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06-26-2000, 12:21 AM
I have never been able to beat the first mission where you encounter the hurrim(the mission where your allied with them for part of it) I get to the part where the hurrim turn on you and you need to keep them from destroying the convoy. I always lose convoy ships. I just cant get the y-wing to kill them fast enough.

06-26-2000, 01:01 PM
You need to tell your wingman to attack the Preybirds, in the wingman commands, otherwise they will help the Preybirds by disabling the Transports, and making it easier for the Hurrium to destroy them

06-26-2000, 08:38 PM
1. You need a LOT of luck.
2. Get a Hurrim Preybird in your sights. When the deception becomes obvious, take 'im out.
3. Leave the Xiytiar transports alone, or the Preybirds'll take them out.
4. When you take out six of the eight, tell your wingmen to take the rest out, and burn rubber to the first Xiytiar.
5. When your wingmen take out the last of the Preybirds, tell them to disable the other Xiytiar. Assist them.
6. When the Imps come, tell your wingmen to attack target type on the Interceptors. That sould finish the mission. That is, if the Blastboats don't come (they didn't for me).
7. If some Blastboats came, take them out.

That's what did it for me...

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