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04-21-2000, 09:19 PM
I am having trouble with Campaign #3 "Over the Fence", mission 5, Plant Listening Device. I've been able to finish the mission except for one small problem, I can't seem to return to the Liberty! There is no nav-bouy anwhere. I've installed the 2.02 patch but I cannot hyper back to the Liberty - hence I keep failing the mission - hence I can't advance in the game.

Also, since I am new to this game, is there anyway I can just advance forward to any mission I want, without having to accomplish every single mission?

Young Yoda
04-21-2000, 11:35 PM
hello windjammer, I will help you.

After you inspect commsat 6, Aeron leave your ship to commsat 6 and dock. After assault arrive. Make sure to kill any Zero-G Stormtroopers. You must kill TK group first, do not allow any one got too close to her or scared off and abort docking and return to ship, and no nav-bouy will appear. You must stop any TK group. Ignore another group that attack you, because your shield can much beating! If you able keep Zero-G stormtrooper TK group away from her, she never abort and she will finish work.

better easier if you kill assault shuttle after arrive with missle and laser turret, it may drop few Zero-G stormtrooper.

So you will got notice that she finish her work and returned to your ship, and nav-bouy will appear if she did not abort her dock beforce she finish her work. So keep trying. After TK group is "flying flight plan" after droped off, kill them fast before they going to after Aeron. Remember to ignore another kind of group unit Zero-G stormtrooper group TK are dead!

If you got that and if you finish your mission, reply right away!

May force be with you!

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