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This story takes place between Kotor 1 and Kotor 2 and tells the story of how the Jedi were nearly wiped out between kotor 1 and 2 and how they disbanded the order and why.. (in this story Revan was a lightside male)
Part 1: Dark Tidings

Several months after the destruction of the Star Forge, the remaining Sith gather upon the barren world of Korriban to decide the fate of the Sith Empire...

"Ah, welcome everyone."
A Dark Jedi said.
"Now that we are all here we can discuss what shall be done now that we are leaderless."
"Malak's apprentice was killed in battle, how do we decide who will take the Dark Lord's place?"
Admiral Remine asked.
Before someone could answer him Remine gasped and hurled his hands toward his throat. Before anyone had a chance to stop it he had been killed.
"That is what will happen to anyone who does not think I am worthy of leadership.."
A voice yelled sternly from the shadows.
"My name..is Zane. I am the greatest Dark Jedi here and I'll be damned if anyone other than myself becomes supreme ruler of the Sith!"
Zane yelled.
Just then, another Dark Jedi emerges from the shadows oppisite Zane.
"My name is Severus,"
The Dark Jedi stated.
"And I am to be the rightful ruler of the Sith..So back down! Or you will be forced down!"
All soldiers and Dark Jedi in the room stepped aside. They heard the pain and anguish in Severus' voice. He was evil as evil can get.
"Oh yeah? You and what army, Severus?"
Zane said mockingly.
Severus laughed,
"Me and this army!"
Out of nowhere a wave of Dark Jedi and Sith Troopers emerged from the darkened rooms behind him...

Part 2- War on Korriban

Legions of Sith forces and Dark Jedi swarmed the plains and caves battling each other. The forces had split into 2 factions, Darth Zane's forces and Darth Severus' forces. But as Severus and Zane met upon the battlefield, the battle halted..

"This fighting is senseless!"
Severus yelled.
"As we bicker amongst ourselves the Republic grows stronger! Let us ally together Zane, your forces and my forces will wage war upon the Republic together! We will destroy the Jedi..together!"
Zane ordered his followers to stop.
"Then let it be, that the forces of Darth Zane and Darth Severus hereby unite!"
Zane yelled to all of his soldiers.
Once all of the Sith had gathered around Zane and Severus they sat quietly waiting to see what would happen. But as the two Dark Jedi threw down their weapons a shot rang out from the air. And before anyone could see where it was coming from, Zane had fallen to the ground, leaking blood and brains onto Korriban's rocky surface...
"They tricked us!"
A follower of Zane shouted.
"They killed our leader..attack!!"
And with that word all of the Sith turned and continued fighting...

Part 3- 'So long Korriban'

As the last of the Sith forces destroy each other, a hooded figure stands upon the rocky cliffs of Korriban outside a cave looking down upon the battle below..

"Well, that'll do it I guess!"
The hooded figure said.
"Let's hope they don't stop fighting until every last one of them is dead.."
The hooded man leaned up tall stretching his arms and lifted up his Republic R-27B Sniper Rifle dragging it along the ground as he walked back into the cave..
After several minutes of navigating through the cold damp cave the man arrived at an opening leading into a large valley where his ship was awaiting him. He walked up to the ship and began unfastening his ammo suit and and taking his blasters out of his belt.
"Power up the ship T3.. Get ready for takeoff.."
The man walked up the loading ramp into his ship watching the small astromech droid head towards the cockpit.
"Patch a transmission through to Bastilla, T3."
As the man walked into the control room a small holographic image of Jedi Knight Bastilla Shan appeared on the center console.
"It's about time, I was beginning to fear the worst!"
Bastilla yelled.
The man laughed and unfastened his cloak. Peeling the hood off his head revealing a man with dark hair and a goatee. His face was lit up red from the hot suit he had been wearing.
"Well, you know me Bastilla..I like to take my time and make sure things are done right, unlike some arrogant little princess jedi I know..."
Bastilla snarled and got all red wanting to scream, yet kept it in. Ever since the Star Forge she had been fighting to rid herself of the darkside. The fact that Revan abandoned her and traveled into the unknown regions didn't help at all.
"Carth! I thought we were done with all the pointless bickering we used to do! Yet here you are once again trying to start something!"
Carth laughed and shrugged,
"Well sorry..I won't do it again princess. I guess it was ok to make fun of an arrogant padawan, but now that you have been made a Jedi Knight I guess you're just too stuck up to bicker with me."
"Grrr...Anyways, Carth...How are things on Korriban?"
"Well as was expected the Sith are fighting amongst themselves.. They were about to stop the fighting, but luckily I was able to snipe one of the faction leaders, making them start the fighting all over again. I think this is the last we will see of the Sith for a long time. 'So long Korriban!"
"This is excellent news indeed, Carth. It is good to hear some good news. Ever since Revan left it seems all I've been hearing is bad news..."
Bastilla began to cry..
"Calm down, Bastilla. We can continue this discussion once I arrive on Coruscant."
Carth reached over and shut off the hologram. He threw his gear onto the counter and walked towards the cockpit with watery eyes...

Ok thats all I have so far...Please give me any advice on what you think I should change or what was done badly or anything at all! I'm open to hearing any suggestions!

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It's ok. Nothing Special. Needs more to it.

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