View Full Version : A good strategy for MP Mos Eisley:

The Eyes
11-26-2005, 03:35 PM
If your having a bit of trouble on the classic Mos Eisley map and being called a "n00b" because of it, then look here.

:jango: For Clones:

Form 3 teams, and one very large team. At the north most command post, team 1 will spawn as only Clone engineers and Clone commanders when available. team 1 will be the heavy weapons group. Team 2 will spawn at the command post closest to the Cantina, and will consist of MOSTLY clone troops, ready yourselves immediatley for attack from the cantina, place troops on rooftops for great ambushing, also hide troops near the small alleyway near the cantina. Team 3 will be the 2nd most important team, they, under cover of distraction and chaos will move snipers, jet troops, and Commanders into the hanger, Team 4 has the most important job, giving Team 3 the cover they need. Team 3 cant do much until Team 2 takes the cantina though, as that will make things easier. Now, back to Team 1, they will attack and punch their way through to the sep's northern post. thats where team 4 will spawn. So by now you should only have to take the hanger, which is now in constant fire fight ONLY at the main entrance, if not, team 4 will only use jet troops and thats to take the hanger. If not, then sneak in through the back, have some jet troops and snipers get on the roof, and commence an ambush on their flank, this should give you the win.

will add Empire, Rebel, and Sep strategies soon.