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Post a short story you wrote here! It's the fun way to show off your work to others, in exchange for feedback. I'll start with a fable I wrote for my LA class:

The Appealing Kitten

By CaptainSkye

There once was an adorable kitten that always went swanking along the garden path in the afternoon. She was very attractive, with a pretty gold bow in her hair. All the ducks and rabbits rushed to the side of the road to greet the kitten, because she was so delightful and cuddly. They all wanted to be her friend as such. The kitten only gave them mews of contempt.

One glorious Sunday afternoon, the kitten was plodding along as usual. The sunlight shone so brightly, and reflected off her glossy coat. As usual, all the ducks and rabbits came running when they heard her a-mewing up the path. “Quank quank!” The geese called. “Mmph mmph” the rabbits grunted, since rabbits had no particularly distinguished noise they could make. The kitten did not even purr. As she rounded a bend, a platypus came up to her. She ignored it, turning up her nose as usual. The platypus stung her with its rear stingers because she had traveled too near to its nest. The end.

Moral: Don’t take respect and infatuation for granted.

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GEE!!! Awesome!!

Purple Squid
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Awww, that story was worthy of many publications.

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Purple Squid
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swanking along the garden path...

I find that this is my favorite part. Your use of descriptive, unique words makes the story a wonderfully colorful tale of action, romance, and adventure that will last through ages!

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wow, did PS just sound smart?

Purple Squid
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wow, did PS just sound smart?

You see, the word 'Seminole' comes from the Spanish word 'Cimarrone', a name given to a group of Native Americans.

Cimarrone means 'free people'.

Yeah, I can sound smart. ;b

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hehehe, your new avatar is amusing. but still, congrats

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This joke comprises between two or more people, because telling jokes to yourself out loud is disturbing. Afeter every part, the people should say "I don't know, why?" or nothing at all. If something else is said, just ignore it. Some people may come up with renditions of this joke.This joke also goes in parts.

Questions come after the ~ Answers (also told by you) are after -

~Why'd the first panda fall out of the tree?

-Because it thought it could fly.

~Why'd the second panda fall out of the tree?

-Because it was stapled to the first panda.

~ Why'd the third panda fall out of the tree?

-Because it thought it was a game.

~Why'd the fridge fall out of the tree?

-Because it thought it was a panda.

~ Why'd the kid fall off his bike?

- Because three pandas and a fridge fell on him.

This last part has two endings.

~Why'd the girl fall off the swing?

1. -She had no arms.

2. -She saw three pandas and a fridge fall on some guy on a bike.

Tell last part according to audience.

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okay people is this the off topic thread?

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No, the 'nevermind, don't post here, go away' thread is the off-topic thread. :')

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I don't have any thing to say. Except...I's Chevy Chase and you're not.

Purple Squid
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I'm not Chevy Chase?

Well, I've got nothing to live for now.

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Your PURPLE SQUID! Christopher Walken said you rock, that's cool.

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omg, he did say that

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http://x0a.xanga.com/65d81026d827821490335/b15315263.bmpUhh, yeah

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I've gotta have more cowbell!!

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okay darth

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I feel like shaking it.

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by all means do so

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"Jeremie," the voice over the phone asked, "I had a funny feeling in my stomach - so I thought I was hungry. So I kept eating. But I didn't get any less hungry. So I ate more. But now I feel even more hungry."

"Aelita? It's four AM."

"I know. And I have this funny feeling in my throat too-"

"Aelita, waking up way too early? Throat feeling? Stomach aches? I'd think you're sick enough to miss school."

"What do you do when you miss school?"

"Get lots of rest. Call the office number and tell them you're sick."

"Alright." She hung up, calling the office number for absence, and went to bed again. Jeremie, meanwhile, was dialing the nurse to fake strep - he figured it was only his duty to keep to Aelita's needs and whims.

He opened the door silently, to see a dark room, blinds drawn, closet closed, desk full of neat notes. He saw Aelita sleeping so silently and sweetly. "How beautiful, how majestic." He ran his fingers through her hair, silently and stealthily.

"You look so peaceful when you're asleep," He climbed up onto her bed, facing the other direction from her, and holding her hand. "It's like you have all the time in the world. I wish I could fall asleep so easily," he said, looking at her tranquil, serene face. He stole a kiss gently from her lips.

He left the room, feeling much more calm, and yet ecstatic, than he ever had, until he was interrupted by a dull, sick voice, and the opening of two heavy eyes, whispering simply, "Jeremie, next time make sure I'm asleep."

Turning red, he fell to the ground.



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and what was this about

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Yeah, It sounds confusing.

12-11-2005, 11:25 PM
it is

Purple Squid
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Oh! Cheez wrote for Code Lyoko!

Thumbs up!

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"Jeremie, wait," Aelita said, coughing into her hands. "I don't want to be alone. It's kind of weird."
"But...isn't it... weirder with me? I mean, I was just in your room while you were asleep and- It's just I..."

"No, it's not strange at all." Aelita smiled with this remark, climbing out of her covers, grabbing Jeremie by one shoulder.

"Aelita, I-I..."

"You're so cute when you're nervous, Jeremie. I like making you blush."

"..." Jeremie turned red once more. "B-I, I mean, but, I..."

"If you're not going to say anything, don't try." Aelita kissed him gently on the cheek. Jeremie turned around to face her, embarassed still.

"I feel like... It's odd. I can't understand this feeling."

"Then ignore it," Aelita said. "That's what I do."

Jeremie smiled, sitting on her bed, looking up. "I guess you're right." He grabbed her hand as she sat down next to him. "I've been such a weirdo all this time - I guess I understand human interaction less than you do."

"No, I don't understand it at all. But everyone else acts like this."

"How would you know?"

"I've read books and stories."

"That makes sense," said Jeremie.

He leaned closer to her, resting his head on her shoulders. They turned, kissing eachother and rolling on to the bed. As they embraced eachother, Jim opened the door.

"Just checking up on - -"

Jim shuffled backwards out the door.

"Uhh...carry on?" He muttered, backing away.

Maybe it was the sympathy card, but as he walked away, he decided it would be best if nobody knew about that.

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Ummm, wowies. I should write a story abou that magical circle from 1st grade where we got brownies and then we all had whimiscal thoughts. I thought about atom bombs, ahh good times.

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okay now i get it

12-12-2005, 09:05 PM
Story = Good

Nice job Cheez. :thumbsup:

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yeah, you so need to make your own show

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Odd's Mistletoe

"So, are you going to the Christmas ball with Yumi, Ulrich?"

"Hey, Odd - why do you insist on calling it the Christmas ball? It's the holiday ball. Not everybody

celebrates Christmas here - we have a cultural variety."

"So you chickened out?"

"...Well, I'm going. And she's going. But I don't think we're going, you know...together."

"That's more embarassing than me going alone. Oh well. I'm going to cause some mischief anyway. I hear

Aelita's taking Jeremie to the dance - you know, she asked him, and he said-"

"Yeah Odd, I know," grumbled Ulrich.

"I'll be in the gym. You know, the gym, where the dance is going to be. For people who are going to the dance,

probably with their dates -"

"Odd!" Ulrich yelled. "It wasn't funny the first time you said it! It's not funny now, either?"

"Well, dress yourself up real nice, even though you won't even dance. Dork."


Odd walked out through the snow. It was kind of freezing - but did it matter? With his prank, things would

heat up. Fast. He reached in his pocket - it was still moist and living. Great. He entered the room.

William waited at the door. "Hey, Odd, wait." He grabbed Odd by the shoulder. "Do you think Yumi would

want to dance with me?"

"No, I think she'd rather pour acid in her eyes. But there are plenty of other girls that already like someout

there. Like Sissi."

"Come on, Odd, be honest."

"No. I bet she totally digs you. You want to get rid of Ulrich, and she wants to get rid of Yumi. It's like


"...I'll just wait for Yumi."

"Idunno. I hear she's going with Ulrich."

"That's not what she said when-"

"She shot you down?"

"...Just, go away."

"You're the one who asked me to talk."

"GO." This command was issued harshly, as Odd walked away laughing. He just had to get Sissi by William for

the first victims. So long as the good will of people prevailed, anyway.

He spotted Sissi among the crowd - maybe it was her ridiculous get-up, or maybe she just had this repelling

aura that was her personality.

"Aren't you watching the door? Ulrich's gonna be here soon," Odd said.

"Good idea!" Sissi said. "I think you finally got something right, scrawny."

"I am not scrawny," Odd muttered as she walked away. "I'm svelte."

He sneaked back to the door, where Sissi and William stood next to eachother. Almost trancelike, they looked

up. Dangling above them was a mistletoe, and they looked to eachother.

"Well?" Odd smirked.

"No! That's- You can't, I mean, I won't!"

"Actually," William stuttered, "it's school code - if you signed the forms to go to the dance, you're

susceptible to any and all mistletoe."

"That is the dumbest rule ever!" Sissi yelled, slapping Odd.

"But it's a rule," said Odd, "and imagine how bad it would be for you if your daddy finds out you broke the


"Grrr... Fine." She turned, grabbed William by the shoulders, drew him forth, and pecked him quickly.

William was almost dazed.

"Huhh... That was..."

"Listen, I think I see Ulrich," Sissi said. She did, really; but she was unwilling to accept feelings for anyone

besides Ulrich. It was too outlandish a thought.

Ulrich walked in the door, followed by Yumi. Sissi intercepted him. "Oh Ulrich dear, I'm so glad you're here!

Let's dance!"

"Wait!" William gasped, shocked. "I thought we-"

"Odd made me!"

"But it's still-"


Through the chaos, Ulrich and Yumi snuck away. They blended into the crowd together, as Odd snuck up. But

not before he spotted Jeremie and Aelita. They were dancing, both nervous.

He snaked through the crowd, putting the plant back in his pocket. He drew close, ducking below their sights

of vision, getting of to the side, producing the plant, rising up, and dangling it over them.

"Hey, Jeremie."

"Odd!" He had obviously seen the festive plant above their heads.

"What? Not with me! I mean with Aelita!"

"I know, but-"

"School policy."


"You know you want to."

"Come on Jeremie. Don't be so shy."

He walked away, watching them introduce eachothers' lips to eachother. "Just one more minor prank before I

can start the real fun."

Slithering through the crowds, his next targets shyly accepted to dance with eachother, awkwardly trying to

dance. He drew close, combat crawling; to the ignorance of most of the school, the other ones ignoring him. He

was like that. He was just Odd.

He jumped up, startling the last couple, thrusting his hand into the air.

"Hey Ulrich. Hey Yumi."

"O-Odd!" Yumi yelled. They both stared at him, red faced. Odd prepared his simple "Not with me"; but it

wasn't necessary. They turned to eachother.

"Ehhhh, but it's..."

"You signed the form. It's school rules."


"No buts, just do it."

Ulrich and Yumi drew their faces close to eachother, completely red. As they drew close enough to be almost

touching; a crashing came. Light fixtures had become unfastened, falling around the children. "Oh no!"

Jeremie yelled. "XANA!" He grabbed Aelita's hand, and ran out the door, to the factory route. Ulrich and

Yumi followed.

They got to the factory quickly, while Odd stayed behind to make sure nothing was happening.

He waited. His prank was so close to working; but of course, that had to happen. Everyone let the incident

slide slowly; nobody was hurt, and the lamps were rather small anyway. Jeremie and the gang came rushing

back in.


"Nothing," Ulrich said between breaths. "Just a false alarm."

"Right," said Odd, quickly pocketing a screwdriver.

"What was that?"

"Oh, I just felt like ruining your moment."


I swear I am on a Code Lyoko binge since the series just ended. Last year I made all sorts of music videos.


12-12-2005, 11:32 PM
sweet, they should so pay you for this

12-13-2005, 10:25 PM
Ugh, I need to write a story about all those buttholes at the band show today. I swear I gave the finger 5 times.

12-13-2005, 10:43 PM
i need to write a poem about the why i feel

12-13-2005, 10:48 PM


Sand pushed on forth, and kept flooding the desert; as it did all over the world. There was nowhere to be safe from it any more. The planet was destroyed by dust, leaving behind only the strong, and horrible mutations. Humans were no longer dominant; Zorrikh, the monstrous beings that only resembled humanoids were. None were ever seen without their mechanical form, that was vaguely like a bipedal vulture. They controlled those who could not leave the sandworld of Earth.
Steps made no sound on the desert, as Neil walked further and further, dragging his sword around. He himself had sheer blonde hair, straight and falling to the back of his neck. He wore no shirt, showing a well-sculpted body, along with his torn jeans. His legs were torn themselves, covered in blood and scars. His sword was long and thin, with a blade that could cut metal itself. He walked slowly on the sand - walking loudly or making a sound attracted Mor Graelions, the sand demons. Those who had encountered them never lived to tell of it, with no remains left.

Neil walked further, hearing wingbeats. A huge dragon that took up the sky passed over him, providing sweet shade and coolness for just a second. He had no intent to keep walking, but he would not stay in the desert cities. He would not stay victim to the Zorrikh. He marched on only to the citadel.

The sun, and the Morning Star moved closer each second, it seemed, heat beating down. It was over one hundred degrees in the desert, and only the greatest of fortresses and rich homes had cooling equipment. Like the citadel. He marched on if not only for that one hope of getting out of the sun, and out of their disgusting mud houses.

It was still winter, and he already would break out in a sweat just by staying in the shade. Summers were a living hell; nobody dared to go out in that horrible condition. It was enough to melt through skin, and people moved underground. It was not much cooler, but it was a start.

Neil was the last living remnant of his family blood; no cousins, no brothers, no parents. He was born, and his parents were supposedly killed by the Mor Graelions. He had grown to hate everything on Earth; even humankind.

He picked up a fistful of sand, and let it slip through his stiff fingers. It was whisked away in the wind. He was truly scared deep down on the inside, but a stoic on the outside. Somewhere up in the sky rich fools hung over him, in nice, cold homes, blowing all the heat down on the world. Up in space was where rich people lived. But the one place better was the Citadel.

A towering black monument of all humans have worked for; a sanctuary from the Zorrikh, a sanctuary from war and battles. He would be home there. But now the sounds of an engine filled his ears. He looked behind him. A little to his side was a green bare-bones car. Huge wheels, pipe-like structure, and two seats. It shot towards him, and slowed down. He didn't see who was in it before; but now he saw.

"Neil, Neil," came the familiar voice of Manic, an outcast from his hometown, Mel'Khetta; he was sporting elven ears, black slicked back hair, a strapping black jacket, and a pair of torn up, ragged khaki shorts.

"I know where the citadel is! I saw it! It's behind us, I swear."

"What are you doing with that car?"

"I saw them. A Zorrikh Rebel showed me."

"You'll wake the Graelions."

"We can be saved."

"I can smell their filth tunneling to the surface already."

"It's just behind - I promise, I promise."

Neil closed his eyes, as a Graelion rose up, throwing its claw through the car, just through Manic's stomach and into the engine, withdrawing it and screeching a group meeting warning to its companions.

"Good going, Manic."

He opened his eyes, raising his sword, and faced it to the massive Graelion.

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that was super sweet, 4 thumbs up

12-14-2005, 02:02 PM
You have 4 thumbs. Wow, that deserves some kind of poem.

"The girl with 4 thumbs."

12-14-2005, 02:05 PM
Speaking of thumbs: don't you hate it when someone says "you only have three fingers because a thumb and a pinky aren't fingers"? I mean, that's ridiculous.

Anyway, that fanficness is great Chez. Superbo job!

12-14-2005, 03:40 PM
Your pinky is a finger, and your thumb is....Is your thumb really a finger?

12-14-2005, 03:59 PM
Of course! Is it not a digit on your hand?

12-14-2005, 04:01 PM
yeah but you still need your thumb or you would do much

12-14-2005, 07:23 PM
I agree Allie, I use my thumb to press the space bar. If I didn't have a thumb, it'd take me forever to post.

12-14-2005, 09:08 PM
yeah and what about the systems controllers, ps2 xbox gamcube gba, those would be point less without thumbs

12-14-2005, 09:46 PM
No, my dad played regular PS with his feet once. Beat me at Tekken 2, I'll never forgive him for that.

12-14-2005, 09:56 PM
So I flipped this really gay kid who slobbered all over my test, no lie; I asked to retake it. This kid was like, he said he was Yugoslavian and Greek at the same time, he was like a giant pork chop, we called him Steven @$$Laskis.

So one day on the bus I flip him off. He gets really mad, then smiles. He goes, "There's no middle finger, your thumb isn't a finger."

I punch this kid in the face, and go, "You know why I call that the five finger whopper?"


"Because there are five fingers in your hand."

So we used to say the name of the girl he liked on the bus until he turned red. He said "You guys are so immature!"

I say aloud, "We're immature, but you watch Arthur."

he cries

He wasn't allowed to go to the school dance unless he went with some other boys, and also he kissed his little brother once.

he's a sad kid



12-14-2005, 09:58 PM
hahahahaha!! Awesome!

The Fat, Little Mouse.

One day, there was a mouse named Jarod. He was a fat, little thing. When the cats would try to eat him, they choked to death on his fatness. After Jarod went through another attempt at being eaten, he scarfed down a candy bar to ease the pain. Jarod grew fatter and fatter until one day, he blew up in a cat's mouth. "Ewwwwwwww" Says the cat, still to this day.

R.I.P you fat little mouse.

12-14-2005, 10:09 PM
nice, bloody and funny at the same time,sewwt

12-14-2005, 10:32 PM

TheRealLyokar: Well I've known this kid since 7th grade. He's a good 'drug' friend of mine. We will call him ~Special K. Special K is a kid who is overweight, talks super fast so no one can understand him, does a TON of drugs, I mean I do a lot of drugs, but no where near him.
TheRealLyokar: Well we would always pick on Special K in 7th/8th grade but throwing his folder around with his papers into the street.. and the wind would take them all. We tourmented him so bad, yet he was still wanting to be friends. Well we finally became friends at the end of 7th grade.
TheRealLyokar: Now this is four years later, Special K is the funniest [screw]ing kid I have ever met. He lives in a trailer (outside looks like ****, but the inside is super nice, and his family is rich, they save their money), and when he is asked how to find his house he always says "ohh man just look for the big mansion with chrome spinners and a gold hitch on the side of the highway!"
TheRealLyokar: or when i saw him when he was all [screw]ed up on Oxy, Alcohol, Weed, Hydrocodone, and Xanax, he was like "DUDE.. I just saw a six point snake!" I was thinking...what the hell is wrong with him? Well this story continues onto this very day, he still sometimes talks about 'Marvin' what he eventually got named. He also tells us about how he has to go on his roof and scrape the squirrll **** off his roof.
TheRealLyokar: And how he has a 'pimp' cat under his house and how the 'hoe' cats sit there and go "MEEEEOWWWWW" all night and [screw]. Oh and one time, his mom fell through the floor in the tub... Yeah, Special K is a [screw]in cool kid, but damn, is he [screw]ed up.

cbluebleeder777: seriously

12-14-2005, 10:42 PM
........ speechless.

12-14-2005, 10:42 PM
i'm not going to say anything on this topic

12-14-2005, 10:48 PM
As she walked into the room, they stared. She had a tissue in her hand, and her nose was running. They started to scringe, for she was...the goose.

That's totally my story, I sound like a goose when I blow my stuffy nose.

12-14-2005, 10:59 PM
And how he has a 'pimp' cat under his house and how the 'hoe' cats sit there and go "MEEEEOWWWWW" all night and [screw].

I can picture that.

@Ave: I can relate. I just got over a cold, and noseblowing was a pain, both literally and metaphorically; the noise makes it awkward.

12-14-2005, 11:08 PM
lucky, i have to take pills to stop that

12-15-2005, 12:12 PM
I take pills that don't help me at all. They're HUGE!! I almost choke on them.

12-15-2005, 05:34 PM
mine are for my many allergies

12-30-2005, 06:12 AM


12-30-2005, 08:57 AM
Is alive. But I can't help wondering if this belongs in the Creative Forums.

Fan stories? So I can tell you a story of mine? Cool. I'll just cut it from my LJ.

A week before Christmas I went to my local DVD store to see if I can buy Simpsons season 2 DVD, thinking it would be less than Season 7. Boy was I wrong, oh so wrong. It's still around $50. I know it hasn't been too long since they released it but I don't want to wait a few more years to be able to afford them.

I walked in hoping it would be $20 or under. $20!

Man I felt like a retard.

Not because it cost more than I thought it would but because I got the whole store looking for it. Would you believe that they didn't know where the entire rack of the most popular sitcom was? Can you believe it? No, nor can I.

We finally found it in the back on the bottem shelf and with my bad lower back it was hell to reach down there but I did it. Of course all this pain did nothing to lower the price and it was humilating to walk out after forcing some really loud guy to help look for it with me.

And the picture they had put up near the door was strange. It was a crossdressing girl with her hand down the front of her pants as she closed her eyes holding a phone.

I don't understand it either.

Mashi An'krekku
12-30-2005, 01:22 PM
Most of the crap I write is scripts, but I am working on a short Psychonauts fiction that's not scripty. Then I'll be working on my big project with two zombies, some anthropomorphic birds and bats, and a succubus!

BTW, KingCheez, your Code Lyoko fanfiction is AWESOME!!

12-30-2005, 03:09 PM
i write fanfis, but i'm afraid of everyone's reaction to them

12-30-2005, 05:06 PM
i write fanfis, but i'm afraid of everyone's reaction to them

Now don't be afraid. Just toughen yourself up. It's the godamn internet...most people on it are jerks. Now that doesn't mean people who review a fic negatively are jerks it just means someone is taking the time to politly tell you you're story may possibly be crap.

But if no one tells you how will you get better....

I remember the first time I posted a story on FF.net

And I'm glad that someone kicked my ass.

Besides I'm sure it's not bad.

Just as long as it has no:

Urple, Mary Sues, OOC or random mentions of cheese and such it will not be GA.

And if it does. So what? We still love you.

12-30-2005, 05:09 PM
believe me, it dosen't but from everyone elses point of view...they seem strang

12-30-2005, 05:14 PM
believe me, it dosen't but from everyone elses point of view...they seem strang

They seem strange?

Or do you mean they think the fic is strange.?

12-30-2005, 05:17 PM

12-30-2005, 05:48 PM


The new boys stood among eachother, looking up at the massive campus. "Pffft," grumbled one boy

in fluent english. "I can't even speak French." He wore an outlandish cap and jacket. The coattails were laced

with tiny black ribbons, flowing in the autumn wind.

"Why are we even dressed up as Psychonauts characters, either?" Another boy, dressed in a green

striped sweatshirt, a dark brown jacket and backpack, a flight helmet and goggles, and some gloves stared out

into the campus.

"Elementary," smirked the last one, dressed in a normal outfit - a black T-Shirt with the Subsonics

logo on it, blue jeans and a slicked back brown hair. "Somebody told me a long time ago they needed help with

something called XANA. When I was like, five. Something about supercomputers. Now with that

supercomputer, my technological genius, and some hard hours of manual labor, we can convert it to do anything

we want."

"Like, make us a sandwich?"

"Think harder, man. Bigger! Imagine if we could be IN any game we wanted to play, And we could

finish the whole game, and no time would have passed. The world would be ours!"

"So it could make a delicious bologna sandwich, and no time would pass while I was eating it?"

"...Fine, that works."

"So what's with the costumes?" The first boy felt very odd in his outlandish cap and jacket.

"Simple. If everyone thinks we're crazy," the normally dressed boy chirped, "if you dopes tell,

people won't all gather around and freak out. They'll think you're all crazy. Me? I keep my mouth shut."

"Hey!" Odd ran up to them, quickly. "New guys! Aren't you going to the enrollment office or

something? Everyone's been making a fuss."

"We're going into the sewers, to the factory, to the super computer, and we will play Psychonauts."


The average dressed boy laughed. Nonchalantly, he replied, "Meet D'Artagnan and Razputin.

They're both crazy. My name is Robert. I'll go enroll as soon as I help these kids find this 'factory.'


Odd walked away, weirded out, but a bit liking of the two "crazy people."


Rise up to the fall - Hey! Solidarity!"

Robert stood upon a stage, singing, his friends Razputin and D'Artagnan, or so claimed, played

drums and guitar, two volunteers playing bass and trumpet.

"Hey! Solidarity! Hey! Solidarity! Hey! Solidarity! Hey! Solidarity!"

The bass bumped on, as he sang his heart out. It'd been a week since they arrived at Kadic

Academy, and he was invited to play with his band at a school talent show. Everyone around him was shocked.

"Unity the verb, solidarity! You the truth have heard, solidarity! Rise up to the call, solidarity!" He

jumped up and down, back and forth, "HYEAAAAAAAAAH!!!" He screamed out into the crowd, grabbing the

microphone off its stand, rolled forward, and began shouting, leaning down into the face of Sissi. "Hey!

Solidarity! Hey! Solidarity! Hey! Solidarity!"

She was completely head over heels for him, amazed. She always did fall for the new kids. But this

boy had stared her straight in the eyes, shouting words at her that she found irrelevant.

"Yeahhhh! Thank you! We are a Five Iron Frenzy tribute band! Don't forget don't drink from the

water fountains - the water is full of lead!"

The principal, sitting next to Sissi, snarled with contempt. His daughter stood up and clapped, along

with the rest of the room. Jeremie and Aelita cheered.

"These are the kids Odd were talking about? I don't think they can discover Lyoko with music,"

said Aelita.

"No," laughed Jeremie, "but they can get a standing ovation!"

Sissi chanted on. "Encore! Encore! Encore!"

The whole room filled up, the principal growing angrier.

The band rushed back out, with their instruments, cheering, "Encore! Encore!"

Everyone went silent.

"Hoho, sorry," said Robert. "Thought one of the good bands just played a song. Alright, we have

another one. We call it...Giants."

The song opened, with Robert cracking up hysterically, and beginning to sing in a dark tone.

Sissi cheered, as Robert darkly claimed his words, the microphone screaming with filters, the

drums, bass, and guitar yelling monorhythmical patterns.

"Who's behind the curtain anyway," he asked, pulling Sissi up on stage, "who pulls the levers and

tells the lies?"

He signaled up Ulrich just as well, "Giants roam the land today, gaining dominance with every


The guitars blankly went to an evil chord, the bass growling away, the recorded track of a little

girl speaking insane words.

"Wait," he said, as the band stopped. "That's not on...That's just on the studio version. There's


"Down with the giants!" A demonic voice belted.


The ticker screen above him flashed the XANA signal, as the power went completely out, sans the


"Now is the time," he said, dropping the microphone stand, running off the stage, dashing outside.

Quick on his tail were Ulrich, Yumi, Aelita, Odd and Jeremie.

"That kid must be XANA!" Jeremie insisted, dashing on.


It was an odd sight to see, a band still carrying their instruments, five children determined on catching then, a girl hell-bent on kissing one of them, a principal and gym teacher more so determined to kill them, and a mob of screaming fangirls.

That's fame for you, thought Robert, as he dived into the supply closet quickly. He ran down the steps to the sewers, with Razputin and D'Artagnan, or so claimed, hot on his tail, followed by the Lyoko gang, and of course, Sissi. He dived down the steps, a la a stage dive, somersaulting to the factory, swinging among the ropes to the ground, jumping into the elevator, everybody following, sans Sissi, who was too afraid to jump over the ropes.

"What do you want from the supercomputer, XANA?" Jeremie questioned, angrily.

"I want a good, fun game of F.E.A.R."


"The supercomputer. We can scan ourselves into the games, no?"

"There's no-Well, I mean..."

"I tell you what," said Robert. "Take me into a game and your secret is kept silent."

"Alright," said Jeremie, walking out of the elevator, into the Console room.

"It all starts with the Supercalculator."


"Well now that you guys are here, I figure it's our job to brief you. We're looking for information on materializing Aelita, for real. So we can shut down Lyoko and the world will never be in danger again."

"Are you kidding?" Robert elbowed Jeremie. "This computer could run F.E.A.R. on full, baby. I say just nix the XANA program and install some games."

"Robert, you don't get it. He dwells in Lyoko. We can't delete any part of that, But if we recover Franz Hopper's data-"

"Old man Hopper? You're talking about Franz Hopper?"

"Yes. The man who, in theory, could have designed all of this."

"No way! He's my grandfather!"

"Not possible. It's just illogical, in every way! All the data I've recovered from his journals says nothing about a family."

"That's because we barely knew him either. He left my family when I was 8, to go to France."

"Prove it," Jeremie retorted.

Robert produced from his pocket a wallet, with a picture of his grandpa, Franz Hopper, and ID, clearly reading "Robert Ian Hopper."

"I don't believe it," gasped Jeremie.

"Well then, let me see just what Grandpa's said about me."

Robert sat down at the computer. With fingers like lightning, he entered in codes and passwords. "I was watching my dad for a while. He kept a video journal then, too. He told me that one day I would need the password, and it would be Robert."

He typed the final six letters, hitting Return. "Latest entry," he said.

He gasped, covering his eyes, peeking through them. He saw the brutality of police, dragging him away from the console. "XANA!" He heard his grandfather shout. "Save me! Save me from the evil humans!"

"Evil... humans," a sad sounding voice repeated. "Evil humans." It laughed maniacally, possessing a piece of the ceiling, crushing the police, but suddenly, its icon flew out of the ceiling, staring at Franz Hopper. "All humans are evil. XANA's purpose is to exterminate humans. I am sorry."

The ceiling pieces began to fall, as Franz ran, turning back to look at the supercalculator console. "There's just one place to be safe from him..."

Franz hit the button in the elevator. "Systems! Initiate auto virtualize in 30 seconds!" The camera switched to a security camera automatically.

He dived into the scanner, his particles distorting, just as XANA pulled the plug - trapping Franz Hopper in the inbetween, the limbo.


"My god," gasped Jeremie.

"I... My grandpa is... dead?" Robert held his face down, crying.

"He's just stuck in the inbetween data. He's easily rescuable."

"Inbetween data," muttered Robert. "That's it! If we want to find him, we have to find a way into the inbetween data - like a barrier between Earth and Lyoko. He'll have to be there!"

He pulled a disc out of his jacket pocket.

"Jeremie, insert this. Mount it on the middle barrier. Partition F145. We're going in."

"What is it?

"A game my father programmed. It's supposed to take place in the future. That's all he told me."

Jeremie inserted the disc, and typed in the code. Robert headed for the scanners, with Razputin, D'Artagan, Yumi, Ulrich, Aelita, and Odd.

Multiple of them jammed into the scanners, all materializing normally, as they flung through the usual tunnel, however, at the end, there was nothing.

"Soldiers? Are you awake?" A gruff, cold voice questioned.


Soldiers dashed everywhere, firing on the attacking organisms. They were packs of grey-colored scythe-armed soldiers, with tall black soldiers, standing tall and bulky behind them, carrying weapons.

"No time to brief you! Get to the armory, meet up with General H. He knows what to do."

"General H?" Jeremie questioned.

"Run! The armory's over-" As the soldier extended his arm, he felt a warm burst of energy in his back, His entire spine disintegrated, as the heavyset aliens opened fire on the squadron.

They rushed down corridor after corridor, of silence. Finally, they reached the armory.

"I've been waiting for you. My name is General Hans Elmin. As you know, the ship is going down - but not without a fight. I've already taken the liberty of splitting you into groups. Team Recon A: your leader is Robert. The members are Jeremie and Aelita. Team Recon B: your leader is Razputin. Your members are Yumi and Ulrich. Team Assault: your leader is D'Artagnan, and the most physically able of you, Odd, will be the secondary combatant." The man lead them to the weapons, which they graciously took.

"We'll be alone together?" Yumi asked Ulrich.

"Not quite," Razputin laughed.

Robert began muttering to himself, turning away from the group.

"What's the deal, don't you feel, caught up in the silence? Push it up, take it down, better wait for you to die-"

"What are you doing?"

"Got a story if you'll tell, so, you'd better listen well!"

"Robert!" Razputin yelled. "Snap out of it."

"Oh, sorry... was I singing?"

"Yes, you were."

"Alright, let's move."

The teams split up, sifting through the corridors. Team A headed down the darkest corridor, as the lights began to fail. Emergency lights clicked on, but shorted out. "It's completely black!" Aelita gasped.

"Relax," Robert said, clicking a button on his arm, activating the headlamp. "This has limited batteries - but you have some nightvision goggles."

"Don't fret precious I'm here," he began to whisper again, "step away from the window, and go...back to sleep."

"Why do you sing?" Aelita questioned.

"I sing because... where I came from it's an arcane practice. It's supposed to summon good luck and fortune. Everyday things to you are ritualistic to us,"

As they further creeped through the corridors, a whispering voice followed behind them, a dark and evil one. "Safe from pain," it growled, "and truth, and choice - and other poison devils!"

Robert whirled around, to see a pair of red eyes watching him from the shadows.

"See, they don't give a %@#$ about you...like I do..."

He fired off a warning shot from his pistol. Immediately, a hellish being: a flaming-eyed, child-sized red-skinned demon; was standing right before him.

"What are you? I don't remember you from the game at all!"

"I'm one of the millions of new codes spliced in by XANA. I'm a demonic entity. I live in Virtual Hell. Would you like to come see? It's a lovely place."

"No, no, stay back." Robert fired off several bullets, but it caught them all. "New toys!" The demon laughed. It whirled the bullets around in midair, orbiting them around himself.

"What do you want with us, monster?"

"I wanna play with you. This world is so much bigger than the pretty little one I live in. Will you let me follow you?"

So far, the demon had done nothing.

"Prove yourself."

"There's a locked door and two aliens just up ahead and around the corner, and I can break the lock's security if you clear out the aliens."

Jeremie gazed into the entity's flaming eyes.

"If you're one of XANA's creations, why are you helping us?"

"Yeah," Robert said, whirling around to look at the demon.

"Because XANA wants me to keep a close eye on the one that sings, and say; you look awfully familiar, too."

"Fine," Robert said, as he continued walking. As he rounded the bend, there were the two aliens; and the locked door.


Odd and D'Artagnan, loaded to the teeth with weapons, charged down a corridor. "I'm getting a transmission," D'Artagnan said. "There's a breach on Strut B."

"Why would we wanna go there?"

"We're the ASSAULT Squadron," D'Artagnan said, unholstering duel SMGs. "Let's rock."

Odd and Dart charged down the hall, reaching the door to Strut B.

"It's code-locked!" D'Artagnan yelled, frustrated, as he tried to open it.

"Nonsense," Odd said. "Every door can be opened some way or another." Odd brought his foot in a quick slicing kick to the door, and as the blow connected, the door flew off, allowing them to the midst of the battle.

In what looked like a restaurant's interior, a soldier jumped over a table, hiding behind a tree planted in artifical soil, blindfiring behind him and killing an alien quickly. He turned around to look at his prize, but not before being gutted by one of the small aliens. Quickly, a larger alien tore a neon-lit sign from the ceiling, dropping it to the ground, lighting a fire as it cracked open.

Odd jumped in, firing his M4 wildly. He dived behind another tree, killing the fire-starting alien, and two small ones, as he jumped for a hanging lamp, swinging across it to the ceiling rafters. He looked around, beginning to pick enemies off from above. He changed locations quickly along the rafters, so as not to be noticed. On the ground, Dart was handling things just fine - until she stopped to reload. A gigantic form of the small aliens readied its claws to decapitate her, as Odd rode down a lamp's rope, and using his kinetic force downward, broke it off, crushing the alien under it.

"Dart! Don't worry!"

"Oh, you saved me!" D'Artagnan said. He turned around, and kissed Odd on the cheek.

Odd coughed, sputtered, hacked, wheezed, and made barfing noises. "That's gross! Can you not tell I'm a guy?"

"Come on Odd." D'Artagnan laughed. "Can you not tell I'm a girl?"

She took off her stocking cap, revealing flowing pink hair, and previously hidden from the hat's scruff; deep green eyes.

"No, I couldn't," claimed Odd, turning red.

"Well, it was for the sake of the mission; but now that you know, I guess you should also I know I like you."

"Listen; we can't let this get in the way of the...the mission. I mean say we're fighting in a dark closet and you get carried away, again?"

"Come on, Odd. Have faith in me."

Just then, two mechanical monsters burst through the door, crushing the tile floor beneath them.


Odd and Dart dived behind seperate trees, loading their weapons.


Yumi, Ulrich, and Razputin walked towards the bridge slowly, with Raz in front and Yumi in back. "Our goal," Razputin said, "is to find and annihilate any possible threat within the bridge or control room."

"Yeah," Ulrich said. That was all he really said, he had to impress Yumi. As they headed down the corridor, a closet door seemed to sway open back and forth. Don't be scared, thought Ulrich. Don't be scared. Nothing can scare you. Even if you are scared, not in front of Yumi.

Ulrich held his breath crossing the border to the closet, as he heard a heavy breathing. He slowed down, activating his flashlight. He walked in, and looked around. Razputin stopped, and so did Yumi. Ulrich checked the supply closet thoroughly, for nothing, but still heard heavy breathing. Just then, from the other closet directly across from it, a demon dived out. Inside his mind, Ulrich had jumped to the ceiling and cried in terror. In reality, he simply shook.

He took the broom, as the demon took one for its own. Each move he made, it made. He swung, crashing the broom into the demon every time, but being hurt himself. Ulrich quickly formulated a plan. The demon was no taller than 3 feet high. Ulrich jumped into the air as high as he could; not even up to Ulrich's kneecaps as the demon, and brought down his broom. The demon was crushed, leaving in its death moments just an ache in Ulrich's shoe.

"Wow," Yumi said.

"Ehhh, yeah," he said, smiling.

"Don't try to impress her now. We're on a mission, and if we're gonna get scared, get down and dirty, and knock some heads, we don't need to do it with smile." Razputin said. His tone was serious, as he lowered his crimson red goggles over his eyes.

"Just keep moving."


Odd and Dart dived into the middle again, running in helix formation, until they both struck forth for the robots, and Odd jumped virtually infinitely into the air, diving back down, with plenty of gunfire, crashing his foot into the mech, as its first shell of armor ruptured, revealing a jet black obsidian inner casing.

"Jeez louise," Odd said, firing off more shots. "These just won't do it!"

Quickly he thought; and dropped his M4, going hand to hand and mono y mono with the robotic being. He kicked it quickly, ripping off its outer shell of fist casing. Now he was ready to rock, as he connected each blow, cracking the obsidian armor, ripping out the motherboard from the robot and crushing it in his fingers, as the robot fell to the ground. Odd picked up his M4 again, holstering it, and went to kill D'Artagnan's robot. She was still firing, until Odd ripped its head off, pulling out circuits and wires galore.

"These things can only kill themselves." He laughed, heading down the hallway again.


Jeremie and Aelita watched as Robert took out the aliens, and the demon cracked the code quickly. A raiding party of alien soldiers rushed down the hall, as Robert and the demon ripped them apart, with their bare hands.

"He's so dreamy," Aelita said, smirking.

"Wh-Whaaat!?" Jeremie growled. He ran up, into the battlezone, against all odds. He pushed Robert out of the way, into a wall. He prepared to attack an alien with his bare hands, until Robert yanked him back by his shirt.

"What do you think you're doing?" Robert snarled.

"You're such a charlatan, you know that?"

"What are you talking about?"

"First you steal the spotlight at school, and now you're stealing Aelita's heart even more, from me!"

"I'm trying to SURVIVE!" Robert yelled, shoving Jeremie over, and ripping the arm off the oncoming soldier.

Aelita walked towards Robert slowly, almost trancelike. "Oh, Robert. You fight so well;"

"Get away from me!" The angered boy yelled, sizzling with rage. You could see an aura of flame beginning to well up around him.

"Jeremie. I'm going to go up around the bend and scout. You and Aelita keep post. Demon? Keep me company." Ordered Robert.

The little devil hopped up onto his shoulder, as Robert wandered away, picking up an alien rifle.

"Aelita," Jeremie said, "I thought you and me..."

"He can play guitar and sing, he looks like such a sweet person, he's so strong - face it Jeremie, you can't do any of that!"

"I brought you to life, Aelita," Jeremie said, his glasses flaring in the light.

"But I'm in love with him now;"

"You can't be."

"Why not?"

Jeremie tried so hard to take her hand, but didn't.

"He doesn't even like you! Did you see how angry he got from you just going near?"

"He has a sense of duty! Not like you! You don't care about me, or anything, Jeremie."

Jeremie growled. He picked up an alien weapon from behind himself, and walked away.

"Robert said to stay here-"

"If Robert said to pick up that gun and shoot your own head off, would you?"

Jeremie marched off, steaming.


As Yumi, Raz, and Ulrich marched through the hallways still, steam pipes ruptured around them, erupting blazing vapor, They crept through the hall, to a dead end.

"This is it? This isn't the control room, bridge or... anything!"

Razputin looked up. "Wrong. If I'm right, it's right above here. And if I'm right...”

A soldier crashed through the floor behind them, opening a hole in the ceiling above Razputin, Yumi, and Ulrich. Razputin jumped up; taking advantage of space's low gravity. Yumi and Ulrich did the same, coming to the cozy, warm battlefield of the control room.

You could see the decay upon the consoles from hours of working. The soldiers fired shots, oblivious to the poor condition of the systems, the consequences of destroying a key engine or regulation component, or any other possible danger. Their only priority was to save themselves. Razputin quickly disposed of the soldiers, then aimed for the aliens with his weaponry.

“Wait!” Ulrich gasped. “Why did you kill the soldiers?”

“Simple,” D'Artagnan growled. “If they made one miscalculated shot; it's over.”

“Danger,” a voice boomed over the speakers, “Cargo hold br-brea breach- Console disrupt-detpursid snoitcnuf elosnoc- All evac-cva- Evacuate.”

“I guess they already made the miscalculated shot,” Ulrich grumbled, as the computer's voice quivered nervously and began spitting garbage.

“Collision course to planet Earth.”


“Hoo boy,” Odd said, entering the control room from another entrance. “Oh hey Ulrich, hey Yumi. You hear we're all gonna die?” D'Artagnan signed, closing her eyes, standing behind Odd. She was gonna die in a computer game and she'd never even been kissed.

Robert dropped down from a hatch in the ceiling, followed by Jeremie and Aelita, both of the latter sulking in anger. The entire squad was reformed in the control room, for a few last brief moments, before quite possibly the premature end of their lives.

“Cheer up,” Robert said. “There's a 78% chance we'll all survive on impact. Just look out the window. If we don't touch down in the water, it's all good.”

“Why would it be bad to land in the water?” Aelita asked, still swooning.

“Because,” he growled, “with all the extra weight,” he said, pointing to her with contempt, “we'd all sink and drown.”

“Robert, why do you hate me so much?”

Robert laughed at the virtual girl's remark. “You know why? Because that's not you that likes me. That's your hormones. I'll tell you now, you want the nerdy one. And if you leave him behind, he'll hate you. You'll never have anyone to love. It happened to me, Aelita.”

He turned around, looking out the plexiglass windows to their impending fate.

“Odd,” Dart said, crying into his chest, “why does it have to end like this?”

“It's not over,” Odd said. “If I'm right, this is only the beginning. It's like Super Metroid, when the ship goes down – or like so in Metroid Prime. We've got a whole world ahead of us, a vast new world. This is a place where humanity on Earth has been extinct for thousands of years!”

“But in case it is over; do you want to...” D'Artagnan began, but Odd was way ahead of her. “Yumi, Ulrich, where's the closest supply closet?”

Ulrich pointed. As they left the room, he sighed. “I don't see how people can act like that. Being so romantic and yet... not. I'd never do that with a girl.”

Yumi slapped him, and Ulrich didn't even ask what he did to deserve it.

“Our stop,” Robert said, activating re-entry gear. He had no time to turn on the docking craft, or escape pods, being that the computers didn't have much more time before they fried.

“Ulrich,” Yumi said, holding on to him for support, “I'm scared.”

Razputin's teeth clattered, and Jeremie reached desperately for the helping hand of Aelita, finally receiving it.

“Brace yourselves!”

Everything went black.


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Part 2, mmm how delicious!!

with pepperoni <3

Thoughts and memories rushed back to his head as if a dam had broken inside his mind. Robert was awake once more, with Aelita standing over him. “Robert! I'm so glad you came to!”

“Aelita,” Robert growled, “stay away from me. You're Hopper's child, am I correct?”

She nodded.

“My dad was his son. You never aged when you were put in Lyoko, but everyone around you did; and guess what?”


“Not only are we related, you're my aunt. I don't think it's right for my aunt to be coming on to me. No. It's not right at all.”


“When I say get off me, get off me.”

“You can't talk to your own aunt like that!”

“I can, and I just did.” He shoved her off himself, grumbling. Why? He wondered. Why do I have to be the very victim of my aunt's affection?

He walked across the wreckage, to the blown open supply closet. He looked, seeing Odd and D'Artagnan, passed out, with their tongues in eachothers' mouths.

“Isn't that just stupid,” Robert said. He breathed in deep, and realized the beauty around him. The world was so clean – no more buildings, no more industrialization; tall grass had grown over the roads and water and erosion covered all that was left of human life forever. Fresh scents practically drowned him, as he smiled. He looked – to his left mountains, to his right lush fields of grass.

“It's so beautiful!” Robert exclaimed.

He climbed atop the highest point of the wreckage, taking the whole world in. The last sign of civilization he saw was a windmill, turning and turning. It stood atop a plateau, giving off its sweet breeze.

“Mmm mmf mmmgh mmmf,” Odd muttered. What he meant to say was “Man, either the landing was that bad or that was the best time of my life!” Odd smirked, he didn't mind the fact he was trapped under the best girl he'd known. He proceeded to still move his tongue around in her mouth, until she came to.

“Oh, sorry,” the girl said, climbing off of him. “So what made us faint, anyway? As far as I remember we were nowhere near the ground; and...”

“Science says it was the heat and pressure,” Odd laughed with a smirk, “but I say it was the moment.”

“It was definitely the moment in my book,” D'Artagnan said, standing up, while Odd still lie dazed, looking up at the beautiful hues of the sky.

“Well,” D'Artagnan said, smirking, “let's go.”

Jeez, said Odd in his mind. Make a note that when we return to reality, to dump Emily.

“Hehehahaaa!” The demon crawled out of the bottom of the wreckage, pushing over piles of rubble and trash. “Master Robert! That was so fun!”

Robert smirked, looking into space, seeing the future ahead of him. With Jeremie around, he still had to look for Hopper.

“Aelita,” Jeremie said, downtrodden, “do you still like Robert? Should I leave?”

Aelita smirked. “I do like him, but as a newphew.”

“Huh?” Jeremie was puzzled. He took her hand briefly.

“Simple. In technical terms, I'm his aunt. I can boss him around all I want now, and all of that. No problems here!”

“So you mean, well, you're not...”


“Well I wanted to say that... eh...”

Aelita smirked. “Show not tell, Jeremie... Isn't that what Mrs. Illon always says?”

“You're right,” Jeremie said, embracing her.

“Urk,” Ulrich said, coming to. He mumbled to himself, climbing up, and shielding his eyes from the sun. He sat atop the wrecks of an old bunk, put his head to what was left of the mattress, and fell asleep.

“Relax,” Robert said to everyone, “as far as we're concerned, we have all the time in the world.”

As he sat down, he saw a figure over the hills in front of him; far, far away a gigantic being. It was a black shadow, shaped like a humanoid. It stomped, beginning to shake the land below them. It was, in fact, a giant. A monstrous, robotic giant. It lugged a gigantic broadsword behind it, carving patterns that swung and turned into the land.

“That's why you never say something like that, boss,” the demon said laughing. The giant seemed to only look at them, before turning away; taking his place towards them were hundreds of soldiers. Robotic soldiers, lusting for the spill of human blood, and the death of their intruders.

“This is no good,” Robert said, frowning. “Well team, get ready. Ulrich: wake up. Odd: try to focus on the mechs, not D'Artagnan. Dart? Same with you. Jeremie and Aelita: this isn't romance time, it's go time. And Demon? Go forth and tell me just what to expect.

In the midst of the oncoming battle, nobody questioned where Yumi was; for she had in fact, landed on the other side of the hills, amongst a civilized population of robotic beings. She had recquisitioned a scouting team, however, the robots had changed their mind. They made her the War Champion, and miscalculated her orders, deciding to strike their new opposition.

The demon crawled through the crowd, looking around. They were perfectly in formation, marching each step in line. The robots couldn't wait to bring the blood of their victims back, as it was their customary drink. Being that it was the only thing besides water they knew of, it was considered their delicious necessity.

“Boss?” The demon whispered, suddenly upon his shoulder again, “we definitely got a problem.”


Hundreds of robots marched, until they caught a visual of Odd, preparing for the coming onslaught.

“Uh oh,” Odd said, watching a laser shot whiz over his head, “that's not good.”

He dived out from the rubble, firing a missile into the field, watching physics work their magic. Robots scattered everywhere, corpses flung into living robots, heat sizzling off their mechanical skins.

My god, Odd thought. Even if they are robots, that's cold. He loaded another missile, as D'Artagnan charged forth, two guns blazing.

“Wait!” Odd yelled, watching two robots surround her from the sides.

“Target eliminated,” he heard a voice chirp, as the robots looked back up at Odd. He had missed the action through the robots, but he knew exactly what happened. He felt his hands – still covered by the robotic gloves. He ran down from the wreck, screaming with fury, deflected laser blasts with his gloves, as he ripped apart robots, put his hand through them, and tore them apart. He put two fingers around one's tubed neck, and tore it off, battering down other robots with the head.

“Dart!” Odd yelled, completely annihilating the army, as he reached the final robot. It was a general, marked by a gray giant metallic arm; which Odd proceeded to rip off and jam through its own stomach, rupturing its circuit board.

“You son of a *!” Odd yelled, tearing it apart. “You - you monster, you god forsaken monster.”

Odd growled, as he slowly slid the gloves off his hand, standing up tall again, silhouetting against the setting red sun, realizing what he had done.

He had taken thousands of artificial lives – lives just as real as Aelita's, or D'Artagnan's. He walked slowly over to her corpse, barely alive. “I'm sorry,” Odd whispered into her ear. “I'm sorry; I'm sorry.”

“Odd,” she mumbled with her dying breath, “you're a great warrior. I love you, Odd. Take them all out for me.”

Odd put his lips to hers gently, and smiled a sad, dark smile.

“I will,” he said, walking over towards his metal gloves, “I promise I will.”

He picked up his gloves, and walked towards the hills. The rest of the gang climbed out from their hiding spots.

“It's so beautiful,” D'Artagnan whispered up to the sky, crying. “If you don't make it out of here alive – then we'll all be trapped in here forever; so go. Go without me...”

“Dart,” Odd said, through tears. “If we don't make it – I'll see you in heaven.”

“You will make it,” she said as the virtual particles slowly peeled off her wireframe form, which soon disintegrated. Odd looked up at the windmill, over the hills. “There has to be someone, or something alive in there. They can tell us where to go to end this all.”

“We have to save Yumi,” Ulrich growled.

Odd walked slowly up to Ulrich, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and holding him in midair. “We're going to the Windmill.”

Ulrich struggled free, terror in his eyes. In Odd's eyes, he saw Hell ablaze. He saw years of anger and sorrow, years of loneliness and rage.

“Alright,” Ulrich said, submissively.

The gang climbed the hills defiantly, up towards the windmill. As they reached the top, they looked down on the chaos Odd had caused – all the robots' oil and fuel was spilled across the land.

“I'm so sorry,” Odd whispered.

“What's in the past is done,” Robert said, marching towards the windmill. Odd picked himself up, dashing towards it. He opened the door, to see nothing. Just a tower. As everyone looked in, Odd ran up the stairs, dashing towards the top. “There has to be some hint of where we're supposed to go, some way of getting there.”

He looked up at a map: it was clearly labeled, “OUTPOST II TAKEOVER PATH.”

He noticed it was a path ending in a gigantic desert. He also saw a lever. “If it's a lever, pull it, dad always used to say,” Odd remarked as he swung it back.

He looked around, as the ground began to rumble. “Whoa!” Odd yelled, losing his footing. “Did somebody give Kiwi baked beans again?”

“My god!” Jeremie said. With his low stamina, he had barely started climbing the stairs, and he was there to witness the revelation of a gigantic orange freighter ship.

“Sweet ride!” Odd yelled, jumping out of the opened window of the windmill, running to it, and hopping in.

The interior was luxurious, in the front: a lounge area, auto-piloting computers, any drink you wanted on tap, and hanging potted plants; even a restaurant-like fixation inside.

“Hmm,” Odd said, settling into the cockpits. “Just one thing missing.”

He put some fuzzy dice on the pole suspended over the dashboard.

“Oh, it's so tacky, it ruins the whole atmosphere,” Razputin remarked.

“Shotgun!” Robert yelled. He dived into the co-pilot seat.

“See what good comes out of pushing buttons?” Odd claimed.

“Light these engines up!” Robert yelled, excited. This was what he came here for – not to find his grandfather, not to save his friends, but for one hell of a thrill.

“Lighted!” Odd said, as he punched in the engine startup. “Set us on cruise mode! We're on a mission to the other side of the planet!”

“Acknowledged,” the ship chirped, firing up the cruise engines.

“300 K to the desert,” Odd said.

“Jeremie, I'm sorry I've been so weird, liking Robert.”

“Don't worry, Aelita. It's something everybody goes through. It's called a crush.”

“You're right... I wanted to make it up to you, though,” Aelita said, leaning her face into his; just before Odd's raucous voice blurted, “Hey! Jeremie! Can you get me a shake?”

“Aaagh! Get it yourself, you lazy bum!”

“I can't! Somebody needs to watch the ship and Robert... has motion sickness! Also, get us a pizza.”

“Odd, you jerk.”

Jeremie got up, filling the cup with a sweet vanilla shake, and taking from the refridgerator a pizza, as another one materialized in its place. He heated it up in the microwave, and brought it to the two 'pilots.'

“What!? What's this?” Odd knocked over the shake; as its dense form slowly spread across the floor. “A SMALL shake?”

“You didn't say how big it was.”

“If you want something done right around here, you gotta get – Ulrich!”

“Huh?” A dazed voice responded, from a couch in the lounge.

“Get me a HUGE vanilla shake! The biggest one possible!”

“Lazy bum.” Ulrich remarked.

“Grouch!” Odd yelled.

Ulrich brought him the biggest shake possible, which was one gallon.

“Holy jumping Kiwi! This shake is bigger than my head! Awesome! I knew I could count on-”

Just then, the ship came to a screeching halt over the desert, sending the contents of the shake all over Odd. “OH NO!” Odd cried.

“Destination reached,” the ship boomed. “Docking.”

It slowly hovered to the ground, as Robert pointed and laughed at the milkshake-covered Odd.

“Karma, my friend,” Jeremie said, walking out of the conveyor belt that extended out to the sand.

Before them was a vast, shimmering desert, mirages everywhere, water seemed to surround them.

“Jeez,” Ulrich mumbled. “This is hotter than that photo of Yumi Odd too - wait a minute.”

Ulrich had just been brought back to a time when Odd had, in humor, given Ulrich a photo of Yumi half-naked on the phone with Ulrich; and had just dawned on him that obviously he had to have been in her house, watching her half-naked.

“Odd, you *,” Ulrich grumbled.

“And a lucky * at that,” Odd laughed. “Now, all signs say go west for the best!”

“There are no signs,” Ulrich muttered.

“There are in my head, Ulrich buddy, and they all point to the funny farm.”


“I don't see anything,” Odd claimed, looking out at the desert. “I mean, I see... Sand. That's it. Why did we go here anyway?”

Robert smacked himself on the forehead as he left. “Because there might be a clue about Franz Hopper here.”

“What about Yumi?” Ulrich asked.

“Forget Yumi. She's gone, okay? We lost her in the crash,” Razputin growled.

“But what if she's dead too? I never got the chance to tell her how I feel, to kiss her, to;”

Odd walked up to Ulrich, and slapped him in the face. “Listen; you have no right to *. I lost someone I finally fit with. And now you're crying about someone you've never even held hands with. So you shut your mouth.” Odd growled.

Odd had grown a lot colder to Ulrich, and was slowly becoming a lot colder in general. As Ulrich's simple mention of death came to his nerves, he felt his spine chill and tears well up in his eyes. “We're going to cross the fields of sun and sorrow, and we're going to find Franz Hopper. And then we're going to find out how to beat this god-forsaken game. So help me God.”


Meanwhile, on Earth, it had been 3 days. The entire city was under a XANA ambush from charging his power while Team LYOKO was unable to stop him, and launching out tanks, army vehicles, and more. They had just reached Kadic.

“Oh no!” Sissi yelled, dodging a drum-fed turret's fire. She hid behind a desk, before sneaking up behind it and ripping off the turret, and flattening a tire.

“Wow,” Nicolas commented. “I guess Sissi can do something after all.”

“Of course I could,” Sissi said. “I just keep it locked up. I wouldn't want people to think of me as some creepy manly woman.”

“Tanks!” William screamed, running.

“Uh oh,” Jim said. “Everybody evacuate!”

“We can't,” William muttered grimly. “They have us surrounded. I know one place we can go to be safe; the factory.”


William led them into the forest, kicking open the sewer grate. “Everybody in!” He yelled, going in last, just in time to evade being spotted by a reconnaisance jeep. He brought the grate over his head, sliding down the ladder. “Now! This way!” He shouted, running towards the factory.

As they arrived, he found it in perfect condition, as he entered. He slid down the rope quickly, followed by everyone else; Sissi first. They headed for the elevator.

“We don't need to go that far,” Milly questioned, “do we?” Tamiya meanwhile scratched down the details of this tragedy on her notepad. Sissi and William were especially brave, taking charge of the situation.

“We don't have to go that far just like we don't have to breathe.” Sissi yelled up to them, as they all crammed into the elevator. William hit the button to the computer room.

“My god,” the principal said. “This is amazing!” He marvelled at the world around him. As he walked forward, however, he saw rather than the usual globe of LYOKO, a projection showing the gang; sans Yumi and D'Artagnan, climbing through the desert dunes. Sissi looked at the controls with a sense of familiarity, and up at the screen, also projecting the image. “I know this... this computer. We can get them out, by going in. William and I will go in. For your own safety, everyone else stay out.”

Everyone obeyed her; even her father nodded, as Sissi set the scanners to self-scan as she and William ran into them.

“Are you sure this is going to work, Sissi?” William asked.

Sissi nodded, as she felt her body turned to energy, and disappeared in a flash of white light.


Sissi and William appeared behind the gang, silently. “Hellooo!” Sissi yelled, wrecking any cover they previously had.

“Oh great, the peanut gallery,” Ulrich growled. “How did you even get in here? We don't want you.”

“Wrong,” Odd said. “We want all the help we can get. I don't care how much you dislike them, they're coming with us.”

The demon snickered, crawling out of Robert's pocket and onto his shoulder, as Robert felt him speaking directly into his mind.

“Go ahead and follow us, but watch your own backs because we won't watch 'em for you.”

The sky looked dark above them. “Oh no,” Razputin said grimly. “Everybody, start running for the ship, and don't stop until we're there.”

“Why?” Robert questioned, still under the Demon's control.

“I can sense this sandstorm – it will be able to tear the bones off of us.”

Everyone headed for the ship, seeing a whirlwind spawn from the ground behind them, catching up to them Ulrich stopped, looking behind himself. “Hurry up!” Razputin yelled, as Ulrich sprinted, unable to catch up. Everyone got into the ship, as the sand lifted from around Ulrich's feet. “Ulrich!” Odd screamed. “Nooooo!”

Razputin hit the door button. “Wait!” Odd yelled. “We have to save him!”

“We'll look for him after the storm.”


Odd opened the door in mid-flight.

“Where are you going?” Razputin yelled over the screeching sands.

“I'm not leaving Ulrich behind!” Odd jumped out, feeling the sand pound him in the face. He shielded his eyes, and ran in the direction of the sand. “ULRIIIICH!” Odd yelled.

“Ulrich! Ulrich! Where are you!” Odd dashed back, into the heart of the storm, feeling the sand tear into his skin and bones like needles, as he trudged on ahead. He coughed, sensing a desert sickness gathering among himself. He coughed and coughed, heading into the heart of the storm, as it beat only harder upon him. He yelled in agony, as the blood red sun set over the desert. It would be far too hard to find Ulrich at night; but he had to find his best friend.

Feet lifted barely from sand, as he looked for Ulrich still.

“Will my Ulrich dear be alright?” Sissi asked Razputin.


Sissi gasped, yanking his arm. “How can you say that?”

“It's simple,” Razputin said. “I've seen it all happen before; in a dream, a terrible, terrible dream. Someone went into the desert and we searched and searched for days. All we found was his jacket, covered in blood.

“It can be different this time!” Sissi gasped, scared.

“It could be,” he muttered, lowering his head. He suddenly hit the door button, lowering his flight goggles over his eyes, and diving out into the burning hot sand. He ran after Odd's footsteps, which seemed to disappear behind him.

Odd cried, collapsed by a single branch growing out of a cliff. He screamed and yelled, crying like only a child again. Razputin looked up, finding only a bloody, tattered jacket. “Oh no,” he whispered, his eyes welling up with tears.

“Odd,” Razputin said, “take it, and come back to the ship.”

Odd still lie upon the ground, facing away from the storm, crying. “God is a bastard,” Odd said between sobs, “a dirty bastard.”

“And payback's a *,” Razputin said, also full of sorrow. “Let's go.”

They headed back to the ship, from the storm. “Where's Ulrich dear?” Sissi asked.

“Sissi,” Razputin said, bleakly, “he's dead as dead can be.”

Odd held up the bloodied coat, dropping it to the ground, crying. He fell to the ground. Everyone around him was dropping like flies. He wanted it all to end.

“It's okay,” Robert said, taking Sissi's hand. “I'm here.”

What had started as simply a comforting moment became a beautiful moment, as Sissi looked up at his calm face through tears, seeing a hero. She clutched his hand. “Robert, don't let me go; don't let me die.”

“I won't,” Robert said, warmly.

Odd, meanwhile, was going insane. He was about to his the door button once more. “Ulrich has to be out there! You'll see! He's not dead! He can't be!”

Razputin held him by the scruff of the neck. “No,” he said coldly. “Your best friend is dead.”

Odd turned around, punching Razputin in the face. He kicked him in the stomach, and grappled him to the ground, placing his foot upon his chest; all happening within a few seconds.

“You had to close the god-damn door! We could've saved Ulrich and brought him aboard, but you closed the door! You bastard! Payback is a *, and it's your fault! I'm gonna do what you did to Ulrich!”

Odd found himself berserk with rage, pushing Razputin up against the door, beating him senseless, throwing him against the window, and finally opening the door and throwing him to the sandstorm which raged ever harder.

“Odd, you idiot!” Robert yelled, knocking him to the ground. “Two wrongs don't make a right! You god-damn idiot! How could you do this to him? He has a life just like you! His heart beats just like yours!”

Odd sobbed. He could feel the blood in his veins cool, and could feel something move around in his overshirt pocket – the little demon, crawling around and laughing a sinister laugh, before jumping out unseen to Robert's shoulder.

Odd silently walked to the cockpit, sitting down at the pilot's seat. “Six alive, with ten coming in. Welcome to hell,” Odd whispered silently. “There's nothing in the desert but a friend and a comrade.” Odd whispered. “There's nothing in the hills but a windmill and an army.”

Odd lifted the ship suddenly, departing for the jungle.


Jeremie sat next to Aelita, drying his crying eyes. “Ulrich is dead and Odd just killed someone... I can't believe it! Is this a game? Or is this a monster?”

“Don't worry, Jeremie,” Aelita said, sorrowfully.”We'll be out of here soon enough,” she wept.

“I hope to god so,” muttered Jeremie, beginning to tremble.

The ship was crossing a deep ocean of blue, as Odd was slumped over the controls. All this death, he wished he could just die and visit them. He hung his head low, but looked up. He began slowing the ship, as they arrived at the jungle. Odd docked the ship, and landed.

“Greetings,” a humanoid voice sounded to them.


“Tell us where XANA is!” Odd yelled quickly at the native, who was dressed, strangely, in all bright red. He smirked a dark grin, his eyes setting ablaze with red light, as he gripped Odd by the shirt, throwing him to the ground.

“Oh *!” Robert yelled, drawing a pistol quickly. He opened fire on the approaching figure, as everyone stood back and shuddered. “What the heck is that?” William asked. Robert ducked behind a table, reloading. He blindfired over, seeming to have no effect.

Odd got up, tearing into XANA with his metal gloves fiercely. “You! YOU!” Odd screamed, finally effecting him. The raw hatred began to burrow into XANA, created out of it himself. “I'll kill you past dead! You'll wish you were never programmed! I'll rip your virtual heart out and crush your artificial bones!”

Odd threw it to the ground, drawing a rifle and pointing him straight in the face. “Talk, XANA.” Odd growled quickly. “How do we get out of here and save the others?”

Just then Odd saw the fear in its eyes, as he edged the gun closer. “Can't speak? Take a deep breath,” Odd muttered, drawing his gun back, still keeping XANA held down in a death grip from his glare. XANA shook his head, and opened his mouth for the first time. “There is a network of tunnels, deep under the city here. It's dangerous, even for me. It's Demon territory down there.”

“Demon?” Odd asked. “Talk.”

“They're the result of an experiment gone horribly wrong by Franz Hopper, not like my demons – they're terrible, mutated, freakish beasts. Never get caught by a Demon in it's own home. It can rip you apart with thoughts.”

“Great,” Odd whispered, slowly taking his foot off XANA, who quickly dived up from the ground, knocking Odd to the ground, and quickly drawing a combat knife, murdering both Sissi and William. “That's my fare for information.”

Robert gasped, looking at the beauty that was Sissi, falling to the ground. He rushed to catch her before she fell. “No... it's not possible...”

“Robert? I may well pass out, hooo...”

“Don't! No!” Robert yelled, drawing her near-lifeless corpse close. “Please! PLEASE!”

He felt her wrist, as her pulse weakened and died. He let her down onto the ground, looking up at the trail XANA left.

“We're leaving. Leaving to meet the demons.”

Robert headed into the city, noticing a sewer grate.

“Well,” Odd gulped. “As much as I love the dark, demons, evil, and other such great things, I really don't think-”

“Shut up,” Robert hissed, throwing the grate away, and descending down.

Something stunk in the air – decay and lingering disease. He looked around. “Okay,” he whispered, “I'm getting scared now.”

He pulled a lighter from his pocket, lighting it up to see a yellow-eyed, pale-skinned vampiric demon staring into his eyes. “EYAAAAAH!” Robert screamed, dropping the lighter.

“Relax,” the demon uttered in a Romanian accent, “I am only the welcomer. We were especially instructed not to hurt you, Robert. Boss says not to hurt... well, I'm not at liberty to say.”


“You don't know me. Or else everything isn't going as planned, and we will have to kill you. We'll take you on ahead. The others? I hope they see well in the dark.”

Robert growled, trying to resist the demon's grip as it disappeared into the darkness.

Odd looked into the darkness now, trembling, heading the group of Jeremie and Aelita and beginning to move forward slowly and tactically.

“I think you should start saying what you've always wanted to say, Jeremie, because we might not make it out alive.”

Jeremie gulped, taking Aelita's hand for comfort. “Don't worry,” Jeremie muttered, “we'll... find Robert...”

“I don't care about Robert,” Aelita whispered. “I can't go without you.”

Odd raised his gloves, looking around. He began to see faint specks of light, as well as a strange silhouette.

“Who are you?” Odd shouted, as lights began to glow bright red around him. It charged at him, very clearly being an oversized, hairy, poisonous spider.

“Uh oh,” Odd said.

“Ewww! That's disgusting!” Aelita yelled, diving behind Jeremie. “Kill it, kill it!”

Odd jumped towards it, enraged, as it swung up two arms to block him, and quickly used two free arms to pin him down, using his raised arms now to try and tear into him. Odd growled, ripping the arms out of his clothes with his gloves, and cracking them apart. He pulled off the very attacking arms, leaving a horrible bloody mess as it spewed purple blood across the floor.

“Disgusting,” Odd muttered, as it fell to its weak body, “completely disgusting.”

“We don't have to walk a-around that, do we?” Aelita asked.

“Close your eyes,” Jeremie replied, leading her around it.

“I thought squishing a rat was nasty, but this takes the cake,” Odd grumbled.

“Look out!” Jeremie yelled, as something ran at them fast: what looked to be a Wendigo.

Odd raised his gloves, shielding the attacks, as it battered into them, as he felt pushed back. “Aw jeez!” Odd yelled, tired of the constant attacks.

“Odd, just run!” Aelita yelled. Odd jabbed into it, raising up his foot for a kick, but then psyching it out, breaking its guard and crushing its chin with a mighty blow. He swung forth some more, until it fell. “Good idea,” Odd yelled, breaking into a sprint.

The further they went, the more abominations they saw on the sides of the walls, the more mechanical and red it seemed to grow,.the more light that shone.

They reached the end, a gigantic portal. Odd looked at it. “If Robert made it through, we can!” He yelled, diving in.


12-30-2005, 06:01 PM
see, i wish i could write like that

12-30-2005, 06:28 PM
see, i wish i could write like that

I sure as hell hope you don't write like that.

Than how would you be original.

Let Cheez have their original style of writing and let you have yours.

Cheez, I don't think there is anything wrong with your style I''m just pointing out the flaws of everyone having the same style.

12-30-2005, 06:36 PM
I see there is a Robert in the story......that makes me think of......ROBERT GOULET!!!!!!!!!

There once was a girl named Vendetta who wore a different scarf to school every day. She would quote video games and rock out to Queen on the school bus. The children would make fun of her, making her feel sad. One day she told them all she would one day rule the world and enslave them all. They just laughted and shoved her in a random locker for the crazy math teacher to find.

Then, one day the world ended and Vendetta seized control. She enslaved the children, then adults. The women were fed to the dogs, the men handknit her scarves, and the children compeated to the death in hand to hand combat. Vendetta was finally happy, and when she lost control of the world, all the children who taunted her were dead. Vendetta died a happy, peaceful death.

12-30-2005, 07:23 PM
that sounds like you...

12-30-2005, 10:18 PM
Oh....it will be. MWAHAHA!!!!

12-30-2005, 10:22 PM
okay..i'm gald you haven't made fun of me yet.

12-30-2005, 10:55 PM
Allie is a llama!

There, satisfied?

The Grand Soujurn

Once there was a fantastic place called Embòsquet'chhore. I was very much inclined to visit: I had heard amazing things about what the fruit could do for your pallor, and being somewhat pasty myself, I decided to give it a shot. Problem was, I couldn't pronounce the name of the country. How am I supposed to get to my destination if I can't bloody pronounce it?

"Excuse me, sir? Can you tell me how to get to emb...emboo...emboskw...Damn!"

Well, finally, I just cracked. I strolled down to the police station and demanded that I take a look at their official, super cushy maps. They just laughed and shook their heads at me. But, ho ho! They didn't just laugh and shake their heads at my shotgun! No sir! They took me right down to the map room, where I spend many an hour pouring over the texts. Finally, I found what I was looking for. The place was right in the middle of Turkmenistan! That in itself explained why, in turn, I couldn’t pronounce it and why no one knew where it was.

So off I went. I chartered a plane, and in a couple of days I was at the place I had so long sought after. And I’ll tell you, I was right about everything. Except the guavas. I’m allergic, you see.

12-30-2005, 11:06 PM
i wasn't talking about that mr.s look closer..

12-31-2005, 01:24 AM
okay..i'm gald you haven't made fun of me yet.
There will be time for that when you are enslaved.

12-31-2005, 05:19 AM
Five Iron Frenzy inspires.


Odd was curled up in a ball on his bed, diving his head into his knees, sobbing. The lights were out, as he skipped class once more. As the bell rang, he walked over to his

radio, turning up some music. A sorrowful track, the song "Hurricanes" by Five Iron Frenzy.

"I am so lonely..." Odd whispered along with the song. He saw Ulrich open the door. He turned on the lights, to see the depressed Odd lying so darkly.

"Odd? Why are you sad? That's not like you."

{Yo toda via espero un milagro,
Yo toda via te espero a ti.
The sunlight is fading,
the longest shadows have been cast.
Like songs from a siren,
hurricanes from the past.}

"I'll never find it," Odd mumbled grimly. "Sweet love is not for a fool."

"Au contraire, it is. You need to stop trying and let it happen to you."

Ulrich sat down on the bed opposite Odd's. "You've dated almost every girl at school, Odd. You need to slow down and think about romance in its full."

"No," Odd said. "There are only 3 girls I haven't dated at school, 2 are taken, and one is... Sissi."

"Well Odd," Ulrich said, "maybe if first you don't succeed try again. And think about Sherlock Holmes."

"I don't remember him getting any ladies."

"No. I mean, logical deduction. When all others are eliminated, what's left must be the answer."

"But me and Sissi...? That's disgusting. That's like a fish and a shark in love. She'll crush me."

"Well I'm relatively sure she gave up on me, seeing as... Well, I don't want to make you feel bad, so I won't say."

Odd looked at him. That lucky jerk. He was satisfied. He had one girl he cared about. "The Valentine's Day ball isn't too far away. Try it, and if it doesn't work out? I'll

let you do a few rounds on me in Lyoko."

"Sounds good," Odd smiled a dark, faked smile.


{And I am a failure,
defeated every time,
so let me lie here,
a sidewalk for a shrine. }

Odd walked down the stairs, to the courtyard, as he went to get a soda. He saw Sissi and her gang hanging out there, and he looked at her eyes slowly. "Sissi," Odd said,

blushing and confused, "Do you want to... er, go to the Valentine's Day Dance with me...?"

Sissi looked at the poor boy. She could see the remnants of tears running down his face, his blushing, truthful face, as he looked down at her feet, weak and confused.

"Buzz off, Sissi's-" Herve began, but she pushed him out of the way.

"You look serious," she said in a soft tone, "and I guess so. Ulrich's come and passed with that blasted Yumi..."

"So, you're serious?" Odd asked, looking up at her.

"Sure," Sissi said. "See you at the dance tonight."

Odd smirked a pale smile as she walked off, Herve feeling rejected, and Nicolas feeling... Nicolas. He didn't care, mainly because he didn't think often. Now was no


{I am so lonely,
they say you were lonely too.
Dear God be my savior,
I wait for you. }

Odd ran to the gym, smiling a sincere smile, as he opened the door, scouting through the crowd. He saw Sissi, dressed up in a beautiful pink and red dress, fleeting to her

feet. "Hi Odd!" Sissi shouted with a wave.

"Sissi and Odd?" Yumi asked, confused, as she saw from afar with Ulrich as Odd scurried through the crowd to get to her.

"It was kind of my idea," Ulrich said, grinning sheepishly, "and I guess it wasn't bad."

"Amazing," Jeremie commented, standing by them waiting for Aelita.

Sissi smirked, embracing Odd. "Oddie dear, I'm glad you're not late. I was kind of counting on that, in honesty."

"I wouldn't be late for you," Odd said.

"But you didn't dress up nice for the dance!" Sissi commented, pulling gently the fabric from his sleeve.

"That's why I'm not late."

"Yeah," Sissi remarked, "you dressing yourself has to be a disaster. Just look at your pants."

Odd laughed, having to admit the pants were sewn from two different pairs, and he looked into her deep, sweet eyes.

"Sissi..." He felt the color drain from his face, turning to a blush in her intimidating presence. "Err, nevermind."


"No, let's just... dance." Odd said, as the same song he listened to in his dorm played across the speakers.

{My broken spirit,
is trembling slow.
Park bench for a throne now,
my blanket is the snow.
And I'm being haunted,
by long forgotten dreams,
for hurricanes have,
the bluest eyes I've ever seen.

I am so lonely,
they say you were lonely too.
Dear God be my savior,
I wait for you. }

"A romatic song," Sissi said, smiling her usual grin. "Don't you just feel... you know, romantic?"

"Yeah," Odd said, bringing to mind instead memories of each and every girl who called him a jerk, idiot, loser and freak.

"So Odd, I guess you have quite the experience with romance?"

"Not quite, I've only had one kiss, and she left me, along with the entire country. She moved to America."

"Then wipe a clean slate," Sissi smirked, drawing her face to his gradually.

Oh no, Odd thought. Do not kiss her, if this fails... But she looked so sweet and innocent, as he found himself inadvertently pulled to her. He closed his eyes slowly, and he

felt his lips on hers.

"My god," Ulrich said. "Strangest couple of the century."

"Pfft, romantic losers." William grumbled.

"Why are you still here?" Yumi asked.

"To tell Jeremie that Aelita's here, but she's DJing."

"Darn," Jeremie said, lowly.

But he looked up at her, who shone the spotlights on Odd and Sissi, impervious to anything else but eachother.

Everyone stared in silence, as the music had already gone to the next track, "Cool Enough For You," and the song had paused, as per the composition.

As the bass began to drone back in, laughs started to run around the room. Odd drew his head back, looking around, and covering his eyes from the blinding spotlights.

"Oh Oddie, you're always the laughing stock," Sissi said, giggling, as Odd looked confused for the hilarious phenomenon the crowd laughed about.

{I am pining for your mercy,
for this storm to break,
Lord you are my comfort,
the hope for which I wait.

I am so lonely,
they say you were lonely too.
Dear God be my savior,
I wait for you.}



12-31-2005, 12:30 PM
My old JTHM fic

They had said it was his kind of place, he would fit right in. He would be in a place where others would be able to understand and sypmathize with him.

It was not his kind of place.

No, it was a place where sweating bodies were pressed up against one another in some sort of sick ritual to mask the tedium brough on by life. In other words, it was a dance club. Not an ordinary dance club, a goth club.

Johnny had questioned what would be "his kind of place" as he did not know what it would look like. He didn't even know he would have one. It was a great mystery of life. So how could that man who had told him, know so much about him?

The strangest part was, Johnny had not been offended by that statement. Sure he found it, odd, but no homicidial tendencies rose up to blind him in a furious blood both of torn organs. It ended with him mulling over such thoughts. He was standing next to the said dance club wondering if the idea was a good one and if thinking for so long about such things would make one's head explode.

He finally came to the decision to at least go into the building, if he couldn't stand it then he would just leave and listen to Reverend Meat for a good few hours before he knifed him in the stomach. And well,he was running out of knives.

"I am going in!" he souted to the heavens and walked in, army fashion. To walk in army fashion is to keep your back and shoulders perfectly straight, whil lifting your legs parellel to the ground. A walk Johnny had long since ago mastered.

The first thing he had noticed upon entering was the smoke. Smoke that made him fall to his knees and water at the eyes onto the cold tile floors. The reaction from the dancers was to look down from their noses, or hunch over looking away. One particular female felt the need to comment on how rude he was by choking on their fumes. A few around her noted his rudeness as well, bust still no one thought of the idea of dragging poor Johnny out. No, instead more people ringed around him, all of them staring down as if someone was holding a tazer to their backs, forcing them to stand so erect that they almost fell over.

If this had been five minutes earlier, Johnny may have laughed, but for now his lungs were preoccupied with coughing out poisens at the moment and was not ready to begin spasming at some unfunny joke in the first place. This upset him, how was he suppoused to give a dramatic dying speech if he could not so much as laugh?

01-01-2006, 12:49 AM
Listen, I'm not really into Lucasforums as much so, I'll write one last fanfic before I take my final bow.

How much does it hurt to leave?

She was in love with him. He was her obsession, and her antidote to her problems. She wanted him so much, but he wasn't as interested. He blamed her jokingly on things, and would ignore her questions, but it only turned her on more. She would stare at him in class, and would dream about the two of them, forever in eternity. She loved his taunting, and his blaming. She loved the way he hated her.

She tried for years, until she discovered the truth. No matter how much you can love sometimes, you may never find love. So, she gave up, still wanting some, but slowly losing hope in his coming to her. She grew old, and bought a cat. It was her only love in life, the only thing she cared for. We don't know what happened to him, but he never discovered the truth of her feelings.

01-01-2006, 04:14 AM
You're leaving?


01-01-2006, 02:06 PM
Don't worry they'll come back. They always do.

Once you devote so much time to something it's hard to leave.

Look at me.

01-01-2006, 10:52 PM
and me!

Except Squid. :[

01-02-2006, 12:37 AM
Klia, you're right. I spent all day thinking about this sweet website. But I also beat THAW(finally!) I CAN'T LEAVE!

01-11-2006, 07:56 PM
Except Squid. :[

She fell off the internet. She no longer posts on her livejournal, or whatever.

That kind of willpower...I need it. Grades, etc.

Once there was this big cat (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v497/CaptainSkye/Even%20More/snoopy.gif), and it ate a whole lot of food, and threw up all the time. So my family the cat's family put two golf balls in the cat's food dish, and everyone lived happily ever after.

01-11-2006, 08:11 PM
I miss her so much, she was pretty much my bestest friend.

06-01-2006, 08:06 PM
Josh was a young boy, no older than fifteen at the most, with jet black hair from under a dark red hat with an AoC written on it in an orange circle. He wore a black coat that hung from his shoulders loosely, drooping over an ash grey shirt. He also was dressed in a pair of long, baggy and wrinkly tan pants, small straps and strings hanging from the side that blew in the weak wind there was. Next to his feet was a large guitar case, covered in stickers.

Josh stood at the side of the large cruise ship, holding onto the railing. He looked out at the blue sea, its calming motion making him almost lethargic. The night sky reflected off, his eyes gazing up at the stars that shined on without rhyme or reason. He heard footsteps and heard a voice near him. "Oh, hello, who are you?"

The boy turned around. "Why do you want to know?" His eyes met with the girl's for a moment. Hers were clear and blue, but almost empty and inhuman, blurred and estranged. She wore a smile, and bright blonde hair running down to her shoulders in smooth straight lines. Her body was dressed with a bright pink belly-shirt, with a black line running across it horizontally, with strange striped armwarmers in pink and red. She wore a slightly long skirt, running down to shoeless feet.

"Because, I just came here. My name's Akida Lechyenne."

Josh scratched the side of his head for a brief moment. "You don't just come on a cruise ship."

Akida giggled. "No, silly, I just came to this world. Don't you know?"

Josh stared at her for a moment before bursting into laughter. "Haha, that's rich... another world. You're interesting."

The girl looked almost angry. "No, seriously! Why don't you believe me?"

"Because it's totally illogical! How could there be people on other worlds..."

"Other dimensions, actually..."

"See!? That's completely ridiculous! How could those even exist!? It's scientifically impossible, not to mention..."

Josh sighed, closing his eyes. "What I'm saying is, it just makes no sense at all..."

Akida smiled a stupid-looking smile. "Why does it have to make sense? Why not just believe it? People in this world are all just like that. EVerything has to have perfect reason and logic or it's impossible... and yet they put their faith blindly in religion and governments. It's much more simple at home."

Josh opened his eyes. "You've got a good point. I kind of like you."

Akida giggled again, edging closer to her. "Sometimes you just have to let go of disbelief, you know? Then interesting things will really start happening. Then you can see things for what you are, not just what their reason is."

"Wow," Josh remarked with a bit of a smile. "You're pretty smart."

Akida let out a single sharp laugh. "You know, I didn't think of any of that. It's a speech by a man from where I'm from - Raeth Khoras, to be specific. People practically worship him."

Josh hung his head low, a bit of an embarassed smile on his face. "Yeah, well... h-how was I supposed to know that? I've barely even left Japan, hardly my... dimension!"

The two of them stood silently at the edge of the boat, looking over at the shore. The city was lit up by hundreds of lights, neon signs in bright greens and blues, colors of all hues, tall buildings and short ones all adorned with bright lights. Akida's eyes were wide and curious as she stared out, resting her hands on the railing with a smile. "It's so pretty there." Josh nodded once, a small smile growing across his face, his hands resting just on the railing as well. Akida moved her own hands closer to his, her eyes showing a nervous expression to contrast her grin. Josh closed his eyes, feeling the warm, soft sensation on his hand, Akida's hand gently resting on it. He looked relaxed and tranquil, before quickly opening his eyes and pulling his hand away.

"H-hey! Don't do that!" He blushed a bit. "I mean, well, that's... awkward."

"Why?" Akida beamed, her ignorant grin returning again.

"B-because, it's... well, it's just..."

Josh hung his head low, as Akida laughed a bit. "Just, I'm confused, it's just a thing we do... here... if, well, rgh..."

Akida smiled, and without thinking a second thought, she patted him on the back. Josh's face was flushed and bright red as he shouted, "Don't do that either!" Akida quickly drew her hand back, looking a bit disappointed. She folded her arms, still looking out at the waterfront. The lights still twinkled, their reflection now growing on the bay. "Well, we're almost there, huh?" Josh asked.

"You tell me," Akida replied, still cheerful. The boat grew silent again, as several people walked by, waiting by the side where the boat would be opened to the docks. People scratched their head, not recognizing Akida at all, but some people smiled as they saw Josh.

"So what's that?" Akida asked, looking at Josh's guitar case. "Is that your suitbox?"

"No," Josh replied with a laugh. "First of all, it's suitcase - second, it's a guitar case. You know, guitar. Six strings, play it like... c'mon, there have to be guitars where you're from."


Josh sighed. "I hate explaining things, I'm awful at that... it's, it's like... Listen. I play it on a big stage and everyone watches and listen. I play in a ska band called 'Army of Chickens.' And we're not half ba-"

He was interrupted within seconds. "What's a ska? And what's a chicken? And how can you play that case? I don't see any strings."

Josh closed his eyes in a bit of frustration. "Ska is a type of music, chickens are little animals with wings, and the guitar is INSIDE the case."

Akida blinked. "So chickens are like little dragons?"

Josh put his hand to his forehead. "I'll show you one some time. Anyway, I suppose I could let you backstage while I perform."

Just then, a loud voice came over the loudspeakers. "Attention - we will be temporarily delayed. There is a technical error at the docks."

Josh groaned, opening his eyes once again slowly. "I'm gonna be so late..."

It was then that he saw it - a small glint on the water, barely a drop to him reaching up. It began rising, a larger dark blue blob, and two yellow eyes peeked out of the water that illuminated itself. Josh stared blankly at it - after all, what was it? It grew taller, a bright tentacle rising from the water, followed by another, claws extending from them, and a tail was visible. It still seemed to be part of the water, as it suddenly let out a horrible screech. Everyone turned their heads to it. At this point, it was practically three times taller than the boat, its roar continuing. The boat shook, people losing their footing and falling backwards.

Akida shouted, "Oh my... Josh! You have to stop it!"

Josh stared blankly at it. "...First of all, what is it, second of all, how can I stop it WITH A GUITAR CASE!?"

Akida looked nervously around. "First, it's a Leviathan, and second, you can... distract it while I think of a plan?"

Josh laughed once. "Works for me." He ran to the side of the boat, dropping the guitar case and diving into the air.

06-01-2006, 08:21 PM
Reposting here because nobody read it. I'm proud of my work

Wispering Rock get's all talenty!!!

The banner above the stage in the main lodge read '5th annual Wispering Rock Talent Show'. All the students sat on benches awaiting their turns to do their act for the judges.

Ford, Milla and Sasha all sat at a table, with clipboards and pencils in hand. They were the judges. The winner of this talent show has the right to roam the mind of anyone at the camp for 1 hour. Whether it be Ford, Lili, Sasha, or even a squirrel.

Ford stood up and said "Now, welcome all talent show participents. We all know the rules. Any talent can be shown, it just can't be involving your psychic powers."

Milla then spoke up with a "Now children, I wish you all good luck. Everyone is really a winner here. The first contestants up are Franke and Kitty."

There was a round of applaudes as the duo took the stage. They had on basketball uniforms and took an odd position, getting ready to start a dance. Some dribbling of a basktball of a beat started and slowly the children realised....IT WAS HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sasha heard this and pulled out some earplugs. The students all covered their ears in disgust and thought 'Eww...Zac Efron.' Except Chloe, who pondered 'What is this strange noise? It sounds intreguing. I shall investigate on return to my home planet.'

When the crappy dance ended and Zac Efron's girly voice stopped singing on the boombox, everyone uncovered their ears for a small round of applaudes, except Vernon, who gave a standing ovation to the women who is 'warm for his form'

The long night continued on forever. Mikhail did a traditonal Russian dance, Chloe sang a song in her native tongue(the name is unpronuncable), Elka sang 'These boots are made for walkin', and even Maloof did a Sinatra number. Though none of those compare to the performances of Vernon, Elton and Milka, and even a judge.

06-01-2006, 08:29 PM

06-01-2006, 08:34 PM

06-01-2006, 08:34 PM

06-01-2006, 08:48 PM
Fine! YOU'RE STORY IS PRETTY!!! And what's with the sexual tension between Those two. Also, Army of chickens is a sweet band name.

06-01-2006, 08:54 PM
Akida is like '<3' and Josh is like 'erk i have a girlfriend kind of not really, um, she plays drums?'

So your story makes me happy because Maloof and Sinatra are the OTP of singing.

06-01-2006, 09:18 PM
I'm writing the secong half right now. With Vernon's killer act.

06-01-2006, 09:21 PM


(No offence to anyone that likes it though.)

06-01-2006, 09:51 PM
My story had... nothing to do with Code Lyoko...

06-01-2006, 09:59 PM
In fact, the first MENTION of Lyoko comes from your post Grud.

06-01-2006, 10:12 PM
So Smon, how do YOU like my story?

06-01-2006, 10:15 PM
You went a little crazy with the descriptors... setting a scene is good, but not when I need to go through two paragraphs to know what color the grass is.

06-01-2006, 10:17 PM
Ok part two.

PART TWO!!!!!!

The night seemed to go on forever, series upon series of crappy acts from various students. Half the students were passed out on the benches of the main lodge.However when the name Milla stood and said "Vernon darling, you up next."

"That's great. I'm really excited about this, because once in my hometown I was in a talent show where I told the story about me and my dog Lady and how we went on walks and how we'd turn street corners and say hi to friends and..."

"OH SHUT UP AND DO YOUR ACT VERNON!" yelled Sasha. He had a ciggerette in one hand and was getting extremly irratable from the nights less than entertaining acts.

Vernon flinched a little at this but then went on stage. He held up a giant boombox and set it on the ground. He pushed play on the tape and a recording of Herbie Handcocks 'Rockit' started playing. Vernon busted out in a robot and next thing, he was poppin' and lockin' over all ya'll asses.

At first, everyone saw this and thought in amazement 'OH SNAP!! VERNON CAN JAM!!' and everyone was on their feet chanting 'GO VERNON, IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY' to which Bobby always added 'WE GONNA SIP BACARDI LIKE IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!' being the only fan of the crap that is 50 Cent in the entire camp.

When the song was almost over, Vernon did a head spin and fliped on to his back right as the song ended which brought the entire house down. After the appluades ended, the judges critiqued. Ford said "Wow, I must admit that was tight." to which everyone precided to vomit that old people got ahold of their slang. Milla said "Darling that was FABulace!" and Sasha was passed out, a bottle of gin and a martini glass under his seat.

"Alright next up is Elton and Milka. Good luck children" The two got up and were precided by laughter when their costumes were revealed. Lili was in a dress with sequins a pleanty and Raz wore a monkey suit. Milka took a mic and Elton took out an accordian.

After the room got quiet, Elton began to play the begining of what sounded like a traditional French song. Then Milka began to sing and mouths droped. "Des yeux qui font baiser les miens," she sang with the voice of a modern day Billie Holiday meets Edith Piaf. She enchanted everyone as a spotlight that was taken from storage shone on her and reflected off her dress. Elton just stood at the side playing his accordian and looking at his beloved, shy angel.

The song ended, and it was still quite. Milka felt a blush and turned invistible. "Oh Milka darling," Milla said running to the stage."There's nothing to be scared of. This is your time, shine on in it." She became vistible and looked at everyone. Everyone was all teary eyed. Even Bobby looked as if he was going to ball from the sweet sadnesss of her voice and the song. Elton packed his accordian and kissed Milka once.

"Good job." he wispered in her ear and they walked off the stage hand in hand.

After the tissue box was passed around and everyone was out of there costumes, Milla stood up and said "Well this looks like the end. Everyone has preformed andwe can now announce our winners."

"WAIT" Yelled a very drunk, very sleepy, Sasha Nien. "I'm....gonna.....go ~hiccup~"

Sasha fell from his chair and hobbled intoxicated to the stage.

"Sasha you can't sing, your drunk." Milla said, hands on hips.

"Watch me, BITCH!" He yelled, almost falling over.

The night was most certainly not over yet....

06-02-2006, 08:03 PM
Read it.


06-04-2006, 01:15 AM
Aw, man now I want to write a Sweet Charity/Psychonauts crossover with Milla as Charity what should I do :whacked:

06-04-2006, 01:26 AM
Write it, of course. ;)

Mashi An'krekku
06-04-2006, 02:25 PM
Oh hey. People should read my non-psychonauts stuff.


...Is that all I have? Wow.

06-04-2006, 02:32 PM
Nobody has read my story. Which means it's crap. sob.

06-06-2006, 08:55 PM
A Sweet Rhythm
Libya Emory was alone playing I'm a Brass Band on her keyboard , her fedora covering her eyes and her fingers gliding on the keys until Milla came and sang the final phrases of the song
[IAnd all kinds of music
Is pouring out of me 'cause...
Somebody loves me...at last[/I]
"Wow, that is a wonderful voice you have Madame Vodello and

06-13-2006, 11:47 PM
I've decided to post 'Lusty', my 5 part Milka/Elton fanfiction over here instead of the official fanfiction thread. HERE GOES NOTHING!!!!

Lusty: Pt. 1

It was the very first night of the new year of Wispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. Things were settling in, just like last year. Elka and Nils had broken up, and Lili and Elton were still together, much to someone's dismay. Milka watched the two in disgust. She wanted Elton all for herself and wished Lili would just die. Of coarse, Milka took her love of Elton to stalkerish hights with the whole 'Turning invistible and watching him sleep' thing last year. Then, Raz appeared on stage. Milka looked over at Lili immeaditly and saw the look in Lili's eyes. The look of excitement, the look of passion, the look of not wanting Elton anymore.

Milka snuck out of the rest of the ceremony early. She walked over to the kids cabin area where she got ready for bed. She slipped into her skimpy nightgown and slipped on her silk robe with the phoenix on the back. She climbed into her bunk and slipped on her iPod headphones. She changed her playlist to the one titled 'Lusty.' It had the classic love music Milka was into. Closer, 96 Tears, Tainted Love, those kind of songs. She drifted off, her mind set on taking her man, any means necessary.

06-14-2006, 05:44 PM
Part 2!

Lusty: Pt 2

Milka awoke that morning having a nice full night of sleep. She got dressed and prepaired for basic braining. Milka made her plan, she would go out ahead of everyone else, and wait for Elton. When she found him, she would put on her seductress face and make that sailor hers.

Milka ran out ahead of everyone else in basic braining and waited for Elton by the minefield. Hopefully he would make it that far. She got their farely early, so she stood and waited. When she heard his voice yell from the bottom of the net, she turned invistible. As he climbed up the net, Milka could feel her heart pumping faster and faster. Then, she saw him. "I'm coming you stupid mines!" he yelled in his immature voice that gave Milka the butterflies all inside.

When he passed her she yelled "Hold on!" He stopped and looked around for someone. Milka, realizing she was still invistible, became vistible and said "Elton, I need to ask you somthing."

"What Milka?" He said, looking into her embarassed eyes.

Milka looked around, grabbed him by the shirt and dragged him to the corner. "Are you and Lili still together?" she asked him.

"Uhh....I suppose so....We're really slowing down a lot though." He responded, "Why do you ask?"

"Oh," Milka said, pretending not to feel awkward, "No reason really. I just wanted to know." She then turned around and walked to the mines. She turned around, gave him a wink, and said "Bye Elton." in the sexiest voice she could use.

"Well," she thought to herself, finishing the coarse "I've gotten his attention. Now how do I get him?"