View Full Version : targeting 2 ships simultaneously

05-26-2000, 03:04 AM
Is it possible to target one ship with one turret, and then target another with the second turret. For instance, when flying the yt--2000 transport.

05-26-2000, 04:25 AM
No, you can't.

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05-26-2000, 02:06 PM
The only way to do this is to target one ship, select "autofire" with the turrets, then select another target and maunually shhot at it. BUT, as soon as your first target is destroyed the turrets will stop firing. And Fondas is correct, your can't set the turrets to fire at two targets at once, but you CAN set the turrets to defensive fire, and they will automatically fire at any ship (or other thing) that threatens you (at random , of course).

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