularly androgynous compared to a human, and somewhat beautiful. His outfit is a black leathery material, with intricate designs cut and woven in it.

Behind them stand about two dozen other Blades, including Gilian - a dark but pale-skinned African human that the Aesir know from experience is a vampire, dressed in black with red gems around her throat, and a silver crescent moon on her wrist - Ida, a short-haired tanned human of unidentifiable race, dressed in blue, black and violet - and others of varying races and appearances that the Aesir have not encountered previously. One that stands out in particular is a humanoid, pale-skinned Blade in banded black leathery armor, with his eyebrows and the entire top of his head on fire like a torch.*


Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine

*Aren pulls Kioet aside as he walks into the cantina, before he can become absorbed in the semi-drunken mass of patronage*

Aren: Welcome back, Csuhen. I trust your trip back went alright? You have fortunate timing - there's something I'd like to ask you to do.

02-17-2006, 05:53 AM
Drago: I see we are blunt as ever, my Lady. Very well. The Senate is in uproar over the issue. Some have even suggested that "Releasing the Heloki" is an act of war. We have roughly ten thousand casualties from the first attack and although we currently have them contained on the planet we don't know how many there are and we don't have the experience of dealing with them.

02-17-2006, 09:51 AM
Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine

*Behomoth walks out of the hideout and walks towards Aren.*

02-17-2006, 01:00 PM
Gladsheim Station: Jedi Quarters

Riebe glanced at Alyssa and Alyssa shook her head. Then, Riebe said, "If Godwyn has none, there are no questions at the moment."

She paused thoughtfully. "Well, there is one. I recognize you from the Jedi so many years ago. Will I perhaps recognize some of the Aesir?"

02-17-2006, 02:54 PM
Gladsheim Station: Jedi Quarters

Valda: Perhaps. Wondering how many others you thought were Jedi actual are Aesir?

Idona's office

Idona: Yes, we know all of this. Now, what is it that you would like to discuss about them?

Hanger Bay

*Waiting in the hanger bay for the blades was a single Valkyrie flanked by ten Einherjar. The Valkyrie steps forward*

Valkyrie: Welcome to Gladsheim station. If you will all accompany me I'll talke you to Lord Vidar and Lady Svafa.

02-17-2006, 04:09 PM
Idona's office

To begin with I need all the data you have on them, numbers, movements, breeds, past encounters, how you, everything. Second, I need a sop I can take back to the Senate to calm them down; an explanation of why the Republic was not informed before they were allowed to roam the galaxey at will.

02-17-2006, 04:51 PM
Gladsheim Station: Jedi Quarters

Riebe nodded. "Anymore, I can't say it would surprise me if many of the Jedi that we Sith Hunters worked with may have been Aesir."

02-17-2006, 11:25 PM
((BD: Um, you have some typos in that post that are making it a little hard to understand. mainly "how you, everything" and "I need a sop..." (please try and avoid British Slang))

Gladsheim Station: Jedi Quarters

Valda:Well then, if there are now questions I'll let you get some rest. If you need anything just ask the computer.

*Valda leaves, and Godwyn turns to regard Reibe*

Godwyn: You don't seem overly surprised Reibe why is that?

02-17-2006, 11:48 PM
Riebe shrugged thoughtfully. "Kiyala is somehow associated with them," she answered. "Though I begin to doubt that is actually her name. And I believe I remember hearing of her death at some point in the past. That was the first shock, but I recovered from that quickly as I have faked my own death at least three times."

"So others should have the permission to do the same?" Alyssa demanded, turning to face her former master. Riebe nodded, seeming rather amused.

"Indeed," she answered. "Alyssa, should the need strike you, you have permission to fake your death."

Alyssa couldn't find words and Riebe turned to Godwyn.

"Did you find no questions for her?" she asked.

02-18-2006, 12:11 AM
Gladsheim, Hangar Bay

Nereli: *inclining his head* Of course. We are honored.

Rwos: Thank you.

02-18-2006, 12:31 AM
Gladsheim Station: Jedi Quarters

Godwyn: Oh, I have questions. Mainly I'm wondering how old she is and how much information they know about us. I didn't ask anything because I thought it would be best to wait until we have a more formal meeting.

Do you have any new questions to ask the Aesir?

Idona's Office:

Idona: No, we have already provided your leaders with sufficent information to deal with this small problem. As far as to an explanation of why your Republic was not informed.

You can tell you senate that We with drew some forces, consequently the Heloki broke containment. We then informed members of your government and provided them with information on how to deal with this threat.

I do give you credit for trying to make such demands of us. Now is there any questions you have?

Hanger Bay

*The valkyrie nods, turns and leads the blades up a corridor, the einherjar on either side of them. Eventually leading them up to the throne room in the pommel, Vidar and Svafa were sitting in chairs slighly below the throne.

The Valkyrie bowed to Vidar and Svafa before leaving through a side door, the Einherjar took up positions along the wall.*

Vidar: Welcome Rwos. Care to explain why there are so many Blades here?

02-18-2006, 12:44 AM
"I'm interested to know what their interest in our galaxy is," Riebe answered thoughtfully. "If they had the patience to go through Jedi training, I can't help but wonder what they're overall interests might be." She chuckled. "I never went through that training myself, but I saw it repeatedly... even taught a little." She glanced at Alyssa. "But the underlying motive for the Aesir must surely have many differences from my own."

02-18-2006, 01:15 AM
Gladsheim Throne Room

Rwos: They're... ah... performing an inquest on this dimension. They captured K'Warra K'laar, who was under the control of the demon Sejhan, who is involved in the Blood Scrolls prophecies as Odin may have told you. *He motions to Nereli* Sai Nereli is in charge of this inquest. The Blades here are under his command.

By the way... can you tell me where Odin is?

Cmdr. Cracken
02-18-2006, 01:17 AM
Yaga Minor

Cracken: Really, and here I was, thinking I was rid of you forever. A pity, really, and, in the off chance I have no use for your sith army...?

*On the Vengence, Alysara could feel the tension between the two. So, father did have a brother..... She wondered how much more she was hiding from her... and Starr....

Her thoughts fell on Starr briefly, as she wondered how he was doing.....*

02-18-2006, 01:35 AM
Maw Installation

*Starr exits hyperspace and travels into the Maw. He travels through the black hole cluster, passing the ruins of the old Maw on the way to the sector containing the new installation.

He lands his ship quietly, and heads for the headquarter complexes, odd thoughts running through his head*

Are we still Sith? If so, why do we have peace with our enemies? If not, what does this... mean? *Unbidden, the thought of Alysara flashes into his head*

Besides that, this strange thing my master calls the Starscream...

*He remembered what he'd seen on the holo. He found it hard to believe. The Starscream was a ship, but a ship like none other...

By now, he had his own questions that he wanted to ask of Herod, the man who had been developing this project for nearly all his life.*

02-18-2006, 01:37 AM
Gladsheim Station: Jedi Quarters

Godwyn: Well this is their galaxy as well.... You say they would need patience if they went through Jedi training. If rumors for their marshall skills are correct, and we assume that they are similar to you Reibe in their life spans then Jedi training may not be very strenous to them.

What about you Alyssa? What are your views of our hosts so far?

Throne Room

Vidar: Yes I can tell you where my father is. Now please answer my question. Why are these Blades here, especially considering the information you wish to discuss with us?

02-18-2006, 01:40 AM
Gladsheim Throne Room

Rwos: Perhaps we could talk privately for a moment?

02-18-2006, 01:54 AM
"Well Riebe's true age struck me as a surprise when the Council met last," Alyssa answered. "I guess what I wonder is, if she's so long lived, how much the same are they, when she's likely to recognize more of them. I can't help wondering if perhaps they've been involved with the Jedi from the start... and perhaps the Sith as well."

02-18-2006, 02:01 AM
Gladsheim Station: Throne Room

Vidar: If you wish,

*Vidar and Svafa take Rwos to a side room and close the doors*

Vidar: What did you want to talk about so privately?

02-18-2006, 02:46 AM
Gladsheim Station, Throne Room

Rwos: I want to speak plainly. I have told the others nothing, with of course the exception of Gilian. The other Blades have come, I believe, because Nereli is cautious. K'Warra K'laar is considered very dangerous, and you Aesir are an unknown factor. Combine those two, in addition to the reason for us coming here...

The Blades are in this universe to wipe it clean of "rogues" - expatriates of our universe - to investigate the Blood Scrolls prophecies, and if appropriate start diplomatic relations with the powers of this dimension. I am essentially under house arrest because I have become involved with the social affairs of this dimension. The reason I wanted to speak to your father directly is that I have rather disturbing hints of information from K'laar.

I was also told by your father that the name of the Jotuns was not to be uttered by me in this dimension. Now these Blades, except Gilian, though they know of a large part of the Blood Scrolls, do not know what Odin has told me of his portion. I have not told them of the Jotuns and I have not told them about Gerd and her role in prophecy. But they know vague hints about what the Jotuns are, and they know of Gerd - and it is because the demon Sejhan, mentioned in the Scrolls, knows about her, and them, and so K'Warra learned of her. It would appear Sejhan is hunting her and intends to kill her. He was one step away from succeeding when K'Warra was freed from his control.

Now, where is your father?

02-18-2006, 05:53 AM
*Deac rises*

Deac: Well, I'd best be off. My transport leaves in a few hours and I need to get set. Take care old friend. We'll have another glass once we've dealt with whatever monstrosity's in THIS one...

*Deac salutes and leaves, heading toward the Military Loading dock*

02-18-2006, 09:20 AM
Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine

*Kioet looks over his shoulder at the bartender and shrugs his shoulders*

Kioet: What are my orders?

*Kioet hands Aren the satchel containing the box*

Kioet: You might want to check this out.

02-18-2006, 11:48 AM
Hyperspace: Outside Korriban System

*Irvine kept at his post, watching the slue swirls of hyper space. Suddenly his console beeps violently, and Irvine kills the hyperdrive.*

Irvine *Reading the console* "Gravity wells. Father must have put those there."

*Irvine starts pressing a few buttons and then the Llamda-class shuttle's engines begin to roar as Irvine pilot's the craft forward.*

Irvine "Ah ha!" *looking on the shuttle's sensors* "There's a gap in the gavity wells. One of the unit's failed!"

*Irvine continues to pilot the craft, and he zips the shuttle past the destoryed Gravity well generator and races towards the planet.*

02-18-2006, 01:39 PM
Yaga Minor

Agric: What do you want me to say? Tha I will raise an army to oppose you and we will have a bloody and destructive Civil War while the Rebels snatch planets from under our noses. I am offering you the chance to destroy the Rebellion and the Jedi once and for all.

Idona's Office

Drago: Ten thousand dead are not a small problem, nor should they be brushed off lightly. *He holds up his hand* Do not tell me millions could have died, I am aware of the questions of scale here. Regardless, the only reason for withholding information about the Heloki would be if you wanted to use them, or something like them, against us in the future. Further, since you have dumped this in our collective laps for perpetuity and without warning you owe us at least this information. We could fight them without it but that would mean higher casualties and a larger group might even break containment.

If you don't want to give information about your own movements and operations then fine but you have no reason for witholding information on the Heloki themselves.

02-18-2006, 07:42 PM
Gladsheim Station: Jedi Quarters

Godwyn: Very true. I'm a little hungry would either of you like to accompany me to see one of their resturants?

Throne Room: Side room

Vidar: I am aware of what my father has told you, and if you remember I'm well acquainted with the blood scrolls, at least our half. Anything you wish to tell my father you can tell me and my sister. His location isn't important but he is listening...

Idona's Office

Idona: Those ten thousand are dead, nothing you or I do will change it. Nor was I referring to them or their death as a small problem. I was referring to the small and I do emphasize small band that you have contained.

You by no means have all the Heloki contained, you don't even know where their homeworlds are. We have given your leaders sufficent information on the Heloki to deal with this small band, we will give you no more.

The facts of this are very simple General, the Heloki are kept under containment by our forces. A small group broke containment, we then nformed your government and the empire, by the time your Senate got around to doing anything about it, ten thousand died. We also provided intell on the Heloki for you. There is nothing else we owe you, if we owed you even that much.

If we wanted to use the Heloki or something like them against you, you can be assured that We would never have told you about them in the first place. Nor would we have given you any information on them.

Now do you have any questions?

02-18-2006, 10:01 PM
Coruscant: Jedi Temple

*Volmount stops his speeder near the temple. He looks at the serene peaceful walls in the night sky. Whom wich he hadnt seen since his youth.

He parks his speeder around the corner. He begins to walk back turning the corner to make his way to the temple. But when he turns he sees a large field of tall grass surrounding a large building made of stone....*

Flashback; Planet Chis: 10 years ago

*In the field two teenage padawan are training with training lightsabers, one had dark hair, and the other a redhead, both cut short. The two had kept at each other, both attempting to keep at the offencive, but their clumsy styles let the other retake the offensive.

Volmount kept his distence watching the two. Suddenly the dark haired one let's out a scream and swings down with his saber, the redhead blocks it and they are in a saber lock. Both pushing agenst each other, this goes on for at least 20 seconds before the redhead pushes himself forward and then kicks the dark haired padawan onto his back.*

Redhead "Come on Sir-vin! I thought Master Chi's favorate student!"

Volmount *snapping at his student* "Bolock! Mind your tounge!"

Bolock "Master he!"

Volmount *showing his disappointment* "That is not how any student act like that, it isn't mindful of your feelings, and your focas is distracted..."

*The young Sir-Vin stands up, looking at his training partner, not happy.*

Volmount "And now, look what you've done Bolock. You're taunting will only harbor hate, hate begets hate. And if you don't stop you're going to create more and it will only be redirected at you. You can see it now... Sir-vin, go and take a breather..."

*Sir-vin extingishes his saber and storms off. Volmount walks up to his student. Before Volmount realizes it he's seeing the walls of the temple.*

Coruscant: Present day

*Volmount throws his hood on and walks into the foyer.*

Cmdr. Cracken
02-19-2006, 01:37 AM
Maw Installation, Main Observation Deck

Herod: Lord Hailfire! A pleasure, I am Research Executor Herod, and am most pleased the Emperor has sent such a distinguished representitive to oversee the final stages of testing. *Herod gives a bow, and stands straight again. His additude screams of pride in his work.*

Now, I assume that you have read the briefing that the Emperor no doubt gave you, and that this weapon is fully armed and operational now. We were just about to put the ship through her last paces give a demonstration on it's power, and let me tell you, we have made great strides in cutting down the recharge time down to 10 minutes! 10 minutes! the orginal design called for 15! And we think the mext model we can push it down to 5!

Yaga Minor

Cracken: Please brother, that "Rebellion" is no longer our concern. With any republic, it will again fall into decedance and once again, we will be there to pick up the pieces.

If you haven't noticed, "brother".....

The War is over.
The Jedi are no longer a threat to the Sith.

However, your Sith Army is impressive, and I must say, Father would be impressed.....

*grumbling* As usual...

Nevertheless, I don't exactly have a need for 3,000 Sith now, unless you have a suggestion for thier use?

02-19-2006, 04:33 AM
((Cracken, see PMs.))

Gladsheim Throne Room - Side Room

Rwos: If that is how it must be. I have refrained from interrogating K'Warra K'laar as closely as I might have wished. I felt the only course of action that would remain true to my promise to your father was to bring him here. To you. Besides that, I suspect you Aesir would better understand this situation than I.


Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine

Aren: Thank you. *She takes the satchel* Here's your mission... I want you to locate Farran. He has... well, essentially stormed off. He's still on-planet, but... well. He isn't quite in his right mind. Probably a result of the drastic upheaval of his life when Cracken defeated the Imperial Seperatists. I would appreciate it if you could find him. Don't let him see you, if possible...

02-19-2006, 09:31 AM
Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine

Kioet: I'll find him.

*Kioet walks out of the cantina and into the streets of Mos Eisley, and heads towards his ship's docking bay*

02-19-2006, 09:42 AM
Drago: Don't try and sell me a horse with three legs. Three weeks ago you told us that the Heloki were our problem and that you would not be holding them contained anymore. Has this situation chaged since then?

02-19-2006, 01:25 PM
Gladsheim Station: Throne Rooom-side room

Vidar: And what will these other blades be doing while we interrogate K'Warra K'larr?

Idona's Office

Idona: Nothing has changed General. The Heloki are your problem, just not the entire Heloki civilization. I told your leaders three weeks ago the Heloki are one of the evils we have kept contained and now feel you are ready to face, my Lord Odin then said that dealing with this thread would be your responsiblity.

All of which is true, we just never told your leaders you only had a small band of Heloki to deal with. Why did we do that? The answer is simple, so your government would take this threat seriously and begin to prepare to defend itself against outside threats. Eventually the galaxy proper will have to defend itself agasint the entire Heloki civilization, for now you have this small band to deal with and learn from.

Now General, since you have no questions for me and I have other work I must get to, this meeting is over. The Valkyrie will show you to your ship. Review the information we gave your leaders and best of luck in dealing the Heloki.

*As Idona stood a Valkyrie entered the office. Idona gave a breif nod to Drago and then the Valkyrie before leaving*

Valkyrie: General, if you would follow me.

*The Valkyrie took Drago, who was flanked by two Einherjar back to the hanger bay which his shuttle landed in. The Valkyrie pulls out a data disk from a belt pouch*

Valkyrie: Take this General *handing him the disk*, it has all the information on the Heloki that was given to your leaders, plus the size and composition of the band you have contained. Your shuttle and escort have already been given departure clearance, have a nice flight.

*The Valkyrie turns and leaves. The two einherjar stand and wait*

02-19-2006, 01:30 PM
Gladsheim Station: Jedi Quarters

"I'll stay here," Alyssa said. "It seems like I've been travelling a lot lately and..." She glanced at Riebe as the older woman gave an amused chuckle, "... and I'm feeling a little tired."

"I'll join you," Riebe told Godwyn. "I must be used to traveling... it doesn't affect me as it seems to affect Alyssa."

02-19-2006, 06:23 PM
*Drago turns and boards the shuttle without a word. Once aboad he nods to the pilot.*

Drago: We have clearance, take us out.

Pilot: Yes General.

*Drago sinks into one of the shuttles seats and rubs his eyes, then looks over at the woman curled up in one of the other seats reading a book.*

Sellenna: It did not go well?

Drago: Not really, they are as arrogant as ever. Do as they please with no regard for others. I don't think they care at all how many of us die, so long as we learn some lesson they wish to teach us. Had Idona given me more time I would have pointed out that we were at war when they dumped this in our lap, I don't believe for a moment the containment breach was anything but deliberate.

Sellenna: What will you do about the Heloki on C-34-T-78?

Drago: Neutron bombardment, irradiate the planet. There are no sentiant lifeforms and the planet was terraformand anyway. I'm not letting any of those hairy bastads get away. Had we known ealier I would have sent in troops, Wookies, Barabels, Agamari Houseguards. As it is we didn't.

02-19-2006, 07:23 PM
ISD Damocles

Comm: They're...talking sir. We've been reassigned.

Stormbaltz: I see. We're no longer wanted in this new empire. Where too now then, Lieutenant?

Comm: We're doing a houseclearing mission at an old Research base of ours in neutral space. We think the Republic's going to send their own team.

Stormbaltz: Have us hyper out. We're not going to let the Rebels get hold of whatever's there.

I have a bad feeling about this. Nothing good ever comes out of these bases.

02-19-2006, 07:29 PM
((BD: Did you mean "so long as we learn some lesson they wish to teach us."? Side note, I do find Drago calling the Aesir arrogant this time rather amusing. :)))

Gladsheim Station:

*Idona was walking along a corridor when she ran into Valda.*

Idona: Good evening, where are you off to?

Valda: I'm just about to get something to eat. Care to join me?

Idona: Sure, the troop reviews can wait a little while longer. How did welcoming the Jedi go?

Valda: Well, kept my answers short and very crips but that didn't get to them. Oh hunter Reibe is with the two masters.

Idona: Really? Surprised I wasn't informed. How did she react to seeing you again?

Valda: She took it in stride. How the meeting go with Drago?

Idona: As well as to be expected from a meeting with him. He demanded information, I told him no and cut the meeting short. I might have given him some more info on the Heloki if he actually asked for our help.

Valda: To bad, well we're here.

*Valda and Idona walked into a large open arch. Inside was a large busy resturant, soothing hammered dulicmer music was playing with a variety of other instruments, there was a low level buzz of converstation.

Valda and Idona stood just in the doorway, waiting for a table to open up for them*
Gladsheim Station: Jedi Quarters

Godwyn: Then shall we?

*Godwyn and Reibe walked along the corridors looking for a resturant when Godwyn saw Valda standing in the archway*

Godwyn: Well this is suppose to be a resturant, and there is Kiyala. Want to see if she would like some company?

02-19-2006, 08:27 PM
"Another I am more familiar with is with her," Riebe observed. "Yes, let us see if they'd like company."

02-19-2006, 08:28 PM
Coruscant: Jedi Temple

*Volmount walks into the large halls of the Temple. There were a few droids scurrying about. A few padawans talking to one another, but otherwise a quiet night.

Volmount hears a buzz on his belt. He walks to an alcove and pulls out a holocom, which transmits to his shuttle, then transmits to Horris.

He turns it on and the image of a hoodded Jedi appears.*

Holograph *female's voice* "Master Volmount, I was told that your visit to Coruscant will take a while, yes?"

Volmount "Yes my old friend. I'm afriad that young Sir-vin wasn't able to make proper relations with the new order."

Jedi "So, how long has it been since you stood in those walls. End of the Clone Wars was it?"

Volmount "Not important now."

Jedi *laughs* "Well if you haven't noticed yet Coruscant runs their daytimes a bit earilyer then you'd see on Horris."

Volmount "I know. There's always someone up. If not I'll just come back in the morning."

Jedi "And what about young Sir-Vin?"

Volmount "Don't know yet. I no longer sense Chi. I don't know yet."

*Volmount turns off the holocom, and puts it away*

02-19-2006, 09:25 PM
Gladsheim Station: Resturant

*Godwyn and Reibe approach Valda and Idona.*

Godwyn: Excuse me my ladies would you care if we joined you?

*Idona glanced quickly over at Valda*

Idona: Sure, it would be our pleasure. Nice to see you again Reibe.

*A droid walks up shortly after*

Droid: If my ladies, and master jedi would follow me I'll show you to your table.

*The droid leads the quartet through a curving line of tables before coming a round table in the back corner.*

Droid: Your waiter will be with you shortly, have a nice evening.

*The droid left quickly as everyone sat down*

Idona *after everyone was seated*: I hope you are having a pleasant stay so far. How do you like our station?

02-20-2006, 12:51 AM
Riebe smiled. "The station is quite impressive... though I must admit the station itself failed to attract my attention so much as the two of you." She turned to Godwyn. "You've met Kiyala. The other is Tassia."

Turning back to Idona and Valda, she continued. "After searching my memory, I can distinctly remember announcements of the deaths of both of you." With a chuckle, she added, "But to find you both alive now is not so surprising as it may have been... had I not also been assumed dead."

02-20-2006, 01:20 AM
Gladsheim Station - Throne Room

Rwos: K'Warra is under containment. He's on the ship Silver and cannot be moved. Blades would be present during the interrogation.


Mos Eisley, Tatooine

*Farran walks along the dusty streets of Mos Eisley, fuming, Artemis following him*

Farran: These thrice-damned suns. I'm sick of this dustball. I'm sick of this goddamned Shadow, sick of her manipulating us, keeping us at her beck and call, taunting us with the display of her power...

Artemis: Farran, wait, think about this. Where else do we have to go?

Farran: Anywhere but here. Start over on some backwater planet... some other backwater planet.

Artemis: But if what Aren said was true... besides the Executioners could still be looking for you...

Farran: Let them! It'd be about goddamned time.


Maw Installation, Main Observation Deck

Starr: That is all very well, Research Executor. But I would prefer you explained the status of the... most interesting power system this Starscream has been built around. I understand that you have 'cultured' a massive organic-technological component to this ship... including the power source, and the majority of the ship's inner workings, eliminating the need for 90% of the standard Destroyer's crew, and, coupled with advances in technology research, increasing the possible weapons power by a factor of several thousand percent. That aside... am I to understand that this Starscream is an organism - that it is, in actuality, a living thing?

Cmdr. Cracken
02-20-2006, 01:51 PM
Maw Installation

*Herod nodded, though he thought that the Emperor's representitive would be more.... intelligent. He was careful to try not to show his contempt. He remembered several researchers under the first Emperor who showed that contempt to Lord Vader that meet an... untimely end.*

Herod: The organic-technological power system is actually a living organism. It was engineered in this very facility, as Cracken wished to find a new power source for the future designs of the Crimson Star, or perhaps... *his eyes gleemed* another, more powerful Death Star.

Where a standerd power generator is your standered hypermatter annihilator, like in your Star Destroyers, this actually is an organism that is a self feeding being. It re-uses it's waste as food, and generates 1,000,000 times the power of the Crimson Stars' reactor. It's a wonderful self sustatining system. Once we began to feed it, we simply let it run.

Now, because its' a living being, many of the ship functions have been automated by the organism itself. We bio-engineered it to need similar living enviroment to humans, and it provides a proper breathing atmosphere for the few crew needed, and is also a air scrubber, recycling the air. It also eats the waste those few generate, thus, the need for large scale garbage disposals is eliminated.

The superlaser itself has been streamlined to use all this power more efficiantly. The charge batteries have been made vastly more efficiant in capacity since Endor, thus, we can fire the laser at least 10 times under powered, and 5 times at full power. To recharge it takes, as I said before 10 minutes, but I believe that future cultures of this being can be made genetically better, and the technology behind the superlaser improved where we can have near constant dischargings at full power.

Lastly, this organism is not sentiant. It obeys the will of the Imperial Family alone. Which means.... also you.

*Outside, the Starscream was moving into position, around it, arrayed several ships of varying class, from Star Destroyers to smaller Cruisers......*

02-20-2006, 03:59 PM
Yaga Minor

Agric: Well if you're not up to fighting a war at the moment I suppose we could use them as agents to undermine the Rebellion, I'm sorry, Republic and spped up the inevitable.

02-20-2006, 05:23 PM

*Irvine's commandeered shuttle touches down a few miles from the temple. Irvine leaves the cockpit and walks to the cargo bay, opening the ramp while he do so.

He steps out of the ship and looks up high at the temple, and the ledge that Cracken and Starr jumped on a single bound, while leaving him on the ground having to climb up. He didn't think it wasn't as much as a task now.

He takes a step onto the tainted ground of the planet, and a familar sensation of coldness crawls its way up Irvine's spine. He staggers a few steps, regaining his composure. He walks up to the wall face and looks up once again, detrimination was on his face, then he calms it, closing his eyes.

Then he opens then again, clam. He crouches then leaps into the air having the force assist his ascent. He gets to about as high as being able to grasp the ledge. He grabs on and kicks off of the wall and flips onto the ledge.

He stands up brushing himself off he walks in...*

02-20-2006, 05:33 PM
Coruscant, Tower Overlooking Docks

*Gamma crouches over a sniper rifle, taking direct aim at Deac's head. He puts his finger on the trigger when he is suddenly hit on the head by a large fist. He rolls to the side and looks up to see...Deac*

Gamma: What?! What are you meant to be?

Omega: You will not carry out the purpose I was created for.

Gamma: He has to be destroyed! I am the superior model! Your project is over!

Omega: The project is over. I am tying up all the loose ends. I was created to kill Deac Starkiller and all remaining specimins from the Avatar project. We three are all that remain.

*Gamma fires his blaster pistol at Omega, who shrugs it off as a personal shield shimmers*

Gamma: None of us had...none of us had that augmentation! There were only two viable samples! Alpha was a failure.

Omega: Your mistake was to assume I am human. * He punches Gamma in the stomach*