View Full Version : Random NAT/firewall error.

10-05-2001, 07:44 PM
Many times when I try to join a multiplayer game, I get an error saying I can't connect to one of the players, and says something about NAT and firewall.

Other times, it does connect (I've only played 2 times).

Now, I'm not the host, and I do have a firewall so obviously that's causing the problem.

However, what has be confused is that sometimes it does work. Also, the firewall shouldn't matter if I'm not the host of the game, unless this net code is extremely crappy.

Anybody experience a similar problem, and even better, know of a workaround besides turning the firewall off ?


10-07-2001, 03:14 PM
Have the games that you have played successfully been 1 on 1? I have the same problem if there are more than 2 people. The firewall seems to be fine when it's just 2-way communucation, but when it has to comunicate with more people then it has trouble.

I hope NAT support will be available in the production version of the game. The only way to get around it for now is to disable the firewall. I even tried opening a DMZ host and it still failed. If I want to play more than a 2 player game I have to plug my cable modem directly into the computer bypassing the firewall/router.