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06-07-2000, 01:15 AM
Ok. I can handle the GUNs. I can take out the station. (Easily -- I got that far on my first try). My problem is that I can't make it back to the Liberty.

There's a nasty little star destroyer between me and my nav bouy. Between that and the TIEs, I get killed every time.

I know, a purist would take out the SD, then mop up the TIEs, but I'm no expert, and if I can't survive the 8km between the station and the nav bouy, how can I expect to stand up to close range fire from a SD?

The walk-throughs are useless -- each of them assumes the hard part is getting out of the research station before it blows.

Help? Thanks..

06-07-2000, 03:06 AM
I replayed this mission in the simulator just so I would be able to see what problems I had and see what I could tell you. I blew the reactor up with no probs and threw all laser power to engines and punched it. I got out with no trick and just headed straight for the buoy. Going at 125 megalytes I had no problem outrunning the ties and completely evading all turbolaser fire from the SD. I didn't even get a scratch. What difficulty setting are you on and what speed are you at when heading for the buoy? Be sure to dump power to engines so you can just haul butt to the buoy and ignore the SD and ties. Hope this helps.

06-07-2000, 01:26 PM
THe computer AI cannot handle craft that go faster then 100 MGLT, they become very poor shots. Try to keep TIE fighter awy from you 6 o'clock, and if they are there, try to get beyond .75 km Do not fire on the SD because it will then start firing missles on you. which makes if very tough. If you put all energy to the engines you should be able to go 150 MGLT, that is faster then a Adv Conc can go for a non-moving craft. Dont worry about the Energy drain on the shield, it should only take you about 90 seconds to travel 8 KM at 150 MGLT and that will only be a drain of about 30 % shields, enogh to stop one Laser. If you have to get close to the SD, try to stay about .75 km away from it, any closer and the Guns start becoming very accurate, especcially if the get a Zero Angel of attack on you.