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09-20-2000, 06:36 PM
I am having trouble defeating the mission where you have to protect the shuttle Jade and drive away a Marauder Class Corvette. Does anybody have any suggestions or help?

09-25-2000, 01:23 PM
With special thanks to Tim Wuyts , this is his walkthrough about the Jade mission. It has worked for me... http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/wink.gif

"BATTLE 6: The Darkest Hour

Mission 1: Meet with Bothan Delegation

* Craft: A-Wing
Shield Rating: 50 SBD
Hull Rating : 14 RU

* Mission Objectives:
Drive off any hostile forces
DREAD Tal'cara: complete mission
SHU Jade: complete mission

* Bonus Points:
(250) Destroy M-CRV Intruder
(750) Destroy 100% of Mercenary Starfighters

* Opponents:
Skipray blastboats
Marauder Corvette
Authority IRD's

* Difficulties:
Nothing in particular, it's just that something always tends to go wrong the first few
times. If you are on time for this, you are too late for that, ...

* Tips:
Once you entered the mission area, do a 90 turn, that's were the DREAD and his escorts will
arive. Once they launch the shuttle, store it in one of the target presets (eg. Shift-F5).
Engage the S/B's once they arrive. Before you can attack the S/B's themselves, try to take
out a few of the torpedoes launched at the DREAD. It does take most of them out himself,
but this will make the task at hand easier.

Because off the limited offensive capabilities of the A-Wing, you won't be able to take out
many S/B's before you have to divert your attention to some incoming IRD's, which go after
the shuttle. Once the M-CRV arrives, you should start heading for the shuttle, that way
you can intercept the IRD's in time. In the meantime, you should let your wingmate attack
the M-CRV, since his turbolasers do a lot of damage to the FRG.

Once the IRD's are taken out, head back toward the FRG and start attacking the M-CRV. This
is not easy because of the specific weaknesses of the A-Wing. Evasive manoeuvering is
essential and even then the task at hand is difficult. Once the M-CRV has been taken out
go and inspect the E-POD. Make sure the S/B doesn't pick it up, once it's inspected you
should start defending the SHU Jade (the meeting should be over by now) but also the SHU
Compassion. You should definetly be spending more time defending the Compassions, since
more fighters seem to engage it!"