View Full Version : Mission 4 Dropping off the spice

12-27-2000, 05:25 AM
Can't seem to get passed this mission. One of the requirements is to eliminate 25% of the opposing force but I can't do it. I keep getting nailed by PesEnkido ship.
As you can tell I am new to the game. But I would like to proceed further. Can you help?

12-27-2000, 09:10 PM
First take out the wave of Rzr/F fighters (about 4 ships), then take out the PES Enkidu
followed by the remaining RzR/F fighters (about 6 remaining). Watch out if you are takingon the PES. If you can trail the PES it doesn't take much effort, but take care if you are coming head-on with it. It can do some serious damage if you don't watch out!

best thing to do is put all Shield energy to engines, head towards him at a 45 degreee angle, and as he passes you cut to 1/3 throttle and get behind him, or in my terms shields to -2, 45 degree angle of attack, and cut the throtle to get on his 6 as he passes

Take out some extra cargo ships and containers to get bonus points or to reach your 25% mark if you haven't taken out all the fighters.

Make sure you destroy the CORT Venix before you leave (MAKE SURE IT IS THE LAST THING YOU DO!!!!)

01-08-2001, 12:50 PM
I had a lot of trouble with this as well. The second time I played it, the turret made quick work of the ships. I beat it the first try. Also I went for the Enkidu first.