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Tell me your stories! What was your Revan like, and your Exile?
What did they do? Here are my official runs of the PC characters:

Star Wars I: Knights of the Old Republic

My Revan, first name Vladimir, was initially Dark Side. After
landing on Taris, he conspired with the violent and thuggish
Black Vulkar gang to win the championship swoop race and
rescue the Jedi Bastila. This, however, was for naught as
the new Lord of the Sith, Darth Malak, soon blew Taris up.

Desparate for revenge, for Vladimir loathed Malak increasingly
with each passing day, he and his companions fled to Dantooine.
Vladimir lied to the Jedi Masters, saying he would follow the light
when he had no intention of doing any such thing. On Dantooine
he discovered the first piece of the Star Maps to the Star Forge.

Knowing that this was the first key to finding and destroying Malak,
Vladimir traveled to Kashyyk and helped Zaalbar exact his revenge
on the Czerka slavers that had infiltrated and taken over the planet.

Then a strange thing happened. Vladimir decided that if he was
to truly be evil, he should have sided with the slavers instead of
the Wookiees. Zaalbar, as always, remained by his side, pledged
by his Wookiee life debt. This loyalty of Zaalbar's moved V. Revan.

He decided to repent of his evil ways and forsake the Dark Side.

As he traveled to Korriban, Manaan, and Tatooine, Vladimir tried
to convince the planet's primary inhabitants that mass slaughter
was no longer his way of life. He turned Yuthura back to the light
on Korriban after she had fallen in the same snare that he had. He
protected the Great Firaxan Shark, the supposed ancestor-fish
of the Selkath species. Also, he convinced the Sand People to
stop killing outsiders--and, oddly, Czerka employees--on sight.

There was one thing Vladimir hadn't counted on, however. Bastila.

Her mind, and her fate, were bonded with his own. Even though
the Jedi Code forbade Knights to fall in love, Vladimir saw no harm
in his feelings for the young Jedi maiden. Bastila, too, felt the same.

This was the beginning of Vladimir's second fall to the Dark Side.

When he and his crew were captured and held aboard the Leviathan,
Vladimir collapsed under torture and betrayed the Jedi. However, the
agent of his betrayal was not his own suffering, but Bastila's. Malak
had been right. V. Revan could not bear to watch his love endure pain.

Even after this terrible fate, Bastila still found enough strength within
her heart to sacrifice herself as a prisoner aboard the Leviathan so that
V. Revan and Canderous Ordo could flee the ship before Malak arrived.

V. Revan could not have known Bastila's fate when he faced her again.

After crashing upon the surface of the Unknown World, V. Revan
once again tried to redeem himself. He helped the Elder Rakatans
defeat the warlike and xenocidal tribe of the One. This led to the
Elders unlocking the Temple of the Ancients for him, but not before
Jolee Bindo, a fellow Jedi in V. Revan's party, insisted on joining him.

There, atop the summit of the temple, V. Revan fulfilled his destiny.

Bastila convinced him that the Jedi Council had used him as a pawn
and a puppet, a potential weapon to help the Republic. V. Revan
realized that the Jedi Masters had lied to him, telling him Revan
had been slain. The Jedi had fed new information into his damaged
mind, never revealing that he was indeed the Dark Lord of the Sith.

Revan did not like being used. He did not like being manipulated.
He hated not knowing the truth. Thus, now that he did know it,
he accepted Bastila's offer to reclaim his title as the Dark Lord.

Once the rest of the people in his party discovered this, Mission
Vao and Carth Onasi stood firm in that they would not follow a Sith.
V. Revan tried to convince Zaalbar to kill Mission, but instead, the
Wookiee attacked him. Thus, he slew three of his close companions.

Canderous Ordo remained by his side, as did the droids T3-M4 and
HK-47, a recently-discovered assassin droid. And, of course, Bastila.

Together, they infiltrated the Star Forge, fooling the rest of the
Jedi and the Republic forces into thinking they still served the Light.
This bought them enough time to strike down the weaker Dark Jedi
and Sith apprentices, and at last Bastila left V. Revan to face Malak.

Victory! Death was the price of failure for Malak, and it was the
reward of a long and hard-fought battle for V. Revan. He reclaimed
the identity he had lost, and with Bastila at his side as his consort
and loyal apprentice, V. Revan and the Sith bombarded the Republic
with the Infinite Fleet, created by the Star Forge they had claimed.

Still, a part of V. Revan wishes that the Jedi Council would have told
him the truth at the start. If they had, he thinks, he might have truly
forsaken the Dark Side. V. Revan had always thought lies were the
tools of the Sith, and never the Jedi. Now, he knows much differently.
Now, he knows both sides of the Force can use pawns for their glory.

And V. Revan vows that he will never be a pawn again, but a Master.

Final Alignment: 36

12-04-2005, 06:20 PM
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

Tysyacha Dvukhsotnaya was thought to be the last remaining
Jedi after the Republic was again on the verge of utter collapse.
However, this was not true. Tysyacha had been exiled from the
Jedi Order. She knew this when she awoke in a kolto tank aboard
the fuel station of Peragus, but that was about all she knew.

When she awoke, she found an old woman named Kreia lying in
the morgue. Believing Kreia dead, Tysyacha went to examine
another corpse, but at that moment the mysterious lady moved.
She said she would help Tysyacha in her quest to escape the
fuel station, and Kreia kept her word. However, a pilot, Atton
Rand, also came to the rescue once the Exile released him
from the Peragus station brig. Together, they searched on.

After fighting and destroying multiple droids, including a devious
HK-50 assassin and protocol model, the Exile had Atton Rand
fire on the Peragus asteroids, causing a chain reaction that
made the entire fuel station explode. While fleeing the Sith,
Tysyacha submitted herself to Kreia as a student and Padawan.
Though never calling the lady "Master", the Exile knew Kreia was.

The only destination logged into the Ebon Hawk at this time was
Telos. So, having no choice, Kreia, Atton, the Exile, and the loyal
T3-M4 landed there. Aboard the fledgling space station, the Exile
helped a local herd of Ithorians to circumvent the Czerka Corporation
in their plans to take over and destroy the environment of Telos.
As a reward, their leader, Chodo Habat, healed the Exile of her
severing from the Force, increasing her powers by a small bit.

Things were not all well, however. Another mysterious maiden,
cloaked in white, had infiltrated the Telos boarding station and
stolen the Exile's (and Revan's former) ship, the Ebon Hawk!
With the help of Bao-Dur, a Zabrak technician who had served
under the Exile and Revan in the Mandalorian Wars, the party
discovered that whoever had stolen the ship had landed it
in an isolated section of Telos' polar regions. How odd...

Once upon the ice caps, however, the crew was again assaulted
by more HK-50 assassin droids! After destroying this current wave,
the Exile and her companions found the secret hideout of a Jedi Master!
Master Atris had orchestrated the theft of the Ebon Hawk, and she had
sent one of her handmaidens to steal it. Atris wished for the Exile to
discover her hiding place and answer for her actions aboard Peragus.

Tysyacha humbly explained that the Sith had destroyed Peragus and
were now trying to kill her, believing her to be the last Jedi. Atris, quite
angered by this assumption and alarmed that the Sith were again at large,
sent the Exile and her companions to seek out four hidden Jedi Masters.

Thus Tysyacha searched for Master Vrook upon Dantooine, Master
Zez Kai'Ell upon Nar Shaddaa, Master Kavar upon Onderon, and
Master Lonna Vash upon Korriban. Along the way, she defeated
Dantooine's many treacherous mercenaries looking to take over,
thwarted the criminal enterprises and thugs of the Exchange, and
aided Kavar and Queen Talia to defeat General Vaklu, a cousin of
the Queen's who aspired to seize the royal throne for himself.

She also relived her past upon Korriban, this time resisting the evil Darth
Malak's temptation to join him in the Mandalorian Wars as she did before.

Once all the Masters were found, including, sadly, the dead Lonna Vash,
they and the Exile gathered upon Dantooine. So did Kreia. She drained the
Jedi Masters of life and then turned upon Tysyacha, preparing her for the
final stage of her training. Kreia yearned for the Exile to reach Malachor V.

Before that, though, the Exile learned that the Masters had wanted to cut
her off from the Force for a second time. They'd feared that Darth Nihilus, a
Force-siphoning, perpetually-hungry Sith Lord, would find them through the
wounds or "echoes" in the Force that the Exile had unwittingly caused.
Distraught, but humbly willing to protect the Masters of the Light, the
Exile had prepared for this second cutoff from the Force before Kreia intervened.

The Exile had further betrayals ahead...namely, that of Master Atris. Atris
had listened to the insidious whisperings of one too many Sith holocrons
aboard her secret station at Telos, and they had finally turned her. So
had Kreia, or Darth Traya, before she ventured for Malachor V's surface.

Tysyacha defeated Atris, but not before turning her back to the Light.

She then sought out Darth Nihilus himself, along with her companion Visas
Marr. Visas was the slave of Nihilus, and she was all too happy to defeat him.
Not, however, out of anger, for the Exile had turned Visas toward the Light.

Now...there was only Kreia left. And her invincible apprentice, Darth Sion.

She found the latter, a hideous corpse-being who had been forged with pain.
This was how he healed himself, so the Exile was forced to break his will and
convince Sion that his seemingly wise positions were wrong. Each time her
persuasiveness worked, Sion became weaker, and the Exile struck him down.

She wanted answers from Kreia. What Kreia told her was astounding...

Kreia wanted to destroy the Force, believing it to be like a mindless god that
toyed with lives and used them as pawns in an endless game of cosmic balance.
The Exile, being initially severed from the Force, was the embodiment of all her
hopes, all her dreams, all that she wished the galaxy to become. Kreia told the
Exile that she must kill her former Master, or else the opposite would be true.

So, with a heavy heart, Tysyacha Dvukhsotnaya did just that. She gently
told Kreia to rest in peace within the Trayus Core, and Kreia passed away.

Afterwards, she and Atton Rand fled Malachor V aboard the Ebon Hawk.

A part of Tysyacha wishes she could have yielded to Kreia. What did the
Force have in store for her, the lowly Exile, now? Like her old Master, Revan,
before her, Tysyacha hates being manipulated and used for a cause protected
by lies. Why had the Jedi not told her the true reason for her exile? Whatever
the case may have been with the Masters in question, one thing is true for her...

Tysyacha knows the mistake of following a false teacher. She seeks Revan now,
after Kreia, or Darth Traya's, death. Light or dark, she vows to call HIM Master.

Final Alignment: 85

Emperor Devon
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Er, why'd you bother to post all this? Anyone who had already played KOTOR and TSL would already know this. You could've just said: My Revan was evil, then good, then evil, then good, then evil.

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Sorry. *blush*

I guess I just got the "writer's flu" today.

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Although I agree with Devon that this was rather useless, no offence, I think you should make a fanfic about Revan, I don't think anyone else has. :)

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Although I agree with Devon that this was rather useless, no offence, I think you should make a fanfic about Revan, I don't think anyone else has. :)

You could kinda say that FFWM12 sotry is about Revan, but thats not a half-bad idea. I might start one. Problem is I never finished K1...

12-05-2005, 11:50 AM
I don't think anyone else has.
I'm working on it. Space battle is near the end.

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Problem is I never finished K1...


El Sitherino
12-05-2005, 02:11 PM
Story section was made for a damn reason.


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Well, as you all know the story of K1 and K2, I won't be that long in describing my view of their characters not my game characters…

Star Wars I: Knights of the Old Republic

Revan Ola, a powerful Jedi Knight who couldn’t bear the thought of standing moveless while the Mandalorians are attacking the republic, then decided to fight back, but there was a little problem, and that is Revan is a she…

Thus, she came up with an idea; she wore her red and black armor from which she has found in a strange temple In Dantooine, with the help of her friend Malak they both got the attention of other jedi knights and convinced them to join in their quest, however, she managed to crush the Mandalorians and in their last victory she encountered with a great general in her army "Korfredonn Mannelig" who got very close to know about her hidden truth, the truth that the great republic hero is actually a woman, a truth that she couldn’t bear the consequences of revealing it, in the last battle at Malachor 5, Korfredonn was the cause of the final victory against the Mandalorians, and having Revan injured in her fight with the Mandalore, Korfredonn visited her in a small moon close to Malachor, and there she felt that he has changed, his injury was worse than hers, still, in his presence she felt weak, drown into him in a strange way, and in a moment of weakness she revealed her true identity to him and told him about her suspicions about the intentions of Malak and Saul, however, they spent the night together, and when she awaked she knew that she cant let him follow her path for she fear for him to get drowned into the darkside (which she didn’t entered), and she couldn’t tell him about the hidden sith empire, thus she left him early in the morning and left him a message :" you have slept with the heart of darkness", when Korfredonn awoke he couldn’t bear this idea, thus he choose not to follow her beloved's path and left the jedi order…

And then the very known actions happened within Revan's journey when she lost her memory and she's been named during this period "Ola", the journey ended with Revan Ola killing Malak and left the republic to the outer rim after turning to the light side…

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

After being an exile, Korfredonn worked as a smuggler during the period of K1, he heard about Revan but he wasn’t that much interested as he has suffered a lot because of her, but the force has its own will, he found himself in a middle of the war between the republic and the sith, and he was forced to re-establish his connection with the force…during his journey he had a lot of friends including two women; Visass, and the handmaiden, both of them didn’t deny their strong emotion toward him, but none of them was Revan, however, he succeeded in summoning the Jedi counsel in Dantooine, there, he knew about everything, they told him about his gift of making bounds throw the force and that all of those who think that they are loyal to him are in fact affected by this gift, a sad truth that blinded him, if this is the truth then his life was all a lie, the soldiers whose sacrificed themselves for him in Malachor 5, Vissas and the Handmaiden, all of his current companions, Revan, even his family, all this was a lie, they didn’t love him truly, they are just under the affection of his gift…at this sad truth he got angry and slew the Jedi Masters before Kriea came up and told him about her intentions, as he hate to be manipulated, he attacked her but eventually lost to her, he awoke and returned to the Ebon Hawk, there he revealed his truth to Vissas who comforted him and assured him that her feelings for him are true, still not convinced, he joined her and defeated Nihilus, then he Killed Sion and Kriea, but this time he was alone, as he decided to remain alone for he don’t want to hurt another one especially after the Handmaiden sacrifice, bearing his sad memories of war and pain, he couldn’t trust anyone no more, thus he traveled alone to the outer rim in searching for Revan and the sith empire…