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02-25-2006, 11:55 AM
Jasra tried to use the Force to sense for where Crystal might have gone, but being inexperienced and with so much life around, she was finding it difficult to separate everything out. The shard being so full of Force energy, was also distorting what Jasra was sensing. "Crystal?!" Jasra called out for her as she scanned through the underbrush. "Crystal, where are you? Don't run from me, please!" she pleaded.

She turned back to Tegan. "Did I hear the Doctor say that you had jungles on your homeworld?" A strange animal called out from the brush ahead, an unfamiliar growling/burping sort of noise. "Tell me, did it also have weird and dangerous creatures?" she added apprehensively.

The Doctor
02-25-2006, 12:17 PM
"Well, yes, but... nothing as wierd as I could imagine living here..." she answered. "Australia is much more friendly than this planet."

02-25-2006, 02:39 PM
Just then, what looked like a tree trunk scuttled across their makeshift path using its 'roots' as legs, found clear spot, and burrowed its roots in the ground. Within seconds, tendrils started to appear from the base, sprouting long thin leaves. One of the tendrils quickly wrapped around Tegan's ankle and she let out a startled scream.

Jasra swung her lightsabre in an arc, cutting the tendril in half. The part around Tegan's ankle withered, but the remainder wiggled, then sprouted a second shoot and shot off in the opposite direction. Jasra pulled Tegan away from the plant and swallowed hard. "Even the plants are dangerous here. C'mon. Let's get going. I think Crystal is just ahead." She began to hack through the undergrowth. "At least I hope she's up ahead."

The Doctor
02-25-2006, 02:51 PM
Tegan walked quickly along behind Jasra, keeping to the path she was cutting with her lightsaber. "I think I prefer Australia," she said, almost falling over a protruding tree root - then making sure it was indeed a tree root. "No killer plants, no Force infused crystals, or whatever it is these Shards are made of..."

02-25-2006, 09:51 PM
"C'mon, guys!" Atton shouted back to the others, blasting a round at a bush that had moved, "We have to keep moving! Force only knows where Kira is, and I'd rather find her before she finds the Shard."


This was what she was looking for. Kira stepped through the wall of vines she had just sliced neatly appart, and stared at the half-submerged temple before her. It was ancient, that was for sure. And noting the vines that grew along its length and the delapitated appearence, it hadn't been touched in centuries. She smiled, her fangs larger than ever.

02-26-2006, 12:06 AM
"This-" Karda hacked through several reptilitan creatures, "Is-" He ducked and rolled under one of the flying insects, "the last-" He jumped through the brush and ran up to the rest of them, "time I visit this planet."

"Kira!" Karda shouted. The rest had started heading out to look for her. Feeling out through the force, he felt something a little off to the right of him. He hurried on, hoping that they could catch up to Kira before she got the other shard. I really hate that thing.

02-26-2006, 12:34 AM
Brax stalked, moving silently through te dense forest ... when the group seperated he went after 'Nyssa' and Jasra, keeping an eye on them. Smirking when the plant attacked the defenseless one. Thos ewho could not defend themselves did not deserve life.

He slid closer, moving up behind Nyssa, and taking out a stun gun, he lifted it and shot her in the back of the head.

The Doctor
02-26-2006, 12:46 AM
The Doctor turned as Nyssa collpased behind him - and was face to face with the beast that had killed Revan - and almost killed him.

02-26-2006, 01:14 AM
"KARDA!" The shout echoed throughout the dense forest. Karda paused for a moment, torn between rushing back to the Doctor and finding Kira. Finally he jumped through the dense forest, aided by the Force, and with one bound landed next to the Doctor. "What-?" Then he saw the creature.

"You... You were the one that killed Revan!" Karda reached for his lightsaber.

02-26-2006, 04:34 PM
"This has got to be the..." Jasra smacked her arm, squashing an insect that was trying to make her 'lunch'. "...absolute worst place I've ever..." Suddenly, she paused. She felt him. Brax. He was close by.

She looked around, ignoring Tegan's question of what was wrong. "We have to go. That way. Now." If anyone could help her find Crystal and Kira, it was her teacher, Brax.

Again, she ignored Tegan who was now asking why, and what about Crystal, and shouldn't they...."

There was an abrupt sucking sound, and then a small cry of surprise from Tegan. "Tegan?" Jasra turned around to see what was wrong, but didn't see Tegan at all--at first. Then she looked down. "Tegan!"

Tegan was half-way up to her neck in quicksand. Jasra started forward, then backed up as the spongey earth began to sink under her feet as well. She looked up. There were no tree limbs over head. "Crap! The one place in this jungle where there aren't any trees!"

She tried to keep calm. Panicking didn't help much when trying to use the Force. She began to concentrate, and by using the Force, began to lift Tegan from the mire. Then Jasra noticed Tegan's eyes grow suddenly wide, and her mouth began to gape at something she saw behind Jasra.

"What?" Jasra said, holding Tegan still, but not daring to turn around and look, lest her concentration break.

"Big... white... sp... sp...." Tegan swallowed hard. "Spider," she whispered.

Jasra let Tegan go, and ducked and dodged to the left, sensing the movement behind her. When she turned, she saw that Tegan was right. It was a big, white, spider. Really big. And the spongey surface they had been walking on was the spider's web set over a pool of quicksand.

Lightsabre ignited, she thrusted and dodged hairy legs and fangs, while trying to keep the spider away from Tegan as well as herself. But she was on dodgy ground. For some reason, the spider legs weren't easy to hack off with her sabre, perhaps due to the proximity of the shard.

Jasra struck out with her gauntlets, no longer invisible as she was concentrating more on not being dinner than hiding them. The blades made a dent in the spider's tough exoskeleton, and it screeched out--more angry than in pain.

It lunged forward, more determined than ever after its prey, and a fang ripped through Jasra's tunic, scraping the skin beneath and infecting her with its venom. She felt her arm grow hot as the poison began to seep in.

"Brax!!" Jasra called out to him, hoping that he would come to her assistance.

((OOC: She has no idea that Brax is confronting the Doctor and Karda. Only that he's very near.))

02-26-2006, 07:25 PM
"Brax!!" Another cry came from the forest, and Karda felt Jasra and Tegan in serious danger. But he couldn't leave - not now. Jasra knows this creature? So much for 'sticking together'...

02-26-2006, 08:02 PM
(Crap, i menat to shoot the one with Jasra :P Oh well i'll go with it)

He held the stun gun still pointed outward, now directed at the Doctor. "I killed him in an honorable duel"

"Brax!" He heard the call, and frowned ... and then turned and leapt ... he was practiaclly flying as he launched toward the scream. It took a few force aided jumps, but he knew exactly where Jasra was, so it was only a matter of moments before he was upon the Spider. He tore into it, a howling scream filled the forest for quite a distance. His? Or the spiders? It was impossible to tell ... but after a few moments he stood inside of the beast ... there was blood everywhere.

02-26-2006, 08:16 PM
"Whoa!" an astonished and soft voice said from the other side of the clearing. "Creepy... disgusting..." Crystal stared and shivered slightly. "Yuck, yuck, yuck."

Looking down at Tegan, she said, "A pretty fine mess, you're in."

Then, giggling, she told Brax, "A pretty fine mess, you've made."

Turning to Jasra, she said, "A jumble, you find yourself in."

She tapped Jasra's gauntlets, which were still showing. "I knew about them, saw them, wasn't talking about them, but now Tegan has seen them." Glancing at Brax, she said, "And now he's here... and you called for him and he came. He was having a chit-chat with Doc and Karda... secret's out, Jazzy."

She shrugged. "Sorry." Then, she headed off in the direction she'd come from.

02-26-2006, 09:23 PM
While Brax attacked the spider, Jasra sank down to her knees, weakened by the spider's poison. She laid down on her belly and crawled towards Tegan. "Here," she said, extending her hand to her.

Crystal suddenly appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. Jasra was feeling rather incoherent, and only caught part of what Crystal was saying. But she did manage to catch the part, "...secret's out, Jazzy."

"Grab hold," she said to Tegan, as Crystal once again disappeared into the jungle, not caring if Tegan saw her gauntlets or not. She pulled Tegan, using the Force to help her free her from the sucking, sloppy, wet sand mixed with spider silk. In a moment, Jasra saw that Tegan was crawling up onto more solid ground. Safe, Jasra thought.

And then, overcome by the poison, she collapsed, too tired to move. "Brax? I need help."

02-26-2006, 09:36 PM
Brax walked out of the corpse slowly ... watching as Jasra used the last of her strength to save the strange human. He moved to Tegan first, grabbing the back of her shirt and pulling her the rest of the way out of the sand, laying her down on her stomach. Then he moved to Jasra, kneeling.

"Virulent poison isn't it? Good lesson to learn." He put his hand on her forehead. "Give yourself over to me." He whispered, and his mind slid down into her own, like when he had taught her before. Anger rushed into her ... hatred, that spider. She wanted to bash it's corpse, wanted to turn it into paste. And Brax focused this hatred, this anger ... showing her how as he did. The poison was being burned up in her blood ... a faint green sheen started to cover her skin as it oozed from every pore that was near some of it in her blood.

"Now control the hatred I showed you. Karda and the Doctor should be here any moment," He turned to Tegan. "I suggest, strongly, that you just lie there. Karda may be a challenge to me, but if he tries anything I will make it my goal to kill you and both your friends before him."

02-27-2006, 01:06 PM
The creature, Brax, stiffened, and then turned and lept away extremely quickly. Karda first jumped, then ran toward where he had gone and lept using the Force also. He could hear sounds of lightsabers, and of ripping flesh, along with a voice that sounded like Crystals, kind of.

He cleared the last bush, then came upon the remnants of a dead spider and the four of them, Crystal, Brax, Tegan, and Jasra. He drew his lightsaber again and faced the creature, hearing Crystal say something like, "...secrets out, Jazzy" in a giggly voice. "Jasra, you've met this creature before, secretly!"

02-27-2006, 02:53 PM
"Secret's out," Crystal repeated. Then, she turned and vanished into the surrounding jungle.

02-27-2006, 08:21 PM
Still weakened from the spider venom, Jasra rose unsteadily to her feet, standing in between Karda, poised with his lightsaber, and Brax, the claws on his gauntlets clicking together in anticipation.

"Jasra, you've met this creature before, secretly!" Karda said to her.

She found it difficult to look at Karda, not just because he was blurry to her as an aftereffect of the poison, but because she felt slightly remorseful about the necessity of hiding her relationship with Brax from the others. "Yes," she admitted quietly, stretching her numb hands in her gauntlets that Brax had given her. "Put your lightsabre away, Karda. I won't let you fight him."

Karda didn't move, so Jasra ignited her own sabre. "I won't let you fight him, Karda," she repeated, blinking to focus. "He saved my life. Tegan's, too. Leave him be. I know I'm weak right now, but I'll fight you if I have to, so just leave him be."

Brax? she asked him through their mental link. Is it possible for you to alter Tegan's memory so she doesn't remember you? It might help the situation.

"Please," she said to Karda. "We don't have time for this right now. We have to get Crystal to a safe place and find Kira and the shard." She paused, as she momentarily wavered in balance. "If you need an explanation, I'll give you one. But later. When we're back on the ship and everyone's safe. Just lower your weapon and leave him be. Please," she added, hoping that Karda could sense she was being genuine. She frowned worriedly. "Please."

The Doctor
02-27-2006, 08:24 PM
Tegan stood. *As much as I hate to admit it... she's right, Karda. You can't fight him. We can't lose you, like we lost Revan. We need you. Please, just out your 'lightsaber' away.*

02-28-2006, 03:14 AM
He looked at Karda, his gauntlets flexing slowly, anticipating battle. But he washed his emotions down, and turned to Tegan.

"Tegan, forget that you saw me. Jasra slaid this beast, and then Karda came to help her."

He looked at Karda for a few moments, his pale grey eyes locked on the Jedi's. "I have no quarrel with you, I wish words with you and the doctor. But Jasra is right, now you need to get Kira away from that shard, and get Crystal safe as well."

He paused only a moment, then spoke again. "I am not your enemy despite all that you may think." He took a step back, and glanced at Tegan, not sure if he had affected her mind or not, but a second attempt would do no better, so he turned. And leapt, again, like he had before clearing great distance in a single leap. Then pulling the force around him, and pushing it into a layer over his skin. Disapearing.

02-28-2006, 02:21 PM
"I am not your enemy despite all that you may think." The Omwati spoke. Then he turned, and started to leap. Karda moved toward him, but then stopped. Jasra had pleaded with him not to attack Brax. But he couldn't control the rage that filled him, over this beast, this animal that had slain Revan in cold blood. Just as he hesitated, Brax was gone. It was too late.

Despite his training, anger and hatred were filling him, at Jasra, at Brax, even at Tegan for trying to stop him. He turned to Jasra. "You met with him... After what he did to Revan?! 'Leave him be,' you say, and you've been going behind our backs. I TRUSTED YOU!"

02-28-2006, 04:00 PM
Her lightsabre still activated, Jasra took a defensive pose as she saw the anger rising in Karda as he turned to her and spoke.

"You met with him... After what he did to Revan?! 'Leave him be,' you say, and you've been going behind our backs. I TRUSTED YOU!" said Karda.

The words echoed in her ears and stung her worse than the spider's fang had. She knew exactly what he was feeling. It was the same feeling she had felt when she had last stood in the Room of a Thousand Fountains at the Jedi Temple. Betrayal.

"I'm sorry," she said softly, backing up a step just in case he decided to charge her. "But you don't understand. Yes, he killed Revan. But you don't know what circumstances led him to do that. You don't know what drives him. You don't know how his people view and use the Force. You're judging him without giving him a chance to defend himself." She paused. "I'm sorry I betrayed your trust, but I knew you would react this way. You, Kira, the Doctor...all of you," she said softly. "I only knew Revan by reputation. But I do know that killing Brax won't bring him back. Nor help Kira or Crystal."

She slowly lowered her sabre. "I don't want to fight you, Karda. I'd lose. You're more skilled than I am. And that's exactly why I met with Brax. To learn. So, if you're in the mood to pass judgment and sentence me for doing that, then do so now. I won't stop you." She closed her eyes, turned off her sabre, and waited for him to strike her down. "I'm sorry I let you down," she whispered, both aloud to Karda and silently through her link to Brax.

The Doctor
02-28-2006, 04:07 PM
Tegan stood, shaking her head slowly. She had a splitting headache, and moaned in pain as she straightened up. She looked over at Jasra - and saw Karda approaching her slowly, his lightsaber drawn, and Jasra just standing there, here eyes closed. Her pain and fatigue forgotten, Tegan rushed forward, and grabbed Karda by the arm.
"What in blazes do you think you're doing?!" she yelled, trying to pull his arm to the side. "Put that thing away!"

02-28-2006, 08:08 PM
"Yeah, you're right." Karda said angrily. "Killing Brax won't bring Revan back - Brax is the reason why Revan is dead!" He felt Tegan grab his arm, and realized that his lightsaber was raised. Karda forced himself to turn it off and drop it to the ground, then turned on Jasra again.

"You met with him, to learn - learn what?! To murder great Jedi?! Is that what he was going to teach you?! How to secretly meet with a murdering beast, one that killed perhaps one of the few people who could help us right now?! I don't want to hear some defense, to learn 'what drives him'! Revan is dead! He isn't on vacation, he is dead! Murdered by your own precious teacher!!!"

Karda picked up his lightsaber, still filled with rage. She had betrayed him... And now Revan was dead, and she was being taught by this beast. He didn't care what the Omwati or Jasra said, he would no longer trust her; he would hunt Brax down and kill him.

02-28-2006, 08:56 PM
Stoke his fire Jasra. A whisper in the back of her mind, then Brax pulled back, his mind cutting itself off from hers.

03-01-2006, 09:02 AM
While Karda ranted angrily at her, Jasra heard a barely perceptible whisper in the back of her mind. Stoke his fire, Jasra.

“So nice to see the Jedi Code is alive and well,” she replied back to Karda. “What was it again? There is no emotion, except when it suits us to have them? There is no ignorance, but only when it comes to not seeing other people’s points of view? There is no passion, except for when we want to sulk and seek vengeance?” She snorted. “And didn’t you say that to me on Manaan no one is beyond forgiveness and redemption? Well, what a lie that was! You want to go after Brax and get yourself killed? Fine. Go ahead. See if I care. I’ll find Crystal and Kira and the shard on my own.” She eyed him critically. “You’re no different from me, Karda, except for one thing. At least I know I’m not a Jedi.”

She was feeling stronger now, the effects from the poison wearing off, but she didn’t reignite her lightsabre. Instead raised an invisible force shield, combining the techniques she’d learned from Crystal and Brax along with her own technique of Force Reflection. If Karda attacked her, he would get whatever he gave right back in his face.

03-01-2006, 10:46 AM
“So nice to see the Jedi Code is alive and well. What was it again? There is no emotion, except when it suits us to have them? There is no ignorance, but only when it comes to not seeing other people’s points of view? There is no passion, except for when we want to sulk and seek vengeance?”

Karda stopped and looked at her. He then sighed, and slowly came back to her, most of his anger gone, but some still in him. "Yeah, your right. I did say that." Karda looked up and added, "Maybe it was a lie, and maybe I'm really not a Jedi; or at least I probably won't be if I go after Brax. Maybe this is why I almost never completed the trials."

He put his lightsaber back on his belt and glared at her. "And maybe the Jedi Code is nonsense. Sure, I was always tought that no one is without forgiveness and redemption." He paused and then added, "And I'm human, too, even if I pretend to be a Jedi. I offered you the chance to come back to the Jedi, to forget whatever you had done."

Try as he might, Karda couldn't control the anger and rage that kept rising inside of him. I should be able to control this, to calm myself, but I can't. He thought. I feel like when I was first training, and Master Ylar kept reprimanding me for my emotions. "Well," He spoke again, "I can see that was a mistake to offer redemption to someone who apprentices herself to a murderer, and feels no remorse about the murder."

"Tell me, Jasra," Karda said slowly, "What is this defense, this thing 'that drives him', the somehow justifies Brax and yourself."

03-01-2006, 02:52 PM
Jasra eyed Karda cautiously, but she still wasn't letting her guard down. "According to him, Revan was the murderer. He murdered the leader of the Umwati people, a high priest, and then he fled. He was sent after Revan--to avenge his leader's death. And isn't that exactly what you are planning to do now? Go after someone in revenge for killing one of your people?"

She paused. "You judge him, and you don't even have the courtesy to ask him what his motives are. You condemn him to death without even allowing him to speak. You don't know what Revan did while he was in the Unknown Regions. But you seem to forget that Revan was once a Sith Lord, as well as a Jedi, so don't paint him as someone who wasn't capable of committing acts of evil.

"And another thing," she added, somewhat angrily. "I'm not his apprentice. I'm his student, and I don't have to jusify myself to you or anyone else for accepting him as a teacher. I've had many 'teachers' after Master Kelva died--some Force Adepts, some not. Crystal's taught me things. So has Kira. I seek out knowledge to protect myself, to keep one step ahead of the Sith.

"He is powerful in the Force, and he's taught me how to use my emotions to enhance the Force, balance it within me, use it to defend myself. Hardly the 'Dark' tools of assasination as you seem to believe." She paused, then snorted. "I'm sorry you feel betrayed my actions. I truly am. I never wanted to hurt you like this. But you didn't offer to train me, you only said that the Jedi might take me back. But that's all assuming that I get out of this current situation alive and intact. And without more training, I'm afraid that's not going to happen." She looked at the spider's mutilated corpse, then shivered. "If he hadn't come when he did, I wouldn't be alive." She glanced at Tegan. "And neither would she. Then again, we're not 'powerful and great Jedi,' so I suppose our lives are rather insignificant in the eyes of a Jedi Knight like yourself."

That said, she tried to tuck in the rip in her sleeve from where the spider's fang had gouged her. After a couple of tries, she gave up and ripped the shreds of cloth away and tossed them to the ground. "C'mon, Tegan," she said, giving Karda a sideways glance. "Let's go find Crystal and Kira."

03-01-2006, 05:28 PM
Kira quickly ran through the corridors and rooms of the ruined temple, cutting easily through cobwebs, dust, and dirt. She flew across the flagstones and jumped stairs with easy, measured strides.
She slowed her pace as she found the room she wanted. It was rather large, though it was hard to tell by the dim lighting. A hole in the ceiling allowed weak light down into the room, creating a small arc around a single object in the room. It was a small pedestal, with something glittering on it.
At last. she said, smiling greedily as she proceeded towards it.
"We were wondering when you were going to decide to show up."
Kira's head snapped up, her hand flying to her saber as three men, seemingly Dark Jedi, stepped from the shadows.

The Doctor
03-01-2006, 05:32 PM
The Jedi who spoke removed his lightsaber from his belt, the other two doing the same. He pointed the hilt at Kira. "You were a fool to come here alone, Exile," he said. "Where are your precious 'friends'?" he asked ammusedly.

03-01-2006, 05:44 PM
"They fell behind." Kira said, not at all deterred. She had killed much more than three men by herself. This would be easy. She pulled her double bladed saber, her fingers poised to activate the twin, crystaline blue blades. "Why? Am I not enough entertainment?"

The Doctor
03-01-2006, 05:49 PM
"Battle with you will be a temporary distraction," he taunted. "But you're outnumbered three to one, Exile. I suggest you drop your weapon and surrender yourself to us. The Dark Lord is... eager to meet you."

03-01-2006, 06:15 PM
"Is he now?" A Dark Lord, eh? "Well, he won't be the first. And I'm sure I'll be much more than a distraction for you."

The Doctor
03-01-2006, 06:23 PM
"We shall see."
All three men ignited their lightsabers and moved towards her. "Surrender. The Dark Lord wants you alive."

03-01-2006, 06:27 PM
"Who is this 'Dark Lord'?" Kira asked, stepping back into a fighting stance and igniting her sabers, "Because whoever he is, he's a fool to think that the three of you could possibly beat me."

The Doctor
03-01-2006, 06:35 PM
The Jedi moved forward, maitaining the arrowhead formation. "If you only knew the power Lord Thanatos wields! You would beg to serve him!"

03-01-2006, 06:39 PM
"Leave it to men to get inflated egos like that." Kira murmured, but she spun her saber threateningly. "Very well then. You've been asking for a fight. You sure as hell got one." she leapt forward at the man who had spoken, her saber poised to strike.

03-01-2006, 06:49 PM
"According to him." Karda shouted after Tegan and Jasra. "Did you ever ask why Revan killed his leader, Jasra? Or did you not even care? Were you just so anxious to become powerful enough to defend yourself that you didn't ask any questions, just went along with this murderer and assassin? You seem to forget that Revan knew he was once a Sith Lord, had every chance to regain that power with nothing to stop him. But he didn't. He remained a Jedi."

"And Jasra, even if what you say is right; You are also judging Revan right now. You are also condemning him, having no regret about Revan and thinking that he was the one who did the evil here. You don't even have the courtesy to ask this 'Brax' what Revan's reasons were!" He stepped forward. "And you have the nerve to stand there and to tell me that I don't have the right to go and kill him. If you don't remember, didn't Brax do the same thing I did? Murder someone in revenge for another supposed 'murder'? Have you forgotten that side of your 'teacher'?"

"Or was it maybe because you're too blind." He spat. "Maybe because you were so insensitive and only concerned about yourself that you forget what he did, and what you are doing. The only thing you are concerned about is learning to 'defend' yourself. And you don't care one single bit who does it, or what he did." He stopped and looked at Jasra, angry for her still.

"I would have tried to save you from that thing too. I do care about your lives. But the only difference is, you only care about yours. You wouldn't give Revan, or mine, or any other people's death as long as it didn't concern you."

03-01-2006, 07:24 PM
Jasra stopped dead in her tracks. She took a deep breath, trying to control the anger that was rising in her. Jedi Code. Balance in the Force. Opening herself to others. Concentration. Her mind was becoming muddled with thoughts, voices from the past, and way too many feelings for her to contain.

She slowly turned around to face Karda. "It's obvious to me that you are not going to let this go. You want a fight. Fine." She ignited her lightsabre. "I'll lose, but I'll fight you, if that's what you want. Take your revenge out on me for Revan's death. Kill me, and then you won't have to worry about me betraying anyone else."

She flourished her blade, then charged at him.

03-01-2006, 09:30 PM
Karda really hadn't expected this. Maybe a few minutes earlier he would have met her head-on, slammed her into the murky ground. But even while the rage was still in him, that feeling of betrayal, he was a bit more collected now. Less ready to chop somebody's head off.

But he rolled quickly to the side, force pushing Jasra. "I'm not seeking a fight. At least, not anymore. I'm just trying to understand, or maybe make you understand. But it is likewise obvious to me that you won't hear anything about Brax. Evidently you really don't think that much of the Jedi at all, or-" Karda suddenly stopped, and felt that same sensation that he had felt at first... and another presence, something evil. Karda looked away from Jasra, forgetting about Brax and Revan for a moment.

03-02-2006, 01:34 AM
Brax's claws flexed as Jasra charged ... his whole body wanted to leap forward, to join her in her attack. There is Peace. There is Anger. There is Fear. There is Power. There is Death. There is Immortality. There is the Force. The words flowed through him, calming him ... Jasra felt them, as he reached out to her again. To reassure her that he was there, if she decided to take this fight farther. He wouldn't let anything happen to her. But you should be after Kira, there are Sith in the temple.

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03-02-2006, 02:56 PM
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“What?” Jasra gave Karda an incredulous look as he paused mid-sentence and looked around. “Decided that you would help find Kira now?” She rolled her eyes as she switched off her sabre. “Unbelievable…” she muttered, as she picked herself up off the ground. “I wish you’d make up your…” She paused as if suddenly realising something. “ ….mind.”

She knelt, putting her hand on the ground. The Darkness felt stronger on the ground for some reason. She glanced over at the dead spider and where it had built its web. The web had to be anchored someplace she reckoned. She looked up. Not in the trees. She looked back down, then took a closer look at the ‘quicksand’ that had covered the web. It wasn’t quicksand…it was sand mixed with…

She shivered and grimaced at the same time. She didn’t even want to think about what it was mixed with. But the fact remained, that the web had to be anchored somewhere and the spider had to have someplace it had rested while it had waited for its prey. And Jasra thought she knew where.

She picked up a stick and began poking at the ground, until.

“Hey, I think I found somet….” Jasra was suddenly sucked underground, leaving nothing behind but a hole.

“Eew!” her muffled cry echoed from below the surface. There was silence for a few moments. “Erm…Karda?” Her voice sounded pretty far away. “I think I found the temple.”


Jasra had fallen several feet into a pitch dark cavern, but had landed in something…soft. And sticky. Jasra flicked on her lightsabre to use as a torch. “Eew!” She had landed in what could only be described as the spider’s midden heap—the remains of the spider’s larger, furrier prey. Using her sabre to cut away the sticky portions of web, she climbed down from the pile of dusty, silk covered animal corpses and skeletons and found herself at the entrance to a tunnel that led upwards. This must be part of the temple Brax had mentioned.

“Erm…Karda? I think I found the temple.” She stepped further into the tunnel. She could hear the clash of lightsabres up ahead. She looked over her shoulder. Should she wait for Karda? She shook her head. She liked him, for the most part, and she didn’t blame him for hating her, for feeling betrayed. But he wouldn’t care if anything happened to her now. Plus, he had Tegan to look after.

She moved on until she saw a faint light up ahead. She drew in the Force to hide herself, like she had always done, but this time she extended the Force to make herself invisible like Brax had taught her to do with her gauntlets. Extinguishing her sabre, she crept forward.

The tunnel opened up into a large room. For a moment, her heart leapt into her throat. Kira was there, fighting with three Dark Jedi. Jasra's Force signature masked, and virtually invisible with her cloaking, none of them had noticed her.

Then Jasra’s gaze was drawn to the glittering crystal shard on its pedestal of honour in the middle of the room. Her eyes flicked back to Kira. She was holding her own in the fight, but that meant her attention was on the Sith, not the shard.

Instead of going to Kira’s aid, Jasra crept forward towards the shard. Her gauntlets had protected her from the effects of the last crystal. She had no reason to think that they wouldn’t do the same for this one. She had to get it away from here, take it to the Ebon Hawk where it could be safely stored in the TARDIS. Away from Kira and Crystal. It was the only way to save them both.

03-02-2006, 04:50 PM
Kira clashed with the dark jedi, completely unfazed by their threats and numbers. "Oh c'mon, is this all you got?" she taunted, kicking the legs out from one. As the two still standing swept at her legs, she flipped backwards, springing off the ground with her hand to land several feet away. She grinned triumphantly, and reached into the V-neck of her robes. "Sorry boys, play time's over."
With that, she yanked the container from the chain around her neck and flipped the cap open, emptying the Shard into her palm where she allowed it to dissolve into her skin. The Shard was now semi-part of her. As was it's power.

The Doctor
03-02-2006, 10:09 PM
The dark Jedi scattered, their lightsabers blazing. The leader gave a silent command for the other two to stay back - he wanted this fight for himself.
"I've been looking forward to gutting you, Exile!" he yelled. He jumped through the air, landing behind her. He raised his lightsaber to strike...
((FFWM, we didn't really plan this fight very well.... I controlled the last one between two of our characters - you get this one.))

03-02-2006, 10:16 PM
"Hey Jazzy," Crystal said quietly, seeming to appear from nowhere. "You don't want Ki-Ki to see yous... the pretty golden glassy thingy makes her crazy... makes her crazy..." She tapped her own forehead. "Golden strands of thought mess up the mind, mess up the girl. She has lots and lots of power now... she can't use it all."

She looked over to where Kira was dueling with the Dark Jedi. "Ki-Ki's baddy now, Jazzy... see golden glassy thingy takes her over?"

Atop the pedestal, the new shard lifted slightly. Then, it vanished only to appear hovering over Crystal's hands. "Take it, Jazzy... sharp to kill things made this holdable last time..."

For just a second, Crystal's eyes paled, back to their original blue-gray color and her words came out rather clearly. "Ugh, even a mental connection with this thing twists my mind."

Then, her eyes darkened again and she whispered. "Go, Jazzy! Ki-Ki must feel this glassy thingy isn't where it was. Run!"

03-02-2006, 11:07 PM
Jasra clasped her gauntlet over the shard. She could feel its energy pulsing through her, though it still wasn't as irresistible as she imagined it might be.

She had no idea how Crystal had managed to see her, or how she had managed to get into the temple, but Jasra got the sense that Crystal didn't seem that worried about getting out.

But Crystal was right about one thing. Kira would soon notice the shard was missing from its place of honour.

Nevertheless, Jasra hesitated. Karda had been dead wrong when he had told her she didn't care about anyone but herself. That might have been true at one time, but not now. She cared about Crystal, and she didn't want to leave Crystal alone in here with Kira and the three Sith without knowing for sure that she'd be able to escape. "Crystal, come with me," she whispered to her, as she slowly backed up into the tunnel the way she had come.

03-02-2006, 11:25 PM
"Have it your way." Kira said, her demonic transformation once again complete. She charged at the Sith, cutting through the air like a blade. In a second, she was upon him.
Their sabers of red and blue clashed together as the two spun in a dizzying dance of death. As Kira's movements quickened, the Sith was beginning to loose nerve. She could sense the fear in him as her saber became a simple blur, and he hardly kept up.
"I figured you'd be stronger than this, what with all your banter. Obviously, you're all talk."
She pulled her lower blade up, parallel to his chest as he stepped back hurriedly. She quickly swung her upper blade from right to left, clashing with his as he tried to block. The Exile brought her lower blade around again, easily cutting clean through the Sith's arm, severing the limb at the elbow. As she was about to strike a finishing blow to the withering Sith, Kira's attention was drawn away. The Shard was moving.
She turned her back on her opponent, her eyes scanning the room as she stepped away from him. Where had it gone?
She sensed a presence that the clouded part of her mind was the true Kira recognized as Crystal. However, her Shard-possessed mind recognized it only as the theif.

03-02-2006, 11:33 PM
"Ooh!" Crystal shrieked. "Bad Ki-Ki things us thieves!"

She lunged at Jasra, knocking them both over and gripping Jasra tightly. As they lay there, Crystal began frantically chanting, "Think straight, think straight, think straight, think straight..."

Then, suddenly, they were back above the ground, not far from where the spider had been slaughtered. "Run, Jazzy. Ki-Ki thinks girl was thief. She wants fight with thief. So fight she gets until girl can push bad away."

With that she vanished again and reappeared just behind Kira.

"No, no, Ki..." Crystal began. Then, suddenly she stopped and frowned. Her hair straightened and darkened slightly and her eyes paled. "Kira. You are Kira Starr, Jedi Exile."

Crystal's lightsaber was in her hand, but she had not activated it yet. "Come back to your senses, so mine can leave me again. This will not be over until all the shards are found. You want that, don't you Kira? The second shard is safe. Jasra has it and is returning it to the ship."

As she spoke, she reached out and lightly touched Kira's mind with her own, attempting to soothe Kira and separate her from the shard.

03-03-2006, 12:39 AM
Jasra clutched the shard tightly in her gauntleted hand. She was back on the surface, slightly disoriented and confused at what had just happened. As she looked around her, she saw Karda and Tegan standing near the hole in the web where she had fallen through just moments before. Crystal was no where to be seen.

"Erm...nevermind about that temple," she said to them, as she gathered herself up off the ground. "I've found the shard."

She frowned worriedly. She was concerned about about Crystal and Kira, and she knew she had to get the shard away from them and into its storage box in the TARDIS, but there was a new concern now. Karda had been angry with her before she had gone into the temple. Now that she had the shard in her hands, she wondered if he would be influenced by its Darkness.

"Let's get back to the Ebon Hawk," she said to them, taking slow steps backwards towards the path she had cut earlier. "Once the shard is safely stored away, we can come back for the others."

03-03-2006, 03:37 PM
Crystal...I can't...
Kira wheeled on the smaller woman, her blue lightsabers humming and illuminating the area in a pale, eerie light. Her amber cat eyes glinted in the artificial light, as she focused on Crystal.
"Ha." she said, "No kidding I'm the Exile. Who did you expect? Revan himself?" she advanced on Crystal, her sabers poised.
Please...leave me...I won't...
"As for the Shard, the only safe place for it is in my hands."

03-03-2006, 04:09 PM
"Safe?" Crystal spat. "That thing isn't safe anywhere! And more importantly, you're not safe with it."

She increased the strength of her mental push. "Come back to me, Kira. Release the shard. Put it back around your neck..." She paused for a moment and frowned.

You can, Crystal's voice echoed through Kira's mind. You can and you must. If you don't, that thing will destroy us all.

03-03-2006, 04:32 PM
I know that! But that doesn't make fighting this...thing any easier!
The air pulsed, and Kira stopped for a moment, a look of surprise on her face. "What the..." There was another pulse, and Kira's eyes flipped from gold to blue, and back again in a split second. The Exile seemed to come back to her senses.
Blinking hard, she looked back at Crystal again. "Nice try, schutta." without any more warning than that, Kira leapt into the air, her saber cutting an arc through the darkness towards Crystal's head.

03-03-2006, 05:26 PM
Patience. You will overcome it.

Without a word, Crystal extended her right hand in Kira's direction and suddenly, Kira was stuck in midair. Crystal examined her for a moment, seeming slightly amused.

"Ah, the joys of telekinesis," she murmured. Then, louder, she said, "I'll hold you here 'till the galaxy ends if I must. But Kira can and will overpower you... especially if I'm helping."

With that, she pushed hard on the... thing with her mind. "You will back down!" she screamed.

((Whether this works or not is up to you, FFWM. If it works, Crystal gets knocked unconsious. Feel free to post that part too, if you'd like :) ))

03-03-2006, 08:46 PM
"You will back down!"
"You think you can force me to back down?" Demon-Kira said, her eyes flashing dangerously. "Fool, you've given me the tool I need to be free of you tricks."
Suddenly, a power surge was sent through Crystal's connection with Kira's mind, and the Shard-fueled Exile ruthelessly assulted her mind, bashing at her defenses with crippling strength.
No! Leave her alone!
A vibration went through the air, much like it had before, and the mental attack stopped as the Exile was forced back into the confines of her own mind as her eyes flashed blue again.
Wreched girl!
Bastard demon!
Kira cried out, whether in pain, or strength, or both. After a moment, the body of the Exile collapsed, hanging limply in the air...

The Doctor
03-03-2006, 08:52 PM
The Doctor ran to Nyssa's side. She was still breathing, and her pulse was steady - she was just unconscious. Satisfied that she would be alright, he stood and chased Karda, running through the branches of the jungle. He broke into a clearing, and there was Tegan, Karda, and Jasra, who had the Shard in her hands.
*Karda, Jasra; take the Shard back to the Ebon Hawk. Tegan, come with me. Nyssa is injured, and I'll need your help getting her back to the TARDIS. Quickly now.*

03-05-2006, 07:33 PM
Kira felt herself crash to the ground, gaging, and spitting out the dirt that had gotten into her mouth as she did a face-plant.
I'm sure I look such the powerful Jedi right now...
She brought her head up to look around with a groan, spotting Crystal. She had passed out.
"C-Crystal?" the Exile called, trying to force herself up. As her palm met ground, she felt something sharp pressing against her glove. She removed her hand to see a Shard laying in the dirt. She quickly scooped it up into the small container and retied it around her neck, careful not to touch it. She didn't want to go through that nightmare again.
Returning her attention to the fallen woman before her, Kira crawled over to Crystal's limp form and shook her foot. "Crystal? Crystal, wake up."

03-05-2006, 07:37 PM
"Ki-Ki went oops..." Crystal murmured, balling her right hand into a fist without opening her eyes. Slowly, her eyes opened and she looked up at Kira. "Didn't you, Ki-Ki?"

03-05-2006, 07:49 PM
"Yeah..." Kira said breathlessly, "Ki-Ki went b oops."
The Exile fell back on her legs, kneeling, before forcing her aching body up to stand. She extended a hand to Crystal. "C'mon, let's get out of here."

03-06-2006, 05:35 PM
Karda, Jasra; take the Shard back to the Ebon Hawk. Tegan, come with me. Nyssa is injured, and I'll need your help getting her back to the TARDIS. Quickly now," the Doctor said.

Jasra started back for the ship, every once in a while giving a wary glance over her shoulder at Karda following behind her. She hoped that he wouldn't say anything about Brax to anyone when they got back, but it was a fool's hope. She knew it was only a matter of time. But even if everyone knew he had been teaching her, she knew that without Brax's help they wouldn't complete their mission to find the shards and bring them together. If only she could make Karda understand that.

Finally reaching the Ebon Hawk, Jasra found the box in the spot in the TARDIS the Doctor had reserved for keeping the shards. She looked longingly at the shard in her gauntleted hand before placing it inside the box. It was indeed beautiful--hard to believe that it contained only Dark energy. For a brief moment, she felt an urge to touch it with her bare hand. She removed one of her gauntlets, and her hand hovered dangerously over the glimmering golden crystal for an instant, then it reached for the top of the box and shut it. Giving a quick glance at Karda, she shoved the box inside its protective cubby hole in the TARDIS.

She moved past Karda carefully and quietly. She hadn't said a word to him since they had left the jungle, but she didn't want to be on bad terms with him. Unfortunately, she didn't know what to do or say to fix things between them.

She went to the loading ramp, standing just at its base, and waited for the others to come back.

03-06-2006, 05:45 PM
Crystal accepted Kira's help to stand. "Back we go," she murmured.

03-06-2006, 07:39 PM
Kira strode over to the spot that the light she saw poured from. Looking up, she saw a hole in some kind of fiber-looking substance, and leaves above.
"Think we can jump up there?" Kira asked.

The Doctor
03-06-2006, 07:58 PM
Tegan walked along beside the Doctor. She noticed that he was walking fairly slowly, and his breath was coming in shallow gasps. She looked at him, concerned, then spoke.
"Doctor, are you alright?"
*Yes,* he said breathlessly. *Yes, I'm fine. Just a little tired, that's all.*
They walked into a clearing, Nyssa laying on the ground on the opposite end. She was stirring slowly, rubbing her head.
"Doctor? What happened?"
*Brax. He knocked you unconscious. Most likely attempting to get past us and Karda to get to Kira. Karda chased him to Jasra and Tegan, where-*
"What?" said Tegan, confused. "I don't remember seeing him!"
*He must have altered your memory. I wouldn't put it beyond his power - he was able to defeat Revan, after all.*
"Doctor, about Revan... Kira seems to have taken his death rather hard."
*He was a great Jedi,* said the Doctor evasively.
Tegan didn't buy it. "But even Karda hasn't taken it as hard."
"They also served together in the Mandalorian Wars," added Nyssa. "Perhaps she thinks of him as more than a role model - maybe they were friends."
"Maybe they were more," said Tegan.
"But Jedi aren't allowed that kind of relationship. It's against the Code: There is no emotion, there is logic."
*Peace,* said the Doctor. *There is Peace. And not all Jedi uphold that particular ideal of the Order. Some find it to be... old fashioned. Revan was one of them. He and Kira not only had a short relationship in the beginning of the Mandalorian Wars, but when she was exiled and his memories were lost during the Jedi Civil War, he and Bastila Shan pursued a relationship. It lasted for almost a year and a half, when Revan abandoned known space and journeyed to the Outer Rim.*
"You mean... Kira and Revan were..."
*Yes. For quite a while. But Kira began to see what she percieved as a corruption in Revan's soul near the end of the war. She refused to leave Republic space with him and his fleet after the Mandalorian Wars, and they broke apart. She was exiled, and he eventually lost all memory of their relationship when captured by the Council. He only remembered her being one of his Generals in the war - memories of the later battles were no doubt clearer than those of his days at the Academy.*
He stumbled for a moment, then continued.
*I don't know whether Kira attempted to talk to Revan about their past or not. It would have been the healthy thing to do, but this galaxy has never been much for psychiatric health. Revan most likely would have known that they needed to talk about it, but if he didn't retain his memories of the events, then it would be entirely up to Kira.*
"Why didn't you talk to one of them then?" asked Tegan. "If they needed to talk about it..."
*Because it wasn't my place, Tegan. Interfering to save the universe it acceptable, but that kind of interference is never appropriate.*
The Ebon Hawk loomed ahead of them, the cockpit empty, if the view from outside the ship was accurate.
*Well, let's get back ot the TARDIS. I don't know about you two, but I could use some rest.*
They walked up to the docking ramp. Out of nowhere, the Doctor screamed in pain, and his skin began to flash gold. He grabbed the landing struts, falling to his knees.


A man stood before him, a familiar man wearing black robes, his hair styled in the fashion of a raven. He had a cruel, crooked nose, and his eyes were like pits. He laughed maniacally as the Doctor struggled against a crystal prysm encircling him.
"You cannot stop me this time, Doctor! You will die in this prison, and I will DESTROY THE GALAXY!!" He continued to laugh diabolically, the Doctor struggling to escape. The Black Guardian vanished, replaced with the last person he expected. Kira. She ignited her lightsaber - her red lightsaber - and walked towards him. He tried to escape, but the crystal prysm held him tight. He could still hear the Black Guardian's laugh echoing around him. Kira was getting closer. Her lightsaber was cutting through the prysm, inches from his face.....

03-07-2006, 12:11 PM
"Doctor!" Jasra ran down the ramp to his side, just as Tegan and Nyssa were kneeling beside his unconscious body, both looking confused and deeply concerned at the same time.

Without thinking, Jasra laid a hand on his head, closed her eyes and began to concentrate, letting the Force guide her mind to the problem.

In her mind's eye, she began to see strands of gold, intertwined with the multi-coloured fibres that made up the Doctor's essence. While as Crystal's inner self had looked similar when Jasra had been attempting to heal her from the effects of the shard, the Doctor's thought strands were much more colourful, intricate and tangled.

Crystal had warned her that the shard strands were dangerous, but undaunted, Jasra began to separate the glimmering gold strand from the jumble of other colours, trying to help the Doctor by alleviating the shard's hold over him.

03-07-2006, 12:38 PM
Karda ran over to the Doctor as he fell, hoping that this didn't have something to do with the shard. Using the Force to try and find the reason for his collapse, he saw Jasra trying to do something that looked a bit the same. "You cannot stop me this time, Doctor! You will die in this prison, and I will DESTROY THE GALAXY!!" The voice that had flashed through the Doctor's mind flashed likewise through him, and he staggered back.

More images came through, of Kira slashing through a crystal prism, a demonic laughing from this same evil man. Was that the Black Guardian, or whoever the Doc spoke of earlier that created this shard? He looked at Jasra for a moment, then looked around for Kira and realized she hadn't returned yet. Hoping that Jasra could help him by herself, he ran toward the exit to try and find the two.

03-07-2006, 12:53 PM
"Jump?" Crystal echoled. "We appear."

Without offering any further explanation she touched Kira's hand and suddenly, they were just outside the Ebon Hawk. Crystal smiled.

"Big ship has little ship inside," she said. Then, she frowned. "Doctor's not good... Jazzy's helping."

She entered the ship, calling, "Jazzy?"

03-07-2006, 02:46 PM
Inside her mind, Jasra could sense that Crystal, Kira, and Karda were near, but she was too busy to do anything about it at the moment. The strands of gold she was releasing from the Doctor's essence were beginning to entange themselves in her own. A pull here, and somewhere the thread tightened. Loosen it here, and it tightened there. A gentle tug caused a seizing tightness in another place. Under and over and through and around and up and down...it was difficult and tedious work.

She knew she had to stop, but found she couldn't. It was as if the strands she had released from the Doctor were now strangling her own essence, repressing it, holding it captive. Her own thoughts were becoming weighed down, distorted, oppressive, and dark. She imagined that this is what Kira had been experiencing.

And far away in the distance, she heard the slow rise of manical laughter. Diabolical. Evil. Dark.


Outside of her thoughts, in the real world, with her eyes still closed and her hand still resting on the Doctor's forehead, Jasra frowned, then whimpered and flinched in pain.

03-07-2006, 04:36 PM
Kira's eyes flashed in the direction of huddled group, and she saw the Doctor unconcious, Tegan and Nyssa nearby, and Jasra kneeling next to the fallen man, her face distorted with pain. Half of her brain had already figured out what the cause was. The other half was already taking action.
Jogging up to the loading ramp, Kira quickly placed both her hands over Jasra's, her fingers brushing the Doctor's forehead. With a tug, push, and call, the golden strand of the Shard's effects left both man and woman, rushing through Kira's fingers and hands, up her arm, and into her body. She staggered backwards, sweat beading her forehead, and collapsed against one of the struts. Gasping for breath, she forced her eyes open, unwilling to give up without a fight.
Back together again, eh, Exile? came the all too familiar voice in her head.
Not this time, *******.
Still greedily sucking in air, Kira fought off the weak sensation of the Shard with more difficulty than she had hoped, but she was soon standing straight again, free of its effects. Her eyes, however remained the same, golden color.

The Doctor
03-07-2006, 06:05 PM
The Doctor opened his eyes suddenly, but they were still glowing with fire, as they had when he had regenerated. He released a strangled gurgle - the Shard still had a powerful hold over him, but with Jasra's help, he could now speak - though still with difficulty.
*Guardian..... Shards.....* he screamed in pain, his skin luminescing gold again. He began to shake, and the fire in his eyes deepened.
Nyssa and Tegan were knelt down on either side of him. Tegan grabbed his hand. "Hang on, Doctor! You can't die on us!"


The Doctor could see Tegan's lips moving, but couldn't understand her. Her words sounded like a language he didn't understand - which was odd in it's own right. He suddenly heard Tegan's voice in his head.
What was it that you always told me, Doctor? 'Brave heart'?
He thought he was a familiar face floating above him, and a soft male voice spoke to him.
You musn't die, Doctor. Too many enemies would delight in your death
*Turlough....* he muttered, but he couldn't sit up. *Help.....me.....*
Nyssa's voice filled his head. You're needed. You musn't die, Doctor.
A young male's voice resounded through his mind next. You know that, Doctor....You know that, Doctor....You know that, Doctor....
No, my dear Doctor... you must die! Die, Doctor! DIE DOCTOR!!!!! The laugh of the Master echoed through his mind, and his old nemisis' face loomed in front of him, taunting him. Then the faces of his past companions joined it, encircling it, repeating their messages. His mind became a swirl of colours, and he wasn't able to focus on the sounds of their voices, or their faces. The became a blur, spinning around, and around....


The fire covered the whole of the Doctor's body, but it didn't burn as it had when he regenerated. His skin, however, lightened slightly, the dirt seeming to burn away. His hair shortened to the length it had been when he first regenerated, and the celery even seemed to reverse in age, the drooping leaves becoming more green, and the limp limbs stiffinging. The fire ceased, and the Doctor opened his eyes again, and slowly sat up.
"Doctor?" said Tegan.
*You were expecting someone else?*
"I.... I... I just..."
*That's three 'I''s in one breath, Tegan. Makes you sond like an aqfully egotistical young lady, don't you think?

03-07-2006, 06:15 PM
Jasra shook her head to clear it, not sure what had just happened. The Doctor seemed to be okay, well...as okay as he ever was to start with, but Jasra wasn't sure if she had helped him or if it had been Kira, who was standing before them.

"Thanks," she said to Kira, as she picked herself up off the ground.

Her experience with Crystal, and more recently the Doctor, had given Jasra a taste of the shards, but without having them take total control as it had earlier with Kira. But although she wasn't yet hungering for the pure power the shards contained, her appetite had been whetted. The next shard might be very difficult for her to resist, gauntlets or not.

Her brow wrinkled as she met Kira's golden eyes. "Under control?" she asked, cocking a wondering eyebrow.

03-07-2006, 07:41 PM
Karda watched as Kira put her hands on both Jasra and the Doctor, and the ensuing result to her. When she fell back, Karda felt the tug of the Shard again and ran to help her. Kira, however, got up quickly, and Karda stopped and headed over to the Doctor.

03-07-2006, 10:03 PM
"Yeah...I'm fine. At least for now." Kira said, her breath finally returning. Well...I'm sure that's enough adventure for one day...
"Do I even want to know what's going on out here?"
Kira looked up to see Atton standing at the top of the loading ramp.
"The engines are prepped. We're just waiting for everyone to get settled." he explained.

The Doctor
03-07-2006, 10:06 PM
*I think it's best for all involved if we were to get out of here,* said the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan helping him stand. *The sooner we escape this planet the better. And I know I need rest - before I lapse into regeneration comatose. That would be extremely inconvinient, given the circumstances.*

03-07-2006, 11:49 PM
Brax watched quietly, back in his ship. They were leaving now, the shard recovered. he wrote up quick report to Togo, and sent it off. Nothing important had happened, Kira had another shard, he would report in again later. He rose through the crowds, his ship sliding into place inside of the larger version of it. The tiny sword ship sinking into the not much larger shell, the small ship could do all this on it's own. But the larger one gave him leg room, he slid from the cockpit silently. "Follow them" He murmured to his droid, as he stretched his arms and legs. The small room he occupied was large enough for him to move around some, and he did.

It is time for me to talk to them, I think. They want me dead, I know ... The exile, Karda, they want me dead. The others ... the others, would probably nto care if I died, but it is those two that seek it. A slow and long sigh slipped through his lips, If only Revan had not ever come to Omwat, if only. Brax closed his eye's, and let his mind drift back to that day.

Zedai Kedria Ariax was the leader of the order of the Zedai, the Omwati people knew nothing of the order. The planet was a society of low technology, the general populace had electricity, but no space travel. No real desire for it either, their sciences were advanced, but the drive to reach into space was low, for Omwat was in a nebulea, and there were no stars in the night sky. Nothing to inspire poets to speak of the twinkeling lights of the night. The sun had been thuroughly discovered, as well as the moon that was around the planet, and the two neighboring planets. But neither held much intersted to the Omwati.

Kedria was different, he had left Omwat. Each generation, since the landing of the ancient Jedi Master who had started the Zedai order, two people were chosen from the order, to leave the planet. To enter the galaxy and spend a time learning what they could of other worlds. When they returned, the pair took his place their places the Leaders of all Zedai. But this time things had gone different, this time when Kedria returned, he did not come as partner to the one he had left with. He came as apprentice, with a master, a thing not heard of in the ways of the Zedai. Kedria returned with Revan, a Jedi.

Brax did not realize how close his mind was becoming to Jasra through their partnership, how easy it was to reach out and share with her. He didn't even know he did it this time.

(In other words Jasra received everything in italics in this post.)

03-08-2006, 03:47 PM
Back inside the Ebon Hawk, and with Atton preparing to leave, Jasra sat quietly in a corner of the cargo bay/garage area, legs crossed and eyes closed.

She was thinking about the Key to the Galaxy. Someone long ago had split the Gayat crystal into shards and hid them. Why? Why would they have wanted to destroy something that could give them such power and control? Surely in the right hands it would benefit the Galaxy. End wars, poverty, slavery...with such power, all things were possible. Why had they tried to destroy it? She had seen how Kira had been corrupted by the first three shards they encountered, but now she seemed under control. Surely, it just took a little getting used to having the power, and then everything would be fine.

Suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted. She could hear Brax, speaking softly in the background. As she listened, she frowned slightly. He sounded sad. Almost regretful.

So, Revan had come to his world as a conqueror. And had killed his apprentice. But why? If Revan had been a Jedi, he wouldn't have done that. Her only conclusion could be that he had been Sith, bent on conquest and destruction. No wonder Brax had been so bent on revenge. Revan not only destroyed his people's leader, but had destroyed any potential teaching partner for him as well.

Which made her wonder.... Had Brax chosen her to be his partner? To travel the Galaxy only to return to his world to rule? The thought intrigued her. What also intrigued her was how Brax was able to track her movements so easily. Was that due to their growing connection, or something else?

And then, there was the problem of Karda and Kira. They hated Brax. And now that Karda knew that Jasra was learning from the Omwati, it was only a matter of time before Kira knew. Karda already hated her for what she had done. Would Kira hate her, too? Hate her enough to kill her in revenge for Revan's death?

The thought worried her.

03-08-2006, 05:02 PM
Kira leaned against the cockpit wall, her eyes closed and arms and legs crossed. She breathed the recycled air in, trying to regain control of her breathing, and clear her mind.
She heard the engines fire up, and asked Atton, "Where to now?"
It was a moment before he answered. "Anywhere you want. You can head to the next Shard, or we can take a break. Maybe head to...I dunno, Dantooine or somewhere peaceful."
She cracked an eye open, looking at him. He had turn the pilot's chair round, and was gazing at her, his worry poorly masked. She sighed in frustration.
"I'm fine, alright? You don't have to keep watching me like that. I won't explode, trust me."
"Look, I just want to make sure." he said, standing and approaching her. "Sorry if that's a crime, but I love you." he ran a hand along her cheekbone and let it rest beneath her ear as his other went to her shoulder. "And I'm worried about you."
He took her in his arms, and she rested her hands and head against his chest. However, when she looked up, it wasn't Atton Rand's face that looked back at her.
Tears came to her eyes, and she burried her face in his shoulder, the tears staining his jacket.
He had held her, just like this, years ago on Onderon. But now...
She backed out of Atton's arms, stubbornly drying her eyes. "Just...Just get us into orbit." she told him and, bewildered, the Scoundrel sat back down, and plotted a course into orbit around Dagobah.

The Doctor
03-08-2006, 10:09 PM
The Doctor collapsed onto his bed, breathing heavily. Nyssa and Tegan stood on either side of the bed, both looking worried. Nyssa turned to the table and passed the Doctor a water bottle, which he drained. *Thank youm* he said horesly.
"Doctor, what exactly happened to you?" asked Tegan.
"Yes, I was worried that you were regenerating again - which wouldn't have been healthy at the moment, I understand?"
*No, it wouldn't. Two regenerations so close together would surely introduce long term complications with the new body. I might have had two heads. Or no head,* he let out a laugh. *Can you imagine me with no head? And don't say that's an improvement.*
"But Doctor, why did you... what did happen to you?" asked Tegan, confused.
*I'm not sure. I believe my current regeneration began to reverse. Probably due to exposure to the Shards. If it had continued...*
"Would you have reverted to your original form?"
*I'm not sure. It's possible. It's also possible that the regeneration would simply have reversed, and I would have become nothing more than a corpse with a bloody gash in my back. There's no way to tell, really.*
"Then we have to keep you away from the Shards," said Nyssa matter of factly. "They're too dangerous to you."
*Tegan, I don't have a choice. It's very likely that this body will die shortly after this mission is complete.*
There was a silence, in which Nyssa and Tegan looked at each other fearfully. "But.... why did this... 'reversal' occur?" asked Tegan. "What could have caused it?"
*I'm quite sure it's my exposure to the Shards. I can't be sure without studying them further, but they I believe they generate soltaricite radiation.*
"What on Earth is that?" asked Tegan.
"Yes, I'm afraid I haven't heard of it either, Doctor?"
*It's fairly uncommon. It breaks down the chemical bonds of most molecules. But without getting a Shard from Kira to study, I'll have no way of knowing for sure. And I doubt that asking her for one of the Shards would go very well.*
"So is there some way to stop this radiation from tearing you apart? I want to get back to Hethrow at some point," said Nyssa jokingly.
*No, I'm afraid not. Soltaricite radiation is extremely difficult to counteract. But I believe I can delay the effects with regular shots of tetrathyanine. Possibly compunded with cordracite. Nyssa, do you have any of those?*
"I think so... I know I have cordracite, but... tetrathyanine is rare. I might have some, but not a lot. Certainly not enough for more than four doses."
*I believe I'll only need two,* said the Doctor. *One as soon as possible, and the other once we've found the second to last Shard. Thankfully, the effects seem to be cummulative, and not progressive - being exposed to one, my condition will not deteriorate until I am exposed to another.*
"I'll go get the tetrathyanine and cordracite," said Nyssa.
*Thank you,* said the Doctor, laying his head on the pillow. *Then I suggest you two get some rest. I have no doubt that Kira will lead us to the next Shard fairly quickly.*
With that, he closed his eyes, and drifted off to sleep. Tegan lingered at his side until Nyssa administered the drugs, then the two of them left him to his sleep.*

03-09-2006, 04:49 PM
Feeling Tegan and Nyssa leaving the TARDIS, Jasra ended her meditation and opened her eyes.

"Is the Doctor alright?" she asked them. She wondered if her interface with the Doctor's essence had done any good or not.

The Doctor
03-09-2006, 04:59 PM
"I think so," said Nyssa worridely. "He went into some kind of regeneration reversion... he had almost reached a regenerative level of cell re-production."
"If you hadn't been there, then the Shards would have killed him. Reversed his regeneration to a point where he would be dead."
Tegan took a step closer to Jasra and threw her arms around her. "Thank you," she said into her shoulder.

03-09-2006, 05:09 PM
Jasra didn't know what to do, Tegan having suddenly, and in Jasra's opinion, uncharacteristically, decided to hug her in appreciation for what she had done for the Doctor.

Through the corridor, Jasra could see Karda staring at her from the main hold with a look of disbelief on his face. Unsure of what to do, Jasra gingerly patted Tegan on the back. "Erm...you're welcome," she said uncomfortably. After a moment, she gently tried to break off Tegan's embrace, looking to Nyssa for assistance by giving her a weak smile. "I just did what I felt I had to do."

With Nyssa's asssitance, Tegan gradually released her hold on Jasra.

"Think we should all get some rest," Jasra said, slowly backing away towards the corridor. "We still have two more shards to find."

With that said, Jasra headed off to find Kira, hoping that she would know where the next shard was to be found. And even more hopeful, that the place they would find it wouldn't have any giant spiders or strange predators. Or Sith.

03-09-2006, 09:22 PM
(((Hey, someone take on Karda for me; Gotta leave just for a couple days)))

The Doctor
03-10-2006, 09:27 PM
((Ya, I'm going away, too... I'll be back on Sunday of next week... unless they have internet cafes in Cuba?))

03-11-2006, 07:15 PM
Past star and moon...past planet and orbit...
Kira shifted through the galaxy, reaching out with the Force, following the faint light of what was the next Shard to its source. She pulled along the thin strand of power, tapping in slightly into that of the Shard around her neck, enabling her to reach out further, faster.
The air shifted around her form as she hovered slightly above the ground, the particles in the air charged as they caused her hair and robes to move and flutter.
It wasn't easy work to locate this Shard...wherever it was must have something masking its power...some kind of pinacle that attracted the Force...or else, something that had attracted the Force.

03-11-2006, 07:35 PM
Jasra paused by the open door to Kira's dormitory. It was obvious that Kira was meditating--one big clue being that she was levitating 30 centimetres off the floor.

She wanted to talk to Kira about the shards. Wondered how she was controlling the Dark urges now. Wondered at the location of the next shard.

And wondered how Kira would react when she found out about Brax.

She sat down in the corner of the room, and waited for Kira to come out of her meditative state.

03-11-2006, 07:40 PM
Kira's senses and hearing alerted her to Jasra's approach long before she actually saw the woman. Without opening her eyes, the Exile 'saw' her companion enter the room, and sit in a corner, obviously awaiting her to finish meditating. In this state, however, Kira could read Jasra's surface thoughts and emmotions, even if she hadn't meant to.
Jasra wanted to talk to her about the Shards. Wondered how she was controlling the Dark urges now. Wondered at the location of the next Shard.
And wondered how Kira would react when she found out about...someone. However, the Exile noticed something else as well.
"Jasra, there's no danger of being attacked here." she said, slipping from her trance as she landed softly back on the deckplates. "You can take off those gauntlets now."

03-11-2006, 07:51 PM
Jasra blanched. Gauntlets? They felt like such a part of her now that she had forgotten she was even wearing them. Then Jasra frowned. How could she see them? They were still cloaked.

"How did...?" Jasra didn't finish the question. Kira's powers had obviously grown in strength since the contact with the last crystal. "I'll keep them on if you don't mind. They're comfortable," she added as a lame excuse.

In truth, she was recalling the time that she and Kira had fought for the crystal shard in Togo's lair. Not that she was planning on using them at the moment, but having the gauntlets on gave her a better sense of security in Kira's presence.

03-11-2006, 07:53 PM
"As I recall, you didn't have those gauntlets during that time." Kira said, sensing Jasra's thoughts. "And I haven't noticed them until now. I wonder why."
She cast Jasra a sharp look over her shoulder, her amber eyes flashing eerily in the gloom.

03-11-2006, 07:57 PM
Jasra started to feel uncomfortable. Kira's powers had definitely increased. Kira was obviously able to read her thoughts very easily, no matter how hard Jasra was trying to hide them.

"Erm...didn't I?" she asked Kira. "Maybe I did, and you just didn't see them then," she lied, swallowing hard.

Suddenly, she found it difficult for her to try and block out the memory of Brax giving her the gauntlets.

03-11-2006, 08:01 PM
Kira was already in a bad mood, and her mood deteriorated even more every time Jasra tried to lie to her or dodge her questions. Standing, she turned to look fully at the woman, her arms at her sides.
"I suggest you tell me the truth, Jasra. And I suggest you tell me it now."
Why was she thinking of that...that...murderer??

03-11-2006, 08:13 PM
"I won betting on the swoop races, and bought them from a trader on Manaan," Jasra said. She paused, hoping that by telling a little bit of the truth, Kira would relax a bit.

03-11-2006, 08:25 PM
"I gave you your chance." Kira growled, then connected to Jasra's mind, and dug in ruethlessly, tearing away the thoughts and memories that kept surfacing on the woman's mind, and examining them. Each one made Kira's anger burn stronger and stronger, her eyes glowing ever brighter.
"Liar." she murmured, "Liar! Brax gave you these! Brax trained you! And you allowed it! Even after he...he..." the rage, coupled with hurt and sorrow, choked her and rendered her voiceless for a few moments. "He...He killed him Jasra, and you..."

03-11-2006, 08:42 PM
Jasra grimaced from the pain as her memories were forcibly ripped to the surface by Kira. In a desperate effort to get her to stop, Jasra unleashed a Force Wave.

03-11-2006, 08:47 PM
The feeble Force Push effected Kira as nothing more than a wind, her robes and hair flying back slightly as it passed. However, Kira did withdraw, even if it was for no more reason than the fact that she had what she wanted.
"You betrayed Revan, Jasra. You betrayed everone on this ship. You betrayed me. Don't wither on the floor, stand up." she fired a short burst of Force Push, pressing Jasra against the wall until she was in a standing position. "Show that you have at least some decency left."

03-11-2006, 08:57 PM
Jasra's heart was pounding, and she gasped for breath as Kira held her against the wall with an oppressive show of strength.

"I... didn't... betray... you," she struggled to say. "I... did it... for... you. I... needed... to be... strong... to help... you."

03-11-2006, 09:00 PM
"Liar." Kira said, releasing Jasra and allowing her to fall to her feet. "What could that bastard possibly have had to offer you? Teach you how to be an assasin?!" she said as she watch Jasra collapse against the wall.

03-11-2006, 09:10 PM
Jasra coughed, and tried to fill her lungs with fresh air. "He taught me how to focus," she choked. "Taught me that emotions are a strength, not a weakness. Taught me how to do this."

And with that, Jasra cloaked herself, much the same as she had done with the gauntlets, but with all of her fear and anger augmenting her strength. She moved away from the wall, trying to get behind Kira without her seeing or sensing her. She desperately wanted Kira to believe her that she accepted Brax as a teacher in order to gain the strength and power she knew she needed to help Kira get the shards.

03-11-2006, 09:13 PM
Kira stepped back in surprise as Jasra disappeared completely from her vision and senses. Not a bad trick.
She closed her eyes, concentrating for a moment, before finding her sneaking behind her back.
The Exile sent a wave of the Force in Jasra's direction, disbanding the layers she had wrapped around herself to hide.
"Why would you have needed his strength and his skills anyway?" Kira asked, "It wasn't as if you couldn't already handle yourself."

03-11-2006, 09:22 PM
"I can handle myself fine on my own," Jasra said, wincing as she picked herself off the floor from Kira's latest Force Wave. "To hide. To ambush. To avoid. But I don't have the skills of a Jedi. You know this. And I need them if I'm going to help you." She paused for a moment. "I tried to fight Brax when I first met him. After we saw the first shard. He would have killed me if it wasn't for Crystal's intervention. And later, he approached me. He could have killed me then, too. But he didn't. He wanted to train me. Help me understand that there was more to the Force than what the Jedi teach." She looked at Kira's eyes, shimmering gold even in the artificial light. "You feel it, too, don't you? The strength you get from emotions? I know you do. I can see the power of the shard reflected in your eyes."

03-11-2006, 11:56 PM
"I haven't been a true Jedi for years, Jasra," Kira said, "I thought that most everyone I've come in contact with would at least know that much.
"And why Brax? Why not Karda? Why not me? Hell, the Disciple could have even taught you a thing or two! Why'd you go running to that thing!"

03-12-2006, 11:07 AM
"Brax is not a thing," Jasra said defensively. "He's someone that has seen his people suffer at the hands of the Sith Lord Revan, just like thousands of other beings out there! Why did I accept his training? Because... because he is powerful, powerful enough to have defeated Revan in battle. Because he doesn't judge me for my past mistakes, he lets me learn from them. Because he doesn't treat me as a subordinate, but as a..." Jasra paused for a moment. What was the word she was looking for? Student? Friend? Partner? She wasn't sure.

She somehow felt a renewed sense of strength within her as her feelings of loneliness, fear, and anger began to siphon the Force through her like a flood, just as Brax had been teaching her to do. "Because I was tired of learning just 'a thing or two.' You may not be a Jedi, Kira, but you have the benefit of years of Jedi training. I don't. And I want more." Looked deep into Kira's golden eyes. "Just like you do."

Jasra flexed her gauntlets, and prepared to draw her lightsabre, thinking that Kira looked angry enough that she might just launch into a full on fight.

"Brax chose me. He offered to be my teacher freely--not out of obligation, or pity, or in answer to a request or plea from me," she said to Kira. "And that's something you, and Karda, and even Crystal, never did."

03-12-2006, 11:14 AM
"Brax was not strong enough to defeat Revan in battle!" Kira yelled, taking a threatening step forward. It was all she could do to maintain control in her anger, "They didn't fight! Revan hardly even drew his saber! What Brax did wasn't a show of strength, but a show of cowerdice!!"
She paused a moment, taking in a few deep breaths, fighting to keep control. "I can forgive you for feeling the way you did..." she said, the anger in her voice absent for a moment, "I can forgive you for betraying me. But you were the student of the man who killed Revan. And for that, I can never forgive you."

03-12-2006, 11:57 AM
Jasra's eyes narrowed at Kira. If Kira wanted a fight, then shards or no, she would give it to her.

"Then let us end it now," she said, and ignited her sabre.

03-12-2006, 12:29 PM
"You're a fool, Jasra." Kira growled, and called her saber to her hand, where it activated with a hiss and she spun it round, lighting up a circle of blue in the gloom. As it came to rest across her body, Kira fell back into a fighting stance, the faint yellow glow that now came from her blade illuminating her face. Apparently, her namesake crystal was also being effected by the Shards, just as she was.
With out further warning, the Exile jumped at Jasra. She slammed her upper blade down on Jasra's, sweeping the lower around at her feet, causing her to jump.
Jasra took a chance, and went on the offensive, bringing her saber sweeping around at Kira's stomach. Her yellow blade clashed with the Exile's blue, and Kira spun, pushing the yellow blade with hers as she did so. With a final snap of her wrists, Jasra's saber was knocked from her hand, flying across the room and deactivating when it hit one of the bunk supports and falling to the ground.
Kira continued her spin, kneeling down and sweeping at Jasra's knees as she went. However, as she spun, her opponent jumped into the air, using the Force to bring her against the wall, where she sprung off the durasteel and tumbled over to where her saber lay on the ground, picking it up, and standing again.
"Perhaps he taught you more than I thought." Kira murmured, resetting herself as well.

"Atton! Come, quickly!"
The Scoundrel spun the captain's seat around, to face a distressed Karda behind him, framed in the doorway.
"What, what is it?" he asked, standing.
"No time, just come on!"
He stood, and rushed out the door with the Jedi, Disciple meeting up with them after a moment.

Jasra watched warrily as Kira stood motionless across from her, her saber held at the ready. Her Master's yellow blade swung from side to side as she looked for any slight movement that would alert her to Kira's next move. As of yet, there was none.
Kira sneered. "Well. Shall we continue?"
She ran forward, using the Force to part the air around her and quicken her pace. She held her saber down as if it were a battering ram, and aimed straight for her right shoulder.
Jasra had gotten her saber up just in time, and was able to knock Kira's first saber away to the right. As her saber was moved off track, the Exile stepped out to the right, bringing her left foot spinning round. She swept at Jasra's head with her lower blade as she passed. Her opponent ducked the spinning blade just in time, and her gauntlets raked Kira's arm.
Ignoring the blood that now wetted her robes, the Exile brought her saber down on Jasra's, locking them together in a battle of strength.
"You haven't a chance." she growled. With inhuman speed, Kira brought her boot up, and planted it firmly in Jasra's gut with a sidekick, which sent her crashing to the ground, and skidding across the room.
Proceeding over to her, the Exile kept her blade raised over her head, poised to strike down at Jasra.
"And he obviously didn't teach you enough."
Karda came speeding into the room, and grasped the wrist of Kira's saber hand, holding it in place, and his free hand grabbed her shoulder, holding her body in place.
With a sneer and growl of anger, Jasra stood, and raised her saber, but could do nothing as two strong arms threaded under her arms, and pulled up, locking them. "Don't do it, Jasra." Atton's voice said in her ear.

03-12-2006, 01:28 PM
"Kira, no." Karda's voice was soothing as he used the Force to enhance his persuasiveness to calm Kira's anger. "She's not worth it."

Not worth it? Hearing Karda's words, Jasra's anger boiled over. She was tired of these people thinking she was scum! She let out a scream of anger, then stomped hard on Atton's foot, hard enough to make him wince, and with him distracted for that split second, she drove herself backwards, slamming Atton hard into the wall behind her. His grip loosened and she twisted out of his grasp. Sabre raised and eyes burning, she lunged at Kira.

In the doorway, Tegan looked on with wide-eyed horror as Nyssa screamed. "Kira! Look out!"

Having little choice, Karda released Kira, and used a Force Wave on Jasra. But Jasra countered by using her technique of Force Reflection to send the wave straight back at Karda, catching Kira in its wake.

But while Karda was pushed back into Nyssa and Tegan in the doorway, Kira was only set momentarily off balance. She deflected Jasra's charging slashes, then went on the offensive again.

Their sabres clashed and sparked and grated against each other, as they met one another blow for blow.

Atton shook his head to clear it, and seeing the two women still fighting furiously, he pulled out his blaster.

"No!" Karda shouted at him. "You'll hit Kira!" And Karda used the Force to send Atton's blaster flying out of his hand and sliding across the floor to the opposite end of the room.

Jasra's fury flared again, thinking Karda again valued Kira more than her, and her attack increased. She took a swipe with her gauntlet, not at Kira, but at her sabre, remembering how Brax had disabled her lightsabre at their first encounter. A direct hit, one of Kira's blue/gold blades sparked feebly, then died.

Jasra grinned with satisfaction. Now evenly matched with one blade each, she felt she was on equal ground. Again they parried, blow for blow...

Until, Jasra felt something sting her in the back of the leg. Her leg went suddenly numb and she stumbled to the floor. Kira swung her blade down. Jasra met it just in time, and the two blades grated and sparked, hovering over Jasra's neck as each woman pressed for dominance.

Suddenly the pressure lifted on Kira's blade, as Karda and Disciple both grabbed her and pulled her back. "No, Kira!" Karda said. "No! Leave her!"

Jasra started to rise, but once again, Atton came up behind her, kicking the butt of her sabre from her hand, then circling his arms around her in a tight hug, pinning her arms to her side. "That's enough!" he growled softly in her ear. "Enough!"

Jasra looked down at her leg. There was syringe sticking out of it. She looked at Disciple, wondering if he had used the Force to send it to its target. As Brax had taught her to counteract the spider's venom, she began to concentrate on burning out the strong sedative from her blood. Even so, it was having some effect on her and she felt herself involuntarily relax.

"I'm sorry," she said weakly, her breaths now coming in shuddering gasps as she leaned against Atton's body for support. She met Kira's eyes, still glowing with golden light. "I yield," she said to her. She bowed her head. "I yield."

03-12-2006, 01:55 PM
Crystal appeared in the doorway, crying.

"All angry bombardments of thoughts and words," she cried. "No, no! Think to yourself..."

A look of intense rage passed over her face, but it passed quickly and she walked away muttering something entirely unintelligible.

03-12-2006, 02:24 PM
Seeing Crystal so upset and sensing her pain, Jasra felt angry tears begin to stream down her face as well. "It's those damn shards!" she said, turning her face into Atton's shoulder, finding his hold on her suddenly comforting and warm. "They're driving us all insane."

03-12-2006, 04:22 PM
Atton faultered as Jasra burried her face in his shoulder, but he wrapped his arms tighter around her, more out of natural instinct than anything else. He felt Kira's eyes on him, and he shifted his arm, slightly uncomfortable. But what was he supposed to do? Push Jasra away?
It didn't matter anyway, because after a moment, Kira left the room, sweeping past them. She hadn't even looked at him as she left.
He sighed, knowing he was probably going to pay for it later.


Disciple watched after the Exile as she stalked out of the room. He shook his fist subtly at his side as he fought to work up the nerve to follow her. He took a breath, and followed.
He found Kira sitting at the controls of the Ebon Hawk, busily plotting a course for who knows where. He moved across the room, taking a seat in the co-pilot's chair.
After taking a moment to see if Kira would acknowlage him, which she didn't, he asked, "Where are we going?"
"Yavin IV."
He didn't say anything, waiting for her to elaborate. As he figured, she didn't.
"Are you alright?"
"Fine." she answered, perhaps a bit too quickly.
After another few moments of silence, he had worked up as much nerve as he had figured he would at the moment. "I...I know what it's like to be betrayed, and I--"
"I'd rather not talk about that." she said, cutting him off.
Disciple looked up at her. She hadn't looked at him once since he'd entered the room. Seeing as his attempts at conversation were futile, he stood, and proceeded to leave the room. However, at the door, he paused, tapping a finger against his leg.
She's going to need to know she can trust you...How can I trust you when I don't even know your real name?? The Doctor's and Kira's words played through the man's head. He looked at her over his shoulder, his mouth opening and closing as he tried to find what to say.
Kira stopped what she was doing, her fingers freezing in the process of entering cooridinates. She turned to him, a questioning looking her eyes. "What?"
"That's...that's my real name. Mical."
She smiled sweetly at him. "Thanks."
He nodded, and left, a new feeling of accomplishment coming over him.

03-12-2006, 05:08 PM
Karda let out a painfully long sigh as Kira left the room, then turned his attention to Atton and Jasra. "Can you hold her there for a moment?" he asked the scoundrel.

Atton nodded. "Sure," he said, rather uncomfortably but confident enough to satisfy the Jedi.

"Good," said Karda, using the Force to call Jasra’s lightsabre to his hand. "I'll be right back." He motioned for Nyssa and Tegan to follow him out of the room.

Atton frowned with concern as he held Jasra, keeping her from totally sinking to the floor. He was uncomfortable at being this close to her, especially given the look Kira had shot him before she had left the room.

But in a moment, Karda was back. “You grab one arm, I’ll grab the other,” he said to Atton, and between the two of them, they hauled Jasra out of the room.

“Where are we taking her?” Atton asked Karda.

“The brig.”

“The brig? But we don’t have a brig.”

“We do now.” Coming through the main hold, Karda nodded at the storage area near the corridor to the cockpit. Bao-Dur and T3 were making the finishing touches on the new force field that filled the doorway.

Karda guided them into the room, where he deposited Jasra unceremoniously on the floor. He and Atton stepped out, and Karda nodded to Bao-Dur.

The force shield shimmered in electric-blue light as it covered the entrance. “There,” Karda said to Jasra. “That should hold you.”

“Don’t leave me in here all alone,” Jasra pleaded, as she struggled with the effects of the narcotic and tried unsuccessfully to stand. “I said I was sorry.”

“Well, sorry just isn’t enough, now, is it?” Karda said brusquely to her. “Maybe after having some time to think about the choices you’ve made, you’ll understand that.”

Jasra hung her head, then backed herself against the wall, hugging her knees to her chest.

Karda sighed. “You’ve fallen to the Dark Side,” he said, kneeling to her level. “But you’re not unredeemable. You can still come back to the Light.”

Jasra shook her head in disbelief. “I’m not evil,” she said quietly.

“No, you’re not,” Karda agreed. “But you have fallen.” He stood. “We’ll talk again later. After you’ve had time to think about where your true allegiances lie.”

Karda nodded to Bao-Dur and Atton that it was time to leave her alone. Bao-Dur, T3 departed for the garage, Karda for his own ship, still coupled with the Ebon Hawk, leaving Atton standing dumbfounded in the main hold.

03-12-2006, 06:50 PM
Crystal approached the storage area where Jasra had been dropped and sat down there, just outside the door, in plain view of Jasra. Without saying a word, she sat there, staring through the force field at Jasra. For a long while, they sat there in silence, neither one saying a word. Finally, Crystal cleared her throat.

"You... you..." she murmured. "Anger, sadness, twisting together, confusion, dominating glassy-goldens..."

She shook her head sadly and in what seemed to be perhaps a more sensible moment, she said, "We were fools, all of us. Kira for touching the first shard, me for touching it second, you for trying to help me, the others for being near us."

All sense then abandoned her and she reached forward to touch the force field. Drawing her hand rapidly away from it, she murmured, "Ugly biting piece of techstuff..."

03-12-2006, 08:20 PM
Jasra slowly looked up with watery eyes at Crystal. "Karda's right, isn't he?" she asked Crystal quietly, as to not alert anyone else. "I've fallen, haven't I?"

She let out a long, sad sigh.

"I didn't even feel it coming. I thought I would, you know? Feel it? Know I was on the edge enough to at least step back from it?"

She shook her head slowly. "But I didn't." She laid her head back on her knees.

"All I wanted to do was help Kira find the shards. And I've failed miserably."

03-12-2006, 08:26 PM
"That's the hardest thing about something you don't want," Crystal said quietly. "You never see it coming."

03-12-2006, 08:31 PM
"What should I do, Crystal?" With pleading eyes, Jasra looked up at the woman who looked so much like her old Jedi master, Kelva. "Please tell me what I should do?"

03-13-2006, 12:43 AM
Crystal teleported past the barrier and gave Jasra a big hug. "The biggest mostest important step has already been made," she said happily. "You don't want to be angry. Good, good. Let it go."

03-13-2006, 02:52 AM
Karda took a sip of Juma inside the comfort of his ship. The situation was lovely; Kira turned into a dark side monster, and Jasra picking fights and being taught under some creature, falling to the dark side. If she would just listen...

Hopefully, Jasra would calm down inside the makeshift brig, and they'd be able to work this whole mess out. And hopefully, he could blast that Shard into oblivion, next chance he got. As long as Kira didn't kill him for it, as connected to the object she seemed to now be.

He took a large sip, grimaced, then swallowed it and looked at his cup. Since when did I start drinking Juma? "Atton." He got up and moved to the other ship. "Where's Kira?"

03-13-2006, 04:41 PM
"In the cockpit," Disciple said, joining the two other men. "She's planning a course fo--"
At that exact moment, the engines whinned louder and the ship jolted forward, forcing Atton to fall back against a pannel and the Disciple against the doorframe. "For Yavin IV." the man finished.
"Thanks for the heads-up." Atton growled.

03-13-2006, 06:39 PM
((OOC: Like the Doc asked, I'm keeping his charrys going while he's away.))

Standing just within hearing range of the guys, Nyssa frowned and looked at Tegan. “Yavin IV?” She grabbed Tegan by the arm. “C’mon. We’ve got research to do.”

Inside the TARDIS, Nyssa called up data for the planet called Yavin IV.

“A jungle moon that orbits the gas planet Yavin in the…"

“Great. Another jungle,” Tegan moaned.

“…Uh-oh,” Nyssa said, then paused.

“What is it?” Tegan asked.

“It appears that Yavin IV used to be a stronghold for the Sith Empire.”

“That’s bad, isn’t it?” Tegan said, more of a statement than a question.

“Yes. Very bad.” Nyssa cleared her throat. “It says here that Exar Kun, who was a fallen Jedi that became a Sith Lord and eventually elevated himself to the stature of a god, had slaves build temples for him on Yavin IV. And the complex of massive temples were then used for Ancient Sith Alchemy and ceremonies that focused on the Dark Side.” She turned to look at Tegan directly. “And it’s said to be haunted by Exar Kun’s ghost.”


Jasra closed her eyes, feeling comforted by Crystal's closeness to her. It reminded her of how Master Kelva used to soothe her during times when she felt afraid. That seemed like so long ago, but in reality it was only six or seven years ago.

But when she heard the Disciple say, "...Yavin IV," her eyes suddenly popped open.

"Yavin IV!" she said outloud. "Yavin IV?" She broke free of Crystal's hold, and struggled to stand upright. "We can't go to Yavin IV," she said to Atton. "Not now. It's an evil place. A Sith place," she added. "If Kira goes there she'll...." Jasra looked down at the floor, unable to finish her sentence. "You have to stop her, Atton. Let her rest for a while before going there. Please," she added quietly.

03-14-2006, 07:43 PM
"There's no convincing her." Atton said, shaking his head solemnly. "I know, I've tried. Once she has her mind set on something, anyone who thinks any different can go to hell, for all she cares."
"But she'll listen to you," Disciple pointed out, "You two do have your...connection, as it is."
Atton heard the slight tint of bitterness in his voice, but ignored it, staring down into his drink.
With a sigh, he put it down. "If I get my head bitten off, I'm blaming you." and with that, he headed to the cockpit.

"Kira?" he asked tentatively. She didn't answer. He came up behind the pilot's chair, looking over at her. "Answer me."
She continued to ignore him.
"Hey," he said, and spun the chair around.
"What?" she asked.
"Are you alright?"
"Never been better." she tried to swivle forward again, but the Scoundrel held tight to the armrest, holding her there. She sighed, her expression slightly ticked off. "Atton, what do you want?"
"I'm worried about you." he said, kneeling so he could meet her eyes.
"Join the club, we've got jackets." she said sarcastically, and tried to turn again without success.
"I'm serious, Kira. You haven't been sleeping, you barely eat-"
"You know what," she said, standing and struting past him, "Go find someone else to worry about, like maybe your girlfriend in the 'brig', because I'm sure she'd appreciate it more than I do."
The pilot stared after her for a few seconds, utterly bewildered at her last lash. With a grunt, he stood, and went after her.
"Kira!" he said, jogging past the others as he followed Kira through the main hold and into one of the side corridors. "Listen to me!"
"Go away, Atton." she said, not turning to face him. Her longer strides kept her slightly ahead of the man, but he wasn't about to give up.
She reached the dormitory before he did, and was about to key the door shut when he came launching in, grabbing her by the shoulders and slammed her against the wall.
"Kira..." he said, saying her name for the fourth time in as many minutes. Even at this proximity, her expression didn't change. He ran his fingers along her cheekbone, and she didn't tremble. The Jedi simply looked back at him, his eyes cold and indifferent, her face set in stone.
"I really am worried about you." he said, his voice low.
"I'm sure you ar--"
Her voice was cut off as his lips closed over hers. Her eyes widened in surprise for a moment, before sliding closed and giving herself into the kiss and the man's arms. She slid her hands around his shoulders, joining them together at the back of his neck as he braced himself against the wall with one hand, the other wrapped tightly around her waist.
After several moments, he pulled his face away from hers, both gasping for air. "And I love you, Kira," his fingers once again danced across the skin of her reddened cheek, "You have to believe me."

03-15-2006, 01:10 PM
Crystal remained seated when Jasra moved to speak with Atton and Disciple.

"Can't stop time," she murmured. "Keeps spinning and knitting and twisting together. Sky darkens as day grows old... lightning strikes best in darkness... most visible."

She wrinkled her nose and complained, "I don't know what I'm saying... I never know what I'm saying!"

Tears began to fill her eyes and she drew her knees up to her chest, securing them there with her arms.

03-15-2006, 09:22 PM
Feeling Crystal's pain and confusion through their link, Jasra knelt down beside her.

"Let me help you," she said quietly, and she softly laid her hand on Crystal's forehead.

"Jasra, what are you doing?" Karda asked, stepping closer to the force field that barricaded her inside the storage room to see what she was up to.

Jasra ignored him. She closed her eyes and began to search through Crystal's mind, seeking out the golden threads that the shard had created, that were tangled and interwoven in Crystal's essence. Latching on to a golden strand, she began to untangle it from the rest.

This time, Jasra made up her mind that she wasn't going to stop until most of the gold strands were gone--no matter how tangled she got herself.

"Jasra?" Karda frowned, as his finger hovered over the switch that deactivated the force field. Getting no response again, he concentrated, seeking out Jasra's mind through the Force. "Jasra!"

Suddenly, Jasra felt herself being tugged away from Crystal. "Karda, no! I'm not finished!" Tangled in the golden strands, Jasra felt as if she was being choked. Then darkness enveloped her...

When she opened her eyes, Karda was standing over her. He looked concerned.

"I'm sorry, Jasra," he said to her. "I had to pull you away." He paused a beat. "What were you doing?"

"I was trying to heal Crystal," Jasra said, rising slowly. Her eyes scanned for her friend. Crystal was lying beside her, her eyes open, but looking a bit confused. Jasra's heart sank, thinking that she had been unsuccessful in her attempt to heal her. "Crystal?"

03-15-2006, 09:29 PM
Crystal's hair was a slightly duller blonde and a little straighter than it had been. Her eyes remained dark blue. Slowly, she turned her head to look at Jasra.

"Differences of mind," she murmured. "Changes, yours more twisted, mine less so. I..." She closed her eyes and sat up.

"Head-burning," she whispered, getting to her feet and lurching off somewhere. "Drunk without drinking... ugh... need water..."

03-16-2006, 12:27 AM
"What does it mean to fall?" The words echoed through the small brig, Karda, Jasra, and Crystal hearing them in their heads, but somehow outside of it as well. And then Brax apeared, there was an odd quality about him, kind of like a hologram. But more solid looking.

"Something else I can teach you Jasra, projections. I'm not really here, but I wanted to talk to you three, and The Doctor ... but you three will do." He nodded sloly, and looked Karda up and down, Jasra felt him more fimrly than the others, words whispering in her ear. I am using you as a focus Jasra, I hope you don't mind, it is a great distance to where you are in Hyperspace.

He ran his hands through his hair slowly, pacing back and forth through the chamber a few moments.

"I understand your Anger Karda, more than you do I believe, you think that what I did was wrong, that Killing 'the great revan' was some horrible deed. That I am a monster, and animal. I almost wish I was, if I was what all of you Jedi call 'fallen' if Jasra was, then this would all be a lot simpler, I'd just rampage around killing whatever happened to get in my way."

He closed his eyes, and was silent a few seconds, but not long enough for any of them to take up the conversation. "I killed Revan because my he was a murderer, many years ago, after your mandalorian war, when the Jedi and the Sith fought, Revan was looking for somethign near y planet. A forge or something, I do not know what this was ... all I know is that the leader of my people was outint he galaxy, and that Revan found him, and his partner ... and Revan killed our leader's partner, and corrupet him ... turned him to what you call the darkside, taught him to use his emotions only for evil deeds."

"Karda, the flaw in the Jedi is not that they abhor evil, it is that they abhor good as well. Inaction is not the way of the galaxy, protection and defense will never win out, not in the long run. And hidin your emotions makes you no better than the droids that serve you. Why not just make machines that can use the force, would they not be more effecient than all you little Jedi drones?" He paused now, letting a responce come.

03-16-2006, 02:32 AM
Crystal nodded slowly, her quest for water abandoned for the moment. Sounding surprisingly sane for recently, she said, "It makes sense, your motives... but you seem to have ignored the fact that people can change. Had it occurred to you that..." She wrinkled her nose suddenly and sneezed abruptly. And that ended her scolding speech.

"Tricksy," she murmured, again picking up her quest for water and leaving the room. "Tricksy mind..."

03-16-2006, 06:30 PM
Moments after Crystal had turned, a double-bladed blue lightsaber, its blades active and humming, sailed through the air and through Brax's 'chest'. As its blade plunged into the wall, the others turned to see a distressed Kira standing in the corridor, tears pouring from her eyes.
As soon as she had sensed Brax's presence, she had come running out into the corridors. Standing in the shadows for several moments, her chest heaving as sobs racked her body, the Exile eyed Brax with hate flowing from every pore in her body.
"Revan was not a murderer!" she cried.

03-16-2006, 07:30 PM
"Revan was a murderer, Exile. I'm sorry that you lost him, but our fight was honorable, wether you want to believe it or not. I called him out, and he met my challenge. He did not back down, he knew that his fate was in the hands of the force." Brax turned looking at the saber in the wall, then looked back at Kira. "I do not want to be your enemy Kira, YOU make me your enemy. My only fight was with Revan, and he met me in my challenge."

03-16-2006, 08:37 PM
"You...you think it's so easy, to forgive and forget." she said, her voice wavering as she stared down 'Brax'. "It's not. Revan might not have remembered me, but I sure as hell remembered him." she blinked hard, trying to shake away the tears. "I loved him." she said quietly, "I loved him, damn it!!"
She called her saber back to her hand, but did not deactivate the blades. "I could have made him remember...I would have...but you destroyed my hope. You took him away from me, and that is unforgivable."


Atton stood a bit further down the corridor, staring surprised at Kira. So she did love him. he thought, his eyes drifting to the durasteel floor. Would she ever fight for him one day, like she was fighting for Revan now? Did she care enough to?
Probably not... he thought despairingly. He had known since they had first met on Peragus that he had nothing to offer a woman such as her. Revan on the other hand...hell, he was the saviour of the galaxy! How could he even hope to measure up to that?

03-16-2006, 11:29 PM
"You have no idea what I think, or what I feel, or anything about me. You are upset because the man you loved is dead." Grey eyes flared with anger, staring at Kira. ["Well I was upset when Revan killed the man I love, so if revenge is what you want, come and find me. I took out the man who was supposedly the best fighter your people had to offer, and now you think you can take me? Well, then Atton can continue to wonder how much you really love him."

He frowned darkly. "I will see you at Yavin IV." And with that he was gone.

03-17-2006, 03:07 PM
"Oh don't worry, Brax, I'll be there." Kira murmured to herself, as she extinguished her saber, "And Yavin IV will be your grave."
She ignored the wondering eyes of the others, and turned back into the corridor, roughly shoving past a speechless Atton.
She needed to settle down. She was afraid that if her temper kept flaring as it had been for the past few hours, she would eventually loose control completely...

03-18-2006, 01:47 AM
As Kira stormed off, Karda turned towards Jasra and gave her a hard stare. Jasra began to back away.

"Jasra," Karda said, in a quite easy but inquisitive tone, "could you explain exactly how Brax knows that we're going to Yavin IV?"

She shook her head, averting her eyes to the floor rather than meet his gaze. "No."

"No?" Karda gave her an extreme look of doubt. His eyes narrowed inquisitively. "Do you have some kind of link with him?”

Jasra shrugged. "I don't know," she said, as she backed away from him.

"You don't know?"

"What does it matter anyway," she said hurriedly. “You all hate me because of what I….”

“I don’t hate you,” Karda said, sighing.

“Yes you do,” she said, backing further into the storage area. “You locked me away in here.”

“I locked you away for you to cool off and think,” he said. “Not because I hate you.” He sighed. "I just want you to understand that it is a mistake to trust Brax.”

“A mistake?” Jasra shook her head. “Brax is not the enemy. The shards are. And whoever else is after them,” she added. “Brax is helping me.”

“He is not helping you,” Karda said bitterly. “He’s of the Dark Side.”

Jasra shook her head.

“He is,” Karda continued, moving closer to her. “He teaches you to use fear and hate and anger to bolster your connection with the Force. The Sith teach the same thing.”

“He’s not a Sith!” Jasra insisted, suddenly finding herself backed up against the room’s back wall. “And emotions aren’t all bad. What about love, and passion, and joy….”

“Love? What do you know about love? You care only about yourself!”

“That’s not true!” she said defensively, now only inches away from him. “I care about Crystal, and Kira, and…and….” For a reason she could not explain, she suddenly reached out, her hands cradling either side of his face, and she kissed him hard on the lips. Then, shocked by her own actions, she ended the kiss as abruptly as she had started it.

Karda appeared dumbfounded. “I’m sorry,” she said to him. “I don’t know why I did that.”

“It’s the shards,” Karda said softly, although he didn’t back away from her. Instead, he laid his hand on her temple. “Sleep, Jasra,” he whispered, as he slowly drew his hand down the side of her face, using the Force to make her relax. She slowly slid down the back of the wall, her eyes heavy. “I’ll wake you when we get to Yavin IV.”

With Jasra asleep, Karda approached Atton. “I’m worried,” he said to the scoundel. “The shards are affecting all of us in different ways, though Kira seems to be the worst affected. When we get to Yavin IV, we must keep a close eye on her. Don’t let Kira out of your sight. And try to keep reminding her that we all care about her,” he added. “’Love’ might be our only weapon against the effects of the shards.” He shot a quick glance at Jasra. “We’ll deal with Brax when it comes to it.”

03-18-2006, 11:25 AM
"I'm scarred for her." Atton said, leaning back against the wall, looking in the direction of the dormitory, as if he could see Kira through the walls, "Something's happening to her. I'm beginning to think that these Shards may be too strong. Even for her." his voice trailed off as he thought about the implications of what he had just said.
The Scoundrel's eyes turned to look at the sleeping Jasra, then passed back over to Karda. The question he was tempted to ask repeated itself in his head, but as he looked at the Jedi, he could tell that he was just as confused about it as the Scoundrel was. He let the topic be. There would be another time to ask questions...but this, for the moment, wasn't it.

03-18-2006, 01:16 PM
"He's waking up." Nyssa nudged Tegan, then nodded to the Doctor as his eyes fluttered open.

"Ah, Nyssa. Tegan. Did I miss anything?" the Doctor asked innocently, as he sat up, apparently completely healed from his last regeneration ordeal.

"Well...," Nyssa said hesitantly.

"Kira and Jasra went beserk and had a lightsabre duel," Tegan blurted. "But it's over now."

"We think," Nyssa added cautiously. "Although, the shards seem to be affecting nearly all of us now. In different ways," she added.

"Oh, dear," said the Doctor. "That's not good. Not good at all." He got up and paced around the TARDIS for a moment, then suddenly brightened and snapped his fingers. "I've got it!"

"Got what?" asked Tegan, giving a look to Nyssa who answered her with a shrug.

"A way to shield ourselves from the effects of the shards we already have."

He punched a few buttons on one of the consoles of the TARDIS and waited for a moment. "Ah!" he said triumphantly as he read the results of his query. "That should work." He began to punch some more buttons.

"What should work?" asked Tegan, frustrated that he hadn't really answered her first question to her satisfaction.

"Adjusting the frequency of the protection field around the strongbox to encompass the higher points of the multi-fluctuation of the shards' radiative field qualities." He gave Tegan a look. "It's terribly complicated, I'm afraid."

"That's quite alright, Doctor," Nyssa interjected before Tegan could say another word. "You just keep right on working."

In a moment, a hazy green shimmer encompassed the strong box that held the crystal shards.

The Doctor let out a sigh of relief. "I'm feeling better already," he said. "What about you?"

"I don't feel any different," said Tegan.

"Ah, well, of course you wouldn't," said the Doctor. "You and Nyssa seem to be the least affected." He started towards the door. "Come," he said to them. "We'll seek out Crystal. Perhaps she can feel the difference."

"What about the shard that Kira is wearing around her neck?" Nyssa asked. "How are we going to get that one within the field?"

"It appears that the shard's effects are amplified when they are near one another. With most of them now shielded, Kira's one lone shard shouldn't have as much effect on the rest of us." He paused. "At least, not until we find the next one. Did Kira say where the next one was, by the way?"

"A place called Yavin IV," said Nyssa. "I took the liberty of doing some research on it and...."

"Oh, dear," the Doctor interrupted. "I know all about the history of Yavin IV. Evil place, or at least it will be for the next four thousand years. Oh dear, oh dear.... Well, we can't worry about that now. Come, we must seek out Crystal. See how she's faring."

And with that, the Doctor headed into the Ebon Hawk, closely followed by Tegan and Nyssa.

The Doctor
03-19-2006, 06:58 PM
Thanatos turned slowly to face his Admiral. "What... is it....?"
"We believe we have found a way to capture this 'Doctor'."
The Admiral consulted his notes. "When his ship, this 'Tardis', flies, it... it combines intense gravometric pulses, accompanied by nelactic particle emissions to create a stable wormhole through space and time. It generates a field of opposite polarity at the targeted destination point. Like a flake of metal placed in a whole, drawn towards a magnet."
"This is... possible?"
"It would require great amounts of power, but it is possible."
"Make it so..."

03-20-2006, 05:51 PM
"Not quite as twisted, my brain, Doctor," Crystal said, seeing him approach with Tegan and Nyssa. "Still some twisting, still loose thoughts that are not mine..." She cringed. "But more me than before, there is here." She wrinkled her nose. "Must I continually speak backwards?"

She sneezed and grumbled about needing water. She glanced at the Doctor and his companions. "If you'll excuse me please, I really must find some water... not sure why, but I sure know I need some..."

With that, she headed off to find the water she'd been searching out for almost a half an hour.

03-21-2006, 06:50 PM
As Jasra slept, she dreamed. Of Kira's golden eyes. Of a deserted temple, surrounded by jungle, but not overgrown, and echoing with the ghosts of those who had breathed their last breath there. Of a jewelled pendant hanging around the neck of a corpse. And as she reached out to touch the sparkling gold stone in the centre, the corspe opened his eyes.

"It's mine!" he hissed through a lipless mouth. His eyes flickered to grow into blazing gold fire and a nearly skeletonised hand reached out to her. "Join me...."

Jasra's eyes popped open just as the Ebon Hawk lurched out of hyperspace. "We're here," she said.

03-21-2006, 07:58 PM
Kira's eyes darted restlessly beneath her closed eyelids. Even as she meditated, she could hardly control her mind darting quickly from one thought to another. Brax, Revan, the Shards, Yavin, the activities of the crew, Atton, Revan, and back to Brax again. However, the moment the ship lurched from hyperspace, her eyes blasted wide open. "We're here." she said, unknowingly echoing Jasra's words.


"She's been acting very strange," Disciple said, joining with Atton in the conversation. "She's become short-tempered, and her actions seem to have no life to them...almost as if they were mechanical."
"Or that they were controlled." Atton commented, staring down into his drink again, "She hasn't been sleeping or eating...hell, I can't remember the last time she laughed...I would have remembered." the last statement came out as a whisper that was hardly audible by any of the others.
"Where is she?"
No sooner had the words left the Disciple's mouth as the ship jerked, announcing their arrival at the planet. Seconds afterward, Kira quickly appeared in front of them. Her eyes darting quickly to each of their faces, she said, "Land. Quickly."

The Doctor
03-21-2006, 08:32 PM
The Doctor entered the room from the TARDIS.
*Ah, Kira, I have a request. Perhaps we should land on the surface of... where did you say we were landing?*
"I didn't," said Nyssa. " But we're landing on Yavin IV."
*Yes, well then-* he spun aorund to face her. *Did you say Yavin IV?*
"Yes... We read that-"
*I'm sorry, Kira, but I'm afraid I must go on ahead of the Ebon Hawk in the TARDIS alone. There are dangers here you can't even begin to fathom. Secrets only meant for the eyes of a Time Lord.*
"Doctor, what-"
The Doctor pushed Tegan gently out of the way, and entered the TARDIS, closing the door behind him.

Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor sealed the doors, and prepared for take off. He set the coordinates for a familiar temple on the moon's surface, down in the southern polar region. He flicked a few switches, and pulled a lever. The column began to move, and the engines began to grind.
Suddenly, the lights went out, and the room was lit only by the red lights on the console itself. The engines began to whine, and the grinding raised in pitch until it sounded like a scream. The TARDIS shook violently. Then it all stopped just as fast as it had started. The lights returned to normal, and the room hummed pleasently as it always did. The Doctor examined his instruments - he was nowhere near where he had intended to be. He activated the view screen, but it just buzzed with static. An ominous thump sounded against the door, and the Doctor turned towards the exit. He pulled the sonic screwdriver out of his pocket, pointing it at the door.
*K9?* he said quietly. *K9? K9, can you hear me?*
There was no answer. He spared a look over at K9, and saw that his power pack was lying in front of him, pulled open, its circuits strewn across the floor. Nyssa must have been repairing it before they had landed on Dagobah. Realizing that he was alone here, the Doctor walked slowly to the door lever, and pushed it down.
The doors swung open, and he was greated with a horrible sight. The room beyond the TARDIS was a dark and dingy brig, a pile of humanoid bones lying in a corner. He walked towards them slowly, the sonic screwdriver poised for activation. The room was emtpy except for the bones. He bent down in front of them.
*Twi'Lek...* he muttered. He pulled a femur out of the pile. *Except for this...* he said, throwing it aside.
He spun around to face a tall man in a dark grey uniform. The uniform of a sith soldier. But not from this era...
*Who are you? Are you Sion's remaining men?*
"Stand, human," said the man, ignoring the question, his red eyes gleaming.
*Oh please, don't call me human: Just 'Doctor' will do nicely, thank you.*
"You will come with us," said the man darkly, unlocking the cell with a keycard. The forcefield dropped, and he stepped in, flanked by another uniformed man on each side of him. One of them ripped the sonic screwdriver from his hand.
*I would like that back sometime, if you don't mind," said the Doctor politely. *It's the only one I've got left, you see.*
The man threw the tool onto the ground, and it skidded across the floor to the closed TARDIS door.
"Stand," repeated the soldier.
The Doctor did as he was told. They led him through a series of tunnel like corridors, finally coming to an ominously blood stained door. The door opened, and the soldiers pushed him into a dark room. The man with the red eyes stood in front of him.
"We know who - and what - you are. Doctor."
*Yes, well, now that you know my name, perhaps-*
"What are you doing here? The last time 'the Doctor' surfaced, he aided the Republic against Lord Malak, bringing the mighty Sith empire to its knees."
*Ah yes, that would be the last time I 'surfaced' from your perspecitve, I imagine. I was actually here three years from now, but-"
"Why have you returned? What do you intend to do?"
*Ah well, I'm here on a purely personal trip, I assuer you. That business with the Daleks... I need a vacation. This galaxy always provides a healthy distraction. Though I dare say that you wish to secure me to a crude torture device and beat me with your primitive weapons, correct?*
"You dare mock us, Doctor?" said the man dangerously. "Do you know who we are? Do you know how close to death you are at this very moment?"
*Yes, I know who you are. You are the Sith who the Daleks attempted to aid during the hyperspace war. The 'True Sith', I believe is what you will be referred to. But there is something I do not know: How did you survive the Time War?*
Another voice filled the room. A dark, quiet voice that was barely more than a whisper, but still carried the weight of a life time of evil. "They survived.... through me."
The Doctor spun around, and saw another man entering the room - a tall man in a solid black cloak, the hood pulled over his head, masking his face in shadow. He towered over the Doctor, who was not a short man by any definition.
*Who are you?*
The man weezed, and the Doctor assumed it was his version of a laugh. "I am... the beginning.... the end... all that was.... that is... and what will be. I am the Force."
The Doctor looked up at him evenly. *Most likely nothing more than another twisted Sith Lord that the archives of the Time Lords seemed to overlooked.*
The new man seemed to grow taller in his rage. "Watch your tongue, Time Lord... or I will remove it."
*I'm sure you will,* responded the Doctor dismissively. *YOu didn't answer my question: Who are you? You can't possibly be Darth Vanextros: he won't be around for almost ten years. The galaxt should be at peace at the moment. There's no Sith activity logged in the-*
"I am the beginning.... The end. All that was.... that is... and what will be. I am the Force," repeated the man. "I am Darth Thanatos."
*Thanatos... Thanatos... are you sure? I've never hear of you?*
"Take him... to the brig, captain. The Exile will come for him. Especially if he has... this."
He pulled from his cloak a long, thing, yellow crystal. The Doctor stared at it in horror. As Thanatos drew closer with the Shard, he felt himeself growing weaker. "She will... come for him... or the Shard. And she will bring the other Shards with her. The G0-T0 droids did their jobs well."
The Doctor's eyes flashed up to Thanatos. *You mean... this whole time... we've been serving... a Sith Lord?*
"Yes. These events were set in place years ago, at the destruction of Telos. If it weren't for Admiral Karath and his fleet, none of what i have accomplished... would have been possible."
The Shard was placed in the Doctor's pocket. He tried lifting his arm to remove it, but he was too weak. *You... will not succeed.*
"I already have, Doctor... The Exile will come to me with the other Shards... and I will use the Key to destroy the Jedi... and rule the galaxy!"
A fist came at his face, and with the Shard weighing his reaction, it caught him full force. Another one came at his chest, and he felt a few of his ribs crack. His nose broke as another punch hit him square on, and someone kicked the back of his knees. He fell to the ground in front of Thanatos in a miserable bow, gasping for breath through the pain. A foot came down on his spine, and he was pushed to the ground on his chest. Thanatos reached into his pocket and pulled something out of it. "Remove him."
He could do nothing as he was dragged back to the brig, the TARDIS key crushed to dust in the gloved hand of Lord Thanatos. He was thrown into the cell roughly, hitting the side of the TARDIS. Crumpled, bleeding, and finally defeated, the Doctor fell to the ground and wept.

03-23-2006, 08:12 PM
Jasra suddenly stood up. She sensed something odd, like a feeling something or someone was missing.

"The Doctor," she said to no one in particular. "And the Shard. They're gone." She looked around the main hold. "Can you feel it?" she asked Karda. "Or rather, can't you?"

Ever since she had helped the Doctor and Crystal, Jasra's emotions surged violently inside her--anger, love, fear--they seemed to meld together, washing over her in intense and uncontrollable waves.

"Kira!" she shouted angrily. "What have you done with the Doctor and the shard in the TARDIS?!"

03-23-2006, 08:44 PM
Kira turned to Jasra, the calm on her face far more frightening than any sneer could ever be.
"You think I did something with him?" she asked. "You're a fool, Jasra. Harming the man would have served no purpose, and why would I send the Shards away from me? And you've let your emmotions become the better of you far too quickly. Again, you are a fool."
She turned to the pilot. "Atton, take her down, now. We will find the Doctor later, once this most recent Shard is collected. His unique feeling in the Force will lead me right to him, and the last Shard. I can sense it on him..."

03-24-2006, 09:14 PM
As the Ebon Hawk landed, Jasra quietly seethed at Kira's arrogant tone. She'd show her who was a fool. She'd get the shard first. Prove herself to Kira and the others who thought her unworthy and ignorant.

Join me... the whispery voice from her dream echoed in her head.

Jasra grinned slightly to herself. Yes, she'd show Kira what she was made of. What Brax had made her. What the Jedi had made her. What her years alone had created within her. She'd show Kira and the others.

As everyone was preparing to land, Jasra looked towards Karda. He hadn't put up the force field in the makeshift brig since he had put her to sleep. Now he was preoccupied with the Disciple, probably talking about what to do with Kira. He didn't even notice Jasra's lightsabre rising, then floating through the air and into her hand.

She quietly tucked it away in the top of her boot. As nonchalantly as she could, she inched her way out of the storage area and around to the ramp area, with the intention of being the first one off the ship. This time, she wasn't going to worry about what happened to anyone else. This time, Karda's assessment of her selfishness would be correct.

03-24-2006, 09:30 PM
Jasra didn't find just barren land outside the ship though, Brax had beat the Hawk to Yavin and he sat on a log absently, about fifty feet from the lowering ramp. He was carving a small hunk of wood into something.

03-25-2006, 02:17 PM
The others hadn't disembarked yet. Jasra eyed Brax, frowning curiously at the piece of wood he held in his hands, then looked over her shoulder at the open door behind her. Kira would be coming out soon, and even though it would make it easier for her to get to the temple and to the shard if Brax and Kira were busy fighting, she really didn't want to see them hurt or kill each other. She realised that she cared for both of them, and at the moment, with her mind tainted by the influence of the shards, her emotions were ruling over her logic.

She turned back to Brax. "Come with me," she said, quickly approaching him. "Kira will be here soon, and I don't want to see you or her hurt."

For a brief moment, Jasra wondered if Brax was going to chastise her for being foolish by getting herself infected by the shard from her attempts at helping Crystal and the now missing Doctor, or praise her for her loyalty to him.

"Kira will stop at nothing to gain control of it," Jasra continued. "Come with me, Brax. Help me get the shard before she does."

The Doctor
03-25-2006, 04:46 PM
A man stood on a nearby precipice, staring down at the Ebon Hawk. His piercing blue eyes scanned the horizon for a moment from a face with a large nose, large ears, and a long, sloping forehead.
She's one of his recent companions, he thought. Jasra Lantill. The time was coming where he would be forced to expose himself to her and the others. Without them, he would never reach his goal...
He reached into the pocket of his black leather jacket, and pulled out a small device. There were a set of numbers on it - a hand held chronometer. He placed it back in his pocket, this time in that of his black jeans.
*The time approaches...* he muttered, his voice accented. *I will find you. Doctor.*

03-25-2006, 05:08 PM
He frowned at Jasra lightly, and stood up. "If you think that is best." He nodded and tossed the wooden carving at her. It was simple, done with his claws ... but very well done, a simple female humanoid form. "Lead the way." He motioned for her to do so. He had been looking forward to fighting Kira, but ... he would follow Jasra's lead for the moment.

03-25-2006, 05:10 PM
Crystal came out slowly and saw Jasra talking with Brax. She stared at them for a moment before shrugging and moving off somewhere into the jungle.

"Crazy-making glassy-thingy close," she murmured as she moved away. "This-away, that-away... girl doesn't quite understand why she's drawn to it. Ki-Ki knows the draw. Jazzy tried to understand, but still doesn't..."

The Doctor
03-25-2006, 05:23 PM
The man on the mountain ledge stepped out of site as another female, the one named Crystal, stepped off the ramp. He couldn't expose his presence quite yet. He needed to wait...


Nyssa and Tegan stepped down from the ramp, squinging in the bright light from the noon sun. Tegan spoke quietly to Nyssa.
"Nyssa? Where do you think the Doctor ran off to? Do you think he's alright?
"I'm sure he's fine," answered Nyssa, looking around. "The Doctor's quite capable of taking care of himself. He'll be back soon. Probably right after we need him most," she added with a smile.
Tegan looked up at the tall cliffs off to the right. The sun was glaring own on her eyes, almost blinding her...
"What?" asked Nyssa, turning suddenly at Tegan's yell/ "What is it?"
"Up there!" she said, pointing to a spot somewhere up in the cliffs. "I was someone. A man dressed in black. just staring down at us."
Nyssa shielded her eyes from the sun and peered up at the cliffs. "I don't see anything," she said. "It must have been a trick of the light."
Tegan continued to stare up at the cliffs for a moment. "Yes... yes, I suppose you're right..."

03-25-2006, 06:20 PM
Jasra caught the wooden carving that Brax had tossed her. She traced a finger along the smooth curves, then gave Brax a curious look. She wondered about the gift's meaning, but now was not the time to ask him about it.

"This way," she said, and she scurried quickly into the foliage. She had seen Crystal go off to the right. She went straight ahead. The path was overgrown, but without having to look out for anyone else, she navigated it with ease. In a few minutes, she and Brax were well away from the Ebon Hawk and nearing the old temple.

Suddenly, with the movement of a large, leafy branch, the side of the temple came into view.

Join me... The voice from her dreams called out to her.

She stopped and turned to Brax. "Can you hear that?" she asked him. "Someone calling to me..."

Before Brax could answer, a deafening roar came from behind her. She whirled around, but she could see nothing. Suddenly an unseen force hit her hard in the chest, knocking her into the air and throwing her back several feet.

As she gasped to catch her breath, a large shimmer appeared, and a creature of immense size stood over her.

Night Beast... the voice from her dreams said.

The Beast stood there, claws out, growling, its mouth gaping and saliva dripping from thick formidible teeth. But before it could approach Jasra and Brax, a voluminous high pitched sound pierced the air.

The Beast howled, swinging its head wildly. Jasra covered her ears, wincing in pain, while the beast fled into the forest, howling and shaking its head in a frenzy. Then, just as suddenly as it started, the noise abruptly ceased.

Confused, Jasra turned her head towards Brax for an explanation, and as she did so, she saw a figure of a man, dressed in black, approaching them.

"What the...?" She nodded to Brax to alert him to the newcomer.

The Doctor
03-25-2006, 06:25 PM
The stranger concealed his device in his pocket, walking slowly towards Jasra and Brax.
*Stand, Jasra. The creature will not abandon it's prey so easily. We must escape it's territory, before it returns.*

03-25-2006, 06:31 PM
"Why don't we simply kill it?" Brax said, looking at this new figure, then to Jasra. A new player? His voice in her mind, it was getting easier to link with her. He had dropped into a fighting pose, his claws were glowing with anticipation.

03-25-2006, 06:32 PM
"Escape?" Jasra looked at the temple. It was so close! She shook her head. "I don't want to escape. I want to go inside." Her eyes narrowed with suspicion as she rose to her feet. "And how do you know my name, anyway?"

The Doctor
03-25-2006, 06:37 PM
*I've been following you - the crew of the Ebon Hawk - since you left Manaan. I am the Watcher. I know a great deal more than you could ever believe possible. But now is not the time. The Shard must be located. Quickly. The Doctor is in danger. Mortal danger.*
A terrible roaring sound filled the forest - he creature was returning.
*On that note, so are we. Come, now!*

03-25-2006, 06:44 PM
"Into the temple then." Brax looked at the man, and then headed for the temple, his feet pushing down hard ont he ground, he slid his thoughts into Jasra's. and showed her somethign new ... teaching her as he himself did it, how to push her body to the limits, to incre3ase her speed, and agility.

(I need to go for a bit, but would like this to proceed, so Jasra please control Brax)

03-25-2006, 09:03 PM
Jasra felt Brax's presence in her mind and immediately understood what he was teaching her. She was growing accustomed to him, and beginning to feel comforted by the feeling she got when his thoughts mingled with hers.

Her speed and agility suddenly increased through the Force, she had little trouble following Brax as he negotiated his way through the remainder of the jungle towards the temple.

The Watcher was following them, but as she and Brax had reached the door to the temple before him, they had time to study the glyphs carved in the lintel above the door.

"Question....Answer..." the voice from her dreams whispered to her.

"It's a riddle," she said to Brax, as she ran a light finger down a line of symbols carved on the wall beside the door. "One of these must be the answer." Her eyes darted back and forth across the lintel, trying to make heads or tails of the symbols.

"Ancient numbers," Brax said after a moment. "One, two, three, five, eight..."

Jasra grinned. "So we have to choose the next in the series," she said, nodding. "Using a combination of these symbols. They must represent numbers as well." She looked up at the glyphs above the door. "But they aren't the same as the ones here on the side."

"Indeed," Brax said with a knowing grin.

Jasra snorted. "You know what they mean, don't you," she said to him, more of a statement than a question. She sighed, then took her task in hand and studied the symbols for a moment. "If that's five, and that's two, then this one must be seven," she thought out loud. "And if that one is eight and that's one, then this one might be nine. Two two's, four. Or is that a symbol for addition? Because if that's one and that's three, this one could be four...."

All the while Brax leaned casually against the wall, grinning at her.

"I think I got it," she said finally. She looked askance at Brax and he nodded for her to continue. Taking a deep breath, she reached out and pushed a combination of symbols. There was the grinding sound of stone on stone and the door to the temple gradually slid open.

Jasra grinned at her success, but her grin quicky faded as she cautiously peered inside, half-expecting to see another Night Beast to suddenly appear. But nothing happened. All was quiet inside. As quiet as a tomb.

While they waited for the Watcher to catch them up, Jasra fingered the small wooden figurine she still held in her hand. Now was as good of time as any to ask Brax about it. "This is lovely, by the way," she started, suddenly feeling rather shy.

She felt her emotions again start to run rampant, the shard still contaminating and tangling her thoughts. Feelings of tenderness mixed with strength, anxiety with hope, fear with security, passion with... She took a deep breath, fighting against the shard's effects as the rush of uncontrolled and unexpected feelings frightened her. "Is there... a special meaning attached to it?" she asked naively.

The Doctor
03-25-2006, 09:55 PM
The Watcher took his time catching up with them, sure that the creature would not attack him - not with the strange power it had witnessed him wield against it. He saw Jasra and Brax up ahead - she appeared to be attempting to decipher the hyroglyphs along the side of the entrance. He glanced at them, and could make them out quite well from this distance. He didn't recognize them instantly, but it wasn't hard to work them out - they were numbers, similar to ancient Dybolian.
He watched as Jasra tentatively pressed a pattern of figures, and was impressed when the doors opened. He approached them, and heard her asking Brax what seemed like a somewhat personal question. He cleared his throat gently.
*There will be time for that later, Jasra. We must locate the Shard before Kira - she cannot be allowed to touch another Shard, or she will fall under the influence of the Black Guardian. Come.*


The Doctor stirred, a bright light shining in his eyes. He tried shielding his face from the harsh light, but a pair of string hands pushed them down as he was dragged to his feet.
"You will open this," a voice hissed in his ear. He saw a long, gloved finger pointing towards the TARDIS. The Doctor tried to speak, but the Shard was weakining him immensley, and he couldn't work up the strength. He was thrown to theg round roughly, and a foot met his face. "Now!"
*I........can't....* said the Doctor thickly through a bleeding nose. *The door..... can't be opened without the, uhm..... the... the key. Which your master destroyed about four hours ago.*
"Then use this," said the soldier, throwing the sonic screwriver at him.
*Not even... that can open it. Not even high grade explosives could open the door now that it's locked. Only the key...*
The soldier spat on him. "You will open it now, or you will die!"
The Doctor whimpered slightly, then tried to stand. After a few attempts, the soldier grabbed him by the hair and pulled him to his feet, and threw him at the TARDIS door. The Doctor wipped the blood from his eyes, and activated the screwdriver. He tried the entire sound wave scale to try to manipulate the lock, but failed.
*You see?* he said. *It needs the key.*
"There are others, are there not?"
*No,* said the Doctor. *That was the only one.*
He knew there would be consequences if they found out he was lying - both Nyssa and Tegan had a key to the TARDIS. He just hoped they knew enough to not come after him...

03-25-2006, 11:55 PM
Jasra could feel her face begin to flush, although she didn't know why or more importantly, how to control it. She looked at the stranger with uncertainty.

He certainly knows a lot about us," she said to Brax telepathically. "I'm not sure I trust him."

She looked at Brax for guidance on whether or not to follow this man who called himself the Watcher.

03-26-2006, 12:11 AM
"He does, doesn't he? I wonder if he works for the droid, and I will tell you of the carving later."

"Lead on then, Watcher. If you know where it is, we need to get to it."

03-26-2006, 12:13 PM
Jasra nodded in response to Brax's telepathic words. She felt more confident with him near her, and trusted his judgement to follow the Watcher. As they followed him through the door to the Temple, Jasra paused just at the threshold. There were more symbols on the inner side, and she ignited her lightsabre in order to see them more clearly.

There was a sentence written over the door, and a column of letters on the side. "You won't solve me. Not at all. Not ever," she read across the lintel. Then she looked at the letters on the side. "Not ever," she read from top to bottom. "Brax? I have a feeling that the door will close once we leave this first chamber." She thought about the riddle for a moment, then grinned. "Nevermind. I think I figured out how to open it."

As she stepped across the threshold and into the next room, the door to the temple shut securely behind them, just as she had expected. Holdng her lightsabre up like a torch, she proceded forward, unsure of what the temple held besides the shard.

She could feel it, pulsing like a heartbeat within her. And she knew Kira would be feeling it as well. Crystal, too. And perhaps even Karda now, as its effects seemed to be broadreaching. Strangely, Brax seemed almost immune to the shards' effects. Perhaps it was because he hadn't been directly exposed to any of them yet. Or perhaps his ability to balance the Force within him gave him some measure of immunity. Either way, Jasra felt better with him nearby.

"Seek me... the voice from her dreams hissed to her once again. "Release me... Join me...

"Can anyone else hear that?" Jasra quietly asked Brax and the Watcher. "Like a whisper?" They had reached an intersection in the passageways. "It's coming from that direction," she said leaning her lightsabre more to the left.

The Doctor
03-26-2006, 01:04 PM
The Watcher nodded. *Stay here. The Shard would have untold power through either of you. Through me, it would posses nothing but trivial knowledge. Trivial for it's purposes, anyway - the Black Guardian has no need for my knowledge.*

03-26-2006, 01:12 PM
"Black Guardian?" Jasra raised a wary eyebrow, and then looked at Brax.

"I'm sure the Doctor mentioned a Black and a White Guardian once." Jasra sent her thought to Brax. "Think this one's working with him?"

"I'm sure I've heard mention of him before," she said out loud. "From someone else," she added.

The Doctor
03-26-2006, 01:24 PM
*Yes, I'm sure the Doctor has mentioned both Guardians before. And do try to keep the personal conversations in your heads more... private. I wouldn't want to overhear anything I shouldn't.*

03-26-2006, 02:23 PM
Brax listened, "We will go with you to the shard, Watcher, we do not know if we can trust you, I assure you that we can handle the power of the shard. And your other choice is that we goon alone and you stay here in a bloody mess."

03-26-2006, 02:49 PM
"It doesn't have to be bloody," Jasra said, switching her lightsabre to the other hand. "Lightsabres sear wounds immediately." Her comment startled her, and she frowned slightly, not knowing whether she said it out of distrust, fear, or because of the effects of the shard.

The Doctor
03-26-2006, 02:57 PM
*Alright... but no one is to touch the Shard. Under any circumstances. I have brought equipment for handling the Shard. Brax, you or myself should collect it into the sealed case. Jasra is affected by it far more than us. In fact, I believe it would affect me the same way it affected the Doctor. We must be cautious. Come.*

03-26-2006, 03:18 PM
Jasra's brow furrowed, as she followed the Watcher and Brax deeper into the tomb. "It's not affecting me that much," she pouted.

"Release me.... Join me....." the voice from her dream continued to whisper in the dimness.

"And you said you could hear those voices, too. Right?" she asked them tentatively.

03-26-2006, 05:27 PM
"Voices?" Brax frowned, looking at her. "I just hear our voices." He paused suddenly, and turned toward a wall. "Here, passage. Jasra decipher this." She knew he could do it ... but she needed to learn, and had done well with the front door. There was a carving in the wall, though no signs of a door. A circle with the same kinds of symbols that had been around the front door, a series of 9 that repeated, in various patterns around the circle nine times.

03-26-2006, 07:00 PM
Jasra studied the wall. "Nine symbols. Repeated nine times. One circle... but no hole for a door."

She looked at Brax for a hint, but he merley leaned non-chalantly against the opposite wall and grinned.

"No hole for a door," she repeated. "Or is it a whole?" She looked at the symbols more closely. "They're numbers again. But that one is different. Two ones. One over the other. Divide?" She gave a quick look at Brax, then grinned and proceeded to push in some of the symbols.

"Eight and one is nine. And eight and one is nine. Nine and nine next to each other is ninety nine. Ninety-nine. Divided by," she added the new symbol to the sequence, "ninety-nine equals one...." She pushed the ninth and last symbol for 'one', and the circle began to depress and rotate. "...hole."

Jasra grinned, pleased by her success, but suddenly her grin faded and worry took over. "So, you don't hear the voice?" she asked Brax. "It whispers to me. Asks for release." She paused. "Asks me to join it."

03-26-2006, 08:53 PM
He watched her figure it out. "Good job, and no I don't hear the voice. Could it be the crystal itself calling to you?" He frowned, and motioned for her to move aside, there was a lip along the top of the hole in the wall, and he grabbed it, lifting himself up and sitting down on the edge. "Let's keep moving, if the voice keeps talking, let us know what it says." The hole had turned into a slide of sorts and he released the lip, sliding down.

The Doctor
03-26-2006, 09:32 PM
The Watcher stepped up to the whole, and looked down. "I'm not sure how deep it is. Perhaps we should wait and see if Brax has survived. You can sense him, correct?"

03-27-2006, 10:32 PM
"And so will you, if you don't step aside."
The snap-hiss of a lightsaber filled the chamber, and a blue blade appeared from the darkness, inches from Brax's neck. A moment after, Kira seemed to fade in from the shadows, her eyes glinting.
"Maybe you weren't as fast as I thought you were, if I was able to catch up with you so easily." her eyes flicked to Jasra for a moment. "Back to your traitorous ways, I see."

03-27-2006, 10:45 PM
"Cloudy, cloudy, starless, black..." Crystal murmured, literally appearing out of nowhere. "Angry thoughts confuse her, frighten her... twisted, we all are." She stared at the Watcher for a moment, eyeing him quizically before continuing in a slightly more panicked voice. "Untwist... Untwist!"

03-27-2006, 11:33 PM
(I am really confused ... Brax just took a slide into a chamber that is down below were the watcher and jasra are, so unless we're assuming that they followed, how is Kira looking at Jasra while threatening Brax?)

03-28-2006, 06:32 AM
((Erm...me, too. Confused, that is. ;) I was actually waiting for the Doctor to edit his post (because that's how I understood his OOC message) so maybe he'll edit Jasra and the Watcher to slide down the tunnel after Brax. Doctor?))

The Doctor
03-28-2006, 04:36 PM
Edited. Sorry about that, chief.

03-28-2006, 08:23 PM
Brax stood motionless for a few moments, then shifted his weight, and was somehow standing a few feet farther away. His gauntlets glowing his eyes staring at Kira.

"Are you ready now then? Jasra wanted me to wait, but here is as good a place as any to kill you."

03-28-2006, 08:42 PM
((OOC: Sorry for the confusion, guys. I was away for the weekend, and when I got back yesterday I didn't have time for a longer post, so I didn't really post as Kira following you guys. But...well...she did. Obviously :xp: And with Crystal's powers, it would have been far easier for the pair to bypass those puzzles and catch up.))


As Kira's muscles tensed, she stared at the alien.
"I'm ready, though I'm not so sure it will be my blood that will spill today."
As she shifted, she felt the metal tube housing the Shard press against her skin. Her reassurance was in there. She was more than ready.

The Doctor
03-30-2006, 03:28 PM
The Doctor struggles to stand, collapsing onto his knees. He could feel Kira. Through the Shards, he could feel her anger as if it were his own - and what he felt terrified him.
He crawled on his knees back to the TARDIS, and pulled himself to a kneeling position. He tried once again opening the door, knowing full well that it wasn't going to open. But he had to keep trying - it was the only thing keeping him sane at this point.
He fumbled in his pockets for a DNA encoder - and found it destryoed, most likely crushed as he was thrown around like a bag of potatoes.
He collapsed to the ground again, the Shard in his pocket weakwning him. He had tried taking it out, but was always beaten when he did. He had no choice but let it kill him slowly as he waited for Kira to come for him - or the Shard. Either way, he would be rid of the pain.
He grimaced as a fresh wave of nausea broke over him. He could sense Kira's hatred rising. She was giving in to her base emotions - giving in to the Dark Side. He could practically see her eyes glowing in the dark - before he realized that a pair of deep yellow eyes actually were staring at him through the dark.
*Wh... Who.... are... you...?* he asked.
The eyes moved closer, revealing a thin, aging body with a lanky form emerged from the shaodws. His face was that of an old man - possibly 80 years old, it was difficult to tell - and the Doctor saw kindness in his eyes.
"That blue box isn't opening, son," he said gently. "Best conserve your energy."
He came up to him, lowering a water bottle to his lips. "Drink up. You look like you could use it."
The Doctor drank, savouring the feeling of the liquid coating his throat, stripping off the layers of dried blood.
*Thank you...* said the Doctor faintly.

03-30-2006, 05:22 PM
Kira leaped back, her limbs moving with the grace of a born hunter. She crouched, her saber lowered, her eyes glowing with golden anticipation. Her lips curved upward, parted slightly to reveal the glimer of fangs beneath her lips. "Now then, if you're ready..."


"Where are we going?" Disciple asked as he pushed away yet another branch of yet another plant, "It seems as if we've been walking forever. Surely Kira wouldn't have allowed us to land too far from the Shard."
"Damn it." Atton murmured, and he jogged ahead, thinking to find Kira and Crystal, who had taken the lead. "Hey, Kira--"
He looked around. There was no one there. "Kira?" he called, "Crystal?" No answer. He paced forward, and found a small opening in the foliage where hanging vines had been cut away. Judging by the slight singe on the edges of said vines, they were severed by a lightsaber. As he stepped beneath them, a large, ancient temple came into view. "Double damn."
That temple was where they had gone. He could sense it.

The Doctor
03-30-2006, 05:34 PM
Tegan swore under her breath as another branch, moved by Atton, smacker her in the face. She heard him calling Kira's name, then begin cursing.
"What?" she asked, Nyssa coming up behind her. "Atton, what is it?"

03-30-2006, 10:13 PM
"Always." Brax's fingers flexed, his hands antipiating tearing into Kira's flesh. He paused a moment though, looking at Jasra and Crystal. "This is our fight. Do not interfere." He looked back at Kira, and his hands falling back, he launched himself at her ... his hands coming up as he moved forward ina blur, slapping at her lightsaber as she swung at him, deflecting he blows, but she as deftly defelected each of his own blows. The room was fairly open, letting them room to fight properly.

03-31-2006, 11:06 AM
"It's Kira and Crystal," Atton said, "They're gone. And I think that temple is where they went."


Kira continued to attack and defend against Brax, her body moving through the several diffeerent positions of the Shien form, though she seemed unable to break through his defenses and get a clean shot at him. With those gauntlets, he was using a form of hand-to-hand that she had never seen before, and Shien obviously wasn't able to better it. Half her attention on the attacking alien, the Jedi Exile glanced around the room. It did seem big enough...
She caught the claws of Brax's gauntlets on her saber blade once more, and pushed him back as she rolled away herself. When she stood again, her stance changed as she slipped into Ataru.
"Let's see if you can hit what you can't catch." she sneered, and then leapt at him again.

03-31-2006, 01:54 PM
As Jasra stood there watching Kira and Brax fight, she heard the voice from her dreams once again.

"Seek...me...." it hissed softly. "Join...me...."

She turned in the direction she thought it was coming from. A large, rectangular carving standing upright against the far wall. Slowly, as if in a trance, she moved towards it, ignoring Kira, Brax and everyone else in the chamber.

She stood in front of it for a moment, then her eyes were drawn to a particular carving. A figure, with lightning streaming from his fingertips and a shining medallion around his neck.

"Release...me...." the voice whispered. "Free...me. Join...me."

She laid her hand against it, and immediately felt crushed by an unseen force. As she gasped for breath, the voice said, "Worship...me!" and she was thrust down to her knees.

The rectangle began to move, stone scraping against stone, opening to reveal a tomb. And the ghostly figure of Exar Kun standing in front of it.

Without warning, Force Lightning streamed from his hands, hitting all in the room with extreme waves of pain, while the apparition chortled with maniacal laughter.

"Serve me, slaves, or die!" commanded Exar Kun. The spirit turned to look at Jasra's kneeling form, his eyes glowing embers in his distorted ethereal head. "Join with me, Apprentice of Darkness," he said to her. "Let me teach you and satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Let the Dark Side consume you. Or die trying to resist it!"

03-31-2006, 02:41 PM
Pain. It was all Kira could feel. Her thoughts were silenced, lungs crushed, and muscles paralized as she collapsed to the ground under the onslaught. But she had to get up. She had to finish Brax and retrieve the last two Shards.
"Serve me, slaves, or die!"
Her head spinning from the exertion, the Exile forced her head up so that she could find the one who had spoken. The figure was ethreal...a ghost, maybe? Her vision blurred, and the voice continued, but she couldn't pay attention to what was said. Her head was on fire, and her head dropped back to the ground as darkness threatened to take her. But it didn't. She wouldn't allow it. She had to rise. She had to beat this!

The Doctor
03-31-2006, 05:05 PM
The Watcher struggled against the agony into a standing position, his muscles screaming in painful protest. He managed to open his eyes. The misty figure of Exar Kun swam in front of him.
*I... will.... not... submit...* he yelled.
Exar Kun smiled. "You cannot resist me, Time Lord!"

03-31-2006, 05:20 PM
Get UP!
That's when she felt it. A twinge in the Force.
He has it! she thought. The Shard is so near...he must have it!
Her muscles stained, her body protested, but Kira slowly and carefully forced herself to her knees, then into a crouch, and finally to her feet. "B-Bastard!" slipped through her lips as she stummbled closer to the figure. "The Shard. Give me the Shard."

03-31-2006, 10:01 PM
Brax frowned, as he was wracked with pain, as this apperition dared to interfere with his fight. He growled in his throat. .. letting his anger fuel him. His body rippeling with anger and passion. He looked at Kira. "Let us work togethor, and kill this apperition, then continue our fight."

04-01-2006, 04:06 PM
Jasra felt like she was slowly being crushed by a heavy weight. She couldn't barely breathe, much less move, and she began to feel anger well up inside of her because of it.

Remembering what Brax had taught her about channelling her emotions, she let her anger fuel the Force, fighting against whatever Force was pinning her down.

"Good," she heard Exar Kun said. "You are strong. Your 'teacher' taught you well. But he has not taught you enough!"

Her world became solid pain, as Force Lightning pummelled her and everyone else in the room for a second time. She saw Brax and Kira both cringe as they struggled against the attack.

"Join with me," Exar said to Jasra, as he approached her prone form. "Join with me and together, we will defeat our opponents and rule the Galaxy once again!"

Jasra tried to scream for help from Brax, but all that came out was barely perceptible squeak. She felt the Darkness surround her, Death closing in on her as the spirit of Exar crushed her into submission.

"I... I... yield... to your... power," she managed to say, thinking that it was the only way to save her life. "Yours... is... superior. Master."

Just then a wave of power flowed into her, and she felt like she was being pushed aside within her own body. But at least she could breathe again. Except...she was no longer in control of her body.


As the spirit of Exar Kun dissipated, Jasra rose from the ground. Her eyes glowed amber, the spirit of Exar Kun now in control of her body.

"Submit to me," Exar said to Kira and Brax, in a slightly more hollow voice than Jasra's own. Her hand extended and a lightsabre that had previously belonged to Exar Kun shot up out of a hole in the floor, flying into her hand. She flicked it on, flourishing the double red blades as if she were a well seasoned Jedi Master. "Or die." She flexed her gauntlets, steadying her grip, ready to take them both on.

The Doctor
04-01-2006, 04:27 PM
The Watcher rose, his head pounding. He could hear voices, but couldn't make sense of the words. They were all jumbled and confused. He heard what sounded somewhat like Jasra speaking, but couldn't respond.
Forcing his mind to function, the world slowly began to make sense, colours, smells, and textures all sorting themselves out. He heard Jasra speaking again.
"Submit to me. Or die."
He lifted his head, and saw her - a red lightsaber in hand, bearing down on a defenseless Kira and Brax. He stood, shaking the fog out of his vision.
"Stand down, Kun. Do not make me fight you."
He laughed through Jasra's mouth, his own voice speaking along with hers. "You are nothing, Time Lord. You are a small creature. I am a being supreme power! I shall become all pow-"
"All powerful! Crush all resistance! Unlimited power! Unlimited strength! Unlimited rice pudding! I've heard it all before! All you meglomaniacs are the same!"
"You dare mock me?!" he said, ignoring Kira and Brax and focusing his attention on him. "I will show you the price for toying with me!" He raised Jasra's hand, throwing a volley of Force lightining at him.
This time, the Watcher was ready for it. He threw his hand up, and the lightining hit his palm. It rebounded off his hand, shooting in random directions and trajectories. Kun stopped his attack.
"You are powerful indeed, even for a Time Lord. But you cannot stop me! In the end, you are just another Time Lord!"
The Watcher smiled. "Oh no, my friend. I am far more than 'just another Time Lord'," he said.

04-01-2006, 04:35 PM
In response to Brax's offer, Kira grabbed his wrist, and used him as leverage to force herself up to a standing position. Then, with a series of small screams as the Force lightning continued to assult her body, she forced him to his feet.
"I-If we attack him physically...we'll just e-end up hurting Jasra; nothing m-more...W-we h-have to force h-him out of her." she was able to choke out.

04-01-2006, 05:11 PM
Crystal was curled up in a ball, groaning. Slowly, she opened her eyes. Then, she vanished. Less than a second later, she reappeared, this time in a different place and on her feet, lightsaber activated. "Girl's mind is messy," she said, "but she knows the mind."

She stared at Jasra for a moment and then giggled slightly. "Jazzy's mind messier than Chrissy-girl!"

Quickly, she went serious again. "A mind for mental jobs, Chrissy-girl has. She'll help as best she can with a messy mind to unmess Jazzy."

04-01-2006, 07:38 PM
"Your Jedi ways will not get him out of her." Brax said, helping her keep her balance. His anger and his pain fueling him ... "Let me in your mind, let me show you how to use all this pain to fuel us and drive him out." He looked at her, "It is the only way Kira."

04-01-2006, 08:17 PM
The Watcher smiled. "Oh no, my friend. I am far more than 'just another Time Lord'," he said.

"We shall see," said Exar/Jasra. Instead of using Force Lightning on the Watcher, Exar used it again on Kira and Brax. "You like seeing your companions suffer, Time Lord? Like watching their life force ebb from their bodies?"

As soon as his attack was over on them, Jasra turned towards Crystal who was clutching her sabre with its pinkish-red blade glowing, ready to fight.

"And you..." Exar said to her. "Your friend is lost to you. She's given herself to me now."

Jasra lept into the air in an impressive aerobatic display of Force enhanced skill, coming to land directly in front of Crystal. Exar flourished the red double-bladed sabre and their duel began.

04-01-2006, 08:37 PM
"My friend is not lost," Crystal argued, lashing out with her saber, sounding surprisingly sane. That was short-lived however, as she added, "She's tapping away at the corners of consciousness, a reluctant caged girl."

"She did not give," Crystal went on, driving Exar/Jasra back with quick, powerful blows. "You took what is not yours."

Telekinetically, Crystal lifted Exar/Jasra and held them there. "I'll get her back, thief!"

With her mind, she prodded the 'private road' between her mind and Jasra's. Within seconds, she was in and stood mentally face to face with Exar Kun. This Crystal was the original Crystal, before the shards twisted her into the blonde with a twist in her mind.

"You're not meant to be here," she said. "I'll kick you out."

And she pounced...

((This last bit is taking place in Jasra's mind.))

04-01-2006, 09:40 PM
"Silly girl!" Suspended in mid-air, Jasra's body struggled to move against the Crystal's telekinetic hold. But Exar had a trick up his proverbial sleeve. Only able to make Jasra move a single finger, it was enough for him to project the Force to depress a small circular stone button in the panel that had covered his tomb.

A secret panel slowly slid open, and a pair of red eyes gradually began to glow from within the darkened hollow.

The howl of the Night Beast filled the stale air in the chamber, mingling with the maniacal laugh of Exar Kun, as the Beast emerged from its hiding place into the pale artificial light of the temple chamber.

Inside Jasra's mind, Exar charged to meet Crystal head on, locking his grip on her. "She's mine!" Exar growled, as the two struggled for control. Using Jasra's energy to boost his own, Exar gave a mighty push, sending Crystal backwards. "And no puny, mortal girl is going to take what is mine away from me!"

Crystal's hold on Exar/Jasra suddenly broken, Jasra's body plummeted from the air, landing gracefully in a cat-like crouch. Her hand shot up and pointed towards Crystal, but instead of Force Lightning, Crystal was raised and hurled through the air, coming to land directly in front of Exar's tomb and the dreaded Night Beast. The Beast's teeth gleamed in the faint light, as it snarled and crouched, ready to pounce.

"Play with that, telepath," Exar hissed. With Jasra's hand still extended, Exar called his lightsabre back through the Force to her grip, charged the blades, and whirled around to face Kira and Brax. "I hope you're enjoying the show, Time Lord," Exar said, "because there is little time left for your friends."

The Doctor
04-01-2006, 10:06 PM
The Watcher moved forward, between Crystal and the beast. "Crystal - free Jasra. I will deal with this abomonation."
He pulled a long, thin instrument from his pocket - a sonic screwdriver. He activated it, filling the room with a high pitched squeel.
The NIght Beast roared, only aggravated by the device. "Brax? A small bit of assistance would be greatly appreciated!"

04-01-2006, 11:48 PM
Brax frowned, and gave a glance to Exar/Jasra, then he looked at Kira. "Help her." He turned then, and leapt toward the beast ... his claws glowing an angry red, the red of death, and blood. His body nearly glowed with the pain he was channeling through himself. His claws struck flesh, but so did the beasts ... Brax grunted with pain as the claws tore into his leg ... his blood, a blueish purple, spilled out onto the floor ... the beasts, a dark red, nearly black, splattered among it, as Brax's claws tored into his neck.

Brax twisted away ... hitting the ground with both legs, but his hurt leg collapsed under him, and he fell to his knee. Growling, his grey eyes locked on the beast ... who was screaming bloody murder at the blue skinned devil. Brax pushed up, focusing his anger and pain and ignoring it ... he leapt again ... the beast swung as he leapt, and claws dug into Brax's chest and side ... he called out in pain ... but his own claws sunk into eyes. And the best fell backwards a few steps ... as Brax dug deep into the beast and into his brain, nearly black blood flooded out of the deep wounds, thick like molasses it oozed over brax and onto the floor around him.

Brax pushed up somehow ... and took a few steps away ... and then he was on the floor.

The Doctor
04-02-2006, 12:22 PM
((I'm going to invent some anatmoy for Brax now. Let me know if you need anything changed.))

The Watcher ran to Brax's side. He examined the wounds, ignoring Brax's protests. "You're bleeding internally, and one set of lungs has been punctured. Your third heart has been torn apart. I need to get you back to my TARDIS, or you'll never survive."

04-02-2006, 07:18 PM
As Brax and 'The Watcher' moved to fight the Night Beast, Kira stood tall and bold, staring Exar/Jasra down, her grip on her saber cemented.
"I know you're still in there, Jasra!" she said, her eyes locked with hers, "You may have stolen the body, Exar, but the mind is still hers! She is my apprentice. I demand that you release her now!"

04-02-2006, 07:49 PM
Exar laughed, and flourished his double-sabre. "You? A Master?" He laughed again. "The double-bladed sabre was my own invention. I am the Master. And as for, you... you will either be my slave...." He did a vaulting leap into the air, landing feet away from Kira in a battle stance. "Or my victim."

Inside her own mind, Jasra struggled to untangle her thoughts from the suffocating golden strands of the shard, now mixed together with the blackened, oppressive mass that she knew to be Exar's tainted spirit. Her own thoughts were clouded, but she could still sense and hear what was going on around her. She was just powerless to take control of her own body and do anything about it. She needed a guide. Someone to show her the way out.

04-02-2006, 08:10 PM
"Not without Jasra," Brax said ... blood stained his lips, as he pushed himself to a half standing position. His eyes locked on the 'time lord's' for a moment. "Help me stand up." He said, putting a hand out ... the gauntlet dull and uncharged ... taking the Watcher's hand and pulling himself to his feet.

"Jasra," He called, "Exar ... whatever you are, Release her." He closed his eyes, and using the pain he felt ... the horrible pain caused by his life rapidly bleeding out of him. He knew he would be dead soon. His mind lashed out ... his body struggeling for life, a vision of ghostly blue snaked out of Brax's chest ... looking like him, and launched into Jasra. The Watcher felt Brax colapse against his side.

Brax was dead in the watcher's arms.

But his life force strove on, a few words whispered to Kira as the ghostly viassage passed her. "Go to Omwat, seek out the Zedai, there is a way to get the man you loved back, with the stones." Then his life force slammed into Exar ... for an instant Exar's own life force could be seen reeling back a little, but then both plunged into the body again ... "Jasra, I will fight him in you, but you have to find your way out."

04-02-2006, 08:19 PM
"Go to Omwat, seek out the Zedai, there is a way to get the man you loved back, with the stones."
Kira's eyes widened at the words of Brax's...ghost? Spirit?
To get the man I loved back...Revan? It...it couldn't be...
With a jolt, she came back to her senses, taking on the task at hand.
"Well, it seems you're under attack from two fronts now, Exar." she said, her eyes glinting. A battle cry tore from her lips, and she charged Exar/Jasra. Simultaneously, she slipped through a gap in Jasra's mental barrier, and contacted her.
Jasra, you have to fight him off. Brax can battle his hold on your mind, and I can battle his hold on your body. But you have to be the one to force him out!

04-02-2006, 08:23 PM
(Just a note, I'll post 2-3 more times, but Brax is dead. He won't be coming back. I feel that he best serves the story by sacraficing himself to save Jasra, I'll keep up witht he story though! I really enjoyed the whole rp, and might drag some other character in.)

The Doctor
04-02-2006, 08:54 PM
((Oh, he'll be back. I can't explain without ruining the planned ending, but trust me - he'll be back.))

The Watcher allowed Brax to fall gently to the ground. He tryed to register a pule, but failed. Brax was dead.
He stood slowly - two of this galaxy's greatest individuals had been killed, and a third was in danger of being killed by the disembodied soul of a Sith Lord. This had to be stopped...

04-02-2006, 08:55 PM
((OOC: Well, there is always the possibility of a sequel, 3yks! ;) ))

Seeing the body of her teacher Brax lying lifeless on the ground, Crystal unconscious near the Watcher, and with Brax's spirit and Kira urging her to fight from within, Jasra summoned up all her anger, all her fear, all of her feelings of abandonment, her hate, her love, her wants, her desires, everything that she ever felt or was going to feel into one gigantic pool of Force Energy.

“I. Will. Not. Lose. Another… “ She exploded her energy into one mighty push against the surrounding Blackness that was Exar Kun. “…MASTER!”

In mid-swing of Exar’s double-bladed sabre, Jasra suddenly let out a scream that could be heard outside the Temple itself. The ghostly spirit of Exar Kun was flung from her body with such force that it was a mere hazy blur, reforming on the opposite side of the room.

But Jasra wasn’t finished with him yet. Using Brax’s life force inside her, she rushed towards the tomb, lightsabre blazing.

Exar’s ghost held up his hands. “Noooo!” he howled.

But it was too late. Jasra sliced through his sarcophagus with one swing, and decapitated his decaying corpse with the follow through.

Exar’s ghost began to slowly dissolve. “You weaken me, but you cannot kill me! Not ever….” his voice faded into the darkness.

With heaving breaths and sweat beading on her brow, Jasra stood in front of Exar’s corpse. For a moment, all was silent. Then Jasra bent down and lifted the pendant from the place Exar’s neck used to connect to his head.

It was the shard.

She clutched it in her hands, basking in its power, then, slowly, turned to face Kira.

Without a word, and with her eyes now blazing the same colour of gold, Jasra approached Kira. “I believe this is yours,” she said, holding out her hand then letting the shard drop and dangle from its chain. “Master.”

The Doctor
04-02-2006, 09:45 PM
The Doctor passed the water bottle back to the old man. *I'm the... the Doctor,* he said.
"Nice to meet you, The Doctor," said the old man, smiling slightly. "Tell me: how did you get here? I don't remember them bringing you in?"
The Doctor pointed weakly to the TARDIS. *This is my ship. It's called the TARDIS. That's 'Time and Relative Dimensions In Space'.*
The old man studied the TARDIS intently. "Interesting... it's not like any ship I've ever seen..."
*I'm not suprised. YOur galaxy won't have anything remotely similar to it for another... oh, about 20 millenia. Not until after the technological dark ages.*
The old man looked thouroughly confused, but didn't pursue the matter. He bent down next to the Doctor again. "You need medical attention. It looks as if y-"
"My left heart has been punctured by a fractured rib, and the bone marrow in left leg has become infected. That's not the worst of it, but that's all you would understand.*
"I am a retired doctor, my dear man," he responded indignantly. "I do remember basic human anatomy."
*Yes, but I'm not human. Oh, don't ask,* he added, seeing the look on the old man's face. *Needless to say, I am not human. Now, I need your help getting out of here. Is there a way out of these cells?*
"No," said the old man simply. "I've managed to find air circulation vents between them, but not out of the area. It must be a closed system."
*Then escaping will prove to be a challenge," he said. He sighed heavily. "If only I had the key to the TARDIS. Then I would be able to...*
He stopped. He sensed a cental contact. A strangely familiar one...
*No...* he muttered. *No, it can't be. They wouldn't have sent another Time Lord after me. Unless.... his TARDIS stranded him here, perhaps?*
"What are you on about?" asked the old man. "Who the devil are you talking about? Who are 'They'?"
*There's no time. We will be rescued, of that I am certain - Kira will come for me, I'm sure - or at least the Shards.*
"Kira? You don't... you can't mean Kira Starr? The Jedi Exile?"
*Yes, that's the one. And we must prepare fore her arrival.*

04-03-2006, 02:03 PM
((OOC: Of course there'll be a sequal. After a story like this? There just can't not be one :xp: ))


“I believe this is yours,” she said, holding out her hand then letting the shard drop and dangle from its chain. “Master.”
Kira smiled, her face twisting in a demonic grin. The third Shard so close, the effects of her transformation were now amplified.
"Indeed, my apprentice." she added a particular weight to the word as she reached for the pendant.
The Exile turned slightly, throwing a contemptuous look over her shoulder at the approaching group of people.
"I hope we didn't miss all the fun." Atton said, catching his breath. "Those damn puzzles on the doors..."
"I think they made Atton's head hurt." Disciple said, a grin on his face that told the others he was the one who had figured the locks out.
"Well, boys," Kira said, turning back to Jasra, "We have ourselves yet another Shard." and with that, she grabbed the pendant, tearing it from Jasra's grip.
A familiar pulsation rent the air, though this time it was stronger, and several more ensued it. Her eyes glinted in time with each pulse, the gold overtaking her pupils as well. Her lips curled upward, and little stubs of fangs were visible poking from beneath her upper lip. The small container around her neck burst, and the two other Shards floated free, to join with the third in her hand. The whites of her eyes greyed, adding to her devilish appearance.
No... she thought, as a gold haze came over her eyes and began to darken, Not again...I have to...hold on...
Her thoughts became muddled, and her vision grew dark. No!

The Doctor
04-03-2006, 03:39 PM
The Watcher stood, abondoning Brax's body, as Kira took the Shard. Her pupils began to vanish into the gold void. He watched in horror as she seemd to lose control of herself.
*Kira?* he said carefully. *Are you alright?*

04-03-2006, 04:57 PM
"Oh ****." Atton murmured, his blaster dropping from his hand. "It's the Shards!"
A muffled scream slipped through Kira's lips as her muscles tightened and the Shards began to complete their hold on her.
"We have to do something..." Disciple said, though no ideas came to him. "We can't let them control her again!"
Without warning, Atton shot forward, and locked his arms around Kira as she began the thrash. "Kira!" he said, his mouth right next to her ear, "You have to listen to me. Fight it! Please, Kira, don't let it control you!"
"A-Atton..." her voice was choked and broken, as if she were using every ounce of breath she had to force the name out.
"I'm here, Kira. I'm here to help you--"
"G-get away from me." she said, in the same, choked voice.
"What? No, I won't leave you not--"
Her entire body tensed again, and Atton could tell he was loosing her.
"P-Please...Before I..."
"Get AWAY!"
The Scoundrel gasped as a sharp, burning pain errupted in his side. He felt a tingle on his skin as liquid dripped across it. He looked down, his eyes widening in surprise as he saw the saber blade peircing his skin. The blade dislodged itself, and his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he collapsed.

The now fully possesed Kira stepped over Atton's still form, her fangs gleaming in the light as she smiled wickedly at the rest of the crew. Her retinas and pupils were now both gold, and the whites of her eyes were now black. The tops of her ears were slightly pointed, and her blonde hair now had distinctive highlights of black. Veins formed small lines on her hands and temples.
"So," she said, in a voice that was definatly not Kira's, "What do you all think of the new me?"
"What's the matter?" she asked, the activated saber rocking casually in her hand, "Cat got you tongue?"
Her grip tightened around her weapon, and the grin widened, "Allow me to loosen it up a bit for you."

The Doctor
04-03-2006, 08:33 PM
*Mical!* yelled the Watcher. *Get everyone out of here! Now! I'll deal with this... creature.*
He pulled a metal stick out of his pocket. The hilt of the lightsaber gleamed in the blue light of Kira's weapon. He ignited it, and a white beam formed at the end. "Go," he said to Disciple again. *Get them to safety.*
"But... who the devil are y-"
The Watcher raised his lightsaber, falling into a defensive position. *GO!* he yelled.

04-03-2006, 08:43 PM
"Oh, so now the stranger is going to challenge me?" Kira s******ed, moving towards 'the Watcher'. "You don't stand a chance."
As Kira moved away, Disciple darted up and grabbed Atton under his arms, dragging him quickly away before Karda levitated him with the Force.
"C'mon, you head him." he said, moving towards the exit with the others. "We have to get out of here. Now."

"Well, let's just see what you got, old man." Kira said, spinning her staff and stepping back into a fighting stance.

04-03-2006, 08:53 PM
Brax's body sunk to the floor as the Watcher released it ... all life gone from it.

Jasra's body began to glow slightly a second later, as the watcher challenged Kira, and Brax stepped out of her. His body that of a shimeering blue light. He looked at Jasra, "Be well." He whispered, and with that he faded away into nothing.

The Doctor
04-03-2006, 11:13 PM
*I stand more of a chance than you could possibly believe, young lady,* said the Watcher. He smiled slightly. *Master Yoda taught me well.*
"Not well enough!" she yelled, lunging at him. He braced himself, and pushed back with all the strength he could muster. He managed to push her away, blocking a series of attacks from her with a few quick flicks of his silvery lightsaber. He brought it around and up, aiming for her saber arm, but she blocked it easily and flicked his blade to the side. He barely managed to bring it back in time to stop her from cutting his chest wide open.
"You're good," said Kira, smiling cruely, her fangs protruding more than ever. "Better than I expected. But you cannot defeat me."
*It is not my aim to defeat you, Kira. My goal is to stop you. There is a difference."
He tryed disarming her again, but she doged the attack and matched it with one of her own, a viscous uppercut. He parried the blow, then dropped to the ground and kicked out at her knees. She jumped over him, and while in the air, kicked out herself. Her foot made contact with his face, sending him sprawling backwards. He managed to roll into a crouching position and bring his saber upwards to block another attack, this time at his head. She flipped over him as he attempted to stand, kicking him in the back as she landed. He fell to the floor, his lightsaber rolling to a stop at the foot of Exar's sarcophagus, almost four feet out of reach.
"You've lost, 'time lord'," she said, laughing in a deep baritone that was far from her own. She beared down on him, her lightsaber pointed at his chest. "Time's up!"
She dove at his chest, putting all her weight into the attack. He rolled out of the way, towards his falled weapon, picked it up, ignited it, and managed to stand again in time to block another attack. He forced her away, and they both fell into defensive positions.
"Impressive," she muttered, her voice echoing darkly. "Most impressive. This 'Yoda' has indeed taught you well. But you must know that resisting me is futile."
*Oh, not more of this 'resistance is futile',* groaned the Watcher. *I hear that enough in the rest of the universe. I'd appreciate it if you could come up with something a little more original.*
((Alright Kira, your turn:)))

04-04-2006, 04:56 PM
As The Watcher abandoned Brax to approach Kira, Jasra felt the spirit of Brax leave her body.

She reached out towards the shimmering blue reflection of her former teacher, but all her fingers touched was air. “No….” The word escaped her parted lips like a breath.

”Be well,” she heard him whisper, and before her eyes, his image faded away.

Jasra suddenly felt… alone. Again. She could hear Atton talking to Kira, but her eyes were focused on Brax’s lifeless body. Slowly, she went to it and knelt down beside it. Tenderly, she stroked his long, white hair, now matted with blood, and then removed his gauntlets and the small ‘key’ to his ship from his body.

She looked at Crystal, lying motionless on the floor close by, just behind the dead Night Beast. Jasra could sense she was still alive and breathing, but she was… damaged. For a reason Jasra couldn’t explain, Crystal felt… different. Damaged, perhaps.

Three teachers…Master Kelva, Brax, Crystal…. The anger at their loss began to swell up inside her. She knew that Brax and Crystal both had risked their own lives to save her from Exar Kun. But what she couldn’t understand why they felt that she was that important.

Her thoughts preoccupied, it took her a moment to realise that the chamber had gone silent.

She looked over at Kira, just as her blade was being extracted from Atton. He collapsed on the floor, unconscious. Another self-sacrifice, Jasra thought, staring vacantly at his body.

”What’s the matter?” she heard Kira ask.

Then everything seemed to happen rather quickly to her. The Watcher and Kira began to exchange their first blows. Atton was being carried away by Karda, and the Disciple was coming towards her and Crystal.

“Get Crystal back to the Ebon Hawk,” Jasra said distantly. “I’ll stay and help Kira.”

The Disciple nodded, and lifted Crystal over his shoulders and carted her off.

In a moment, it was just Kira, Jasra and the Watcher left in the chamber. And, like Jasra had told the spirit of Exar, she was not going to lose another master.

“I'd appreciate it if you could come up with something a little more original,” the Watcher said to Kira, readying himself for another attack by her.

Jasra rose. “How about this?” she said, depressing a stone on the wall near Exar’s sarcophagus. Another exit to the chamber opened. Exar had gone, but he had left some knowledge of the temple in Jasra’s mind.

Jasra ignited her sabre. “Master Kira, The Watcher is only wasting your time here. We must go.”

04-04-2006, 05:04 PM
"Not before I've had my say." Kira said, a wicked smile engulfing her face. "Well, 'Watcher', it's been fun sparring with you. We must do it again sometime. Now, if you'll excuse me." as the words left her lips, Kira let loose a vicious Force-push, which slammed the Watcher so hard into the wall, the stone chipped and buckled beneath his body. "Toodles!"
She turned back to Jasra, and started through the second exit. "Now then, Apprentice, if we can get back to the Ebon Hawk before the others, we can comandeer Karda's ship, which I do believe is still docked to the Hawk, and collect the final two Shards. I can sense them both, and they're very close to each other..."

04-04-2006, 05:53 PM
"Karda and the Disciple can keep the others safe," Jasra said calmly to the semi-conscious Watcher. "I'm staying with Master Kira."

Her eyes glinted with golden highlights. "The shards await us, Master. And we don't need Karda's ship." She held up the key she had taken from Brax. "We have one far faster and stealthier to use."

04-04-2006, 06:21 PM
Crystal's eyes fluttered open and she realized she was being carried away from Jasra and Kira.

"No, Dizzy," she scolded frantically. "No, no..."

Blink. She was gone. She reappeared in front of Jasra and Kira and pointed to Kira sternly. "You. Chrissy-girl understands your problem and she won't ask what she can do." Turning to Jasra she sighed, "But you, Jazzy. You're girl's fault..."

Let me help you, she pleaded in Jasra's mind. Please.

04-04-2006, 06:53 PM
Jasra gave Crystal a curious, but blank stare. "Help? Sure. We could use some help."

Jasra's connection with Crystal had been enhanced each time she had entered Crystal's mind, or vice-versa. Now, filled with the Dark Side, Jasra sought to exploit it.

"Fly up to the ceiling and push the square carving," she said through their link. She knew the carving opened up another secret compartment that contained special lightsabre crystals hidden there by Exar Kun.

04-04-2006, 07:07 PM
Startled, Crystal opened her eyes and stared at Jasra. Despite her obvious disbelief, she lifted gracefully off the ground and rose toward the square carving Jasra had indicated. Even, as she rose, she began to speak.

"Oh, no, no, no..." she protested. "No, no, Jazzy! No, no... why? No..."

She reached up and pushed the carving as she'd been ordered. The compartment slid open and, just a few seconds later, Crystal was back on the ground. Her hair had darkened significantly, now appearing more light brown than blonde and significantly straighter.

"I..." she gasped, staring at Jasra. Slightly confused, she pointed. "You... you're paler than normal, Jasra." Then, she understood. "Oh, no, no... you took the shards' twisted thought-lines from me... no, not all."

She looked from Jasra to Kira and back. "I see plans have changed," she said, frowning. "In light of that, I think I'd best be leaving."

With a quick nod, she turned to do just that.

04-04-2006, 07:11 PM
"Stop," Jasra said calmly, with a slight, wry grin at Kira. Jasra was rather pleased that she could control Crystal's actions. "Turn around."

04-04-2006, 07:16 PM
Crystal was nearly shivering with anger as she obeyed. Her face had gone white as she realized that, while Jasra gave her orders, she could not control herself.

"So much for friendship," she spat, glaring at Jasra. She shuddered. "Just... leave me alone!"

With the last word, she tried to force Jasra out of her mind... and failed. Tears came to her eyes. "This is not how things ought to be..." she whispered. Then, she glared at Jasra, but said nothing further.

04-04-2006, 07:36 PM
"Don't you want to stay with us?" Jasra asked condescendingly, as she took the special lightsabre crystals from Crystal and put them in her pocket. "You'd be very useful on our journey. More so than you would be on the Ebon Hawk."

She grinned at Kira. "Wouldn't she, Master?"

Jasra looked at the Watcher. "I don't trust him enough to leave him here alone, Master. Exar still has too many secrets to discover here." She grinned. "And we can always come back to 'visit' later."

Her eyes glanced at Brax's lifeless body, then narrowed as they sought Crystal's again. "You will teleport us all--the Watcher, me, and Kira--out of the temple and to Brax's ship. Including Brax's body." She looked at Kira. "If we are going to Omwat later, then bringing back his body should allow us to have an audience with their leaders," she explained. She waved her hand and wrapped the body in a stasis field to protect it.

Back to Crystal. "Do this. Now."

04-04-2006, 07:43 PM
With a heavy sigh, Crystal approached the Watcher and Brax, Kira and Jasra following behind. To the Watcher, she said, "I'm very sorry about all this..."

To Jasra she said, "Hold on to him and to me," and pointed to the Watcher.

To Kira, she said, "Touch Brax's body and hold on to me."

Once this was done, she sighed once more and said, "That's about the last time I'll get to give orders around this crowd..."

Blink. They were gone. They reappeared near Brax's ship. Despite how close the Ebon Hawk was, Crystal didn't try to run for it. She knew now it was pointless. She was an unwilling servant.

04-05-2006, 12:01 AM
A hologram emited from the ship, a simple black symbol that was unknown to them all. Though if Jasra searched some shared memories she ahd had with Brax she'd realize it was the symbol of his order. It grew and shrunk just slightly as words emitted.

"Welcome Jasra, I see that my master is dead. Your friends will have a small difficulty in getting to the main ship with you, the fighter craft has room for two comfortably, though you can fit the remains of Abraxius into the hold, he will not decompress as a human might. I am sure that Crystal and Kira could wait here and use you to focus in and teleport to. Or you can all attempt to squeeze in. I have been programed on Abraxius' death to give myself over to your ownership in full. I hope that you have found his key though, as it is required for the transfer to take place. Yes i sense it on your person." With that a soft hiss sounded and the ship fully apeared, as the top opened to allow them entrance. There were two seats, there back to back ... there was controls ont he latter for weapons and such, though similiar controls could be seen accsiabl to the forward facing seat.

A side compartment opened up as well, room enough for .. .well all three of the two that couldn't get into the cockpit. But the ship had mentioned something about decompression.

04-05-2006, 03:23 PM
Jasra immediately recognised the black pulsing symbol of the Zedai, and she felt a twang of sadness as it spoke. Then she looked at Brax's body, shimmering with the stasis field she had put around to preserve it. Even though she knew Brax's spirit was gone, it seemed a shame to her to have to treat his body as mere cargo and put it in the tiny compartment his ship had opened for her. Still, if Brax had been anything, he had been practical. He wouldn't have minded her feeling this way, but she figured he probably would have chided her if she was overly sentimental.

"I think Brax's ship is right, Master," Jasra said to Kira. "It would be best if I took the fighter to his main ship, then swing close and have Crystal teleport you on board. After all, Brax seems to have left instructions for me. It might be best that I receive them, in case he had set any traps for... well, for you."

04-05-2006, 04:10 PM
Kira thought for a moment, then turned to Crystal. "You can get me there, correct?"

04-05-2006, 07:00 PM
Crystal grimaced and glanced at Jasra, saying, "If I must."

04-05-2006, 07:25 PM
"Go on then, Jasra. Let us know as soon as you've reached the ship, and we'll be off."

04-06-2006, 03:08 PM
Since she was the only one going, Jasra used the Force to levitate Brax’s body into one of the two seats in the small fighter. She felt better about not having to stuff it in the cargo hold, even though she knew he probably would have scolded her for the impracticality of it. She closed up the cargo hold door, then climbed into the fighter herself.

The controls were of a strange configuration, but somehow, she knew what was what. Probably another throwback from being mind-linked with Brax so many times. She fired up the ship and took off.

Even though it was cloaked, it didn’t take her long to reach Brax’s ship in orbit. The fighter ship seemed to ‘know’ where to go and what to do, and soon she had docked with Brax’s main ship. As she opened the hatch and stepped out of the cockpit, she found herself on a small circular platform, with stairs winding around it. It was then she realised that the cockpit of the fighter ship, doubled as a control cockpit for the main. No wonder the fighter seemed to home in on it without a problem.

Brax’s ship was about the same size as the Ebon Hawk, only a good deal more open. The main hold she was in contained hundreds of artefacts—treasures and art that Brax had picked up along his journey. It reminded her rather of a museum—items reverently and meticulously catalogued and labelled, and stored in such a way as to be secure, yet viewable. Suddenly, Jasra felt very sad that she would never have the opportunity to learn more from the Omwati, who had obviously travelled further in the Galaxy than she could have ever dreamed.

She turned to his body in the cockpit, still shimmering with the stasis field. “Oh, Brax, why did you have to go and save me, only to get yourself killed?” she asked quietly.

She felt in her pocket for the carved wooden figure he had given her outside the temple, and she felt a tear begin to well up in her eye. She realised then that she had loved Brax, not like she had loved her old Jedi Master Kelva as a caretaker, teacher, and mentor, but in a much deeper way.

She wanted to mourn for him, but practical as he was, Brax would have told her that now was not the time. She had more important things to do first. Quickly dabbing her eye, she vowed to hold back any and all tears until the time was right.

She meandered down the stairs and headed towards one of the two doors in the main hold. It opened as she approached it. Inside, was another control cockpit, not as large as the Ebon Hawk’s, but still fully complemented. Obviously, the control for the main ship while the fighter was away.

She sat in the pilot’s seat, and studied the panels in front of her. There were a few buttons that were unfamiliar to her, but she finally located the one for the scanners and did a search for Kira and Crystal on the planet below. Once they were on board and their course plotted, there would be time enough for her to take care of Brax’s body.

“Jasra to Kira,” Jasra said into her com unit. “I’m aboard the main ship and coming to pick you and Crystal up, as soon as I familiarise myself with the controls.”

04-06-2006, 07:22 PM
"Alright, we'll be waiting." Kira answered into her comm. and turned to Crystal. "Get ready, Jasra's coming."

04-06-2006, 10:08 PM
Crystal nodded, but said nothing. She'd been considering making a run for the Ebon Hawk as it was only through her connection with Jasra that she could be controlled. Kira would be unable to stop her... but the Kira that stood next to her now would have no problems with killing her.

"If Jasra intends to do a quick flyover, you'd best be holding on to me," she said quietly, her voice edged with anger. "That way, you don't get left behind."

04-08-2006, 03:19 AM
"I hope you don't plan to get too close." That same voice, the screens showing the Zedai symbol again. "The main ship is unable to enter atmosphere, it was constructed in orbit around Omwat, and designed to never leave space. But you can get fairly close. Shall i lay in a coarse getting you as close to where the fighter was landed?"

The voice was reminscent of Brax's own voice, and drew at her memories of her old mentor. "Also Brax has prepared a holo recording for you. It will play if you enter his old cahmbers, your chambers now. I am sure Kira will fancy herself the leader of your group, but Brax's chambers will admit only you."

04-08-2006, 09:45 AM
Shall I lay in a course getting you as close to where the fighter was landed?"

The corners of Jasra's mouth lifted in a small smile as she took comfort in the sound of Brax's voice through the ship's computer. "Yes, please do," she answered. "And get as close as you can. I'm not sure what sort of limitations Crystal has for teleporting."

"Also Brax has prepared a holo recording for you. It will play if you enter his old chambers, your chambers now. I am sure Kira will fancy herself the leader of your group, but Brax's chambers will admit only you."

That was also comforting to know. It would be nice to have a place on the ship where she could be alone if she wanted to. Then, something struck her as odd. Brax had 'prepared' a recording for her? Had he known he was going to die, or had he been so practical as to prepare for every potential outcome of a situation? "Where is his chamber?" she asked the ship. "How do I access it?"

Nearby on the wall, a panel, shaped vaguely like a hand, began to flash repeatedly. Feeling that the ship's auto-pilot was sophisticated enough for it to pilot itself to its destination, Jasra left the console to investigate. As she pressed her hand flat against the panel, a hidden door slid open, revealing an airlock. “Do I need an environmental suit to access his chamber?” she tentatively asked the ship.

“Negative,” replied the ship.

Jasra took a deep breath and entered the airlock. The door automatically closed behind her and she could feel a gravity shift. When the door opened, her mouth dropped in fascinated awe.

The ‘ceiling’ was like a big glass dome. Above her the stars gleamed, and Yavin IV loomed closer as the ship made its approach. Jasra now understood why she had felt the gravity shift. She was standing on the other side of the floor of the cockpit--upside down so to speak.

The room was very large--much larger that she would have expected for a mere sleeping chamber. The floor was black, but the room was softly lit by a ring of light panels where the walls met the ceiling. There was a desk with a control panel on one side, a storage unit on the other side, but by far the most prominent furnishing in the room was the large, round bed with black pillows—covered with a deep burgundy-red quilt with the black Zedai symbol embroidered in the middle. But the most eyecatching feature was a collection of lightsabres--hundreds of them, mounted on the walls in an orderly fashion.

"Brax...?" Jasra frowned slightly. Had Brax played a part in the Jedi purge? Even though she was not a Jedi anymore, the thought worried her to think so. She reached out and touched one of the sabres.

Suddenly, she was confronted with a hologram of a Jedi she didn’t recognise. He slashed at her with his sabre, but was blocked by another sabre held from her point of view. She watched as the battle continued, with the Jedi dodging and returning and parrying blows from an unknown assailant, finally being defeated with a well-aimed slash to the neck. A hand reached out and picked the up the Jedi’s sabre and the hologram vanished.

She touched another, and a similar story unfolded—a Jedi in a battle for his life, ending with his defeat. It was on the third sabre hologram that she finally understood that the holograms were all records of Jedi defeats, each sabre having its own story to tell. But it was also apparent that it hadn’t been Brax’s hand that had seen reaching for the sabres of the dead Jedi after the battle had ended. She wondered who it could have been. Revan, perhaps?

She crossed over to the storage unit. On the wall next to it was an unusual suit of armour, hanging from a custom made bracket so that it was displayed as it would be worn. Its size was such that it looked like it would fit Brax, and with a light finger, she traced one of the ornate patterns engraved into the chest panel.

She continued her exploration, crossing over to the desk. There was a terminal on it, but no matter what button she pushed, she couldn’t seem to activate it. She frowned with disappointment at not being able to activate Brax’s holo-message to her.

Sighing, she backed her way over to the bed, thinking that she needed a quiet moment to think of what she was doing wrong. She laid down on the bed, and put her hands behind her head. The bed was comfortable—very comfortable, and staring up at the stars was strangely relaxing. “Well, Brax, you always did say that pleasures were not to be avoided, but embraced,” she said aloud, then she started to clear her mind to think.

04-08-2006, 02:10 PM
"I wish I could see you Jasra, cuz I know that this is playing because I have left the universe." A sigh emitted from a point to her side. Brax stood looking down at her on the bed, the holo was blue, as all holo's were ... but Brax was blue so it kind of made it a little harder to see him like this. He looked a lot like his spirit had when she had last seen him. He wore his normal attire, plain black robes, his gauntlets were not worn though. His blue hands were clasped togethor infront of him.

"I wish that I could have had more time to teach you, and to be taught by you. You were teaching me a greater lesson than any I have ever learned. You were teaching me to care about you." He frowned, faintly, then smiled again. "Your journey is far from over, do not greive for me, focus on your task at hand. I assume I gave you the carving I was doing ... if you bring this to Omwat you will be recognized as my partner, and will be given all the rights of a Zedai. If you prove yourself worthy, you will be made their leader, as I would have been."

He moved sitting on the edge of the bed, looking out at the room. "If you haven't looked around my room yet, the lightsabers all have hoograms of the Jedai that was defeated. I didn't do them, well I did one." He pointed, and for a moment the holo made one lightsaber glow. "Revan's." He closed his eyes, "Many of these are infact Revan's kills ... this ship was his very briefly, when he was with our old leader. Searching for the Star Forge."

The glow around the saber faded, "The others are from various things, if you take them down there are datapads behind each, with details on who the Jedi was, and their past ... a great many things. You have likely seen at least some of the artifacts in the ship, they are all yours now. I collected a great number of them, but not all. The Zedai believe in perserving the past. Take good care of them please."

Brax's holo sat there silent for a few long moments, then turned looking right at her.

"Jasra, I fell in love with you, through our links, through our brief times togethor. I give my life and everything I had to you, I, Abraxius Ossange hereby make you my heir. The computer has record of this. My holdings on Omwat will be transfered to you, there is also an apartment on Coruscant which is now yours, and several others on other worlds. The computer has all the information." He sighed and turned away. "I wish that I had had time in life to explain these things to you, but either Kira killed me, or something else did. Don't dwell on my loss Jasra ... You have a great enemy to defeat."

"I should have told you this a long time ago, but there is a tracking device in your arm, it has tapped into your nervous system and allows Togo to see through your eyes and hear through your ears. If you go to the med lab in the ship, the auto-doc can remove it and destroy it."

With that the holo faded away, and the room was empty once again.

04-08-2006, 03:47 PM
Jasra was glad she was lying down instead of standing. Brax’s message was brief and clear, but it brought the pain of his loss close to the surface once again. So, he had cared for her, loved her, just as she had him. She brushed away a tear that had spilled over before it could run the length of her cheek. But Brax was right, of course. Now was not the time to grieve for him. She had an important job to do. Find the rest of the shards. And the first step was to rid herself of the implant inside her.

She left his chamber, taking one last look at the stars and the approaching planet surface, before stepping into the airlock once again.

She found the med bay located on the opposite side of the main hold, along with what she assumed were crew quarters, had the ship had a crew. Good, she thought. It would make things handy to have separate rooms for Kira and Crystal. She didn’t think they would make amicable roommates.

The auto-doc in the med bay was an Omwati-looking hologram, not as powerfully built as Brax, but with the same white hair and red eyes that she had become accustomed to. She couldn’t remember getting the implant from Togo, but she knew Brax wouldn’t be lying to her as to its existence. “I have a nervous system implant,” she said to the auto-doc as she laid herself down on the table. “Please re….”

“Jasra? We have reached our destination,” the ship’s voice interrupted.

Jasra paused for a moment. Perhaps, it would be better if someone else were aboard before she removed the implant. After all, she had no idea how painful it might be or if it could be removed intact. And it could make finding Togo’s shard easier if they managed to find a way to trace the signal back to its source. It was prudent to ask Kira about it first.

“Thank you,” she said to the ship. “Please hold the ship here until I tell you otherwise.”

She rose from the table and headed for the main hold again. She was about to activate her com link when she looked at Brax’s body. Kira had hated him, and she didn’t want the presence of Brax’s body to aggravate her in her present state, or take the chance that Kira might mutilate him out of revenge for Revan’s death. Using the Force, she levitated the body out of the seat, and took it below with her to Brax’s chamber.

She laid his body, still shimmering with the stasis field, gently on one side of the bed. Then she removed the figure he had carved for her from her pocket, and gave it one last caress before laying it down next to him. “There. You’ll be safe here,” she said, knowing that no one could enter this chamber save her.

As she returned to the main hold again, she activated her com link. “Kira? I’m in range now. Crystal, teleport yourself and Kira to my location.”

She suddenly wondered why she had succumbed so quickly to the Dark Side of the Force and had felt obligated to serve Kira. Perhaps it had been her possession by Exar Kun. Or perhaps, like Crystal had said, it had something to do with being exposed to the shards and their power. Either way, she knew was struggling for balance—the path of the Zedai suddenly seemed to her a lot more difficult that the way of the Jedi. She had a lot to learn yet, and hoped that Kira would teach her.

Thinking of the Jedi, her thoughts began to wander to Karda. What was happening on the Ebon Hawk? She knew Atton was wounded, and Karda and the Disciple had taken him away to safety, but would he survive? Now that Kira and she had ‘fallen,’ would Karda be foolish enough to try and stop them from finding the remaining shards? She thought to ask Kira when she got on board. The crew of the Ebon Hawk, once their allies, could quite possibly become their enemies, an impediment to their goals.

04-08-2006, 07:54 PM
"One angry master and one annoyed and unwilling slave coming right up," Crystal muttered. She took Kira's hand and... blink. They were gone. This time it took a few seconds. Then, they were in Brax's ship. She let go of Kira and went into the cockpit.

Suddenly, she winced. A flicker of memory let loose a flood of them and Crystal dropped to her knees, startled. She remembered everything. Glancing back to where Kira stood and then forward to Jasra, she decided that perhaps it was a good thing she was here.

04-08-2006, 08:36 PM
Jasra raised her brow as Crystal fell to her knees. "Something wrong, Crystal?" she asked, thinking that maybe the teleporting journey had been too much for her to bear. "There's a med bay on board with an auto-doc, if you think that will help." She eyed her supiciously, sensing that Crystal was holding back something.

Not entirely sure that she wanted to know what Crystal was hiding, or at least, not sure if the information would be pleasing to Kira in her presently agitated state, she added, "Crew quarters, if you think it won't."

04-08-2006, 08:54 PM
Crystal opened her eyes and stood. "Shall we perhaps say I remember everything now?"

She smiled slightly. "After my encounter with the first shard, I found I couldn't remember much. Didn't know exactly where I was, though everyone's thoughts kept bleeding we were aboard the Ebon Hawk. I remember how I got aboard and what we were doing prior to any exposure to the shards."

The Doctor
04-08-2006, 09:43 PM
The Watcher stirred slowly, his head aching as if it had been cleaved in two. He opened his eyes, and found himself lying on the ground, a few dozen meters from the Ebon Hawk. Kira, Crystal, and Jasra were nowhere to be seen.
He stood, and stumbled towards the Ebon Hawk.


Disciple lifted Atton onto the bio-bed in the Ebon Hawk, injecting a pain killer into his blood stream. He was barking orders to Nyssa and Tegan, and they were passing him chemicals and devices from all over the room. Nyssa examined the life sign readout. The console started beeping at them.
"What's happening?" asked Tegan.
"Cerebral hypoxia..." muttered Disciple. "Nyssa, get me a cordical stimulator. His brain is shutting down from lack of oxygen..."
Nyssa passed him a small, circular device, which Disciple placed on Atton's right temple and activated.
"Neural activity is stablizing. But his blood pressure is dangeorusly low."
"That's to be expected, his abdomen cut open as it is..." after a moment examining the readouts, he punched the table in frustration. "I can't do anything more with equipment this limited."
"If only the Doctor were here..." said Tegan. "The med lab in the TARDIS is much better equipped for this sort of emergency."
At that moment, the Watcher entered the room, breathing heavily. He went over to Atton's side, and checked his vitals without looking at the consoles. "Cerebral hypoxia... blood pressure is 60 over... he needs to be taken to my TARDIS."
"It's not safe to move him," argued Disciple. "We can't-"
"We don't have a choice," said the Watcher sternly. Either we risk his death in moving him, or we assure it by leaving him here. He needs more advanded medical equpiment if he is to survive."
Discplie grimaced, but nodded. Together with the Watcher, he lifted Atton gently.
"This way," said he Watcher. He led them ot the cargobay, where he walked to the very back, to a selaed compartment.
"You'll never get that open," said Disciple. "Kira's been trying for months. They're all... hold on..." he said. "This one... it wasn't here before..."
"That's right," said the Watcher, pulling out a device they recognized as a sonic screwdriver. "This is my TARDIS."
He activated the device, and the compartment opened. There was nothing in it but blackness. The Watcher stepped into it, Disciple, Nyssa, and Tegan following.

The Watcher's TARDIS was far different than the Doctor's in appearance. The console room had a much more organic feel to it, and seemed much older.
"This way," he said, leading them through the opposite door. He took them through a series of passages that seemed identical in layout to that of the Doctor's TARDIS. The med lab looked much older than the Doctor's as well, but was just as well equipped. He led them to a bio bed, where they placed Atton gently down. The Watcher began barking orders. "Nyssa, I need 30cc of Dorasine," he said. He turned to Disciple. "What planets have you been to gathering Shards?" he asked.
"We started on Taris, where Kira was given the mission by Togo," he said, confused. "Then we went to Manaan. That's where Revan was killed. From there, we travelled to Dagobah. The Doctor has that Shard in the TARDIS."
"And that's it?"
"Until here, yes."
"Is there anything you can think of that links these planets in any way?"
"Well... I know that Revan journeyed to Manaan during the Jedi Civil War... and Taris is where he crash landed after escaping the Endar Spire. Other than that... I can't think of anything."
"What about tombs? I know there are ancient Sith tombs on Manaan - they haven't been discovered yet, but I believe there was one near the location of the Shard."
"What about Taris? There are no tombs there."
"I have reason to believe that the Shard you saw on Taris was not located there. I fear that this 'Togo' may be a front for something far more terrible."
"Like wh- No. First things first: Who are you?"
The Watcher administered the drugs to Atton. "I am the Watcher. I was sent by the Time Lords to repair the damage done to the Time stream."
"What do you-"
"I'll explain some other time. Right now, we must get to the next Shard before Kira. I believe we can reason the possible planets down to four: Tatooine, Dxun, Onderon, or Dantooine."
"We can rule out Dantooine. There's a Jedi presenece there."
"Agreed. And Tatooine's tomb has been raided multiple times. There will be no Shard there any longer."
"That leaves Onderon and Dxun."
"Onderon has no tombs. None that have not been thoroughly searched."
"Then Dxun is it. We must leave right away."
"Wait... can't we take this TARDIS there?" sugested Tegan.
"No," said Disciple sternly. "I'm not abandoning the Ebon Hawk."
"You won't have to," said the Watcher. "You forget that a TARDIS is dimensionally trancindental. I think I could find a room large enough to fit the Ebon Hawk. Once we've stablized Atton's condition, I'll begin transit."

04-09-2006, 09:19 AM
Crystal opened her eyes and stood. "Shall we perhaps say I remember everything now?"

She smiled slightly. "After my encounter with the first shard, I found I couldn't remember much. Didn't know exactly where I was, though everyone's thoughts kept bleeding we were aboard the Ebon Hawk. I remember how I got aboard and what we were doing prior to any exposure to the shards."

"I see," said Jasra. "Well, I suppose there'll be time enough to discuss that on the way to...where ever we're going."

Jasra turned to Kira. "What of the Ebon Hawk, Master?" she asked her. "Do you think they will try and follow us? Atton may be injured, but Karda is also a pilot. And a Jedi," she added with a hint of warning. "I don't imagine he'll be too pleased at you going after the remaining shards on your own."

As Jasra was speaking, she had removed her datapad from her belt and had been typing something on it without looking at it. Now, she handed it to Kira, again without looking at it.

Kira, I've been informed by the ship's computers that I have a neural implant placed inside my arm by Togo. It allows him to see and hear what I do. If we can remove it intact without his knowledge, we may be able to use it to track his location. And the location of the shard he holds. I'll need to be unconscious for the procedure, otherwise Togo will be aware of our plan and severe the link. Chastise me for insolence, knock me unconscious, and take me to the med bay. The auto doc there can remove it."

The Doctor
04-09-2006, 10:07 AM
((FFWM, this is just correcting a continuity error you made a while back that Jasra caught. If you're confused, Jasra or I can explain.
I've also had an idea that I want to run by Jasra and FFWM. I'll talk to you about it later.))

Thanatos stood at the Doctor's cell, staring down at him.
"You are a strong being, Time Lord," he hissed, his voice still nothing more than a whisper. "But... I will break you. The Exile is... on her way to Dxun... to find a fourth Shard..."
"Fourth? She only has two. The one we found on Dagobah is on the TARDIS."
"Your are naive, Time Lord. She... stole it... from the TARDIS."
The Doctor stared at him in horror. "So that means..."
"Yes.... you have the final Shard... the one that will lead her to brgin the others to me. Jasra has done her job well."
The Doctor stared at him. "Jasra.... no... she's been working for you the whole time?!"
"Yes. Inkowingly, of course... I can see and hear everything she does."
The Doctor went numb wehen he realized what that meant. He had been privy to all their plans. All their wondeirngs as to the nature of their mission...
Thanatos was speaking again. "Now... the other Time Lord. Who is he?"
The Doctor looked up at him, confused. "What other... wait.... there is another... the one who disabled my TARDIS... the one who trapped me here, in this galaxy, in this time..."
"Who is he?" repeated Thanatos warningly.
"I don't know. The High Council must have sent him here... possibly to restore the Time Line..."
Thanatos ignored this last comment. "If I discover that you are lying to me, Time Lord..."
"Now Thanatos, I thought we were beyond that point in our relationship? Are you saying you don't trust me?"
Thanatos turned and exited the chamber.

04-09-2006, 01:26 PM
Kira accepted the datapad and read it over as she spoke, "I have no doubt that they'll try and catch us." she said, "We have a head start, I do believe, but Karda is no fool. Though they haven't the faintest idea where they're going, he'll be able to track us down. I guarentee it. We can expect to see the Hawk and her crew again. If nothing else, I doubt Atton would want to give up on me. If he survives long enough to know I'm gone. We must be careful, however, that our...emmotional entanglements do not get in our way when and if we do face off against our former comrades." she said, her eyes meeting Jasra's and giving her a sharp, meaningful look. "Just as I cannot allow my feelings for Atton and Mical get in the way, you must keep your feelings for Karda in check."
After a moment, she returned the datapad to Jasra. "We'll have to do it. I have no doubt that he will have the last Shard, and with him, we'll find the Doctor. Dead or alive, it makes no difference. All I know is that he has either been given the final Shard, or someone near him has it. And I must have it."

04-09-2006, 01:37 PM
"We must have it," Jasra said, looking directly at Kira.

04-09-2006, 01:42 PM
"Oh? We will, will we?" Kira made sure that Jasra understood what she was about to do before giving her a sharp and strong right hook to her temple, which knocked her out quite easily. As the woman collapsed to the ground, Kira quickly scooped her up into her arms and carried her into the med bay, brushing quickly past Crystal. She lay her on one of the exam tables, and turned to the hologram she assumed was the auto-doc.
"I trust she's already told you of the thing in her arm?" the Exile asked it, and the hologram afirmed it. "Good, I want you to get the chip out of her quickly. And please, make sure its intact."

04-09-2006, 02:09 PM
When Jasra came to, the first thing she saw was Kira holding the implant between her fingers.

“Nice one, Master Kira,” Jasra said, sitting up on the table and rubbing her head. “The implant… is it still working?”

Kira nodded.

“Good.” Jasra slid off the table, shook her head, then looked down at the neat incision now healing on her upper arm. She looked at the auto-doc. “This thing is quite handy. Much quieter than the Disciple, too,” she added.

Jasra headed for the main hold, and the controls for the ship’s computer. “The computer seems to respond to my voice, Master,” Jasra said. She placed the chip on a small scanner. “I need to trace the source of this chip’s transmission signal,” she said to the ship. “Please feed the co-ordinates into the navi-computer.”

There was some silence, then the scanner activated. “The chip is transmitting to a location in orbit around the moon of Dxun,” said the ship, in Brax’s voice. Jasra thought she noticed Kira cringe at that. “Shall I proceed to that location?”

“Yes.” Jasra suddenly paused. “No,” she said instead. “Hold off for a moment.”

She had spotted something of interest on the wall of artefacts. An optical visor. She went to it, and carefully took it down. “If we connect this chip to the visor, then we can continue ‘transmitting’ to Togo or whoever he’s working for. Give him only information we want him to know. Might come in handy. Cause some confusion to our advantage. What do you think, Master?”

04-09-2006, 02:14 PM
Kira smiled, her fangs glistening hauntingly, "Great idea, Jasra." she said, examening the visor, "We could definatly use this to our advantage. It seems that it was indeed a good idea to take you on. We can send whoever is on the recieving end data showing us searching for the next Shard somewhere further off...while indeed we are right under their noses."

04-09-2006, 03:20 PM
"Very well, Master." Jasra proceed to link up the chip with the visors sensors. It wasn't difficult. Very much like setting up a spy cam or tracer, and she'd done plenty of those types of jobs.

"There." She put on the visor. "Now, if I switch this on, it will transmit. Switch it off, and I'm... 'sleeping'," she said with an evil kind of grin.

"Since I'm 'unconscious,' as far as the chip is concerned, we can go ahead and set our course for Dxun. Just let me know when you want to have it broadcasting, Master."

She went towards the cockpit, giving Crystal a look so she would move out of her way, and then sat down at the controls. "Set a course for Dxun," she told the ship's computer.

"As you wish, Jasra," the computer responded, again in Brax's voice. Jasra had to grin. Although it was comforting to her, she wondered if Brax's voice was irritating Kira.

04-09-2006, 04:19 PM
"There has to be a way to change that voice." Kira murmured, before turning to Crystal.
"So." she said, "You mentioned that you remembered everything. What exactly do you remember?"

04-09-2006, 04:52 PM
Crystal stared at Kira for a moment. "I remember how I came to be aboard the Ebon Hawk," she answered. "How I was running from..." She shuddered slightly. "And you and your companions defended me."

04-09-2006, 05:03 PM
"Who was it you were running from?" Kira asked, curious.

04-09-2006, 05:12 PM
Crystal groaned. "That's a rather long story... I'm not sure you have the patience for it any longer."

04-09-2006, 05:22 PM
Jasra watched with interest as Kira began to question Crystal. She knew Crystal was hiding something, but she also knew that in her present state Kira would have no qualms about extracting the information from her forcibly if she wouldn't give it voluntarily.

Be careful, she warned Crystal through their link.

04-09-2006, 05:24 PM
"Oh?" Kira let a sharp edge creep into her voice, "Try me."

04-09-2006, 05:40 PM
Crystal winced slightly. "It'll only lead to questions I'm not equipped to answer," she said quietly.

((What might make this interesting? Have Kira order Jasra to command Crystal to explain.))

04-09-2006, 05:58 PM
"It will, will it?" Kira answered, stepping closer to Crystal. The Exile raised her gloved hand, and back-handed Crystal across the face. "I don't particularly like being disobeyed."
After a moment, she looked over her shoulder at Jasra. "Make her tell me. Now."