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12-04-2005, 11:59 PM
I felt kinda bad for Boba here. I accidentally put the fear of God into him, it seems. I wanted you guys to know where that last thread came from. So... here you go. :)

After seeing his threads, I was unsure of whether this was a huge misunderstanding, due to a faliure to properly communicate. I sent this PM:

TO: bobaFett980
FROM: StaffSaberist
TITLE: You are seriously asking for a ban

I notice you now have two threads locked because of a request for hacks. Perhaps this was a mistake. Let me make sure I get this perfectly clear:

Hacks are used to exploit games in illegal ways, such as not using the CD, etc. These are extremely illegal, and creators of hacks can be prosecuted by law.

Cheats, on the other hand, and pefectly acceptable to use. You can find good cheats by going to www.cheatcodes.com, where people have submitted cheats you can use during the Single Player game.

Now, if it's a true hack you are looking for, I will not help you with those. However, I will be happy to help you out should you like to find cheat codes. The rest of the community will as well. Just remember that hacks are not the same as mere cheats.


Apparently, this freaked hom out real bad. So, sorry to scare you like that, Boba. I have no Moderator powers, nor did I claim to. As for you guys, sorry that misunderstanding sparked another thread.

Anyways, I'll resume the normal member-hood that I have taken a small vacation from. Again BobaFett980, sorry to scare you, I'm trying to not get you banned. :)

El Sitherino
12-05-2005, 10:38 AM
No one cares, keep this **** off my internet.
Personal matters are for PM's.